GH Transcript Wednesday 9/24/03

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 9/24/03

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Skye: Ned did not rape that girl.

Scott: Got proof?

Ned: I've never been accused of anything like this before. Now I have custody of Kristina, and suddenly Iím hit with charges of sexual assault and rape. Does that strike you as more than a coincidence?

Scott: Not really because I know how you like your action -- Faith Rosco right out there in broad daylight, now this little young chickie.

Ned: No, don't twist this around. I was arrested, and then -- bam! -- Judge Farmer takes my child away from me.

Skye: Alexis assumed she'd get custody. That's why she set Ned up in the first place, only it all backfired and she never got Kristina at all.

Scott: Well, I'd like to nail Alexis, for this or anything else.

Ned: Then look into it. Connect the dots.

Skye: Might as well start with Stefan. He probably helped Alexis arrange the whole thing.

Scott: Not from here he didnít.

Ned: Oh, right. Because security's always been such a top priority here at the PCPD.

Scott: Doesn't really matter, anyway.

Skye: Why not?

Scott: Because as long as this girl is sticking to her story, the charges hold. Connect those dots.

Cindy: I can't keep doing this.

Stefan: Listen, I've told the police that you're my aunt. No one suspects that you're really Ned Ashtonís distraught victim.

Cindy: I mean the getup. It's driving me nuts.

Stefan: You have played your part beautifully so far. Now is not the time to become careless.

Cindy: Don't worry. Iíve got it under control.

Stefan: Are you clear on what you have to do?

Cindy: It's already in the works.

Stefan: Good.

Skye: Have you at least looked into Cindyís background?

Scott: Well, Ned can take that up with his attorney.

Skye: Who is that?

Scott: Some relative that's been visiting Cassadine a couple of times.

Skye: Has she?

Scott: Yeah.

Skye: Hey, lady, where's the fire?

Cindy: Is something wrong?

Skye: There sure is. Well, we just connected the dots.

Zander: Hey. I made contact with Cindy. I gave her my number, and I'm going to try and get her to talk to me, tell me the truth about --

Alexis: Thank you.

Zander: Ok.

Alexis: Actually, I need to talk to you about another problem.

Zander: There's more?

Alexis: Your father.

Emily: Dr. Lewis.

Cameron: I hate to barge in, but I desperately need your help.

Emily: Ok.

Nikolas: Ok, that's it. I'm checked out. Guard duty's officially over. I'll take full responsibility for my own safety now, thank you. Oh, hey.

Jason: Nice job.

Nikolas: If Alcazar's having me watched, he'll know Iím by myself.

Jason: Your family owes him a lot of money so now we need Alcazar to collect the payment in person.

Nikolas: And all I have to do is find a way to make him pull a gun on me. No problem.

Andy: Carly Corinthos walked in before I could deliver your message.

Lorenzo: What was Carly doing visiting Nikolas Cassadine?

Andy: I don't know. I covered with some excuse about looking in on Nikolas, and then I had to post some guards to make it look legit.

Lorenzo: In other words, you made a mistake.

Andy: Nikolas will be released today. He'll be wide-open.

Lorenzo: Do it right this time. The Cassadines are becoming a problem. I want them under control. 

Cindy: This isn't what it looks like.

Scott: What it looks like is you're going to be doing some time unless you come clean.

Cindy: No, I was just checking up on Eddie, making sure he couldn't get out and come after me again.

Ned: Your lies are getting a lot less convincing.

Cindy: Eddie, you scare me!

Skye: Oh, is that you were meeting with Stefan Cassadine?

Cindy: No. I mean -- ok. It was all a lie. Mr. Ashton never touched me. I've never seen him before. I just --

Scott: Wait, wait, wait. What about the diary and the phone calls and all of that stuff?

Cindy: No, it was just supposed to look like Mr. Ashton and I had this whole relationship.

Scott: Well, this is quite a little scam you cooked up there, tootsie.

Cindy: I'm sorry. I needed the money.

Skye: My God, do you have any idea what you've done to this man?

Ned: Of course she does, but she doesn't care.

Scott: Now, how does Stefan fit into this?

Ned: He's the one who hired her.

Cindy: No, no, it wasn't him. It was Alexis Davis.

Scott: Well, what about these little secret meetings here?

Cindy: Mr. Cassadine asked me to come. He said I had to stick to my story so that Alexis could still defend him.

Stefan: I simply advised the young lady that if she changed her story, she would be admitting to perjury.

Scott: Well, it's too bad she didn't take your advice because now Alexis is going to be charged with felony fraud and you lost the only attorney that will represent you.

Cindy: I'm sorry. I just can't fake it anymore.

Scott: Get him out of here. And you come with me, we're going to revise your statement.

Ned: Aren't you forgetting something?

Scott: Yeah. The charges are dropped. You're free to go. Come on.

Ned: How -- how did you know?

Skye: Just a hunch -- till I saw her fingernails.

Ned: Her fingernails?

Skye: Yeah, sweet little Cindy was wearing the same shade of liar's pink she was wearing the night that she accused you of attacking her.

Ned: You're good.

Skye: Well, let's just say Iím highly motivated.

Ned: Well, let's go find Judge Farmer.  Now's the time to get Kristina back. Let's go.

Alexis: Judge Farmer took Kristina away from Ned, but she didn't give her to me.

Zander: Who got her?

Alexis: Your father.

Zander: You're kidding, right?

Alexis: One would think. The judge -- and I use the term loosely -- felt that your father would provide a more stable environment for her.

Zander: Huh. Well, dad's always been able to talk a pretty good game. So what do you want me to do?

Alexis: I'm not sure if I was nice to him the last time or not nice, but in case I was not nice, I'd like you to smooth things over for me.

Zander: Well, my dad and I don't have that good of a relationship. I mean, we don't outright hate each other anymore, but our relationship pretty much consists of leaving and returning phone messages.

Alexis: You have more influence than you think.

Zander: Is there anything in particular you'd like me to talk to him about?

Alexis: I want you to speak to him on my behalf, convince him that I should be allowed visitation.

Zander: I'll try.

Alexis: Thanks.

Cameron: Kristina was turned over to my custody without any warning or prep time.

[Kristina fusses]

Emily: Oh, hi! Oh! How long have you had her? Hey, baby!

Cameron: Long enough to know that Iím completely out of my depth.

Emily: Oh, babies keep you busy, huh?

Cameron: She's got a mind of her own. I -- I live in an adults-only building. It has very thin walls, and she's been really vocal.

Emily: Aw. She's been crying a lot?

Cameron: Yeah. I think she's confused by her new surroundings. You know, I haven't slept a wink, and according to my neighbors, they haven't, either. Now, Iíve got to go to work and I've got to get baby supplies and Iíve got to find another apartment in a child-friendly building, so I was remembering how good you and Zander were with her at the cabin --

Emily: Oh, she's welcome to stay with us, Dr. Lewis. Hi, baby.

Cameron: Are you sure? Because if it's an imposition, I can find another solution.

Emily: No, it's fine, really. Kristina's adorable. Yes, you are. Let's sit down here. Yes, you are. Oh, I can't believe how big she's gotten.

Cameron: Yeah, I can't believe how loud she's gotten.

[Emily laughs]

Cameron: Are you sure this is ok?

Emily: Oh, it'll be our pleasure.

Cameron: Well, I can't thank you enough. Uh, this might -- this might come in handy.

Emily: Ok. All right.

Cameron: And there's some diapers and a couple of bottles of baby food in the bag.

Emily: Ok. All right. See you later. Thanks.

Cameron: She looks happier already.

Emily: Yeah. All this fuss, huh, for such a little girl, right? Yes! You'd think all of that love would bring people together, not tear them apart, huh? Mm-hmm. It's all very, very confusing, right? Well, hey, if you figure it out before I do, you just let me know, all right?

[Kristina squeals]

Emily: Ok. Look at that bunny.

Nikolas: What are you doing?

Lydia : Exactly what you wanted, I'm leaving. I kept my head high as long as I could, Nikolas, but you finally wore me down so go for it. Get your annulment. I'll be in touch with an address where you can send the papers -- that is if you live long enough to file them.

Nikolas: Well, wait a minute. Do you have a place to stay or --

Lydia : What difference does it make?

Nikolas: Well, no, I'm just asking. I mean, Port Charles Hotel has nice rooms. Maybe --

Lydia : Thanks for the tip.

Lydia: No, I can't do this. I don't want you to die, Nikolas!

Nikolas: I'll -- I'll get out of this alive, ok, I can promise you that.

Lydia : You'd better, because Iíve fallen in love with you.

Jason: How you doing?

Elizabeth: Hey. I'm doing better. I'm starting to see shapes and tones.

Jason: That's great.

Elizabeth: Yeah.

Jason: So what does the doctor say?

Elizabeth: He says it's an excellent sign and he's encouraged.

Jason: So are you. You look a lot happier.

Elizabeth: Well, I still have a long way to go, but I'm -- I'm feeling a lot more optimistic.

Jason: So what's up? Why'd you ask me to visit? You need something?

Elizabeth: Yeah. The police are coming by to take a statement from me about the hit-and-run and, well, it was Courtneyís car. I'm sure you already know that.

Jason: Mm-hmm.

Elizabeth: But the police are saying she wasn't driving, that it was just some man who stole her car and then ran me down?

Jason: Well, there was a witness. The man was IDíd, he was brought in, he confessed.

Elizabeth : Right, but Courtney also confessed. So Iím wondering, why would she say she ran me down if she didn't? And let's just say she was driving the car -- why would some random man confess to her crimes?

Jason: Ok, there's something --

Ric: I think I can answer that. Lorenzo Alcazar did Sonny a favor because Sonny has something that Lorenzo wants.

Sonny: Whoa -

Nikolas: Look, you tried your best to make the marriage work. It's my fault we're breaking up.

Lydia : I don't want to blame you, Nikolas, I just want a second chance. I've learned to care about you, Nikolas, and Iíd like to think that you could learn to care about me, too.

Nikolas: I do care, too much to let you lie to yourself or believe in something that can't happen. Our marriage was a mistake. We both got into it for the wrong reasons, but the kindest thing we can do for each other is get out of it as cleanly and quickly as possible.

Lydia : You know I married you for the inheritance. I didn't have feelings for you, and your feelings were more than mutual.

Nikolas: Yeah, it was just a bad situation that neither of us asked for.

Lydia : With Emily, I saw a different side of you -- gentle, caring, affectionate, deeply loyal, capable of total commitment. I didn't realize I was beginning to have feelings about you until I saw the photo of you in Emilyís arms --

Nikolas: Look, I'm sorry --

Lydia : And it hurt.

Nikolas: I'm sorry that photos were even taken, but at least it made us both face the truth here.

Lydia : The only truth I care about is that your life is at risk. Those creditors have beaten you. The next time, they will kill you and I don't care if you can't return your feelings for me right now. I just want to save your life, Nikolas, and the only way that we can do that is to stay married, have a baby, and collect the inheritance so we can pay the creditors back!

Nikolas: But I want to be with Emily , Lydia , not you. Can't --

Lydia : If Emily loves you, then she'll wait.

Nikolas: Oh --

Lydia : We just need enough time to have a baby, Nikolas.

Nikolas: That's -- and that's exactly why this can't happen. When I become a father, I want my child conceived in love, not because I need the money.

Lydia: Can't you have both?

Nikolas: No.

Lydia: Can't you have both? We could have a baby that we both love, and you'll get the money you need to save your life.

Nikolas: I'll find another way to save my own life.

Emily: You know what? I saw the cutest baby toys -- yes, I did -- at a store on Disco Street . I think I'll go shopping later and pick up a few. Yeah. With all you've been through, you deserve a few perks, huh? And I'll need to -- I'll need to pick up some more diapers. Yes. And some more baby food, too. Are you warm enough? Ok, I'll get you a blanket. There we go.

[Door opens]

Zander: Hey.

Emily: Hi. You left so early.

Zander: Yeah. You were sound asleep. I didn't want to wake you up, you know, get into anything.

Emily: Yeah. Where'd you go?

Zander: Alexis called me, needed to talk to me. Wouldn't believe what's happened.

Emily: Oh, I might. I had a visitor. No, not -- not Nikolas. Your father.

[Door slams]

[Kristina cries]

Emily: Aw. Come here. Hey, baby.

Zander: What the hell?

Emily: Hey!

[Kristina fusses]

Emily: Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh, goodness! Oh, goodness! Your father left a little present behind.

Alexis: Cameron.

Cameron: Look, if you're going to cross-examine me about Kristinaís welfare, you can rest assured that she's resting blissfully happy in the company of Zander and Emily. And if you're going to throw something at me again, try to make sure that it matches the applesauce on my jacket.

Alexis: I didn't want to attack you. I want to thank you.

Ric: Alcazar wants Sonny's territory. Luckily for him, Courtney runs Elizabeth down with her car and drives away. That's felony assault so he gets one of his flunkies to come in and take the rap for it. Courtney gets off scot-free and, lo and behold, Sonny is indebted to him, right? You can stop me anytime, Jason.

Jason: No, that's -- that's a great story, Ric. I have no idea what you're talking about.

Ric: Yeah, that means Iím right then.

Jason: You know what, I'm here because Elizabeth asked me so I have no time for you or your accusations, Ric!

Ric: You know what, Elizabeth is the victim here, or do you even care?

Elizabeth : Ok, Ric --

Ric: No, he is playing you, Elizabeth . He's taking advantage of your trust.

Elizabeth : Ok, look Ric, I called Jason here because I need to talk to him. This is none of your business, all right? Jason, I didn't see who -- who was in the car. Maybe it was an accident, maybe it wasn't, I don't know. I just want to know the truth.

Jason: The truth, Elizabeth ? I'm just -- I'm sorry that you were hurt.

Elizabeth: Well, thank you.

Ric: He's trying to protect Courtney here!

Elizabeth: Ok, I told you to stay out of this.

Ric: No, no, no! I am not going to sit here and listen to this man lie through his teeth to you!

Elizabeth: You know what, I am happy with what he just told me, ok?

Ric: Have you heard him once -- one time -- say that Courtney didn't do it? Why is that? Because he made a deal with Alcazar!

Jason: No, you're the one who made the deal with Alcazar when the two of you held Carly hostage! You put this in motion, Ric! You're the reason she's in this hospital!

Ric: Oh, I'm the reason that she's in the hospital?

Jason: That's right!

Ric: No, your girlfriend is the one who ran her down and left her in the street to die!

Elizabeth: All right, all right, enough, enough! I don't want to hear this anymore, ok? Jason, thank you for coming by. I will call you if I come up with any more questions.

Jason: You want me to leave you alone with him?

Elizabeth: I have my call button this time.

Ric: How can you not get it?

Elizabeth : You know, Jason just made a very interesting point about Alcazar. You are the only person I know who has actually worked with him and your whole scenario about him saving Courtney, I mean, that's just -- that's just speculation.

Ric: It's the only logical explanation.

Elizabeth: No. No, it's an interpretation that makes Jason, Sonny, Courtney -- all people you hate -- wrong. This is still about your vendetta.

Ric: No, you couldn't be any more wrong if you tried.

Elizabeth : I heard the hate in your voice when Jason was here.

Ric: That was not hate, Elizabeth , that was envy. You know, he does not love you! He's protecting Courtney, yet you still trust him. How do I get you to trust me like that?

[Knock on door]

Nikolas: I understand you want to kill me. 

[Knock on door]

Lydia : Good, you're here.

Lucky: What are you doing?

Lydia: Your brother threw me out.

Lucky: I thought you were fighting to save your marriage.

Lydia : Yeah, I am; but the harder I push Nikolas, the faster he'll run in the opposite direction.

Lucky: Ok, then try a hotel.

Lydia : That's what Nikolas said, but I've got to start economizing in case my efforts fail and I never get my inheritance.

Lucky: Well, stay with a friend or -- wait, don't you have any?

Lydia : You're my friend, to use the term loosely.

Lucky: Look, I've got academy exams coming up. I like my privacy way too much to share my room with my brother's wife.

Lydia : Listen, Lucky, I helped you put Stefan in jail for murdering your girlfriend. You owe me and I'm here to collect. You want me out? You're going to have to throw me out.

Nikolas: I understand that my family owes you a substantial amount of money. I'd like to work out an arrangement to pay you back.

Lorenzo: The loan was guaranteed by the Karenin fortune. If I understand the terms correctly, you only inherit it if you produce a child with your current wife.

Nikolas: Wow. I had no idea you paid such close attention to my life.

Lorenzo: I don't care about your life. I care about the money.

Nikolas: I have $100,000 cash on hand. How much time will that buy?

Lorenzo: About three seconds and they're up, I'm a businessman, Mr. Cassadine. You're insulting me by even suggesting such a negligible sum.

Nikolas: Yeah, a businessman doesn't kill his investment. I die, you get nothing.

Lorenzo: If you live, it's bad for business. If you die, it might motivate your uncle into coming up with the cash to save his own life.

Nikolas: You'll get the money.

Lorenzo: How?

Nikolas: Little bit at a time. I'll be in my study later with the first installment. Oh, and, uh, come yourself, don't send a courier. It's bad business.

Lorenzo: I'll be there.

Emily: Yes. Aw. Your father was completely frazzled when he came by.

Zander: Yeah. Baby was probably too much for him to handle, huh?

Emily: Yeah, he'd been up all night and he had to get to work, and he asked for help and I just didn't have the heart to refuse, Zander. She's such a sweet little thing! Yes, you are!

Zander: Well, how longís she going to stay here for?

Emily: It's sort of open-ended. Your dad has to get a new apartment.

Zander: Emily, we're not baby experts.

Emily: I know enough, Zander, and I'll pick up a book on childcare when I go into town to buy Kristina some food.

Zander: Emily, you're still recovering, you know.  You need to take it easy.

Emily: I know, but a baby's good medicine.

Zander: I mean, the last thing we need right now is added stress.

Emily: Yeah, but we always talked about having a child someday.

Zander: Yeah, we did.

Emily: Well, Kristinaís here now. Yes, you are! And she needs lots of love and affection. Come here, baby. Come on. Oh, goodness! Oh, goodness gracious! Yes! So, why don't you hold her?

Zander: Uh, nah. I don't -- I don't know how.

Emily: Zander, come on, it's easy. Just put your arms out. Yes, he's going to put his arms out! Put your arms out. Ok, here we go.

Zander: Like this?

Emily: Zander, she's not made out of glass. You can hold her a little bit tighter.

Zander: Ok. Hello. Hi. What do you think about staying with us? What do you think? I think she might like it.

Cameron: I was as blindsided as the rest of you when Judge Farmer awarded custody to me.

Alexis: You saved Kristina from going into foster care. I trust you, Cameron. I know that you'll take good care of her.

Cameron: Alexis, if this is a buildup to asking me if you can visit your daughter, don't bother trying to butter me up. You're not very good at it. Just ask me.

Alexis: Ok, can I see my daughter?

Cameron: Only if you call first.

Alexis: Thank you.

Cameron: You're welcome.

Alexis: And one more thing -- that stain on your jacket is not applesauce. It's pears.

Ned: Judge Farmer, thank you so much for coming on such short notice.

Nancy: I've been informed the charges against you were false and have been dropped.

Skye: That's right.

Ned: Yes, so there's really no reason why Kristina can't be returned to me.

Nancy : I'm going to leave Kristina in her present situation.

Ned: But -- but the whole case against me was based on lies.

Nancy : Too much has happened around this poor child -- murder, blackmail, kidnappings, her mother faking an alternate personality?

Ned: All the more reason why Kristina should be with me.

Nancy : The child needs stability.

Ned: Which is exactly what Iíll offer her.

Nancy : To be honest, I think you all need help.

Skye: Wait a minute. You're refusing Ned custody because Alexis is certifiable?

Nancy : Ms. Davis' involvement in a scheme to accuse her daughter's own father of sexual assault is beyond unconscionable.

Ned: Your honor, with all due respect, I was the wronged party, so why should I lose Kristina?

Scott: Hey, you had the chance to send Alexis to prison. You chose to defend her so don't blame the legal system here just because your big gesture came back to bite you.

Nancy : My only interest is in Kristinaís welfare, which is why I awarded temporary custody to Dr. Lewis. Your daughter is in good hands, particularly given his experience at child development.

Skye: Dr. Lewis' son ran away from home and became a drug dealer.

Nancy : My decision is made. Kristina remains with Dr. Lewis for the time being.

Scott: I'm with the judge -- you all need help.

Skye: So that's it?

Ned: Like hell it is. The south side --

Skye: Don't tell me you're finally getting angry.

Ned: I've gone out of my way for Alexis time and time again. I defended her even when she confessed to faking her D.I.D. and killing Alcazar. I got Scott, I got the judge, I got everybody else to back off because I thought it was best for Kristina.

Skye: Well, clearly Alexis was a little less than grateful.

Ned: I honestly thought that she deserved another chance, but for her to turn around and do this to me?

Skye: Can't say Iím surprised.

Ned: I've lost my child and I've lost my job, I've lost my reputation.

Skye: You'll get them all back.

Ned: And at what cost to Kristina? What about her? And Cameron is practically a stranger to her; she needs to be with someone who loves her, who knows her.

Skye: You're just going to have to fight. Ned, look, you can start by getting your job back.

Ned: Junior's got my job at ELQ.  It'll take dynamite to get him out of my chair.

Skye: Well, then become an independent or sign up with another one of the mutual funds or --

Ned: Really? And who will hire me after the bell has been rung? People talk, people wonder. They'll just do business with the other guy. Alexis -- Alexis has destroyed my career, not to mention what this will do to Brooke Lynn when she finds out. Even my own teenage daughter will wonder about me.

Skye: I wonít. Ned, I believe in you -- I do -- as a man and as a father.

Ned: Thank you. Thank you. I appreciate that.

Skye: You gave me a chance in this world when no one else would.

Ned: So is that what you're doing to me? Because please don't tell me it's -- it's pity.

Skye: I will do anything in the world for you except let you turn the other cheek, ok? It is -- it is over. It's over the time for us to be angry. It's time to get even.

Scott: I like your thinking, and I'm just the person to help you do it.

Zander: Well, I guess we could put a crib in the extra bedroom or something?

Emily: Or we could paint it pink or yellow?

Zander: Well, you're taking it easy, Emily. I'll paint and you can supervise.

Emily: Hmm, if you insist. Ok, well, I need to run to the store and get some things for Kristina, like food.

Zander: Uh, wait, you're leaving me with her?

[Kristina fusses]

Emily: Yeah, for about 30 minutes or so. You think you can handle it?

Zander: Honestly, no.

Emily: Zander, you're kind, you're considerate, you're loving. Kristina couldn't be in better hands.

Zander: Well, compliments will get you everywhere.

[Knock on door]

Emily: Oh, saved by the bell.

Alexis: Hi, Emily.

Emily: Hi.

Cameron: How are you two doing?

Emily: Oh, great. I'm running to the store, but Zander can fill you in.

Alexis: Hey!

Zander: Here's mama.

Alexis: Hey, sweet pea!

[Kristina fusses]

Alexis: Why are you crying? I came all the way to see you! And I missed you! Aw! All right, we'll fix it. Mommy will fix it. What's wrong? You sleepy? Oh.

Emily: I won't be long.

Alexis: Hmm? What's the matter, sweet pea?

Zander: So, getting another chance at parenthood? Third time's a charm, right?

Cameron: I won't have her long enough to make the mistakes I made with you.

Zander: So how long is baby Kristina going to be with us?

Cameron: As long as it takes me to find a child-friendly apartment, which means you'd better get used to Alexis. She'll probably be camped on your doorstep.

Zander: Well, Alexis is welcome as often as she wants to be, and you, too.

Lucky: There's not enough room for your luggage, let alone you.

Lydia : Sure there is. See? I'll just set it right there.

Lucky: Ok, you know what, there's only one bed.

Lydia : We have plenty of time to discuss the sleeping arrangements.

Lucky: No, we don't. There's nothing to discuss. It's my bed.

Lydia : Don't you rugged, manly types prefer the floor, anyway? Hmm. Cheap, but firm enough.

Lucky: Ok, here's a thought -- why don't you go sneak back over to Wyndemere and sleep in one of those empty bedrooms.  You know, go down to the coffeehouse for your meals, because maybe it'll be months, maybe weeks before they even notice you.

Lydia : Be as rude as you like. I'm staying.

Lucky: Suit yourself, but it's you who'll be sleeping on the floor.

Nikolas: Alcazar bought it. He's coming to Wyndemere tonight.

Lorenzo: Nikolas Cassadine will be giving me a down payment of $100,000.

Andy: I'll take care of him and bring back the cash.

Jason: When Alcazar pulls his gun to shoot you, I'll be waiting.

Lorenzo: I'm doing this by myself.

Nikolas: Then you'll have no choice but to kill him to protect me.

Jason: Self-defense. Alcazar's dead and it's no one's problem.

Elizabeth : Will you please stop following me?

Ric: I just want to make sure that you're all right.

Elizabeth : The whole idea is for me to do this on my own, and hopefully by the time I master using the cane, I won't need it anymore.

Ric: Ok. I'll come back and check on you later.

Ned: Ric Lansing. Just the man we're looking for.

Ric: Ned Ashton. Skye Chandler-Quartermaine?

Ned: Good memory.

Ric: Mm-hmm. Well, it's kind of hard to forget Jason and Brendaís murder trial. You made quite an impression.

Skye: Oh. Yes, how nice of you to remember me at my best. He's the right man.

Ric: For what?

Ned: This may be an indelicate question, but we are aware of your recent problems here in town. Are you still practicing law?

Ric: Yes, the last time I looked. And the last time I looked in the paper, I saw that you were having troubles of your own.

Ned: Mm-hmm. Well, the charges were false which is why we're looking for legal representation.

Ric: I see. And how can I help you?

Skye: Well, we'd like to drag somebody through the deepest, dirtiest mud we can find. We hear you're just the person to do it.

Zander: So why'd the judge pick you?

Cameron: I guess I was the lesser of three evils between an accused rapist father, an admitted murderer mother, or a flawed-but-not-criminal psychiatrist.

Alexis: It's because Judge Farmer is an incompetent and should be thrown off the bench, who's also prejudiced against me.

Cameron: Can you blame her?

Alexis: Yes, and I do. She is also a criminal because she takes bribes from the Quartermaines.

Cameron: There's absolutely no proof of that, Alexis.

Alexis: Oh, yes, there is, and she's ruled in their favor every single time.

Cameron: Can you blame her? They certainly appear to be more stable than you or Dobson.

Zander: Ok, wait a second; I thought you were on Alexis' side.

Alexis: Thank you, Zander.

Cameron: Well, no, I'm on Kristinaís side, but she's rapidly running out of relatives.

[Knock on door]

Zander: Oh, boy.

Scott: Well, well, well. Gang's all here.

Cameron: What brings you to my son's home, D.A. Baldwin?

Scott: Best news I've had in weeks -- you're under arrest. Felony fraud and the false charges against Ned Ashton.

Nikolas: Mr. Alcazar. Your timing is perfect.

Lorenzo: Is the money ready?

Nikolas: It's right there.

Lorenzo: I'm not accustomed to doing business like this. It sends a bad message.

Nikolas: I told you it's the best I can do right now.

Lorenzo: Well, that may be, but we won't be doing business like this again.

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Sonny: I want you and the baby home safe.

Alexis: You murdered an innocent girl.

Stefan: Whatever Iíve done has been purely for Nikolas.

Nikolas: I'm showing good faith by making partial payment.

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