GH Transcript Tuesday 7/8/03

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 7/8/03

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Nikolas: Be happy. That's all I ever wanted for you.

Emily: I have breast cancer.

Elizabeth: There's no physical reason I can't get pregnant?

Dr. Meadows: None that I can see.

Ric: I have worked too hard and too long for you to come in here and screw this up.

Faith: Hello, lover.

Sonny: That's Carly's.

Zander: Baby?

Emily: Yeah?

Zander: I love you.

Emily: I love you, too. Zander, I'm so sorry for everything that I did --

Zander: No, no, no, I'm sorry, ok? I'm the one that made this harder for you.

Emily: Zander, you didn't.

Zander: No, I never let up. I was criticizing you for how you were handling your drug addiction. I was getting on your case about not sticking with it. I was badgering you about why you were pushing me away.

Emily: You knew I was lying to you.

Zander: No, I got so caught up in my own hurt and confusion that I couldn't see what I was -- what I was doing to you.

Emily: There was no way for you to know.

Zander: Yeah, but I should've known that it was more than a drug addiction.

Emily: But you did think it was more, and I was the one that forced you away. I was the one that hurt you again and again.

Zander: Nikolas -- he knew about this the whole time, didn't he?

Emily: Yeah. He told me that I should be honest with you and so did my mom and dad and Gia --

Zander: Gia? Gia knows?

Emily: Yeah. I swore them all to secrecy. I -- I just convinced myself that it was best for you not to know about my cancer because I didn't want you to watch me die.

Zander: Emily, you're not going to die. I won't let you.

Emily: Zander, I didn't think I could fight this disease. But something happened to change my mind.

Zander: Whatever that was, I'm sure grateful.

Lydia: You don't look very happy.

Nikolas: Well, the Cassadine finances aren't showing any signs of recovery, Lydia.

Lydia: Well, cheer up. As soon as we're married, you will have a fortune at your disposal. Speaking of which, what about the ceremony? Large, small? You want Russian Orthodox? Or we could always just have a civil service.

Lucky: Well, how about a handshake and a quick goodbye? Nikolas wants Emily, not you. He wants a real marriage, not a business relationship.

Nikolas: I've made my decision, Lucky.

Lucky: Well, does it matter that Lydia can't keep her hands off me?

Lydia: Excuse me? You're the one who keeps hitting on me.

Elizabeth: So nothing's wrong with me? I can get pregnant?

Dr. Meadows: All the new tests support my initial opinion -- that your miscarriage caused no permanent damage and you are certainly able to get pregnant again and carry a baby to term.

Elizabeth: Well, then, you -- you must be right. But what about Dr. Gordon? I mean, I don't -- I don't get it. Was it possible he was looking at somebody else's test results, or what happened?

Dr. Meadows: I have never heard of him before.

Elizabeth: I saw him right here at General Hospital.

Dr. Meadows: No. Maybe he was a visiting doctor. Who recommended Dr. Gordon to you?

Elizabeth: My husband.

Ric: I have worked too hard and too long and you're not going to screw this up for me now.

Lorenzo: You're the one who almost lost her. You should be grateful I stepped in when I did.

Jason: "Lost her"? Lost who?

Man: Lansing's wife?

Ric: You're acting on your own. That wasn't part of the deal.

Lorenzo: Deals are subject to change.

Ric: Not with me.

Lorenzo: You might consider being more accommodating.

Ric: All right. We're working together -- that does not give you or entitle you to an invitation to my house whenever you feel like it.

Lorenzo: You wouldn't have a house or anything else if I --

Ric: I never asked for your help!

Lorenzo: Your perspective is very skewed.

Carly: Ric is stark raving mad. If you want to stay alive, go tell Sonny where I am now before it's too late for all of us.

Sonny: Get dressed.

Faith: A man doesn't rip a woman's dress off unless he wants what's underneath.

Sonny: That's Carlyís dress. You -- you stay away from her clothes, her closet, anything that's hers. Do you understand me? Your room is the guest room -- that's it!

Faith: Hmm. My, my, aren't we hot and bothered. Yeah, I can see how this would be uncomfortable for you, having to compare me to your wife and me, a woman --

Sonny: You should stop talking about my wife, I'm telling you.

Faith: Huh. You despise me? You want me more than you've ever wanted her.

Sonny: Not even close. Put this on.

Faith: It's ok, you know, Sonny. You can give in to it. You are on fire and I can feel it, and you can't fight this any more than I can.

[Faith gasps]

Sonny: Don't you touch my ear.

Faith: There you go.

Sonny: Get out of my face.

Faith: Why? What are you afraid might happen?

Sonny: Nothing's going to happen -- not now, not ever.

Faith: The gentleman doth protest too much.

Sonny: Get dressed. Get dressed!

Faith: We are both alone. My husband is dead, and deep down, you know your wife is, too.

Sonny: Carly's alive. She's -- I can feel it.

Faith: Denial.

Sonny: She's waiting for me, ok?

Faith: You just keep --

Sonny: I know she is!

Faith: You tell yourself whatever you want to stop yourself from taking what you really want.

Sonny: You are nothing to me but static, that scratchy little noise that I have to -- that I have to put up with to get close to my wife.

Faith: Static is electricity. There is a charge between us, you can't deny it.

Sonny: Yeah?

Faith: Yeah.

Sonny: Yeah? You're a whore. You know what a whore is, huh? Cheap, easy, forgettable. Why should I dishonor myself with you when all I can think about, care about, is my wife?

Faith: Your wife is dead.

Sonny: She's not!

Faith: What if she is? You are a realist. You know the chances of finding her diminish with every passing day. It has been weeks. Carly could be dead and buried. Where does that leave you, huh? Where is your life if Carly doesn't come back?

Lorenzo: I'll be back.

Carly: Yeah, go on. Go on, tell Sonny that Ric's had me all along.

Jason: Ric's moving inside, walking. Now he's stopped.

[static sound]

Jason: What was that noise?

Ric: Carly? What's wrong? Are you -- are you sick?

Carly: Please keep him away from me.

Ric: Who, Alcazar? What did he say to you?

Carly: He just -- he just looks at me with those cold eyes, like I'm not human, like he could do something to me and it wouldn't matter. He could hurt me.

Ric: He's not going to hurt you, Carly.

Carly: You didn't see his eyes. Look, no matter how bad it's gotten with you, you at least show some compassion. At times, even regret, but I know you wouldn't hurt my baby, but with Alcazar, it's different. I don't know what he's capable of.

Ric: Don't worry, I'll protect you.

Carly: Promise me you will. Promise me you'll keep Alcazar from doing anything to me.

Ric: I swear. Alcazar will never hurt you or this child.

Dr. Meadows: Well, most practitioners of reproductive medicine are qualified, but the occasional incompetent slips through the cracks. Perhaps you and your husband should contact the state board about Dr. Gordon.

Elizabeth: No. No, I don't -- I don't want to waste any time on his misdiagnosis. I'd rather just focus on getting pregnant, now that I know I can. Is there anything I can do to heighten my chances of conceiving right away?

Dr. Meadows: Well, let's see -- at this time in your cycle, you're just past ovulation. I recommend you buy an ovulation kit. It comes with an indicator to detect hormone levels which help determine when you are about to ovulate. Now, there will be an L.H. surge line on the indicator. And when the test matches the surge, you'll be ovulating within the next 24-36 hours, and that's your window to get pregnant.

Lydia: Lucky has kissed me twice now without my consent.

Lucky: Well, you threw yourself at me.

Lydia: We were having a conversation and out of the blue, you grabbed me.

Lucky: Well, what do you expect? You were practically on top of me.

Lydia: Oh, well, you're obviously not one to let your enormous ego intrude upon reality.

Lucky: My ego?

Nikolas: I don't care who kissed who! It makes no difference to me.

Lucky: Of course not because, Nikolas, you love Emily, and Lydia is nothing to you. So why are you trying to throw your future out the window to save the Cassadine empire?

Nikolas: I've made my decision.

Lucky: What is this, rebound?

Lydia: This may come as a surprise, but most people would consider me quite a catch.

Lucky: You have so much more to look forward to. You'll meet so many other women. Don't settle for this bogus arrangement.

Nikolas: I'm fulfilling an obligation, Lucky.

Lucky: And where does love come in?

Nikolas: Well, if you're referring to romance, it doesn't last.

Lucky: You don't know until you try.

Nikolas: I have. That's how I know love can't be a part of my life.

Emily: The survivor group made me realize that I am not doomed to die of breast cancer just because my mother did.

Zander: Well, whoever got you to go, I -- I owe them.

Emily: Well, my mom and dad arranged it, but I couldn't face it. I ran. It's Nikolas, really, who dragged me back and got me mad enough to see that thing through.

[Emily chuckles]

Zander: "Mad enough"? What do you mean?

Emily: Well, Nikolas made me see that I have to fight the cancer, you know, instead of just sitting back and waiting to die. He's been so amazing the way he's helped me through all of this.

Zander: Well, Nikolas, he -- he cares about you.

Emily: And that's why I asked him to pretend to love me -- so that you'd move on and make a life for yourself without me. And he agreed, against his better judgment, and I was so focused on what I needed that I didn't see the problems that I was causing for Nikolas. Zander, keeping my cancer a secret made everything harder on everybody.

Zander: No. You did the best that you could. And when you realized that that wasn't working, you told the truth.

Emily: Yeah.

Zander: And that's all that matters. We love each other, and I'm going to be with you every step of the way.

Emily: Thank you.  Well -- oh. Maybe you could help me repair a little of the damage Iíve caused.

Zander: Well, I'm -- I'm sure everyone will understand, you know?

Emily: Look, Gia wanted to tell you the truth, Zander. I -- I was the one that guilt-tripped her into keeping the secret. You know, I -- I wanted her to -- to help you move on. Zander, I am so sorry for hurting you.

Zander: Emily. You did what you thought was right. You're not responsible for the things that happened when we were apart.

Emily: But it happened because of me.

Zander: Yeah, I know, but I made my own choices. And it's my job to do damage control.

Zander: Emily -- she told me everything and I get why she did it.

Gia: Yeah. I saw you through the window. I'm glad you worked things out.

Zander: Gia, you don't have to say that.

Gia: You and Emily belong together.

Zander: Gia, I gave you every reason to believe that we were moving past a friendship.

Gia: Yeah. Well, I always knew I was taking a chance. After all, the whole thing was based on a lie.

Zander: No, it wasnít. Gia, I care about you. You're smart, you're beautiful, and you're funny --

Gia: Don't, please. I don't want to hear the pity speech.

Zander: Emily told me that -- that you wanted me to know the truth.

Gia: You're an incredibly caring, loyal person. I knew you would support Emily through her illness, give her strength, encourage her.

Zander: You don't have to be so nice about this.

Gia: What else am I supposed to do?

Zander: You can yell at me, you can say how unfair Iíve been, that you deserve better because you do.

Gia: Yeah, but you could ream me out for keeping Emilyís secret from you and letting you believe that she was in love with Nikolas. So, if it's all the same to you, let's just call it even and stay friends.

Zander: Works for me.

Emily: I told Zander everything.

Nikolas: And how did he react?

Emily: He was wonderful. He totally understands.

Nikolas: I'm happy for you.

Emily: You know, this wouldn't be happening if you hadn't dragged me kicking and screaming to that breast cancer survivor group.

Nikolas: I knew you'd be ok the second you started fighting, Em. And you will be. You will live through this and have a long, full life.

Emily: Well, I know that now because you showed me. You saved my life, Nikolas. How do I ever repay you?

Nikolas: By being happy.

Emily: I know. And I want the same for you. But are you going to be happy with Lydia?

Nikolas: Lydia and I understand each other. We'll be carrying on the traditions that we were born into.

Emily: Mm-hmm. Sounds like prison.

Nikolas: I'm sure it does to you. But it works for me. And if I ever question the choice I made, Iíll just -- I'll just think of you, healthy and strong and -- and that everything worked out for the best.

Emily: I love you, Nikolas.

Nikolas: I love you, too.

[phone rings]

Faith: Sonny Corinthos' residence.

Lorenzo: To whom am I speaking?

Faith: You tell me first.

Lorenzo: Mrs. Rosco, you don't waste any time.

Faith: I never do. And please, call me Faith.

Lorenzo: Is your companion at home?

Faith: No, but you're welcome to leave a message with me.

Lorenzo: I need to deliver it personally.

Faith: Oh. Well, then, why don't you come over and keep me company until Sonny comes back?

Lorenzo: I'll be right over.

Ric: Hey.

Elizabeth: Guess what.

Ric: What?

Elizabeth: I have just come from Dr. Meadows' office. She says I can get pregnant.

Ric: I didn't know that you had an appointment with Dr. Meadows.

Elizabeth: Yes! Well, I wanted a second opinion and I wanted her to double-check her original diagnosis and Iím so glad she did. She said Dr. Gordon was completely wrong and that I'm healthy. She ran all these tests and she sees no reason why in the world I can't get pregnant.

Ric: Good, that's great. But Dr. Gordon is a fertility specialist and Dr. Meadows is an OB-GYN.

Elizabeth: Yeah, but she works with fertility specialists all the time.

Ric: Yeah.

Elizabeth: She thinks Dr. Gordon must have mixed up my test results with someone else's -- that's the only reason why he could've been so completely wrong. Who told you about Dr. Gordon anyway?

Carly: Alcazar got Gordonís name off the registry of medical frauds.

Ric: Well, I called my physician in Manhattan to get a recommendation and he said that Dr. Gordon was an expert in his field.

[Elizabeth scoffs]

Elizabeth: He was wrong and incompetent.

Ric: Well, you don't know that, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: I -- yes, I do. He gave me a misdiagnosis and he could be doing it to other people, too.

Ric: Look, I'm -- Iím sure he did his best. But the bottom line is my doctor in Manhattan wouldn't have given me a recommendation if he didn't think that Dr. Gordon didn't have an excellent track record.

Elizabeth: All right, all right, all right. You know what? Let's just forget about Dr. Gordon, ok? The important thing is that you and I can conceive a child.

Ric: Yeah, yeah, in Dr. Meadows' opinion.

Elizabeth: Why aren't you happy to hear this?

Carly: Because Ric wants you to think you can't have a baby so he can look like a hero when he gives you mine.

Sonny: You put a mic in Ricís house?

Jason: Yeah, yeah --

Sonny: Shut it down.

Jason: No, no, Sonny --

Sonny: Shut it down.

Jason: Sonny, just listen to the tape. Ric and Alcazar were fighting over a woman -- it could be Carly.

Elizabeth: Ok, Ric, what's wrong? Why aren't you thrilled we can have a baby?

Ric: I am, if it's true.

Elizabeth: Dr. Meadows is certain.

Ric: I -- I hope she's right.

Elizabeth: Ok, you -- you assume that Dr. Gordon was right. Why would you think that the bad news was true and be skeptical about the good?

Ric: I'm just being cautious, that's all.

Elizabeth: No. No, no, no, no, no. Something -- something else is going on and -- have you changed your mind? I thought you wanted to have a baby as soon as possible.

Ric: Oh, Elizabeth, I want to have a child with you.

Elizabeth: Well, then why aren't you excited about what Dr. Meadows said?

Ric: Look, I pray to God that she's right. But I didn't want you to get your hopes up to only be disappointed. Look, we've been on an emotional roller coaster, right? Thrilled to be pregnant one minute, devastated that you miscarried. I don't think either one of us wants to go through that again, right?

Elizabeth: Can you try to at least feel a little hope?

Ric: I am hopeful because I want to have a child with you whether you can conceive or not.

Elizabeth: Well, I kind of was hoping we can start trying next month if that's ok with you.

Ric: Of course. Trying's half the fun. Ok?

Carly: All the fun, since you've laced her food with contraceptives, but you know what, Ric? It's one lie too many. Elizabeth will find out. When she does, the whole house of cards is going to come tumbling down. Enjoy it while you can. You're so stupid, so stupid to mouth off to Alcazar because sooner or later, he's going to go to Sonny, he's going to make a deal and then I will be free.

Lorenzo: It's good to see you again.

Faith: You, too. Can I offer you a drink?

Lorenzo: Scotch, thanks. You're a woman of many surprises.

Faith: You haven't seen anything yet.

Lorenzo: How did you manage to convince Sonny to let you move in?

Faith: Do I really need to tell you?

Lorenzo: What's in it for you, Faith?

Faith: What do you mean? Sonny's a very attractive man.

Lorenzo: Yeah, he's also a man with many secrets the feds would like to know about. Moving into his penthouse has strengthened your alliance with him.

Faith: Has it?

Lorenzo: To close alliances of all kinds. Tell me, are you collecting enough information to keep the bureau happy?

Faith: Which bureau would that be?

Lorenzo: Ah, you're very good. But I can't help wondering about your personal safety. You're taking a substantial risk. You better hope it works out well. Are you happy here?

Faith: Better here than in jail.

[tape plays]

Lorenzoís voice: You wouldn't have a home or anything else if it weren't for me helping you out --

Ricís voice: I never asked for your help!

Lorenzo's voice: Well, your perspective is very skewed.

[tape stops]

Sonny: It doesn't prove a thing.

Jason: Sonny, they're talking about a woman. Ric said he didn't want Alcazar bothering her.

[tape winds]

Ricís voice: I don't want you talking to her. I don't want you near her. I have worked too hard and too long for you to come in here and screw this up now.

[tape stops]

Sonny: Ric wants Alcazar to stay away from Elizabeth.

Jason: Or Carly.

Sonny: Ric's trying to convince Elizabeth that he's gone legit. Meanwhile, he's working with Alcazar behind his back.

Jason: What does that mean when Alcazar said to Ric he "almost lost her" until he stepped in? What's that mean?

Sonny: You don't know blackmail when you hear it? Alcazar's trying to control Ric, letting him know that he's going to tell Elizabeth that he hasn't gone legit as he says he has. What the -- what does this have to do with anything anyway? It has nothing to do with Carly.

Jason: What about this?

[tape plays]

[static sound]

Sonny: What is it?

Jason: Stan and I were working on it before, before you came in. He isolated it, he amplified the sound, but we can't identify it.

[tape stops]

Sonny: Have you heard it before?

[tape plays]

Sonny: Huh?

Jason: Just once, just once, only when Ricís alone.

[static sound]

Sonny: Well, it sounds like some electrical sound.

Jason: Ok.

[tape stops]

Jason: Sonny, we need to get it analyzed, ok, and since you're working with the feds, maybe their forensics lab can do something with this.

Sonny: Stan?

Stan: Yeah?

Sonny: Hey, do me a favor -- take over surveillance, give me a copy of this tape so I can hand it over to the FBI and they can analyze it.

Stan: Got it.

Sonny: I got a job for you. It could be our chance to find Carly.

Lydia: How dare you tell Nikolas that I was coming on to you when the exact opposite is true.

Lucky: For the record, I don't enjoy being slapped, so why don't you take your tantrum somewhere else?

Lydia: Get off. First, I need to make sure that you understand something, ok? You need to stay out of my life.

Lucky: Next time use the phone.

Lydia: Oh, stop flattering yourself. You know perfectly well that you are the one that can't keep your hands off me.

Lucky: Well, you're the one that keeps trying to make excuses to see me.

Lydia: Look, let me make something really clear here, so that you can comprehend, ok? Leave me alone.

Lucky: Or what? You going to stomp your foot, try and slap me again, then jump into my arms?

Lydia: Oh. You know, you better treat me with more respect when I am Nikolas' wife.

Lucky: Oh, I think my brother's going to make sense of this whole thing before he signs up to marry a woman he can't stand.

Lydia: Nikolas and I have a business arrangement, and if you weren't such a throwback to prehistoric times, you would understand how a marriage of convenience works. Passion is one thing, matrimony is another. I won't stop Nikolas from pursuing his desires, and he won't stop me from pursuing mine.

Lucky: Don't look at me.

Lydia: Oh -- I wouldn't have you on a silver plate.

Emily: Hi.

Zander: Hi.

Emily: Hey.

Zander: How are you?

Emily: Good. Did you talk to Gia?

Zander: Yeah. Yeah.

Emily: Is she all right?

Zander: She's ok.

Gia: Thank you so, so much, Mr. Nobility. That "far, far better" gesture you just made stomped all over my heart.

Nikolas: What happened?

Gia: You played the phony engagement with Emily just long enough for Zander to buy it. He opened up to the possibility of starting over with someone else. Just when that someone else really started to care, Emily came running back to her true love.

Nikolas: You and Zander?

Gia: Oh, please, don't look so shocked. You noticed the attraction before Zander and I even knew it was there. Turns out you were right. I do care about Zander as more than a friend. Not that it matters. He's all about Emily.

Nikolas: Gia, I am so sorry. I was just trying to help Emily deal with the breast cancer, and I didn't mean --

Gia: Yeah, but she made you lie for her. It must have crossed your mind that someone would get hurt.

Nikolas: Emily needed me. Helping her was all that mattered. I wasn't thinking about you or -- or Zander. Or even myself. If I had to do it all over again, Iíd make the same choice. I would do anything to make sure Emily survives this. It doesn't matter who gets hurt. As long as she comes through it alive.

Gia: This is real for you, isn't it? Emily may have been play-acting, but you're not. You're in love with her.

Sonny: What are you doing here?

Alcazar: I have matters to discuss with you. Faith invited me to wait. I hope you don't mind.

Sonny: Faith, go upstairs.

Sonny: What is it?

Alcazar: I'm expecting a sizable shipment of product. If you offload it in one of your piers, Iíll tell you where your wife is.

Sonny: You deliver Carly to me first, I make concessions.

Alcazar: No, my position is nonnegotiable. You deliver my product, and in return I deliver Carly. Or perhaps you're not quite as anxious to get her back as you were, say, a week ago. Mrs. Rosco is an attractive woman.

Sonny: Yeah, yeah. She fills my needs.

Alcazar: Yeah, then why aren't you more interested in getting Carly back?

Sonny: You know what? I'm at the end of my rope here. How do I even know you have any access to Carly? How do I know you're not bluffing, using my wife's disappearance, when you don't even know where she is?

Alcazar: I don't bluff. I can lead you to Carly but only if I get what I want in return. Don't take too long to think about it.

[door opens and closes]

Sonny: Faith!

Faith: What?

Sonny: Don't "what" me. Get down here.

Faith: What is the point of us posing as lovers if you're going to treat me like garbage in front of Alcazar?

Sonny: Listen, all Alcazar has to believe is that you're sleeping with me. You're going to drop in on him in a half-hour.

Faith: Why would I do that?

Sonny: Well, he thinks you're angry because I kicked you out of the meeting.

Faith: I am.

Sonny: Well, now's your chance to play with him a little bit. Work your way in.

[Sonny sighs]

Lydia: I hope you don't let Lucky's ridiculous accusations throw you.

Nikolas: Not at all.

Lydia: I mean, for the record, I'm not the least bit interested in your brother. That's just his macho fantasy.

Nikolas: It doesn't matter. After we're married, it'll all be behind us.

Lydia: You don't have to sound so dismal. I mean, it's not like our lives are ending, Nikolas.

Nikolas: Of course not.

Lydia: After the wedding, you're free to see whoever you want. You can have as many love affairs as you'd like. The only thing I ask is that you confine them to sophisticated women who won't try to get you to divorce your wife, and Iíll limit my liaisons to men who understand that, as well.

Nikolas: There aren't going to be any liaisons, Lydia.

Lydia: You're kidding.

Nikolas: Try me. If you are ever unfaithful to me, I'll divorce you immediately.

Lydia: Why would you demand the fidelity of a wife you don't even love?

Nikolas: A marriage of convenience is compromise enough. I won't sleep around on you, and I won't let you cheat on me. I expect us both to honor our marriage vows whether we like it or not.

Zander: I should have known that this wasn't real. I'd look into your eyes, and we still connect the way we always have.

Emily: Let's not look back, Zander. What we have now is all that counts.

Zander: Em, I want to give you everything. I want to give you strength when you're scared. I want to give you comfort when you're in pain. I want to listen when you want to talk. And I want to shut up when you want to hear your own thoughts.

Emily: There's only one thing I need right now.

Zander: Tell me. Anything.

Emily: For you just to put your arms around me and hold me tight.

Elizabeth: "When the test matches the L.H. surge line on the indicator, you will begin ovulating within the next 34 hours. This is your optimum window of opportunity for conception."

Carly: There's not going to be a baby for you, Elizabeth, because Ric only wants Sonny's and mine.

[Sonny sighs]

Sonny: What did you find at Alcazar's? Jason, what did you find?

Jason: This.

Sonny: It's Carly. He's got her.

Jason: There's no date on the photo.

Sonny: This looks like a cell. She looks pale. What if he's not feeding her? What about the -- this is not good.

Jason: Alcazar wants to do business with you. He knows if he hurts Carly or the baby, you're going to retaliate, Sonny, but if Ric is involved --

Sonny: Forget Ric. Forget -- we got proof right here!

Jason: We don't know where this picture was taken. She could be anywhere.

Sonny: You're not helping Carly. You're not helping me. You got to do your job, I'm telling you. You got to do your job.

Jason: I will.

Sonny: You want to investigate Ric on your own time, you do that, but right now we're dealing with Alcazar.

Jason: Ok, I understand.

Sonny: We've got a -- We got an opening.

Sonny: We got an opening to Carly.

[knock on door]

Alcazar: Mrs. Rosco. What a surprise to see you again so soon.

Faith: Well, you already ruined my evening. So, I thought I would give you the chance to make it up to me.

Alcazar: And what is it Iím making amends for?

Faith: Whatever it was you said to Sonny put him in an even worse mood, and his devotion to his long-lost wife was instantly renewed.

Alcazar: Hmm. I can see how that would be awkward for you.

Faith: Yes. So, you owe me an entire evening of undivided male attention.

Alcazar: Mm-hmm. Well --

Alcazar: You'll need to provide me with some information on Sonny in return.

Faith: Ahem. We'll see.

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