GH Transcript Tuesday 8/12/03

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 8/12/03

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Monica: Thank you.

Nikolas: Monica.

Monica: Oh, Nikolas, hi.

Nikolas: You needed to see me?

Monica: Yeah, I did. It's about Emily. And the preliminary blood work from her new round of chemotherapy came back, and her white blood cell count is dropping. She's going to have to stop this treatment, and we're going to have to come up with another combination.

Nikolas: Does she know yet?

Monica: No. No, she doesn't know. In fact, Iím waiting for the final results from Dr. Misra. They should be in soon. But she's going to need you.

Nikolas: Well --

Monica: Look, Nikolas --

Nikolas: She's back with Zander.

Monica: I know that and I know this is awkward for you. You're married, you have other responsibilities, but I -- right now I am talking as a mother who loves her daughter and wants just -- I want to do everything I can for her. And she's always gone to you, she trusts you, and if anybody, anybody can see her through these next few weeks, it's going to be you.

Zander: So, what do you want to do at the carnival first?

Emily: Oh, go on the roller coaster. They have this new one where they strap you down flat, facing the ground. I've heard it's just like flying.

Zander: You sure you're up for that?

Emily: Hmm, absolutely. I feel great. I can tell this new chemo's really working.

Zander: You know, pretty soon this whole thing's going to be over.

Emily: Hmm, I can't wait until you and I are at the start of a long and wonderful life together.

Zander: Let's go.

Emily: Ok.

Elizabeth: Ric was just trying to make up for the damage he'd done by throwing himself into the line of fire.

Lucky: Elizabeth, I'm so sorry.

Elizabeth: But his life has ended as if he were worthless, as if he didn't even count. I have to do something.

Lucky: Not yet. Just give yourself some time.

Elizabeth: My husband is dead and one man is responsible.

Lucky: Elizabeth, just slow down. You know what --

Lydia: That looked intense. Where does she fit into your cavalcade of girlfriends?

Lucky: Can't you see anybody else's pain but your own?

Ric: Why did you save my life?

Jason: Because I need information and you're the only one that will give it to me. Alcazar's taken Courtney hostage.

Ric: What? How?

Jason: It doesn't matter how.

Ric: Did Carly get out ok?

Jason: Alcazar must be taking Courtney to his compound. Sonny's got the map and he's taking Carly home, so I need you to get me in.

Ric: Ok. I'll help you. But, first, I want you to do something for me.

Sonny: I don't think I heard you right.

Lorenzo: I want to speak to Carly.

Sonny: You canít.

Lorenzo: Put her on the phone.

Sonny: Carly's recuperating right now. The doctor said, you know, she needs to avoid stress, and I'm not going to put her on the phone with her kidnapper.

Lorenzo: You will if you want to see your sister again.

Sonny: Ok. Ahem. I agreed to your terms. I land your shipments, you get to do your business in my territory. In exchange, you return my sister. My wife is not in the equation.

Lorenzo: You're making this negotiation harder than it has to be.

Courtney: Why did you want to talk to Carly?

Sonny: What does Alcazar want with you?

Lucky: You know what, does it ever cross your mind that other people might have feelings that have nothing to do with you?

Lydia: Believe me, Lucky, your feelings were hard to miss.

Lucky: Elizabeth's husband just died. She's devastated.

Lydia: Why turn to you for consolation?

Lucky: You know what, this might be a foreign concept to you, but friends take care of each other.

Lydia: The word "friendship" is open to interpretation.

Lucky: I almost married Elizabeth. That's what you wanted to hear, isn't it? We used to hang out with Nikolas and Emily, the four of us. We used to take care of each other no matter what happened. That's why Emily turned to Nikolas when she needed help.

Lydia: Emily wanted someone to jerk around so she could make Zander jealous.

Lucky: No, it was nothing like that.

Lydia: It was a come-on, a manipulation.

Lucky: Emily has cancer.

Lorenzo: You must not be a priority to your brother. He's not as motivated to cooperate now that he's got Carly back and Iím holding you.

Courtney: Did you really expect Sonny to thank you for taking such good care of Carly? You thought he was really going to put you on the phone so you two could reminisce about her captivity?

Lorenzo: You're his sister. He should care about your safety.

Courtney: Yeah, and he does.

Lorenzo: You sure? Carly was the ultimate bargaining chip. You appear to be worth considerably less.

Courtney: Sonny will hold up his end of the deal to save me and you know it. So why did you want to exchange me for Carly?

Lorenzo: Carly's carrying Sonny's baby. That gives him added incentive to cooperate.

Courtney: Carly is pregnant. So what? You think that she would want to protect her baby, she'd be easier to handle? That she'd be quiet, she wouldn't fight back?

Lorenzo: Carly, quiet and docile. Well, you might be her sister-in-law, but you obviously don't know her very well.

Courtney: Oh, what? And you do?

Sonny: You know, I don't know, I mean, Alcazar's got millions riding on my cooperation, and he's using Courtney for leverage. One hostage is just as good as another. Why would he want to talk to you?

Carly: I don't know. To make you mad?

Sonny: Hmm.

Carly: It obviously worked, Sonny. If you lose your temper, then Alcazar gets the advantage, right?

Sonny: Yeah, but, you know, there are other ways to make me mad. I think this is about you, you know. How much time did you guys spend together?

Carly: He taught me to play backgammon. It was like playing cards with you.

Sonny: What does that mean?

Carly: You know how you always win unless you let me?

Sonny: Right.

Carly: It's because you think ahead. You figure out what cards Iím holding, and you know what Iím going to do.

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Carly: You read my face, figure out what move Iím going to make, and you already know how to beat it. Alcazar is just like that. He -- he's a player. I'm sure he just figured out you are, too.

Sonny: He knows that you're my weakness. He said it to my face.

Carly: Oh, sweetie, that's it. That's why he wanted to speak to me, because he wanted to play on what he thinks is your weakness.

Sonny: Well, you know, but I think you're underestimating yourself, because I think Alcazar would want you for you.

Carly: You think that everybody wants what you have.

Sonny: No, I just -- no. I just think that you're gorgeous, ok? You're sexy. And any man with half a brain would want you. Now, I may hate Alcazar, right?

Carly: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: But I got to admit he's smart.

Carly: Lorenzo Alcazar is a sad man who lost his greatest love, and the only thing he did was show me how lucky I am to have mine.

Elizabeth: Let me in. I need to see him. Let go of me!

Sonny: Hey, hey, hey, whoa, whoa, whoa! What are you doing?

Elizabeth: Ric is dead --

Sonny: Hey!

Elizabeth: And it's all your fault!

Sonny: It's ok. Move.

Ric: Look, all I'm asking is for you to get me back to the United States.

Jason: After I get Courtney out.

Ric: No, I need to get into a hospital, Jason.

Jason: Too bad.

Ric: Look, if you want to get to Courtney, you're going to have to get me out. Alcazar's going to send another one of his people here to kill me. And I'm just going to bleed to death before I get you to the compound, so my only chance for survival is for you to get me back to the United States, all right?

Jason: I'm not doing you any favors.

Ric: Jason, is your hate for me stronger than your love for Courtney, huh? Are you willing to risk her life just to get revenge against me? If she means as much to you as you say she does, as much as Elizabeth means to me, then you're just going to have to trust me.

Lesley Lu: Look, Nikolas! The Ferris Wheel.

Nikolas: Yeah, yeah, you want to go on it?

Lesley Lu: Yes, and then get cotton candy and then go on the bumper cars and then ride the roller coaster.

Nikolas: Ok, ok, slow down, slow down. This is what we'll do -- we'll go on the rides and then have cotton candy. How's that?

Lesley Lu: You're not smiling. Are you sad?

Nikolas: I'm ok.

Lesley Lu: You always make me feel better about mommy and daddy. I'll try and make you feel better, too.

Nikolas: Thank you, but I'm happy right now because I get to spend an entire evening with my favorite little sister.

Lesley Lu: I'm your only little sister.

Nikolas: Oh, yeah. Come here. If I had 10 more, you'd still be my favorite.

Lesley Lu: Emily!

Emily: Hi, Lulu! It's so good to see you. Nikolas, how are you doing?

Lydia: You mean Emily orchestrated the whole thing?

Lucky: Emily and Nikolas pretended to be in love so Zander could get on with his own life.

Lydia: I had no idea.

Lucky: You accuse her of being a wilting flower, of playing a victim. You know what? But it was no act. She was exhausted, I mean, nauseous from the chemotherapy.

Lydia: Why didn't someone tell me? Look, I'm no saint, but I'd like to think I'm above throwing insults at a girl with breast cancer.

Lucky: Well, I couldn't tell you the truth. Emily only confided in a handful of people.

Lydia: Stefan doesn't know.

Lucky: Does it matter?

Lydia: He still sees Emily as a threat.

Lucky: But you and Nikolas are still married.

Lydia: We haven't consummated our marriage, remember?

Lucky: So what?

Lydia: Stefan's biggest fear is that Nikolas will try to annul the marriage so he can get back together with Emily. I have to tell Stefan that Emily has cancer and try to convince him that she's not a threat, even though we both know she is.

Lucky: And Nikolas will never break his commitment. I mean, he will never annul your marriage.

Lydia: This whole Nikolas-Emily thing started out innocently enough, but Nikolas genuinely loves her now -- a fact he made clear on our wedding day.

Lucky: I agree. Nikolas loves Emily, but he's sure that she loves Zander, and he will never break his word, which means your marriage is pretty much a lock and -- unless you cheat on him.

Lydia: Stefan may not agree. He may still be targeting Emily for murder. I don't want to see her end up at the bottom of a cliff like Summer did.

Lucky: You really want to stop Stefan.

Lydia: Don't look so surprised.

Lucky: Well, it's completely unexpected.

Lydia: Look, I haven't turned into some Pollyanna. I just don't want to see Stefan get away with murder.

Lucky: Then you convince him to back off Emily. That'll buy me enough time to go in there and find enough evidence to prove that he killed Summer.

Sonny: Ok, now's not the time --

Elizabeth: You know what -- you need to get your hands off of me!

Sonny: Hey --

Elizabeth: It's all your fault that Ric is dead.

Sonny: What are you talking about?

Elizabeth: You know it's the truth because you left him there to die!

Sonny: Hold on, keep your voice down. I got a child sleeping upstairs. How do you know what happened to Ric?

Elizabeth: He called me. He wanted to say goodbye. Something happened while you were rescuing Carly, didn't it? You know what, he went with you hoping to die so he could finally prove himself to you, and you left him there.

Sonny: Ric made his own choices.

Elizabeth: It all worked out for you, didn't it, Sonny?

Sonny: Ric made his own choices!

Carly: You're blaming Sonny for this?

Elizabeth: You stand there all smug and superior as if the things Ric did were incomprehensible and you had nothing to do with them. But you knew he was troubled. You knew he needed help. You were his only family Sonny, and you treated him like dirt. You were cruel and indifferent, and that's what might have pushed him over the edge. He gave his life to make up for the things he did. Was it enough? Is he redeemed in your eyes? Did you even have enough decency to try to save your own brother?

Carly: You know what, if Ric is dead, that is good. He was a sick, twisted psychopath who kept me locked in a cell. Where do you get off defending him?

Jason: Hey, if something happens to Courtney because I'm wasting my time --

Ric: I'm saving you time, Jason, all right? The information that Iíve got will probably save Courtneyís life.

Priest: I was called to give last rites.

Jason: Excuse me. You're the priest for this clinic?

Priest: Yes.

Jason: I know that you have a lot of people in need, and Iím sure that this facility here could use some extra funding.

Priest: Is there anything that I could do to repay you for your kindness?

Jason: I just want this man to be given last rites and a proper burial.

Priest: And what is his name?

Jason: It's Ric Lansing.

Lorenzo: Your sister-in-law is extremely determined. The doctor told her she'd die if she didn't deliver, but she knew that baby was too young to survive, so she fought with every ounce of strength that she had. She was determined to save that child, and she did. She beat the odds.

Courtney: Ok, if you admire Carly so much, then why the hell did you keep her prisoner?

Lorenzo: Well, I didn't expect her to go into labor.

Courtney: Yeah, but she was in this situation because of you when she should have been home with her family. But did you care? No, no. You just care about business. You didn't have any respect for that tiny little life that was inside of her. All you cared about was moving your product.

Lorenzo: You're awfully passionate on the subject. Does this have anything to do with your own situation? You wouldn't by any chance be pregnant yourself, would you?

Nikolas: Lulu and I are heading over to the carnival.

Emily: Oh. Try the new roller coaster. It's scary, but it's fun.

Nikolas: How are you feeling?

Emily: I'm so much better on this new chemo. It doesn't knock me out or make me nauseous like the other one did.

Nikolas: Good.

Lesley Lu: What's chemo?

Emily: It's a medicine Iím taking, Lulu.

Lesley Lu: Are you sick?

Emily: Yes, but the medicine's going to make me all better, sweetie.

Lesley Lu: Your bear is cute.

Emily: Thank you! Zander won it for me.

Lesley Lu: Can he win me one, too?

Nikolas: How about I give it a try, huh?

Lesley Lu: Ok.

Nikolas: Ok. We better get going, ok? I promised grandma Lesley I'd have you home before bedtime. Well, we'll see you later.

Zander: Yeah.

Emily: All right. Have fun.

Nikolas: Oh, tie your shoe. Come here.

Lesley Lu: Bye, Emily.

Emily: Bye, Lulu. And I'm sure you'll get that bear you want. Nikolas always keeps his promises.

Lesley Lu: I know.

Stefan: No, no. No, the terms have not changed. Obviously, the exact date is in question, but the funding is assured. Well, get back to me tomorrow.

Lydia: Does Nikolas know you're conducting business without him?

Stefan: Not that it's any of your concern, I'm making informed decisions on behalf of the Cassadine family.

Lydia: I have important news. It turns out Emily Quartermaine has breast cancer, the same disease that killed her mother.

Stefan: Is Nikolas aware of this?

Lydia: He's known all along. He's been playing the role of her protector. That's why he was so insistent on their engagement.

Stefan: Where does her supposed boyfriend fit into the picture?

Lydia: She wanted to keep it a secret from him to spare him from having to watch her go through her treatments.

Stefan: Why confide in Nikolas?

Lydia: Because Nikolas is her friend, she wouldn't have to worry about hurting him, while her boyfriend -- never mind. Clearly, you have no understanding of romance, which is fine. The point is you don't have to worry about Emily Quartermaine. She's not a threat.

Stefan: I disagree. Emily appeals to Nikolas' best impulses. He sees her as a wounded creature who needs him desperately.

Lydia: Leave her alone. She's in pain.

Stefan: Emily is in a position to destroy your marriage.

Lydia: She's fighting breast cancer. Leave her in peace.

Stefan: You let me handle her. What you need to focus on is consummating your marriage to Nikolas.

Courtney: I'm not pregnant. I just hate the thought of what you did to Carly.

Lorenzo: Mostly, I rescued her from Ric Lansing. You can't fault me for that. Drink?

Courtney: No, thanks.

Lorenzo: Why not? Afraid you'll harm the baby?

Courtney: You know what, I'm just not really in the mood for a drink right now.

Lorenzo: Humor me. Prove you're not pregnant.

Courtney: Fine.

Lorenzo: You're probably thinking you can have one drink without doing any lasting harm to the baby, right? But can you have a few drinks every night for as long as I hold you hostage? For weeks? For months? Carly would never do anything to endanger her child. Maybe you would.

Lorenzo: Congratulations. When are you expecting the blessed event?

Carly: You honestly believe that Ric is some sort of martyred hero?

Elizabeth: I'm saying he shouldn't have died.

Carly: Ric kidnapped me and he chained me up and he planned to keep me prisoner until I gave birth, and then he was going to kill me. And then he was going to give you my child. Is that what you want, Elizabeth?

Elizabeth: No, hell, no. No, Carly!

Carly: Well, Ric married you, and then he lied to you every chance that he got. And I watched it all on those monitors in the prison he kept me in. I saw Faith poison your lemonade, and then I told Ric about it, and he wouldn't take the chance to open the doors. He chose to let you drink poison so you would not discover his sick plan.

Elizabeth: I'm not defending what he did. All I am saying is that he was going to --

Carly: Ok, Elizabeth, stop it! Stop it! Ric dosed you with birth-control pills, and then he paid a doctor to tell you that you were infertile. Do you know that those birth-control pills are probably the reason you had the pulmonary embolism which nearly killed you?

Elizabeth: Ric is dead because Sonny left him.

Carly: You don't -- you don't get it. You don't get it. Ric set you up. He wanted you to come over here and charge in here with accusations. He wanted you to make Sonny feel guilty. He's dead and you're still doing his bidding. You're still spewing his lies because you so badly want to believe that you were right about him. Elizabeth, you need to get the hell out of my house now. Get out of my house, Elizabeth.

Sonny: You heard my wife. Get out of here.

Sonny: Hey, come on.

Lorenzo: Is that good for the baby?

Courtney: What do you care?

Lorenzo: Well, I'd rather not have to rush you to a clinic for medical attention.

Courtney: Yeah, I'm fine, ok? For a prisoner. I just want to work out.

Lorenzo: Does Morgan know you're pregnant?

Courtney: What difference does that make?

Lorenzo: Oh, in other words, no. Why keep it a secret? You didn't have a chance to tell him? Or maybe you chose not to.

Courtney: Our relationship is none of your business.

Lorenzo: Well, the child could be a factor in my negotiations.

Courtney: Ok, Sonny agreed to your deal. You are getting what you want. Why would you have to tell anyone about my baby?

Lorenzo: Well, I understand you want to tell the father yourself. You were trying to tell him back at the hotel, weren't you? You told Jason you had to survive. It wasn't because you were afraid to die. Because you never got a chance to tell him about his child. So no one knows, right? Except you and me.

Carly's voice: Oh, Ric married you and then he lied to you every chance that he got, and I watched it all on those monitors in the prison he kept me in. He chose to let you drink poison so you would not discover his sick plan. Ric dosed you with birth-control pills, and then he paid a doctor to tell you that you were infertile. Ric's dead and you're still doing his bidding. You're still spewing his lies because you so badly want to believe that you were right about him.

Sonny: Hey, listen to me -- 24 hours ago, you were in premature labor. You're not supposed to get excited, right?

Carly: I'm sorry, but I couldn't just stand there and let Elizabeth accuse you for Ric's insanity.

Sonny: I know that, but is this your version of not getting -- sit down. Sit down.

Carly: I'm fine.

Sonny: I know.

Carly: Ok, I'm -- I'm calm.

Sonny: Right.

Carly: I'd be a hell of a lot calmer if Elizabeth would just see Ric for who the hell he is, though.

Sonny: Elizabeth is being manipulated by Ric, which is not a surprise. He's been pulling her strings all along. I'm the one who should have known better, not you. I knew a long time ago that Ric was dangerous. You did, too. You tried to go after him. I didn't let you.

Carly: You didn't know how far Ric was going to go.

Sonny: Well -- I knew -- look, Ric was a threat to our family. I didn't deal with it. He hurt the people I loved. What did I do? I'm the reason that Michael saw you abducted, the reason that you were trapped, afraid in that room, chained to -- like an animal in a cage. I could have stopped it from the start, but I didn't.

Carly: Sonny, I do not blame you, and I am not going to let you blame yourself.

Ric: I need to call Elizabeth, Jason.

Jason: Forget it.

Ric: Look, she's my wife. She thinks that I'm dead.

Jason: You get the ride back, Ric. That's all.

Ric: You know what, I know that you hate me, but there's no reason to make Elizabeth pay for what Iíve done.

Jason: You're right. It would have been better for Elizabeth if I let you die.

Ric: Elizabeth loves me, even now. That's why she couldn't let you and Sonny kill me. She thinks my life has value.

Jason: Maybe it does to her. That's kind of sad.

Ric: You know what? What are you, any better than I am, Jason, huh? What, are you the noble hit man? You want your life to have just -- oh, damn it!

Lydia: How was the carnival?

Nikolas: Lulu enjoyed it.

Lydia: Will I ever get to meet your sister?

Nikolas: Do you want to?

Lydia: Isn't that part of being married? Getting to know the in-laws?

Nikolas: Well, I'll bring you over to the house one day. I'm sure she'd be very impressed with you. She likes jewelry and dressing up and stuff. I bought her a couple necklaces and a t-shirt at the carnival.

Lydia: Lucky girl.

Nikolas: Yeah. Good night. I'm going to --

Lydia: I waited up for you to apologize.

Nikolas: For what?

Lydia: I saw Lucky tonight. He told me that Emily has breast cancer and that you've known all along. Everything makes sense now, Nikolas. I am so sorry. I've been pretty awful to her and to you.

Nikolas: Yeah, you could show her a little more kindness in the future. That would help.

Lydia: I'll try. I don't want to cause her any more pain.

Nikolas: She's going to need all the support she can get, Lydia, so if she asks for my help, I have to give it.

Lydia: I think that makes sense. I'll see you in the morning.

Emily: When the chemo's over, the first thing I want to do is --

Zander: Celebrate with me?

Emily: I was going to say spend the entire day at the spa, getting treated like a queen.

Zander: Oh, well, yeah.

Emily: But I'll celebrate with you first.

Zander: Well, thank you. That's very generous of you.

Emily: And then I think we should take a trip.

Zander: Where to?

Emily: Mexico, down to the coast.

Zander: Where we were going to live when we ran away.

Emily: Yeah. We can take our time getting there and drive across the country first. Maybe visit some national parks like Yosemite.

Zander: Grand Canyon?

Emily: Yeah.

Zander: Yeah.

Emily: Oh, I want to look out over gorgeous views of nature, you know, and just think about how vast and amazing it is, how it goes on forever. That's how Iím feeling right now -- like my life will go on year after year, longer than I can even imagine.

Zander: We have all the time in the world.

Dr. Misra: Monica?

Monica: Oh, hi.

Dr. Misra: Here are the results on your daughter's final blood work. As you can see, it's worse than we feared.

Monica: Ok. I will -- I'll tell Emily myself.

Dr. Misra: Ok.

Ric: Thanks. Your sympathy is overwhelming. You know, I almost died in that clinic.

Jason: But you didn't. Isn't that convenient? Like most things that happen to you.

Ric: You think I did this on purpose?

Jason: I think you wanted to make a big public sacrifice. That's right, Ric, if you die, you go quick. If you live, you can call yourself redeemed, claim you paid for everything you've done to everybody.

Ric: You just can't take the fact that I took a bullet for Sonny.

Jason: Carly almost died because of you. And now Alcazar has Courtney because of you. And the only chance that you have to save your life is to help me bring Courtney home.

Lorenzo: I wonder if Morgan would have done things differently if he knew about the child.

Courtney: You act like Jason had a choice. Carly was already on her way home. Did you really expect Sonny to turn around and bring her back? What, walk her into a hotel room and trust you to what? Welcome Carly back as your guest and set the three of us, me, Jason, and Sonny, free? No, come on. You weren't offering Jason a deal. You wanted him to put all the power into your hands, and he refused. Well, good for him.

Lorenzo: And now you're here alone, a hostage in Carly's place.

Courtney: Yeah, well, Carlyís family needed her. I made the right decision.

Lorenzo: Well, you better hope Sonny's loyalty extends to you as well.

Courtney: This whole situation -- it's gotten a lot messier and more complicated than you ever intended.

Lorenzo: That's true.

Courtney: Ok, so then why do it? Huh? I mean, why make the effort?

Lorenzo: Sonny controls a major port in an ideal location. I want to set up my operation and then sit back and reap the sizable profits.

Courtney: Uh-uh. I don't buy it. No, there is some other reason that you are coming after Sonny, something that you want so desperately that you're willing to go through all this to get it. So what is it?

Sonny: Here you go. Eight ounces. Drink up.

Carly: And what's for dinner? Please don't tell me broiled fish and broccoli, please, please.

Sonny: Well, the thing is we're out of frozen food, thank God, so I thought maybe you'd like some lamb chops for your protein.

Carly: Ok, well, whatever happened to you agreeing to let me eat whatever I wanted?

Sonny: Yeah, well, I gave you some chips, right? Isn't that enough?

Carly: Ok. Ok, ok, ok, ok. Supposing that I do eat the lamb chop and the broccoli --

Sonny: All right.

Carly: What are my chances of getting a little --

[phone rings]

Sonny: A little? Oh. Man. Hello.

Jason: Yeah, well, unfortunately, Ricís alive. We're on our way back to Port Charles.

Sonny: Ok. Ric's with you?

Carly: Is it Jason? Is he ok? What's going on?

Jason: You got the map to Alcazar's compound, and I need it to get Courtney back. And now Ricís claiming that it's incomplete and the only way that he's going to give me the rest of the information is if I fly him back to the states.

Sonny: Ok, call me when you land.

Carly: Wait a minute -- Ric survived, and why is Jason bringing him back?

Sonny: I don't know why. I don't know why. I guess it's because he's going to help Jason find Courtney or something.

Carly: Courtney's going to be ok.

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Carly: All right, she can handle Alcazar, but Ric -- I wish he'd died down there because he's --

Sonny: Well, you know what, it would have made it a lot easier for everybody if he did.

Carly: Let's not focus on Ric. Let's just --

Sonny: Yeah.

Carly: Ok.

Sonny: All right. What?

Carly: I want to focus on you and me.

Sonny: Ok.

Carly: I'm home now. We are back together.

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Carly: We have our family.

Sonny: Right. Right.

Carly: And it's good to be with you and in your arms again.

Sonny: Yes.

Carly: I love you.

Sonny: Well, I love you, too.

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