GH Transcript Friday 7/18/03

General Hospital Transcript Friday 7/18/03

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Skye: I've come up with a plan.

Zander: I'm going to step aside. I want you to be with Emily.

Jason: So did Michael tell you that Ric said he was going to take Carly home?

Sonny: We got to get the plans to that house. He could have a secret room.

Carly: What are you doing? And who sent you?

Ric: If you die, the secret dies with you.

Skye: Now, Dobson, this is a very important dinner this evening. I expect the staff to be in top form, especially you. Please try to remember that you're here to serve the guests, not to eavesdrop or spout your opinions.

Alexis: [British accent] My behavior will be above reproach.

Skye: Well, that would be a refreshing change.

Ned: Skye.

Skye: Ned.

Ned: I was looking for you.

Skye: Oh, hi.

Ned: Hi.

Skye: Well, Dobson, you can leave.

Alexis: With pleasure.

Ned: Any particular reason why you're antagonizing Dobson?

Skye: Oh, I want Alexis wound so tight that when our guest of honor arrives, she'll snap into a full confession.

[doorbell rings]

Cameron: Good evening, Dobson.

Alexis: [Normal voice] Hi.

Cameron: Skye invited me over. Since none of the Quartermaines can stand me, I --

Alexis: She's up to something, and I don't care anymore. I want this over with. Judge Farmer's agreed to meet with me next week to discuss my case.

Cameron: Alexis, I asked you to wait.

Alexis: I don't care. I want it over with. I want my daughter out of this madhouse. I'm taking her home.

Nikolas: The last thing Emily needs right now is for you to break up with her.

Zander: I'm just trying to help. Man, I -- I want to be the one that Emily comes to when she hears bad news. I don't want to be the one that she runs from, but that's about me. That's selfish. That's about my love, that's about my need for her. That -- this is about Emily.

Nikolas: I know. I know. That's what I'm saying, Zander. You can't just --

Zander: Look, Nikolas, this isn't a popularity contest, man. This is Emilyís life, ok? She needs you right now, so please go back and finish what you started. Go help her get through this cancer.

Nikolas: How can you be so blind? Huh? How can you not realize that the only thing keeping her going right now is her love for you?

Emily: Hi.

Lucky: Hi.

Emily: Oh, Lucky. Oh. Hi.

Lucky: Hi.

Emily: My parents must really be getting desperate.

Lucky: Why, because I knocked on the door? I don't see the connection.

Emily: Oh, come on, Lucky. They obviously asked you to come over here and give me a pep talk.

Lucky: I swear I haven't seen Monica or Alan. I'm embarrassed, but my motives for coming over here are completely selfish.

Emily: Really? Have a seat. I like the sound of that. Everyone's so noble and goodhearted around me these days, I'm about to break out in a serious rash. So, what's your self-serving reason for visiting me today?

Lucky: Well, I've been following up on Summer's death. The police -- they're not interested. They're completely convinced that my dad is guilty and they don't want to hear anything different. But I know my dad is innocent. I've been just trying to figure out if the killer meant to push Summer --

Emily: Mm-hmm.

Lucky: Or if maybe they were really after you.

Sonny: Meyer, listen, I need you to do me a favor. I need the blueprints for Ric Lansingís house. Get it -- yeah, get it from county records. I want to know who the real estate agent was who sold him the house. Right, right. I want to talk to them personally.

Courtney: What's going on?

Sonny: I think we've found Carly. Ric had her in his house the whole time.

Carly: Who are you?

Carly: What did you just do?

[monitor beeps]

Ric: Oh, God, I love you, Elizabeth. I can't -- I can't live if I hurt you. I -- I know I've lost you. I know that the minute that you wake up, you're going to pull away from me and you should. You should. You're too good, and you're too full of love to be with me. But for the little time that I had with you, you gave me more happiness than Iíve ever known.

Ric: Please forgive me. Please live.

Elizabeth: I love you.

Ric: You're awake.

Elizabeth: What happened?

Ric: How much do you remember?

Elizabeth: Um -- being in -- I remember being at the gallery. Am I going to be ok?

Ric: Yeah. Yeah, you're going to be fine. You're going to be fine. You had a blood clot, and it caused some blockage in your lungs. You passed out.

Elizabeth: A blood clot?

Ric: Yeah, you had emergency surgery, but -- but you came through it just fine. The doctors said you're going to make a full recovery.

Elizabeth: Then stop looking so worried. You didn't think I was just going to die and leave you here, did you? I love you too much to go anywhere.

Ric: You're a miracle, Elizabeth. You saved me in more ways than you know. The only true thing in my life has been loving you.

Elizabeth: I love you.

Sonny: How long does it take to find one real estate agent?

Jason: Meyer's fast. He'll find someone.

Sonny: I'd go to the place myself but I don't want to -- you know, I don't want to spend another minute wasting time searching that place because I want to get in, get Carly, get out before Ric knows what hit him. With any luck, maybe he'll come home from the hospital, find Carly missing. He'll be afraid. I want him to run and I want him to try to hide. I want him to beg for mercy on our mother's name, and then Iím going to spit in his face. And then Iím going to kill him. What's that?

Courtney: Well, I ran into Faith earlier. Anyway, I told her that this whole charade of her being your mistress is officially over and I warned her not to show up here again. Anyway, I packed up all her junk and I just didn't want it in the guest room or anywhere else in the house when Carly got home.

Sonny: I appre-- well, Michael -- we both appreciate what you've done. We couldn't have done it without you.

Courtney: Well, I'm just glad it's almost over.

Sonny: Well, it will be once I have Carly in my arms and I know for a fact Ric won't hurt her again.

Lucky: Ok, Stefan knows better than anybody how easy it is to arrange a fatal accident at Wyndemere.

Emily: Lucky, I understand that you don't believe that Luke murdered Summer, but that -- that doesn't mean that Stefan messed up a murder attempt on me. It was foggy that night. The grounds were slick.

Lucky: Ok, Emily, why don't you want to believe that Stefan could do it?

Emily: Well, for one thing, Nikolas loves his uncle. It would wreck him to think that Stefan had anything to do with Summer's death. Lucky, you need to be sure, ok, before you take your suspicions to Nikolas because it's really going to hurt him.

Lucky: Your engagement with Nikolas was fake, right? An act to hide the cancer from Zander?

Emily: What does that have to do with anything?

Lucky: Because for two people who aren't in love, you and Nikolas seem to be looking out for each other like you two know what each other feels, like you're connected.

Nikolas: Emily loves you, Zander, so of course her first impulse is going to be to protect you just like her first impulse is always to ask me for help because Iím her friend. She doesn't have to worry about breaking my heart.

Zander: You enjoy playing her savior? Is that it? Because there's a wall that's come between Emily and me and I don't know why.

Nikolas: Are you asking me to help Emily or are you telling me to stay away from her? Which is it? Make up your mind.

Zander: Hey, listen, if you want to help me -- if you really want to help me -- then tell me how to break down this wall that's come between us. Explain to me what it is that you do that I don't that helps her get past this pain.

Nikolas: Ok. Well, where would you and Emily be right now if she didn't have cancer?

Zander: On the road. On a bus to Mexico.

Nikolas: Well, you can't take Emily away from the cancer, all right, but you don't have to remind her of it every minute, either. What did you used to do make her laugh? What made her crazy about you in the first place? However you treated her then, treat her the same way now. Remind her that she's more than just a girl with cancer. Let her -- let her be the girl you love.

Edward: There better be a good reason for inviting a charlatan like that Cameron here.

Ned: Well, actually, I'm glad he showed up. Cameron's always been motivated by genuine concern for Alexis and Kristina.

Edward: Oh, I knew it. You're plotting something, aren't you? Trying to take away my temporary custody of Kristina?

[doorbell rings]

A.J.: Dobson. The door?

Edward: Who's on the guest list this time? Judge Farmer?

Skye: For once in your miserable life, Edward, you're actually right.

Judge Farmer: Hello, Dobson.

Skye: Oh, Judge Farmer. Oh, I'm so pleased you could make it.

Judge Farmer: Thank you.

Skye: Come right in here. Thank you so much.

Edward: Judge, listen, I want to -- please -- for you not to be swayed by Skye and Ned because I'm getting along beautifully with Kristina under my custody. Not a thing needs to be changed, huh?

Judge Farmer: There's no reason for concern, Mr. Quartermaine. I'm only here as a dinner guest --

Edward: Oh.

Judge Farmer: Not as a custody judge.

Cameron: I'm glad to hear you say that, Judge, and I hope you'll continue to protect Alexis' rights as a mother.

Judge Farmer: My guiding concern will always be Kristinaís welfare, Doctor.

Cameron: And I think we can all agree that Kristina will be better off with her biological mother.

[doorbell rings]

A.J.: Dobson. The door?

Scott: Hiya, Dobson. You're looking well.

Edward: Who in God's name invited that scoundrel?

Skye: Oh, I did.

Edward: Did you know about this?

Ned: Skye and I went over the list together. Scott, pleased you could join us.

Scott: Well, thank you, Ned. I'd like you to meet my date, Dr. Bridget Lindstrom.

Dr. Lindstrom: Hi.

Cameron: Dr. Lindstrom, your name is familiar. What is your field of expertise, may I ask?

Dr. Lindstrom: I'm a psychiatrist specializing in dissociative identity disorder.

Scott: And she has served on three murder trials where she has proved that the defendant was faking D.I.D.

Carly: Unless you were expecting a repairman, you should be worried because someone was in the house here.

Ric: Doesn't matter.

Carly: There was a guy in your house.

Ric: So what? He didn't get to you, did he? You're still my little secret, one that I could do without having right now.

Carly: Yeah, well, what about Elizabeth?

Ric: You were counting on her, weren't you? Even though you called her a fool, looked down on her, said that she was naive, you were still hoping that she would be the one to save you.

Carly: She saw me, Ric, and she knows everything.

Ric: Yeah, well, the truth is, Carly, I was hoping that Elizabeth could be my salvation, too. She could help me save -- save me from myself. But that's just not possible anymore.

Carly: What did you do to her, Ric? Did you kill her?

Ric: No, of course not. No, Elizabeth is alive and well. She loves me more than ever. That embolism that she had, Carly, affected her memory. She doesn't remember seeing you at all. If there was some way that I could cover all of this up, Elizabeth could go on loving me forever.

Lorenzo: Elizabeth. Wake up.

Elizabeth: What are you doing here?

Lorenzo: Relax. I am not here to hurt you. I'm here to warn you. You're married to a very driven and dangerous man. He's kidnapped Carly Corinthos, and now he'll go to any length to cover that up.

Elizabeth: God. If anyone took Carly, it would be you.

Lorenzo: You should know better than that. You're living in the house where Ric is holding her.

Elizabeth: Please, that's impossible.

Lorenzo: I've been to visit Carly several times myself. There's a secret room, accessible through the south wall of the living room. The alcove with the red abstract painting -- it slides back to reveal a private room where Ric is holding Carly.

Elizabeth: Do you honestly think your lies are going to turn me against my husband? You want me to run to him and demand to see this nonexistent secret room? You're obviously trying to shift the blame to Ric, but --

Lorenzo: I've done my best to help you. The truth is your only protection from the man you married. For your own safety, don't return to that house with him.

Elizabeth: Get out before I call the police.

Jason: Sonny, this is Candace Howard, the real estate agent you wanted to speak with.

Sonny: I'm sorry to interrupt your evening, but I'm interested in a -- a house on 55 Cherry Lane that Ric Lansing bought. You were the real estate agent, weren't you?

Candace: Yes. Yes, I was.

Sonny: Yeah. Um, is there a secret room in that -- that house?

Candace: Uh, I'm really not at liberty to discuss --

Sonny: Yeah, I understand. That's why I had my sister here present so -- just to reassure you that I mean you no harm, all right? I just want to know information that you already have. So, the secret room -- you want to tell me more about that?

Candace: It's on the south wall of the living room. It's accessible by a remote or there's a switch in the bookshelf by the mantle. The room is secure, soundproof. It's basically invisible, which is the main reason Mr. Lansing purchased the property.

Sonny: You did a great job.

Candace: Thank you.

Sonny: My driver will take you home.

Candace: Ok.

Sonny: She was there the whole time.

Jason: I wonder if she knew all the times we searched that house for her.

Sonny: The cameras you found must have been hooked up to that room. The sound on the tape was from the remote. Ric was talking about it to Alcazar when you got them on tape. I told you you were wrong. I told you it was -- I told you it was Elizabeth. It was --

Jason: Sonny, Sonny --

Sonny: No, no. You know what? I doubted you and Michael. I apologize about that.

Jason: All that matters is that we found her.

Sonny: We got to get Carly out of there.

[phone rings]

Jason: Could be Meyer.

Sonny: What?

Carly: Sonny? It's me. Please come get me.

Sonny: Carly, where are you?

Carly: I'm at Ricís. He's had me the whole time, but he's letting me go now. He says you can come take me home.

Sonny: Are you all right?

Carly: I'm fine. So is the baby. We held on for you. I need you. Please come get me.

Sonny: All right, I'm on my way. I love you.

Carly: I love you.

Sonny: Ric's letting her go.

Courtney: So what happens to Ric now?

(Elizabeth remembers)

Lorenzo's voice: You're married to a driven and dangerous man. There's a secret room accessible through the south wall.

Carly: Oh, thank God. Thank God you found us. Call Sonny! Ric's out of his mind! He's sick!

Elizabeth: Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

A.J.: Earlier this year, Judge Farmer decided a case that featured a defendant that had D.I.D.

Edward: Would you excuse us, please?

Scott: Well, I still think the defendant was faking.

Edward: Just for a moment.  I want to know what you two are up to.

Ned: I'm only acting in Kristinaís best interest.

Skye: I think the three of us can all agree that under no circumstances should Alexis be given Kristina back. And after what's going to happen tonight, I think it's going to guarantee that.

Cameron: You'd better get out of here. It's a trap.

Alexis: And then what? We need to turn this around to our advantage.

Skye: Dobson, get back to work, would you? The hors d'oeuvres are getting cold, and try not to drop them this time.

A.J.: You know, Dr. Lewis is the one who discovered that Alexis had D.I.D. and testified on her behalf.

Scott: I wonder if the pretty doctor here would have the same conclusion as you did, Cameron.

Dr. Lindstrom: I think it's likely. I am aware of Dr. Lewis' reputation.

Judge Farmer: So Dr. Lindstrom concurs Ms. Davis was suffering from D.I.D. at the time of the killing?

Dr. Lindstrom: Not at all. I imagine, like Dr. Lewis, I would have realized Alexis was undoubtedly faking the D.I.D.

Skye: Oh, I find all of this fascinating. Dr. Lewis, don't you find this fascinating? Could you please explain why you think Alexis was faking?

Cameron: Judge Farmer, surely you can see how inappropriate this is. Skye has lured us here under false pretenses in order to cast doubt on a case that's already been decided.

Judge Farmer: Dr. Lewis, I don't appreciate being lectured on what is and is not appropriate. If in fact you lied about Alexis Davis' condition, I want to hear about it.

Edward: Well, first of all, I want to know, Baldwin, who the hell this Dr. Lindstrom is, and why is she is such an expert on the case? Dobson, go serve people.

Scott: Well, she's an expert on D.I.D. I gave her all of the evidence, and she was nice enough to come with me tonight and give me her findings.

Cameron: Dr. Lindstrom is entitled to her opinion, but she can't prove that it's any more valid than my own.

Skye: Oh, Dobson, the glasses are half empty. Get to work.

A.J.: Dr. Lindstrom, please continue. Now, Alexis had convinced everyone that she was channeling her dead sister. Now, what makes you think she was faking it?

Dr. Lindstrom: There are preliminary indications that would support D.I.D. Ms. Davis was traumatized as a child when she witnessed the violent death of her mother. However, millions of children witness violence firsthand without developing D.I.D. Alexis was a mildly neurotic and otherwise rational adult who never showed the slightest indication of a second personality, even after the added trauma of her sister's death.

Cameron: Well, that wasn't a primary trigger.

Scott: Hey, let her finish, will you? You've been pontificating long enough. Dobson, freshen me up, will you?

Dr. Lindstrom: After her sister's death, Ms. Davis manifested a focused and perfectly understandable hatred for her sister's killer, Luis Alcazar. She had repeated public confrontations with the man, culminating in an argument that led to her premature labor. Dr. Lewis argues that this is the incident that led to the emergence of the Kristina personality. You were present at the birth. Did Alexis seem to be herself?

Ned: Well, yes. Stressed, but, yeah, very much Alexis.

Dr. Lindstrom: Dr. Lewis, you know very well that a true D.I.D. patient would have manifested an alternate personality in such extreme circumstances. The child was premature. Alexis blamed Alcazar, the same man who killed her sister. She clearly had a violent hatred of the man, going so far as to attack him with medical scissors. You were also present during this incident. Did you notice any indication of an alternate personality?

Ned: No, no, no. Just a very, very upset Alexis.

Cameron: How could he be a judge? He's not a medical professional.

Scott: But you are.

Cameron: That's true.

Scott: Dobson, come on, my drink. Well, you spent as much time with Alexis as Ned did. Why didn't you suspect she was suffering from D.I.D.? Why did you figure it out after she killed Alcazar? Because she threw herself at your feet. That's when you cooked up the cover up. And that's accessory after the fact. That'll get you 20 years on Rikers Island.

[knock on window]

Emily: Zander, what are you doing?

Zander: Falling, unless you take this pizza.

Emily: Are you insane, crazy, climbing all the way up here with all that stuff? You could have killed yourself!

Zander: Well, I was motivated. I got your favorite pizza -- pineapple, ham, and tomato.

Emily: Mm-hmm.

Zander: Check out this stuff. I got all the good stuff.

Emily: Oh, soda, chocolate -- aw, look at these -- grape pixy stix. Zander, all of my favorite comfort foods in one package.

Zander: I couldn't think of what to do, so I decided to be selfish and barge in. Staying away would be giving the cancer too much power, and I can't wait for you to ask me for help because I already know that you're too independent to even ask me for the time of day.

Emily: It's not about independence, Zander. I'm just -- I'm all over the place, you know? I don't know from one minute to the next how to feel, or -- or what to think.

Zander: I know, I know. And I -- I don't have all the answers. When you heard about the chemo and you ran away --

Emily: Mm-hmm.

Zander: My first instinct was -- was to run after you. And my second was to back away. Not because I'm scared of the cancer, but because I want to give you what you need, even if that's distance from me. And then the genius that I am, I realized that I couldnít do you any good if I'm not around. I love you, Emily. And I'm -- Iím not going to stop loving you. So here I am, with pizza and soda and pixy stix. Because it's been too long since we just hung out together.

Emily: How did you know that this is just what I needed?

Zander: I'm a love psychic.

Emily: Oh, boy. I believe you are. Crazy Ė

Announcer: The part of Lydia Karenin will be played by J. Robin Miller.

Lucky: Shh -- don't scream.

Lydia: Help!

Lucky: Shh! I can carry you into the tunnels where we can finish this conversation -- somewhere cold and dark -- or you can stop acting like an idiot and we can stay here.

Lydia: Leave now. Nikolas isn't home, and Stefan will definitely be sympathetic when I tell him that you snuck out of the tunnels and attacked me.

Lucky: So you and Stefan are tight? Even possible allies?

Lydia: I wouldn't get carried away. Stefan is a tiresome, pompous bore. The only thing we have in common is that he wanted me to marry Nikolas.

Lucky: Well, that's exactly what I came to ask you about. How badly did Stefan want Nikolas to marry you? Was it important enough to eliminate the competition?

Lydia: I don't know what you're referring to.

Lucky: Well, let me make this simple. Did someone make a mistake the night of the engagement party? Was Emily supposed to die and Summer got pushed by accident?

Carly: You better start running because Sonny's after you now. And when he finds you, he's going to make you pay for this.

Ric: Believe me, Carly, I know exactly how deeply Sonny hates because I hate the very same way. I was inches from smothering the life out of the only woman I ever loved. I suppose if I was stronger and maybe a little sicker -- gotten away with it. Killed Elizabeth, you, and your baby. That would've been the ultimate revenge on Sonny.

Carly: So what stopped you?

Ric: I would've had to live the rest of my life knowing that I killed the one person who made me happy, knowing that I proved that Elizabethís love and trust in me was naive and that I was a monster all along. So I had to be worthy of her love at least once. So I let her live and I'm letting you go. The only thing I ask in return is that you tell Elizabeth that I did it for her. Because I love her and she -- she made me better. Wherever I am, Iíll go on loving her forever.

Edward: Don't just stand there rattling off accusations. Arrest Cameron and get him out of here!

Cameron: Nothing that's been said here tonight is admissible in a court of law.

Skye: Is that true? Can Cameron and Alexis really get away with murder?

Judge Farmer: Ms. Davis can't be charged with the same murder again. That's double jeopardy. However, Dr. Lewis can and should be charged with perjury and accessory after the fact of murder.

Scott: Absolutely. Dr. Lewis fell in love with Alexis. Alexis killed Alcazar. He didn't want to see his action go to prison, so he concocted the perfect defense -- D.I.D. He even went so far as to have Alexis attack me in the courtroom with a knife so that the judge would think that she was really crazy. Now, her current therapist hasn't witnessed any of this second personality.

Cameron: That's because Alexis is cured.

Dr. Lindstrom: Reintegration of a violent alternate personality is impossible in a couple of months.

Scott: Yeah, and they almost got away with it. Well, Alexis got away with murder. But you, Lewis -- you're not so lucky. The cops are on their way here right now to show you to your nice little jail cell.

Alexis: He's innocent.

Skye: How would you know, Dobson? You're just a butler.

Cameron: Stay out of this, Dobson. It's none of your affair.

Alexis: He had nothing to do with it. He knew nothing. I'm the one who faked the D.I.D. I'm the one who killed Alcazar.

Lydia: Not only are you paranoid, Lucky, but you've made a huge mess of my dress selections. Where is that strapless I liked?

Lucky: You know what, just answer the question. Did Stefan plan on killing Emily the night of the engagement party?

Lydia: Ask him. I have no idea.

Lucky: Ok, so you came all this way to marry Nikolas and found out he was engaged to Emily? You must have spoken with Stefan. What did he say? "Too bad, Lydia. There goes your grandpa's billions of dollars that help the Cassadine financial future, there's nothing else we can do"? Or was it, "don't worry, Lydia. Uncle Stefan will make sure Emily and Nikolas never get married"? How did he plan to stop it? Did he warn you that there was going to be someone on the bluff to push Emily off?

Lydia: I never asked Stefan if he was planning on stopping Emily and Nikolas' marriage. I didn't care. A part of me was glad I wouldn't have to marry Nikolas. I was actually starting to think I might be able to choose my own life, my own love. Who knows? It might have led me to you.

Elizabeth: Thank you for getting here so quickly.

Andy: Sure. I understand you want to report a crime? Can you tell me about it?

Elizabeth: This is -- this is really hard. The thing is, I love my husband. And I still love him.

Andy: Did your husband do something to you, Mrs. Lansing? Hurt you in some way?

Elizabeth: No. No, Ric would never hurt me. But this has to stop. My husband -- he -- my husband -- he kidnapped Carly Corinthos. And he's -- he's holding her prisoner in our home.

Michael: Aunt Courtney, what are you doing? Where's daddy?

Courtney: Come here, sweetheart. I have some wonderful news.

Michael: Is mommy coming home?

Courtney: Yes, Michael, your mommy's coming home. Daddy and Jason went to go get her right now.

Sonny: Carly, we're going to get you out. The switch to the room is right in the bookshelf.

Sonny: Carly!

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Lucky: Lydia is working her own agenda.

Nikolas: But you're attracted to her.

Cameron: This entire evening was a trap.

Scott: And we caught the rat.

Michael: Will Ric go to jail for taking mommy?

Sonny: Where's my wife?

Jason: Sonny, there's no sign of Carly in the house.

Elizabeth: Everything about my life has been a lie.

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