GH Transcript Monday 8/4/03

General Hospital Transcript Monday 8/4/03

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Lucky: How did I know I'd find you alone on your wedding night?

Zander: Going somewhere?

Nikolas: Yeah, to look for Emily

Zander: No, you're not.

Ric: I am going to do whatever it takes to bring Carly home.

Jason: Sonny --

Lorenzo: False labor pains aren't going to fly, Carly.

Carly: I'm not faking anything.

Nikolas: My only interest is Emily's health and happiness. Now, I assumed the same held true for you, so when Emily told me that she wanted you, I backed off because I believed her when she said you loved her more than anything, that you would take care of her, that would you honor her. But when I called you and told you she was upset, you just couldn't be bothered to go after her.

Zander: No, Emily is upset because of these games that you keep playing with her. You act like you're all noble, and yet you keep pulling her in and then backing away. You're married. You made your choice, it wasn't Emily, so leave her alone.

[Door slams]

Emily: Thank you. I know how badly you must have wanted to fight Zander. I'm glad you didn't because it won't do any good.

Lydia: What the hell are you doing here? Get out.

Lucky: And leave you alone in tears on your wedding night? Where is the happy groom, by the way?

Lydia: Wipe that smug look off your face. Nikolas and I had a fight. It happens. He'll be back.

Lucky: Well, I can see you're comfortable with denial, so I won't bum you out with the truth. I have more important things to do anyway.

Lydia: Don't tell me, Mr. Predictable. Let me guess. You're here to poke around about Summer's death.

Lucky: And who said you weren't so smart? Just pretend I'm not here.

Lydia: What are you looking for?

Lucky: Evidence that connects Stefan to Summer's death.

Lydia: In Nikolas' room? You don't expect me to buy that.

Lucky: Ok. Since I was here, I'll admit that I just thought I'd come by and check on you since I knew damn well that Nikolas wouldn't be anywhere around.

Lydia: You just said that I was smarter than people give me credit for.

Lucky: Did I say that?

Lydia: In so many words.

Lucky: Ok, so --

Lydia: Well, my brain is working overtime now.

Lucky: Don't hurt yourself.

Lydia: You see, I don't think your motives are all that altruistic. You're not the sensitive type. You -- yeah, you might've figured that I was alone and hurt, but you came here to take advantage. I feel so used.

Lucky: You know what, careful, because you don't want to do this.

Lydia: Don't speak for me.

Stefan: Get away from her!

Faith: What has gotten into you? I mean, why in God's name would you be so eager to go willingly into the night, you know -- what, just to prove to Elizabeth that under your cold, selfish exterior, you're really just a sweet little mama's boy?

Ric: You know what, you'd be best to quit while you're ahead.

Faith: No, no, no, no. I won't quit. I will not quit until you realize how ridiculous you are being! Who cares what Elizabeth thinks, if she even does? I mean, when are you going to realize that she will never value what an extraordinary man you are, just the way you are?

Ric: You know, I wish I could I say I appreciate your concern, but it is wasted, Faith. Why don't you just focus on your life, leave me to mine --

Faith: No, listen to me. Do you have any idea who you are? Hmm? Because I do. I do, so you can just take my word for it. You are not some puppy dog sitting at Elizabeth's feet. And you are not an adjunct to Sonny. Your worth does not depend on his approval. You are smarter than this, Ric.

Ric: Yeah, oh, that's real smart. Yeah, kidnapping Carly -- that was brilliant, wasn't it?

Faith: You know what, kidnapping Carly was not your mistake. Your mistake was holding on to her, trying to steal her baby, and not using her to bring Sonny to his knees the way alcazar is doing right now. This whole thing could've played out completely differently. You could've been in charge. Sonny would be at your mercy, and you would've loved it, savored it, lapped it up like chocolate ice cream. Don't even try to deny it.

Ric: Faith, I know what I want, and I know how to get it. So nothing you're going to say is going to change my mind.

Courtney: Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: I need to see Sonny.

Courtney: Well, he's not here right now.

Elizabeth: Well, do you mind if I wait? Because I really need to talk to him about Ric.

Courtney: Ric is alive and well and he's perfectly safe, which is more than I can say for Jason and Sonny.

Elizabeth: Why? Did something happen?

Courtney: Yeah, they're out risking their own lives right now, trying to rescue Carly from the hell that Ric put her in.

Elizabeth: How many times you need to hear me say what Ric did was wrong, that what he did to Carly was unforgivable?

Courtney: Ok, if you really believe that, then why are you here, Elizabeth? I mean, why do you give a damn what happens to that monster?

Elizabeth: I know this is hard to understand, but not everything about Ric was horrible. He could be kind and gentle, and -- believe me, I know he was capable of love.

Courtney: Yeah, he was capable of faking it, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: You weren't in the relationship, Courtney. I was. Ok, I didn't imagine the hope we shared for our future or the way we loved each other, and I definitely didn't imagine the grief we felt when we lost our baby. That little soul that never got to be connects us forever. If you don't believe me, then you can ask Carly or Sonny. They know. They've been there.

Sonny: What happened? Huh?

Jason: I don't know. Maybe it was a faulty detonator.

Sonny: He's playing mind games. He's just trying to tell me he's in control.

Carly: This feels like labor. Oh, it's months too soon.

Lorenzo: I'm not easily taken in by theatrics.

Carly: I am not faking. Ok? I know the signs. Come here, come here, feel this. You feel that? You feel how hard that is? Oh, that is a contraction.

Lorenzo: Ok.

Carly: Ok, I need you to -- oh, the baby's coming. You need to get me to a doctor. The baby cannot be born right now because it's too soon. It will not survive. Ow!

Lorenzo: All right, try not to panic. Take deep breaths.

Carly: It's not going to help, ok? I've been in premature labor before. Oh, Michael came a month early. Breathing -- you can't breathe your way out of this, ok? I need medication to stop the contractions.

Lorenzo: Don't worry, you'll get it. I'll call ahead and make sure a doctor's waiting at the house when we get there.

Carly: No, there's no time for that. I need -- oh -- we have to stop these contractions before my water breaks because once that happens, the baby is not going to be able to survive inside of me.

Lorenzo: Yes. Make an emergency landing at the nearest airport. Tell the tower we have a woman in dangerously premature labor, and make sure a doctor is on the tarmac.

Carly: Thanks.

Courtney: In spite of everything, you're still worried about Ric. So how long is it going to take for you to talk yourself into forgiving him altogether, Elizabeth?

Elizabeth: That's not going to happen. See, I could never be with Ric knowing what he's done and the lengths he'll go to. But I also know him too well to write him off as being hopelessly twisted or evil. He's damaged. He's angry. He's been so hurt inside.

Courtney: Oh, gee, I must've misplaced my tiny little violin.

Elizabeth: Oh, come on, Courtney. Why don't you climb down off that lofty moral perch of yours for just a second and admit what's real. Ok, Jason's no angel. He kidnaps people. He goes even further, and yet you keep on defending him. You'll make excuses, you'll look the other way, whatever it takes to stay in his life and still be able to live with yourself.

Courtney: Ok, what's your point, Elizabeth?

Elizabeth: You and I aren't all that different. Which makes me willing to bet that if someday Jason did something so terrible you couldn't stay with him, you'd still keep on defending him. Because you know a side of him that other people don't see. And when someone matters to you, you fight for them whether they're right or wrong. That's the type of person you are. Well, I'm like that, too. I've seen the good in Ric, especially -- especially when I got pregnant. I think when Ric lost the hope of our baby, he lost his mind, as well. And then he started to drown in his own grief, and the only way he could get enough air to breathe was to find someone to blame.

Courtney: That doesn't excuse what he's done to Carly.

Elizabeth: I know. I know. Sometimes I wish that he had never known I was pregnant. Everyone's lives would be so different.

Stan: Cover yourself.

Lucky: What are you doing standing inside Nikolas' --

Stefan: You have no business -- no business here! Lydia is Nikolas' wife.

Lucky: Why are you acting so paranoid, Stefan? I mean, we know that's a dangerous place to go.

Stefan: Why are you still here?

Lydia: I have had enough. This is the bedroom, not a trial court. It also happens to be what I have left of my wedding night. There are no answers for you here, and I have zero interest in your outrage or yet another one of your ultimatums. I want you both out.

Lucky: Pleasant dreams.

Stefan: Don't come back.

Lydia: You, too. Good night.

Stefan: No. Not until you understand something. Lucky Spencer is off-limits to you.

Nikolas: I was worried about you.

Emily: I know. I'm sorry.

Nikolas: I'm not looking for apologies. I just want to know that you're all right.

Emily: I'm not. I hate what I've done to you, Nikolas, the way I've hurt you.

Nikolas: Look, I take full responsibility for the choices I make in my life. And loving you was -- was the risk I chose. Any fallout from that is for me to deal with, not you.

Emily: There you go again, making me blameless.

Nikolas: Well, you know, you didn't -- you didn't set out to hurt anyone. You just wanted to protect Zander from having to watch you go through cancer. I mean, your methods may have been a little out there, but your intentions were good.

Emily: I wonder if you know how much you've done for me. How I never could've gotten through this time without your warmth and your support. You gave me back my will to survive, Nikolas. And then, as if you hadn't done enough, you gave me the greatest gift of all. You -- you said that you loved me.

Nikolas: Always will.

Emily: And I love you. And realizing that has been overwhelming. It's been -- it's been wonderful and awful. It's been confusing. That's why I showed up here today because I was so confused, and what did I do? I made your wedding to Lydia even harder, and that wasn't fair and neither is this. I shouldn't even be here right now.

Nikolas: Yeah, I agree. We have to start keeping our distance so we can be present in the lives that we've chosen. But there's something I need from you first.

Emily: This is so wrong.

Nikolas: It's over. That was the last kiss. Ok, I took vows today and I won't go back on that, all right? I'm not going to be unfaithful to my wife.

Emily: I know.

Nikolas: I wish you a long and happy life, Emily. And I promise that I will always be your friend and I will take care of you whenever you need me to. But you're right. You're right. You shouldn't be here, and I want you to go be with --

Emily: Even now you're taking care of me and you're sending me away because you know -- you know I don't have the strength to leave on my own.

Emily: I'm going to do what you want. I'm going to -- I'm going to fight the cancer and I'll be happy loving Zander.

Nikolas: Good.

Emily: But I'll never stop loving you, too.

Courtney: Oh, my God, Jason.

Jason: Whoa.

Courtney: Oh, thank God you're safe. Sonny?

Jason: He's fine.

Courtney: Does he have Carly?

Jason: No, Alcazar took her before we got there.

Courtney: So, ok, what happens now?

Jason: Well, we hope that Alcazar takes Carly to his compound. And then we use the security information that Ric gave us, we break in, and we get her back.

Courtney: That's more dangerous than breaking onto Alcazar's yacht.

Jason: All that matters is getting Carly back.

Courtney: You matter, too, Jason, and I won't trade your life for anybody else's. Not even Carly's.

Sonny: Is the map ready?

Ric: You look like you're dressed for a raid. Any luck finding Carly? I mean, she's probably in the compound.

Sonny: That's what I'm banking on.

Ric: You going there now?

Sonny: Before Alcazar has a chance to beef up security.

Ric: Great. I'm good to go. I thought the best way for us to get in was --

Sonny: Ric, don't think I don't realize that this is the perfect opportunity for you to double-cross me again, to lead me into an ambush, to collect Alcazar's reward so you can get the revenge you've been waiting for your whole life.

Ric: Look, Sonny, that's not my agenda. Believe me, all I want to do is bring Carly --

Sonny: I don't care what your agenda is, Ric! You know what? No. I'm not taking that chance. I'm not --

Ric: No!

Lorenzo: If you do or say anything that indicates that you're being held against your will, if you try to escape, I will shoot this doctor in front of your eyes and we will leave.

Doctor: Buenas noches.

Lorenzo: Buenas noches.

Doctor: What is the trouble?

Lorenzo: My wife is in premature labor.

Doctor: When is she due?

Lorenzo: November.

Doctor: I'm afraid it doesn't look good for your wife or your child.

Ric: Diagrams can only get you so far. There's a literal maze around this compound, and you're going to need me to get you through it.

Sonny: I'll figure it out.

Ric: Yeah, even if you could, Sonny, which is highly unlikely --

Sonny: I'll figure it out!

Ric: I have worked with Alcazar's people before. They know me. And believe it or not, some of them even trust me. I might be able to get information from them that you can never get.

Sonny: The only reason I'm in this room right now with you, Ric, is because I want to get my wife back. But there's something that tells me you're not right in the head, you hate me, and I can't trust you.

Ric: Ok, fine, look, I know my track record is abysmal at best, and I know I've given you absolutely no reason whatsoever to trust what I have to say. But that's why I'm asking -- give me a chance to prove I mean it when I say that this vendetta is behind me.

Sonny: Oh, come on! I've heard it already --

Ric: Yeah, I know you've heard it before, Sonny, but that's before I found myself standing over my wife's hospital bed rationalizing my way into killing her! I'm done! Carly was my friend one time. She -- she was nice to me, she accepted me, no questions asked, which is more than I'd ever ask from anybody. And what did I do, huh? What did I do in return? I terrorized her. I took your wife and your unborn child. Please just give me the chance to take that back, to set it right, Sonny.

Sonny: I can't.

Ric: Sonny, what is this? What, are you so blameless? Are you so blameless? Is there nothing in your life that you've ever wanted to change? No person whom you ever wanted to make amends to? Is that right? Nobody's ever given you a chance.

Doctor: Does your wife have a history of previous difficulty with pregnancy?

Lorenzo: Our first child was born a month premature.

Doctor: Any further complications?

Carly: I hemorrhaged and I almost died. Then two years later, I miscarried at five months.

Doctor: If you're aware of your wife's previous history, why did you choose to fly with her so late in her pregnancy?

Carly: Ok, why don't you direct your questions to me?

Doctor: Your water hasn't broken yet. We can administer medication, and with any luck it'll halt the contractions.

Lorenzo: Give her whatever she needs.

Doctor: I'm not equipped. Your wife needs to be admitted to a medical facility immediately.

Lorenzo: Impossible. You give her the medication she requires. When we reach our destination, I'll make sure a doctor's waiting there to continue the treatment.

Doctor: Senor Alcazar, you don't seem to understand the severity of the problem. There is no way that this woman can fly in her present condition. Medication may not help. When she gives birth, your wife needs to be in a medical facility or both she and the baby could die.

Jason: Rent a private jet. We can't risk tipping off Alcazar by landing in Sonny's plane. It doesn't make any sense. Just have it ready to go as soon as we hit the airport. Thank you.

Courtney: Michael's still asleep.

Jason: That's good. It would just upset him if he knew we came home and left again.

Courtney: You're going after Carly tonight?

Jason: I just made the arrangements.

Courtney: Ok, but shouldn't you maybe -- ok, look, I'm not trying to be a part of this or tell you what to do, but maybe you guys should just wait.

Jason: Just hold on, ok? I know that you're getting scared. We have to get Carly back, and this is the best way.

Courtney: No, Jason, not if you die. Ok, I love you. We promised to spend our lives together, to have a family. You are not just risking yourself here. You are risking me and our future.

Jason: I don't plan to die. But I'm not going to lie to you. There's always that chance that I might not come back.

Courtney: That's the first time you've ever just come right out and said it.

Jason: Yeah, I know. I just want to be honest with you. You know, things have happened recently that have made me look at my life differently. You. Carly being kidnapped. It's forced me to face the reality of the risks that I take. But I made a promise. I told Carly that I would always get her when she's in trouble. And I know that you don't want me to go, but I have to.

Elizabeth: So I just came from Sonny's penthouse.

Emily: Mm-hmm.

Elizabeth: Of course he wasn't there, but Courtney was, and any port in the storm, right?

Emily: Mm-hmm.

Elizabeth: So I proceed to do 10 minutes on the virtues of Ric and why I still feel tied to him, and as I hear the words coming out of my mouth, I just want to slap myself. God, Em, I just -- I wish I had never met that man.

Emily: You mean that?

Elizabeth: He ruined my life. He broke my heart, and ultimately it doesn't matter what I thought I shared with him. Obviously, we were having completely two separate relationships. He's a very deeply disturbed man, and I just -- I know I'm better off without him.

Emily: Elizabeth, you know, that's easy to say. You know, it doesn't mean letting go doesn't hurt, especially when you know it could have been the best thing that ever happened. If only.

Elizabeth: Sounds like you've been doing some letting go of your own.

Emily: Except I didn't want to let go. I still don't.

[Door opens]

Stefan: Ah. So now you show your face. Are you aware that, in your inexplicable absence, Lucky was in your bedroom with your wife?

Nikolas: I'm not interested, ok?

Stefan: Nikolas, I've indulged you long enough. It's time for you to face the facts. You're a married man now, and you must remain so for the Cassadines to survive.

Nikolas: I'm well aware of my obligations, thank you.

Stefan: Then live up to them. It's your wedding night. Your wife is waiting for you.

Nikolas: Are you ordering me to consummate my marriage?

Stefan: It that's what it takes.

Nikolas: Because you're way out of line. What happens in my bedroom is between Lydia and me. No one else.

Stefan: Nikolas --

Nikolas: What?

Stefan: Do you think I don't recognize this for the stall tactic it is? You don't want to bed Lydia. You're hoping for an annulment so you can continue to pursue that Quartermaine girl.

Nikolas: Ok, that's enough. I gave Emily up, ok? I let her -- I let her walk out of my life for the good of this family. That's all the duty I can handle for one night.

Stefan: Nikolas, if you don't consummate the marriage, we could still lose everything.

Nikolas: Oh, don't worry. Because if your suspicions are right, then lucky will do the honors for me.

Emily: Once I let go of that dopey crush I had on Nikolas, I thought it was over. You know, we'd be friends forever, but I never expected to fall in love with him for real, Elizabeth. And now that I am, I don't know how to make it stop.

Elizabeth: I'm not sure you can. But, hey, if you ever find out a way --

Emily: You'll be the first person I call.

Elizabeth: Thank you. Hi, Zander.

Zander: Hi.

Elizabeth: Here, sit down.

Zander: No, don't run off on my account, please.

Elizabeth: No, I'm not, I'm not. Please, sit. It was nice seeing you, and I'll call you later.

Emily: Ok.

Zander and Emily: I'm so sorry.

Faith: Perfect timing.

Elizabeth: Oh, jeez, I am so not in the mood for you.

Faith: Relax. I am actually here to do you a favor. Fine. Leave it there. I thought you might be interested in the address of the safe house where Sonny is keeping Ric. You have known all along that Ric is still alive, haven't you? Don't bother trying to come up with a plausible denial. I'll just get you up to speed. See, Ric is still suffering under the delusion that he can redeem himself in your eyes, that he can prove to you that he is a good person. And of course, you need to pay him a visit and show him that there is no going back, that you hate the very sight of him.

Elizabeth: And why would I do that?

Faith: So that the damn fool doesn't get himself killed for the love of you.

Courtney: You know how I feel about Carly. She is like a sister to me. My god, it would be easier if I could go after her. At least I wouldn't have to wait around and know whether or not you were going to come home.

Jason: Courtney, hey. Look, I know how hard it is to be afraid for someone you love. I know how helpless and trapped you feel right now, and I'm sorry to do that to you. I am.

Courtney: But you're going anyway. God, just be careful, ok?

Jason: Ok. I promise.

Sonny: Jason.

Jason: Yeah?

Sonny: Everything's squared with the map. I'm going to check on Michael, and then we can go.

Jason: Sonny, maybe you should stay. Just let me and the men go get Carly.

Sonny: We're this close to getting Carly. I got to --

Jason: Ok, that's exactly my point. What if we get to the end of this and something happens to you?

Sonny: That's a chance we take.

Jason: What about Carly and Michael and the baby? If something happened to you, they'd never get over it. Just let me handle this. Let me go.

Sonny: This has gone on way too long. I'm ending it tonight.

Doctor: Senor Alcazar, may I see you outside?

Carly: Would you stop treating me like I am not here? This is my baby. You tell me what is going on.

Lorenzo: Speak freely, Doctor.

Doctor: Unfortunately, the medication is not working.

Carly: Yeah, well, maybe you haven't given it enough time. My water still hasn't broken, so the baby is still safe inside of me.

Doctor: I'm sorry, but there's no way to stop you from giving birth. For your own safety, we need to perform a c-section.

Carly: Well, what about the baby? Is he going to be ok?

Doctor: We'll do all that we can, but I can't offer any guarantees.

Carly: No, uh-uh, I'm sorry. No c-section. It's not an option. I'm not going to let you endanger my child.

Doctor: There's a time element at work here. If we don't do something, your wife will begin to hemorrhage.

Carly: Don't, Lorenzo. Don't you listen to him. Don't you let them endanger my child.

Lorenzo: All right, you heard her. She doesn't want this.

Carly: Ah!

Doctor: It'll only get worse. The longer you --

Lorenzo: All right, all right, do what you have to do.

Carly: No! I'll show you sorry!

Lydia: The prodigal groom returns. Better late than never, I suppose.

Nikolas: It's been a long day, Lydia. I don't want to fight with you.

Lydia: That works. Besides, we have more pleasurable things to do. I hope you're not too tired to muster a little energy for your wife.

Nikolas: Look, we've been over this. You know where I stand. I married you, and that's as far as it goes. Now come on, I want you to leave.

Lydia: Leave? Where do you expect me to go?

Nikolas: There's 23 bedrooms in this house. Pick one, but you're not going to sleep in --

Lydia: The way I remember, you get passionate when you get angry. Get angry.

Nikolas: Either you leave this room, or I will.

Lydia: I hate you.

Emily: I can't do this inside. I know I'll start to cry.

Zander: Ok, ok.

Zander: I was hurt before. I let my pride take over. I never meant to get that angry at you. Em, I don't -- I don't want us to be over, so let's figure out a way to make this work.

Emily: Ok.

Zander: Ok. But, Em --

Emily: Mm-hmm?

Zander: You've got to be honest with me.

Emily: All right. That would be a nice change, right? At this point, my only defense is that I wasn't being honest with myself, either. What happened with Nikolas scared me for a lot of different reasons, but mostly because I was afraid I'd lose you. I don't want to do that, Zander. Not ever.

Zander: Where does Nikolas fit in?

Emily: Nikolas is someone that I -- I could have loved if I had never met and loved you first. But I did, and I do. I never stopped, not for a moment, Zander. Please, tell me you believe me.

Ric's voice: "Dear Elizabeth -- if you're reading this, it means that something has happened to me and Sonny was kind enough to give it to you. I realize I'm being unfair. After all I've done, I should just leave you in peace. But I guess we both know that I'm too selfish for that. I wanted you to know that anything good that I ever had came from you. Any good I ever did was to honor your trust in me."

Ric: I thought I'd never see you again.

Jason: Courtney, I don't want you to worry, ok? Ric's information is probably good. We're going to get Carly, we're going to bring her home, and then all this is going to be over.

Courtney: Jason, you can't go tonight. I'm going to tell you why.

Sonny: Hey, buddy. I know how hard this is for you. You're a trouper. You're just a little boy who's afraid his mom is not around. But I'm going to tell you a little secret. I'm scared, too, more than I've ever been. The thought of losing your mama -- oh. I won't even go there. Your mama came to me like a bolt of lightning. She gave me everything -- love, you, a new baby, hope for the future. You know what else? Your mommy's a miracle worker. Because none of this was supposed to happen. I wasn't supposed to have a little boy here sleeping who loves me. I wasn't supposed to have a new baby on the way or a mother depending on me to find her. It's a lot more than I counted on, a lot more than I deserve. But I have it. You, mommy, the new baby. You're all mine. And whatever it takes, I will not lose my family.

Carly: Please, I am begging you, please don't let them take my child.

Lorenzo: Carly, your life is at stake.

Carly: If my baby is born now, he will die. This is Sonny's child. He's going to hate you. He is going to come after you.

Lorenzo: So let him. I'll handle it. The one thing I won't do is stand by and watch you die. I have to authorize a c-section.

Carly: There is still time for this medication to work. My water has not broken. Both the baby and I can live. Will you please, please give us that chance?

Doctor: Your wife could start hemorrhaging at any moment.

Carly: Ow!

Doctor: Unless we take action, there's a very real chance that your wife could bleed to death.

Lorenzo: What about the possibility that the baby could live? Is there any possibility of that?

Doctor: This clinic is not equipped to deal with a preemie. There are no facilities in the area that can. All you can do now is to save your wife's life.

Carly: No! I would rather die with this baby inside of me than you let you take him from me.

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Elizabeth: I'm so worried about you.

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