GH Transcript Tuesday 7/1/03

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 7/1/03

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Lydia: I'll solve the problem myself.

Stefan: How?

Skye: I have been coming on to you in order to get closer to Kristina.

Ned: I'm using you, too.

Elizabeth: Tonight would be the perfect night for us to try and get pregnant. Is there something wrong?

Carly: He doesn't want your baby. He wants mine.

Courtney: You're fixating on Ric. Nobody believes that he took her.

Agent Brown: Are you ready to accept the deal Iíve offered you?

Skye: Stop that.

Ned: Stop what?

Skye: Looking at me like you want to devour me on the spot.

Ned: Oh, now that's an idea.

Skye: You know, just so we're clear, this -- this isn't a romance.

Ned: Oh, not even close.

Skye: No, we are two unattached adults.

Ned: With very, very bad track records at love.

Skye: Well, we have come to an amicable agreement.

Ned: Mm-hmm. We both love Kristina, and if we happen to be physically attracted to each other --

Skye: So much the better.

Ned: Dobson, what are you doing with that thing in your arms?

Alexis: [British accent] I might ask you the same thing.

Emily: I never thought that --

Nikolas: I know.

Emily: That was --

Nikolas: Yeah, for me, too.

Jason: Can I talk to you for a minute?

Courtney: Get out.

Faith: Your brother wants me here. Don't we all do what Sonny wants?

Courtney: Ok, Faith, Sonny is upset. He is afraid for his wife.

Faith: Mm-hmm. And sometimes tragedy benefits people in unexpected ways.

Jason: What's going on tonight with Faith?

Sonny: I cut a deal with the feds. I have to pretend that Iím close with Faith. That way, she -- it gives her more credibility so she can approach Alcazar. They want her to wear a wire.

Jason: What's in it for you?

Sonny: State-of-the-art forensic team working really hard to try and find my wife.

Jason: Tell them to start with Ric.

Sonny: Ok, you know, how many times are you going to tell me to start with Ric? Ric had nothing to do with this. They have evidence, DNA evidence, that points to Alcazar. Now, they think Alcazar took Carly out of the country.

Jason: Ok, I know you're getting upset with me, ok? But I want to ask you this -- Ric hurt you once through Carly. Why can't you see that he might be doing it again?

Sonny: Because I care more about trying to find my wife than blaming Ric for something he didn't do.

Elizabeth: Is something wrong?

Ric: No. I don't want to be unfair. I know Iíve been pressuring you about having a baby.

Elizabeth: Honey, we both want a baby, and now is the perfect time.

Carly: Not perfect timing for Ric because if you get pregnant, then your loving husband's plan goes up in flames.

Skye: Were you up in Kristinaís room again?

Alexis: [British accent] I was merely straightening in the foyer and found the little lamb on the floor.

Skye: Well, why didn't you leave it on the table? Why were you carrying it with you? Were you going to go upstairs and see her again?

Alexis: I was going to return it --

Skye: How many times have I told you that taking care of Kristina is not in your household duties?

Alexis: Repeatedly, Madam.

Skye: Why were you skulking around, anyway? Looking for another chance to eavesdrop?

Alexis: I do apologize. I didn't realize that you and your Mr. Ashton were occupied.

Skye: What Mr. Ashton and I do is none of your business, although I'm sure you're going to go right to Edward and tell him exactly what you saw.

Ned: Why? We have nothing to hide. Tell grandfather his deepest, darkest fears have been realized.

Alexis: I'm afraid I don't understand, Sir.

Skye: Yes, you see, Ned and I are romantically attached. Tell Alexis while you're at it. I'm sure you're her spy. That is why you're constantly hovering over Kristina, isn't it? Yes, please be sure to give Alexis all of the juicy details about me and Ned.

Ned: Let's get out of here. How about a late-night supper at the P.C. Grill?

Skye: That sounds great.

Emily: Thank you.

Nikolas: You're welcome. I --

Emily: No, I mean for the support group, for getting me there.

Nikolas: Oh, yeah, yeah. I'm glad I could help you.

Emily: Yeah -- no. No, no, no. It's more than that. I mean, for the first time, I feel like I'm going to live, Nikolas.

Nikolas: You will.

Emily: For years and years.

Nikolas: A lifetime.

Emily: Because of you. You -- you listened when I was terrified and hopeless. You never, ever said I was wrong or stupid. You always told me that I was -- that I was strong and capable. You knew I had it in me to fight, didn't you, and to survive. You gave me everything I needed.

Nikolas: Hope I always will.

Sonny: Will you listen to me a minute? The feds want Faith on the inside to get evidence against Alcazar. I agreed to be the one to put her there.

Jason: Faith is crazy. What if she tries to kill you?

Sonny: Look, she dies. I agree, she's a lunatic, but she wants to stay alive and she wants to stay out of prison. So do I. And we have to do what the feds --

Jason: This is not --

Sonny: Listen to me.

Jason: This is not the way to get Carly back.

Sonny: I always suspected Alcazar had something to do with this, either by himself, with Ric, or with somebody else. The feds have manpower and equipment that I don't have.

Jason: They're blackmailing you.

Sonny: You're damn right they're blackmailing me. We have not found Carly, have we? We don't have a ransom note, a lead, not one shred of evidence. The cops can do what we canít. I'm willing to deal.

Jason: All right, so you tell me, who's going to buy that you suddenly got over your wife and now you're hooking up with Faith Roscoe?

Sonny: If Carly died, I'd have nothing -- no reason to live, nothing to hope for, nothing to look forward to. I would want to drown. I'd want to -- I'd want to climb in a hole and not get out. I'd want to drink poison, sleep with trash. Faith is both. So that's why I have to tell the whole world now that it's too late and Carly's gone forever.

Carly: Ric's lying, Elizabeth. Don't believe him.

Ric: You know I want to have a child with you more than anything in the world.

Elizabeth: Well, then, why are you pulling back?

Ric: You just got out of the hospital. You know, your body's recovering from the poison. The doctor said for you to take it easy for the next several days. I just -- I want you -- I want you to rest, ok? The most important thing for me right now is that you are healthy and well.

Elizabeth: Hmm. Well, that's very chivalrous and more than a little frustrating. Now, are you going to worry about me if I go up to my studio?

Ric: Where does that fit into the concept of rest?

Elizabeth: I'll put on my headphones, fill my head with music, doodle on my sketchpad.

Ric: Ok.

Elizabeth: It's the best way I know to relax.

Ric: All right. Far be it from me to interfere with genius.

Carly: Don't you worry. Ric's never going to get his hands on you because your daddy -- he is going to come find us. And when he does, we're going to go to the island. You're going to love it there. Your daddy and Michael do. Do you know that you can -- you can hear the ocean from every room in the house? And the air -- it smells like flowers.

Ric: Dinner time.  Eat up.

Carly: I hate broccoli.

Ric: Well, it's good for the baby.

Carly: Why don't you stop worrying about my baby and concentrate on your own, the one that your wife is so eager to make with you. Don't you think that she's going to wonder why all of a sudden you've decided to swear off sex? Maybe you can avoid making a baby this month. Maybe. I mean, what about next month? What lame excuse are you going to come up with then?

Ric: Well, that's really nothing for you to worry about.

Carly: You know what I'm worried about? I'm worried about my baby. I want to know why it is so important for you to have my baby instead of making one of your own.

Skye: Oh, Kristina was so cute the way she curled up against her little lamby the minute I put it in.

Ned: She looks like an angel when she sleeps. Alice --

Alice: Yes, Sir.

Ned: We're going out for a late-night supper. Kristina's down, but be sure to call us if there's any problem.

Alice: Understood, Mr. Ashton.

Ned: Ok. I'll go get the car.

Skye: Ok. Now, Alice, you and Dobson are the only ones home this evening. I don't want Dobson checking in on Kristina or anywhere near that nursery. Do you understand?

Alice: That seems kind of severe. I mean, Dobsonís such a good guy, and he's so fond of the child.

Skye: Excuse me. I did not ask for an editorial. Now, you do as you're instructed or your services will no longer be needed in this house.

Alexis: [British accent] Dear Alice, thank you for defending me against that wretched woman.

Alice: Hey, you're welcome, but, boy, she's determined.

Alexis: Indeed. Do be a charm, Alice, and keep an eye on the door while I check on the little one.

Alice: No.

Emily: Hey.

Lydia: Emily. I didn't know you were here.

Emily: Oh, yeah. I came by to see Nikolas. He's just taking me home now. He's gone up to get his keys.

Lydia: Then we have a minute to chat?

Emily: About what?

Lydia: The truth -- which I know is very hard to believe coming from me. It's just that Iím so worried about Nikolas.

Emily: Why?

Lydia: He won't face reality. I don't know how well you understand high finance, but the family is on the verge of total collapse. Stefan knows how bad it's gotten, but Nikolas refuses to face it.

Emily: Well, Nikolas is an intelligent man. I'm sure he's aware of the crisis.

Lydia: And I'm sure he thinks he will manage to turn it all around in time, but there isn't any time. If something isn't done now, the Cassadines will slide into bankruptcy.

Emily: Why are you telling me this?

Lydia: Because you and Nikolas have been defying Stefan, not listening to him. And Stefanís just been trying to prevent this collapse. Nikolas is in control of the family business now. It will be a terrible blow if it fell apart while he was responsible --

Emily: I'm still not sure how I play into this, Lydia.

Lydia: You donít. I'm the solution to Nikolas' problems.

Ric: What was I supposed to do Carly, make love to Elizabeth on the couch while you watched on the monitor?

Carly: Oh, come on, Ric. You don't want Elizabeth to get pregnant because then how do you explain bringing her my child when you've got one of your own on the way?

Ric: See, Elizabethís not ready for another pregnancy.

Carly: Oh, and then there's all those messy feelings that a father-to-be gets -- you know, seeing the woman he loves pregnant with his own child, the joy, the anticipation of imagining the happy family, the life together. You know, you could have all those feelings, the feelings that Sonny has for this child, but you just won't let yourself. No, you're not allowed. You won't let yourself be happy because it's more important to you to torture Sonny.

Ric: You know, you have absolutely no idea how I feel.

Carly: This whole scheme is based on this delusion that Sonny cost you your first child. If Elizabeth gets pregnant, you lose your excuse, don't you? Then you have to face the fact that hating Sonny is a lot more important than this future with your wife because you want Sonny's baby more than you want your own.

Courtney: Sonny would never give up on Carly.

Faith: All I know is that he wants me here with him.

Courtney: You're lying.

Faith: Ask him yourself.

Courtney: Sonny, there has to be some reason you're here with Faith.

Sonny: Ok, listen to me. I made -- I made an arrangement with the feds that if I help them, they help me find Carly.

Courtney: How does that have anything to do with Faith?

Sonny: Well, it has -- because -- I have to be seen in public with her.

Courtney: Sonny, no one's going to buy that you're actually --

Sonny: Shh, shh. Hit me. Hit me real quick. Just hit me, will you? Right now. Just hit me. Do it.

Courtney: You selfish bastard!

Skye: I'm telling you, I get so caught up in it. It is like watching an Olympic sport, really. She starts on her stomach, and then she pushes herself off with the back feet, and she gets halfway over and falls back and, oh, there's just the cutest look of concentration on her face. I swear -- oh. That was a mortifying moment.

Ned: What?

Skye: Well, we're supposed to be having a romantic evening, and I'm talking about Kristina.

Ned: I like it when you talk about her. Your whole face lights up. Your eyes sparkle.

Skye: Yeah, well, it's an entirely new feeling for me, let me tell you. Something to talk about besides me, me, me 24/7.

Ned: Yeah, babies have a way of grabbing center stage, don't they?

Skye: Yeah. So, it's your turn. Tell me, what were you thinking about while I was rambling?

[Ned sighs]

Ned: Brooke Lynn was supposed to come up and see me this summer. Needless to say, I was excited. She was excited to finally meet Kristina. And her mother called me and told me that there's been a change of plans.

Skye: Oh. Ned, Iím so sorry.

Ned: Lois is managing a singer who's really huge in Europe, and he's touring this summer, and she wants to take Brooke Lynn with her. She thinks that she would enjoy it, so --

Skye: Well, at least you still have Kristina.

Ned: You know, I'm not using Kristina as compensation for what Iíve lost with Brooke. At least I don't think I am. I'm trying to provide her with what I think she needs -- a full-time father who's committed to her, who would never put her in danger.

Skye: Oh, I know what you mean. I feel so protective of Kristina. I would fight to the death to keep that little girl from feeling lonely or afraid.

Ned: She's lucky to have you.

Skye: She's lucky to have you. You are a wonderful father, so warm and loving. Ugh -- nothing like I would have thought when I first met you.

Ned: I'm afraid to ask.

Skye: I thought you were a player, you know? Smart and slick. Not a trace of heart or soul. All in all, a perfect match for Alexis.

Ned: Well, I have to confess, I like myself better when I'm with you.

Skye: Yeah. I know what you mean. Um -- I -- I have an idea. Why don't we skip dinner and head straight to dessert. What do you say?

Ned: You read my mind. Let's go home.

Alice: Skye will have me fired if I let you upstairs.

Alexis: [British accent] Alice, no one's here.

Alice: I know, but what if they come back?

Alexis: You know that I would never harm a hair on the little one's head.

Alice: Oh, I know that. I mean, gosh, you're the kindest, most gentlest man Iíve ever met in my life.

Alexis: Skye's not barring me from the nursery because she believes it would be better for the little one. She's simply doing it to assert her authority in this household. She knows that she is no longer a Quartermaine, so she is bullying the help to make herself feel more important.

Alice: Oh, I've noticed that.

Alexis: She's trying to take over as Kristinaís mother, which is highly inappropriate in that Kristina already has one.

Alice: You got a point there.

Alexis: There. Now, will you please watch the door so I might go upstairs and check on the little one?

Alice: But you're asking me to put my job on the line.

Alexis: No one is here, Alice.

Alice: I know, but, still, it's my job.

Alexis: What might I do or say so that you allow me to go up the stairs?

Alice: Well, you could go into the living room, pour us both a drink, and let's see what we can come up with.

Lydia: If Nikolas and I get married, his family's future is secured.

Emily: How does that work?

Lydia: According to the terms of my grandfather's will, if Nikolas and I marry and stay married, my grandfather's fortune will be divided between us. We would have billions of dollars at our disposal -- provided we have a child within the first five years, but I don't foresee that as being a problem. The only obstacle is you. If Nikolas marries me, his family's fortune will be secure.

Emily: Uh-huh. If you were really that worried about Nikolas, you would just lend him the money.

Lydia: I don't have it to lend. If we don't get married, virtually all the money goes to charitable causes.

Emily: That might be the best use for it.

Lydia: Emily, this is serious.

Emily: Uh-huh. For you, maybe. But I don't think Nikolas would ever marry for money, no matter how badly the Cassadines need it.

Lydia: This isn't some schoolgirl game. We're talking about billions of dollars.

Emily: Which Nikolas is completely aware of.

Lydia: You know, it would be bad manners to break an engagement. Nikolas would sooner bankrupt his own family than break a promise to you.

Emily: If that's Nikolas' decision, I'll support it.

Lydia: And then you'll be the one he threw it all away for. How do you think Nikolas will feel about you when he's selling off assets and consolidating debts?

Emily: Nice try, Lydia, but I don't buy it for a second.

Nikolas: Ready?

Emily: Yeah. Let's go.

Carly: You don't want my baby to fill some hole in Elizabethís heart. You want the sick satisfaction of raising Sonny's child, of lying to his face and telling him that his child is your own.

Ric: Sonny doesn't deserve to be a father.

Carly: Oh, God, it's the same thing to you, Ric. You just want what belongs to Sonny.

Ric: Well, Sonny owes me after everything he took from me, don't you think?

Carly: What, your miserable life with your rich father?

Ric: Yeah, who looked at me as a constant reminder of what he had lost when my mother walked out the door with her precious little Sonny.

Carly: Oh, poor, little --

Ric: He stole the life that I could've had!

Carly: Oh, so it justifies kidnapping me, stealing another man's child? This is sick. Ric, you know, you are so twisted now, you can't even see what you're after anymore.

Ric: I know what I'm doing.

Carly: No, you donít. You just want to be Sonny, and you know you can't be, so you've decided to settle for stealing what belongs to him.

Ric: No, I look at it as saving my niece or nephew from the misery of growing up with Sonny.

Scott: Nice punch, but I could probably hit a little harder. Is this all part of the little act?

Sonny: Shut up. Will you shut up?

Courtney: Oh, what's the matter, Sonny? You don't want people to know? Don't tell me your conscience is bothering you.

Sonny: This is crazy. You guys are ridiculous.

Scott: What's going on?

Courtney: I don't know. Sonny's wife is missing, and he's out partying with faith the psycho mob slut.

Jason: Courtney, let's get out of here.

Courtney: You know what, Sonny? You're a faithless, lying pig. You aren't even good enough for Carly. You never were.

Scott: Your sister sees you for what you are, man, the way you treat people. Throw them away like garbage. You know, Karenís dead. Did you know that?

Sonny: You mean Carrie?

Scott: Her name was Karen. Carrie was the name that you hung on her when you hooked her on drugs and you forced her to strip at your club.

Sonny: What happened?

Scott: What -- you're what happened to her! A car killed her.

Sonny: I'm sorry.

Scott: What are you sorry for?

Sonny: Don't touch me.

Scott: What are you sorry for? You're sorry that she's dead or that you pushed pills on her so that you could sleep with her, Corinthos?

Sonny: You want to know why I slept with her?

Scott: Yes, I do.

Sonny: You want to know why I slept with her?

Scott: Yes.

Sonny: Because I cared about her. She was sexually abused, she was scared, she was alone, and I felt for her. Where were you, daddy? If you didn't want her to come to me, why didn't you take care of her?

Scott: Because I didn't know that she was my daughter back then.

Sonny: Well, that's your fault, your failure! Don't blame me or talk to me about things you know nothing about!

Scott: You disrespected my daughter, and now you disrespect her father on the day that --

Sonny: Yeah? Yeah? Come on, there, buddy.

Agent Brown: One more word, and you will be arrested for violation of the National Security Act.

Sonny: You guys -- crazy, that --

Scott: I will never forget this day, Corinthos.

Agent Brown: We have a mutual agreement. He gives us what we need, we give him what he needs. Do you understand?

Jason: Sonny's putting himself through hell for no reason.

Courtney: If the FBI can help find Carly --

Jason: If the feds were really going to help, they'd send a forensics team to Ric's house. They'd do a records check. They'd go over everything that Ric has done since the day he hit town and find out where he's keeping Carly.

Courtney: If the evidence does lead back to Ric, Iím sure the FBI will do all that and more.

Jason: Courtney, the feds are manipulating Sonny. They obviously know how desperate he is to find Carly. They're going to tell him exactly what he needs to hear as long as they can use him, but there's no guarantee that they're going to hold up their end of the deal. I just -- I can't figure out why Sonny isn't seeing it. I know he can't think straight and he's grasping at straws right now. I got to stop him.

Courtney: No, Jason. Sonny's plan is the best option he has.

Ric: Sonny took my child. Now I get to have Sonny's. The truth is my brother wouldn't be a very good father anyway. I mean, what kind of life is that, child to grow up with an immoral criminal as a father?

Carly: A criminal? What are you?

Ric: One day Elizabeth and I are going to be walking through the park with this child, and we'll run into Sonny. And I'll introduce him to his uncle, say this is a very, very bad man. And Sonny's going to walk away, never even realizing that he just met his own child.

Carly: No. Because Sonny will never stop looking for this baby. He is not going to give up until he finds out what happened to me and the baby.

Ric: You give him too much credit, Carly.

Carly: Uh-uh.

Ric: No? He'll move on. I mean, he did with Lily, right? He'll find somebody else to sleep with. You're not that hard to replace.

Carly: No. He's not going to give up searching. And let's say your plan did work just for a little bit. The truth will come out eventually, and that little boy is going to despise you.

Ric: This child will never know the truth.

Carly: What about Elizabeth? Hmm? How do you think she's going to feel when she finds out about all this, all the lies that you told, all the tricks that you played on her? Elizabeth loves you, and she wants to have a family with you, start a life and a future together. It is right in front of you, and you are just throwing it all away.

Ric: No, the truth is that I am going to have it all, Carly. But first Sonny has to pay.

Faith: This little tough-girl act of your sister's is getting carried away, isn't it?

Sonny: Courtney doesn't want me hooking up with you while my wife is missing.

Faith: Hmm. Well, I think this plan of the feds is going to work like a charm.

Sonny: Only if I convince people that, without my wife, I got nothing to live for, so Iím going to do everything I can to destroy myself and I'm going to use you to do it.

Faith: Really? Well, you can make any excuse you want. Just stop looking at me like Iím road kill and start acting like you want me.

Sonny: I can still hate your guts and want you in my bed. That's how we're going to play this out, all right? So you -- you just do your end of the deal. And no wrong moves. Carly's life depends on it. Because if you mess up, then you're just going to have to deal with the consequences.

Faith: Hate sex works fine for me.

Agent Brown: There's just one more thing that we need to do.

Emily: Thanks for bringing me back to the house, but, you know, you really didn't have to.

Nikolas: I wanted to.

Emily: I've already taken up so much of your time. You must have better things to do.

Nikolas: Like solving the Cassadine financial problems? I'm sure that was the subject of your heart-to-heart with Lydia. She happen to mention that she's the answer to all my problems?

Emily: She made the situation sound pretty bad.

Nikolas: I'll work it out.

Emily: But if you can't?

Nikolas: I don't want you to worry about that, ok? Nothing's more important than your recovery right now, and Iím going to be with you to help you through it.

Emily: Even if it forces the Cassadines into bankruptcy?

Nikolas: You sound like my uncle.

Emily: Ouch.

Nikolas: If you start saying that marrying Lydia is the best solution to solving the Cassadines' business problems, I'll have to check you for brainwashing.

Emily: Ok, look, you can tease me all you want, but I know how important it is to you to do what your family needs.

Nikolas: I'll find a way that doesn't include a wedding to Lydia. When I get married, it'll be for love, not money. I'm going to go.

Emily: Ok. Bye.

Alice: You know, the Quartermaines don't have any respect for my feelings at all.

Alexis: [British accent] The Quartermaines have no respect for anyone, Alice.

Alice: You know, I don't even think Mr. Quartermaine thinks of me as a person. I'm just some kind of sponging, cleaning, disinfecting moving object.

Alexis: I'm sorry that you don't feel valued at work, Alice.

Alice: You know, I'm a woman just like any other woman. I have desires and needs. And if I want to have a drink with you or kiss you, I should be able to. It's my business.

Alexis: Alice, we're employees under the same roof.

Alice: And we deserve a little time off now and then.

Alexis: That is entirely inappropriate. We must show decorum at all times.

Alice: You do want to see the baby.

Alexis: You know that I do.

Alice: And you know that I would be violating a direct order if I were to let you upstairs. But I'd consider it in exchange for one little kiss.

Alexis: One little kiss?

Alexis: Oh.

Alice: Oh, my God. Miss Davis?

Skye: Oh, there is a God.

Alice: Miss Davis, I'm so embarrassed.

Alexis: [Normal voice] Oh, don't be, Alice.

Alice: I mean, what -- what you must think of me.

Alexis: I'm really in no position to judge.

Alice: This is about Kristina, isn't it?

Alexis: Alice, Iím so desperate to be near my daughter. Honestly. And Edward was looking for a butler, and I took a couple of theater classes in college. I wasn't bad, actually. So I dressed up as Dobson and -- please don't tell anyone else. Please. Because they're trying to take her away from me. And if you tell them this, then they'll be able to.

Alice: Ok. I won't tell anyone, but, please, God, don't tell anyone about me and this and don't tell them what I did, please.

Alexis: My lips are sealed.

Ned: What's up?

Skye: We have Alexis exactly where we want her.

Nikolas: As long as you're ready to propose marriage, why not do it to my face instead of using Emily as a go-between.

Lydia: She didn't waste any time telling you.

Nikolas: What happened to the "let's be friends, we have so much in common" approach? What -- what happened to that?

Lydia: It was taking too long. Nikolas, your family's on the verge of financial ruin.

Nikolas: And the only possible solution is marrying you?

Lydia: It would strictly be a financial transaction. I explained that to Emily. It has nothing to do with love.

Nikolas: Oh, and you expected her to understand that. Is that --

Lydia: Well, no. Actually, she righteously proclaimed that she believed that you could solve any crisis that came your way. Oh, you should've seen the fire in her eyes. That girl loves you, Nikolas, and you're welcome to have her.

Nikolas: Well, if I marry you, then I --

Lydia: I told you, it's strictly business. I'm making you the offer of a lifetime here. Marry me and continue loving Emily.

Emily's voice: "I just kissed Nikolas for the second time in my life, not counting pecks on the cheek and brotherly embraces. It was almost the perfect opposite of that first time in the park when I was desperate and embarrassed and threw myself at him. I was happy tonight. For the first time in months, I felt alive and I realized I can go on feeling that way. I can beat the cancer. I can live for years and years. Nikolas made me see it. He got me to the support group, and afterward on the bluff, he was standing there smiling, and I kissed him for the last time. Now that I know I'm going to live, I can finally tell Zander everything."

Courtney: Sonny is too smart to take the FBI at their word. He's only going to go along if he sees that they're holding up their end, using their forensic specialists and their technical expertise to find Carly.

Jason: It's too risky.

Courtney: What else is Sonny going to do, Jason? Wait? Worry? Keep badgering Ric?

Jason: Yeah, that's exactly what we need to be doing. We need to keep pressuring Ric until he gives us something.

Courtney: Ok, but Jason, what if you're wrong? Sonny can't afford to wait. Every day that passes, it makes it harder to track Carly. At least now we have government specialists searching for leads. I am so scared for Carly. I can't even imagine what life would be like without her.

Jason: Carly's not going to die. And if this is what Sonny thinks he needs to do to find her, then that's his right.

Courtney: I think that it's the only option that Sonny has left.

Jason: I think Sonny's making a mistake, but I can't blame him for that. If you disappeared, I would do anything to get you back.

Elizabeth: Hi.

Ric: Thought you were asleep.

Elizabeth: You know I sleep better when you're holding me.

Ric: I love you, Elizabeth, more than you'll ever know. Doctors want you to rest.

Elizabeth: You know, I'm not as fragile as you seem to think.

Ric: I know. Just give your body a little bit more time to recover.

Elizabeth: And then we'll make a baby?

Ric: Go to sleep.

Sonny: New evidence has come to light which indicates that there's no reason to continue the search for my wife.

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Skye: Alexis is the butler.

Carly: Sonny and I understand each other. We're not like you and Elizabeth.

Lorenzo: You seem an unusual candidate for a grief counselor.

Faith: Get out before I tell Jason to throw you out.

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