GH Transcript Tuesday 10/7/03

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 10/07/03

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Jax: Well, the bad news is we're the only people on the island. The good news is there's a major shipping lane.

Sam: Well, if the buoys are still accurate. I saw them, too.

Jax: How did -- oh, did you climb up the cliffs?

Sam: Yeah. It wasn't that difficult.

Jax: Well, it's a sheer drop down to the ocean.

Sam: Yeah, that would be why they call them cliffs. Now, if you're hungry, eat up.

Jax: Well, this is quite a little smorgasbord you put together here. What, are you trying to apologize for last night?

Sam: When you hogged the whole tent?

Jax: No, when you were trying to feel me up.

Sam: All I wanted was the jack of diamonds, believe me.

Jax: So, if you had the entire dead man's hand, what would you do with it?

Sam: Destroy every single card.

Skye: So, how's the world's worst CEO?

A.J.: Ahem.

Ned: If I could get Junior to hire you back, you know I would.

Dillon: No, I know, but I -- there's no question about it. I messed up. I mean, I let Georgie distract me at work and I missed an important fax, so --

Ned: Ah, that fax isn't that important.

Dillon: Well, still, I made my choices, so --

Ned: Did you suddenly get mature and responsible while I wasn't looking?

Dillon: Um -- maybe. Yeah, you know, a little bit, kind of, I guess.

Ned: Well, so have you applied for another job? Do you need a reference or something?

Dillon: Not exactly.

Ned: All right, I know you're angling for something, so why don't you just save us some time and tell me what you want.

Alexis: I've been going over these papers all night. I can't find any piece of paper that connects Cindy to Stefan.

Zander: You want me to try again?

Alexis: Yes, I do. I want you to -- I want you to talk to her. She's already admitted to falsely accusing Ned. She has to testify against me, so she has a lot to deal with. Maybe she's susceptible to a sympathetic ear.

Zander: All right, I'll see what I can do.

Alexis: I have to prove that Stefan is behind this.

Zander: All right, I'll -- I'll call you as soon as I find anything.

Alexis: Thank you. Thanks.

Zander: What --

Cameron: So, where's my room?

Lorenzo: You don't need this.

Stefan: Get -- get out.

Lorenzo: I'm here to offer my condolences.

Stefan: Nurse --

Lorenzo: You've paid for trying to kill me, as far as I'm concerned. You got scars on your face; I got one on my neck. That about makes us even, don't you agree? Yeah.

Stefan: What do you want?

Lorenzo: Now, as long as you don't tell anyone that Detective Capelli works for me, I'll allow you to live. But if you say anything to anyone, you're going to wish you died in that fire.

Luke: Is he dead yet?

Lorenzo: Apparently not.

Luke: Good.

Lorenzo: Didn't I see you on television?

Luke: Everybody says that. But you didn't see me here, so keep moving. I want that scarred and blistered slab of meat all to myself.

Carly: Sonny insisted that I get a follow-up exam.

Bobbie: Well, can you blame him for being worried?

Carly: No, I'm fine. I -- I know, just as long as I take it easy.

Bobbie: You know, honey, the hole in your baby's heart will probably heal on its own.

Carly: I know. There's a 60% chance, I know that.

Bobbie: And if it doesn't, then the baby will have surgery.

Carly: Surgery at 4 months, I know. Dr. Meadows told me all of this.

Bobbie: Did she also tell you you need to get out once in a while and have a little fun? Like dinner at Luke’s? My treat.

Carly: It sounds really good, actually. Yeah, Sonny and I could use a break.

Bobbie: Okay. I will see you both at 7:00, okay?

Carly: 7:00? Okay. Thanks.

Bobbie: Yeah.

Bobbie: Courtney, we're all set. Sonny and Carly won't know what hit them.

Jason: We found footprints made by a woman's high heels.

Sonny: That doesn't mean anything.

Jason: What do you mean? It was at the cemetery, right outside the gate where I saw the woman.

Sonny: You saw -- you saw Lily.

Jason: Somebody is doing this to you, somebody real.

Sonny: Footprints have nothing to do with Lily.

Jason: Okay, okay -- if Lily's ghost is real -- let's just say if, okay?

Sonny: Right, right.

Jason: Why would she talk to Michael and why would she talk to Faith? Lily would never do that.

Sonny: Oh, you knew what Lily would do? You know more than I do about my --

Jason: No, I'm just saying she wouldn't want to see you like this.

Sonny: Like what? You think I'm going crazy? Is that what you're saying?

Jason: No, that's not what I'm saying.

Sonny: Lily warned me about the baby, right? She was right.

Jason: Well, it could -- Sonny, it could be a scam.

Sonny: No, you don't get what's going on, Jason. My family is in danger. And why do you care who warns me? The threat is real and it won't go away.

Jax: So, you would really just destroy all the cards when -- why would you do that?

Sam: To break my family's bad luck.

Jax: How long has it been?

Sam: Hmm. 130 years, five generations. Ever since my great, great, great-grandfather shot Wild Bill.

Jax: Okay, and you think destroying the cards is just going to change everything, huh?

Sam: Oh, no, do not act like I'm crazy, because you're the one that thinks having the cards is going to restore your father's, you know, will to live.

Jax: Which is exactly why I won't allow you to destroy them. Okay? So find some other way to break your family's bad luck.

[Sam laughs]

Sam: Let's see. I'm dealing with five generations of disaster, and you're dealing with an old guy who has the blues.

Jax: Excuse me, my father is dying here, so don't be joking around about that.

Sam: Well, then give him a reason not to.

Jax: Like what?

Sam: Get married, make babies. That ought to perk him up.

A.J.: Skye, I don't want to fight with you. We've been through a lot together, okay?

Skye: Ned's wrongful termination suit just won't go away, A.J. Oh, come on; don't set yourself up for another failure.

A.J.: Heard from Jax lately?

Skye: Excuse me?

A.J.: You know, your ex who dumped you for Brenda, who dumped him? Talk about your failures.

Skye: That's vicious, even for you.

A.J.: Just checking out the competition, that's all.

Dillon: Georgie and I are going into the city tonight. Crowdog is playing in the garden.

Ned: Oh. So you need some cash?

Dillon: Uh -- no. Actually, I'm set for cash for the night, but I just -- I want the night to be really special for Georgie, and everybody does the limo thing, you know? I want something personal and private.

Ned: So you want to borrow the car.

Georgie: Dillon?

Ned: Hey, Georgie.

Georgie: Hey.

Dillon: Front-row seats.

Ned: Front-row seats? At the garden? How did you manage that? Oh, did you get a cash advance on mom's credit cards?

Dillon: Uh, no, not exactly.

Ned: Well, then how did you come up with that kind of money?

Georgie: Well, he -- he got it from Alcazar.

Ned: What the hell are you doing with Lorenzo Alcazar?

Lorenzo: I have no intention of standing between you and Mr. Cassadine.

Luke: You're the other Alcazar, right?

Lorenzo: Yes, that's right.

Luke: Well, look, my battles with the Cassadines go back to the Crimean war, so whatever problems you got with this spud, it'll have to wait.

Lorenzo: No problem here.

Luke: Good.

Luke: And what do you call Stefan Cassadine with half his face burned off? A good start.

Alexis: You want some more? Mmm, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum. You know how happy I am that you're here? I've waited so long for this, my little sweet pea. You want some more? Yum, yum, yum? Mmm. Okay, you want to see this toy that Cameron built? Let's see, how does it work?

[Sheep baas]

[Horse neighs]

Alexis: You know, Mommy bought you all kinds of really appropriate toys that are in your room. And we could maybe put this one back and take those out.

[Sheep baas]

Zander: So you made a compromise with Alexis, huh?

Cameron: I think it's more like a ceasefire.

Zander: Come on. You wanted to be here from the start.

Cameron: Don't be ridiculous.

Zander: Come on, that's why you paid her bail.

Cameron: I paid her bail because her only child was on the verge of foster care. All judge farmer needs is one more crisis and Alexis --

Zander: Okay, so this is for Kristina?

Cameron: That's right.

Zander: Yeah, right.

Cameron: I appreciate you and Emily taking such good care of her.

Zander: It's no problem. It's just -- it's amazing to me to think that you couldn't find a single baby-friendly place in this city.

Cameron: Goodbye, Alexander.

Zander: Yeah. Bye, Alexis.

Alexis: Goodbye!

Zander: Good luck, Kristina.

Alexis: "Goodbye, Zander."

Zander: Try not to kill each other.

Alexis: Now, why did he say that? Why would he say that?

Cameron: I have no idea.

Alexis: I mean, this is a perfectly good arrangement. You're living in a place that would suit the court, and my daughter is back where she belongs, and I'm a happy mommy.

Cameron: And I'll take the first installment on my bail money immediately -- with interest.

Jason: What threat do you mean? Talking about the baby's heart? The doctor can take care of that.

Sonny: I know, Jason.

Jason: Did the woman say something else?

Sonny: She didn't tell me anything I don't already know. People I love pay for what I do.

Jason: But was she specific?

Sonny: Okay, this is -- too many questions at this point.

Jason: Hey, I'm just telling you, you don't have to go through --

Sonny: Okay, you know what, Jason? I need to just figure this out on my own. Can you leave?

Carly: Hey. How's Sonny?

Jason: He just threw me out. Look, I can't -- I can't get him to listen. I'm just one more person he's going to fight with.

Carly: All right, just -- maybe you should give him some room, then.

Jason: Yeah.

Carly: See you.

Carly: Hey.

Sonny: What did the doctor say?

Carly: No change. I'm good. Baby's good. Everything's all right.

Sonny: Well, that's good, right?

Carly: Yeah, it is good. So maybe you would want to start believing it instead of bracing yourself for some disaster that's not going to happen.

Sonny: I don't -- expect you to understand.

Carly: Okay, you need to stop torturing yourself. I don't know what it is you are seeing out in that cemetery, but I can pretty much guarantee you it is not Lily's ghost. Want to throw me out, too, now?

Luke: Cassadine flambé. You think the chicks are going to be lining up to kiss your ugly face now? Of course, you never did have any luck with the ladies, did you? You always had to kidnap them and keep them drugged.

Stefan: I never -- never harmed Laura. You -- you violated her. You drove her insane.

Luke: Ah, I wonder what happens if I do this? Hmm.

[Stefan chokes]

Luke: That seems to work. I wonder how I get an air bubble into this. They say that's a pretty good way to go, you know? Of course, I could just unplug you, but you're probably all hooked up to alarms. No, that won't work. We need something more organic, something more natural. Maybe cardiac arrest. That happens to burn victims all the time.

Stefan: You kill me, you die, too.

Luke: Oh, really? Is that another Cassadine curse? You people never give up, do you?

Stefan: Without the Cassadines to fight, you have nothing.

Luke: Is that right? Is that right?

Stefan: Your son -- your son has turned against you. You're a stranger to your little girl. Laura -- you -- she might as well be dead.

Luke: Yeah, well, where you're going, you won't have to worry about Laura.

Stefan: You killed her spirit, her soul. You got nothing. No Cassadines. Helena, vanished. Stavros, dead.

Luke: Ah, the hell with it.

Stefan: I'm all you got left.

Luke: Is that right? Is that right?

Stefan: I'm all you've got left!

Luke: Well, maybe we'll just do it this way.

Stefan: Ah! Ah!

Luke: Say hello to your brother and your father.

[Stefan gags]

Bobbie: Luke, stop it!

Luke: Go away, Barbara.

Bobbie: Stop it right now! What are you doing? Stop it!

[Stefan coughs]

Bobbie: Go back to sleep, Stefan.

[Stefan groans]

Bobbie: A bad dream.

Stefan: Bobbie --

Luke: You need to let me do this.

Bobbie: Come on! What is wrong with you?

Luke: You need to let me finish this job.

Bobbie: Oh, yeah, so Scott can put you in jail for the rest of your life? Not a chance.

Luke: People die in hospitals all the time.

Bobbie: You stay away from him, Luke. I'm putting security on the room.

Luke: Yeah, well, you do your job and I'll do mine.

Bobbie: Yeah, well, don't do anything crazy.

Ned: How do you even know Lorenzo Alcazar?

Georgie: Dillon didn't really have much of a choice in the matter.

Ned: What -- he forced you to work for him?

Dillon: Look, she's making it sound a lot worse than it is.

Georgie: I shouldn't have even said anything.

Ned: Georgie, I need to speak to my brother alone.

Ned: Why? Can you tell me just why you accepted money from Lorenzo Alcazar?

Dillon: It's not that big of a deal, okay?

Ned: It's a very big deal. So let's start over. Why did you take money from Lorenzo Alcazar?

Dillon: Because I heard somebody threatening to kill him, and I went and I told him, okay? But I think he -- I think he already knew about it.

Ned: So he gave you money for the information?

Dillon: Yeah. He was trying to be fair. I mean, that's the thing about Alcazar. He's really not that bad.

Ned: Are you out of your freaking mind? Do you know what it's like to owe someone like Alcazar anything?

Edward: What? You're involved with Lorenzo Alcazar?

Dillon: No, not exactly.

Ned: Yes, you are. You took money from him!

Edward: What? You're taking money from an international arms peddler, and you are living under this roof?

Ned: I'm with Grandfather on this one.

Edward: You know something? This is exactly what happened to your cousin Jason. He got recruited by an unscrupulous thug --

Dillon: Oh, come on, I was not recruited! Okay? I -- I helped him out and he paid me.

Edward: Well, you're going to military school just as soon as I can get it arranged.

Ned: Grandfather, hold --

Edward: No, you may be willing to let him get away with this, Ned, but I am not.

Ned: Nobody is getting away with anything. Maybe if this family did a better job of, you know, welcoming him into the family --

Edward: Oh, sure, now it's the family's fault, huh?

Ned: I know what it's like to have a mother like Tracy.

Edward: So you blame the parent.

Ned: We owe it to him to give him another chance.

Edward: It is a mistake, Ned.

Ned: Don't make me wrong, because military school is a hell of a lot better than being dead.

Dillon: You know, I didn't exactly think --

Ned: No, you're going to shut up and listen to me. Your life as a gangster is over. So there's no car, no concert. There's nothing but school. You're grounded until further notice.

Zander: So, how's your grandmother?

Emily: Ah, she's amazing, as usual. This family couldn't stay together without her. She actually gave me a gift to take to the shower.

Zander: What shower?

Emily: I was working my way up to that part. Bobbie is throwing a baby shower for Sonny and Carly at Luke’s tonight, and I said we'd come.

Zander: Okay, so just say that you forgot that we had plans or something.

Emily: I'm not going to lie, Zander.

Zander: Emily, I'm trying to save us from going to a party that neither of us want to go to.

Emily: All right, here's how this works. Jason is Sonny and Carly's best friend in the entire world. I'm Jason's sister. You're my husband. That means we're all connected, we're all family, and we make an effort to show up for special occasions.

Zander: Okay. Um -- Sonny and Carly know that I'm going to be there?

Emily: Nope. It's a surprise.

Zander: They won't want me there.

Emily: How do you know?

Zander: Because of what happened with me and Carly.

Courtney: You know, Sonny and Carly really need a night like this.

Mike: Yeah. But he's got to be worried about the baby's heart problem.

Courtney: Well, you know, Dr. Meadows seems confident that it's fixable.

Mike: Yeah, but that -- that won't matter to Sonny.

Courtney: Sonny will feel better as soon as Carly has the baby.

Mike: What about you?

Courtney: Jason and I are doing much better. We've decided to hold off on the wedding.

Mike: No, no, no, no, no. I mean, you. I mean, it can't be easy with the baby and all.

Courtney: You know what? I'm surrounded by the people who love me. That'll get me through anything.

Jason: Hey, Mike.

Courtney: Hey.

Mike: Hey, Jason.

Jason: Can I just talk to you outside for a minute?

Courtney: Yeah. I'll be back in a minute.

Mike: Okay, honey.

Courtney: Okay.

Jason: I need to get out of here. Will you come with me?

Sonny: Only a spirit would have known about the baby's heart before dr. Meadows.

Carly: Okay. I cannot explain what happened out there. But, you know, you're scaring me, because you are pulling away from me when I need you the most.

Sonny: I'm not going anywhere.

Carly: Okay, prove it. Mama wants to take us to Luke’s tonight for dinner, so say that you're going to go.

Sonny: Oh, come -- I'd love to go, but I --

Carly: Good.

Sonny: I can’t. I got to -- I got to -- well, I got to go to the cemetery.

Carly: Why?

Sonny: Maybe you'll understand someday. What?

Carly: No.

Sonny: What are you doing?

Carly: I cannot explain what's going on out there and what it is you're seeing in the dark, but I know that I need you with me. I need you with me tonight. I am real, our baby is real, and we are right here. Come on, we'll go to Luke’s, we will dance, we will bring home dessert for Michael. Just say that you're going to come with us, and everything is going to be all right.

Sonny: Listen to me, okay? I am doing this for you and the baby. Okay? I got to go.

[Sheep baas]

[Horse neighs]

[Cow moos]

Cameron: She likes the cow.

Alexis: She's just trying to be polite.

[Chicken clucks]

Cameron: You all right?

Alexis: I'm fine.

[Sheep baas]

Sam: If we get this fire big enough, hopefully, someone will spot us from the air.

Jax: Yeah, maybe.

Sam: What do you mean, maybe?

Jax: Well, I fly small jets, and I don't really look for signal fires that often.

Sam: Well, maybe you should start. So does your dad fly, too?

Jax: Sometimes.

Sam: Close to him?

Jax: Yes, I am.

Sam: You're the only child?

Jax: No, I got a brother.

Sam: He got any kids?

Jax: Not that I know of.

Sam: You know, a couple of grandkids will probably do your family really good.

Jax: How do you know that I'm not married?

Sam: You're not.

Jax: That I don't have kids?

Sam: You don’t. Nice bluff, ace, but you're not the only poker player working on this fire.

Jax: What about you? Close to your dad?

Sam: He died young.

Jax: I'm sorry to hear that. What about your mom, brothers, or sisters?

Sam: My family's a wreck. That's why I need those cards.

Jax: That will make everything right, huh?

Sam: Yeah. It's a lot easier for you. I mean, all you need is, is a sweet little wife.

Jax: You volunteering for the job?

Sam: Come on. You know, I'm just trying to be nice. Okay? But you're obviously more interested in enjoying yourself than making your father happy.

Jax: I'm going to go get some more wood.

Sam: Yeah, you know I'm right. That's why you're running away.

Jax: Yeah, whatever.

Sam: Chicken.

Jax: Huh.

[Sam clucks]

Sam: Jax?

Sam: Come on. Stop kidding around.

Man: Somebody just got lucky.

Jason: When I try to reason with Sonny now, he just, you know, digs in deeper. It's like he's going to defend himself, and at this point, I am doing more harm than good. And it's part of my job to know when to step back and just -- just get out. So, I would like for you to come with me.

Courtney: Well, what about Carly?

Jason: I can't -- we can't fix this for her. Sonny and Carly need to work it out for themselves.

Courtney: What about the shower?

Jason: The shower? Sonny's going to hate the shower, anyway. Why make it worse by having me there to fight with?

Courtney: So you -- you just want to leave tonight?

Jason: Anywhere you want.

Courtney: Anywhere I want?

Jason: Yeah, you can pack, and we can just, you know, we can buy clothes when we get there.

Courtney: Europe?

Jason: Europe.

Courtney: France?

Jason: All right, yeah. That sounds good.

Courtney: Okay, but -- but not Paris. Somewhere in the countryside.

Jason: Okay, you know what? We'll get a book on the way to the airport, and we'll just pick a place on the flight over. And if we don't like it, we'll just keep moving till we get to a place we do like.

Courtney: It's just that simple?

Jason: All you got to do is say yes.

Courtney: Yes.

Lorenzo: Sonny will be back soon.

Marcella: I'm not so sure.

Lorenzo: He has no choice. You're a reminder of his biggest fear. He can't bear the pain, but he can't look away.

Marcella: I don't think Lily would ever tell him that he was going to hurt his wife and child.

Lorenzo: Lily would want to help Sonny by warning him. That's all you're doing.

Marcella: I'm going to tell Sonny that he has to leave his family to save them. What if it doesn't work? What if Sonny doesn't leave Carly? Are you going to kill him?

Cameron: I think I'll take Kristina for a walk.

Alexis: Not now, it's a little too late.

Cameron: But you need to work, and she's obviously disturbing you.

Alexis: What is disturbing me is that I can't be with her right now because I have to do this. You know, what's really disturbing me is that toy you bought her.

Cameron: Baby Barnyard is her favorite.

Alexis: That is on every top-10 list of worst toys. Did you know that?

Cameron: Really?

Alexis: Any parent that knows what they're doing knows that.

Cameron: I was a parent 20 years before you were, Alexis.

Alexis: I wouldn't go bragging about that if I were you.

Cameron: Don't go there. That child would be in foster care if it weren't for me.

Alexis: Oh, here we go.

Cameron: I just hope Judge Farmer didn't see you on television yesterday.

Alexis: Right, just another validation of me being a bad, bad, bad mother.

Cameron: When did I say you were a bad, bad, bad mother?

Alexis: You obviously think that I am.

Cameron: All I did was offer to take your daughter for a walk.

Alexis: And I told you that I thought it was too late.

Cameron: She's a night owl.

Alexis: Then I'll do it.

Cameron: Not without supervision.

Alexis: I am perfectly capable of taking my own daughter for a walk without you running beside me running at the mouth with your commentary.

Cameron: You're not really considering this as a defense, are you?

Alexis: Give that to me. Give it to me.

Cameron: You're planning to present yourself as the wronged party?

Alexis: I didn't agree to framing Ned.

Cameron: No, but you didn't do anything to stop it, either.

Alexis: That doesn't mean I should go to jail.

Cameron: Alexis, why paint yourself as the victim? You're giving the judge more ammunition --

Alexis: These are my notes, okay? There'll be 17 more drafts after that. I happen to be an excellent attorney who has won my share of very difficult cases without any help from you, Doctor.

Cameron: Well, you've certainly done a good job for yourself so far.

Alexis: Where is my baby right now? She's at home where she belongs. Where are the people that tried to steal her from me? One is unemployed, Ned. Skye is not allowed access to her, and Edward is crying in his soup because his empire has collapsed.

Cameron: Alexis, you're delusional. You're facing criminal charges. You could lose everything.

Alexis: I am trying to construct an appropriate defense for myself. And if you would stop criticizing me for just a minute, I might be able to form a coherent thought.

Cameron: You are not capable of coherent thought at the moment --

[Cow moos]

[Chicken clucks]

Sam: Anyway, the -- the boat caught on fire, and my -- and my boyfriend and I, we sort of just ended up here.

Man: So where is he now?

Sam: Not far. Um -- gosh, he's a great big guy. He's a big sailor, and he -- he works out a lot. He's huge. I'm really -- I'm surprised you didn't see him.

Man: Funny -- all we see is you.

Carly: You'll let me know as soon as you hear from Sonny, right?

Max: I will.

Carly: Hey, make sure that he knows that I am having dinner with my mom. Do whatever you can to guilt him into showing up.

Mike: They're here, they're here! Two, three --

All: Surprise!

Sonny: You're right, they don't understand. Not even Carly. I mean, how could they? I mean, you know, they haven't done the kind of damage I've done. And even now, you're trying to help me. You got to tell me what to do, because I don't know.

Marcella: Sonny.

Sonny: You got to tell me how to save my wife and child.

Sam: You know what? My boyfriend and I are actually really enjoying this place. It's kind of like paradise to us, so you guys can just really feel free to move along, and -- and -- um -- yeah, we don't really need a rescue, after all.

Man: We're not going to hurt you. Just give us the card.

Sam: What card?

Man: The jack of diamonds, from Wild Bill's last hand.

Georgie: I waited by the gate in case you left. And then I called Maxie to have her come pick me up. And I just couldn't leave. I'm so sorry.

Dillon: I'm grounded indefinitely. Is that what you want?

Georgie: Of course not.

Dillon: And you know what else? I'm probably going to military school.

Georgie: Would they do that?

Dillon: You know, all I have to do is just -- just tough it out. Wait a little bit till I'm old enough for film school. That's what I have to do.

Georgie: I didn't mean for things to go this way.

Dillon: Georgie, why did you have to say anything? I mean, we could be on our way to The Garden right now in Ned's beamer. It would have been so perfect. Do you realize that?

Georgie: This is not a road movie, it's not black and white, it's real. What if somebody tried to kill you like they did Alcazar? I know it's a rush and it's really, really cool, but these people are dangerous. I love you. And I would be really, really mad if you got yourself killed.

Doctor: There's no such thing a minor or insignificant bullet wound. As soon as a patient is admitted to E.R. with a gunshot wound, cross and type it, because they may need blood.

Scott: Ah!

Luke: Huh?

Scott: Lights! Yeah. Because you tried to torch Cassadine, you're going down. And I'm throwing in attempted murder because you tried to strangle me!

Luke: Ha.

Carly: Oh. Sonny's going to feel awful that he missed this.

Mike: And here --

Carly: Oh, thank you.

Mike: Is to my absolutely gorgeous daughter-in-law and her absentee husband.

Emily: And their beautiful baby boy.

Carly: Oh, well, I will drink sparking cider to that.

Lucky: Hear, hear. Cheers.

Bobbie: Congratulations, sweetheart.

Lucky: Works for me.

Carly: Thank you. Oh.

Bobbie: Hmm!

Carly: Hmm?

Bobbie: And now, everybody, time for Carly's favorite part -- presents!

Carly: Oh, yes!

Lucky: Yeah!

Carly: Let's see.

Bobbie: That's a pretty one.

Zander: Em?

Emily: I -- I know this is awkward.

Zander: Well, I'm just glad that Sonny's not here now.

Emily: Mm-hmm. Why didn't you warn me you almost slept with Carly?

Zander: It was a long time ago.

Emily: Ah. What else have you done that I don't know about?

Carly: Oh, look at that. Isn't that great?

Bobbie: Oh, that's so cute.

Lucky: Let me see that.

Carly: Oh, it is just perfect, Mike. I love it. Thank you.

Mike: You're very welcome, honey.

Carly: Okay, let's see. Thank you.

Bobbie: Everything okay?

Carly: Uh-huh. Everything's great. Sonny and I couldn't be any happier.

Sonny: You forgave me. That's your right. How do I forgive myself if I let anything happen to them?

Marcella: It will be because of you.

Sonny: How do I stop it? How do I save my family?

Marcella: Where's Carly now?

Sonny: She's at Luke’s --

Sonny: Where you and our baby died.

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Lydia: Would you consider giving our marriage another try?

Luke: If you're not going to go after him, I am!

Man: If you want to leave this island alive, you'll give us the card.

Marcella: Sonny thinks that something terrible is about to happen.

Lorenzo: That's perfect.

Sonny: We got to go right now.

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