GH Transcript Friday 10/10/03

General Hospital Transcript Friday 10/10/03

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Ned: You need to brace yourself.

Skye: What?

Ned: Um -- Jax has been reported missing, which is not to say that he's dead, no matter how the paper makes it sound.

Skye: Let me see this. "Corporate raider Jasper Jacks feared lost in a boating accident. No survivors have been found."

Ned: Now, Jax has an uncanny instinct for survival, so I don't think you should give up hope.

Skye: I'm not sure how I should feel. I mean, Jax isn't my husband anymore, and I haven't seen him in months, but I -- I always thought that I'd see him again.

Ned: I know.

Skye: Jax was the first truly kind, most generous man that I'd ever been with. Till you. You know, I know I was so angry when our marriage ended, but time does heal all wounds, as they say, and when I think of Jax, I -- I can really say that I remember the best times. And I am so grateful for what he gave me.

Ned: Well, it's too soon to start thinking of Jax in the past tense.

Skye: The article says "no survivors."

Jax: Well, don't believe everything you read.

Skye: What, you think this is funny? Of all the selfish, inconsiderate -- you scared me half to death!

Luke: Port Charles' finest, hard at work!

Lucky: I won't even ask how you got out of lockup.

Luke: Good, because I don't share my secrets with the enemy.

Lucky: You know what, never mind that. Stefan's got Lydia down in the tunnels. He's armed.

Luke: Has he got backup?

Lucky: As far as I know, he doesn't, but -- dad -- dad, aren't you going to untie me?

Luke: Why would I do that?

Lucky: Dad!

Lydia: I do love Nikolas, and I would do anything for him.

Stefan: Then you -- you understand? The only way to secure his future is for the two of us to conceive a child.

Lydia: And you would leave Wyndemere for good?

Stefan: Yes. I'll be leaving for good. The child will be raised as yours and Nikolas'. The terms of the will would be met. He'll be safe.

Lydia: All right. But not like this. Not as an act of violence.

Stefan: No. I'm no rapist.

Lydia: You know Nikolas better than anyone. If you're certain he'll agree to accept the child and raise it as his own --

Stefan: I -- I think he will.

Lydia: Then I'll go along with this. It's the only way for us to get what we all want.

Stefan: All right. I'm sorry about the restraints.

Luke: Let her go!

Stefan: Don't take another step.

Jason: You're easy for me to love. No one had to tell me how or that I was supposed to. I just do, and it feels right.

Courtney: What?

Jason: Let's get married. I want you -- I want you to be my wife.

Courtney: Exactly how much wine have you had?

Jason: I mean it. Come on, we should've been married months ago. You know, things happened that we had to deal with.

Courtney: Okay, but a few days ago I -- I said we should get married so Sonny could focus on something happy and you said no.

Jason: No, I said our wedding should be about us, no one else. Come on. This is our chance. This is our place. Courtney Matthews, will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?

Courtney: My answer is the same as it was yesterday and will be tomorrow. Yes.

Michael: Ooh, Mama --

Carly: Yes?

Michael: Can I please have some money for the jukebox?

Carly: All right.

Michael: Please?

Carly: Let me see what I got. Ooh -- well, that should be enough for a few songs.

Michael: Okay.

Carly: Okay.

Bobbie: Are you okay?

Carly: Um -- no. Not really.

Bobbie: Is it Sonny? I was worried about him at the baby shower last night. He was acting very strangely. I was thinking maybe there was some kind of an emergency.

Carly: Yeah, well, as far as Sonny's concerned, there is.

Bobbie: What happened?

Carly: He moved out.

Bobbie: Why?

Carly: He is convinced that something bad is going to happen to me and the baby if he stays.

Bobbie: Well, you were kidnapped.

Carly: Yeah, but that wasn't his fault.

Bobbie: Maybe Sonny disagrees.

Carly: He's been thinking about Lily, how she and the baby died in that car bomb that was meant for him.

Bobbie: So it's guilt.

Carly: And fear. Mom, his imagination is spinning so out of control, it -- it's complicated like everything is in Sonny's life, and he's just so obsessed with this notion that something bad is going to happen to me and the baby if he stays around, and I just -- I don't know. I don't know how to fight any of this.

Bobbie: So what does Sonny intend to do? Is he coming back after the baby's born?

Carly: I don't know. Okay, I don't -- I don't know. He's just so desperate right now to keep us safe, I don't think he's thinking past the present moment. I don't want this, Mom. I don’t. I want to be getting ready to have this baby with Sonny. I want him at home with me, monitoring what I eat and hovering over me and driving me crazy and then just holding me at night. Instead, I have to figure out how to tell Michael that his daddy is not coming home.

Lorenzo: Dining alone?

Sonny: None of your business what I do.

Lorenzo: I understand you're staying here at the hotel. I assume Carly finally threw you out.

Sonny: If you're thinking this is your chance to approach my pregnant wife, think again. I'll see you dead before I let you have her.

Skye: Well, I give you points for a memorable entrance.

Jax: All I did was walk in the door.

Skye: Knowing everyone had read that article announcing your death by drowning, but did you care?

Jax: Did you?

Skye: All yours.

Jax: What's up, mate? Good to see you.

Ned: What's this about a boating accident?

Jax: Oh, we had a minor mishap, that's all.

Skye: Uh, "we"?

Ned: Now, the article said something about a salvage boat that you were on? That doesn't sound like your style.

Jax: Believe me, it wasn’t.

Ned: Don't tell me your fortunes have turned.

Jax: Not mine. Actually, my father's been taken ill.

Ned: Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.

Skye: Is he going for treatment?

Jax: No, Dad's illness can't be treated with medicine. You see, he's lost his will to live because someone stole his good luck charm.

Ned: John has a good luck charm?

Skye: I didn't know he believed in that kind of thing.

Jax: Believe me, I -- I didn't know that, either. But apparently he purchased a talisman of sort -- actually, five of them -- and he believes that they made his fortune. Now that he's lost it, he thinks that his life is over.

Skye: Well, what do you think?

Jax: Well, I think it's a bunch of rubbish. But my father believes it, so the only way I can help him is to recover what he's lost.

Skye: You said "we." Someone on the boat with you?

Lorenzo: I respect Carly. And, yes, I care for her. I'm sorry you're so threatened by it.

Sonny: I'm just stating a fact. I'll kill you before I let you have her.

Lorenzo: Carly will be giving birth soon. I have no intention of upsetting her.

Sonny: You already have. She almost lost a baby because of what you put her through.

Lorenzo: And yet you left her alone in this most crucial time. Why would a man who supposedly loves his wife act so selfishly?

Sonny: Those reasons are my own. Don't get desperate now and see it as an opening.

Zander: I will pass on the 10,000th explanation of why you two were together.

Nikolas: Zander, just -- just stop for a second. Emily has something important to tell you. Why don't you let her?

Zander: Should you file the divorce papers or should I?

Jason: You know, we can get married right here in the vineyard.

Courtney: Yeah, on the hill overlooking the valley. You know, after the ceremony we can -- we can take a boat down the river.

Jason: Yeah, and then we can stop in the village, have some more wine.

Courtney: Yeah --

Courtney and Jason: One glass for you.

Jason: Or we can just, you know, come back to the room, shut out the rest of the world.

[Courtney sighs]

Jason: What? What are you thinking?

Courtney: Maybe that's what we're doing -- just escaping from everyone and everything else in our lives.

Jason: We needed to.

Courtney: Yeah, I know. I know, I just -- it's like we're ashamed or something.

Jason: I've never felt so sure about anything. But if you want to wait till we get home with the family around us, you know, we can do that, too. It's up to you.

Luke: Hiding behind a woman -- classic Cassadine. Let her go. This is between you and me.

Stefan: Ooh, Spencer the hero. Ooh, staging another rescue of a damsel in distress, huh?

Luke: She means nothing to me. I'd waste her in a second if I needed to.

Stefan: Oh, I don't think so. I think you'd rather torment a woman than kill her. Look what you've done to Laura all these years!

Luke: Get out of here!


Lucky: Drop the knife!

Lucky: Put the knife down now!

Luke: Go ahead and shoot me. You're practically a Cassadine anyway. Why don't you complete the initiation? Stavros couldn't kill me, neither could Stefan, but you got me in your crosshairs!

Lucky: Nobody's going to die!

Luke: Damn, boy, you are really starting to annoy me now!

Lucky: How do you like it?

Luke: Oh, nice work. Nice work.

Lucky: I don't give a damn about Stefan. He's lost everything that matters to him. He's as good as dead. Why do you want to send yourself to jail for killing him?

Luke: I'm not interested in Stefan "good as dead," I want the bastard dead. Dead as Mikkos, dead as Stavros. That finishes the whole damn group of them! This will end tonight, and the only way you can stop me is shoot me in the back! Do it if you think you must.

Emily: I hurt you, Zander, and I'm sorry for that. But I'm trying to get past it and I'm trying to make things right.

Zander: You want him, you want me. You like being the center of attention. It's like you sit back and you soak it all up because you're not the one that's getting hurt. You're not the one that's walking a tightrope knowing that any moment they could go home and find more pictures of their wife half-naked in another man's arms.

Emily: Zander, I admitted that I was wrong and I said I was sorry, and you agreed -- you agreed to try again.

Zander: That's right, because I'm an idiot. Because even though the truth was staring me right in the face, I tried to give us another chance, even though I knew better. You married me thinking that you wouldn't walk out of that hospital alive, knowing that your dying gift to me was a lie.

Emily: No, Zander.

Zander: And ever since the you've been trapped, looking for a way to get out of this marriage.

Emily: Look, I married you because I loved you. I still do.

Zander: That night in the hospital when you were dying, you dreamed that somebody kissed you and brought you back. You said it was me. It was Nikolas, wasn't it?

Courtney: There's nothing I want more than to marry you. This spot is wonderful. I couldn't imagine a more beautiful place to get married.

Jason: Even though it's just the two of us?

Courtney: Well, we can celebrate with Carly and Sonny when we get back. You know, we'll show them pictures and give them all the details. Well, maybe not all the details.

Jason: Are you sure this is what you want?

Courtney: Yeah. You convinced me. This is what I want. Let's -- let's get married tomorrow.

Jason: Yeah.

Courtney: Yeah.

[Courtney laughs]

Jax: Yes, I was on the salvage boat, and the owner shot a flare gun into the cabin and the boat caught on fire, so we had to abandon ship and swim a mile to shore.

Skye: A mile?

Jax: That's right.

Skye: Oh, my goodness. Thank God you're in such great physical condition.

Ned: Yeah, it's from all those champagne bottles he lifts every night.

Jax: I wish we would've had some champagne when we got there.

Skye: You must've been exhausted.

Jax: Um -- yeah. And then, among other things, these surfers came out of nowhere and tried to rob me.

Ned: Rob you?

Jax: Yeah.

Ned: Well, you must've got the best of them because there's not a scratch on you.

Jax: Well, Ned, you're looking pretty fit yourself. How's business?

Ned: Uh -- well, I wouldn't know. Junior is now the C.E.O. because I was charged with rape.

Jax: You were set up, of course?

Skye: By Alexis, actually.

Jax: I don't believe it.

Ned: Yeah, I didn't, either, until the girl that she paid to accuse me confessed. And there's a paper trail. Alexis tried to ruin me so she could gain full custody of Kristina.

Jax: Well, I'm sorry to hear that.

Skye: How could Alexis treat Ned the way that she has?

Jax: Well, love can lead to bad decisions. You and I both know that. You know, you can either chip away at each other and fight, or you can step back and get some perspective.

Skye: Is that what you were doing?

Jax: Among other things. Right now my main focus is helping my father.

Skye: I know. I know you must be frantic. How sick is John?

Jax: He's pretty bad. He thinks he doesn't have that much longer to live.

Skye: Well, if you speak to him -- when you do -- will you give him my love?

Jax: Yeah, I will. I'll do that.

Skye: Jax, your parents are wonderful people. You have to find John's good luck charm no matter what.

A.J.: Jax. When did you hit town again?

[Phone rings]

Sonny: Hello? Hello? I'm on my way.

Lorenzo: I ran into Sonny at the Port Charles hotel. I was surprised to learn he checked in.

Carly: It's a temporary situation. I love my husband, he loves me, and we always will.

Lorenzo: Then why would he leave you alone just weeks before the baby's due?

Carly: My car is pulling around.

Lorenzo: Good. That will give me a minute to ask how you're doing.

Carly: I'm fine.

Lorenzo: And the baby?

Carly: He's fine.

[Phone rings]

Carly: Oh. Your minute's up.

Lorenzo: I'll be in touch.

Carly: Don't be. Hello? Oh, my God.

Jax: Thank you. So my father is -- he's not well, and I'm trying to help him.

A.J.: I see. So this is why you haven't been doing much business lately.

Ned: Or it could just as easily be a smokescreen to hide some buyout that you have planned.

Skye: Ned, for goodness sake, Jax is trying to save his father's life.

A.J.: What did the doctor say?

Jax: That he's lost his will to live. So I'm going to restore it.

Skye: Jax is willing to risk his own life to save his father's. Now, I know that kind of love is incomprehensible to the Quartermaines, but could you at least manage to eke out a little sympathy?

A.J.: You know, as much as I hate agreeing with Ned, it does sound like a diversion to me. Jax wrings his hands over his ailing daddy. Meanwhile, he's setting up a raid on some unsuspecting company. Just make sure it's not E.L.Q.

Skye: Oh, ignore A.J. He has no compassion whatsoever.

Jax: Oh, it doesn't matter what A.J. thinks. I just got to do what I have to do.

Skye: Let me know how it goes.

Jax: I will. I'll leave you guys to it.

A.J.: The fifth card just strolled into town. Jax is back, and I'm in business.

Monica: All set for your blood test?

Emily: Yeah. I'm still a little nervous about my white cell count. You know, what if it's not high enough to start the new chemo, Mom?

Monica: Sweetheart, your immune system is so much stronger than it has ever been. The tests are going to be excellent. Trust me.

Emily: I hope so. Oh. Hey, Nikolas.

Nikolas: Hi.

Emily: I didn't expect to see you.

Nikolas: Yeah, well, you know, I wasn't sure Zander would make it after -- I wasn't going to let you go through this alone.

Emily: I'm glad.

Monica: Listen, I've got to make a call. I'll be back in a second.

Emily: All right.

Nikolas: Is he still upset with you?

Emily: Oh, yeah. More than upset. He wants out of our marriage.

Nikolas: Did he -- oh. Did he even let you explain that you and I were discussing the cancer and we weren't --

Emily: No, he was too angry to listen. You know, I don't really blame him.

Nikolas: I kind of do. I mean, you and I have done things wrong, and, okay, fine, so has he. We're all human, we all make mistakes. But love is difficult enough under any circumstances, and you're dealing with cancer on top of it.

Emily: I guess I have no choice, if you're going to insist on being my own personal cheering section.

Nikolas: That's right.

Monica: Okay, you all set?

Emily: Yeah.

Nikolas: I'll be here when you're done.

Emily: I know.

Lucky: I got Stefan Cassadine and Luke Spencer here at Wyndemere. You need to send backup ASAP. Send two officers at least. Hey. How you doing?

Lydia: Not so good.

Lucky: I can't believe Stefan tried to rape you just get his hands on some inheritance.

Lydia: I think he was hoping that -- that rape wouldn't be necessary. Stefan wanted me to cooperate. The part that scares me is that at one point I might've actually agreed just to hold on to Nikolas. Thank God I am past that now.

Lucky: So you're okay? Do you want me to stay here with you?

Lydia: No. You need to go after your father. Stop him before something terrible happens.

Lucky: Okay, backup's on the way, just –

Luke: Stefan! Come on, Count Vlad! Crawl out from whatever rat hole you're hiding in! Come on! This showdown's a long time coming! Tonight's the night! Stefan!

Luke: Ah, what do we got here? A mangy, scarred-up, nasty, little rat scurrying around. I'm having more fun with this than I thought I would.

Stefan: I'm unarmed, you have a knife. Only a coward fights that way.

Luke: Yeah? So I'm a coward. What the hell, it works for me. I used to stay up nights worrying somebody was going to put a bullet between your eyes before I had a chance to finish you off. I see now that was a waste of time. You've always been mine.

Stefan: Ooh! You are pathetic. Your children, family, friends -- everything pales in comparison to your obsession with revenge.

Luke: You and your clan ruined Laura’s life.

Stefan: I protected her. You put Laura where she is now. How can you live with that, huh? You've got nothing. Why don't you just have the grace to give up?

Luke: You first.

Stefan: Come and get me.

Luke: Ha-ha, yeah.

Monica: Hi. Emily's about finished with the blood test.

Nikolas: When will we have the results?

Monica: Well, I'm hoping tonight the oncologist is going to tell her that she can start chemo. And I want to thank you. Thank you for being such a good friend to her.

Nikolas: Well, I'd do anything to help Emily, you know that.

Monica: Well, I don't think it's going to help Zander. He's supposed to show up here.

Nikolas: Right, right. Well, Zander and Emily have been having some problems and Zander says he wants out.

Monica: Well, I can't say that I'm all that surprised. You should be happy. You don't look that way.

Nikolas: Yeah, I know, I know. It's just so much has happened. You know, Emily with the cancer, and, you know, she married a man she couldn't be honest with. I married a woman that I didn't love because I thought that Emily and I would never be together. And now -- now that we're both suddenly free, it -- you know, it seems like it's just too good to be true, like I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Monica: Well, a while ago, I just thought that Zander was a walking disaster area. But he really turned himself around and he's proved to be a better person than any of us realized.

Nikolas: Well, Zander had the best of intentions, but so did I and so did Emily.

Monica: Yeah. Well, then I will tell you what I told Zander. Because it's up to Emily to choose, but if you hurt her, you'll have to answer to me.

Nikolas: Monica, I would never hurt Emily.

Monica: No. No, I don't think you would intentionally. But you've got a lot of baggage, Nikolas, and Emily has a big fight ahead of her. Hopefully, she's going to finish this chemo and she will be rid of cancer, but it -- it's a battle, and she needs all the strength and our support that she can get.

Nikolas: Okay.

Skye: Well, I think I'll have the special.

Ned: Since when do you order tuna?

Skye: Well, just felt like a change of pace, that's all. Jax and I used to have the seared mahi at the Lakehouse sometimes.

Ned: Oh, I see. And since you can't have dinner with Jax, ordering something that he used to cook for you is the next best thing.

Skye: Where did that come from?

Ned: Oh, do you need to ask? The way you were fawning all over him?

Skye: I did nothing of the kind.

Ned: You went on and on about his perilous adventure, how concerned you are for his parents.

Skye: I am concerned.

Ned: Okay. But did you really need to remind him just how perfect you were as the daughter-in-law?

Skye: Oh, that is not only cynical, that is completely unfair, considering the insensitive way you treated Jax.

Ned: Jax is a friend of mine. He's also a cutthroat businessman. He doesn't have delicate feelings.

Skye: Jax is afraid his father is dying, and you basically came out and accused him of using it as some business camouflage.

Ned: Because that's what I think he's doing. Did you notice that Jax's father hasn't been diagnosed with any actual illness? I mean, he's supposedly wasting away because he lost his lucky rabbit's foot.

Skye: Oh, Jax never said it was a rabbit's foot!

Ned: He didn't give us details at all! In fact, if anyone else but Jax were telling this story, you would never believe it. But since you're blinded by this crush --

Skye: Crush?

Ned: Of course it's a crush. Jax shows up, and you're reduced to a credulous schoolgirl.

Skye: Oh, my God, what about you, the way you swallowed every single lie Alexis ever told you? And I warned you not to -- I did -- but, so help me God, you --

Ned: I was trying to compromise with Alexis for the sake of Kristina. I am not carrying a torch for Alexis like you are carrying a torch for Jax.

Skye: Oh, I will not even dignify that with a comment. My God, if a single conversation with my ex-husband is enough to turn you into a jealous maniac, I'm really going to rethink this whole thing.

Ned: All I'm saying is I'm not going to be your fallback position, okay, if things don't work out with you and Jax.

Skye: Oh, this conversation is finished!

Ned: Fine by me.

Skye: Well, don't even think of apologizing.

Ned: I would rather cut out my own tongue.

Skye: Well, maybe you'd better. Might stop you from saying something else you might regret.

Jax: It's Jax. Any luck with that phone number I got from the surfers? Uh-huh. Very good. Stay on it.

[Shower runs]

[Knock on door]

Sam: Hello? Housekeeping!

Sam: Hello?

Jason: You look -- you look beautiful.

Courtney: God, the flowers, the sunset -- everything is perfect.

Jason: I tried to give you everything you want.

Courtney: Everything is glowing. Feels just like it is a church.

Priest: We're ready to begin.

Jason: You know what, can we just wait a couple minutes? We're expecting some guests.

Courtney: We are?

Carly: The hotel manager said you were out in the garden. I hope I am not too late.

Courtney: Oh, my God! Oh, I can't believe you're here! Jason called you?

Carly: He said that you were getting married, and here I am.

Jason: Carly, thanks for coming.

Carly: Oh, are you kidding me? My two best friends are getting married. I couldn't miss this for the world.

Courtney: This makes everything perfect. Look at him!

Sonny: Hey.

Courtney: Hey!

Sonny: You guys are going to try this again, huh?

Courtney: Yes, but this time we'll succeed. I'm so glad you guys are going to be able to see it.

Sonny: We wouldn't miss it.

Courtney: Thank you. Having Carly and Sonny here, it makes everything perfect.

Carly: So you have a matron of honor, complete with bridal bouquet.

Courtney: Thank you.

Carly: You're welcome.

Courtney: Whoo. Well, I think we're ready to start.

Priest: Dearly beloved, we are gathered together in the sight of God to join this man and this woman.

Jax: What took you so long?

Emily: My white count's good. It's higher than Dr. Misra expected.

Monica: Oh, that's wonderful!

Emily: I can start chemo tomorrow.

Nikolas: That's great.

Emily: I know, it feels like I've been given a second chance.

Monica: Well, I am going to go talk to Dr. Misra.

Emily: All right.

Monica: Why don't you go home and get some rest.

Emily: In a while.

Monica: Okay. I'll see you later.

Emily: Okay.

Nikolas: Take you home?

Emily: Yeah. Forget resting. I'm way too happy.

Nikolas: Yeah?

Emily: Yeah.

Nikolas: What are you in the mood for?

Emily: Driving in a convertible with the top down, and, I don't know, going to Vista Point and looking at the stars. Dancing and laughing and stopping off for a double-scoop ice cream cone -- I don't know.

Nikolas: Want some company?

Emily: Why do you think I'm telling you? I'm not going to go do all that by myself.

Nikolas: You know, you light up when you smile. It's like -- it's like magic. It makes me believe anything is possible.

Emily: Right now anything is.

Stefan: Thank you. Now your life is over, too.

Luke: Ugh!

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