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Nikolas: Do you need a doctor?

Lydia: No.

Nikolas: No?

Lydia: Give me that.

Nikolas: Taping something?

Lydia: Just give it to me.

Nikolas: Why?

Lydia: Because --

Nikolas: Why is it so important?

Lydia: It's mine, ok? It was in my purse. Now give it to me.

Nikolas: Am I on this? And if I am, why you taping me?

Lydia: It's Stefan, all right?

Stefan: What's going on?

Lorenzo: Get the product on the street immediately. I want the system up and running. I've already lost far too much money. If anybody gets in the way, you make them die.

Dillon: Hey, Lorenzo. Um -- sorry, Mr. Alcazar.

Lorenzo: Convince me you didn't hear anything.

Sonny: What's that?

Carly: It was here when I got home.

Sonny: Who left it?

Carly: You're not going to like it.

Sonny: "For practice. I look forward to our next game. Lorenzo." Ok.

Carly: Ignore it, ok? Ignore it.

Sonny: What? Lorenzo? What, he thinks that he can just send gifts to my wife?

Carly: Hey, hey, hey, you are getting mad, and this is exactly what he wants.

Sonny: Well, he's not going to be sending you any more gifts, ok?

Carly: Well, don't go confront him, please.

Sonny: Jason will take care of it.

Carly: This is a bad time for Jason.

Sonny: It can't wait.

Carly: No, it's really -- it's not a good time. He is in the middle of something.

Sonny: What do you mean, he's in the middle -- what, are you Jason's keeper now? What are you talking about?

Carly: Courtney had a miscarriage, ok?

Sonny: Courtney had a --

Carly: She was pregnant, and Jason didn't even know about it until after she lost the baby.

Sonny: What are you talking about?

Carly: She was pregnant when she went to South America, and she had a miscarriage.

Sonny: Courtney -- well, she didn't tell Jason?

Carly: Well, she has now, ok? And it's a lot to deal with, and they need a little bit of time.

Sonny: How long have you known about this? And why haven't you told me?

Jason: You don't want to get married?

Courtney: I need more time.

Jason: But the night we came home, you said you want to get married right away.

Courtney: Yeah, but getting married is not going to bring our baby back, ok? And it's not going to make me be able to have another one.

Jason: I know that. I understand that.

Carly: You know, there was this -- this moment on our wedding day, this perfect moment where you were waiting down at the altar for me and Sonny was at your side and my dad was at my side and Carly was going to be there any minute. I was surrounded by the people who loved me, you know? And that one day, that perfect moment, I had everything that I needed. But now --

Jason: But now we have each other.

Courtney: You don't have to say that.

Jason: I want to make this better for you.

Courtney: No, Jason, you can't. Ok? You can't, and it's all right, ok? I can handle this.

Jason: Why are you pushing me away?

Lydia: The new accountant sends audiotapes. God knows why. I'm always losing them, tape recorder and all. So I was looking under the coffee table, but Nikolas found it in the bedroom. So I'll take that back now.

Nikolas: You sure? You seem pretty upset about what's on here.

Lydia: That's why I need to hear it again.

Stefan: Are you all right?

Lydia: I'm fine. I just hit my head on the coffee table.

Nikolas: You want to go to the hospital?

Lydia: It's nothing.

Stefan: Sergei will take you if you want to go. I need to speak to Nikolas. It's urgent.

Lydia: Fine.

Stefan: May I ask why you were on the floor with Lydia?

Nikolas: I thought you said it was urgent.

Stefan: It is. I don't quite know how to ask you this, but I need your help.

Dillon: I -- I didn't hear anything. I mean, if you were, like, on the phone or something, you know, I wasn't paying attention.

Lorenzo: Good.

Dillon: Yeah, um, hey, now that I have you here -- I mean, now that I ran into you -- about that job you offered me, I just want to say that I really appreciate it, but I need something a little more legit, if that's ok.

Lorenzo: I understand.

Dillon: No offense?

Lorenzo: None taken.

Dillon: Have a nice day, you know.

Georgie: "Have a nice day"?

Dillon: What was I supposed to say to the guy?

Georgie: Well, you don't tell an international criminal and drug lord to have a nice day. And you cut your hair. And why are you wearing a raincoat?

Dillon: What is wrong with the raincoat?

Georgie: It's a million degrees outside, and it's not raining.

Dillon: Well, it is somewhere. Like Paris, or -- no, Morocco. Rain-drenched streets, 3:00 in the morning, piano, guy in a raincoat --

Georgie: "Casablanca"?

Dillon: Very good. I'm getting proud of you.

Georgie: Open up.

Dillon: No, no.

Georgie: Open it. You took the job at E.L.Q.

Dillon: Do I look like a corporate raider now?

Georgie: No. You look perfect.

Carly: Why would I tell you that Courtney's pregnant?

Sonny: Why? Maybe because Courtney's my sister, you're my wife, and Jason's like a brother to me.

Carly: So it makes it law that I need to tell you absolutely everything?

Sonny: Yes. When you did find out?

Carly: When I got home.

Sonny: Courtney told you?

Carly: No, Mike let it slip.

Sonny: Oh, now my father knows and I don't.

Carly: He told me she was pregnant. She was missing, so there was --

Sonny: Why didn't you say anything? I mean, what were you thinking?

Carly: I was thinking it's none of my business. It wasn't my business to tell you or anybody else.

Sonny: Well, Courtney should have told Jason.

Carly: She tried, ok? She tried. She wanted to. She didn't, for whatever reason. And then -- that's why I wanted to surprise them when they got home because I thought she would have told him in the car ride and we could all celebrate.

Sonny: And then Courtney -- Courtney lost the baby.

Carly: Yeah. Diving into the water was too much for her.

Sonny: And Jason thought that Alcazar raped her.

Carly: I told you that he didn't.

Sonny: I know you told me, but the way Courtney was acting, you know --

Carly: Come on, Sonny. We lost a baby. We know how hard it is. And Courtney had to -- she had to deal with it in her own way, and we need -- hey --

Sonny: Hmm?

Carly: We need to respect it.

Sonny: What about Jason?

Carly: Well, you can imagine how he's handling it, no matter what he says.

Sonny: Well, I don't blame him, you know. Finding out you were blessed with a child only after the baby's gone --

Courtney: I'm not pushing you away, Jason. I just -- I don't think that it is the right time for us to get married.

Jason: How can I help you through this?

Courtney: I'm the one who made the mistakes, ok? You didn't.

Jason: I didn't listen. You tried to tell me.

Courtney: Yeah. Jason, I could have tried harder.

[Knock on door]

Sonny: I'm sorry. I know it's a bad time. Carly told me about the miscarriage.

Jason: Yeah. What's that?

Sonny: Come here. Alcazar sent this to Carly. I need you to give it back to him. Let him know not to send her any more presents.

Jason: I'll be back as soon as I can, ok?

Sonny: I'm sorry.

Courtney: I kept it a secret from him, Sonny. I didn't even tell him until last night.

Sonny: I know.

Courtney: I mean, you think that's awful, right? I mean, it's a betrayal.

Sonny: How can I help you with this?

Courtney: Could you just please explain Jason to me before I ruin everything?

Courtney: Jason has to be furious at me, Sonny, but he just keeps saying what I want to hear, like he wants to get married immediately.

Sonny: You don't believe him?

Courtney: He just doesn't want me to see how angry he is, you know? I mean, you saw how fast he ran out of here. He barely said a word to me this morning. You know him better than anybody else. Tell me, what should I do?

Sonny: Sit down. Why didn't you tell him you were pregnant?

Courtney: Oh, God. It's not because I didn't think he could handle it, you know. I didn't mean to make choices for Jason. I mean, God knows, that's the worst thing I could possibly do.

Sonny: That's right.

Courtney: Maybe I just -- maybe I assumed too much. It never occurred to me that I was going to lose this baby. The thought never entered my mind. But you were so close to finding Carly. And I did. I tried to tell Jason -- I did -- but I just didn't want him to lose focus, you know? I thought that I had plenty of time.

Sonny: I understand.

Courtney: Then I saw a chance to help Carly, and I went for it. And when I saw -- I saw a way to escape, I jumped, and I swam. I knew that there were risks. I just didn't know how much. Now it's too late.

Sonny: Were you alone when you lost the baby?

Courtney: When they told me, yeah.

Sonny: I'm sorry you had to go through that.

Courtney: But even then, I thought that I would have a chance to have another kid, you know, but -- I thought I was going to have a second chance at least.

Sonny: Wait, wait, wait. Why do you say -- what makes you think you can't?

Courtney: Sonny, they made a mistake in that clinic.

Sonny: Who did?

Courtney: The doctors --

sonny: The doctors in the clinic? Butchers.

Courtney: No, Sonny, no, no. Don't blame the doctors, ok? I shouldn't have been there, all right? Every bit of this is my fault, and that is something that I have to live with. But what I've done to Jason -- how am I going to fix it?

Sonny: Ok, listen to me, ok? You're going to have to just give him some time, give him some room. Ok?

Courtney: What if Carly had done this to you, huh? Would you forgive her?

Sonny: You're not Carly, I'm not Jason. He's the only one who can answer that.

Jason: Don't send Carly any more gifts.

Lorenzo: Or what, you're going to kill me?

Jason: You stay away from her.

Man: Let him go.

Jason: You keep pushing; you're going to start a war you can't win.

Stefan: Nikolas, it's about Lucky. I know the situation is difficult for you.

Nikolas: Did something happen?

Stefan: Every time I turn around, Lucky is in this house. He's tried to coerce your wife into working against me.

Nikolas: I can believe that.

Stefan: He's determined to prove that I tried to kill Emily. Now he's trying to involve Lydia. Our family situation is tenuous enough as it is.

Nikolas: Do you want me to ask Lucky to back off?

Stefan: Please. I need you on my side before it's too late.

Lydia: Have you seen Lucky?

Zander: You know what? He's around here somewhere. You know what? If you see him, can you tell him that Emily and I are getting married?

Lydia: Are you serious? That's the best news I've heard in weeks.

Zander: Yeah, just tell him that it's here and today.

Lydia: You're getting married in I.C.U.?

Zander: Yeah, I mean, I've got to get all the few people, find a Justice of Peace, but yeah.

Lydia: Emily must be feeling so much better.

Zander: She will be. This wedding -- this wedding is going to turn everything around.

Lydia: Congratulations.

Zander: Thank you.

Monica: Did -- did Zander go?

Lydia: I'm not sure.

Emily: Hi.

Monica: Oh, I didn't mean to wake you.

Emily: That's all right.

Monica: Oh, I wish we could have done more. I wish I could do more.

Emily: You've been a great mother.

Monica: Look, if -- if you would really like to go home --

Emily: No, I don't want to make a big fuss. It will be easier for everyone if I just stay here.

Monica: I am not going to let this happen.

Emily: It's what I want.

Monica: No. No, no, don't you say that. You are not going to give up.

Emily: This is not giving up.

Monica: Look, I should have been the one to talk to you.

Emily: Tell me what?

Monica: Well, didn't Zander tell you about the antibiotics?

Emily: Oh, my God.

Monica: Emily, didn't --

Emily: That's why I feel so bad? I'm getting worse.

Monica: Well, it's just that the infection just keeps growing, Em, and we can't stop it right now.

Emily: Am I going to die?

Ned: I need these copies collated but not stapled. And just have them ready for the evening mail. And whatever you do, Dillon, don't mix them up.

Dillon: Oh, yeah, not a problem.

Ned: You know, I'm really glad that you accepted my job offer. I know it's a lot of work, but you'll catch on. If everything works out, maybe we can put together a schedule for you to work part-time during school.

Dillon: Well, great, thank you.

Ned: I'm really glad you're here.

Dillon: Thanks.

Ned: Now get to work.

Dillon: Ok.

Georgie: Dillon?

Dillon: Hey.

Georgie: Hey. How's the corporate raider?

Dillon: Yeah, I'm more like corporate office boy. Look at that.

Georgie: You can handle it. You'll be fine, especially if you have some chocolate chip cookies.

Dillon: No way. You came all the way to give me this?

Georgie: Yep. And for this. Have fun.

Dillon: Oh.

A.J.: What?

Dillon: I can fix this.

A.J.: You better.

Dillon: Yeah.

A.J.: You know, they need these for a closing. It's a huge deal, right? You know that?

Dillon: What are you doing?

A.J.: Messing up a closing on your first day. That's got to be some kind of new record, my friend.

Dillon: Hey, don't you have somewhere to be or something to do?

A.J.: Well, what have we got here, huh? Ooh. Cookies. Yummy. Eating on company time, entertaining the old girlfriend. You're better at going to jail than you are at keeping a job, aren't you? Here you go, little man.

Sonny: What did he send now? Another gift?

Carly: Hey, hey, hey, no, no. Calm down, all right? This was on back order. It just came.

Sonny: You're sure about that, Carly?

Carly: Yes, I'm sure. Would you -- look, I ordered it after the first one went missing. Look.

Sonny: Well, it kind of looks like the one Ric stole and locked you up with. Are you sure you want it?

Carly: Yeah, because that mobile -- it got me through some really rough nights. I'd look at it, you know, and I'd picture our baby looking up at it and reaching out, and then I'd see your face.

Sonny: My face?

Carly: And I promised him that we would all be together as long as we held on.

Sonny: You found a way to survive.

Carly: I always do. How's Courtney?

Sonny: Not so good.

Carly: She blames herself.

Sonny: Yeah. You know something? I have so much -- you, Michael, the baby on the way -- and Jason won't be able to see his first child.

Carly: Neither will Courtney. Neither did you.

Sonny: Yeah. Courtney still should have told him.

Carly: You didn't say that to her, did you?

Sonny: No, no, you know, I didn't have to.

Carly: Sonny, we all make mistakes.

Sonny: Yeah, but if Courtney had told him from the start, she wouldn't have to be going through all this.

Jason: Are you ok?

Courtney: Fine.

Jason: You're upset because I left.

Courtney: No, I think Alcazar deserves whatever he gets.

Jason: Why you acting like this?

Courtney: I'm right here, Jason. You're the one who keeps taking off.

Jason: It was work.

Courtney: Come on. I mean, you disappear this morning with barely even saying a word? You know, and when you dare to even say anything, you say what I want to hear. I mean, why can't you just admit that you are angry with me? And you should be, Jason. I betrayed you.

Jason: Why are you doing this?

Courtney: Nothing can help our baby, ok? Or any other baby that we would have had. I took care of that, didn't I? Do you care? Do you even care?

Jason: Of course I care.

Courtney: Ok, well, I don't get how you can keep it inside.

Jason: I don't see what difference it makes.

Courtney: Can you look me in my eye and tell me that you forgive me, Jason?

Jason: There's nothing to forgive. It was an accident.

Courtney: No, you can't. You can't. You're never going to forgive me.

Jason: Courtney --

Courtney: No, no. Just leave me alone.

Lucky: What are you doing here?

Lydia: I'll explain it later. I've got a complete confession. Wait till you hear this.

Lucky: It's way too public.

Lydia: Then let's go someplace else.

Lucky: Look, I came here to see how Emily's doing.

Lydia: Monica's with her.

Lucky: Well, is she any worse?

Lydia: I'm not sure. Zander said that they're getting married -- here, today.

Lucky: Yeah, right.

Lydia: That's what he said.

Lucky: You know what? Maybe that's just what you wanted to hear.

Emily: I knew from the start, when I first found out. That's why I came home.

Monica: Well, I'm here. I'm going to stay right here.

Emily: I'm ok. I'm not scared anymore.

Monica: Are you in any pain?

Emily: Not at all. But I -- I just -- I need to be alone. Just for a little while.

Monica: Are you sure?

Emily: Yeah. I'm so glad I got to be home with the family. I love you all so much.

Monica: Well, we do, too. Now, is there anything I can do?

Emily: I just -- I just need to rest.

Monica: Well, you know, I'm not going to be far away.

Emily: I know. Mom?

Monica: What?

Emily: I love you.

Monica: I love you with all my heart. I'll be close.

Emily: Ok.

Monica: Ok.

Nikolas: Em? Emily? Hi.

Emily: Am I dreaming?

Nikolas: I don't think so.

Emily: I dreamed we were dancing. You were splendid.

Nikolas: Well, what did you expect? I'm very well brought up.

Emily: You have perfect manners. Even now. Did Monica tell you? The antibiotics aren't working.

Emily: I'm on my deathbed. Isn't that weird?

Nikolas: I'll go speak to Monica and I'll get another specialist.

Emily: No, don't, don't, Nikolas. Just stay here. I don't have a lot of time left.

Nikolas: Please --

Emily: Yeah. I've been thinking, and I need you to promise me --

Nikolas: Ok, anything.

Emily: Promise -- promise you'll find a way to be happy with Lydia. You'll have -- you'll have lots of children, and you'll let them play -- you'll let them play cops and robbers in the tunnels. And you'll teach them how to ride, and you'll teach them how to dance, and you'll laugh every now and then until your stomach hurts and you snort.

Nikolas: I can't do that.

Emily: You have to promise me. You have to promise me, Nikolas. You can't deny me anything now.

Nikolas: No. I never -- I never really could.

Emily: Live a full life and never dress like Stefan.

Nikolas: I'm sorry.

Emily: And one day, when you're very, very old, promise you'll go for a ride in that big field along the bluffs and you'll do a full gallop, like you're flying. And you'll walk back from the barn at dusk and you'll notice the breeze off the water and the clouds and then sit by the fire, have a glass of good wine and a nice dinner, turn out all the lights, and go to sleep. No regrets. No sad memories.

Nikolas: I promise.

Emily: And when you wake up, I'll be waiting.

Nikolas: God, I love you.

Emily: I love you, too.

Ned: So, you got all that done?

Dillon: Yeah, I did. Not so hard when you set up a system.

Ned: That's a good way to think about it.

Dillon: You think so?

Ned: I don't believe this.

Dillon: What? What's wrong?

Ned: Everything's so slow. It takes forever to access a file. Maybe I should just call tech support.

Dillon: Wait, wait, can I -- can I take a look?

Ned: Sure, go ahead.

Dillon: What do you -- what do you have on this hard drive?

Ned: Evidently, not enough.

Dillon: Well, when was the last time you checked your email?

Ned: Well, it's a personal account, so I rarely dip into that.

Dillon: Yeah, well, maybe you should because you've got, like -- like, hundreds of letters here from Valentine's Day. Who's "cindisu5"?

Ned: I have no idea. Call it up.

Dillon: It's to Eddie Maine. Let me get the first part of this. "To the only birthday present I would ever want. Young, sweet, almost 16, me."

Ned: All right, that's got to be some kind of joke. Look, why don't you -- why don't you go take a break, all right? Go take a break.

Dillon: Ok.

Carly: Are you sure? I think you're supposed to hang it the other way.

Sonny: No.

Carly: Yeah, no, it's supposed to go that --

Sonny: See?

Carly: Oh.

Carly: Jase? Are you ok?

Jason: Yeah, I just -- you know, I just came to talk to Sonny.

Carly: All right, I'll go check on Courtney.

Jason: She's not there.

Carly: Well, where is she?

Jason: Just let me talk to Sonny, ok?

Carly: Ok.

Sonny: What happened?

Jason: Courtney just ran out. You know, I started after her, but whatever I say just seems to make things worse.

Sonny: Ok, you know what? I think Courtney needs some time alone. I think you do, too.

Jason: Man, I don't know how to do any of this. You know, how can I grieve for what I never had? I mean, Courtney had the baby inside her. She knows what she lost. I never will.

Sonny: Have you told Courtney any of this?

Jason: No, she's in too much pain. She blames herself for everything. I've tried. I keep trying. I've tried to make it better.

Sonny: Ok, what do you want to do?

Jason: I don't know. I don't know. I love Courtney as much as I always did. You know, if we can't have any more children, that's fine, we can't. We just need to cut our losses and move on.

Courtney: Get off me! No!

Man: Wait. We have to clear this with the boss first.

Second man: So call him.

Lorenzo: What happened here? Where's the girl?

Man: Around the corner.

Lorenzo: How much did she see?

Man: We're not sure, but she knows how to fight. She might be a cop.

Lorenzo: Get rid of her.

Man: What a waste. She's a real looker.

Stefan's voice: Nikolas' life was more important than Emily's. I thought the only solution was for her to die, so I decided to arrange it.

Lydia's voice: But Summer died instead.

Stefan's voice: Darius pushed the wrong woman.

Lucky: That's exactly what we need.

Lydia: I really outdid myself, didn't I?

Lucky: Now, you're sure that Stefan wasn't suspecting anything?

Lydia: I don't think so, but Nikolas does. He knows there's a tape, and he knows it's about Stefan.

Lucky: Then why didn't you just play him the whole damn thing?

Lydia: Why are you so paranoid?

Lucky: I'll do anything to keep my father out of jail. I mean, assuming Nikolas will do the same.

Lydia: Nikolas can't stand Stefan.

Lucky: Nikolas is mad at him, with good reason. Regardless, he still loves him. Some part of him still wants to stay loyal, no matter what Stefan has done. That means this tape is going straight to Mac Scorpio.

[Knock on door]

Nikolas: Thought I'd find you here.

Lydia: You can't pick up the phone?

Nikolas: My uncle is on that tape. What does he say? Play it for me.

Zander: Well, everything is set. The Justice of the Peace will be here in two hours. Can you believe they don't let you have flowers in this room?

Emily: You knew I was getting worse, didn't you? But you didn't tell me.

Zander: The doctors could be wrong, Em.

Emily: I'm dying, Zander, and you know it. Why do you want to get married?

Zander: Because, Em, I love you.

Emily: No, you feel sorry for me.

Zander: No.

Emily: It's some kind of a last gift.

Zander: No. No. Emily, we love each other. Why shouldn't we be together?

Emily: I won't marry you, Zander. Not like this.

[Knock on door]

Jason: Ok.


Jason: Ok!

Dillon: It's Courtney. She's in trouble. She's on the docks. Come on. Come on!

Jason: Hey, Courtney's hurt. She's on the docks.

Carly: Oh, my God.

Lorenzo: You looking for Courtney?

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