GH Transcript Thursday 7/10/03

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 7/10/03

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Dillon: Let's run away together -- you and me, right now.

Alexis: Unless you tell someone, no one will ever know that I faked the D.I.D. to beat the murder charge.

Jason: There's no date on the photo.

Lorenzo: The picture -- I think it was taken in Venezuela.

Sonny: You know where my wife is.

Lorenzo: I don't know where your wife is. I wish I did.

Carly: We're going home. Alcazar's going to come. He's going to take us home to Daddy.

Alexis: I've done it this long. I mean, what's a little longer in drag?

Cameron: Yeah, that's what J. Edgar Hoover said.

Alexis: Unless you tell them, no one is ever going to know that I faked the D.I.D.

Ned: What are you doing?

Skye: Shh! Cameron and Alexis are in there.

Ned: Eavesdropping for a change.

Skye: Yeah, and it's a good thing that Iím doing that, let me tell you. Don't tell me cheaters don't win. Alexis just admitted that she faked the D.I.D. to get away with Alcazar's murder!

Ned: Oh. Came right out and said it, did she?

Skye: Yes! She did! I heard it myself. Ned, this is over. Alexis just lost custody of Kristina.

Alexis: It probably never occurred to Skye that this might not work, and why would it? I mean, it stands to reason that if she puts me face to face with Alcazar's twin brother that Iím going to lose it and be carted off to a loony bin, and meanwhile, then she can help herself to my daughter. But I kept my cool, and now maybe we have what we need to convince judge Farmer that the therapy is working, so Iím going to call her right now.

Cameron: Don't you dare dial that phone.

Georgie: Sure! Run away. Why didn't I think of what? I mean, just walk out the door into whatever. The hell with being grounded and this stupid job. I mean, we'll just take the old road, right?

Dillon: Right. We'd be to the coast in an hour, head south to Virginia, follow the barrier islands all the way down to Florida. No worries, no hurry.

Georgie: You're serious.

Dillon: You're not?

Georgie: I don't know. You really want to leave?

Dillon: I am leaving, Georgie. I just -- I think it would be a heck of a lot more fun if you came along.

Georgie: This is -- this is crazy.

Dillon: No, it's not crazy. It's not. It's called -- it's called being alive, you know? Living in the moment. It -- no adults, no rules, nobody telling us what to do or how to act. The only thing that matters is -- is the next thing on the map.

Georgie: Mac would go ballistic.

Dillon: Oh, forget that! Forget Mac! This is your life. You live it the way you want to. And say you'll come with me, please?

Carly: Come on, hurry up, Lorenzo. Come on, Iím counting on you to bring us back home where we belong.

Lorenzo: Oh, what is wrong?

Ric: You bet there's something wrong. I changed the frequency on the remote, you double-crossing bastard. You think I was going to let you take Carly right out from under my nose?

Carly: No, where are you going? No, no, you can't give up. Come on! Come back here!

Sonny: What about the picture? It was taken off a guy in Venezuela. We have a witness who saw Carly. I mean, I don't know what that means to you, but --

Scott: The witness is lying. This picture was taken here. You see, we blew it up, we got a look at this label. This is a line of clothing that was bought here in Port Charles.

Jason: What does that prove?

Sonny: Nothing. Whoever kidnapped Carly could've bought that here, taken it to Venezuela.

Scott: No, we checked that out. You see, this item didn't come on the rack until after Carly went missing. She's not in Venezuela. She's right here in Port Charles.

Jason: Baldwin, it's past time to move. Issue a search warrant for Lansingís house, arrest him for suspicion of kidnapping. He's either going to break under questioning or we're going to find out that he's holding Carly somewhere. Either way, this has to end.

Cameron: Now, as oddly captivating as you are at this moment, it falls on me once again to be the voice of reason.

Alexis: I hate it when you do that.

Cameron: You hate it when Iím right. Now, we're close to a win, but there's a lot of work to do before we go to judge Farmer. First of all, we have to document your cure -- my own observations along with those of Dr. Ryan. Then the judge is going to want to question you herself.

Alexis: Do you think we can call Skye as a witness?

Cameron: I don't see why not.

Alexis: Talk about poetic justice.

Cameron: Yeah, but to get it, we need to be patient. I want to present a compelling case, so don't sabotage me by jumping the gun. This is too important.

Alexis: I promise, I promise, I'll be good. I'll be good. I'm going to get my daughter back. I'm finally going to get my daughter back.

Skye: My plan to expose Alexis by confronting her with Alcazar's brother was brilliant. The only thing we didn't count on was the fact that Cameron was so willing to cover for her.

Ned: Oh. Well, you can't think of everything.

Skye: Oh, you know, I will never understand that woman's appeal, I swear. But not to worry. We will take care of the good doctor. No, the main objective now is to get Alexis to admit that she faked the D.I.D. in such a way that we can bring it to judge Farmer.

Ned: Look at you. Your eyes are blazing, your cheeks are flushed, and even your hair seems to be tingling with energy. You just love the heat of battle, don't you?

Skye: Am I supposed to apologize for that? I don't ever recall pretending I didn't.

Ned: I guess it's just the first time Iíve ever seen you up close, in full throttle. You're relentless. You have no limits. You will say or do anything to make sure that Alexis loses custody of her baby.

Skye: She's your baby, too, Ned.

Ned: It's nice to know you remember.

Skye: He'll thank me later. Yes, this is Skye Quartermaine. I need to speak to the district attorney right away. Well, then call his cell phone. Tell him this is urgent.

Dillon: Ok, you know what? You've been listening to every voice in your head but the one that counts -- yours. Come on, Georgie, I know you, and I can see that you want to do this.

Georgie: It's not about not wanting to go. It's just -- what would I tell Mac?

Dillon: You're not getting this. You don't tell Mac or your sister or anybody. You just -- go.

Georgie: My family would be so worried.

[Georgie sighs]

Dillon: Oh, ok, so -- so we get to somewhere, and you make a phone call on the way to somewhere else. Ok, and you let everybody know that you're fine -- not that Mac deserves that kind of consideration. I mean, look what he's making you do all summer long, work like an indentured servant. You're a teenager, for crying out loud. [Southern accent] it just ain't natural. [Normal voice] look, I -- I know you could stay here and play the good girl, plan your life out for the next 20 years, set yourself on course. And I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that, I'm not. But isn't life better if you just -- if you don't know what's around the next corner? Isn't it supposed to be this -- this grand, amazing adventure? You know, I don't know much. I -- but I know that I want to wake up one morning -- any given morning -- and I don't want to know what's going to happen that day. But you know something? More than anything else, I really think I want to look over and see you.

Georgie: I could like that.

Dillon: So you'll go?

Georgie: Yes, yes, yes.

Dillon: Yes! Yes!

Georgie: But wait a minute. I can't just disappear on my family. I have to leave Mac a note telling him something, anything.

Dillon: Ok, all right, compromise. Compromise? Um -- you write your dad a note, but you make sure that we are long gone by the time he gets it somehow, ok?

Georgie: Deal.

Dillon: I'm going to go get us some wheels.

Kyle: Ah. Nice, huh? Maybe if you're a good little boy, mommy will get you one with training wheels. Oh, sorry, forgot -- mommy dumped you.

Georgie's voice: "Dear Mac, by the time you get this, I'll be -- oh, I don't know exactly where I'll be. That's kind of the point."

Maxie: Ooh. Writing a letter to your boyfriend?

Georgie: It's for Mac. I'm taking off.

Maxie: Taking off? What's that supposed to mean?

Georgie: I'm leaving Port Charles, and I may never come back.

Ric: It's one of the advantages of selling you my apartment -- easy access.

Lorenzo: Isn't this a bit melodramatic? We're partners. If you wanted to see me, a call would've sufficed.

Ric: "Partners" -- what does that mean to you, Alcazar? Anything? Huh? Nothing at all?

Lorenzo: I'm not sure where you're headed.

Ric: You betrayed me. You broke into my house, and you were going to steal Carly, right?

Lorenzo: Where'd you get an idea like that?

Ric: And the only reason you didn't succeed is because I was one step ahead of you when I changed the frequency on the remote. Don't bother to deny it. I heard you. You were going to make a deal with Sonny, weren't you, huh? His wife in exchange for what? Access to his docks for your drug runners, and no consideration whatsoever for Ric, right? It's not a definition of "partners" to me. So Iím terminating our association, effective immediately.

Scott: First of all, Morgan, I don't take orders from you. Now, if I could connect Ric or anyone else to these clothes, I would've already issued a warrant.

Jason: Why should I believe you?

Sonny: Hey, hey, hey, come on. Take it easy.

Scott: Yeah, take it easy because the cops are going to need a lot more than your half-baked theory.

Sonny: My money's on Alcazar. He gave me the picture. He either took it himself or he had somebody take it for him. Now, I know that you think Ric did this, but he does not have the resources. This abduction is costing somebody a lot of money. Now, Alcazar, with his drug money, could control his own army and half of South America. Compared to that, Ric doesn't even register on the financial radar.

Scott: Well, then ask yourself this -- why is he dealing with a two-bit hood like you, then?

Sonny: Alcazar wants my docks, obviously a lot more than I thought. He knows Iím not going to willingly give it to him, so he grabs Carly, comes to me, acts like he wants to help. He's smart. He's covering his bases. He knows he couldn't get my docks by negotiating, so he's using extortion in the form of my wife.

Scott: Well, I would like to nail Alcazar.

Sonny: Then you do that. Because I'm telling you, he's your man.

Scott: Well, I'll work the Alcazar angle. But in the meantime, you keep your end of the bargain and you make nice-nice with Faith.

Jason: You sent him after the wrong guy.

Sonny: We know Alcazar is involved. I just want to see if Scott can tell us how.

Jason: Sonny, you gave me your word that you would consider what Ric has to gain from this. He's in this, and we need to figure out how before you and Carly both end up dead.

[doorbell rings]

Scott: Hiya, Dobson.

Alexis: [British accent] Mr. Baldwin. I don't believe the Quartermaines were expecting you.

Scott: When did you become the social secretary?

Alexis: It is part of my duties to inquire as to the nature of their guests.

Scott: Uh, well, it's none of your business. You're the butler, so go get Skye, will you? Because I'm in a hurry.

Skye: For goodness sake, Dobson, how rude are you, keeping the D.A. waiting in the foyer.

Scott: Yeah.

Skye: Thank you for coming so quickly.

Scott: My pleasure. Make it quick. There's a stooge marathon on tonight.

Skye: Ok, well, this shouldn't take too long.

Skye: Where do you think you're going?

Alexis: I'm going to offer your guest a drink, of course.

Skye: Well, you just run along, Dobson. Your services aren't required.

Scott: So what's so important it couldn't wait for business hours?

Skye: Well, haven't you heard? Crime never sleeps.

Scott: Well, I like to sleep a good eight to 10 uninterrupted.

Skye: Ok. Well, aren't we grumpy?

Scott: Uh-huh.

Skye: But not to worry. I'm about to put a smile on your face. How would you like to send Alexis Davis to prison for the rest of her life?

Scott: I'd like to send somebody to Sing Sing this year. Alexis will do.

Skye: Hmm. Well, then, you should mark 2003 in your calendar because Iím about to tell you how to do it.

Maxie: You can't mean this.

Georgie: Why not? Because it's not my role? I'm not supposed to be able to do anything on my own, just because I feel like it?

Maxie: Taking off out of nowhere, that's just not you, Georgie.

Georgie: How would you know? Have you ever bothered to ask what I want?

Maxie: Georgie?

Georgie: Yeah?

Maxie: I'm asking now.

Georgie: Sit.

[Georgie sighs]

Georgie: I want to feel all my senses engaged at once before I wake up one day and realize my life is over.

Maxie: I think you've got a while, Georgie.

Georgie: Come on, Maxie, don't patronize me. Drives me nuts. I'm tired of being the good girl with her head stuck in a book, the smart one. I don't want to read about romance -- there are a whole bunch of novels written by repressed women 100 years ago. I want to wake up one morning and not know what's going to happen next. Maybe I'll look over and see --

Maxie: This doesn't even sound like you, Georgie.

Georgie: Like I said, you wouldn't know. I really want to do this, Maxie, and you owe me for all the times I've covered for you.

Maxie: Ok. What do you want me to do?

Georgie: Give this letter to Mac -- tomorrow. This time, not a minute before. Dillon and I need some time to get away.

Maxie: There's no way I can talk you out of this?

Georgie: Not a chance.

Maxie: Ok.

Georgie: You promise you'll hold that letter and not show anyone?

Maxie: I promise.

Georgie: Thanks.

Maxie: You be careful. And you stay in touch with me on your cell phone, ok?

Georgie: I will.

Maxie: You little brat. I'm going to miss you.

Georgie: Don't you dare make me cry, Maxie. I've got to go. Bye.

Maxie: Bye.

Dillon: Hop on. The open road awaits.

Georgie: Tell me you didn't.

Dillon: Not for you to worry about. The guy has it coming, big-time. Let's go.

Georgie: Ok.

Dillon: Come on. Come on, let's go.

Georgie: Ok.

Dillon: Come on. Helmet.

Georgie: All right.

[music plays]

[motorcycle starts]

Jason: It's no secret -- you know I hate Ric. But I listened to you when you said that I wasn't being objective. So now, I step back and I examine it, and no matter how I look at it, it keeps coming back to the same thing -- Ric took Carly and that's not something that you want to hear.

Sonny: I don't want to hear it because it doesn't hold water. Everything points to Alcazar, Jason. His brother was obsessed with Brenda. He blames me for everything that went wrong in his life. Luis dies a few months later, Lorenzo shows up. Why? Two reasons -- personal and professional. Revenge for his brother and my docks for his drugs.

Jason: Sonny, you're assuming. How do we know that Alcazar gave a damn about his brother? How do we know that? You don't like your brother. I can't stand mine. For all we know, they hated each other. And Lorenzo is a lot better off business-wise with Luis out of the picture. Just -- Sonny, just follow me for a second, ok?

Sonny: Ok.

Jason: If Alcazar took Carly --

Sonny: Right.

Jason: He did it to have leverage against you, right?

Sonny: Right.

Jason: Now, I mean, kidnapping your pregnant wife for access to -- to your docks? That seems like a pretty radical statement and that's not easy to pull off. Now, why would you go through all that trouble and then not use it?

Sonny: It goes back to Ric.

Jason: Every time.

Sonny: You get me proof, I'll kill him.

Jason: Are you sure?

Sonny: If he kidnapped my pregnant wife, he'll be my dead enemy.

Lorenzo: Well, you got me in the cross hairs, no doubt about that. I can't stop you from shooting me. But whatever satisfaction you get will be fleeting. I've got two guards outside who will kill you before you reach the street, Ric. And think of the consequences -- you and I are the only two who know where Carly is. Take us out of the equation, she dies, along with her unborn child. That baby is your blood, Ric. And then there's your beautiful new bride --

Ric: Ok, all right. That's enough.

Lorenzo: Shall we drink to a stalemate? Cheers. You knew I was in the house. How is that possible?

Ric: I found a bug in the house left by Jason and company, no doubt. I broke into the surveillance van. Once I knew it was there, it wasn't too hard to find. That's when I listened to you.

Lorenzo: We must have had a hundred conversations in that house.

Ric: I'm pretty sure we're in the clear. If Jason had any incriminating evidence, Carly would be home right now and we'd be dead. But just in case, I rewound the tape. Our conversation from earlier doesn't exist.

Lorenzo: Still, I don't like it. You need to destroy that bug immediately.

Ric: No. I got a better idea.

Skye: I haven't exactly told you all of it. Remember when I said that Alexis missed her calling as an actress?

Scott: Yeah. Well, get to the point here.

Skye: What was that game? It was "the butler in the hotel suite with the butcher knife" -- something like that.

Scott: You know, I think you're the nut case.

Skye: Dobson. That obsequious little busybody with the bad habit of listening at keyholes and an unhealthy attachment to Kristina. He always did rub me the wrong way.

Scott: Dobson -- the monopoly man out there is an accessory? He's working with Alexis?

Skye: Scott, let me ask you something. When was the last time that you actually saw Alexis and Dobson in the same room, hmm? You know what? Don't tax your brain, because you wouldn't. You couldn't. You see, Dobson is Alexis. Think about it. That's right, now think Dobson. Take away the mustache and that idiotic goatee. And think cheekbones. Think height, think weight.

Scott: Alexis.

Skye: Oh-ho, you win the prize. Can you believe it? She's passing herself off as a man, as our butler, just to be near Kristina?

Scott: Boy, she's in violation of so many things here. She was faking that D.I.D. This proves that she's out of her mind.

Skye: You know what? Scott, Iíd lose that whole "out of her mind" thing, because she went that route before and look how egregiously she manipulated the court system. No, I think -- I think that you need to go all the way this time. You need to nail Alexis Davis for the murderer that she is.

[Kyle sighs]

Kyle: Well, what, you sure are making me work for the smile.

Maxie: Yeah, I'm sorry. I just -- I have a lot on my mind right now.

Kyle: Seems pretty depressing.

Maxie: Yeah, it is.

Kyle: I could distract you.

Maxie: With what?

Kyle: 1600 cc's of raw power that purrs like a kitten and takes off like a rocket. I got a new bike. Come on, I want to take you for a ride up to Vista Point.

Maxie: I canít.

Mac: Hey, Maxie. You -- I thought I told you to stay away from my daughter.

Kyle: We just ran into each other.

Mac: Next time, keep walking, or I will throw your sorry butt in jail. Now, get out of here.

Mac: Where's Georgie? She's supposed to be working.

Maxie: Oh -- I haven't seen her for a couple minutes.

Mac: Was that Dillon kid hanging around?

Maxie: I haven't seen him since I got here.

Kyle: That freak Dillon just stole my bike!

Lorenzo: You want to leave the bug in place?

Ric: Destroying it would only focus Sonny and Jason's suspicion more on me. I'm going to use it to feed them disinformation, steer them on another track.

Lorenzo: Where do I fit in?

Ric: Well, I don't know yet, but I know where you don't. My house. As of now, no more visits to Carly. You don't show up at my house unannounced. We do this my way.

Sonny: Alcazar, open up!

Lorenzo: You know the way out.

Sonny: You lied to me. You know damn well Carly's not in Venezuela. Where is she?

Scott: I need more proof than just your word that she admitted she was faking the D.I.D. I need more than just a -- a phony goatee and a butler's costume.

Skye: But you'll run with it?

Scott: Well, I'd like nothing more than to nail Alexis. She made a mockery out of the justice system. So, if you come up with concrete proof, we got a deal.

Skye: Ah -- not so fast. I think I need to get something here in return.

Scott: Ok, we'll start with a weekend in Atlantic City. What do you want?

Skye: Full custody of Kristina granted to Ned.

Scott: Ok, well, deliver the goods, you got a deal.

Skye: All right. Now, just remember, Alexis cannot know that we are onto her charade as Dobson, you got that?

Scott: My lips are sealed.

[Kyle sighs]

Kyle: I mean, I saw that creep eyeing my bike. I should have figured him for a criminal who would know how to hot-wire.

Mac: Look, did you actually see Dillon steal your bike?

Kyle: No, but when he was standing right over there planning his move, Maxie and Georgie were huddled up over here. Do you see Georgie now? No, she's gone, with Dillon and my brand-new bike. My dad is going to kill me. You got to know something about this.

Mac: Maxie, do you?

Maxie: No. I told you guys, I haven't seen Dillon, and I never laid eyes on any motorcycle, ok?

Kyle: Well, I want something done. I mean, put out an A.P.B. or something. I want my bike back.

Mac: I don't have enough to go on. But if Dillon did steal the bike, and Georgie's with him, they're looking at grand theft. And things could get a lot worse if they cross state lines since Georgieís a minor. You wouldn't be doing them any favors by keeping quiet, Maxie.

Dillon: Whoo!

Georgie: Ooh! I can't believe it. My first hotel room without my mom, my sister -- I can do whatever I want.

Dillon: I knew you'd love it.

Georgie: Oh! And then that bike -- I felt like I was flying. I am -- oh, my God.

Dillon: Yeah, she's a beauty. It was too bad we had to give her up.

Georgie: I thought I was going to die when you drove Kyleís bike up on the back of that guy's truck.

Dillon: Yeah, well, he's -- he's in for a big shock when he hits Iowa.

Georgie: Right. Then he'll call the police, and Kyle will have reported it stolen, and it'll be on every cop's computer, including Macís.

Dillon: That's if he doesn't decide to keep it for himself. And even if he does turn it in, we're going to be long gone by then. And besides that, you know what? I thought we had a deal that we were only going to think ahead and not back.

Georgie: You're going to have to be patient. I worry.

Dillon: There's no need. The only moment in the whole world that matters is this one. So use it.

Georgie: How?

Dillon: I don't know. We're here. It's up to you. What do you want to do?

Georgie: I think I want to kiss you.

Sonny: Police forensics came up with proof that Carly never left the country. The photo was a fake.

Lorenzo: I thought it was authentic.

Sonny: Where'd you get it?

Lorenzo: A contact in Venezuela.

Sonny: Oh, yeah, he's dead. I remember. Pretty damn convenient, just like -- like the information being funneled through people you control in a country you influence in a major way. Information that could be used to leverage me. Is that what you're trying to do here, Alcazar?

Lorenzo: I can see how you might think that. Obviously, someone's trying to steer you off track, but it isn't me. Now, you and I made a deal. You promised to open up your docks to my business. In return, I deliver Carly. If I knew where she was, why wouldn't I tell you? Why wouldn't I just hand her over and get on with my very lucrative business?

Jason: What's up?

Stan: The recorder's been going the entire time. No one's been around until a few minutes ago. Ric came in, checked his messages --

Jason: Mm-hmm.

Stan: Now it sounds like he's doing paperwork.

Jason: All right, you can take a break.

Elizabeth: Honey, are you home?

Ric: I didn't expect you home so soon.

Elizabeth: Hey.

Ric: Hi.

Elizabeth: Did I interrupt something?

Ric: No, no. I'm -- it's just some paperwork for a new case.

Elizabeth: Oh.

Ric: You know what? I -- I can't lie to you anymore.

Carly: Oh, what are you up to now, Ric?

Ric: Listen to me. I haven't been -- I haven't been honest with you about what's been consuming all my time. I mean, about what's been driving me.

Elizabeth: I don't think I want to hear this.

Ric: No, no, no, no, you need to, please, for our marriage. Hey, it's supposed to be about trust, right? And you want that, don't you?

Elizabeth: Mm-hmm, more than anything.

Ric: All right, then you need to let me tell you. You were right to be suspicious, to -- to question whether this whole Sonny thing -- I -- I let it go. The truth is I haven't.

Alexis: Judge Farmer, this is Alexis Davis. I'd like to set up an appointment. I have some information that's come up, and it has direct bearing on my daughter's custody case.

Ned: I just saw Scott Baldwin leave, so I can pretty much guess what he was doing here. You are just determined -- absolutely determined to cause more trouble for Alexis, aren't you?

Skye: Do you mean, am I doing everything in my power to keep Kristina away from that lying, murdering, cross-dressing psychopath? You're damn straight. What is wrong with you? I should think you'd be happy about this. I just made a deal with Scott Baldwin to grant you full custody of Kristina at the end of all this.

Ned: But at what cost?

Skye: I'm sorry, but I do not write the laws. Alexis killed a man in cold blood, ok? She premeditated, then went to elaborate lengths to cover it up after the fact. Now, if a court says she needs to be punished for that, Iím not going to cry over it. She brought this on totally by herself.

Ned: Skye, I'm part of this, too. And my goals aren't necessarily the same as yours. So you better be very careful about what lines you cross.

Skye: All right. Well, then I guess you have a decision to make. Just understand this. My whole reason for doing this is to protect Kristina. That's why Iím going to expose Alexis, whether you like it or not.

Mac: I -- I can't believe this. Georgie's run off with this kid, and you were going to keep it from me? Where did they go?

Maxie: I don't know. Look, Mac, just let this go, ok? Let Georgie have some fun.

Mac: Fun?

Maxie: She's upset, Mac! Georgie's been grounded practically the entire summer. And she didn't even do anything wrong. I did. And look, she didn't leave without letting me know she's ok. She's being responsible, just like she always is.

Kyle: Uh, hello? My bike was stolen. I want it back. Put out an A.P.B. or something.

Maxie: No, that's crazy. There's no reason. Georgie is not a criminal, Kyle.

Mac: I have to deal with this.

Maxie: Look, you've beaten up Dillon twice now. Isn't that enough? Can't you just leave him alone?

Kyle: I'm blown away. You're actually going to defend that loser?

Maxie: I have to, ok? He's in love with my sister.

Dillon: What? What?

Georgie: Nothing. It's --

Dillon: Well, wait a minute. If there's anything that I did that you don't like, you need to let me know, because --

Georgie: No, no, no, Dillon, Dillon, I swear, it's -- this whole living-in-the-moment stuff, it's all new to me. I can't help thinking about -- about the plan. I mean, do we even have a little one? Like, how we're going to eat?

Dillon: Well, yeah. I mean, I've got some cash put away. And thanks to my mom, we've got a lot of plastic, which is going to last us a really long time if we're smart, so --

Georgie: Ok. Well, we've got a couple months before we have to get back home for school, so --

Dillon: Home? Um -- Port Charles isn't home to me.

Georgie: Well, not technically, but you were planning to go back, right?

Dillon: Yeah. Yeah, I'll take you back whenever you want. Better?

Georgie: I'm a little scared.

Dillon: Come here. Come here.

Ric: I have been dedicating all of my spare time trying to locate Carly for Sonny.

Carly: What a liar. Elizabeth, for God's sake, don't you fall for this!

Elizabeth: I don't understand. I thought you hated Sonny.

Ric: I -- I did. I -- I do. It's just not -- it's not clean, you know? The hate is wrapped up with so many other things, you know -- anger and loss. I mean, not just the loss of my mother, but I lost Sonny, too.

Sonny: What?

Ric: I find out that I have this big brother who's a powerful and an influential man. And then I finally find him, and he -- he hates me. No, actually, he thinks that Iím -- that I'm less than nothing. So the hate started all over again. Blackmailing Carly and doing all the other crazy things that I did, you know, just seemed worth it. Didn't work, though. Sonny loathes me, now more than ever. I wish I didn't care, but I do.

Elizabeth: Doesn't surprise me. I know the kind of man you are.

Ric: You are so precious to me, you know that? No other woman would have put up with all the things that Iíve done. That's why I was afraid to tell you that I hadn't let this whole thing go about Sonny. I was afraid you wouldn't want to take that last step with me. Am I right, Elizabeth?

Sonny: You have to admit, it makes a twisted kind of sense. Ever since Ric showed up in town to Marthaís Vineyard, he's done nothing but try to prove himself to me. It goes with everything else he's done.

Jason: Unless he's lying again.

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Georgie: I feel closer to you than anyone else in my family.

Mac: Don't move.

Emily: I have breast cancer.

Lucky: I'm so sorry, Em. You fell in love with Emily for real.

Carly: You and I were friends once.

Ric: I like being your friend.

Sonny: What do you want?

Edward: My great-grandson Michael.

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