GH Transcript Thursday 9/18/03

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 9/18/03

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Stefan: Putting you through law school was a good investment. By the time you were finished with that Judge, I was convinced you believe I'm innocent.

Alexis: Everyone's entitled to a defense.

Stefan: You made it clear there isn't a shred of evidence against me.

Alexis: That tape that Lydia made was inadmissible in court, but it does prove that you killed Summer, and I can prove that you killed Darius.

Stefan: I didn't, and you won’t. As long as you work with me and for me, you'll have Kristina back. Isn't that what you want?

Alexis: You set Ned up knowing that he was innocent.

Stefan: You asked for my help, Alexis. I was clear with you every step of the way. You said you would do anything to get your daughter back.

Alexis: And I knew better.

Ned: You won't believe what just happened.

Skye: Hey, why aren't you at work?

Ned: I'm taking a leave of absence.

Skye: Since when?

Ned: My secretary just called me. The E.L.Q. board has decided that I should step down for the good of the company.

Skye: The board is your family.

Ned: Exactly. They think I should take this time and opportunity to clear my good name.

Skye: But you didn't do anything.

Ned: Of course, the media picked up on it despite Grandfather's efforts at damage control. And his response? His response? Throw me out of the company.

A.J.: Morning, all.

[Ned sighs]

Ned: I didn't tell you the best part. Guess who got my job.

Teen: Is that Georgie Jones?

Second teen: Can't be, she's way too hot.

Georgie: It's me, all right.

Teen: Wow, you must've had a great summer.

Second teen: You with anyone now, or what?

Dillon: She is with me.

Teen: Why do all the weird guys get all the luck?

Georgie: I'm just going to, you know, crawl in my locker and disappear now.

Dillon: Why is that? They think you're hot.

Georgie: They think we're doing it.

Dillon: Ooh.

Jason: Mac, I want to see Courtney. Baldwin's had her in an interrogation room all night long.

Mac: Courtney confessed to a hit-and-run.

Jason: She didn't do it.

Mac: She came to us, Jason.

Jason: She's not thinking clearly. She made a mistake.

Courtney: We've been over this a hundred times. I don't remember anything else.

Scott: Well, let's just start from the beginning again, all right?

Courtney: I was upset and I was crying and I -- I just wanted to get home.

Scott: And you were stoned, right, out of your mind?

Courtney: Look, I was taking prescription medicine for a shoulder injury.

Scott: Well, did you have the pills with you?

Courtney: Yeah, in my purse.

Scott: And then you got in the car. What happened?

Courtney: I drove home.

Scott: Do you remember seeing Elizabeth in the crosswalk?

Courtney: No, Scott, I don't remember.

Scott: So if you don't remember, then you're not quite as guilty.

Courtney: Okay, look, I'm telling you the truth, okay?

Scott: Yeah, well, either you hit her or you didn't!

Courtney: I don't remember anything in between getting in my car and arriving at the front of my building --

Scott: Yeah. Hey, get him out of here!

Jason: That's enough! Leave her alone! Courtney, don't say anything else.

Courtney: I know I hit her.

Sonny: Sorry about what happened to you.

Elizabeth: I appreciate that, thank you.

Sonny: If you need, you know, anything -- not that you owe me, because you don’t.

Elizabeth: This is about Courtney, isn't it?

Sonny: You know her car was stolen the night you were hit?

Elizabeth: No, I didn't -- I didn't know that.

Sonny: Anybody could've been driving it.

Elizabeth: Oh. And you want me to tell the police that anybody was anybody except Courtney?

Sonny: I just -- I just want you to be truthful. You didn't see who was driving, did you?

Elizabeth: No. No, the lights were shining too bright in my eyes.

Sonny: It would be great if you made the cops aware of that.

Ric: Get the hell away from my wife.

Faith: How are you feeling?

Marcella: Oh, like I was in a fight -- and I lost.

Faith: Well, then if you want to lie down, there's a guest room down the hall on your left.

Marcella: That sounds good.

Marcella: Do you work for Alcazar, too?

Faith: Sometimes. Why do you ask?

Marcella: I'm just wondering where everyone fits in this.

Faith: Oh, okay. Well, I've got a great tip for you. Do what you're told, collect your money, and don't ask any questions. Okay? They'll just get you in trouble.

Lorenzo: Is everything all right with the baby?

Carly: He's fine. Why -- why are you asking?

Lorenzo: You took a bad fall last night. I saw you here. I thought there might've been complications.

Carly: No, I came with Sonny. He's here visiting Elizabeth. You know the whole cover-up -- stealing the car, pushing it over the cliff? It was all for nothing. Courtney has just spent the entire night at the police station. She confessed.

Lorenzo: I thought she couldn't remember what happened.

Carly: The police found the car. Is that what you wanted, Lorenzo? Did you set me up?

Georgie: Do you ever get embarrassed that people around us, you know, are having sex and we're not?

Dillon: They're probably lying.

Georgie: Well, do you think about it?

Dillon: Georgie, all guys everywhere think about it all the time, no matter what they say. But, you know, it has to be right and you have to be ready.

[Bell rings]

Georgie: That's calculus. We're going to get our tests back.

Dillon: Yeah. You will do great, and I will see you later.

A.J.: Listen, Ned, sorry you got the boot. Tough break, but you have to admit that's what's best for the company.

Skye: Who made you CEO?

A.J.: I'm family, next in line, and there's nothing Ned can do to stop it.

Ned: The last time you took over E.L.Q. you nearly drove this company into the ground. So I'm just trying to guess how long it'll take before you do it again.

A.J.: Yeah, well, I'm sober now, and I don't have an underage girl screaming rape. So, Ned, tell me, how does it feel to be the Quartermaine screw-up for once in your life?

Ned: I'm assuming you picked Junior as your CEO because you want to drive the company into bankruptcy?

Edward: Well, you stripped me of all my powers at E.L.Q., even after I got them away from Skye. No, you were determined to run everything yourself.

A.J.: Yes, and a fine job you did.

Edward: You did it to yourself, too.

Ned: I'm innocent!

Edward: If you hadn't shut me out of my own company, I might have been in a position to stand up for you.

Skye: You are all missing the point here.

A.J.: Ned --

[Doorbell rings]

A.J.: Ned never screws up. Would you let me enjoy this?

Skye: Who cares who runs E.L.Q.?

A.J.: What's that supposed to mean?

Edward: I knew you were never a real Quartermaine.

Ned: She's right.

Edward: Hey -- why the hell did you bring him in here?

Alice: He said it was real important.

Officer: Ned Ashton?

A.J.: You're the man of the hour, aren't you, buddy?

Officer: Judge Farmer wants to see you at the PCPD.

Ned: That didn't take long.

Edward: Don't you lose custody of that baby.

Skye: That's what I'm trying to tell all of you. The only thing that matters here is Kristina.

Nikolas: Down for a walk?

Emily: Sorry?

Nikolas: No, I was just -- I was just stating the obvious -- you're out on a walk.

Emily: Yep, yep. Very refreshing. Feels good.

Nikolas: Yeah, yeah. Well, enjoy yourself.

Emily: Yep. All right.

Nikolas: Okay.

Emily: God. This is ridiculous --

Nikolas: Yeah.

Emily: Isn't it?

Nikolas: Yeah, it is.

Emily: Yeah.

Nikolas: I was just thinking the same thing.

Emily: So, what do we do?

Nikolas: I guess we can try and stick to your plan, you know? Make sure we're never alone together.

Emily: Yep, when we're -- we're less than 24 hours in and it doesn't really seem to be working.

Nikolas: We need to find an alternative, except I really don't know what that is. I know I'll never stop loving you. And I can't stop wanting you, either.

Ric: So first Jason comes by, then Courtney and now you.

[Elizabeth sighs]

Ric: He asked you to lie for him, didn't he?

Elizabeth: Okay, Ric, we're in the middle of a private conversation here.

Ric: What did he offer you, Elizabeth? What, medical bills? Maybe rent and tuition?

Elizabeth: This is none of your concern.

Ric: So what's the story now, Sonny? The car's red instead of blue, right, and the driver's male, 400 pounds, black hair?

Sonny: Elizabeth and I, we understand each other.

Ric: Oh, sure you do, but it doesn't give you the right to come in here and threaten my wife.

Elizabeth: Nobody's threatening me.

Ric: No, your sister's the one who did this and she's going to pay.

Sonny: Do you want me to call security or get somebody up here to help you out here?

Elizabeth: I'm fine.

Sonny: You're sure about that?

Elizabeth: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Sonny: Okay. If you need anything, you just let me know, okay?

Elizabeth: Thank you, Sonny.

Ric: You know he doesn't give a damn about you.

Elizabeth: You know, Sonny helped me out long before you ever came along and for no reason, just to be kind.

Ric: Yeah, yeah, he did that so that one day you would be indebted to him, a day like this.

Elizabeth: No, Ric, that's something you would do, not Sonny.

Ric: How else do you think this man stays in power, huh? He's a self-serving human being. Everything he does is for his own benefit.

Elizabeth: You don't even care who hit me as long as you have a reason to keep your vendetta going.

Ric: That doesn't give Sonny the right to bother you.

Elizabeth: You know what, Ric? My ears hurt. I don't want to hear you anymore. Just -- just get out.

Ric: No, I'm not going anywhere.

Lorenzo: You're fond of Courtney. I was trying to help. I have no idea how the police found her car.

Carly: I don't believe you.

Lorenzo: I think you do. I miscalculated badly when I turned Courtney's car over to you. I thought you'd get rid of it, but I had no idea you'd get yourself pulled off a bluff. That is -- it's irrelevant. You almost died because of a situation I created. That's a chance I won't take again.

Carly: You won't have the opportunity. I'm not your friend, Lorenzo. I don't even want to know you. Don't do me any favors. Don't send me any messages because I will turn them over to Sonny. And he's going to be out here any minute, so why don't you leave?

Lorenzo: The last thing I want is to make more trouble for you.

Scott: Courtney confessed. Done deal, Jason, whether you like it or not.

Jason: Courtney, you need a lawyer.

Scott: She's been advised of her rights.

Jason: Well, get out or I'll sue you for violating her civil rights.

Scott: Well, you see, once there's admission of guilt, you don't get to take that back, you know?

Courtney: I'm sorry I left without telling you.

Jason: But why'd you -- why'd you confess?

Courtney: Look, Jason, I'm not going to hide what happened.

Jason: No, you're not sure what happened. You know what? Sonny's got a lawyer on the way. You need to stop talking to Baldwin right now.

Courtney: Jason, Elizabeth is blind because of me. I have to take responsibility for that.

Jason: If you hit Elizabeth, you would know. You remember everything else about that night, right?

Courtney: And I will remember this, too, eventually. Just, please, do not try to give me a way out of this.

Scott: Remember any of the gory details yet? Like Elizabeth’s face or the crosswalk, or the thud when you hit her with your car?

Jason: Why don't you shut up?

Scott: Hey, is that what you told her to do? That's good advice till Sonny gets here, right? However, I do want to share something with you. Forensics came back, and the DNA that's on her bumper? It belongs to Elizabeth.

Jason: DNA doesn’t prove that Courtney was driving the car.

Scott: She admitted it. So let's face it, tough guy. We got your girl.

Ned: What's taking Judge Farmer so long?

Skye: She's probably with Alexis plotting strategy.

Ned: I doubt it.

Skye: Oh. Alexis is winning, whether you want to admit it or not.

Ned: We're not in a competition.

Skye: Of course we are, and Alexis is fighting dirtier than even I do.

Ned: I'm not convinced Alexis knows what Stefan's doing.

Skye: Why would Stefan give a damn about Kristina? He's only helping Alexis ruin you so she'll help him get out of jail, okay? It's so obvious, I don't know why you can't see that. Well, what a surprise.

Ned: Do you know what this meeting's about?

Alexis: I got a summons at the police office.

Skye: What were you doing there, Alexis? Visiting your brother? Plotting another move against Ned?

Nancy: Thank you for getting here so quickly.

Skye: Well, we didn't exactly have much choice.

Alexis: Ms. Quartermaine has no right to be here, Your Honor. It's inappropriate.

Nancy: It won't take long. I've come to a decision regarding the custody of Kristina in light of the rape charges pending against her father.

Ned: Your Honor, I am innocent of all charges.

Nancy: I hope that's true. But until the issue gets resolved, I am removing the child from your custody.

Ned: Your Honor --

Skye: Well, Alexis, I see your hard work has finally paid off.

Nancy: That's enough, Ms. Quartermaine.

Alexis: I don't have to tell you that I am prepared to take my daughter home.

Nancy: I'm sure you are.

Alexis: If that is okay with you, of course.

Nancy: You won't be taking your daughter anywhere today. I am placing Kristina in foster care.

Edward: I'd like to commend you on your work, A.J. You saw a chance to unseat Ned and you took it. You are becoming a true Quartermaine.

A.J.: Thank you.

Edward: And you're clean and sober. Congratulations, young man. I am very proud of you. Mm-hmm.

A.J.: You finally said it.

Edward: You finally gave me reason to.

A.J.: Now you know how shrewd and ruthless I can be.

Edward: Oh, you've always been shrewd and ruthless -- and drunk and sloppy and ineffectual. But no, no, no, not anymore. No, you are finally showing your true potential. And we can bring this company right back where it belongs.

A.J.: What do you mean, we?

Edward: Well, you'll certainly need my help.

A.J.: Yeah.

Edward: Yeah.

A.J.: I may have a job for you. Yep.

Edward: I knew you'd see things my way.

A.J.: Yeah. Yeah. Vice president in charge of paper clips -- that job just came open.

Edward: E.L.Q. won’t last a week with you in charge.

A.J.: We'll see.

Edward: All right. I'll be watching and waiting, and when the time is right, I will bury you.

A.J.: Not this time.

Dillon: Georgie Jones?

Georgie: I can't believe this.

Dillon: What? What's wrong?

Georgie: My calculus test -- it's the worst grade I've ever gotten.

Dillon: Oh, yeah. I tanked, too. Can you beat a D? B-minus?

Georgie: I'm asking for a makeup.

Dillon: On a B-minus test?

Georgie: A B-minus will not get me into Princeton or a scholarship anywhere.

Dillon: Georgie, it's one grade on one test.

Georgie: We never should've gone to that stupid barn.

Dillon: Well, it's not like we had much of a choice.

Georgie: I should've been at home studying for this test.

Dillon: Okay, I'll tell you what -- I'll call Princeton and tell them you were dodging a mob hit. How's that?

Georgie: This isn't funny, Dillon. If I don't get the grades, I won't get the scholarship, and if I don't get the scholarship, then I won't get into an Ivy League school. And that means a lot to me, it always has.

Dillon: Okay, so I'm messing you up?

Georgie: No. It's just school's a lot harder this year and I haven't taken any time to settle down and study.

Dillon: Okay. So -- um -- maybe we just should stop seeing each other so much.

Georgie: You're breaking up with me because of a B-minus?

Dillon: No, no, no, no, no. No, not for a second. I'm not breaking up with -- you just -- you need more study time, and I'm in your way, that's all.

Georgie: Do you worry about college at all?

Dillon: Well, don't worry about me. All I need is one good short film and I'm set, you know, and then the trust fund is going to take care of everything else after that.

Georgie: But a D can't help you.

Dillon: So time apart is good.

Georgie: Right. But not too much.

Dillon: No, just -- you know, just some space.

Georgie: Study time.

Dillon: Exactly.

[Bell rings]

Georgie: Okay, then.

Dillon: Okay.

Georgie: I have gym class.

Dillon: And I'm supposed to be in the library for study hall.

Georgie: I really hate gym class.

Dillon: I hate the library.

Georgie: We're playing soccer.

Dillon: I'm reading James Joyce.

Georgie: Well, I'm going to put these books in my locker, and when I turn around, you're going to be gone.

Dillon: Okay. Yeah.

Georgie: Ready --

Dillon: Mm-hmm.

Georgie: Set -- go.

Elizabeth: How many times do I have to tell you? Get out before I call the nurse.

Ric: You know what? Don't bother looking for the call button.

Elizabeth: You know, you are really sick, you know that?

Ric: You want to get rid of me, you do it yourself.

Elizabeth: All I have to do is scream.

Ric: Why, who's going to come running, huh? Sonny Corinthos?

Elizabeth: If I needed him.

Ric: You would've done anything he said.

Elizabeth: You know what? He just asked me to tell the truth. I'm sure that's something you're not really familiar with.

Ric: Right, right -- Elizabeth the meek, Elizabeth the obedient.

Elizabeth: You are -- you are so messed up I can't even do this whole tough-love thing on you. I'll tell you what -- you like the call button so much? Go ahead, you keep it. I'll get security myself.

Ric: Okay --

Elizabeth: No, just get your hands off me. Keep your hands off me! Oh -- oh, my God! I saw something!

Sonny: Elizabeth doesn't remember anything.

Carly: Well, that could help.

Sonny: The attorney's on the way.

Carly: I think they questioned Courtney all night. Hey. Hi.

Courtney: You're not supposed to talk to me.

Carly: Oh, please. We're going to get you out of here right away.

Jason: They found Elizabeth’s DNA on the car.

Sonny: Well, Baldwin’s probably loving this.

Jason: She doesn't actually remember hitting Elizabeth.

Sonny: Well, if Elizabeth, you know, didn't see anything, then, you know --

Carly: So are you thinking reasonable doubt?

Sonny: Maybe, but Courtney's got to keep her mouth shut.

Lorenzo: Excuse me. I'm here regarding Elizabeth Lansing.

Mac: How are you involved?

Lorenzo: I saw the entire accident. I know who was driving the car.

Ned: Your Honor, Kristina is thriving -- thriving at the house.

Skye: She's receiving excellent care.

Alexis: I'm hoping that she doesn't understand any of this because she's too young.

Skye: I don't know how you could possibly think that putting her into foster care could be an improvement.

Alexis: I appreciate your concern for my daughter.

Nancy: Thank you.

Alexis: Would you consider a compromise? Would it be possible that I get just temporary custody of my own daughter?

Skye: I don't know why anybody would ever consider giving you temporary custody. You're probably behind this whole thing, aren't -- you doctored those phone bills. You -- you probably wrote that diary and hired that girl to frame Ned. You know, she -- she created this whole scandal, and I don't know why you're falling for it.

Alexis: I'm sure you understand my concern about this woman bringing up my daughter.

Nancy: I am more convinced than ever that my ruling is correct. Some excellent foster parents are available. I'll discuss the details with Kristina's caseworker.

Skye: You did this. I swear, you just cost Kristina the best home she will ever know!

Ned: Skye, I don't give a damn who's to blame!

Skye: Who knows where she's going to end up?

Ned: We're going to come up with a solution right now!

Alexis: Shut up! We had a chance to save Kristina and you ruined it.

[Ned sighs]

Cameron: Judge Farmer? I've been trying to track you down all morning. Do you have a moment?

Nancy: Not really. I'm in the middle of a very difficult custody matter.

Cameron: Yeah, Kristina Ashton-Davis.

Nancy: News travels fast.

Cameron: Are the rumors true? Are you putting her in foster care?

Nancy: I'm just trying to do what's best for the child.

Cameron: So am I.

Nikolas: You remember the first time we kissed?

Emily: Yeah, on the bluff.

Nikolas: No -- in the park in the snow.

Emily: Oh, my God! I -- what are you doing? I can't believe you're bringing that up.

Nikolas: You stuck your tongue down my throat --

Emily: Oh, shut up! I didn't -- what are you talking about? I did not.

Nikolas: Yes, you did. You left an indelible impression upon me.

Emily: Oh, my God. No -- you know -- oh. I wanted you to notice me and -- and I'd never -- I'd never kissed a boy before, and I don't know why, but I'd read a ton of romance novels and I just did what they described in -- oh, my God. It was awful, wasn't it?

Nikolas: No. It was very sweet.

Emily: Thank you. I feel just, I don't know, vaporized from humiliation now. Oh, my God.

Nikolas: You know, I was no more prepared for that kiss than I was for what happened last night. I went from just -- just wanting to comfort you to never wanting to let you go. We've always been honest with each other, Em, so I'm not going to start lying to you now, okay? I -- I can keep my distance from you physically, I think, but I just can't walk out of your life.

Emily: You know what? I'd -- I'd almost -- almost forgotten that kiss. No -- yeah -- the other one. True, I mean, I've -- I've wanted to forget it, but I don't know. For a while, it -- it almost stopped mattering, you know, because there wasn't anything -- there wasn't anything physical between us, you know?

Nikolas: Mm-hmm.

Emily: We were just friends who loved each other. Think we can get back to that?

Nikolas: How?

Emily: Well, one step at a time. You know? You tell me to enjoy my walk, and I tell you to have a nice meeting. And then we turn and we walk away. No looking back.

Nikolas: Enjoy your walk.

Emily: Have a -- have a nice meeting.

Ric: What do you see?

Elizabeth: I -- I can see -- I see gray. Yeah, I see shadows. I -- just shadows, but I can see shadows.

Ric: Are you sure? Are you sure?

Elizabeth: Yeah, I -- I see -- this is your face. I can see the outline of your face. I can see your face!

Ric: Okay.

Lorenzo: I was on the street. Elizabeth Lansing was in a crosswalk. A car hit her and kept going.

Mac: We know all that. Who was driving?

Lorenzo: Well, at first I thought it was Courtney Matthews, but I've learned otherwise.

Mac: Just in the nick of time, hmm? Sullivan?

Lorenzo: The driver was a low-level car thief with long, blond hair. He didn't stop because the car was stolen.

Mac: Any idea where he might be?

Lorenzo: My associates picked him up. He's just outside.

Mac: Why didn't you come to us before with this?

Lorenzo: I needed to be sure. I realize there's a lot of confusion surrounding this case.

Mac: Go check it out.

Lorenzo: I hope this has been helpful.

Mac: If this guy checks out, we'll drop all the charges against Courtney -- at least for now.

Lorenzo: Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Lorenzo: Well, I hope I've been of some assistance.

Sonny: I need to talk to you about something. I called.

Alexis: Do you have any idea what you've done?

Stefan: You need to calm yourself.

Alexis: My daughter is now in foster care. She is being dragged out of the Quartermaines' into the hands of strangers. And Ned is going to prison.

Stefan: I'm sorry, but this changes nothing.

Alexis: Changes everything. You are now on your own. No more help in court, no more brilliant attorney. You know what else it changes? That paper trail that you're blackmailing me with? You bring it on. I have the letter that proves that you killed Darius. I'm a damn good attorney. I don't have anything to lose. If anyone asks me my opinion, I will tell them that I hope you never see the light of day.

Cameron: The foster care system is already overcrowded. Why add Kristina to it when she has family that's more than capable of taking care of her?

Nancy: I believe Kristina is at risk with either parent. Ms. Davis is a long way from being rehabilitated. And with the allegations against Mr. Ashton --

Cameron: Alexis poses no danger to the child.

Nancy: That is a matter of opinion.

Cameron: Well, I grant you that Alexis Davis is not the paragon that she thinks she is. She's arrogant and opinionated and single-minded in her belief that her way is the only way. It was that arrogance that led to her confrontation with Luis Alcazar in the first place. She was shocked when that turned out badly but went on to try to outsmart the system. All of her difficulties can be traced to that first flawed decision.

Nancy: I am past considering Ms. Davis' guilt or innocence.

Cameron: My point is that Alexis Davis poses no threat to her child. I grant you that Alexis is not a particularly nice person. She's neither generous nor grateful. She's certainly no one you would want to, God forbid, have a relationship with. In fact, I believe that she is fundamentally incapable of expressing affection, with one exception -- her own daughter. Why throw Kristina on the mercy of the foster care system when Alexis wants her and is, in fact, desperate to have her?

Nancy: Who are you more concerned about, Doctor? The baby or her mother?

Cameron: Kristina. If she's taken from people who care about her, she could sustain lasting emotional damage. Children are fragile, Judge Farmer, and they can pay a terrible price for the mistakes and indifference of adults.

Georgie: Hi.

Dillon: Hi.

Georgie: What are you doing here?

Dillon: Um -- I'm getting coffee on my way to work. What about you?

Georgie: Getting coffee before I go and study.

Dillon: Okay, then.

Georgie: Well, I'll see you.

Dillon: Yeah. Enjoy your coffee.

Georgie: Oh. Yeah.

Dillon: For a diner, they make a really good -- a really good latte.

Georgie: Yeah, I always get those, too.

Dillon: I know.

Georgie: Well, bye.

Dillon: Bye.

Georgie: Okay. You're leaving now.

Dillon: Yeah.

Dillon: I can't -- I can't stay away from you.

Georgie: I want you so much. I'm ready.

Sonny: You chose to start this; you better make sure you finish it. Make sure your guy sticks to his story.

Lorenzo: I know what I'm doing.

Sonny: Yeah, and I know why. Because for whatever reason, you're trying to impress Carly, so that way she'll owe you.

Lorenzo: I'm simply telling the police what I saw.

Sonny: You're going to get paid back, Alcazar, but not the way you're looking for.

Lorenzo: Maybe I just wanted to help. You'll have to decide for yourselves.

Mac: Okay. All right. The guy checks out. You're free to go.

Jason: Hey, it's over. That's it.

Ned: Why does Kristina have to leave immediately? She's in no danger.

Social worker: She'll spend the night in the care of Social Services.

Alexis: What exactly is that? Will she be sleeping in a nursery or a desk drawer?

Social worker: She'll be placed with a foster family in the morning.

Skye: I hope you're prepared for a lawsuit.

Alexis: What are you doing here?

Cameron: I was called to appear.

Nancy: I know this is a difficult situation for everyone, but I have decided that foster care is not the solution.

Alexis: That's encouraging.

Nancy: I have come up with a compromise.

Ned: Your Honor, we'll do anything.

Nancy: I am granting temporary custody to Dr. Lewis.

Skye: That's ridiculous.

Ned: Wait a minute. Why -- why Dr. Lewis? I --

Alexis: Was this your idea?

Nancy: This was my idea.

Cameron: It's the first I've heard of it.

Alexis: I don't believe that Dr. Lewis even wants Kristina.

Cameron: Well, I didn't say that.

Alexis: Is Dr. Lewis prepared to take care of Kristina?

Ned: Kristina doesn't even know him.

Nancy: Dr. Lewis is a licensed psychiatrist. He's more than qualified to care for Kristina, and he has demonstrated an interest in her well-being. Therefore, my decision is final.

Social worker: Here, sweetie.

Cameron: Well.

Social worker: Here you go.

Cameron: Looks like it's you and me, kid.

Dillon: Are you sure you're ready?

Georgie: Yeah. Are you?

Dillon: Are you kidding?

Georgie: Where should we go?

Dillon: Um -- the Quartermaines have, like, 50 rooms. We could go there --

Georgie: Yeah, but what if a maid or butler walks in? It's not a good idea. How about -- how about like a motel?

Dillon: No. No, not for your first time, not a motel. We could go somewhere nice with room service and quiet and chocolates on the pillows.

Georgie: Wow.

Dillon: Yeah, I -- well, I grew up in hotels, so -- how about the Port Charles? You know, we could have dinner, then --

Georgie: And you'll bring something.

Dillon: What? Like, to drink? Are you sure you want to get drunk your first time? That's kind of weird.

Georgie: No --

Dillon: I don't think that maybe -- that's --

Georgie: I mean, a condom.

Dillon: Oh, yeah. Yeah -- no -- I mean, I'll -- yeah, I'll take -- I'll -- yeah, I'll take care of everything.

Georgie: Great.

Dillon: Yeah. Um -- so, tomorrow?

Georgie: Tomorrow.

Dillon: Yeah.

Georgie: Okay.

Dillon: Okay.

Elizabeth: So I can't see very much, just different shades of gray, and I can tell the difference between light and dark.

Doctor: It's a promising first step.

Elizabeth: So when am I going to be able to see again?

Doctor: Well, I can't give you any guarantees, but you're making amazing progress.

Ric: Doctor, how can I help? Is there anything else that we can do?

Doctor: Whatever you're doing seems to be working. Keep it up.

Ric: Thanks.

Elizabeth: Thank you.

Ric: I'm sorry I've been so rough on you.

Elizabeth: Maybe it's exactly what I needed.

Courtney: You realize this is a cover-up.

Jason: Courtney, the guy confessed. If the cops are satisfied, what's the problem?

Courtney: But I did it.

Jason: I -- but he's not going to go to jail. He probably worked out a deal with Alcazar. He's going to jump bail, disappear, and he's going to be rich somewhere far away.

Courtney: So, why would Alcazar do this?

Jason: Because he's trying to push Sonny.

Sonny: So, did you know Alcazar was going to do this?

Carly: No.

Sonny: So did it work? Are you grateful?

Carly: Look, we don't owe Alcazar anything.

Sonny: I know. I'm not mad.

Carly: I don't care what he does. He can't touch us.

Lorenzo: Julian tells me you're healing well.

Faith: Wait till you see the finished product. You'll love yourself.

Marcella: Easy for you to say. She's not the one with a face full of bruises.

Lorenzo: The worst is over, I assure you.

Marcella: How am I going to look when I'm healed?

Lorenzo: You'll be more beautiful than ever. The kind of beauty that could drive a man crazy. Honey

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Georgie: Yeah.

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Emily: Nikolas?

Carly: Something's wrong. The baby stopped kicking.

Sonny: They desecrated her grave, Jason.

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