GH Transcript Monday 9/22/03

General Hospital Transcript Monday 9/22/03

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Dillon: Don't -- don't move. This is like a real-life magic movie moment. I don't really want to miss it.

Georgie: Wow. You look amazing. And, you know, you're right about the whole movie thing. I mean, we even match. You know, like Fred who-is-it and -- and Ginger --

Dillon: Astaire and Rogers.

Georgie: Yeah, them. Hey, you know, I can't believe it. It's us here, all night, together, and all dressed up, candlelit. There's even a storm outside. And I'm talking like some demented talking doll. I'm already doing everything wrong. I'm such a geek. If you just want to run out the door screaming, please don't let me stop --

Dillon: It's a foreign film, French with subtitles. So we play it, not say it.

[Dillon hums]

Lydia : Nikolas, you can't just end our marriage out of the blue this way.

Nikolas: We never should have gotten married. It was a business arrangement. But you know what -- since then, nothing's changed. There's no point in continuing.

Lydia : There is plenty of point, starting with your life depends on it. These creditors who beat you senseless know that the only way that the Cassadines can pay this money back is if we produce an heir and the only way we can do that is if you stay with me. If you leave me, they'll kill you. These were a reminder of that.

Nikolas: It's ok, and it worked. No, it reminded me that I'm in a sham of a marriage.

Lydia : Since when did you become suicidal? You might as well just save the bad guys the trouble and put a bullet in your own head!

Nikolas: Why are you -- oh, God -- why are you fighting me on this? Is this the future that you wanted for yourself? Are you honestly -- are you honestly happy?

Lydia : I could be. And so could you if you would just give it half a chance.

Nikolas: I told you my intentions and there's no point in discussing it.

Lydia : I know what this is really about. You can't stand the thought of your life without your precious Emily. You would risk anything and everything to be with her.

Nikolas: You're right, I want Emily.

Emily: Gia, have you seen Zander? I have to find him. It's really, really important.

Gia: Whoa, whoa, slow down. No, I haven't seen him.

Emily: Ok.

Gia: What's wrong?

Emily: I don't have time to explain.

Gia: Whoa, whoa -- all right, look, you are officially scaring me now. What is going on?

Emily: Ok, I think I've blown it this time, I mean really, really blown it, and I have to find Zander and make him understand before he hears it from somebody else. I'm going to --

Gia: Hears what? What --

Emily: It's really, really complicated, Gia.

Gia: I'm really quite bright, or you could simplify. Just cut to the chase. I'll fill in the rest. What's wrong?

Emily: There are pictures of me and Nikolas together, ok? If Zander finds them or even hears they exist, my marriage is over.

Zander: Wait a minute, back up. Why did Emily take Nikolas to the hospital?

Lucky: Well, he was beaten pretty badly. I think it was a message from the Cassadine creditors. Whoever they are, they're serious about getting their money back.

Zander: Ok, why does this involve Emily?

Lucky: I don't think it does yet, but --

Zander: Why was Emily with Nikolas in the first place?

Lucky: I don't know, Zander. But you're focusing on the wrong thing. I'm just trying to give you a heads-up here. It's just a dangerous time to be connected to a Cassadine. Any woman associated with my brother right now is an easy target for these people. We're talking a lot of money here.

Zander: Lucky, I think you're worried about the wrong woman. I think you should be worried about Lydia . Nikolas and Emily -- they're over. They're not associated with one another --

Lucky: Look, I realize that.

Zander: Unless there's something going on that I need to know about.

Lucky: No.

Zander: Then save your concern.

Lucky: Hey, you know what, Zander, I just -- she could be in danger. All right? So you just -- you just make sure you keep your eyes open and keep Emily safe, ok?

Jason: Let's shift the focus; keep things between you and me for a change, huh?

Lorenzo: Fine. You can start by thanking me for keeping Courtney out of jail. That was an awfully close call. Carly's grateful, Sonny's grateful, though he'd never admit it. When does the boyfriend weigh in?

Jason: You know, you can play your little games with the others, make them think they owe you. Not with me. I'm going to be watching you, waiting for my chance. You're going to wish you never heard of Port Charles.

Lorenzo: I like it here, for several reasons. I'll stay as long as it takes to get what I want. After that, who knows?

Jason: Well, you're about to be disappointed all kinds of ways.

Courtney: Sonny? Where are you? Sonny, are you ok? I thought -- I thought Carly would be with you.

Sonny: No, she -- she wanted me to rest. She wanted me to come home.

Courtney: But she's ok, right?

Sonny: Yeah, she's fine.

Courtney: Ok.

Sonny: How long have you been standing there?

Courtney: Well, I just came in now. The lights went out, so I came over. What's going on, Sonny? I mean, you look like you've seen a ghost.

Sonny: No, it was -- I was -- I was outside and -- it was -- I guess it was the lightning or something.

Courtney: Something like what?

Sonny: It's like a -- a woman outside.

Courtney: On the terrace?

Sonny: It's not possible. I know that. I guess it's just building, you know. I'm stressing out, you know? One thing after another -- you, Carly, the baby. I got a lot of enemies.

Sonny: Max!

Courtney: Hey, where are you going?

Sonny: Somebody -- somebody was outside tonight. I think I know who.

Nikolas: Well, I -- I just took the first step. I ended my marriage with Lydia , so -- so now Alcazar will have to kill me.

Jason: That's not how this is going to end.

Nikolas: Yeah. You know, I actually think Lydia was hurt. I used to be -- I used to be careful about that, you know, stomping on people's feelings, getting caught up in relationships doomed to failure.

Jason: Look, I'm sorry if this is difficult for you.

Nikolas: Yeah, well, it's a good cause, right? Saving my family, canceling the debt -- that's caused me and my uncle to make so many bad decisions. Do you know what's ironic, though, is that I never really gave a damn about that money. And now my life's on the line for it.

Jason: You're not the one who's going to die, Nikolas.

Nikolas: I just wish I could have found a way out of it without hurting Lydia . To be honest with you, she really doesn't deserve it. You know, anyway, it just -- once my marriage is over, I'll be that much closer to being with Emily, if she still wants me.

Emily: Yes, Nikolas and I came close to making love in the cottage, Gia, but we didn't, ok? We stopped in time, and we agreed to stay away from each other. It was a moment, that's all.

Gia: A moment? This has been ongoing for months now -- you and Nikolas and your big scary love. But, you know, do you know what I find fascinating? You just got finished telling me this whole story about almost making love to a man who isn't your husband, and the only time you mentioned Zander was in relation to Nikolas. "Oh, I have to find Zander before he sees the pictures and goes off on Nikolas." Once again, it's all about Nikolas and protecting him and your obsession for one another. Damn the rest of us, right?

Emily: I love Zander, Gia.

Gia: That may be, in your way. But does it compare to the way you feel for Nikolas? How is any of this fair to Zander?

Lydia : Don't bother looking for her. I was looking for her, too, so I could tell the little witch exactly what I think of her.

Zander: What -- what happened to you?

Lydia : The only problem is Iím not sure what I would say to her if I did see her. "Congratulations"? "You won"? "Do I offer to throw the shower?"

Zander: What the hell are you talking about?

Lydia : Nikolas decided that he wants an annulment. My marriage is over, finished. Never mind that Nikolas leaving me will end up getting him killed. And notice I didn't mention that Iíll end up in the poor house.

Zander: Ok -- English, please. What are you getting at?

Lydia : Do you not listen or are you the kind of guy that needs proof your eyes can see? Because that's not a problem. I've got that.

Georgie: So much for my fabulous new do.

Dillon: I think you look just as amazing as ever.

Georgie: Right.

Dillon: I'm serious. I mean, you know, forget your hair, forget the champagne. All we need is atmosphere, and we got that covered -- candles, flowers. And --

[Dillon turns on CD player]

[Ravel's "Bolero" plays]

Dillon: "He walked toward her slowly, savoring the journey. Their eyes were locked, and burned like lasers into each other's souls. He touched her face. Her skin was soft and inviting like a peach, a ripe peach ready to be plucked."

Georgie: "A ripe peach"?

Dillon: No comment. Just no commentary. "He kissed her luscious lips and then her elegant neck. His heart was racing, his breath quickened. And as if with a mind of its own, his hand reached around her backside in search of a zipper." Um -- uh --

[CD skips]

Dillon: Man this -- ah!

Georgie: "He turned off the damn CD.  Who needs it? They have the atmosphere. That's all that matters, right? He hurried back to the girl before the mood was broken and he let the girl handle her own zipper."

Dillon: "And within seconds, the two love-starved teenagers were all over each other."

Georgie: Mm-hmm.

[Georgie giggles]

[smoke alarm sounds]

Georgie: Make it stop!

Dillon: Yeah. It's got to be the -- the candles. Try to get them out.


[Alarm stops]

Georgie: Oh! Thank god. I thought my brain was going to explode. How long do you think that thing was shrieking?

[Knock on door]

Dillon: Too long.

Man: Open the door, please. It's the hotel manager.

Georgie: What are we going to do?

Manager: Don't panic Sir, I've called the fire department. They're on the way.

Dillon: Good.

Lydia : Faced with photographic evidence of their wife getting horizontal with another man, most men would look away, but you seem fascinated.

Zander: I just -- I can't -- I can't believe what Iím seeing.

Lydia : They were taken the night that I warned you.

Zander: I've already figured that out. Alexis called. I left Emily at the cottage. The lights went out. She called Nikolas.

Lydia : Now you see why?

Zander: How did you end up with these pictures? Did you take them?

Lydia : They were sent to me anonymously by some helpful or scandalized soul but what difference does it make? What you're seeing is a preview of the future. Nikolas already asked me for an annulment. Emily's next. Then they'll run straight into each other's arms and live happily ever after -- or for five minutes or however long it takes the Cassadine creditors to kill Nikolas.

Zander: They won't have to.

Zander: Lies! You see this? Lies!

Nikolas: Ow!

Zander: You broke the promise that you made to stay away from Emily! You never meant to honor my marriage! You were just with Lydia to save your own skin!

Nikolas: No, no --

Zander: Did you think I wouldn't find out?

Nikolas: Just calm down for a second.

Zander: Save it! I've seen the pictures! I see you kissing my wife, making love to her!

Nikolas: It never happened! It never happened!

Zander: Are you asking me to not believe my eyes? Is that what you're telling me?

Nikolas: Ok -- Zander, stop it.

Zander: Huh? And afterwards, you just looked at my face and you just smiled and said "hey, man, how's it going?" and Emily never said a word.

Nikolas: There's nothing to tell. It didn't happen!

Zander: You had your hands all over my wife! Get up!

Nikolas: Ugh!

Zander: Get up!

Nikolas: Ugh! Oh!

Emily: Zander, stop it! Stop! Oh, my god!

Andy: I heard Nikolas Cassadine with his wife. He wants to end the marriage.

Lorenzo: He told her that?

Andy: Nikolas is doing everything you don't want him to do. He ends up with Emily Quartermaine; you can just kiss your money goodbye. Now, Stefan was warned. If that debt's not paid, Nikolas dies. So what do you want to do?

Lorenzo: You ask anybody who knows me. I always collect what's owed.

Faith: Oh, my god! One of these days, I am going to sue all of you for harassment! What?

Sonny: What happened to the pink dress?

Faith: Oh, hello. Do I look like the kind of person who owns pink anything?

Sonny: The wig! The makeup!

Faith: I haven't got the slightest idea of what you're talking about.

Sonny: Do you think I got off the boat yesterday? I know it was you! You're familiar with the layout here. You could set it up, make it look real.

Faith: Too bad there isn't someone here to translate for you.

Sonny: You violated Lily's grave, didn't you? Huh?

Faith: Oh, would that be when I was wearing the pink, frilly dress? No, you know what? Your people grabbed me right off the street! That's not --

Sonny: You went too far, Faith!

Faith: Listen, I don't know what is going on here tonight, but think about this, Ok? Why? Why would I move against you now?

Sonny: Why? Because this is exactly the kind of crap that you would pull! That's right.

Faith: You know what I think? I think maybe you must be attracted to me, Sonny. I mean, that's what people will think. Every time anything happens, you think of me. Someone gets stabbed, someone gets kidnapped -- oh, Elizabeth ís hit-and-run. All roads lead to Faith! And -- what was that you said? Lily, isn't that the dead wife?

Sonny: Don't say her name! How many times do I have to tell you not to say her name? How many --

Faith: You brought her up, all right?

Sonny: How many times?

Faith: I don't even want to be here!

Sonny: How many times have I told you?

Jason: Hey, hey, hey. Faith, I think you better leave right now, Faith.

Faith: Color me gone.

Jason: Don't talk, just leave.

Jason: What's going on?

Sonny: I wish I could tell you.

Manager: Thanks, guys.

Dillon: Yeah, it's -- it's a funny thing, really. I just -- I have this candle fetish. I always have. Just love them, just love them. Actually, you know, I started to think at one point that it was inherited because you should see my family candles -- everywhere, all the time. It's ridiculous.

Manager: Yeah, well, one, two, even three I could understand, but this?

Dillon: I'm an extremist.

Manager: Are you alone here?

Dillon: Yes, sir.

Manager: Oh.

Dillon: Completely and totally alone.

Manager: The room was rented by a young woman, last name of Scorpio.

Dillon: Yeah, uh-huh. That's -- that would be my cousin. She flew me up from Florida . I'm visiting. I'm actually a Disney world cast member if you can believe that. Tweedledee.

Manager: Which would make me Tweedledum if I bought any of this. Uh -- ahem.

Dillon: Those are mine.

Manager: Yours?

Dillon: Yes, I -- well, I told you. I was an extremist. This is actually very embarrassing, but you know how it is. I'm sure you see this type of thing all the time.

Manager: Well, but that remains to be seen.

Dillon: Yeah. Well, the truth is sometimes when Iím alone, I like to get in touch with my feminine side.

Manager: Enough, enough. I don't need to hear about your penchants -- as long as no one's getting hurt and there are no underage girls.

Dillon: No, sir, just me. Oh, listen -- could you not tell anybody about this? I mean, I'm sure not everybody in the world is as understanding as you are.

Manager: Indeed. Yeah. Might I suggest the in-room movies? They cater to all preferences.

Dillon: Oh. Coast is clear, my dear. You may come out.

Georgie: Tweedledee? Your feminine side?

Dillon: Hey, you know what? I want credit for thinking on my feet, thank you very much.

Georgie: You are such a nut. Yeah, I swear this is the most fun I've had in my entire life.

Dillon: Really?

Georgie: Mm-hmm. The thing is I -- I don't feel sexy anymore. I feel like a goofball, like normal.

Dillon: You do?

Georgie: Yeah. How do we get back in the mood?

Dillon: I think I might have an idea.

Nikolas: Ending my marriage to Lydia is part of a plan that Jason and I worked up to deal with Alcazar.

Emily: With Alcazar? Why would you want to do that?

Nikolas: Alcazar's the one who loaned my uncle the money and if he thinks we're going to default on it, then he'll try to kill me. He's already threatened to. And Jasonís agreed to act as a security consultant. If Alcazar attacks me again -- and he will -- then Jason will step in.

Emily: Ok. Jason set you up as a decoy? What if it doesn't work? Nikolas, I mean, you could end up dead for real.

Nikolas: Emily, until this is over, you're in danger. Alcazar could come at me through you. Zander, there's a fishing shack on the other side of Spoon Island . It's fully stocked. You take Emily there and stay there until it's over.

Emily: Wait -- I don't believe this. I mean, how could Jason use you this way?

Nikolas: It was with my consent and cooperation, Emily. I want this debt off my back, and that's the only way how.

Zander: Come on. We're leaving. Let's go.

Nikolas: Take her to Spoon Island , Zander. You can be -- you can be mad at me if you want to, that's fine. But you think of her first. You protect her.

Zander: I have been from the beginning. From what I can tell, I'm the only one. You've been risking her life for months. Let's go.

Nikolas: Oh, my god.

Jason: Getting out on that terrace is a hell of a trick.

Sonny: Courtney tell you her theory? It's all in my head? Yeah, I guess she did because the look on your face --

Jason: Sonny --

Sonny: I guess you think she's right.

Jason: Sonny, we've all been --

[Sonny chuckles]

Jason: Come on, we've all been under a lot of pressure.

Sonny: Right.

Jason: Right? And now Lily's grave is desecrated. Sometimes your mind goes to some strange places. Look, I'm just trying to work through logical explanations, that's it.

Sonny: What if there are none?

Jason: There always is.

Sonny: Yeah? You think it's logical that Lily and my unborn child were taken away from me in the exact horrible second for a car bomb that was meant for me? You think it's logical that A.J. threw Carly down the stairs and another child of mine died?

Jason: It's not the same as this.

Sonny: The only -- ok. The only reason I stay sane is because I do accept that things happen for no logical reason, like tonight, for example. Lily's grave was destroyed, Carlyís in the hospital with complications, and out of nowhere -- out of nowhere there's a disfigured woman outside my window.

Jason: What are you getting at?

Sonny: What Iím getting at is signs, omens. Somebody's trying to tell me something.

Jason: No, you know what? We just need to go back to the hospital, ok? You can see Carly, you can talk about this.

Sonny: No, no, no, I don't want Carly to know.

Jason: You can talk --

Sonny: I don't want Carly to know about this, and you tell Courtney, too. I don't want to upset my wife right before she's having a baby.

Jason: Ok. Will you -- just let me drive you, Sonny. No, where you going?

Sonny: No, look, I got to be someplace, alone, and don't even try to follow me.

Dillon: So, we've got "Sex Hunter 9" --

Georgie: Mm-hmm.

Dillon: "Beach Babes on Ice" and "Great Sexpectations." What's your pleasure?

Georgie: How would I know? Just pick one.

Dillon: Ok.

Georgie: This will be fun.

Dillon: Yes.

[Music plays]

Georgie: Oh, my.

[Women moan]

Dillon: Who would have thought that was possible?

Georgie: Not me.

Dillon: Kill the director.

Georgie: The director?

Dillon: Yeah, the camera work just sucks, and the editing is really choppy. Well --

Georgie: You know what? Yuck.

[Dillon turns off TV]

Dillon: I'm sorry, Iím sorry. I -- that was stupid, stupid, stupid. I guess I'm just full of stupid ideas tonight. What? Hey.

Georgie: I'm such a geek. I have no idea what I'm doing here. How am I supposed to make love when I can't even watch it?

Dillon: What? No, no, no, that -- that movie with the -- and we're not going to look anything like that.

Georgie: See, you would know that. You're experienced and you're worldly and I'm just lame.

Dillon: You are amazing, and we don't have to do anything.

Georgie: I want to. It's just you're going to have to teach me how and show me what to do.

Dillon: I canít.

Georgie: Why not?

Dillon: Because this is my first time, too.

Courtney: Jason, Iím really worried about Sonny. I mean, he was acting really strange tonight.

Jason: Yeah, he's got a lot on his mind.

Courtney: I think it's more than that. I mean, God, he thought he saw a woman outside the window. Jason, you should have seen the look in his eyes. I mean, he was all freaked out and distant and -- I don't know. It just gave me the chills. I have seen that look before and it scares me.

Jason: Sonny's fine. It's just a strange night. We got the storm, Carlyís in the hospital --

Courtney: Yeah, and the closer it gets to the baby's birth, I mean, the more edgy he is going to get. Carly told me how scared he is that he is going to lose another baby. I mean, what if the fear takes over? What if he goes off?

Jason: Courtney, I know -- I know when Sonny's losing it, and this isn't it, ok? So just do me a favor and don't go telling Carly, upsetting her while she's trying to have this baby. Sonny doesn't need it. Neither do I.

Lucky: Hey, you look like somebody just shot your puppy.

Lydia : Sensitive as usual.

Lucky: Hey, why are you crying?

Lydia : Believe it or not, it's been known to happen.

Lucky: Yeah, well, why don't you tell me what's wrong.

Lydia : Nikolas just ended our marriage -- no warning, no argument. It's just over.

Lucky: You know what -- who cares?

Lydia : Excuse me? What did you just say?

Lucky: You know what -- how about I get us some coffee, ok?

Lydia : Yeah, not for me. Knock yourself out.

Lucky: You know what, Lydia ? You're a survivor. You can go on with your life and make it work. You've got those instincts.

Lydia : Well, you're wrong. I'm not just going to go on with my life. I'm Nikolas' only chance, and giving him an heir and the inheritance -- Iím not giving up on my marriage, and I'm not going to sit back and leave him for those ruthless people to terrorize him --

Lucky: I unders--

Lydia : Or kill him.

Lucky: Lydia , the police will protect Nikolas. You have my word.

Lydia : Well, that's not good enough. Nikolas is my husband.

Lucky: I'm sorry -- did I miss something? That ring on your finger never symbolized anything --

Lydia : Love?

Lucky: Exactly.

Lydia : Things change.

Lucky: Meaning?

Lydia : A funny thing happened when I wasn't looking. I fell in love with my husband.

Emily: I hope -- I hope hiding makes sense. We just -- we just moved into our little cottage. I -- I hate the thought of being away from it even for one night. Hey, at least it's a Cassadine fishing shack. It can't be that bad, right? And -- and Nikolas says it's fully stocked, so --

Zander: You're just going to keep lying to my face? That's what you're doing.

Emily: What?

Zander: Looking at me, in the eyes, pretending that you love me.

Emily: Zander, what are you talking about?

Zander: All the while protecting your secret with Nikolas. Guess what -- your secret's out. I've seen the pictures, Emily. I know you slept with him.

Dillon: I don't know. I think I just -- I let you believe that I was, like, this Mac dude guy because I was afraid to admit that Iíve never made love -- or, well, had sex, for that matter.

Georgie: But why?

Dillon: I don't know. I -- I just -- I don't -- I didn't want you to think that I was this stupid little virgin who didn't know what he was doing. I wanted to be -- I wanted to be Cary Grant -- you know, sophisticated and experienced and the man of your dreams and I didn't want you to laugh at me because --

Georgie: You are the man of my dreams. If I didn't know it before, I do now. You had me at "It's my first time, too."

Dillon: "Jerry Maguire," very good.

Georgie: Shut up and kiss me.

[Knock on door]

Dillon: Oh, no.

Georgie: Maybe they'll go away.

Dillon: Ok.


Dillon: You know what? How is anybody supposed to get some experience around here with all these interruptions?

Emily: Nikolas and I didn't make love; things got out of hand.

Zander: Don't --

Emily: I admit that. But -- but listen. We stopped, Zander. I -- I swear, ok? And we agreed that -- that it would never -- it would never get that far again.

Zander: Let me ask you a question. Answer me honestly for a change. Did you marry me to protect him?

Emily: I don't know what you mean.

Zander: You don't know what I -- did you know about the Cassadine debt? Did you know about Alcazar or whoever these mysterious creditors are, that they were after him? And did you know that the only way to keep him safe was to marry Lydia and stay married to her and you marry me? Did you? Has it always been about him? No, do not walk away from me, Emily. I want an answer. I deserve it.

Emily: I don't know.

Zander: Oh.

Emily: I'm really confused.

Zander: Oh, see, Iím not! I see it very clearly. Nikolas hooked up with Jason for reasons way beyond money. He may want to be free of his debt, but he wants to be free of Lydia much more because when that happens, you two get to be together!

Emily: No, Zander, please. Let me explain. Let me -- let me explain.

Zander: No, I have heard enough explanations to last me for the rest of my life! I have been up and down this road with you and Nikolas more times than -- I'm choking on it! This is it. I'm done. Right here, right now, you decide. It's either me or Nikolas. Which one, Emily?

Faith: I saw Sonny's face. He looked really spooked. Congratulate yourself, Lorenzo. Your plan worked.

Lorenzo: It's working but in order to get the result Iím after, slow and steady wins the race.

Courtney: Where's Johnny?

Jason: I don't know. He's supposed to be out here.

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