GH Transcript Thursday 8/14/03

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 8/14/03

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Stefan: What do you think you're doing? Those documents don't concern you. Get off of my desk!

Lydia: Or what? You'll throw me off? Or have one of your servants do it, then crash their plane?

Stefan: We have nothing to say to one another.

Lydia: Don't you want to make another one of your veiled threats like you did the other night? Or have you remembered that if you kill me, I can't get pregnant. And without an heir -- my child with Nikolas -- the Cassadines don't get a dime of my grandparents' money.

Stefan: Emily Quartermaine is the real threat, not you.

Lydia: How is Emily a threat? She's in love with that filling station attendant guy -- zippy or zappo or whatever -- and she's fighting cancer.

Stefan: Which gives her incredible power.

Lydia: Why?

Stefan: Did anyone ever bother to teach you the classics? Camille? Sound at all familiar?

[Lydia coughs]

Stefan: Ah.

Lydia: Maybe a little.

Stefan: Yes, and Mimi in "La Boheme." She inspired fierce devotion. It was a beautifully tragic love story.

Lydia: Right.

[Lydia coughs]

Lydia: Cough and sing sing --

[Lydia coughs]

Lydia: Then Mimi dies.

Stefan: As suffering heroines always do -- one way or another.

Lucky: Ok, did you hear what I heard?

Lydia: We have to warn Nikolas.

Lucky: Now.

Nikolas: Em?

Monica: Get me one milligram lorazepam, stat!

Zander: All right, hey, you need to rest.

Emily: Yeah. What difference does it make?

Zander: Come on, take it easy, ok?

Emily: You know, it's -- it's kind of funny in a way. After all the -- the chemo and the specialists and everything I've done, it all blows down to the sniffles, you know? Forget about the breast cancer, they have to protect me from the common cold.

Nikolas: Emily, Dr. Andres is putting together a treatment plan for you.

Emily: No, did you hear what my mom just said, Nikolas? My immune system is shutting down.

Monica: Ok. Here, Sweetie. Here, here. Take this, it will help you relax.

Emily: Why? Ok, and then, what, I'm going to feel better? Is that what you're trying to tell me?

Monica: Come on, Em, Em, your body cannot handle this stress, please.

Emily: All right, ok, or anything else.

Monica: Emily, you've got to take this right now. Take a sedative and try -- try to relax. And please --

Zander: Em, come on. You'll feel better in a little while.

Emily: No, I won't!

Monica: Emily -- Emily, please. Please take it easy, sweetheart, please.

Emily: Ok. I did -- I did everything all of you said -- the support groups and the chemo. And when the first chemo didn't work, I kept trying. I have to do what's right for me now. I want to go home.

Elizabeth: I still love him, Lord. How is that possible? It's as if I still feel him with me.

Ric: Elizabeth?

Elizabeth: Ric?

Ric: It's me.

Elizabeth: Ric?

Ric: It's me. I came back to you.

Elizabeth: Oh, Ric!

Ric: Oh, god. Oh, God, Elizabeth.

Ric: I heard your prayer. You said you loved me.

Elizabeth: It was grief.

Ric: No, you were surprised, Elizabeth, that's all.

Elizabeth: Don't tell me how I feel. I prayed for strength, and I prayed for kindness. I know exactly how I feel.

Ric: Listen to me. I realize that you're angry, but there's more to it than --

Elizabeth: Oh, you want more than anger? You should've died.

Ric: I did.

Faith: I don't like this idea.

Sonny: Too bad.

[Faith sighs]

Faith: You didn't have to drag me all the way over here. You know, why do I owe you anything anyway? I mean, why would I want to end up like Ric -- trapped in a hospital waiting for Alcazar to come and finish the job, huh? In case you haven't noticed, we don't work that well together, Sonny. I'll probably mess everything up anyway.

sonny: Not if you're smart.

[Faith sighs]

Faith: Ok, I appreciate the offer, but I'm just going to have to pass, ok?

Sonny: I never made you an offer.

Faith: Good. I'll be leaving, then. That won't be a problem, will it?

Sonny: No, not for me. But if Alcazar finds out that you were working with the Feds against him, would that be a problem for you?

Jason: No, just get Sonny's plane ready. I'm coming to the airport right now. Do a flight plan for Colombia -- the standard cover. Well, I'm giving you the order. I don't care about the weather. I'm not going to wait any longer to go after Courtney.


Courtney: Get me out of here! Open up! Ooh -- oh!


Zander: Monica, can't -- can't we just let her go home?

Monica: No, not in her present condition.

Zander: Look, if you said stress makes it worse, then why not give her what she wants? You know, she can spend some time with Lila, she can rest for a little while. We'll find another way to fight back.

Monica: No -- Zander, she needs a sterile environment.

Zander: What are you talking about, a sterile environment? This is a hospital -- everybody's sick here.

Monica: Well, her visitors are going to be restricted. Everyone is going to be in a sterile gown. She's not going to get flowers or food from the outside. We're going to try -- try to cut off any source of infection.

Zander: Do you think that's enough? Do you have any idea what kind of germs are in this place?

Nikolas: Well, at least the hospital is equipped for emergencies. At home, she'd be more at risk, Zander.

Monica: We can create and maintain a sterile atmosphere, sick people notwithstanding.

Zander: What about the stinking carnival that I took her to? I mean, god knows what kind of people were there. I mean, and that stuffed toy I won for her? What kind of germs were in that thing? We laid on the grass, for pete's sake. I mean, who knows? She could've caught anything.

Monica: Well, we just have to pray that she didn't.

Zander: All right, I'm going in there.

Monica: No, wait, Zander --

Zander: Monica, look, I can't just ditch the girl in there right --

monica: All right, ok, you can see her in a little while, but please take precautions, for Emily's sake!

Zander: How am I going to help her through this?

Nikolas: Listen. Talk -- if she wants. Pretend you're not afraid.

Zander: She'll know.

Nikolas: Try to keep her mind on something else, anything else. You know, make her smile.

Zander: She'll act cheerful just to make me feel better, you know?

Nikolas: Then tease her about that. Act like nothing's wrong, then. You know, I don't know. Just be with her.

Zander: Nikolas, hey. Why don't you stick around for a little while.

Ric: I was on the operating table when my heart stopped.

Elizabeth: Let me guess -- you walked into the light.

Ric: Yes, literally.

Elizabeth: Huh. Imagine that.

Ric: I never expected to come back from South America, and you know that, don't you?

Elizabeth: Oh, you made sure I did.

Ric: No, I was prepared to die. I had made my amends, I took a bullet for Sonny, I even helped him rescue Carly.

Elizabeth: Who would've been safe at home if not for you.

Ric: I made my peace with her.

Elizabeth: Oh, good for you, Ric.

Ric: Stop it. I was ready to let go.

Elizabeth: You keep saying that, but here you are, just the same.

Ric: Elizabeth, I love you. Everything that I did, I did for you.

Elizabeth: Don't you dare blame any of this on me.

Ric: No, I'm not blaming you. You've got to understand I've made some terrible mistakes, I've done horrible things in my life. I didn't think there was anything left for me, so I let go. I did. I went into the light and I saw you. And you know what you said to me? You told me "don't leave." You said that I was still in your heart. You said that you didn't want me to give up on us. Elizabeth, I took your hand and I held on, and that's when the doctor -- I heard the doctor say that I was back, and that I had an incredible will to live.

Elizabeth: I'll give you that.

Ric: No. Don't you understand? It wasn't me. You -- you did this. You saved me. That's why I came back, because I -- I had to be with you.

Elizabeth: Hmm. Oh, yes, I -- I understand. You died to impress me, and then you came back at my request to be with me. God, Ric, that's -- that's beautiful, almost enough to break my heart. You always have been so good with your words.

Ric: No. You gave me back my life, Elizabeth, from the very first minute that I saw you. I was ready to die, but your love brought me back.

Elizabeth: It was a dream.

Ric: Oh, no, it was more than that.

Elizabeth: Never underestimate the power of dreams. Like the dream of our marriage. The dream that we would spend the rest of our life together. The dream that one day I would have your child. They're nice dreams and they seemed real, but they aren't. Oh, and our love? Oh, that was the most powerful dream of all. But when I saw you just now, I woke up.

Ric: Elizabeth, you can say what you want, but you know you still love me. And I know that you brought me back.

Jason: Why'd you ground the plane?

Sonny: What do you mean?

Jason: Why'd you ground the plane?

Sonny: We know Courtney's not in South America.

Jason: Yeah, but I can track down some witnesses and make people talk. Somebody's got to know where that yacht is.

Sonny: I want to do this another way.

Jason: sonny, when Carly was missing, you wanted to handle it your way. Courtney is missing, let me handle it my way.

Sonny: It does not make sense to go flying all over the place looking for Courtney. We find Alcazar, we find her!

Jason: And how do we do that?

Sonny: We make -- we make him come to us.

Mike: Hey.

Carly: Mike.

Mike: Oh, I got here as soon as I heard your message. It's over, it's finally over.

Carly: Yeah, Mike, I -- I think we really --

Mike: You look terrific, kiddo. And what about the baby, huh? You know, at this rate, you're going to be carrying a lot more than just the bouquet at Courtney's wedding.

Carly: Yeah, I hope so.

Mike: What? Is something wrong with the baby?

Carly: No, no, we're fine. But -- um -- listen, I don't want you to panic.

Mike: And why is that?

Carly: Jason and Sonny, they have everything under control --

Mike: All right, what -- what is that supposed to mean?

Carly: It's about Courtney.

Mike: Did something happen to my daughter?

Carly: Alcazar has her.

Mike: Alcazar what?

Carly: Ok, we were at a hotel, she was there in Leon, and Jason was going to get her and meet Sonny and me at the plane.

Mike: What the --

Carly: But Alcazar's men, they attacked it, so --

Mike: What the hell was she doing in South America?

Carly: I was able to get to a phone, so I called Sonny to tell him where I was and he wasn't there, Courtney was. So she was going to pass the message on to him. She couldn't find him, so she flew on a plane to tell him --

Mike: And Sonny left her there? He flew off without his own sister?

Carly: No, it wasn't like that, Mike. Jason was there, too.

Mike: Thank God Jason's with her. Now, you tell me Jason is with her.

Carly: He came back. He thought that he'd have a better chance of finding her --

Mike: I don't -- I don't believe this. I don't believe it.

Carly: Mike, Mike, Alcazar is only using Courtney for leverage. He did not hurt me. He is not going to hurt her.

Mike: Courtney is pregnant!

Carly: What?

Ric: You can't deny it, can you? You hoped against hope that I would come back. Elizabeth, maybe I'm not the man that you should want, but you couldn't stop hoping. I could feel it 1,000 miles away on an operating table, I could feel your presence.

Elizabeth: Must've been the anesthetic.

Ric: No. No, when I called you, I could hear the love in your voice.

Elizabeth: And that love pulled you back. So you picked up the phone to tell me you were dying after you'd been saved?

Ric: Alcazar sent one of his men to kill me in my hospital room, and I convinced him to let me make one last phone call because I had to talk to you, I had to say goodbye to you.

Elizabeth: And the bad guy was so moved, he just changed his mind and he put down his gun --

Ric: No, Jason shot him.

Elizabeth: And he hugged you and -- oh. I'm surprised Jason didn't shoot you.

Ric: I made a deal with him. I told him that if he brought me back to the states that I'd help him find Courtney.

Elizabeth: And if he hadn't agreed to bring you back, would you have helped him? I didn't think so. Nothing's changed. You're still using other people's pain to get what you want.

Ric: Elizabeth, I would've done anything. I would've said anything to see you. I had to get back.

Elizabeth: It was a wasted trip.

Faith: Stop looking at me. I can't think.

[Phone rings]

Sonny: You don't have to think. Just follow instructions.

Jason: Don't add anything.

Lorenzo: Yes.

Faith: How nice to hear your voice.

Lorenzo: What do you want?

Faith: I would like to place an order. Can that be arranged?

Lorenzo: Your last order cost me an experienced employee.

Faith: Well, if he was so good, why didn't he know about the bust?

Lorenzo: Not to mention a great deal of money.

Faith: How do you think I got out of jail?

Lorenzo: I understand you paid off the District Attorney.

[Faith sighs]

Faith: Let's just say the charges were dropped. I would like to deal in person from now on. I hope you're going to be around, because there is a serious demand, now more than ever. I would like to arrange a delivery immediately. Hello?

Lorenzo: Yeah, I'm here.

Faith: Can you deliver a shipment in person tonight, say around 10:00? Later? Earlier? Look, this silent thing is really not working for me, Lorenzo. Let's just say I'm going to be at the pier tonight, Pier 52, with the cash around 10:00. If you're not there, I will just make arrangements with another supplier.

Sonny: What do you mean, another supplier?

Faith: He was playing hard to get.

Jason: You're treating this like a joke?

Faith: I know how to handle this guy, ok? He likes a woman with fire who can stand on her own, who will --

Jason: Shut up.

Faith: I know that's not what you want to hear right now.

Sonny: Do not -- do not make another mistake, Faith.

Lorenzo: I already know Carly's at the diner. What else did you find out?

Man: She doesn't move around much.

Lorenzo: Well, she has to be careful. If she pushes herself, she could go into premature labor. What about the security? You work your way around it?

Man: Want me to grab her now and bring her to you?

Lorenzo: Not yet. It's too risky.


Carly: Jason doesn't know. He would've said something.

Mike: Courtney chose not to tell him. I told her that it was a mistake, but she said there was so much going on --

Carly: Yeah, she didn't want to distract him?

Mike: Not until they found you.

Carly: Right. Because the slightest hesitation means the difference between life and death.

Mike: Exactly.

Carly: Yeah, I've heard it a million times. I am telling Jason.

Mike: Whoa, whoa -- wait -- that isn't your call.

Carly: Jason needs to know this.

Mike: Don't do this.

Carly: Why not?

Mike: Carly -- would Courtney ever betray you?

Courtney: Hello? Hello! Hello, is anybody out there? Hello, is anybody out there? Damn. I'll show you sorry!

Zander: Well, this isn't so terrible, right, once you get used to it? I mean, I've always said canary yellow is my color.

[Zander sighs]

Zander: At least it's good that they can do something, you know? And maybe, you know, once we get through this, you know, you just ride it and you'll be fine.

Emily: Yeah.

Zander: Maybe we should get a V.C.R. In here. You know, if we could watch some movies -- you know, nothing that blows up, I promise. You know, get some comedies. You know, I hear that laughter is the best medicine. That's what I hear. It's scientifically proven, actually.

Emily: Zander, you don't have to do this.

Zander: What, ramble on like an idiot? Yeah, it's probably pretty annoying.

Emily: You're trying to help. I know how that feels. I wish I could ask you for something. I wish I could tell you how to make everything ok. But it's not up to you, Zander. It's up to the doctors now, the medicine. They say this will help, and so I guess we're just going to have to believe them.

Zander: I know, but it's -- I'm sorry. Don't give up, Em. You got to fight.

Emily: I know. I will. I promise.

Lydia: Nikolas? Emily's in trouble.

Lucky: Yeah, big trouble.

Nikolas: I know. I brought in a specialist.

Lucky: What, for Emily?

Nikolas: Yes, for Emily. Her immune system's breaking down --

Lydia: Oh, my God.

Nikolas: That's not the trouble you're -- you're talking about?

Lucky: Well, is it as bad as it seems?

Nikolas: Yes, it is.

Lydia: Nikolas, I am so sorry, but you have to know Stefan is more of a threat to Emily than the cancer.

Nikolas: Ok. Since when?

Lucky: Stefan already tried to kill Emily once, but summer got in the way.

Nikolas: Look, I -- I can't deal with the theories of who killed who right now.

Lydia: It's not a theory. Stefan tried to kill Emily the night of the engagement party. Summer mistakenly got in the way. I've known for a long time.

Nikolas: And you didn't tell anybody?

Lucky: No, Stefan kept her quiet.

Lydia: He threatened to say that I was involved, but, Nikolas, I wasn't. I swear. I know that darius was supposed to push Emily that night. He pushed summer instead.

Nikolas: You sure about this?

Lucky: Yes. We're just trying to prove that Stefan did this so he won't come after Emily again.

Lydia: That's the reason he had the engagement party in the first place -- not to celebrate your engagement --

Lucky: But to end it by killing Emily.

Stefan: You seem to have lost a glove.

Man: I only wear one.

Stefan: Fine.

Man: You brought the cash?

Stefan: It's a brief-but-challenging assignment which requires extreme finesse.

Man: Not a problem.

Stefan: I expect the work to be done quickly with minimal blood loss, and as little pain as possible.

Man: They don't call me "tender hands" for nothing. When do you want it done?

Stefan: Immediately.

Carly: Hey, why shouldn't I tell Jason that Courtney's pregnant, huh?

Mike: Because if she wants to keep it a secret, then --

Carly: You told me.

Mike: That's because I just found out my daughter is being held hostage. I mean, I said it before I had a chance to think better of it. Now, don't you make the same mistake. You are Courtney's best friend, you're practically sisters.

Carly: Yeah, but Jason needs to know.

Mike: Courtney should be the one to tell him, not you. Look, honey, no matter how much you care about Jason, Courtney is the mother of his child. She has the right to tell him. What the hell was she thinking? What was she doing down there?

Carly: She probably wanted to help.

Mike: Yeah, but she was taking a terrible risk, not just for herself but for her baby. And what if Jason can't forgive her?

Carly: Jason will understand.

Mike: What if he doesn't? You and Sonny split up over lies more than once.

Carly: I know.

Mike: And you -- you suffered like hell without him and he went crazy without you. And I don't want my daughter going through anything like that.

Courtney: Mayday! Mayday! Can anybody hear me? I was in a storm! Crew abandoned ship, they left me stranded! Mayday! I need help!

[Speaking chinese on radio]

Courtney: But I -- I can't hear you! I can't understand what you're saying!

[Speaking chinese]

Courtney: Listen, you need to listen to me! I need your help! Somebody help me!

[Speaking chinese then static]

Faith: If Alcazar finds that, I am dead.

Sonny: Get this -- "your tax dollars at work. Lose this, and we'll all be wards of the state."

Faith: Hmm. Scott baldwin -- what a kidder.

Jason: This only tracks the cash, not Alcazar.

Sonny: Right.

Jason: So if he passes it off to somebody --

Sonny: You will trail Alcazar and he'll lead us to Courtney.

Faith: If he shows up, if he's even in the country.

Sonny: Well, he better show up, because you're not going to like the alternative!

Jason: Let's go.

Sonny: Alcazar is going to lead us to Courtney, one way or the other, tonight.

[Knock on door]

Elizabeth: Hey.

Zander: She's asleep.

Elizabeth: I'll just come back.

Zander: Ok.

Emily: No, it's ok. It's ok.

Elizabeth: It's a bad time. I'll come back.

Emily: Uh-uh. Not at all. Not at all. Zander could probably use a break.

Elizabeth: Ok.

Zander: I'll be back.

Elizabeth: You need to rest.

Emily: Oh -- I'd rather be distracted. So, fill me in. What's going on with you?

Elizabeth: Oh -- uh -- well, it's -- it's a matter of perspective. I just got my heart stomped. It's not fair and I'm really mad, and I was all ready to jump into self-pity, but then I --

Emily: And you thought of me and you realized things could be a whole lot worse.

Elizabeth: Basically. I know you're facing so much more than I am and you're handling it so much better.

Emily: Well, that's because you -- you missed my recent plunge into the self-pity pool. I was all ready to stay there until I drowned, but I've changed my mind.

Courtney: You found me.

Jason: Are you ok?

Courtney: Yeah, I am now.

Jason: What about the baby?

Courtney: You know about the baby?

Jason: Yeah, you told me, remember?

Courtney: I -- I remember that I wanted to tell you, but there was so much going on, I just couldn't find the perfect timing.

Jason: You did the right thing. You always do. That's why I love you so much.

Courtney: I love you, too.

Jason: You never lie to me. We wouldn't be together if you did.

Courtney: You're all dressed up.

Jason: Yeah, you said you wanted a formal wedding. You look so beautiful.

[Helicopter approaches]

Lorenzo: Mrs. Rosco. Nice to see you.

Faith: I brought the cash. Where's the product?

Lorenzo: When did I agree to bring you anything?

Faith: Fine. You don't want to do business with me, I will find someone else who does.

Lorenzo: Just out of curiosity, why did you enter Sonny's penthouse 11 minutes before you called me?

Sonny: Hey.

Carly: Hey.

Sonny: What took you so long? You all right?

Carly: Yeah, yeah, I'm all right.

Sonny: Huh?

Carly: I'm all right.

Sonny: Ok, come here. You need to rest.

Carly: Ok, maybe you're right --

Sonny: Relax --

Carly: Ok, maybe I should.

Sonny: Here you go.

Carly: Thank you.

Sonny: Ok. So --

Carly: What?

Sonny: Why did you tell me you were going to the doctor's, and then I --

Carly: I did, I went to Dr. Meadows. She said the baby and I are fine, ok? She said as long as I don't push things, I can resume normal activities.

Sonny: Oh. So you call going up against the psycho who kidnapped you normal activity?

Carly: Ok, listen, Ric was lying flat on his back in a hospital bed.

Sonny: I don't care. I don't want you near that bastard.

Carly: Well, don't worry. Ok? I said what I needed to and I don't ever want to see his sick face again.

Sonny: You take care of yourself.

Carly: I am.

Sonny: You stayed way too long at Kelly's, too.

Carly: Listen, I am sorry. I did not mean to scare you. But I needed to face Ric on my own, and I did. And now it's over, and -- please, I don't want to fight with you.

Sonny: I don't want to fight. I'm not fighting. I just -- I want you to be safe.

Carly: I am.

Sonny: All right.

Carly: And the reason -- um -- I stayed longer at Kelly's is because I saw Mike.

Sonny: You tell him about Courtney?

Carly: He lost it.

Sonny: Well, I don't blame him.

Carly: But I tried to reassure him, though.

Sonny: He blames me, right, for --

Carly: No, he doesn't --

Sonny: Oh, come on, come on.

Carly: He understands. He just wants Courtney back, like all of us do.

[Door opens]

Max: He was hanging around in the parking garage.

Sonny: Oh, yeah? Hanging around, hmm? Alcazar sent you? Why?

Nikolas: I want the truth. Did you plan to kill Emily at our engagement party?

Stefan: I'm not a violent man, Nikolas.

Nikolas: Just answer the question. I don't have time to debate.

Stefan: Neither do our creditors.

Faith: I picked up a few things from Sonny's. What's the problem?

Lorenzo: What things?

Faith: Jewelry.

Lorenzo: Can you be more specific?

Faith: Diamond earrings, if you must know. They were a gift from my husband, god rest his soul.

Lorenzo: Hmm. May I see them?

Faith: They're in the car. Were you this paranoid all along and I just didn't notice?

Lorenzo: You think on your feet -- I like that.

Faith: Are we in business or not?

Lorenzo: There's an honor even among thieves, Faith.

Faith: Great, another man of honor -- just what I need.

Lorenzo: You don't seem to be burdened by honor, or loyalty, or honesty.

Faith: And these would be your strong points?

Lorenzo: You're working for Sonny Corinthos trying to scam me. How do you know you can trust him? Are you absolutely sure of what's even in that briefcase? Maybe there's a timed explosive. Maybe Sonny's trying to destroy us both.

Faith: Sonny has never been anywhere near this briefcase. Check for yourself.

Lorenzo: Seems fine.

Faith: Where's the product?

Lorenzo: Give Mr. Corinthos my regards.

Faith: Wait, wait -- you're not just walking away with that money.

Lorenzo: You owe me for the money I lost the last time when the police interrupted our transaction.

Faith: You don't want to double-cross me, Lorenzo.

Lorenzo: Tell Mr. Corinthos thank you. But as far as his little sister is concerned, this little scam has set our negotiation back considerably.

Coast Guardsman: Esta bien?

Sonny: All right, I'm going to give you a chance here. What were you doing in the garage? What does Alcazar want to know, and why were you following me?

Man: I wasn't following you.

Sonny: You're lying. Take care of him.

Max: Let's go.

Man: Wait! Wait --

Sonny: Forget it, I'm busy.

Man: Wait! Wait!

Sonny: I'm busy!

Man: I was following your wife!.

Sonny: What's that? You were what? Huh? You were what?

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