GH Transcript Monday 8/25/03

General Hospital Transcript Monday 8/25/03

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Jason: Courtney, I -- I want to have a baby, too. But you know what? We need to get married first, and soon --

Courtney: And I -- I can't wait to be your wife. I -- but Jason, having a legal document, that's not going to make us love each other any more. That happens anyway. We would love our child so much. Us having a family -- that's what matters.

Jason: You know that -- that I will give you whatever you want. But why this? And why right now? What else is going on with you?

Carly: Thank you for the save, but you can let me go.

Lorenzo: Of course.

Michael: Mommy, are you ok?

Carly: I'm fine.

Michael: I didn't mean to make you fall down the stairs.

Sonny: What happened here?

Carly: I -- I stumbled. I missed a step. Lorenzo -- he just -- he caught me before I had a chance to fall. It's no big deal.

Michael: I wanted to see the boat. I was pulling on mommy.

Sonny: That's a big boat, huh? Yeah?

Michael: Yep.

Sonny: But you got to be careful with mommy, right? Especially while she's pregnant?

Michael: I'm sorry.

Lorenzo: All that matters is that Carly and the baby are safe.

Sonny: Yeah, I'll thank you later. Go ahead and take Michael home. I'll meet you there.

Carly: No.

Sonny: Hmm?

Carly: I said no. I'm not going anywhere.

Faith: Nice to see you, too. Ahem.

Ric: For one blissful moment, I actually forgot where I was.

Faith: Safe and sound. And hungry, I imagine. You've been asleep for almost 24 hours, so Iíve made you a little treat.

Ric: Uh-huh. Oysters, strawberries, and champagne.

Faith: Well, I'm just trying to be a good hostess.

Ric: Mm-hmm.

Faith: Look, just because you're hiding from a gaggle of people who want to see you dead is no reason you should have to go without. I changed your bandages while you were sleeping. I might've taken a little peek.

Ric: It's nothing you haven't seen before.

Faith: Well, that doesn't mean that I don't want to see it again -- and touch.

Ric: Just get it out of your mind, ok, once and for all.

Stefan: Why would Darius call you about Summer Halloway's death?

Lydia: How am I supposed to know what a murdering blackmailer thinks?

Stefan: Lower your voice.

Lydia: Maybe it's because he knows Iíve got money and you haven't responded to his threats. Look, Stefan, I don't like this any more than you do, but the guy is serious. Either Darius gets a million cash or he goes to the police and tells them that you ordered him to kill Emily but he got Summer instead. He said he would call again. What do you want me to tell him?

Stefan: I can't afford any more trouble. I'll give Darius what he wants.

Nikolas: It's ok.

Alan: Listen, step back.

Monica: What happened?

Nikolas: She -- I don't know. We were talking, and she just started to shake.

Monica: It's a seizure.

Zander: Why would this happen?

Alan: The antibiotic isn't working. Obviously, there's increased inflammation around her brain. What'd you give her?

Monica: Two milligrams of lorazepam.

Lucky: Will it work?

Lydia: So you'll give Darius the million dollars?

Stefan: No. Darius is an angry ex-employee who wouldn't know what to do with $1 million if he had it. He'll take what he's offered and go away.

Lydia: How can you be sure?

Stefan: Because he doesn't have one ounce of proof to support any accusation that I wanted Emily dead.

Lydia: Excuse me?

Stefan: What is the meaning of this?

Man: You're coming with us, Mr. Cassadine. Unless you have a payment in full?

Stefan: I already faked one beating. I've made my point. There's no need to fake another.

Man: I don't know what the hell you're talking about, but believe this -- nothing about what is going to happen to you is fake.

Lydia: Wait a second! You can't just grab a person like that.

Stefan: Who are you employed by? I demand some answers!

Lydia: Gotcha.

Sonny: I asked you to take Michael home.

Carly: Only if you come with us.

Lorenzo: You don't have to stay on account of me. I appreciate what you're doing, but Sonny obviously has something he wants to say to me in private. I'd like to hear it.

Carly: Ok, you know what? I don't need your permission to do anything. I am not on your yacht anymore. If you really want me to go, I will.

Sonny: Thank you.

Michael: So, when will you be home, Daddy?

Sonny: I'll be home so fast, you won't even miss me.

Michael: Ok.

Carly: Come on.

Sonny: Bye-bye.

Carly: Bye.

Michael: See you, Dad.

Sonny: Everywhere I go, there you are. Why is that?

Lorenzo: We have mutual interests. Our paths are bound to cross.

Sonny: See, you're trying to make this sound like its business, but it's personal. You got yourself all hot and bothered over something that doesn't belong to you, and Iím not talking about my docks or my transport network.

Lorenzo: You're right. I've gone out of my way to run into Carly every chance I could. Unfortunately, you always seem to be around or close. I suppose that's one of the downsides of falling in love with another man's wife.

Courtney: You know how bad I want us to have a baby. We discussed it.

Jason: I know we discussed it, but I thought that -- you know, that we discussed that this is not a good time right now.

Courtney: Yeah, but that was before.

Jason: Before -- before what?

Courtney: The danger's over, Jason. Carly's back home. So am I. Ric -- he's out of our lives. I just -- all the reasons for me not to get pregnant, they've been resolved, and I -- I can't think of a better way to put an end to the sadness than for us to start our family.

Jason: I guess I just didn't -- I don't see the rush. I didn't think that you did, either.

Courtney: Jason, it's just -- it's just that life is so short, and -- and what's happening with Emily, it just scares me.

Jason: I know that you're scared. I'm scared. Courtney, I want -- I want all the same things that you do, but not just for the sake of getting it done in case something bad happens.

Alan: Jason. I'm glad you're still here. It's Emily.

Zander: Ok, Monica, how is she?

Monica: Well, she's stabilized, but she's still unconscious.

Zander: How bad is it?

Monica: We've done all that we can right now.

Nikolas: She's going to wake up, isn't she?

Monica: We have to pray that she does. Because the sooner she does that, the less she runs the risk of any complications.

Lucky: What kind of complications?

Monica: Her immune system has really taken a beating with the -- with the cancer and the chemo and now with meningitis.

Nikolas: But, Monica, she's here in the hospital. She was able to get immediate treatment. That --

Monica: Yeah, well, even if that infection clears up, she still runs the risk of serious ramifications.

Zander: Monica, what's the worst-case scenario?

Monica: The worse case scenario, Zander, is that she dies.

Sonny: You either have a death wish or you're as crazy as your brother.

Lorenzo: Oh, yeah, Luis, rest his soul. He loved one of your women, too, didn't he? Brenda wasn't completely immune to his charms. But Brenda was attracted to him for all the wrong reasons. First gratitude. Then resignation. Finally the idea that staying with my brother would keep you alive. My path to Carly is a lot more straightforward.

Sonny: You're not going to have my wife, Alcazar.

Lorenzo: See, you say that with such confidence, yet you're clearly upset.

Sonny: I don't like you. Seeing your face makes the blood rush to my head. But that has nothing to do with whether you have a chance with my wife, if that's really what you want.

Lorenzo: Oh, good, now you're in denial.

Sonny: No, you're messing with my head.

Lorenzo: You seem to be doing a pretty good job of that yourself.

Sonny: Give it up! Carly's where she's going to be, where she's going to stay, where she wants to be. My advice to you is back off while I'm still asking.

Carly: No wonder you can never get enough ice cream, because it always ends up on the outside of you instead of on the inside. Hey -- hold still.

Michael: That man on the docks --

Carly: What about him?

Michael: Is he bad like Ric?

Carly: He's not like Ric. He's -- listen to me. Mr. Alcazar, he actually helped mommy when the baby wanted to be born too soon. Stop that.

Michael: So then he's good?

Carly: Sweetheart, it's really -- it's not that simple.

[knock on door]

Max: Scott Baldwin's here.

Carly: Go on upstairs. Go play upstairs and change your shirt.

Michael: Ok.

Carly: Sonny's not here.

Scott: Ok, you're going to want to hear this, ok, because you could be in serious danger here.

Ric: I don't mean to keep hurting your feelings. I'm sorry.

Faith: You should be.

Ric: Look, it's not about you, all right? You -- you're -- you're an amazing woman, all right? You're sexy. You are vibrant. You are exciting. I'm sure most men would think that Iím out of my mind for turning you down.

Faith: Then stop doing it.

Ric: Faith -- you know it wouldn't be fair for me to take you to bed.

Faith: You let me decide that.

Ric: Ok. You remember when you told me you thought the two of us were very much alike? Well, you were right. Faith, I understand what you want from me, and it's more than just sex, because it's the same thing that I want from Elizabeth. Faith, I had it. I had it and I threw it away. It's love. It's the unconditional acceptance of another human being. I can't give you that, Faith. You're just going to wind up bleeding inside, and then you're going to want to kill me, too, and, frankly, I have enough enemies. As it is, neither one of us needs to be here.

Faith: Where will you go?

Ric: I'm afraid Iím going to have to impose on your generosity one last time.

Lucky: Lydia, this better be good for me to come all the way down here instead of you bringing your butt up to I.C.U. In case you haven't heard, Emily is going through a major medical crisis.

Lydia: And my husband is probably glued at her bedside while I'm here on your behalf risking my life to get a madman's murder confession on tape. In case you care, I got it.

Lucky: You're kidding.

Lydia: It's cued up to the incriminating part.

Lydia's voice: So you'll give Darius the million dollars?

Stefan's voice: No. Darius is an angry ex-employee who wouldn't know what to do with $1 million if he had it. He'll take what he's offered and go away.

Lydia's voice: How can you be sure?

Stefan's voice: Because he doesn't have one ounce of proof to support any accusation that I wanted Emily dead.

Lucky: That's it?

Lydia: Maybe you weren't listening.

Lucky: You know what? Just --

Lydia: Shall I play it back for you?

Lucky: Don't bother if that's all you got because it's wasting my time.

Monica: My beautiful girl. My beautiful Emily. You're going to have to fight, Em. You're going to have to fight harder than you ever have. I know you will, and I know you're going to win, too --

[Door opens]

Monica: Because you have to.

Nikolas: Sorry. Zander and I were wondering --

Zander: Would it help if we talked to her?

Monica: Well, that's exactly what I was doing. And I don't think it could hurt. Just one at a time, ok?

Nikolas: I'll wait in the hall.

Zander: All right.

Zander: Hey, Em. Oh, you look so peaceful. It's hard to believe that just a second ago you were -- you scared us, Emily. Probably scared yourself, too. Hard to believe -- you just look kind of like you went to sleep. But you're going to wake up, though. I know it. You know, Em, I was thinking. I was thinking about all we could do after you get out of here, and guess what I came up with. We'll go to a carnival. We'll go ride the rides --

Emily: Whoo!

[Emily and Zander laugh]

Zander: Ready?

Emily: Whee!

[Waltz music plays]

Nikolas: I love you. I love you. Losing you really made me realize that nothing else matters. I -- I really don't know what it's like where you're at right now. You know, it might be bright and -- and peaceful and you may not even want to come back from there, but I won't let you stay. Please -- please come back to me. Just follow my voice. Em, just come back to me. You know Iím here, don't you? Can you hear me?

Emily's voice: Yes. I hear you, Nikolas.

Monica: Oh -- I'm so -- I'm so scared.

Dr. Meadows: Oh, Courtney. I didn't realize you'd be waiting.

Courtney: Well, I -- I got your message. Something wrong?

Dr. Meadows: After I examined you, I ran some tests. This is never easy.

Courtney: Dr. Meadows, you're scaring me. Just -- what? Just tell me.

Dr. Meadows: It appears you sustained internal injuries.

Courtney: How serious?

Dr. Meadows: I'm so sorry, Courtney.

Courtney: Tell me.

Dr. Meadows: You may never be able to have children.

Scott: Well, I guess you heard through the mob grapevine that when we tried to arrest Ric at the hospital, he gave us the slip.

Carly: Gee. I can't believe it.

Scott: Well, you know how desperate he is and how clever he can be, because, you know, I read your statement to the police when he held you captive. That must've been very unpleasant for you. I mean, he's truly a nut case.

Carly: Scott, you came all the way over here to tell me something I already know?

Scott: And with most nut cases, they don't think rational like, you know, you and I would. You see, when they lay out a little plan and it backfires, they go crazy. So Iím afraid that he's going to try and finish the job. Now, Iím not sure my department can protect you. Of course, Sonny and all his goons -- I guess you'll be all right. Sonny's probably kicking himself right now, you know, I mean, the way he feels about Ric -- why he didn't just kill him when he had the chance.

Carly: I get your game, Scott. You come in here. You get the poor, pregnant, traumatized woman all wound up. She goes running to her husband. Sonny goes gunning after Ric. He kills Ric, ends up in prison, and -- whoa -- your wildest dreams have now just come true and you don't even have to lift a finger.

Scott: Hey, Iím just trying to help.

Carly: First of all, I am not afraid of Ric. And second of all, I do not appreciate being used against my husband.

Sonny: What are you doing here?

Carly: He's trying to get you to do his job for him.

Faith: So, what do you need from me?

Ric: Legwork.

Faith: I offered that. You turned me down.

Ric: I need to get out of the country. Obviously, I can't be seen around town, so I need for you to arrange some things for me.

Faith: Hmm. Airline ticket, fake passport, etc.?

Ric: And enough cash until I can get to my Swiss bank accounts and a ride to an out-of-town airport.

Faith: And what then? Life on the road? You become William Bentley, invisible man?

Ric: There are countries that'll take people like me in.

Faith: But I will never see you again.

Ric: I'll send post cards. "Having a wonderful time," you know? Look, Faith, you said you don't want me dead. Will you get me what I need to stay alive?

Faith: You know that I am no good at refusing you.

Ric: Faith -- I'm trusting you.

Faith: It's about time.

Courtney: There must be some mistake.

Dr. Meadows: I wish it were the case.

Courtney: I can't have a baby? Not ever?

Dr. Meadows: Your chances of conceiving again are minimal.

Courtney: This is all my fault, just like losing the baby. I should never have jumped into that freezing water.

Dr. Meadows: Don't, Courtney. It's counterproductive. Your injuries could be the result of any number of things. And don't view it as a fault -- yours or anyone else's. Listen, I want you to take some time and let this sink in. There's some support groups that I can put you --

Courtney: No.

Dr. Meadows: It's very important for you to talk about your feelings.

Courtney: Not with strangers.

Dr. Meadows: Then start with Jason. I know this is painful, but you're not alone. Don't isolate yourself. I have an appointment. Don't hesitate to call me if you have any questions.

Monica: I'm sorry. I'm -- Iím the one who's supposed to be the professional here.

Jason: You're definitely allowed to be human.

Monica: Thank you. Thanks for letting me lean on you for a little bit.

Jason: It's not a problem. How's Emily doing?

Monica: Well, she's unconscious, and I -- and I don't honestly know what happens from here.

Jason: Is there anything that I can do?

Monica: No. Just stay close, ok? And I'll call you if there's any change.

Lydia: I thought you wanted to nail Stefan for killing your girlfriend.

Lucky: I still do. It'll clear my father's name of Summer's murder and avenge Emily. But there's nothing on that tape that's going to help me.

Lydia: You think it's so easy to get Stefan to incriminate himself on tape, you do it.

Lucky: You know what? Just listen to me. There's nothing I can do for you now. My focus is on Emily, ok?

Lydia: Isn't everyone's.

Nikolas: I won't leave you. Not after I finally came out of my fog and -- and realized how much I love you and that you are my everything to me. I need a chance to tell you. I need to -- to look into your eyes and say "I love you" and for you to look into mine and see how much I mean it.

[door opens]

Zander: Hey, Nikolas. I'd like to sit with her for a while.

Nikolas: Sure.

Zander: Hey, Em. It's me. Your hands feel so warm. It's like you're here. Maybe it's because Nikolas was holding them. Well, I'm here now. We're going to spend the rest of our lives together. You're going to make it, Em. We got too much ahead of us for you to bail on me now. We got a wedding, being married, starting a family.

Zander: Emily? Em?

Zander: I felt that. I felt that, Em. I felt your hand. I felt you. Squeeze my hand. Hold on to me tight. I'll bring you back to me. I'll bring you back, we'll be together, and we'll spend our lives together. That's not -- that's not what you -- that's not what you want anymore, is it? It's like -- it's like I can feel you pulling away from me. Em? Listen to me. It doesn't matter if you're coming back to me or not, but you got to fight.

Stefan: It would've been so much easier if you had died.

Jason: Have you guys -- you guys see Courtney? She said she'd wait for me.

Alan: She left.

Jason: Alone?

Alan: I think so. I saw her get on the elevator. She was crying, Jason.

Courtney: Yeah -- I'll just pick up the tickets at the gate. Two hours before departure. I know.

Zander: Oh, Courtney. Hi. I didn't realize anybody was up here.

Courtney: Zander, I -- I heard about Emily. I'm so sorry.

Zander: No. She's a fighter. She's got a lot to live for.

Courtney: Yeah. Look, I'll get out of your way and let you clear your head, ok?

Zander: Actually, I came up here just to do just the opposite. I want to fill my head full of every good memory of Emily I can think of. Just be glad that she didn't follow her first instinct, which was to run away.

Courtney: From you? Why -- why would she?

Zander: Emily didn't want me to know that she had cancer, so she thought she'd protect me by disappearing. She'd hurt me, and Iíd act out, and I'd never have to find out the awful truth.

Courtney: But if -- if going away was what she wanted --

Zander: But it wasnít. What she wanted was a life with me. When she thought she -- she couldn't have it -- should've known that Iíd find out one way or the other -- the truth -- which I did. You know, it didn't change the way I felt about her. Not one bit.

Courtney: So you weren't mad at her?

Zander: No. I loved Emily. I still do. I just wish she would've known how much from the beginning and trusted that.

Sonny: Sorry to spoil this deal you were working on, but you know, Iím not going after Ric. He's yesterday's news. You know who you should be going after? Alcazar.

Scott: Yeah, well, look at the bright side. As long as every government agency is after Alcazar, they won't be after you -- except me, that is. Have a good day.

Carly: God, I hate him. What happened with Alcazar?

Sonny: The same -- you know, lies, games. He always tries to mess with me.

[knock on door]

Max: Hey.

Carly: Hey.

Max: These just came for you.

Carly: Thanks, Max.

Max: Sure.

Lorenzo's voice: "Thinking of you, as always. Lorenzo."

Lucky: Hey. Why are you back?

Lydia: I can wait and pray as well as the rest of you. Any change in Emilyís condition?

Lucky: No. Are you praying for Emily to live or die?

Lydia: You know what? Forget that I was ever here.

Lucky: Wait. I'm sorry. It's just I'm tired, Iím worried about Emily, so I just can't think straight.

[Door opens]

Nikolas: What are you doing in here?

Stefan: Waiting for you. I had an encounter with a collection agency.

Nikolas: Same people as before?

Stefan: No. I staged that beating to get your sympathy. This one was real.

Nikolas: You are unbelievable. Whatever game you're playing, don't play it in here. Get out.

Stefan: I was desperate for Lydiaís inheritance. I still am. Nikolas -- Nikolas, you don't understand everything that's going on.

Nikolas: And I don't care anymore -- not about the debts, not about Lydiaís money, the family. I love Emily, and I want to be with her.

Stefan: I know that you're afraid for your friend, but you're not thinking clearly.

Nikolas: Yes, I am, and maybe for the first time in my life. I'm going to see Emily through this. She will survive. And when it's over, I'm going to ask her to marry me.

Stefan: You can't do that. You're already married.

Nikolas: Well, that's what annulments are for. Whoever did that to your face, don't worry. I'll find a way to protect you.

Stefan: Nikolas, this is not about my life. It's about yours. If you leave Lydia for Emily, they're going to kill you.

Ric: Did you get everything?

Faith: You could say that.

Ric: You lying bitch. You sold me out?

Scott: Hey, hey, hey. Take it easy on Faith here. I'm not here to arrest you.

Ric: Really? Then why are you here?

Scott: I got a plan. Interested?

Sonny: Beautiful flowers. Roses?

Carly: Yeah.

Sonny: Who got all extravagant on you?

Carly: Um -- they're from mama. A welcome-home gift.

Sonny: You should probably give them water.

Carly: Yeah, I hope Iíve got the right vase.

Carly: I think I'm going to go share the wealth and bring some over to Courtney and Jason, so --

Sonny: I don't think they'd appreciate that, considering the flowers are from Alcazar. Why'd you lie to me?

[Answering machine beeps]

Courtneyís voice: I'm sorry, Jason. I -- I know this is sudden and unexpected, but I have to go away for a while. I need to sort things out, and it's better if I do it alone. Please don't look for me. I promise I'll come back as soon as I can.

Courtney: What I should've told you is Iíve been lying to you for a long time and I was just too scared to face you. But I think it's time that you know the truth.

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