GH Transcript Wednesday 9/10/03

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 9/10/03

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Bobbie: You have made extraordinary progress.

Emily: Yeah. I wish it would move a little bit faster.

Bobbie: Well, don't saddle your recovery with time pressure because your body will find its own pace.

Emily: Yeah. It seems like I've been in this hospital for months.

Bobbie: Oh, I know it gets tiresome. And Iíll bet you can't wait to get back to that new husband of yours, but you know what? If you keep improving at this rate, you're going to be back in Zander's arms in no time.

Emily: Iím holding you to that.

Elizabeth: Help!

Emily: Wait -- that -- that's Elizabeth. Hurry, Bobbie! Iím right behind you!

Bobbie: Oh, my goodness.

Elizabeth: Who's there?

Bobbie: Elizabeth, it's Bobbie.

Elizabeth: Bobbie.

Bobbie: It's all right.

Elizabeth: Bobbie, help me!

Bobbie: All right. Come on up. Come on.

Elizabeth: I can't see.

Bobbie: What?

Elizabeth: I can't see!

Bobbie: Oh, dear.

Elizabeth: Help me.

Bobbie: All right, come on. We're going to get you in the bed. It's all right.

Ric: I can't be here, Baldwin. I need to be with my wife.

Scott: Calm down.

Ric: Obviously, Faith is the blonde who was ID'd at the scene. All right? She hit Elizabeth with her car and then she -- she kidnapped this Quartermaine kid.

Scott: Dillon?

Ric: Yeah, whoever, all right? He was obviously a witness to the hit-and-run. That is why Faith grabbed him.

Scott: Well, you seem to know Faith really well. Is that what you think?

Ric: Yes, that's what I think, all right? Now, will you please let me go? You can't possibly think Iím a suspect.

Scott: Why is that?

Ric: Because Elizabeth is my wife. I love her, all right? You know that. I would never do anything to hurt her.

Scott: Well, you know what? We'll let the evidence tell the tale. Now, we're going to wait for the forensics report on your car. In the meantime, that's it.

Ric: That could take hours!

Scott: Well, maybe, maybe not. But we're not going anywhere until we get it. Now, sit down and shut up!

Georgie: Why is this taking so long? You're the police commissioner. You've got the entire army of cops ready to do whatever you want whenever you want. And they've been out there this entire time searching for Dillon and there's still no word.

Mac: We're doing everything we can to find him.

Georgie: Yeah, it doesn't look like much from here.

Mac: Look, it would be great if we had crystal balls we could chant over to get the answers we need, but that's not how crimes are solved. Look, it takes legwork, going door-to-door, issuing an APB, all of which we're doing. I just hope at the end of the day, Dillonís involvement with Faith is innocent.

Georgie: My God, Dad. She took him at gunpoint. If Faith shoots Dillon, will you be convinced that maybe, just maybe, Dillon could've been an all right guy?

Faith: Enjoying the view? Sleep well?

Dillon: What do you think?

Faith: Ah. Poor baby. I know it's hard to go beddy-byes when you're all tied up in a chair, but, you see, I had no choice. I couldn't have you trying to run off during the night, now, could I? I need you.

Dillon: Yeah -- would you mind telling me why? You haven't exactly been a font of information lately.

Faith: Well, see, that is simple. Whenever anybody so much as sneezes in this town, I get blamed for it, see, so it's just a matter of time before the D.A. is looking at me for Elizabeth Webberís hit-and-run, never mind the fact that I didn't do it.

Dillon: Ok. So, tell the guy that you're innocent.

Faith: Hmm. Naivetť -- how refreshing. I actually don't run across that very often. They won't believe me, ok? And I am not going to go to jail, so I need an alibi, and that would be you.

Dillon: Sorry. No way in hell Iím going to lie for you. Iím not going to do it.

Faith: Don't be so sure.

Lorenzo: Is it taken care of?

Carly: All right, Iíll see you in a couple of hours. Iím just going to run some errands. Hey.

Max: Hey, you'll have to wait a minute, Mrs. C.

Carly: Why? Iím in a hurry.

Max: Johnny and I have to get backup on the door so we can walk you to your car.

Carly: That doesn't make any sense, Max. One of you stays here, the other takes me to the garage. Presto -- we're covered.

Sonny: I've doubled security.

Carly: Why? Is this on me in particular or is this a general thing?

Sonny: Uh --

Carly: Never mind. Iíll run my errands later.

Sonny: Carly?

Carly: What?

Sonny: You're free to go about your business.

Carly: What's going on?

Sonny: Well, Iím just -- Iím just being careful, you know? Better safe than sorry and all that kind of stuff.

Carly: Why? There's nothing to worry about. Alcazar's not a threat anymore.

Sonny: Well, he's still out there and, you know, I don't want to take a chance with you and the baby, especially at this stage in your pregnancy, you know?

Carly: Alcazar is not going to hurt us. The baby is fine. Dr. Meadows said so. She said there wasn't anything --

Sonny: After everything that's happened, why do you always have to question what I say or do?

Carly: All right, Sonny. What's really bothering you right now?

Jason: You ok?

Courtney: Yeah, great. You know, I didn't think Iíd be able to enjoy the ocean again, but I loved it.

Jason: Your shoulder doesn't hurt from swimming?

Courtney: A little, but it was worth being in the water with you, holding your arms around me, swimming next to you. And I felt so safe and free at the same time. I mean, I kept thinking that if anything went wrong, you would be able to pull me to shore, but by the end, I knew I could get there myself.

Jason: Look, I -- Iím going to tell you that, you know, you're a strong person and I never want to take that away from you, but the risks that I ask you not to take have to do with my work because I don't want you to get hurt. But I never want you to doubt yourself because all the ways that you believe in yourself are -- are part of what makes me love you.

Courtney: I used to know that. But Iím learning again, a little more every day.

[Phone rings]

Jason: I better get that.

Courtney: Ok. A octopus...

Jason: False alarm. They just wanted to tell me that the boat's going to be ready for tomorrow. Oh. What's -- what's up? What's this for?

Courtney: Iím just so glad you're with me, Jason. I don't know what I'd do without you.

Jason: Well, you're never going to have to worry about that. You know, it was a good idea coming down here and I think that we should stay as long as possible. Now that everything's out in the open, we should just, you know, take the time to deal with it.

Courtney: That's what's wrong, Jason -- everything's not out in the open.

Jason: Hydrocodone?

Courtney: It's for the pain in my neck and my shoulder. The doctor prescribed it to me after I got beat up on the docks. I've been taking them a lot. All right, Iíve been taking them too much. And Iím -- Iím afraid that Iím not going to be able to stop.

Carly: There was a moment when I was getting the ultrasound and there was something uneasy. It came across your face. It was almost -- I don't know, it was worry, it was almost being scared.

Sonny: Doesn't every father-to-be worry about fainting in the delivery room?

Carly: Well, I don't know about all expectant fathers, but I do know that you are going to be the best, most solid birth coach that any woman could ever want. You know? You're my rock. I get strength from you. I know that you're going to keep me calm and focused.

Sonny: It's just a -- it was just a moment of insecurity, you know. It's not a big deal.

Carly: I think you saw our baby on the ultrasound, alive and safe and healthy and you got scared that we're going to lose another child. It's not going to happen, Sonny.

Sonny: Iím just doing everything I can to make sure it doesn't happen.

Carly: Well, you need to stop feeling so guilty. You are not a curse on our children. Sweetie, when we lost the baby, you know that I blamed myself. I -- I thought God didn't want me to have any more children. He didn't want me to be responsible for the growth and the development of another child because of all these horrible things I'd done in the past, and I finally realized it wasn't true. God does not punish babies for our mistakes. Our baby died and there's really -- there's no answer. There is no reason that we are ever going to understand. It's just kind of the way it is. It wasn't your fault, it wasn't mine. It's just what happened.

Sonny: What if it happens again?

Carly: It's not going to happen again. This baby, this one right here is our miracle baby. He's breaking the curse. He's going to be born, he's going to come home and be a part of our family. And everything is going to be just perfect. You need to realize that you are not a curse to our children. You're going to be their greatest blessing.

Sonny: I love you.

Carly: And I love you.

Sonny: Oh.

Carly: Hmm. Come on.

Sonny: What are we doing?

Carly: We are going on upstairs --

Sonny: Yeah?

Carly: Into our new baby's nursery. We're going to spend some time.

[Phone rings]

Lorenzo: Carly? I need to see you tonight. It's important. Meet me outside your club before it opens. Iíll be waiting.

Elizabeth: So how long will I be like this?

Doctor: Your corneas are healing nicely.

Elizabeth: Great. When am I going to get my sight back?

Doctor: With a blunt trauma like the one you experienced, there's no way to ascertain the extent of damage until the swelling completely resolves itself. That being said, it's -- it's entirely possible your sight will come back.

Elizabeth: "Possible"? Does that mean that it might not come back?

Doctor: It's best to take these things one day at a time. Iíll check in on you later.

Elizabeth: Ok. Thanks. Emily, did you hear what he said? He said that I might be blind forever.

Emily: No, that's not what he said, Elizabeth.

Bobbie: Iím going to page Audrey.

Elizabeth: Ok, yeah, please.

Bobbie: Elizabeth?

Elizabeth: Hmm?

Bobbie: Is there anybody else you want me to call?

Elizabeth: No, no. Iím ok.

Ric: You ever been in love?

Scott: That's none of your business.

Ric: Well, I guess from your answer, Iím going to have to assume it's a yes. Not many men make it this far without having at least one woman turn their world upside down.

Scott: Oh, I've had a couple of women turn my world upside down.

Ric: Iím asking you, Scott, to be human just for once, all right, and try to revisit that. Just remember what it was like to love somebody with everything that you have, you know, someone who, miracle of miracles, loves you back enough to marry you, enough to want to spend the rest of their lives with you. And then -- and then like the world's biggest ass, you -- you wreck it and you trash every bit of that trust. That is what I did. I did it so well that now Elizabeth thinks that Iím the one who ran her down with a car. I have serious damage control problems, Scott. I can't do anything from in here.

Scott: Hey, I understand your frustration here, all right, but we're not going anywhere until we get the forensics report back. You're a major flight risk, ok, so that's not going to happen. And when we do get the report back, if Elizabeth isn't what made that dent in your car, you can take it to her and you can show her that you've got proof, huh? How about that? Now come over here. Sit down for a sec. Come on, you're working yourself up -- sit down. Now, you asked me something personal. Let me just ask you something personal, ok?

Ric: Go ahead.

Scott: You and Faith -- you were having an affair, right?

Ric: That what she said?

Scott: Well, I know she's got feelings for you. She tried to kill Elizabeth before, you know, so it's just trying to, like, you know, eliminate the competition.

Ric: See, Iím not going to speculate one way or another on what Faith's motives would be for anything.

Scott: But you were getting just a little bit on the side, right?

Ric: No, that's not the way it was.

Scott: Well, how was it, then? Tell me.

Ric: All right. When things went south with Elizabeth and the bottom dropped out, Faith was there and I did the one thing that was most self-destructive.

Scott: Well, like I said, you see, Faith wanted Elizabeth out of the way. She wanted a straight shot right at you.

Ric: Faith knew how I felt about my wife. She knew how much I loved her. I never led her on. I never did anything like that.

Scott: Well, you know women -- you know, certain women, when they sleep with guys, there's a certain hormone that their brain releases. You know, it's sort of an oxy -- what do they call it? Hmm. Anyway, what happens is it turns them into, like, psychos -- obsessive, crazy.

Ric: Where do you come up with this stuff?

Scott: Well, listen, Iím telling you. I was reading about this case down in Florida. The lawyer's whole defense was based on that, and he won. See, now, Faith fits that profile, right, you know, because, you know, dead bodies to her, business as usual, right? You got yourself a real nut case on your hands. And if she did what you say she did, if she really tried to run Elizabeth down, you're just as responsible as she is.

Andy: Mac, we got a line on Faith.

Mac: Was Dillon with her?

Georgie: Is he all right?

Andy: They were both seen going into the Fairview motel on route 7. Nobody appeared to be hurt. That's it so far. We're about to take a ride down there.

Mac: Wait up. Iím going with you.

Georgie: Me, too.

Mac: No, not you.

Georgie: But, Dad --

Mac: But nothing, Georgie. This is a police matter. We don't know -- we could be walking into something dangerous. You stay right here until we get back. Let's go.

Faith: All those things you were fantasizing about as you were watching me sleep -- we are going to make the world think that they're really happening.

Dillon: You got to be kidding me.

Faith: Hmm. No. Haven't you ever heard of a May-December romance?

Dillon: Yeah, you mean like in the movies with those old guys and those really young chicks except this time, very much reversed.

Faith: "Very much"? Careful -- you're still on my good side.

Dillon: Well, it's not going to work anyway because that story is never going to fly. Nobody's going to believe it, including Georgie, including anybody who's ever even met us remotely. And also her father who is, by the way, the police commissioner, in case you seem to have forgotten in all of this mess.

Faith: I haven't forgotten. Your little girlfriend with the boy's name might not want to believe it at first, but she will. Oh, don't kid yourself. And Mac won't doubt it for a second because, you see, I am a walking, breathing adolescent fantasy. Just wait and see how your stock goes up once word of this gets out.

Dillon: You know what? Georgie and I have something. We have something very special together, something very good based on friendship and -- and trust.

Faith: I understand more than I ever needed to about good, special girls, the type men think they want until they've taken a walk on the wild side and have their worlds rocked, till they see what it's like to be with a real woman, hmm? Someone who lets them be who they really are? Huh. Iíll bet if your sweet little Georgie saw the real Dillon, scare her little bloomers right off.

Dillon: Oh, come on, you know what? You don't know a thing about either one of us. How do you like that?

Faith: Really? Well, I know this -- I am not going to jail for running down that waitress, so you can just get ready to put on the performance of your life.

Dillon: I won't do it.

Faith: Yes, you will. See, then otherwise your sweet, innocent, trusting little Georgie won't live long enough to lose her virginity.

Courtney: The first pill I took made me feel better, not just for the pain in my shoulder, but it -- I relaxed, you know? I wasn't all coiled up ready to fight with you. Then I just panicked, so I -- I was worried that the pain would come back or I would get mad at you again and I started taking them ahead of time to prevent it. And that just made me even more out of control and that made me even more upset. And that's why it was so easy for me to lash out at you and Iím so sorry, Jason.

Jason: It's ok, you already apologized. But it does make a lot more sense now.

Courtney: Iím so ashamed of myself.

Jason: Don't be. I mean, it took a lot of courage for you to admit this to me.

Courtney: Hmm. I don't know about that. I just -- I didn't want any more big secrets between us. Jason, you are more important to me than anything.

Jason: So how do you want to handle this?

Courtney: I want to get rid of the pills.

Jason: What about the pain?

Courtney: Just grin and bear it? Iím more afraid of what will happen if I keep them.

Jason: All right, let's do it. Grab them.

Courtney: Ok.

[Jason sighs]

Jason: Throw them out.

Dillon: Fine, Iíll do what you want.

Faith: Hmm. I knew you'd see it my way. Don't worry -- Iíll try not to hurt you.

Dillon: Wait a minute -- you're not actually planning on making me sleep with you, are you?

Faith: Why rule anything out?

Dillon: No. No way. No.

Faith: Time will tell.

Dillon: So what happens now?

Faith: Well, the cops are out looking for us as we speak. Pretty soon, they will find my car since I left it in front of the motel in plain sight. When they do, they will barge in and we will confess that we've been meeting here for months on a regular basis. Yeah. Going at it whenever we could. Now, you will tell Georgie that you kept it from her to, you know, save her feelings. And while you're at it, you may as well throw in that little speech about love having nothing to do with sex, since it's true. You with me so far?

Dillon: Iím listening.

Faith: Don't get any ideas. Now, due to our prior relationship, you came to the hospital to warn me that the cops were looking at me for Elizabeth Webber's hit-and-run -- ahem, ahem, ahem -- and that is when we decided to take off together.

Dillon: That makes absolutely no sense. Why wouldn't I just give you the heads-up and then go on with my life?

Faith: I can't think of everything. Figure something out.

[Pounding on door]

Mac: Faith Rosco, it's the police. Open up.

Faith: Move fast, be good -- you're on.


Mac: Open up!

Faith: Hold on, Iím going to make this look authentic.


Faith: Hold on, all right! Your timing really sucks, for God's sake! Oh, this is your chance to prove how much you love Georgie.

Mac: Well, what do we have here?

Sonny: Hey. What are you doing with mama's phone?

Michael: Iím waiting for Frank to call.

Sonny: Give me the phone. You want some grapes?

Michael: Mm-hmm. Anyway, his mom's supposed to take us to the movies and --

Sonny: Yeah.

Michael: I saw a message on mama's phone and I thought that was him, but it was just some man.

Sonny: What do you mean, "some man"? What did he say?

Michael: I don't know. He said he wanted to meet Mommy in front of the club. He said it was important.

Scott: Forensic report back.

Ric: And?

Scott: There's no human DNA. On your bumper, so I got no hit-and-run.

Ric: Well, there you go. That's what Iím trying to tell you. Somebody set me up.

Scott: Let's see. So Faith is the only one that had access to your house and to your car keys, and she has reason to want Elizabeth dead.

Ric: Right, right, so stop wasting my time and go arrest her.

Scott: Wait, whoa, whoa, not so fast.

Ric: What is it now?

Scott: See, Iím not completely sure that you're innocent, because if you're -- the motive, that makes you a material witness. And if we take that one step further, who knows? You and Faith could be in cahoots.

Mac: Georgie, what the hell are you doing here? I told you to stay put.

Georgie: I couldn't, all right? I had to make sure Dillon was ok.

Mac: He seems to be doing just fine.

Georgie: This isn't what it looks like, right, Dillon? I mean, you would never, ever be with this woman.

Faith: Think, Georgie. This isn't the first time you've walked in on us. That night was the beginning, actually, when Dillon and I realized how much we had in common. We've been meeting here on a regular basis ever since.

Georgie: No. You're a lying whore!

Faith: My goodness. Out of such a pretty little mouth. Is this an example of your parenting skills?

Mac: Your relationship with Dillon is your business. We're here in connection with the hit-and-run of Elizabeth Webber.

Faith: Hmm. Well, ask all the questions you want. But Iím afraid your little daughter won't like my answers. You see, I couldn't possibly have been involved in Elizabeth's latest calamity because I was right here, in bed, with Dillon.

Georgie: Will you say something? Tell them she's lying!

Dillon: I can't. It's true.

Courtney: You look awfully pleased with yourself.

Jason: Yeah, well, I found a way to relieve your pain.

Courtney: Really? Hmm. What'd you have in mind?

[Knock on door]

Jason: You're about to find out.

Masseur: You called for a massage?

Jason: Yeah, but I thought -- I thought they were sending a woman.

Masseur: Oh, there's none available, sir. You got me. Can I set up in here?

Courtney: Yeah, that'd be great. Iím Courtney. Iím the one getting the massage.

Masseur: Iím Brett.

Courtney: Nice to meet you.

[Music plays]

Courtney: Brett, Iím ready. I can't wait for this. I haven't had a massage in months. This is going to feel good.

[Courtney sighs]

Courtney: Um -- is -- is that some new technique? Ow! Ow! Um -- are you --

Scott: Speak of the devil.

Ric: You psycho bitch, you tried to kill my wife again, and then you tried to set me up!

Faith: God! No, I didn't.

Ric: Oh, am I supposed to believe that?

Faith: If you would use your brain for something other than thinking of new and different ways to insult me, you would realize that it doesn't make any sense. I had what I wanted. You were sleeping with me. Why would I try to kill irrelevant Elizabeth, huh? Why? Think about it. God, why would I try to pin it on you? I have no reason!

Ric: If I find out that you had anything to do with it, I will kill you.

Georgie: None of this makes sense. You couldn't have been with Faith the night Elizabeth was hit, because you were with me. I need you to look me in the eyes and tell me that you slept with that woman and that you've been lying to me this entire time.

Dillon: I wouldn't call it lying.

Georgie: In my eyes, Dillon.

Dillon: She made me say it. I had to say it, all right?

Georgie: No. No, please, tell me why.

Dillon: Because -- I can't -- I can't tell you why. All right? Because then you're going to go to Mac, and then that's a risk I can't take right now.

Georgie: But --

Dillon: All right, just trust me.

Georgie: But Faith is forcing you to give her an alibi. Dillon, you could get in a lot of trouble for that. Why would you even consider letting her get away with that? What's she holding over you?

Dillon: I have to say what Faith wants me to say. There's --

Georgie: No, you don't. We -- we can fight Faith. I am not going to stand around and watch her trash your life.

Dillon: Georgie, you don't understand. Faith is so much more dangerous than you think that she is.

Andy: Dillon, I need you to sign your statement.

Georgie: Wait. Just -- wait. Dillon is lying. I -- I don't know why, but he just told me he never slept with Faith. She's forcing him to say it somehow.

Mac: You sure about that?

Georgie: Please trust me on this. Dillon wouldn't lie to me. And he just proved that.

Scott: Hey, Faithy, don't leave town.

Mac: Faith's not going anywhere.

Faith: I already told you what happened.

Mac: Yeah, but you left out the part about coercing Dillon into providing your alibi.

Faith: Enjoy your little girlfriend while you can. Her days are numbered.

Dillon: No --

Ric: How's Elizabeth?

Bobbie: You shouldn't be here.

Ric: How is she?

Bobbie: Ric, I asked Elizabeth if she wanted me to contact anyone. She didn't ask for you.

Ric: All right, but Iím still legally her husband, and I have a right to know her condition. And if you're not going to tell me, Bobbie, Iím just going to go over your head.

Bobbie: There were complications.

Elizabeth: Please, God, don't let this be happening. Please.

[Door opens]

Elizabeth: Who's there?

Ric: It's me.

Elizabeth: What do you want?

Ric: The same thing I've always wanted. My wife back in love with me again.

Elizabeth: Ric, I've --

Ric: But, listen -- listen to me. Listen to me. Faith has been arrested. Ok, the nightmare part of our lives is over, all right? She's going to be in jail. Iíll cool things with Sonny, I will get you the best doctors as possible --

Elizabeth: What's the matter with you? What's the matter, are you insane? Nothing has changed between us. Now get out!

Ric: Please, don't -- don't --

Elizabeth: Just get out!

Courtney: What -- what happened to Brett?

Jason: Brett -- yeah. Well, he came to the wrong cabana.

Courtney: Oh. But he said that you called him for a massage.

Jason: No, he was a little drunk and confused.

Courtney: Oh, my God. You're so funny. It bothered you that my masseuse was a man.

Jason: You have no idea what you're talking about. In fact, tomorrow, Iím going to schedule another massage.

Courtney: Oh, no, no, no, you don't. You promised me a massage tonight, and you got to pay up. Come on, let's go.

Jason: Me?

Courtney: Yeah, you. Who else?

Jason: Well, I just hurt you. I don't want to keep hurting you.

Courtney: Oh, come on. Come on. You just need a little guidance. Well, first put some lotion in your hands.

Jason: All right. Oh -- uh-oh.

Courtney: Oh, no! All right.

Jason: Well --

Courtney: All right. All right, wait, start with my upper back.

Jason: Ok.

Courtney: Ah. All right, a little softer. Oh, yeah. A little lower. Mmm, right there. Mmm, that's heaven. You learn pretty fast.

Carly: Hey. Oh, what's wrong?

Michael: Frank never called about the movies.

Carly: Oh, honey, Iím sorry. You know what? Let me check my messages. Maybe we missed him.

Michael: I already did. There was only one new message.

Carly: Really? Who was it, then?

Michael: Some man who wanted you to meet him.

Carly: Did you erase it?

Michael: Daddy listened to it. Maybe he did.

Sonny: You're wasting your time. You're not going to be meeting my wife tonight.

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