GH Transcript Wednesday 7/30/03

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 7/30/03

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Stefan: You will have Kristina, but I need the freedom to act.

Nikolas: I don't love you, Lydia. I doubt I ever will.

Lucky: Lydia? Lydia?

Jason: What's going on? You getting sick?

Lorenzo: The picture, please. Why are you pushing this?

Carly: Because she means something to you.

Faith: You killed Ric, and now I'm going to kill you.

Cameron: I've been trying to reach you.

Alexis: Why is that?

Cameron: I want to thank you for putting yourself on the line for me at the Quartermaines'.

Alexis: I walked right into their trap. John, could I get another? Thank you.

Cameron: It kept me from being arrested. And I think the worst is over. No more butler disguises and nobody charged you with violating the restraining order. What could've been a total disaster --

Alexis: Was a disaster. See, now there's a new restraining order. I've lost my little girl. And as grateful as I am to you for everything that you've done for me, I wish I never met you.

[Kristina cries]

Skye: Oh, Princess, what's the matter, huh? Oh, I've tried every single toy in the room. I've -- I've tried singing to you, I've tried bouncing you. I've even tried making my funny faces and telling you stories, but -- ooh, I haven't tried checking for your wet diaper. You know how much I hate that.


Skye: Oh. Princess, what's the matter? I don't know what has her so upset.

Alice: Well, does she have a clean diaper?

Skye: Well, yeah. I tried feeding her. I tried everything.

Alice: Hmm. She doesn't have a fever.

Skye: Well, maybe she just wants her daddy to come back home from his business trip, huh?

Alice: You know, I know every single one of Kristinaís cries, and this one is not for attention. I think there's something wrong with her.

Lydia: Everything I wrote in the note is true. You may not love me, but Iíve fallen in love with you.

[Lucky scoffs]

Lydia: I tried telling you, but you wouldn't believe me.

Lucky: Give me a break.

Nikolas: Let her finish.

Lydia: Could you leave us alone, please?

Lucky: No.

Nikolas: My brother can hear whatever it is you have to tell me.

Lydia: I know you think Iím a liar, that Iím incapable of any real emotions, that all I want is the money. But I swear, I'm being honest. I've been falling in love with you all along. You were just too busy with Emily to notice, but it didn't stop me from noticing. You have strength, character. You're tender, you're smart. You actually know what it means to be a gentleman, and you act accordingly. That's a rare quality, Nikolas. If you didn't want me to fall for you, you should've never let me see how you treat Emily.

Lucky: You're only in it for the dollar signs.

Lydia: I'm not so shallow Iíd kill myself over money. My parents and my grandparents barely acknowledged me. It didn't occur to them to love me. When you said that you never would and you walked out -- I don't know. Something in me gave up.

Nikolas: Oh, boy. Do you even know how not to lie, Lydia?

Courtney: You know, just because Iím queasy doesn't mean that I'm pregnant.

Jason: I wasn't thinking you were. I was just remembering Carly sitting on the couch one day, probably telling me something I didn't want to hear, and all of a sudden, she got sick. She said that breathing thing usually helped her feel better.

Courtney: Yeah, I'm just -- I don't know, I haven't been eating right or getting enough sleep because of all the stress over Carly, that's all. Getting pregnant right now wouldn't be good for anyone.

Jason: No, it wouldnít.

Lorenzo: Gets chilly out here.

Carly: Yeah.

(Alcazar gives Carly a blanket)

Carly: Thank you.

Lorenzo: Mm-hmm. I'm going to be leaving for a while. The crew has instructions to give you anything you need.

Carly: Except a lift home?

Lorenzo: Hmm, yes, anything except that.

Carly: Ok, well, then don't expect a thank-you.

Lorenzo: I donít.

Carly: Did your brother love you as much as you loved him?

Lorenzo: I like to think so.

Carly: Then why did he -- why didn't he let you go? I mean, I know from watching Sonny that this life is a trap and once you're in it, you cannot get out. And your brother must have known that, too. Yet he still brought you into this business. You were a good man and you could've had a really good life if he hadn't brought you into this world.

Lorenzo: What makes you so sure I was a good man? Besides the fact that you're angling for me to let you go.

Carly: What you told me about Sophie. Come on, you didn't make that up. And look at the way you treat me, especially compared to Ric. Look, I'm not saying that you're sticky-sweet. I'm just saying things could be worse.

Faith: First you killed my husband, and then Ric, and now it is your turn. I should've done this a long time ago.

Michael: Your sundae's on the counter. You want me to eat it for you?

Sonny: Uh, do me a favor, ok? Just go in there and wait for a second, all right? I'll be out in about three seconds.

Michael: Ok.

Sonny: Don't come back out.

Faith: Never would've pegged you as the fatherly type. But that's your problem because you just sent away your one chance to get out of this alive.

Sonny: You're not going to kill me because then you're not going to know where I got Ric.

Faith: You are lying. You are bluffing to save your miserable life.

Sonny: Ric's alive in one of my safe houses.

Faith: Prove it.

Sonny: First things first -- you cooperate, you may get to see Ric permanently.

Faith: I cooperate? I'm the one holding the gun here.

Sonny: Yeah, but I got what you want -- not just my worthless brother, but a way to help you stay out of prison. You help me bring down Alcazar, right?

Faith: Mm-hmm?

Sonny: And you'll be keeping your deal with the feds. If you refuse, I will throw Ric to Alcazar, who wants him dead worse than I do.

Faith: Why does Alcazar want Ric for?

Sonny: Well, you're going to have to ask him. There's an offer on the table. Either you shoot me now or let's go over details.

Faith: What do you want me to do?

Sonny: First, put that gun down. All right. How would you feel about getting into the drug business?

Courtney: Thank you.

Jason: Are you sure that this is all you want?

Courtney: Yeah, I'll -- I'll have something else in a little while. Sorry for the false alarm.

Jason: No big deal. It's ok.

Courtney: It seems kind of freaky even considering having a baby right now. I mean, I want to be a mother someday -- after we're married.

Jason: I know. We're supposed to be married right now.

Courtney: Thanks a lot, Ric.

Jason: You know what, when Carly gets back, we'll -- we'll plan another wedding.

Courtney: You make it sound so simple. "When Carly gets back." You know, like she's on a trip to California instead of being held hostage. It makes it even worse that she's pregnant. I mean, not only is Sonny missing his wife, but he's afraid he could lose their child.

Jason: I got to give it to Sonny. I don't know if I could stand going through anything like that with you.

Alexis: Thank you, John.

Cameron: Well, that would explain my unreturned phone calls.

Alexis: It was a bloodbath.

Cameron: The Quartermaines?

Alexis: No, the follow-up hearing. Ned got full custody of Kristina and the corrupt judge Farmer has denied me any visitation at all or I go to jail.

Cameron: Well, I'm sorry to hear that, but allow me to present you with the blue ribbon for ingratitude. I compromised my moral and professional integrity to protect you, Alexis.

Alexis: Oh, I don't know, I think you got a little kick out of me being in debt to you. Fed your ego to keep my little secret, huh?

Cameron: And what about my career? Didn't I put that on the line for you a hundred times to go along with your phony insanity plea? Not to mention your brilliant butler charade -- both of which were your ideas.

Alexis: Uh-huh, and I wanted Alcazar to kill my sister, threaten me, forcing me to go into premature labor. I wanted all the bad, bad things to happen to me just the way they happened.

Cameron: I let my son think I was gay. I protected you when you kidnapped Kristina. I committed perjury and obstruction of justice. I put everything on the line for you, Alexis, because I cared about you. Obviously, Iíve wasted the emotion. But if you can stand there and actually blame me for how your choices have come back to bite you, well, you've either had too many manhattans or you really are too unstable to raise your child.

(Alexis throws drink in Cameronís face)

Cameron: Well, my mistake. It's a whiskey sour.

Alexis: Thanks, John.

[Kristina cries]

Skye: Oh. I've tried Monica and Alan, but all I get are their voicemail.

Alice: Well, that's because they're at the theater. They probably turned their phones off.

Skye: All right, you know what -- I'm not taking any chances. I'm going to take Kristina to the hospital.

Alice: Ok.

Skye: All right, come on, Princess, we're going to get you all fixed up. Don't you worry.

Alice: Hi. Yeah, this is Alice. Look, I think there's something you should know.

Nikolas: You staged this. You had no intention of killing yourself.

Lydia: Check the hospital records. Those weren't breath mints they pumped out of my stomach.

Nikolas: Lydia, you took just enough pills to get the desired response. You wanted me to come rushing to the hospital, drowning in guilt.

Lydia: Tell him. You were there.

Nikolas: I'll give you this much, though -- you're thorough and reckless. I won't say courageous because there's nothing particularly brave about faking suicide to get your own way.

Lydia: Believe what you want. I'm not going to defend myself to you.

Nikolas: There is no defense. You took a stupid risk.

Lucky: All right, you know what, she made a last-ditch effort and it failed. You're not going to marry her, right?

Nikolas: Yes, I am.

Lucky: Come here. What are you doing?

Nikolas: Getting married for love.

Lucky: That makes zero sense.

Nikolas: When I marry Lydia, Emily will be free. She won't -- she won't feel torn in two and she won't have to constantly reassure Zander. It's the best solution for everyone.

Lucky: You don't have to do this.

Nikolas: Yeah, well -- oh, by the way, the next time you feel the need to end it all, Iíd appreciate if you'd wait until we're married so the money doesn't just go to waste.

Stefan: How's Lydia?

Nikolas: Don't worry, the bride-to-be and potential inheritance are alive and well.

Stefan: How are you really feeling?

Lydia: Peachy.

Stefan: Ah. You know, Lydiaís been through a terrible ordeal. She doesn't need predators hovering around her.

Lucky: Well, then don't stay too long.

[door closes]

Stefan: I'm impressed. Your faking a suicide could be just the push Nikolas needs to go through with the wedding.

Lydia: What makes you so sure I faked it?

Nikolas: Thank you for helping her.

Lucky: She got closer to the edge than she wanted to. She was faking, but she could've ended up in a coma.

Nikolas: Yeah, I -- I know. I keep trying to remind myself that this isn't her fault. You know, I mean, Lydia didn't ask her grandfather to set up the will so she'd have to marry me, and I'm sure she's not enjoying being caught up in all my uncle's insane plots and schemes.

Lucky: You know what, don't tell me you're feeling sorry for her.

Nikolas: No, I just understand that she's in an impossible situation.

Lucky: Well, that doesn't mean you have to marry her to get her out of it.

Nikolas: I'm not marrying her to get her out of it. I'm marrying her --

Lucky: Marrying Lydia for Emily. I heard you the first time, and I didn't believe you then. We both know you'll never be able to get through this wedding.

Skye: Bobbie, I don't know what's wrong with her, if there's anything wrong with her, but with Ned out of town, I just didn't want to take any chances.

Bobbie: Well, you did the right thing because Kristina does have a complicated medical history. Well, Dr. Callas said she'd be right up, so why don't we get you set up in the exam room.

Skye: Great, ok.

Alexis: What's wrong with the baby.

Skye: She is on her way to be examined by a doctor.

Alexis: Let me see her.

Skye: Look, Bobbie, I really don't want her to be subjected to these hysterics. Could you take her?

Bobbie: Sure.

Skye: I will be right in.

Bobbie: Alexis, no, I'm sorry, Iím sorry. Come on, Kristina.

Skye: Look, why are you even here?

Alexis: Because my daughter is sick.

Skye: And she's getting treatment. You're not supposed to be anywhere near her, by the way. Who called you, Alice?

Alexis: Somebody from the hospital. What are you going to do, fire everybody? Let go of me.

Skye: Look, I know all about the new restraining order. Now, if you go storming in there right now ignoring that order, you're not going to see Kristina till she graduates college. Is that what you want?

Michael: Guess what I had.

Courtney: A chocolate sundae?

Michael: Hey, how'd you guess?

Courtney: Well, I'm psychic. That's how I know that my only nephew should be in bed. Come on.

Michael: I'm not sleepy.

Sonny: Oh, no? It's way past your bedtime. You go with Courtney upstairs, ok? Find yourself a book.

Michael: Ok.

Sonny: I'll be up there in a minute to tuck you in.

Michael: Ok.

Sonny: Ok?

Jason: Good night, buddy.

Michael: Good night. Hey, can you tell mommy that I said hi if she calls? And tell her I miss her and her baby, too?

Sonny: Yeah, I will.

Michael: Thanks.

Sonny: Slap me five.

Courtney: Come on, sweetie.

Sonny: Faith was waiting for me outside of Kellyís with a gun.

Jason: Did Michael see her?

Sonny: No, I told him to go back in.

Jason: What did she want?

Sonny: What do you think? She wants to kill me. So I made a deal. I convinced Faith that the only way Ric is going to stay alive is if she cooperates with us. What?

Jason: What -- what do we need her for?

Sonny: She's going to front for us. We're going to let Alcazar land the shipment, she's going to buy the drugs. That way they never make the street.

Jason: And what if Faith double-crosses you?

Lorenzo: It's bad manners to let a woman drink alone. But in your case, I'll make an exception. I like breathing.

Faith: If I were as lethal as you seem to think, how could I possibly stay out of jail?

Lorenzo: Good question. You were supposed to get the goods on Corinthos. What happened to that?

Faith: Well, my deal fell through. Seems the D.A. dropped the attempted murder charges. Lack of evidence. So my incentive to work with the government just disappeared.

Lorenzo: So why have you called me?

Sonny: I want Carly back, Alcazar wants to land his shipment, Faith wants Ric. The only way she's going to get to see him is if I give her access. That's how I know she'll keep her end of the deal.

Faith: I have a very interesting proposition for you.

Jason: All right, so what if Alcazar figures out that it's a setup? Then what?

Sonny: Well, then I guess Iím just going to have to figure out another way to get Carly back.

Alexis: My daughter was rushed to the hospital. What do you expect me to do as her mother? What do you expect me to do, just sit and wait for someone to call me and tell me that she's ok?

Skye: Kristina is getting treatment, ok? There is nothing more to be done and no reason for you to be here.

Alexis: You do not have custody of Kristina. It is not your place to make decisions.

Skye: Ned went out of town. He left Kristina in my care.

Alexis: Well, he shouldn't have done that. Stop playing house with my daughter. Get one of your own, Skye.

Skye: You know I can't have a child.

Alexis: Then adopt one. Of course, they don't usually give privileges to alcoholics.

Skye: Oh, you know what, I am not even going to listen to this. I'm going to see Kristina.

Alexis: You don't care about Kristina! You're just using her to get to Ned.

Skye: I love that little girl.

Alexis: You don't love anyone but yourself.

Skye: Oh, I hardly think you are in the position to criticize, Alexis. You lost custody because you proved that you are incapable of putting Kristinaís needs first. You don't care about her security, her happiness. In fact, you don't think about Kristina at all except as a possession that by God belongs to you because she came out of your womb. Well, you know what, here's a little tip -- mother does not equal owner.

Alexis: Here's another little tip -- I am going to see my daughter, and you and the Quartermaines and judge Farmer can all go to hell.

Stefan: Lydia, why keep up the pretense? I know you staged the overdose.

Lydia: Are you implying I can't have real emotions?

Stefan: Real emotions are something you exploit in other people.

Lydia: Oh. The way you exploit the nephew you claim to love so much?

Stefan: I do love Nikolas.

Lydia: If you did, you'd want him to be with Emily. What they have is real. Don't worry, I haven't turned into a hopeless romantic. I'll marry Nikolas -- the sooner, the better -- but the day it's done is the day you leave town. I won't let you go on manipulating me or Nikolas.

Stefan: You're in no position to give ultimatums.

Lydia: Oh, really? Push me too far, Iíll go straight to the police and tell them the real story behind Summer Halloway's tragic death.

Nikolas: If Emily and I just -- just said the hell with everything and got together, it would be doomed from the start.

Lucky: Emily loves you.

Nikolas: She loves Zander, too.

Lucky: Maybe. Maybe because of -- she feels obligated to him, because of their past.

Nikolas: Look, the only reason that Emily and I even came close to getting together was to help her push Zander away. It's all about him for her. It always will be.

Lucky: Well, who is it about for you, Nikolas? What do you need?

Faith: You have to sell your merchandise to someone. Why not me?

Lorenzo: I already have distributors waiting for my product.

Faith: And how much are they willing to pay?

Lorenzo: $2.5 million for the first shipment.

Faith: I'll double that.

Lorenzo: Why?

Faith: Revenge. Sonny doesn't want drugs in his territory. It's a strange double-standard, really, since he has no problem littering the bay with dead bodies, namely my husbandís. I want to rub his nose in my rise to power, and your drugs give me that chance. The stronger I get, the weaker Sonny will be till I bury him.

Lorenzo: I've made sure there's no way this merchandise can be traced back to me, so if this is a setup, Mrs. Rosco --

Faith: Do I look stupid to you?

Lorenzo: You're dangerous, Mrs. Rosco, to yourself and to others. I need to decide if you're dangerous to me.

Faith: I will be profitable for you, Lorenzo. So are we in business or not?

Jason: As long as Faith knows that Ric's alive, why not let her visit him? I mean, maybe we'll get lucky, they'll have a fight, he'll push her down the stairs, and she'll poison him.

Sonny: I need Ric and Faith alive right now. Unfortunately, I don't know any other way to get Carly back. Do you?

Jason: Listen, Ric and Faith, a lot could go wrong with those two.

Sonny: Yeah, but we got to make sure it doesnít. We're talking about my wife and child. I mean, come on, Jason.

Jason: I know.

Sonny: Well, you'd do the same for Courtney, wouldn't you?

Jason: Absolutely.

Sonny: Be glad you're not a father, be glad you don't have a wife who's your -- your whole world, with an innocent child inside of her, and you can't get to see them. And you got to deal with Faith and Alcazar just to get to them.

Jason: You're right. It's good that Iím -- I'm not a father. I mean, that, you know, all this happened before Courtney and I got married. You're right.

Sonny: That's not what I meant. I hate -- I'm sick of this, all right? I hate what I'm doing. I hate -- I hate what I'm doing to get out of it even worse. But I have --

[phone rings]

Sonny: Hold on. Hello? Good. Um -- just come on over right now. Yeah. That was Faith. Alcazar bought it. Give you that.

Jason: Now what?

Sonny: Ok, I need you to make a delivery for me, ok? We need one more person to make this work.

Jason: I'll take care of it.

Sonny: Thanks for handling it.

Jason: Yep.

Sonny: Hey.

Courtney: Jason left?

Sonny: Yeah, yeah, he -- he's not going to be too long.

Courtney: Well, Michaelís had his bath and he's picking out a story for you to read to him. I'm going to go across the hall, ok?

Sonny: Ok. You know what? You got to know I really appreciate what you're doing.

Courtney: I'm your sister.

Sonny: I know.

Courtney: Comes with the package.

Sonny: But you know what, you've been giving a lot. I haven't really been giving anything back. You should be married by now, back from your honeymoon, working on a family. You have not complained once.

Courtney: Look, I'm just trying to help everybody out. Carly would do the same for me.

Sonny: Yeah.

Courtney: And I know that you would, too.

Sonny: Yeah, well, you are my kid sister. I'm very lucky. I really couldn't have done this without you.

Courtney: I love you, Sonny.

[phone rings]

Sonny: Hello?

Carly: Is Michael asleep?

Sonny: Hey. Uh, not yet. He's upstairs looking for a book. I was just about to read to him. How you doing?

Carly: Well, oh, outside of wanting to be in your arms and home with my family, I'm ok.

Sonny: What's that sound?

Carly: It's the waves lapping up against the yacht. I'm outside on the deck.

Sonny: Is there any land anywhere near you?

Carly: No. I could be anywhere in the world.

Sonny: Do me a favor -- look up at the stars. You see anything familiar?

Carly: Sonny, Iím sorry, you know me. I'm hopeless at this. I mean, they look like stars to me.

Sonny: How are they treating you?

Carly: You know, Alcazar's really different from Ric. He doesn't keep me chained to a wall. He's also different from his brother. I'm learning things about him.

Sonny: Yeah? Like what?

Carly: Well, he almost had a very different life. I think he may even have a conscience.

[Sonny scoffs]

Sonny: I wouldn't bet on it.

Carly: I think he means it when he says he'll send me home as soon as he gets what he wants.

Sonny: Carly, ok, you need to be careful. You are dealing with a dangerous individual.

Carly: The only thing he's done so far is teach me how to play backgammon.

Sonny: Listen to me, ok? If you start trusting him, it's going to blow up in your face.

Carly: You know, half a world away and you are still giving me orders.

Sonny: Well, half the world away and you're still ignoring them.

Carly: I miss fighting with you.

Sonny: Yeah, well, I miss making up with you.

Carly: The baby's kicking.

Sonny: See? The baby's telling you to agree with me and to stay calm and not do anything crazy.

Carly: Oh, great. Ok, great, so I have another controlling male on the way. You know, when I get home, I am going to be surrounded by them.

Sonny: When you get home, you know what I'm going to do? I'm going to take you upstairs, right, and Iím going to make love to you about 50,000 times. And I'm going to let you do whatever you want to do. You can say whatever you want to say. We can argue, whatever. You're always going to be right.

Carly: You liar. God, but I love you anyway.

Sonny: And I love you, too.

Nikolas: Ahem.

Stefan: Nikolas, Lydia must care about you more than you think to nearly throw her life away for you.

Nikolas: We're both throwing our life away for money.

Stefan: If you gave her a chance, you might find that you can learn to love her.

Nikolas: Look, listen, it's a waste of time trying to convince me, ok? I've already agreed. You go ahead and make the arrangements and I'll marry her tomorrow.

Lucky: For a woman who got everything she wanted, you don't seem very happy.

Lydia: I didn't get everything I wanted.

Lucky: What's missing?

Lydia: A man. A husband who loves me.

Alexis: Stefan, it's me. I'm at the hospital. Kristina has a throat infection. I'm waiting for her to be released. You and I need to touch base as soon as possible. I'm willing to go along with whatever you think will work. I want my daughter back. Hi!

Bobbie: Where's Skye?

Alexis: I have no idea. Oh, Bobbie, let me hold her. I --

Bobbie: Alexis --

Alexis: I'm not going anywhere.

Bobbie: I'm sorry. The restraining order.

[pager goes off]

Alexis: Oh, Bobbie, please. I promise I'm not going anywhere. Thank you. Thank you. Sweet pea, come on. My goodness.

Bobbie: Ok, got her?

Alexis: Thank you. Oop. I got her, I got her, and I got her. Hello, pumpkin. How are you feeling? Hmm? Are you better now? Are you all better?

Skye: Oh, I believe the term is "caught red-handed"? Or you had them changed -- about five seconds later and we would never have seen Kristina again.

Alexis: My daughter was sick, Mac. I wanted to see her.

Skye: And you're breaking the law. Now, let me have Kristina.

Mac: Unfortunately, the restraining order is pretty black and white. I'm placing you under arrest for violating it.

Alexis: Here we go again.

Skye: Well, obviously, you can see how cooperative she is. Alexis, give me Kristina.

Alexis: No. Mac, listen to me, she is not --

Mac: Do it, do it.

Alexis: A legal guardian.

Mac: Do it, Alexis. Do it.

Skye: Yeah, princess. That's right. I'm going to take you home. I'll take care of you, that's right.

Alexis: Mac, Iím looking for a little justice. Maybe you could tell me where I can find some? I could use a little help.

Mac: I suppose you want to weigh in?

Cameron: Looks like she violated her restraining order. I'd lock her up, too, if I were you.

Mac: Let's go. We'll read you your rights on the way down.

Alexis: Very spiteful. Very vindictive. You sure got me back. Well done, Cameron.

Lydia: The truth is Iím ahead of the game. I'm alive. I wouldn't be if it weren't for you.

Lucky: Well, here's what I think happened. You really didn't mean to kill yourself. You were just taking enough pills to knock yourself out cold till Nikolas came home and found you. Guess one too many pills. But that's what happens when you mix pills and booze together. You just don't think straight.

Lydia: Well, it doesn't matter now. Nikolas and I are marrying, you'll be my brother-in-law -- one big, happy family. And that is what Iíve always wanted and never had -- family.

Lucky: What, you didn't have family growing up?

Lydia: My parents died when I was very young. Separate deaths, not together. And while they were alive, they didn't have much interest in children. Or maybe just not in me.

Lucky: So you were the only child?

Lydia: My mother liked to say she was only pregnant once and that was one time too many. So, even if I can't warm my husband's cold heart, at least Iíll get my first family in the deal.

Lucky: That was a sympathy card. You didn't even know you were playing it. It was sad and nice at the same time.

Lydia: Why do you always see the worst in me?

Lucky: That way Iím never disappointed.

Sonny: All right, can you prove to me Alcazar trusts you?

Faith: Well, he didn't at first. But then my hatred of you convinced him in the end. So the only question now is, where do I get my hands on five million bucks?

Sonny: You don't really hate me, do you? Let me introduce you to your new partner.

Faith: What is this?

Scott: $5 million, courtesy of the taxpayers of this great city. So if you lose it, Faith, I'll kill you.

Courtney: Oh, God. I'm pregnant.

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Lucky: He's doing this for you.

Lydia: You're not supposed to see me before the wedding. It's bad luck.

Mike: Honey, you're dizzy. Are you pregnant?

Carly: Thanks for the clothes.

Lorenzo: Your wife is an extraordinary woman.

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