GH Transcript Tuesday 7/29/03

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 7/29/03

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Emily: Zander just asked me to marry him. I couldn't tell him the real reason I said no. The truth is I can't get Nikolas out of my mind.

Lydia: Might as well make it convincing.

Jason: The cops!

Scott: Did you come to kill your brother?

Lorenzo: Give me what's mine now!

Carly: It's a snapshot, not an ice pick. Why are you acting like I just stabbed you in the heart?

Nikolas: Why can't you marry Zander?

Emily: Yet. I told him I can't marry him yet, Nikolas. I can't hurt Zander any more than I already have. I wonít.

Nikolas: Tell me the truth, Emily. Why didn't you say yes when Zander asked you to marry him?

Emily: Because of you.

Monica: Zander? Where's Emily?

Zander: Why are you asking me? The chump who believes everything she says.

Monica: Oh, did you guys have a fight?

Zander: There's nothing to fight about, Monica. She's in love with Nikolas.

Monica: Oh, come on. I seriously doubt that.

Zander: Get this -- "Zander asked me to marry him tonight. I told him I couldn't until I beat the cancer. But that was a lie. Truth is I can't get Nikolas out of my mind."

Monica: Oh, well, Zander, I mean, just because she writes something in her diary doesn't mean --

Zander: Now you know what's the problem, Monica. It's kind of like a fairy tale, you know? Everybody loves fairy tales. Beautiful damsel rides off with the prince. So what if they trample a couple of wannabes along the way?

Lydia: Nah. That won't work. Oh.

Faith: You killed Ric.

Elizabeth: That's insane.

Faith: You didn't pull the trigger or slit his throat or whatever else Sonny says you did to him --

Elizabeth: Just shut up!

Faith: What's the matter, honey? The details too gory for you? Well, too bad, because I am just getting warmed up.

Elizabeth: All right, get out, Faith. Just get out.

Faith: I want you to dream about him tonight. I want you to think about what he went through, how much pain he was in. Do you think they killed him slowly?

Elizabeth: Shut up!

Faith: What did you think would happen when you turned him in? You know what, honey? It doesn't really matter because he had basically checked out anyway. His soul died when you married him.

Elizabeth: Oh, you don't know anything about our marriage.

Faith: Marriage? That was no marriage. That was a funeral. He didn't have a chance. You killed him slowly every single day. Just when he needed you the most, you walked out. You never gave a damn about Ric!

Elizabeth: Oh, the hell I didn't!

Scott: What are you doing here in Lansingís house?

Sonny: He -- he loaned it to me.

Scott: Or did you follow him home and kill him?

Sonny: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Scott: You mind if we have a look around?

Sonny: Yeah, you can go ahead, but you got a warrant?

Scott: We can get one.

Sonny: How long is that going to take?

Scott: Well, it's probably too late anyways. But know this -- if you killed Lansing, you killed your own shot at finding Carly.

Carly: Why is she so important to you?

Lorenzo: You've mistaken my hospitality for weakness. Don't be confused. You won't be allowed to escape.

Carly: Oh, I'm pretty clear on that, Lorenzo.

Lorenzo: You need to respect certain boundaries.

Carly: Don't take your money clip again. I got it.

Lorenzo: It's not a joke.

Carly: What is it with that picture? Hmm? You were fine until I saw it. You were laughing, you were having a good time. Now you're all serious. Who is she?

Lorenzo: Leave it alone.

Carly: Or what, huh? You going to throw me overboard?

Lorenzo: Don't mention it again.

Carly: Something happened to her. She's gone, isn't she? And you just keep that picture with you to remember her by, but you can't even look at it because it makes you too sad. But you don't need to look at it to see her. All you have to do is just close your eyes.

Lorenzo: Why are you pushing this?

Carly: Because she means something to you, and I'd like to know why.

Emily: I tried not to be in love with you. Isn't that ridiculous? Loving you isn't a choice. It's a fact. Like rain or the wind or the lake, it just is. I can't change it.

Nikolas: Well, I don't know, but maybe that's how love works. It just slips up behind you, you know?

Emily: And ruins everything.

Nikolas: I don't care.

Emily: But we can't be together, Nikolas.

Nikolas: Why not? Why not? Because of the Cassadines? The money? Their tradition? Because none of that matters to me.

Emily: It matters to you, Nikolas. Every time you've had a choice between freedom and family, between what you want and family, the Cassadines always win.

Nikolas: But I don't have a choice, and neither do you. It's like you just said. Why should I spend my whole life trying to save the Cassadines when all I want is you?

Emily: But the cancer isn't even gone yet, Nikolas, ok?

Nikolas: We can deal with the cancer together. Emily, we can get the treatment that you need. We can go anyplace you want, anyplace you want.

Emily: You're engaged to someone else.

Nikolas: I broke my engagement to Lydia tonight.

Lucky: Lydia? Hey? Hey?

Lucky: No, Lydia. Lydia? Lydia? Hey, come here, wake up.

Stefan: What are you doing?

Lucky: Listen, just call 911.

Stefan: What happened? Yes, a woman has collapsed.

Lucky: Tell them it's an overdose.

Stefan: She may have overdosed. Does she have a pulse?

Lucky: She's barely got a pulse.

Stefan: Her pulse is weak. Yes, it's Spoon Island!

Lucky: Just tell them to get here!

Stefan: Spoon Isl-- yes, of course we need the helicopter -- it's an island, you idiot! Get out here!

Lucky: Lydia, come on, wake up. Come on. Lydia? Lydia? Lydia, come on. It's ok.

Elizabeth: Don't you dare stand there and tell me I didn't love my husband.

Faith: You had no idea how to love a man like Ric.

Elizabeth: He lied to me.

Faith: That was your fault.

Elizabeth: I took him back over and over again. I stayed with him against everyone's advice. I'm the reason he let Carly go.

Faith: Really? Let me guess why. To make you happy? To prove to you what a great guy he really was?

Elizabeth: Because he loves me.

Faith: And you turned him in anyway. You didn't deserve Ric Lansing. You never made him feel safe. You never loved him for who he was.

Elizabeth: I still love him, even now.

Faith: You never appreciated his dark side, his sharper edges.

Elizabeth: Oh, I can see the good in him.

Faith: Huh? Because that's all you could stand to look at. You couldn't even bear to think of anything else, so you shrunk him down to size. You put him into your little cookie-cutter world. Oh, yes, the house, the children. Did Ric even ever say he wanted children?

Elizabeth: Yes! That's what all of this is about, Faith!

Faith: God, you got pregnant so he would marry you.

Elizabeth: All right, I've had enough. Get out. Max, get this woman out of here.

Max: She shouldn't have been here in the first place. Johnny messed up. Let's go.

Elizabeth: And, oh, one more thing, precious -- welcome to the widows' club.

Scott: Maybe Ric wasn't much of a brother to you, but he wasn't stupid. He worked for Alcazar.

Sonny: Yeah, yeah, I'm aware of that.

Scott: Are you aware that he built this whole compound down in Venezuela? He was behind everything -- all the security, how to get in, how to get out. I mean, he has the connections. He had the connections. Well, who knows? Maybe Carly's not even down there.

Sonny: Anything else?

Scott: Wise up, Corinthos. Don't do anything stupid. Find your wife. Let's get out of here.

[car starts, pulls away]

Sonny: They're gone.

Ric: You believe me now?

Sonny: Ok, we're going to have to move him.

Jason: All right.

Ric: Oh, so, what, Sonny? You're going to just move me to a less public place to kill me, huh?

Sonny: Shut him up, Jason.

Ric: Well, you're never going to find your wife!

Lorenzo: Her name was Sophie Jermaine.

Carly: And?

Lorenzo: That's all you need to know.

Carly: Why? You have someplace else you need to be? Some appointment that you're going to miss?

Lorenzo: You're trying to work me.

Carly: No, I'm curious. Besides, I am here on this boat, stranded in the middle of nowhere. Sophie Jermaine is something to think about.

Lorenzo: You have lots to think about -- beautiful sunrise tomorrow, your next meal.

Carly: Yeah. Well, here's the deal. If you keep dodging it, I'm going to keep asking because it's going to make me more curious. So, you can save both of us a little bit of hassle and aggravation if you just tell me who Sophie is. How'd you meet her?

Lorenzo: She was reading international law at Oxford.

Carly: Oxford in England?

Lorenzo: Yes.

Carly: There is an Oxford in Mississippi, too, you know.

Lorenzo: I was a graduate student at Oxford in history. In England.

Carly: Yeah, England. I got that, thanks.

Lorenzo: My father wanted me out of the business.

Carly: What, the business you're in right now?

Lorenzo: Luis was being trained to take over when my father retired. I, on the other hand, was planning to be a history professor. My father wanted me to be an attorney, of course, corporate law. Sophie said if I couldn't find a better use for a law degree than to make rich people even richer, I should stick to history.

Carly: Oh. So she was an idealist, huh?

Lorenzo: She believed the law should help people, not corporations. She wanted to save the world village by village, shanty by shanty, and I was so in love I agreed to help her.

Carly: Wow. Lorenzo Alcazar -- champion for the downtrodden.

Lorenzo: We were on our way to a village in the rainforest where there was civil unrest, guerrilla warfare. Sophie just wanted to help, and I loved her so much, I'd do anything. And my brother Luis called, and he was in serious trouble. A deal had gone bad for him in Lisbon and he wanted me to back him up. Just this once I told Sophie that he's my brother. I had to help him just this once.

Carly: Did she go to the village alone?

Lorenzo: She went with a group of human rights workers, most of them students like her, young enough and naive enough to believe they could make a difference. I got Luis out of trouble. It didn't take very long. If only Sophie had waited for me --

Carly: She couldn't, right? I mean, there wasn't a choice.

Lorenzo: Uh-uh. None at all. I was on my way to join her, to catch a flight out of Buenos Aires. When I was running through the airport, I saw this story on a television. The guerrillas had burned the village and murdered everyone, including the children and, of course, the human rights workers. That's enough.

Carly: That's -- that's terrible, Lorenzo.

Lorenzo: Yeah, it was a long time ago.

Carly: But you realize that if you'd gone to the village you would be dead, too.

Lorenzo: No. My family had connections in that area, which I would have used. Sophie didn't want me to, but I would have, if Iíd been there with her.

Carly: Then maybe Sophie would be still trying to save the world, and would you be a history professor at some fancy university?

Lorenzo: Who knows?

Carly: But here you are, still doing your brother's dirty work.

Lorenzo: Doesn't matter.

Carly: I thought you said you told Sophie "just this once." So how did it turn into all these years? Sophie's life was taken from her. Why are you just giving yours away?

Sonny: Max said you were waiting.

Elizabeth: Where's my husband?

Sonny: You need to let go of Ric.

Elizabeth: You killed him, didn't you? How could you kill your own brother?

Sonny: Ok, I'm not going to discuss this right now.

Elizabeth: Why not, Sonny? Is it some sort of mob regulation -- "thou shalt not discuss thy brother after you order the hit"?

Sonny: You need to forget Ric.

Elizabeth: I'll forget Ric when you forget Carly.

Sonny: Don't you ever say that to me, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: Look, Sonny, I know Ric has done terrible things, but they were driven by love. It was a real love.

Sonny: Oh -- he's never loved anybody in his life!

Elizabeth: He loved you!

Sonny: After everything he's done to you, how can you still believe his lies?

Ric: Once Sonny thinks it through, he's going to realize he needs me to find Carly. You missed your once chance to see me dead, and it's just choking you, isn't it? He's going to know that he needs me to find Carly. That means he owes me. He's going to have to pay me now.

Jason: That's right, that's right, Ric. You know what? Sonny does owe you.

Ric: Yeah?

Jason: So do I -- for keeping Carly prisoner, for leaving Courtney in that mineshaft.

Ric: Yeah? Oh --

Jason: That's right. And I owe you for scaring Michael so much that he's afraid to sleep at night, and I owe for the hell that you put my family through. No matter what you do to try to save yourself -- I'm going to pay you back.

[helicopter flies]

Lucky: They're taking Lydia to the hospital to pump her stomach.

Stefan: Well, thank God they got here in time.

Lucky: Wait, what is that? Is that a suicide note?

Stefan: It doesn't concern you.

Lucky: What did she say?

Stefan: Listen, you have no reason to be here. Now leave.

Lucky: I'm not going to let you cover this up like you covered up Summer's murder.

Stefan: I have no time for your paranoia.

Lucky: Huh. What happened this time? You push Lydia a little too far? Well, that was a serious mistake, because if Lydia dies, you'll never get any of that money.

Stefan: Shall I call security and have you removed?

Lucky: No, what's your story this time? Huh? Lydia slipped and fell? No, wait, that was Summer. Oh, wait -- that was supposed to be Emily. Maybe it was food poisoning?

Stefan: You're ridiculous.

Lucky: Where you going? The hospital? Protect your investment, right?

Stefan: Nikolas is engaged to Lydia.

Lucky: Well, too bad she's not already married to Nikolas. Hell, you probably would have just killed her yourself just to get her out of the way.

Stefan: My, aren't we upset? I had no idea you were so attached to your brother's fiancťe.

Emily: Nobody's heart will be broken if you walk away from the Cassadines, Nikolas. No one's life will be ruined except for Stefanís, and he's already so messed up, who's going to notice anyway?

Nikolas: But you don't want --

Emily: But, Nikolas, Zander has risked his life to be with me. He forgave me for lying. He believes in me. I won't let him down.

Nikolas: But you don't want to marry Zander, Emily.

Emily: Not right now, but that doesn't mean I never will. I mean, when the cancer is over and --

Nikolas: Do you honestly believe that you won't be in love with me when you get well?

Emily: Nikolas, everything just seems more intense right now because Iím scared, but if I get well, you know, my life's going to go back to normal, and then Iím going to be with Zander where I belong, and --

Nikolas: Look, what you and I have is different than what you have with Zander.

Emily: Zander and I are real, and you're just -- you're just a crush I never got over.

Nikolas: No. You won't outgrow this. And neither will I.

(Nikolas & Emily kiss)

Zander: Hey!

Emily: Zander! No! Don't, please! Leave him alone -- Zander!

Emily: Zander, get -- stop right now! Zander, stop! Get -- oh, it's over! Both of you, stop it now! Ok, you need to leave right now, Nikolas.

Nikolas: Are you all right?

Emily: Yeah, I'm fine. Just leave now, ok? We're fine.

Emily: Ok, don't blame Nikolas for this. Blame me.

Zander: I do.

Lucky: A woman's life means nothing to you, does it? Summer? Who needs her? She's just a hooker. And Emily? Nice kid, but she's just standing in the way between you and your billions of dollars, so why not just shove her off a cliff? Lydia, on the other hand, just only matters because of the money. She gets in your way, just drive her to suicide.

Stefan: Lydia's situation has nothing to do with you.

Lucky: Wait, wait, "situation"? She barely had a pulse!

Stefan: She's about to marry Nikolas! Your interest is inappropriate!

Lucky: What difference does it make? It's only about the money for you.

Stefan: All right.

Lucky: You better get your story straight. Let's see -- Lydia was just nervous about her wedding, picked up the wrong bottle. Hmm. Would they believe that? Probably not.

Stefan: You're in no position to speak for Lydia.

Lucky: Then what did she say in that note?

Stefan: The note is for Nikolas.

Lucky: Made you look bad, didn't it?

Stefan: You have no concept of the world Lydia comes from.

Lucky: Or the world she's trying to escape.

Stefan: Stay away from her.

Lucky: You go to hell.

Sonny: You want something to drink? Some wine or something?

Elizabeth: I don't want anything from you, not after what you've done.

Sonny: Ric's alive. Doesn't deserve to be, but he is.

Elizabeth: What?

Sonny: Yes.

Elizabeth: Well, where is he? Is he -- is he ok? Is he --

Sonny: For now, but if you try to contact him or try to --

Elizabeth: I wonít.

Sonny: If you say one word to Scott Baldwin or the police, Ric is a dead man. Do you understand me?

Elizabeth: No, I don't think I do.

Sonny: I spared his life. I spared his life, and in return, he's going to have to do something for me. It's dangerous. He may not survive. The world's got to know that he's dead. Otherwise, the deal falls apart.

Elizabeth: Ok.

Sonny: Ok, you need to grieve for him as well as you can. You don't have to. You know, people are going to understand if you don't. Nobody should waste a tear on Ric Lansing. He's nothing.

Elizabeth: He's been damaged, Sonny, but --

Sonny: Don't make excuses for him, Elizabeth, not to me.

Elizabeth: Can you try to understand? Imagine what his life was like.

Sonny: I don't care.

Elizabeth: His father --

Sonny: I don't care.

Elizabeth: Made your mother choose between sons. I mean, what kind of father does that?

Sonny: There are worse fathers than Trevor Lansing.

Elizabeth: He left scars.

Sonny: Everybody has scars. Come on, what are you talking about?

Elizabeth: Scars are on his heart, Sonny. He grew up in a cold home.

Sonny: No, he grew up safe, with money. He had every chance in the world.

Elizabeth: And he wasted all of it trying to hurt you. I know. He loves you, Sonny. Maybe you'll never understand this, but Ric can only love the way he was taught, and he was taught by a very sick man.

Michael: Daddy! When will mommy be home?

Lorenzo: When Sophie died, everything I believed in died, too. My plans were irrelevant. History's only lies. And the law -- there is no law, only men with guns.

Carly: Yeah, I understand that.

Lorenzo: All I had left was my brother. He needed me.

Carly: Luis is gone now, and your life is your own. You can choose to be who you really are.

Zander: Did you think that it would be all right? What I just saw, did you think I would understand that?

Emily: Ok, Nikolas and I were just --

Zander: No, I don't give a damn about Nikolas, Emily. He's rich, he's spoiled, good for him, but you? I turned my life around for you. I gave you everything I had. I believed you, even when you had to lie. I tried to listen with my heart. I gave you every chance to tell me the truth --

Emily: I was trying to protect you, Zander.

Zander: But you still lied to me. No, I don't care what you were trying to do! All I care is what you did. You lied to me about getting the stuff from Mexico, you let me believe that you were using, and, Em, you lied about everything.

Emily: And Nik--

Zander: No, stop! I'm not done! And the worst part about it, Em, is that I knew all along, because you're a terrible liar, Em. But I still believed you, even when you said you love me, and that hurts.

Emily: Ok, Zander, I would never lie about that. I would never --

Zander: I don't care!

Emily: I would never lie --

Zander: Stop talking! I'm sick and tired of listening to you and not being able to believe what you say. I can't believe anything that ever comes out of your mouth again. All I know is what you do and what I see.

Emily: No. I was telling Nikolas --

Zander: No --

Emily: That I want you, Zander. I was telling Nikolas that I want you --

Zander: No, Em, you were kissing him. You were kissing him, not like brother, not like a friend, but like what you are -- as two people that want to be together.

Emily: No, Zander, no! I told him that I choose you!

Zander: That's fine, Em.

Emily: I told him I choose you!

Zander: Choose me all you want. Doesn't matter. I can't -- Iím done. I'm gone.

Emily: Zander?

Nikolas: Uncle.

Stefan: What happened to you? I assume it was a fight and that Emily Quartermaine was involved?

Nikolas: Uncle, it's been a long day.

Stefan: Oh, has it?

Nikolas: Yes.

Stefan: While you were out fighting in the streets, Lydia attempted suicide.

Nikolas: Is she in the hospital?

Stefan: Yeah, she was flown there in a medevac helicopter for treatment.

Nikolas: Is she all right?

Stefan: Well, I haven't heard. She was alive when she left here. She overdosed on pills, if you're interested.

Nikolas: Why didn't you go with her?

Stefan: There wasn't room in the helicopter.

Nikolas: Did you even bother to call?

Stefan: Why would I do that? You're the compassionate Cassadine. You aren't cold and cruel like the rest of us.

Nikolas: Yes, Iíd like to -- no, please don't put me on hold.

Stefan: But, you know, Nikolas, I see a real improvement in you. You're definitely coming into your own as a Cassadine. You're determined to have your way, you don't care who gets hurt. Oh, by the way -- Lydia left you a note, in case you're wondering how you drove her to suicide.

Lydia: Ahem.

Lucky: Lydia?

Lydia: What -- what are you --

Lucky: Shh, shh.

Lydia: Ahem.

Lucky: Does it hurt? They put a tube down your throat to pump your stomach.

Lydia: They did?

Lucky: You got a little carried away with the sleeping pills and vodka.

Lydia: Oh.

Lucky: So what happened? What made you want to bail on life? Was it Stefan?

Lydia: Me.

Sonny: Mommy's going to be home soon.

Michael: That's what you always say.

Sonny: You talked to her, didn't you?

Michael: Yeah.

Sonny: Ok. Then you know she's going to be ok.

Michael: Then why can't you find her?

Sonny: I'm doing -- look, you know what? You're going to have to trust me for just a little while longer that mommy's going to come home. Can you do that? Huh?

Michael: Yeah.

Jason: Hey, buddy. What's up?

Michael: Daddy still can't find mommy.

Jason: I know, but he will. I dropped off the package.

Sonny: Good.

Michael: What package?

Jason: Just -- just some business stuff.

Sonny: Guess what.

Michael: What?

Sonny: I'm taking Michael to get some hot fudge sundaes.

Michael: You are?

Sonny: That's right. Get upstairs, get dressed. I got no choice. I'm going to have to meet Alcazar's demands.

Jason: You going to move the drugs?

Sonny: I'm going to let them land on the docks. They'll never hit the street.

Jason: How are you going to work that one?

Sonny: I'll set up a front man, have him buy the shipment. They'll hand over the drugs to us, and we'll dispose of them.

Jason: Ok. What do you want to do about Ric?

Sonny: Can't afford to kill him right now. Alcazar's going to know that we're going to be searching that yacht. He's going to, you know, take Carly to the compound. Ric knows his way in. Ric's got more solid information than anybody we -- you think Iím wrong here?

Jason: Uh-uh. No.

Sonny: You think he's going to try to use this to get a reprieve, to act like he's redeemed himself?

Jason: Well, you know he's going to try that.

Sonny: Yeah, well, let me tell you something. He can walk through that door right now with Carly in his arms, put her safe on that couch, come over here, kiss my feet, hand me a promise from God that Iím going to get into heaven, and I'd still hate him. I will not forget, I will not forgive, and I will guarantee you my brother's going to pay for what he did.

Lucky: A bottle of vodka's one thing. You drink it, you wake up the next morning. You probably wish you were dead, but you probably arenít. Am I helping? Ok. For a hangover -- and I grew up in hangover heaven, believe me -- my dad swears by straight tabasco on saltines. You want me to get you some?

Lydia: No, thank you.

Lucky: Well, as far as the pills go, that I can't help you with. My family wasn't too big on sleeping. We were mostly too broke for pills. But I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to take them by the handful with a bottle of vodka.

Lydia: Did -- did I take that many?

Lucky: Well, let's just say it was a good thing the helicopter was there.

Lydia: Helicopter?

Lucky: Yeah. Another 15 minutes, we'd be having this conversation in a morgue -- well, at least one of us would be.

Lydia: Really?

Lucky: Sure. Or you could be in a permanent coma, according to Dr. Jones. You aren't, by the way. I'm here. It's real. You aren't dreaming. But whoever you're trying to jerk around, find a better way next time, all right? You promise?

Lydia: I promise.

Lucky: So, why -- why did you take those pills?

Nikolas: You want to tell him? Or should I?

Emily: You read my diary?

Monica: Actually, Zander kind of filled me in on the highlights.

Emily: Oh. That's how he found out. Now he's never going to believe I can get over Nikolas.

Monica: Emily, you've got to be honest with your feelings. Now, if you love Nikolas, you've got to say so.

Emily: It's not that simple, Mom. It's Nikolas and Zander -- I'm hurting them both.

Jason: He doesn't leave the room for any reason. He's there to draw an access map to Alcazar's compound. If he tries anything, do what you have to do, you tape him to a chair, and you call me back. Bye.

Courtney: Hey. You're back.

Jason: Yeah. I thought you'd be here. Where'd you go?

Courtney: I just went across the hall to lie down. Well, I guess all the not sleeping since Carlyís been gone finally caught up with me. I can barely keep my eyes open.

Jason: You don't need to. You can go home and rest.

Courtney: I'm worried about you. What happened?

Jason: Ric's still alive, and Sonny took Michael to get ice cream.

Courtney: Ok -- have you heard the expression "brevity is the soul of wit"?

Jason: No.

Courtney: No? Ok, well, it means that you must be the funniest man on earth.

Jason: Ok.

Courtney: I'm serious. I mean, I don't -- I don't know what happened, and I'm not asking for the details -- I know you can't tell me -- but I know it adds up to a lot more than Ric is still breathing and Sonny and Michael are having ice cream.

Jason: No. That's pretty much it, really. What -- what's wrong?

Courtney: Oh. Now all of sudden I feel like Iím going to throw up.

Jason: What's going on? Are you getting sick?

Courtney: I don't think so. Oh, you know that feeling when you haven't eaten and it makes you nauseous? That's how I feel.

Jason: You want me to make you something?

Courtney: No. I'll be ok in a second.

Jason: Ok, just take -- yeah, good, take --

Courtney: Oh, gosh, I feel gross.

Jason: Just take deep breaths, ok? Stay relaxed.

Courtney: Mmm. Thank you. That feels better.

Jason: It used to work when Carly was pregnant with Michael.

Carly: How about another game?

Lorenzo: That's up to you.

Carly: Who invented backgammon, anyway?

Lorenzo: The Egyptians played a variation. So did the Romans.

Carly: What kind of history did you study?

Lorenzo: European, with an emphasis on the 20th century.

Carly: You know what? I always hated history. I mean, all those dates you have to remember? I mean, who really cares when something happened? It's over, it's over, move on. You know what I mean? But why were you so interested in it?

Lorenzo: I know what you're trying to do.

Carly: I'm trying to figure out where to put these pieces.

Lorenzo: You're trying to make me realize who I used to be.

Carly: And what is wrong with that? Is it so bad?

Lorenzo: Sophie wanted to change the world. I wanted to understand it.

Carly: And she died, but it doesn't mean you have to give up.

Lorenzo: I was young, idealistic, and in love.

Carly: Was it the only time?

Lorenzo: Possibly.

Carly: So, what do you think that Sophie would say if she could see you right now?

Lorenzo: Hmm. She'd be appalled. So would the young man I used to be. She's gone now. So is that history student at Oxford.

Carly: Are you so sure about that?

Lorenzo: Don't bother looking for the man I used to be. He can't help you now, Carly.

Sonny: Hold on, buddy. Come over here for a second.

Michael: No.

Sonny: I want to tell you a little secret.

Michael: Ok.

Sonny: You ready?

Michael: Yeah.

Sonny: The baby's growing inside of mommy. I felt it kicking.

Michael: On the boat?

Sonny: Yeah.

Michael: Ok. Do you think mommy and the baby are getting seasick?

Sonny: No, not really. This is a different kind of boat. It's kind of big and fancy. It's kind of like a house on the water. It goes real fast.

Michael: You have a fast boat. Why don't you go use it and catch up with them?

Sonny: I'm doing everything I can, buddy.

Michael: But what if something bad happens and they, like -- and they catch you? And what if you don't come home like mommy?

Sonny: You know, sometimes I go away, right?

Michael: Yeah.

Sonny: But I promise you I always come home, ok?

Michael: Ok.

Sonny: Now, can you do me a favor?

Michael: Yeah.

Sonny: Can you go in there and get us two hot fudge sundaes? I want mine with sprinkles.

Michael: You mean those little --

Sonny: Yeah.

Michael: Ok.

Sonny: Yeah. I'm from Brooklyn. What do you expect?

Faith: You might have to miss those sprinkles.

Sonny: How you doing, Faith?

Faith: Do you like that? I didn't shoot you in front of your kid. Nice, eh?

Sonny: And you're not going to shoot me now.

Faith: Oh, that's where you're wrong, Sonny. See, you killed Ric, and now I'm going to kill you.

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Jason: No.

Carly: Did your brother love you as much you loved him?

Faith: First, you killed my husband, and Ric. Now it's your turn.

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