GH Transcript Thursday 7/17/03

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 7/17/03

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Dillon: I just want to say hi. Mom?

Monica: They're going to take you off chemo. It's actually breaking down your immune system.

Sonny: Do you know who took Carly? Did Ric take her?

Michael: But I thought of something that Ric said when he took mommy. "I'm taking you home."

Lorenzo: If she wakes up, she'll hate you, Ric, and she will go on hating you forever.

Emily: Well, then -- then Iíll finish the chemo. A bad reaction is better than letting the cancer spread!

Monica: No, Em. What I said was the kind of chemo you're taking now is breaking down your immune system.

Emily: Did you know about this, Dad?

Alan: You told her?

Monica: Yeah.

Alan: We just found out. I know this is a terrible setback, but there are plenty --

Emily: No, uh-uh! Please, don't start talking about the alternatives, ok? Don't tell me that there is still hope and that everything's going to be ok!

Zander: Ok --

Emily: All right?

Zander: Of course there's hope, ok? This kind of treatment doesn't work for you, so we'll find another one, right?

Alan: Absolutely.

Zander: Find another one.

Monica: There are all kinds of options, Emily.

Emily: Ok, I can't think about this right now.

Monica: Emily, please.

Zander: Ok, then, let's go out. Let's go have our date, all right? Come on.

Emily: No, no, no. I need to be alone. I'm sorry, Zander.

Monica: Em, wait! Come on!

Emily: Ok -- no. I need to breathe while I still can!

Zander: Ok. What -- what do I do? Do I -- do I go after her and force her to let me hold her, or do I let her be alone? How am I going to get her through this?

Georgie: Dillon, your mom obviously doesn't get how much you hate it here.

Dillon: How long have you been standing there?

Georgie: I wasn't eavesdropping. I was -- I was waiting for you to get off the phone and -- maybe your mom will reconsider once she's had some time to think.

Dillon: She was on her way out the door, you know? She was going to some party or something. I should -- it was really my fault. I should have known better. She has her life. I have mine. It's not a big thing.

Georgie: It still hurts to find out you're not a priority with your own mother.

Dillon: At least your mother's missing in action because your great-grandmother's sick. I mean, mine -- mine has a full social calendar.

Georgie: Yeah, my great-grandmother's sick this time, but you don't know how many times Maxie and I have been dumped just so she can go off on another one of her wild adventures.

Dillon: What is this, a competition?

Georgie: I'm just trying to say --

Dillon: I know what -- I know what you -- I know what you're trying to do, and I appreciate it, but forget it.

Georgie: I'm too relieved to forget. I know this is really, really selfish, but I'm really glad your mom turned you down.

[monitor flatlines]

Faith: A 6-year-old boy, it's not --

Courtney: Jason, what's happening?

Tony: All right. Get her on an ambu-bag.

Nurse: Ok.

Tony: Charging to 200. Clear. And we are starting to get a sinus rhythm.

Nurse: She's starting to have spontaneous respirations.

Tony: All right. Put an oxygen mask on her. Get a B.P. and put her on the Lidocaine drip at two milligrams per minute. I also need a cardiac panel and enzymes drawn. I think she's going to be all right.

Jason: Ok. I want to make sure of that. She was arrested after she poisoned Elizabeth. She's a threat to Elizabeth. She shouldn't be allowed anywhere near her.

Michael: You took my mom!

Ric: No, no. Michael, your mother's my friend. I would never hurt her.

Michael: You're a liar!

Maxie: Calm down, Michael. It's ok.

Michael: You took my mom from the church!

Ric: No, Michael, Michael. I know that's what Jason told you, but that's not true.

Michael: I was there! I saw!

Ric: You know what? You're mistaken. Jason --

Sonny: Michael -- Michael! Michael, what are you doing? Come here. Come here.

Michael: Daddy, he's the one who took mommy. He grabbed her and dragged her away from the church. Make him give her back.

Ric: Sonny, you know, this is Jasonís doing. He's got Michael all confused.

Sonny: I know, I know. Come here. What's wrong? I know you think Ric has mommy. He doesn't. He's actually helping daddy find her.

(Carly dreaming)

Sonny: To the newest member of our family.

Carly: Well, we should have the guest of honor join the celebration. Sonny, where's the baby?

Ric: Right here.

Courtney: Is that him?

Elizabeth: Baby Ric. And look -- he has Ric's eyes and dark hair. You would never guess he was adopted.

Ric: Elizabeth can't tell you how much we appreciate your both hosting our new son's christening.

Carly: That's my baby.

Sonny: No, no, no. Our baby's gone. This is Ric and Elizabethís child.

Carly: No.

Sonny: Yeah, yeah --

Carly: No, no, no. No, Sonny, that's our little boy!

Sonny: It's ok. No --

Carly: That's our baby! Ric stole him from us!

Sonny: No, no, no, no.

Carly: Give him back!

Sonny: No, it's ok.

[Carly cries]

(Carly wakes)

Carly: Oh! Oh. Oh. Something's wrong.

Tony: All right. We'll continue to monitor Elizabeth closely, but I think the crisis has passed, and I will be sure to notify hospital security about Faith Rosco.

Jason: Thank you. I just wish there was more I could do to keep her safe, like get Ric banned from this hospital.

Michael: Ric has mommy. I saw him take her. Why don't you make him give her back?

Sonny: Where's Courtney?

Maxie: She and Jason asked me to keep an eye on Michael while they went to visit Elizabeth.

Sonny: All right, do me a favor. Find her and have her take Michael home.

Maxie: Ok.

Sonny: You listen to me. People make mistakes. Jason made a mistake when he said Ric took her, and I know you heard him say that. That's why you're saying that now. Ric would never --

Michael: But I'm not lying!

Sonny: I don't want -- that's enough -- I don't want to hear any more, Michael.

Michael: But he did.

Sonny: You -- listen to me! You have to listen to me! You didn't see anything. You're making up stories. That is not fair to Ric!

Michael: Jason? Daddy won't believe me that Ric has mommy.

Sonny: All right.

Michael: Tell him Iím not lying.

Sonny: All right, I want you two to take Michael home, but I need to talk to you for a second.

Courtney: Ok, come here, sweetie. Let's go.

Sonny: You see what you've done, your paranoia? Michael is upset because you filled his head with a bunch of lies. We have no proof that Ric took her, so I want you to take Michael home, explain that to him, and try to undo the damage that you've done.

Jason: Fine.

Sonny: And I don't want to hear about this anymore. It's --

Jason: All right, I got -- I got it. By the way, when you were out here sucking up to Sonny, your wife's heart stopped.

Dillon: So I know you're not sadistic enough to enjoy watching me humiliate myself.

Georgie: You didn't humiliate yourself, Dillon. You called your mom. It's not your fault she's too self-centered to care about you. It only proves you're better off without her, and besides, I'm really glad you're stuck here. Everyone treats me like Maxie's little sister, the straight-A geek, and you're the only one who treats me like a real person. And you care about my ideas and what I think. You act like Iím interesting and fun instead of just an alien from another planet.

Dillon: Well, maybe that's because I feel like Iím an alien. You know, I don't -- I don't get the whole high school thing any better than I get the life-at-home thing. I don't belong here or with my mom or anywhere with anyone, except with you. And that is the real reason why I shouldn't have called her. It's because as bad a place as this is, I wouldn't want to leave it if it meant leaving you.

Nikolas: Emily.

Emily: Oh. Thanks for coming.

Nikolas: What's wrong? What's wrong?

Emily: Look, I know this isn't fair and you're supposed to be off the hook, but I didn't know what else to do. I just -- I can't think straight!

Nikolas: Ok, tell me what happened, honey. Tell me what happened.

Emily: Ok. The chemotherapy is killing me. It's breaking down my immune system, so they're taking me off, which means the cancer's going to kill me instead.

Nikolas: Does Zander know yet?

Emily: Yeah. My mom told us together. We were on our way out the door to go on a date. I was so happy to be back with Zander, I finally let myself forget about being sick for five minutes. But that's how -- that's how cancer works. Just when you think you might actually survive, they -- they hit you with yet another unforeseen complication, just another way to tell you that they're very sorry and they're going to do all they can, but you're not going to make it. I can't believe that Iím actually this upset about stopping chemo. I must be demented.

Nikolas: There has to be another plan, Em.

Emily: If there is, I didn't stick around long enough to hear it. I don't want to hope.

Nikolas: I know. I know.

Emily: Please don't ask me to.

Nikolas: No, I won't, baby. I wonít. I wonít.

Emily: Oh, Nikolas. I don't want to let myself believe. I did that, and look at what happened.

Nikolas: Ok. It's ok, Em.

Emily: I told Zander the truth, and now he's done exactly what I didn't want. Nikolas, he's promised to stay by me. He's promised to fight the cancer with me. He's going to --

Nikolas: It's ok.

Emily: He's going to have to watch me die.

Nikolas: No.

Emily: Nikolas, I can't -- I can't stand that. I should have stayed here with you. I should have just -- I should have left things where they were.

Nikolas: You are -- you are here with me. You are here with me, and I'm with you, always. Ok?

Emily: Ok.

Nikolas: You can be as scared and as angry and as hopeless as you want, ok? I'm not going anywhere.

Emily: Ok.

Nikolas: Ok?

Emily: Ok.

Nikolas: Ok.

Emily: Ok.

Nikolas: It's ok.

Emily: Ok.

Courtney: We could go get an ice cream cone, take a walk along the lake before we head home. Sound good to you?

Jason: Sounds good to me. What about you, buddy?

Michael: I need you to do me a favor.

Jason: What do you need?

Michael: I want you to kill Ric, and after he's dead, mommy can come home.

Jason: Michael -- Michael, you don't want to kill anybody. You don't even want to think about that. Look, I know you're angry with Ric. I'm angry with Ric. And I also know that your mom would never, ever want you to wish someone dead, not even Ric.

Michael: But he took her!

Jason: I know. We're going to get her back. We're going to get her back, and you don't have to worry about Ric.

Lorenzo: Excuse me. I'm sorry to interrupt. I need to discuss something with you.

Michael: Who's he?

Lorenzo: My name is Lorenzo Alcazar. You must be Michael.

Jason: Mr. Alcazar and I have some business to discuss. Why don't you go home with Courtney, ok, buddy?

Michael: Ok.

Courtney: Come on, Michael. We'll get ice cream at home.

Lorenzo: I'm sympathetic to Sonny's family tragedy, but I still have a business to run. I need to land a shipment, and I want Sonny to accommodate me.

Carly: Ok, ok. Ok, ok, ok. We're ok. Oh. Ok. Ok, I'm not in labor. I am not in labor. Ok. My water hasn't broken. Oh, there's no signs of blood. Ooh! Ah! Ok.

[Carly moans]

Carly: The cramps -- they're not regular. The contractions, they're just -- oh! Ah! Ow! Ok. It just hurts! Ow! Ah! Ah!

Ric: You still have paint on your fingers. You worked so hard to put your show together. I didn't even ask you. I just -- I just gave it to you. I wanted to give you everything, Elizabeth -- love, success, family. How did it go so wrong?

Ric: I thought you had already left.

Sonny: I just wanted to check in on Elizabeth. Tony says that she -- he expects a full recovery. That must be a relief.

Ric: Yeah, maybe I'm just a little too tired to be relieved. I mean, the chance that Elizabeth might die is -- it's still too close. I keep thinking about all the what-ifs, you know, and all the things I could have done differently. If I had come home half an hour earlier, if I never bought that house in the first place. If I would have told you the first time that I met you that I was your brother, I never would have started this war between us that's caused so much pain.

Sonny: It's funny, you know. Ahem. People say we look like brothers, and I've never seen or felt it until right this minute. But anyway, I know what it means to watch somebody you love pay for your choices, to be willing to trade your life if it would change 10 minutes in the past, to keep somebody from harm, to bring them back to you. But you know what? You always wanted what belonged to me. And now you got more. You got your -- you got your wife right here, Ric. You can tell her you love her, you can hold her hand, you can tell her you're going to stay with her. I would give up my life for the chance to have Carly back. Don't waste it.

Ric: It's already too late.

Lorenzo: I will assume all the risk. All I need from Sonny is the use of his piers.

Jason: I'll relay the message, but I already know the answer. Sonny doesn't want your product moved through his territory.

Lorenzo: Well, Sonny's a businessman. My product is in demand everywhere. So Sonny will have to adapt, or he'll be forced out. That's not a threat. It's simple economics.

Dillon: Jason? Hi, hi. I don't know if you remember me or not.

Jason: Well, you're a Quartermaine. Dillon, right?

Dillon: Yeah. Yeah, I'm Tracyís son. The thing is she kind of just dropped me off on the Quartermaines and split, which would be no problem except for the fact that I can't stand those people. Even the ones who mean well are driving me nuts, and the rest of them, like grandfather and A.J., I'm learning to hate.

Jason: Is there something you want?

Dillon: No -- yeah. I mean, I -- the thing is they're always telling me what a problem I am and they're saying that Iím going to turn out like you. And I guess that's supposed to be some sort of insult, but you know -- I don't know. You seem like you like your life ok, which is more than I can say for any of them. I don't know if you noticed or not. I was at the -- I was at the police station when you told the old man you didn't need him. I don't need him, either. And that's why I want to work for you.

Kyle: Am I a genius or what? As long as you keep up this candy-striping, you've got everyone thinking you're little Miss Responsible.

Maxie: You know, it's so amazing. Mac is so relieved that I'm doing something worthwhile. I mean, he barely gave me any grief last night.

Kyle: Watch, it's going to get even better. Every hour you spend in this uniform is going to buy you two hours off duty and hassle free.

Georgie: Get lost, or Iím going to tell Mac that Maxieís using this job as an excuse to hang out with a loser like you.

Maxie: Yeah, well, you know what, Georgie? If you even think about that, I will make sure that you never see Dillon again.

Emily: I'm tired of being scared all the time. I want to be braver to handle things better. I'm making things harder on everyone, especially Zander.

Nikolas: Emily, you -- you have to stop trying to hold everyone's hand and keep them -- to help them through your cancer. All any of us want is to help you take care of yourself.

Emily: I don't know how. I've tried following the doctors' orders. I've tried believing in the support group. I've tried trusting in true love. When is it enough? You know, and what is that magic, right thing that I can do not to make the cancer go away, you know, but just to make it more bearable? To make me brave enough to fight it.

Nikolas: How can you not know how brave you are when I see it all the time? Huh? The way you get yourself to the treatments, even though you know how sick they'll make you, the way you joke when you feel like throwing up, the way you made Zander -- the way you told him the truth, no matter how scared you were about it?

Emily: It took me long enough.

Nikolas: That doesn't matter. The point is, is you did it. You've been fighting this cancer all along, Em, to the best degree you could on that day. You're human. No one's asking you to be perfect. They're just asking you not to give up.

Emily: That's asking a lot.

Nikolas: I'm asking you, today, not to give up. We'll worry about tomorrow when it gets here. I want you to promise me. I want you to promise me today, right now, that you'll keep going.

Emily: I can promise you that much, as long as I have you to help me.

Nikolas: You have me. You have me.

Emily: I should probably get back home. They're going to be worried about me.

Nikolas: Ok. I'll drive you?

Emily: Yeah.

Dillon: You know, the Quartermaines talk about you like you're dead. You know, they say you're lost. They say it's a tragedy. I don't see it that way. I mean, you had a chance to escape, you took it. You're free. You don't have to listen to their insanity. You don't have to ask them for anything. I swear to you, if you give me a job, I won't ask questions, I won't go to the police. I will be the most dedicated, devoted employee you ever had.

Jason: You always talk so much?

Dillon: Actually, no.

Jason: Ok.

Dillon: I guess I'm nervous.

Jason: Just listen, listen for a second. Trust me, I understand why you want to get away from the Quartermaines. And I can help you. I can give you some money. I can even find you a job. But it's not going to be with me and Sonny.

Dillon: Why not? I mean, I can handle myself, you know? Where's that guy? That guy you were talking to, Alcazar? I picked his pocket. Ok? I mean, I know how to hot-wire cars, and anything else you need, you can teach me. I'll learn.

Jason: I'm just saying there's no job for you in Sonny's organization.

Dillon: I mean, it's ok for you, but it's not ok for me? Come on, man, I didn't think you'd turn out to be a hypocrite, ok? I mean, you know, you had a chance to come work for Sonny. You took it. You obviously like it. Why can't I get my chance?

Jason: Hey, hey! I'm going to tell you something. Quit trying to make grandfather angry. You're wasting your time. Figure out what you want to do with your life and then go after that. In the meantime, I can help you. I can give you the money that you need to get away from those people.

Dillon: I don't want your charity! You know what? Oh, go to hell. I'll do this on my own.

Jason: Good.

Georgie: Dillon's going through a really hard time right now. Nobody would have been hurt if you guys weren't complete narcs and ran straight to Mac!

Maxie: You know what, Georgie? I was trying to stop you from getting into trouble, ok?

Georgie: You're the one who's in trouble! After all this guy's put you through, you still can't see that he's a lowlife loser?

Kyle: No, I'm not the one with multiple arrests.

Georgie: Yeah, because Maxieís too gullible to press charges or tell Mac about all the crap you've pulled!

Tony: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, keep your voices down. This is a hospital. You need to respect the rules.

Georgie: She's the one not respecting the rules! She's hanging out with this loser when she should be candy-striping!

Tony: Since when do you start to tattle on people? I've heard nothing but compliments about her. And plus, candy-stripers do get breaks, you know? I thought you were going to volunteer.

Georgie: I would rather die than be stuck-up like her!

Courtney: I can grab it.

Michael: I don't think I can lift you.

Courtney: No?

Sonny: Hey, buddy. I'm glad you're home.

Michael: Leave me alone. I hate you! You don't believe anything!

Sonny: Ok, wait -- hold on. I did believe you. I believed every word you said. Ric is a bad man. He's evil. If Ric thought that I believed you, he might try to hurt you. That's why I had to do what I did. I had to pretend that Ric was my friend, and I had to act like I thought you were lying.

Michael: But I'm not lying!

Sonny: I know you're not lying. I know you're not. I've waited and I've prayed for you to remember, and now you do. So now you got to tell me everything that happened from the beginning, ok? You lost the ring.

Michael: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: You went to the --

Michael: Bride's room.

Sonny: Right, to get it, ok? Mama came looking for you?

Michael: Yeah, mm-hmm.

Sonny: Ok? Right? And did she -- she --

Michael: She helped me find it, then --

Sonny: She helped you find it. Then what? Did you leave the bride's room?

Michael: Well, mommy found it. Then she gave it back to me.

Sonny: Right.

Michael: And then mommy said we had to hurry, and then -- I stopped to fix my shoe. Then I -- well, mommy went a little ahead.

Sonny: Right, right.

Michael: Then Ric grabbed her. He put something over her mouth. Mommy fought.

Sonny: Right.

Michael: And but she fell asleep.

Sonny: Did Ric say anything?

Michael: He said, "Iím taking you home."

Ric: You know, it's ironic. In the middle of this whole nightmare, my brother actually tried to comfort me.  We -- we finally came to a common ground, because we're afraid of losing the women that we love. Strange. If Sonny never finds out, there's a chance that we truly could become brothers.

Ric: You know, I never counted on you. I mean, your love was -- it was unexpected. It was almost unimaginable. You gave me so much. With you for the first time, I felt like I was enough. But Sonny took it all away. And I just fell back on what I knew, always safe -- for revenge. I found a way to hurt him, to make him bleed forever. I thought that I could have your love and I could keep it, make you happy. Love and revenge can't exist in the same space. One of them has to be sacrificed.

Ric: I have no choice.

Zander: Did you get Emily home ok?

Nikolas: Yeah -- yeah. Yeah, I just dropped her off, if you want to go to her.

Zander: I was down here before. I figured Emily would head straight for you, and she did. I watched you two together. I listened to how you helped her, and I wish with -- with all my heart that I could help her, too. And then I realized that I can -- by -- by getting out of the way.

Nikolas: She loves you.

Zander: But she needs you. For some reason, Nikolas, you're the only person that can help her through this cancer, and -- and that's all that matters. So, I'm going to step aside. I want you to be with Emily.

Monica: Discontinuing this form of chemo doesn't mean that the cancer's going to keep growing, you know?

Alan: There are alternative treatments that'll probably be better for your immune system.

Emily: Any chance the alternative won't make my hair fall out? Or even better, won't make me want to throw up all the time?

Alan: Look, we'll talk it all over with Dr. Nugent, all right?

Monica: Yeah. But the important thing is you don't give up hope.

Emily: Yeah, I'm not giving up, not today.

Dillon: I asked for a job from my cousin, the gangster, and he turns me down. I mean, he didn't come right out and say it, but I know what he was thinking. He's thinking, "I am going to save this kid from a life of crime."

Georgie: Maybe that's not such a bad thing.

Dillon: No! Do you see, Georgie, that's the point! I can handle myself, you know?

Lorenzo: That was my impression. I caught a little of your conversation with your cousin. I understand you need a job. I don't have anything permanent to offer you at the moment, but I'll pay you to run an errand for me.

Dillon: How much?

Georgie: Wait a minute. Dillon won't do anything dangerous or illegal.

Lorenzo: This is neither. All you have to do is hold on to this envelope for 24 hours and then hand -- hand deliver it to Sonny Corinthos.

Sonny: I played Ric exactly the way he's been playing me. I told him everything he wanted to hear, that I doubted my own son, that we are so much alike.

Jason: Did he believe you?

Sonny: Yeah, he ate it up with a spoon. Can you believe this sick bastard after he everything he's put me through? He stole my wife, made me his enemy. He still wants to be my brother. Like I would, you know -- let me tell you something. He's twisted, ok? Completely twisted. He's capable of killing Michael if Michael doesn't shut up.

Jason: Yeah, in the hospital, I figured that's what was going on.

Courtney: Leticia's putting Michael to bed. I'm just going to run across the hall and feed Rosie, ok?

[elevator door opens]

Courtney: Oh -- whoa.

Faith: Hmm.

Courtney: I thought you got the message at the hospital, Faith. You are not to go anywhere near Michael. Or Sonny, for that matter.

Faith: Hmm. Well, my friends at the government want me to convince the world that Iím Sonny's mistress. So get out of my way before I run you down.

Courtney: Wait a minute! You know what? You can go sleep with Alcazar, you can go back to prison. I really don't care. But there is no way in hell you are spending one more night in my brother's home!

Faith: You know what? That's between me and Sonny, and I think I can convince him.

Courtney: You know what? (Courtney punches Faith) That's for Carly, who wouldn't want you anywhere near her husband or her home! And if you don't stay gone, honey, I swear to God, I will rip every strand out of your puny little head!

Jason: So did Michael tell you that Ric said he was going to take -- take Carly home?

Sonny: What if he meant it literally? What if Ric has Carly in that house?

Jason: Sonny, I searched that house again and again.

Sonny: Yeah, yeah.

Jason: There's no trace. There's nothing.

Sonny: Explain the sound --

Jason: I can't explain that.

Sonny: That we didn't identify it from the audio surveillance.

Jason: I know.

Sonny: And the camera that you found that didn't record you.

Jason: We did.

Sonny: Ok, what about the phone call that I got? Carly called, right? And it seemed like somebody grabbed her from the other room. The picture -- it looked like she was in a cell, right? We got to get the plans to that house. He could have a secret room.

Carly: Whew -- ok, sweetie. Well, we just survived our first bout of Braxton-Hicks. Oh -- and personally, I'd like them to be our last, ok? Oh. Oh. Who are you?

Carly: What are you doing? And who sent you?

[Monitor beeps]

Ric: See, I know you would -- when you wake up, you're going to tell the truth. You're too good, you're too honest not to. And then Iíll be arrested. That is, if I live that long. Eventually, Sonny's going to kill me, either in prison or before I get there. It doesn't much matter. The world is going to know how wrong I was, how bad, how right my mother was to choose Sonny and not me, that he -- he was the good one and I was the monster all along. But see, if you die, the secret dies with you. I can cover my tracks. I -- I could clean up the panic room, and Sonny will never be the wiser. Who knows? Maybe our -- our shared grief will bring us closer.

Ric: I love you, Elizabeth. I will love you forever. But the only way for me to survive this is if you never wake up. Please forgive me. I never wanted to hurt you.

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