GH Transcript Tuesday 9/9/03

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 9/9/03

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Courtney: This island is so beautiful.

Jason: Yes, it is.

Courtney: It's a perfect place to disappear.

Jason: Nice breeze.

Courtney: Yeah.

Jason: And the ocean.

Courtney: And everything looks so pure and clean in the moonlight.

Jason: You know, we can go swimming.

Courtney: Yeah, sure. That sounds good.

Jason: There's a private cove right up the beach. It's safe. Water's warm.

Courtney: Warm is good.

Jason: Ok.

Courtney: Ok.

Jason: I'll get the keys to the jeep.

Courtney: I'll -- I'll dig out my suit.

Jason: You ready?

Courtney: You know, the second I hit that water, I knew I was in trouble.

Jason: Of course you don't want to go swimming. I'm -- I'm sorry.

Courtney: No, I mean, I thought I could swim forever, but I guess I was wrong.

Jason: I didn't -- Courtney, I didn't -- I didn't even think about it. You know, we -- we can go somewhere else. We don't even have to stay here.

Courtney: No, no, Jason, no. I want to stay. I mean, that's the whole reason we're here, right -- to be honest with each other?

Jason: Yeah, but I should have -- I should have known. I should have thought about it.

Courtney: There's no way you could have known. It's just thinking of the water, I just -- I just get cold all over again. I feel like I'm sinking, like I'm not going to come back up --

Jason: I'm not going to let that happen, ok? It's ok.

Courtney: Ok. See how that works? I was honest with you. Nothing bad happened. You're still here.

Jason: Of course I'm still here.

Courtney: I have to stop hiding things from you.

Emily: Do your eyes hurt?

Elizabeth: Yeah. Yeah, it's like I've got a shooting pain in the back of my eyes. It's weird -- I keep seeing this flash of light right before that car hits.

Nikolas: Want me to go get the doctor?

Elizabeth: No. No, but I sure would like to see the faces of my friends.

Emily: You aren't missing much, believe me.

Nikolas: I'm not so sure about that.

Lucky: Hey.

Elizabeth: Is that lucky?

Lucky: Hey. How are you doing?

Elizabeth: Hey.

Nikolas: About time you showed up.

Lucky: I just got your message.

Elizabeth: So do you know what happened?

Lucky: Nikolas told me a hit-and-run.

Nikolas: It's gotten a little more complicated than that.

Elizabeth: Yeah. Ric was driving the car. My husband tried to kill me.

Ric: I'd never hurt Elizabeth.

Scott: Come on, save it, Ric.

Ric: Why aren't you out there finding the person who really did this?

Scott: That's the oldest line in the book, huh? That proves that he ran Elizabeth over.

Ric: Ok, fine, Baldwin. You want to play this way? I want a lawyer.

Scott: Don't you want to represent yourself? Harvard Law? Huh, fancy man? Or are you afraid that the jury's going to see you for what you really are -- a psycho who's obsessed with his wife who just filed for divorce? Wait till Elizabeth gets up on the stand and she tells everybody about the big fight you had at the pier. How she -- she ran off and then you followed her with your car.

Ric: You keep talking. You know what? That's not what happened.

Scott: Are you calling your wife a liar?

Ric: No, I'm trying to say that she was disoriented after the accident and you were questioning her under duress.

Scott: I'm not on trial here, you are. It's pretty simple. Elizabeth sees you for who you are. You've hurt her one too many times. She's done. She wants you in jail for the rest of your life.

Dillon: Whoa, you have no reason to be here.

Kyle: Get out of the way.

Dillon: Maxie's out of the drug business, Kyle.

Georgie: Look, whatever Kyle wants, tell him to forget it.

Kyle: I don't have time for this.

Maxie: He looks really upset, Georgie.

Georgie: Just do everyone a favor and tell him to get lost.

Kyle: Maxie, I really need to speak with you.

Georgie: What's wrong, Kyle? Got stood up on the internet?

Maxie: Will you leave us alone, please?

Dillon: You do realize that whatever he's all worked up about, you're the one who's going to end up getting burned in the end.

Kyle: I did a good thing.

Dillon: Oh, now I know he's lying.

Kyle: I saw some girl who'd been run down by a car. I called 911.

Maxie: You saw who ran down Elizabeth?

[Faith sighs]

[Sonny sighs]

Sonny: Does Ric know you borrowed his car to run down his wife?

Faith: I have my own car. Why would I borrow his?

Sonny: Oh, I don't know, maybe to frame him for murder?

Faith: Why would I do that? I love him.

Sonny: See, he's rejected you over and over again, right? And even though you do sleep in his bed every night, he wants to go back to Elizabeth.

Faith: If he wants to spend his life with a whining little imp, what can I do about it?

Sonny: Maybe you want revenge, right? You kill his wife. You send him to prison. What could be sweeter than that?

Faith: You know what? I'm not the one who wants him to go to prison. Elizabeth wants him in prison. How many times has she ratted him out to the cops, huh? I wouldn't be surprised if she jumped out in front of the car to frame him. Can't you see her doing that?

Sonny: Ok, here -- here's your choice -- I call the cops, right? Tell them what's going on here. Ric gets charged with hit-and-run, maybe attempted murder. Or I go with my gut, you did it, you disappear.

Faith: Ric did it.

Sonny: Somehow I knew you were going to say that.

Sonny: I knew you'd give up Ric to save yourself.

Faith: Elizabeth drove him to it. She's relentless.

Sonny: Ok, just a hint, ok? If Ric is deluded enough to ask you to testify on his behalf, don't say Elizabeth asked for it unless you're setting up Ric to pay for what you've done.

Faith: I did not run Elizabeth down.

Sonny: Ok, you got any proof of that?

Faith: Go back to the house. There's a packed suitcase. Call the airport, huh? Ask about the next flight to New York City. Ric is on it. He admitted that he had no future with Elizabeth "after what happened tonight" -- his words, not mine. He practically confessed.

Sonny: Maybe I believe you, maybe I don't. But one thing's in your favor -- I hate Ric even more than I hate you.

Ric: You know, the last time I looked, I believe the judicial system provided the accused the opportunity to prove they were innocent, or did you miss that day of law school, Baldwin?

Scott: Where were you at 8:15 this evening?

Ric: No. No dice, pal. I'm not speaking without proper counsel.

Scott: You see, he doesn't have an alibi, Capelli. He's guilty. I'll tell you where you were at 8:15.

Ric: Go ahead.

Scott: Elizabeth was stepping off the curb. You floored your car and just mowed her right down. Now, she's a dainty little thing, so you figured the job was done. However, you probably just clipped her. And had you had time, you would have backed up and --

Ric: Shut up, Baldwin!

Shut up!

Andy: Hey --

Scott: Look, look!

Ric: You're looking for an opportunity, aren't you?

Scott: You see how upset he gets when he talks about his wife, huh?

Andy: Sit down!

Scott: He's willing to attack the District Attorney. I'm sure that he attacked Elizabeth, too.

Ric: That's ridiculous.

Scott: Capelli, could you imagine if I was crossing the street and he saw me, what he would have done to me? Huh?

Officer: Excuse me, sir --

Scott: What is it?

Officer: You have a call, and he says it's important.

Scott: Who is it?

Officer: It's Sonny Corinthos.

Scott: Give me that. Get out of here. Yeah?

Sonny: I've come across key evidence in Elizabeth's hit-and-run.

Scott: What kind of evidence?

Sonny: It's sitting in Ric Lansing's garage.

Scott: Goodbye. Oh, boy. My day gets better and better. Corinthos is going to cooperate with the law. How about that, huh, Capelli?

Ric: And I guess I'm supposed to ask why, right?

Scott: He's got evidence that proves that you're guilty.

Elizabeth: Ric used to swear I was the one person who understood him when, actually, it was quite the opposite. I was the one person who refused to understand. What is that, Nikolas, like, irony or something?

Nikolas: Amongst other things, yes.

Elizabeth: He wanted me around as long as I fed his illusions about himself, and then once I stopped, he tried to get rid of me.

Nikolas: Yeah, well, I know what's it like to be caught up in someone else's illusions.

Elizabeth: Yeah, but why did it take me so long to realize --

Lucky: You're acting like you did something wrong when you didn't. It was Ric. He -- he was lying to you from the start.

Elizabeth: Yeah, but I knew that before I married him. Why didn't I just walk away?

Lucky: Because you're loyal. You care about people.

Emily: Ric couldn't value who you really are. He's the fool here, not you.

Elizabeth: You guys are making it really hard for me to beat up on myself.

Emily: What do you expect? We're the original four musketeers.

Lucky: Oh, no.

Elizabeth: Oh, right.

Emily: Come on.

Lucky: Not the pledge thing.

Emily: No arguments. I said come on.

Elizabeth: Oh, just do it, you guys.

Emily: Look, we need each other now more than ever. Don't you make me ask again.

Elizabeth: Ooh.

Emily: All for one --

Lucky: One for all.

Nikolas: Right, all for --

Lucky: All for one, and one for all.


Emily: Look, whatever happens, the four of us have each other. No one can ever break that tie.

Courtney: You know, you can go swimming without me if you want.

Jason: No. No, I'm going to -- I'm going to stay here with you.

Courtney: I don't know why you'd want to -- I mean, after the way I've been acting.

Jason: I know that you're still hurting, and I can understand that part. But --

Courtney: You can say it, Jason, whatever it is. Look, if you don't, I'm just going to make something up in my head and I'm going to get upset and I'm going to dump it on you and we're just going to go back to where we started.

Jason: Ok. I was going to say that I understand what you feel, but I don't. I can't. The baby that you're grieving for, the life that never happened -- I can't feel that.

Courtney: Because I didn't tell you I was pregnant.

Jason: Wait -- I wish you would have told me. But it wouldn't have mattered.

Courtney: Why not?

Jason: Because of my accident. I can't picture what the baby might have looked like. You know, I can't make it real in my mind. But you can. You can love the baby, you can miss the baby. I -- I just can't do that. You know, something's missing inside of me in my head, and I'm failing you right now because of the way I am.

Courtney: You haven't failed me, Jason. You've loved me the best that you could.

Jason: It isn't enough.

Courtney: Come on, I mean, you held on when I shut you out, when I attacked you for no reason at all, and -- and when I chased you away, you came back.

Jason: But I can't give you what you need the most. I can't -- I can't feel what you feel.

Courtney: Maybe it's better that you can't picture our baby. You won't get lost in the pain like I do. And I still imagine you being a father. I see me putting our baby in your arms for the first time. And none of this can happen, but I -- I keep letting it drag me down, and -- and you're able to let our baby go.

Jason: And it hurts you. Come on, Courtney, just say it.

Courtney: No.

Jason: The way -- the way I am is hurting you.

Courtney: Jason, no. It's just you've reached a place that I want to get to. And you don't dwell on what can't happen. You -- you know how to move on.

Jason: Yeah, but if I could just understand what you're feeling --

Courtney: Ok.

[Jason sighs]

Courtney: It's -- it's like those rocks on the shore. I mean, you've seen them, right? You can picture them. And they're all ripped up by the waves. And they -- they have these holes in them that nothing can fill up for very long. It's like the tide goes out and they're empty again, no matter what. That place inside me, this empty place, that's what it feels like. And it hurts, no matter what I do.

Jason: Well, maybe that empty place will always be there no matter how much I love you.

Courtney: It's just my whole life I have always taken care of someone else. I just -- I don't know how --

Jason: You don't have to know how. Just let me.

Courtney: Something inside me just doesn't trust that, no matter how much I love you, Jason. It's like this part of me, the scared part knows no matter what I do, no -- just knows that you -- one day you'll be gone.

Kyle: I called 911. What else am I supposed to do? I don't even know Elizabeth.

Georgie: Did you see who hit her?

Maxie: He already told you that he didn't see the actual accident.

Georgie: And you believe him?

Kyle: I saw a woman get out of a car.

Dillon: Ok, what did she look like?

Kyle: Blond. She -- she got out, look at Elizabeth on the sidewalk, she didn't try to help her, then she left.

Maxie: Ok, well, you have to tell the police this.

Kyle: No, they'll ask way too many questions.

Dillon: Like why you were on that street corner?

Georgie: Why would that matter?

Dillon: You were meeting your connection, weren't you, Kyle?

Kyle: I came here to see Maxie. The both of you can get lost.

Maxie: Were you on that street corner to buy drugs?

Kyle: Yeah. And that's why I can't deal with the cops. They'll get suspicious.

Maxie: You're a witness to an attempted murder, Kyle. You have to tell the police everything.

Kyle: When did you become so law-abiding?

Maxie: Somebody tried to kill Elizabeth, ok? That matters!

Kyle: I didn't even see that much.

Maxie: Yeah, well, the police still need to know. Georgie thinks that I'm insane hanging out with you, but I have tried to give you the benefit of the doubt.

Dillon: That would be the definition of an understatement.

Maxie: Don't make me look like an idiot for caring about you, Kyle. Prove me right, ok? Come with me to the police station right now and tell Mac everything that you know.

Elizabeth: You know, Em, there's a fine line between hovering and supporting, and you're just about to cross it.

Emily: I haven't yet.

Elizabeth: Yeah, but I'm as ok as I'm going to get tonight.

Emily: What if you can't sleep, Elizabeth? What if those flashes of light keep you awake?

Nikolas: I'll make sure she calls the nurse.

Elizabeth: Hey, you want to help me get better? Concentrate on getting yourself well.

Zander: I think that's an excellent idea.

Emily: What -- I'm fine.

Nikolas: I'll stay with her until she falls asleep.

Elizabeth: Or until I kick him out, whichever comes first.

Zander: You really do need to rest, Em. Come on.

Emily: Ok. I give up. I've been out-musketeered. You win. Good night.

Elizabeth: Good night, em.

Emily: I love you.

Elizabeth: I love you, too.

Emily: Ok.

Zander: See you later.

Elizabeth: Ok. Bye, Zander.

Zander: Ok.

Nikolas: Ok.

Elizabeth: Are they gone?

Nikolas: Yeah.

Elizabeth: You know that your voice gets all tender when you speak to Emily, as if every word matters?

Nikolas: Did they test your hearing, as well?

[Elizabeth laughs]

Elizabeth: There's nothing wrong with my hearing. It doesn't matter that Emily is married to Zander. You're more in love with her than ever.

Sonny: Hey. Oh, you're on time for once.

Scott: What do you got?

Sonny: Is the forensic team on their way? Because I think they're going to find this very interesting.

Scott: You know what, Corinthos? I'll be the judge of that. Hiya, Faithie.

Sonny: Excuse me. What do you think?

Scott: Hmm. Looks like somebody had an accident.

Sonny: Yeah. Guess whose car that is -- Ric Lansing.

Scott: That's what I figured. That's why I'm working on a search warrant.

Sonny: Your tax dollars at work.

Scott: Did it feel good to pick up the phone and call the cops, do something right for once, huh? Save me a lot of trouble?

Sonny: Not really. But anyway, since, you know, I've done this and that, I should probably go all the way.

Scott: What else you got?

Sonny: Well, Faith -- she's got -- she's got some more information.

Scott: Well, spit it out, Faithie.

Sonny: Come on, Mrs. Rosco. You can go ahead and just speak up anytime you want.

Faith: Ric was planning to leave town tonight. His bags are packed and he is booked on the first flight to New York City.

Scott: You two -- couple of model citizens. I wish we had more of them.

Sonny: Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Scott: Yeah. You know, I'm putting together quite a case against your brother.

Sonny: Yeah?

Scott: Yeah.

Sonny: Well, what do the cops say -- "I'm only going where the evidence takes me"?

Scott: Well, evidence or not, he swears that he's innocent. And he's getting scared. That's why he wants to see you. I called.

Scott: Capelli? Corinthos is here to see his brother.

Andy: Lansing already has a visitor.

Scott: Good. The more the merrier.

Sonny: I need some time alone with him.

Lucky: You are not going to listen to this psycho.

Sonny: You know what? That's not your concern.

Lucky: If you try and help this guy, you're --

Sonny: That's not your concern.

Ric: So did you really find evidence against me?

Sonny: Well, you know, you pride yourself on your intelligence, but then you do stupid things. You don't even cover your tracks.

Ric: Doesn't that tell you something?

Sonny: Well, I'll tell you what -- because you're arrogant, always have been. You parked your car in your garage with a smashed headlight. You deserve to get caught.

Ric: When I parked my car, there was no smashed headlight, nothing anywhere. I'm being framed.

Nikolas: You know, when Emily was a teenager, when she had that crush on me, she said one of the wisest things I think I've ever heard her say. She said -- she said that she could love me as long as she wanted. And as long as she never expected me to love her back, then no one would get hurt.

[Elizabeth chuckles]

Elizabeth: You know, things were different then.

Nikolas: Yeah. And now I'm in love with her, and I can love her as long as I want. And as long as I don't act on it, no one will get hurt.

Elizabeth: That's not how it works anymore.

Nikolas: Why not?

Elizabeth: Because we're all grown up. Nikolas, listen to me. If there's one thing that I've learned from Ric, it's that a marriage based on lies cannot succeed, no matter how hard you try or -- or how good the intentions are.

Nikolas: I'm being completely honest with Lydia.

Elizabeth: Of course. I am not talking about Lydia. I'm talking about Emily and Zander. Emily still loves you.

Emily: How'd you know this is what I needed?

Zander: I'm your husband. I know these things.

Emily: Oh, it's so great to get out of that place.

Zander: You needed some fresh air.

Emily: Oh, the sky is beautiful this time of year.

Zander: Yeah, I know.

Emily: I was afraid I'd never see it again. I came so close to losing everything.

Zander: But you didn't. You didn't.

Emily: Yeah, I can feel myself getting stronger practically by the minute.

Zander: I knew you would.

Emily: You know, I still got a fight ahead of me, but I know I'm going to beat this cancer. I'll live a long, full life.

Zander: You got that right. We'll spend it together. You know, I -- I went home and slept a little bit. And I woke up and realized that I married Emily. We did it. We did it.

Emily: Yeah. You believed in me.

Zander: Like you believed in me. And it doesn't matter about your family or all the trouble that I got into or -- or all the time that we had between us. We survived all of that and this. We can survive anything.

Emily: And we still have the stars and the moon.

Zander: Wherever we go, whatever we do, I'll make sure you can always see the stars.

Jason: Hey, I'm not going anywhere.

Courtney: I don't doubt you, Jason. I doubt myself.

Jason: Why?

Courtney: Because a part of me knows that the love will fade because it always does. And it just -- it hurts more every time. You know it. Yeah, I'm strong and I move on, but -- but I'm less.

Jason: I can understand that.

Courtney: So anyway, I do whatever I can think of to try to hold on. I mean, I -- I try to fix every problem. I avoid every fight. I try to make everything perfect so that I don't lose you, but -- but when I had the miscarriage, I thought that I ruined everything, you know? That our love would vanish. So instead of dreading the pain of losing you, I just -- I pushed you away.

Jason: I hated that we were fighting. And I hated to see that you were in pain. But I never thought about leaving once. You know what? Maybe -- you know, maybe our future isn't what we thought. But we still have a life together. Ok? And whatever happens -- I mean, if you can't -- if you can't trust anything else, just trust that I love you.

Courtney: I do.

Emily: Ok, that's Orion. See? The hunter. You see those three stars? The bright ones? That's his belt.

Zander: Really?

Emily: Mm-hmm.

Zander: Really, Orion's a hunter, huh?

Emily: Yeah. But the woman he loved didn't love him back. So, the Gods gave him animals --

Zander: Really?

Emily: All over the night sky, and his own constellation, and his best hunting dogs, too. Orion hunts all night, every night, forever.

Zander: Huh. What else do you see?

Emily: Selene, Goddess of the moon. She rides across the night sky in a chariot pulled by two horses with wings. And in the morning, it's Helios, the sun God. Four winged horses pull him across the sky.

Zander: Where'd you learn all this stuff?

Emily: Oh -- Nikolas. Nikolas knows all kinds of weird things, the more -- the more arcane, the better.

Zander: Oh. You ever think about the stars in Canada when we were out there driving, out in the middle of nowhere?

Emily: Praying that the car wouldn't break down.

Zander: Do you remember how dark that sky was?

Emily: Mm-hmm.

Zander: Remember how bright the stars were?

Emily: Yeah, they were beautiful.

Zander: It was like I'd never seen the stars before -- because you were beside me. And every time that I was away from you, every time that I saw the stars, I thought of you. I always will.

Emily: Do you -- do you hear something?

Zander: No. My heart's beating too loud to hear anything.

Emily: Mine, too.

Dillon: So do you think Kyle's going to actually come through for Maxie?

Georgie: Who knows? But Maxie knows what matters, and she'll fight for what counts.

Dillon: You know, most of the time, you guys don't seem like sisters. But if she pulls this off, she's almost as smart and brave as you.

Georgie: Do I need to get jealous?

Dillon: I said "almost." Nobody's as great as you.

Georgie: Yes?

Dillon: Come here.

Georgie: What's wrong?

Dillon: That's the blond. That's -- that's the blond Kyle was talking about.

Georgie: Where?

Dillon: Don't -- don't look. She's --

Georgie: Faith Rosco?

Dillon: It has to be.

Georgie: No, but all Kyle said was "blond."

Dillon: She ran down Elizabeth. Now she's here to finish the job.

Georgie: Faith can't just walk into a hospital and kill Elizabeth.

Dillon: Why not? She's capable of anything.

Georgie: We don't even know if it was her.

Dillon: It's too big of a risk to take. Go get -- go get security.

Georgie: They're going to think I'm crazy!

Dillon: Go! Now! Hurry!

Georgie: Oh, and what are you going to do?

Dillon: What De Niro does -- wing it.

Kyle: I am not dealing with your father.

Maxie: He'll listen, ok? I promise.

Kyle: He -- he nearly slammed me through a locker once. You think he won't bust me for possession?

Maxie: Look, you can't get in trouble for being on the wrong street corner, ok?

Kyle: He's looking for an excuse to put me away.

Maxie: Look, there's Lucky. He's not officially a cop yet, just a trainee. Come on, maybe he can give us some advice.

Lucky: Hey, Maxie. How's it going?

Maxie: We kind of need some advice.

Lucky: What happened?

Maxie: Kyle may be a witness to the hit-and-run.

Lucky: What did you see?

Kyle: I think I saw the woman who did it.

Lucky: A woman didn't run down Elizabeth. Her husband did.

Ric: Sonny, you know better than anybody how much I love Elizabeth. Sonny, I couldn't kill her any more than you could kill Carly.

Sonny: Will you stop saying my wife, Ric?

Ric: Look, what I'm trying to say is yes, I have done terrible things, all right, in the name of love for this woman! But I could never turn that kind of darkness or that violence against her!

Sonny: But you'd turn it against my wife, wouldn't you?

Ric: Yeah. That was the biggest mistake that I could have made.

Sonny: I can believe you were framed. Yeah. Faith Rosco could have done it.

Ric: Well, Sonny, could you go to -- could you go to Elizabeth and tell her? I mean, she respects you, right? You could tell her that Faith tried to kill her and I didn't.

Sonny: Why would I do that?

Ric: What do you mean -- because you just said that you know that I'm framed.

Sonny: Yeah. Fortunately, no one else thinks so.

[Door opens]

Elizabeth: Hello?


Elizabeth: Who's there? Who are you?

Faith: It's really too perfect. Poor Elizabeth can't see a thing. She's just a pretty, little sitting duck.

Elizabeth: Somebody --

Faith: Shh. Calm down, precious. Calm down. I have good news. See, they've arrested hubby, dragged him down to the cop shop. Right now he's explaining why there is a dent in the front of his car that is just your size. So that means he ran you down. That, or someone is doing a first-rate job of setting him up, and only you can say. So now you're going to tell me, did you see Ric behind the wheel?

Elizabeth: I assumed it was Ric.

Faith: Did you see his face?

Elizabeth: I don't know, Faith. Maybe it was you!

Dillon: Get away from her, Faith.

Sonny: Elizabeth believes you did it. Evidence backs her up.

Ric: I'm innocent.

Sonny: Do you really think you're going to get away with what you did to Carly? Chain her up like an animal in a cage after all the hell you --

Ric: This has nothing to do with that!

Sonny: After all the hell you put her through? Your own wife's sending you to prison. I like the balance in that, don't you? Scales of justice? The woman with the blindfold? Sometimes she gets it right. I'm out of here.

Ric: Don't you do this. Don't you walk away from me.

Sonny: Oh --

Ric: Oh, what, all of a sudden, you're going to play ball with the cops, is that it?

Andy: Hey, hey, hey, hey!

Ric: Is that it? Is that it?

Scott: Get him!

Ric: What, just for revenge? Where's your code of honor now?

Scott: Hey, calm down! Get him -- get him out of here.

Lucky: Hold on. We might have a new witness. Tell him.

Kyle: I saw -- I saw a blond get out of a car. She walked over to Elizabeth and just looked at her. Elizabeth was on the ground. I thought she was dead. The woman didn't even check to see if she was ok, then she just drove off.

Scott: Do you swear to that, kid?

Kyle: I called 911.

Scott: What'd she look like?

Kyle: She was short, wore black, really blond hair.

Ric: We all know who that is, don't we?

Faith: Calm down, would you? I'm just trying to do a good deed --

Elizabeth: Just get her out of here.

Faith: Visiting the sick, the blind.

Dillon: You need to leave right now.

Elizabeth: Don't try to reason with her! Just call a security guard!

Dillon: Yeah, like I'm going to leave you in here alone with her.

Faith: Oh, you are so sweet -- and smart. There's no telling what mayhem I could create for poor Elizabeth. Wouldn't it be terrible if she were to tumble out of bed and tangle her neck in the sheets?

Elizabeth: I said get somebody in here!

Faith: I have a better solution, one that will satisfy all of our needs.

Georgie: You have to at least check Elizabeth's room.

Nurse: Emergency in room 502. You need to get in there right away.

Georgie: That's Elizabeth's room! Come on!

Elizabeth: Just tell the security guard in the lobby, and tell someone to call the police.

Guard: What's the problem?

Elizabeth: Faith Rosco -- she was -- she was just here. I'm sure she had a gun, and Dillon Quartermaine left with her.

Georgie: Oh, God. Faith kidnapped Dillon. Oh!

Faith: Car's right here. Come on, move it, move it. Get in. Move over to the driver's seat. Come on.

Dillon: You know, just to let you know, I am a -- a hideous driver. Hideous. I ran over a bunch of parking meters with a hummer this one time -- ask any policeman. It's really bad. It's really not a good story.

Faith: Shut up and drive.

Dillon: Where are we going?

Faith: Somewhere with privacy and a bed.

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Jason: Hydrocodone?

Courtney: I've been taking them a lot.

Scott: You and Faith could be in cahoots.

Faith: Haven't you ever heard of a May-December romance?

Lorenzo: Carly, I need to see you tonight.

Elizabeth: I can't see.

Bobbie: What?

Elizabeth: I can't see.

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