GH Transcript Monday 6/30/03

General Hospital Transcript Monday 6/30/03

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Lucky: We're not finished.

[Lydia screams]

Woman: That kind of family support is what it's all about.

Ric: Get out of here before I call security!

Courtney: No!

Jason: You'd better tell me where you took Carly!

Lorenzo: I love my brother and I want Sonny to pay for his death.

Agent Brown: So we have a deal?

Sonny: Agreed.

Agent Brown: It's time for you to meet your new partner. Mrs. Rosco has agreed to pose as your mistress.

Lucky: I got you. I got you.

Lydia: Oh, my --

Lucky: You really need to be more careful around here.

Lydia: You just -- you just saved my life.

Lucky: You didn't leave me much choice.

Lydia: So does this mean you have to do whatever I say from now on?

Lucky: Actually, it's the other way around.

Monica: I know you are a very good friend to Emily.

Nikolas: Yeah, yes, but Iíve been completely selfish. Look, Emilyís unique. I need her in this world, Monica. I need her in my life.

Monica: And do you hear yourself? I mean, Nikolas, you're sounding as though it's just a little bit more than friendship.

Nikolas: Well, I love Emily. I'm as invested in her survival as anyone who loves her, including you and Alan.

Monica: And I believe you -- I do -- because you're saying everything that a mother would want and expect to hear from a future son-in-law. But what Iím hearing is that you and Emily are pretending to be engaged.

Nikolas: I want Emily to live through this. I will do absolutely whatever it takes to make sure that happens.

Monica: Does that include marrying Emily for real?

Woman: I lost my hair two weeks to the day, and I remember waking up that morning and all of a sudden I looked down at my pillow and there was some hair, and I'm like, "uh-oh, here we go." And I went into the shower a couple hours later and it kept coming out.

Second woman: My daughter asked me -- she was 8 at the time -- "are you going to lose all your hair?"

First woman: I went to my husband, I said, "it's time."

Second woman: And I said, "well, I don't know." And she said, "Well, if you do, will you get a wig?" And I said, "yeah." And she said, "well, can I get one, too?"

First woman: And he stuck my head over the trashcan with the dog clippers and we shaved it off. But that was a way for me to take control and say the cancer wasn't going to be in control, I was. It was so much better than it just falling out.

Third woman: I never thought I would be at this point in my life. I was just going on with my, you know, routine, and next thing you know, it's like you're hitting a brick wall.

First woman: As it starts, you think it's never going to end.

Third woman: Exactly.

First woman: "When am I going to get to the other side? When is this bad dream going to be over?"

Second woman: My mother is a breast cancer survivor, and so -- and, you know, the initial feeling, like it's a death sentence, you know --

Third woman: Yeah, it's not that way. It's not that way.

Second woman: Yeah, it's not necessarily that way.

Third woman: Chemotherapy is a life drip, it's not the death drip.

Second woman: How did you find your tumor?

First woman: I found it on a self-exam.

Third woman: I first noticed a dimple on my right breast.

Second woman: I felt the lump inadvertently in the shower. I was not doing breast exams, which I now do.

Third woman: And I got out of the shower and I thought, "What is that?" You know, I ignored it.

First woman: I actually showed it to my gynecologist, who essentially blew me off and said, "what are you worried about? You're young, you're healthy. This is fibrocystic. It's nothing. Don't worry about it, go home."

Third woman: I had no idea that that was the first clue of breast cancer.

Second woman: And inadvertently found it. I had a mammogram, it came back negative, and I was so relieved.

First woman: Called a friend for a referral, went to see another doctor, went in to see him. He did an ultrasound and a needle biopsy, came back negative.

Third woman: So I went to my doctor and he said, "Oh, it's nothing. It's just a cyst. It's nothing." And I said, "No, I feel it's more than a cyst."

First woman: But he kept pushing me to come back, and I'm like, "ok, everything's negative. Why?"

Third woman: And he said, "well, Iím going to send you to the doctor to have it checked."

First woman: And he said, "you know what -- it's still there, let's take it out."

Second woman: And when they took it out, it was malignant.

Third woman: So they checked it, and, of course, it came back, you know, cancerous.

First woman: When they took it out, it was when it was positive.

Second woman: It was mother's day weekend, and I felt that it was also this malicious irony that it's mother's day weekend and I may not be able to get to be a mother anymore.

First woman: It was surreal. It didn't seem real.

Lorenzo: Did I surprise you?

Carly: A little.

Lorenzo: I suppose that makes sense. Ric and Sonny are certainly no shining example. Most brothers love each other, despite their differences.

Carly: Well, then Luis must have loved you, too.

Lorenzo: He did, in his way.

Carly: Then maybe he wouldn't want you to trash your life the way that he did his own.

Lorenzo: Mrs. Corinthos, I didn't know you cared.

Carly: Come on. I mean, you seem like a fairly decent human being, I mean, considering. I mean, you don't have that cold, dead look in your eye like Ric sometimes does. I think that maybe somewhere in there is a person who can learn from a bad example.

Lorenzo: I have no intention of wasting my life, or losing it, for that matter. You may equate Sonny's anger with the wrath of God, but I do not. I want revenge. But I plan on making a small fortune off your husband's territory in the process.

Carly: You won't do it if you team up with Ric.

Jason: Tell me where Carly is or Iím going to snap your neck!

Courtney: Jason, come on, don't do this.

Ric: Get off me!

Jason: Where's Carly, huh?

Courtney: Stop it, Jason! Stop!

Elizabeth: Jason!

Andy: Let him go, Morgan!

Elizabeth: Jason, stop!

Andy: Back off now!

Faith: Howdy, partner.

Sonny: Ok, let me get this straight -- the bureau expects me to act like Iím supposed to touch this tramp with a 10-foot pole?

Faith: I'm really not all that bad once you get to know me.

Sonny: That's not going to happen.

Faith: Oh, come on, lighten up. It'll be fun. You're going to wine and dine me, shower me with expensive presents, something befitting the mistress of Sonny Corinthos.

Sonny: Is this the best the FBI can do? This lying, two-bit tramp?

Faith: Is name-calling really necessary?

Sonny: What are we talking about here? Is this the high-tech strategy that's supposed to locate my pregnant wife?

Agent Brown: Not directly. You're going to position Faith to spy on Alcazar.

Faith: In other words, play nice with me or else.

Lucky: Stepping in to save your life makes me responsible for the choices you make from now on.

Lydia: Oh. Oh, really? So you're, like, my personal bodyguard, watching over me day and night, monitoring my every decision, making sure Iím a good little girl?

Lucky: Not a chance.

Lydia: There are worse jobs, you know? I'm sure you've had a few. Guarding my body could prove to be inspirational, not to mention tons of fun.

Lucky: Are you flirting with me?

Lydia: Was I? Maybe you flatter yourself.

Lucky: Are you even capable of being honest?

Lydia: What does it matter to you?

Lucky: You're working with Stefan. To do what, exactly? Seduce Nikolas to convince him to marry you?

Lydia: You don't understand. See, I am the best thing that ever happened to Nikolas.

Nikolas: I'd marry Emily tomorrow if that's what she wanted. Does that bother you?

Monica: No. No, Nikolas, Iím really very, very touched by your devotion to Emily. I'm just -- well, I'm kind of wondering about your life. It just seems that you've put everything on hold to support Emily. But what about your family and your relationships? Isn't it, you know, a bit beyond the call of friendship?

Nikolas: Oh, I see. You actually think I have a life or relationships.

Monica: Well, yes, I do.

Nikolas: Well, Monica, my attachments are limited. Ok, I was engaged to Gia. Now we hardly speak. My uncle's possessive and controlling, my mother's in a mental institution, may not ever recognize me again, and my brother's preoccupied with solving Summer's murder and starting to suspect the Cassadines. So, you see, Emilyís the only solid relationship I have. I need her at least as much as she needs me.

Monica: Ok. Ok. Fine. Look, I'm -- right now, I'm just grateful that you got Emily to go into that support group. I, oh, so hope it's going to help her.

Nikolas: Yeah. Anything else I can do, just let me know.

June: It's important to have your support group and have people.

Woman: I don't know what I would do without them.

Second woman: I felt like I was just sort of lifted up and carried through with my friends.

Third woman: My husband.

First woman: People that you didn't expect to be there for you are really there for you.

Third woman: I remember, probably right around the time after the mastectomy, after the chemo, looking in the mirror, going, "I don't know what kind of life this is going to be."

Second woman: I mean, in the midst of all the horror --

Third woman: I don't know how long this is going to take; I don't know how much surgery.

Second woman: People say the colors in your life change. They really do.

Third woman: I remember kind of thinking, "you know, I should give this man a way out," which was the most infuriating thing I could've ever done or even said to him. He's so incredible.

First woman: It's amazing.

Second woman: Yeah, I got a better life now.

Third woman: I can say today, honestly, that my life is better now than it's ever been. I just took it for granted, didn't realize, you know, how -- how much people love one another.

Second woman: Yeah.

First woman: Exactly.

Second woman: You know, I kept a journal while I went through this experience, just to help to clarify my thoughts, and when it was all over, I gave them each a copy of the journal. And, Emily, I would like to give you this copy of the journal.

Emily: Thank you so much, Mary. I appreciate it. Thank you.

Andy: Do you understand these rights as I've read them?

Jason: Yes.

Courtney: This is so overreacting. There's no reason for you to arrest Jason.

Elizabeth: Uh, there's assault.

Courtney: Jason is upset about Carly's kidnapping. He just lost it for a second.

Elizabeth: A second? He nearly killed him. Look at him, he can't even breathe! Jason, what is wrong with you?

Jason: Ric kidnapped Carly!

Courtney: Ok, look, our nerves are shot. Carly has been missing for a long time, she's expecting a baby --

Ric: Yeah, which has nothing to do with me.

Courtney: Michael, Sonny's son, said something about Ric that set Jason off, ok?

Elizabeth: Oh, please, not this again.

Courtney: Michael witnessed his mother's kidnapping, Elizabeth. He was so traumatized, I mean, he couldn't go into detail, but he named Ric as the kidnapper.

Elizabeth: Yeah, after he heard Jason make the accusation. Ric did not kidnap Carly, ok? Do you see how desperate this is? They're just making up excuses to justify the way this man almost killed my husband.

Andy: And you say what, Mr. Lansing?

Ric: Jason has harassed me and my wife more than once. He's broken into our house, he's assaulted me on numerous occasions. I want it stopped.

Jason: You're the one who should be arrested. You took Carly and you're hiding her somewhere. I know it, Ric, and you know it!

Elizabeth: Do you honestly think I would lie to protect a kidnapper?

Jason: You're lying to yourself, Elizabeth. You know Ric's a psychopath. He'd do anything to hurt Sonny. Ric let Carly believe he'd raped her and he blackmailed her for months. You don't think he'd kidnap her? He did it!

Ric: Ok, let's get on with this, let's get on with this, all right? Attempted murder --

Jason: Ask him!

Ric: Numerous accounts of breaking and entering! I am pressing charges! I want to see you in jail, because that's where a thug like you belongs!

Carly: You see, so I know Ric. I have experienced him firsthand. And underneath that Harvard polish, he is certifiable. Look, this house, this whole room? His whole reason for being right now is to steal my unborn child. Does that sound rational to you?

Lorenzo: What motivates Ric is not important to me.

Carly: Oh, I don't believe that. I don't believe that for a second. You're way too smart. What is the first rule of survival? Know your opponent. Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer.

Lorenzo: You're quite the philosopher, aren't you?

Carly: Look, if you want a partner, don't you want somebody who can see clear enough to keep a clear head, keep it straight, and not have tunnel vision? Ric has tunnel vision with Sonny. I mean, everything for him is about revenge.

Lorenzo: And why would I find that objectionable?

Carly: Because he's going to mess things up for you. He's going to make trouble for you. Come on, listen -- listen to this -- Ricís latest accusation is that Sonny pushed his wife, a pregnant woman, down a flight of stairs. Does that sound like something Sonny would do?

Lorenzo: Not really.

Carly: No. Not at all. But it's got Ric written all over it. And if you want to get back at Sonny, there are smarter, less risky ways to do it.

Lorenzo: Smarter than sitting back while his brother steals his child and kidnaps his wife? That Iíd like to hear.

Agent Brown: It's simple. You pretend to hook up with Faith. It's nice and public, talk of the town. Then you dump her.

Sonny: No problem there.

Agent Brown: Faith gets mad. The whole "woman scorned" thing. She decides to pay you back. She approaches Alcazar about a partnership to take you down.

Sonny: Go on.

Agent Brown: Alcazar does his homework. He learns that Faith has mob credentials and that she is seriously into payback. She folds into his organization and feeds us information.

Sonny: Ok, I don't care about any of this. Get to Carly.

Agent Brown: In the meantime, the agency's forensics team will be using state-of-the-art technology to find your wife, as you requested. Now, that is the deal. Take it or leave it. You have 10 minutes to decide.

Faith: So, I guess the burning question is this -- do you love Carly enough to pretend to be attracted to me?

Stefan: Expecting Nikolas, I hope.

Lydia: Isn't it past your bedtime?

Stefan: Let me see. Oh. Not horrible. Provocative, though a bit obvious.

Lydia: Oh, well, it's too bad we can't all be as subtle as you, Stefan. Like that really smooth move you made, stopping Nikolas' engagement to Emily by sending the wrong woman off a cliff?

Stefan: Lower your voice.

Lydia: Oh, now you're concerned. You didn't seem to have a problem with it when we were on the grounds, speaking so openly, where anyone could hear us. Yeah, you went on and on about me marrying Nikolas and all you do to make it happen. So subtle, unlike me, so very smooth. You should be grateful the police haven't come to arrest you.

Stefan: Who would have reported me, Lydia? You and I were the only ones there. Have you spoken to someone? Commissioner Scorpio, perhaps?

Lydia: No.

Stefan: The D.A.?

Lydia: You know I haven't.

Stefan: Then what are you hiding?

Nikolas: So, Guy said you wanted to see me. Did you find something?

Lucky: This is not about Summer, but I overheard Stefan and Lydia when they thought they were alone, and they are conspiring to work together to get you guys married.

Nikolas: Oh --

Lucky: There seems to be a lot of money at stake.

Nikolas: Yeah, I'm not surprised. You know, I mean, Lydiaís not the most subtle woman I've ever met, and Iíve noticed a few looks back before. What astonishes me is that they actually think there's a chance.

Lucky: Well, there isn't, right, because of Emily?

Monica: Hi.

Emily: Hey.

Alan: Hi. How was the session?

Emily: Fine. Fine.

Monica: Just "fine"?

Emily: You wanted to me to go, I went. Did Nikolas leave?

Monica: Yeah, a little while ago.

Emily: Did he say where he was going?

Monica: No. Tell me about the session. I mean, did you learn anything or did you hate it?

Emily: Yeah, I need to find Nikolas first.

Monica: Em --

Alan: That was abrupt.

Monica: I'm beginning to think that this pretend relationship between Emily and Nikolas is turning into the real thing.

Sonny: You think this is a good idea?

Faith: It's brilliant.

Sonny: You really are insane.

Faith: Well, possibly, but I wouldn't point fingers if I were you.

Sonny: Why would I throw in with a double-crossing slut like you?

Faith: I've changed.

Sonny: Yeah? You've changed? Not that I can see.

Faith: Well, let's say Iím highly motivated now -- one could even say driven. That's a powerful asset to have in a partner.

Sonny: Not if what drives you is seeing me dead or ruined.

Faith: I told you, that's old news. My priorities have changed, ok? Not that I didn't have issues with you, but let's just say my issues with going to prison are more profound.

Sonny: What do you mean, prison?

Faith: I have a deal of my own. See, I wear a wire on Alcazar or I do hard time.

Sonny: Why?

Faith: That is none of --

Sonny: Why?

Faith: Because I tried to poison Elizabethís lemonade. Can you believe that? She drinks lemonade.

Sonny: Well, more proof that you're a whack job, you can't be trusted.

Faith: It was love, Sonny. You can understand that, can't you? Yeah, I foolishly lost my heart to your brother. But Ric didn't appreciate what he could've had. He was too busy trying to be worthy of his child bride. Now, as far as my vendetta goes against you, I'm over that, bygones -- as long as I stay out of prison.

Sonny: Well, that's how you feel today, but tomorrow -- hell, 15 minutes, you could change your mind, stab me in the back.

Faith: Oh, so you're afraid of me now?

Sonny: No, I'm not -- you know what -- I don't care about you now. I just want to find my wife.

Faith: Well, you heard the man. I'm the way to do it.

Sonny: Only if I accept the agency's offer.

Faith: Fine. What can I do to inspire your confidence? Would you like a little couples' counseling? Maybe we could talk to a priest. Or maybe we could practice. Want to go on a trial date?

Agent Brown: You made a decision?

Sonny: Yeah, I have. No deal. Excuse me.

Mac: What now?

Ric: I'm filing charges against Jason Morgan here -- attempted murder, aggravated assault, breaking and entering.

Courtney: Would you please do something?

Andy: Morgan attacked Mr. Lansing at the hospital. There were plenty of witnesses.

Sonny: Ok, I need a minute with my brother alone.

Carly: Sonny will do anything for me and the baby. You could trade us. And in return, Sonny could let you run drugs through Port Charles. Think about it. You get piles of money and you get to humiliate Sonny in the process. Sonny would just hate having to open his territory to you.

Lorenzo: I've considered that option. I admit, it has its appeal.

Carly: So you get everything you want. You get money, you get revenge.

Lorenzo: But the beautiful part about the situation is I have time. Your baby isn't due until November. As far as Lansing goes, sane or insane, he's irrelevant. He's not in control. I am. You may believe we're in a partnership. He's a means to an end, no more significant to me than the tailor who does my suits. Actually, I have a harder time pleasing my tailor.

Carly: Do you know why Sonny and Ric have this issue? Ric hates him because of something that happened in childhood. I mean, do you have children, Lorenzo? Or nieces or nephews or anything? It doesn't matter. I mean, we were all children. You were even a child once. Children get mad, right? They -- they throw temper tantrums, and this is what it's all about for Ric. His whole vendetta is about a little boy who threw a temper tantrum.

Lucky: You're really in love with Emily, aren't you?

Nikolas: Well, we're getting married.

Lucky: Well, something about your engagement seemed off to me.

Nikolas: What, because it was so fast?

Lucky: Maybe.

Nikolas: I mean, because, you know, that's -- that's how things happen sometimes, just -- bam -- out of nowhere. It's like being struck by lightning, I guess. We blink and blink, and the world's a different place than it was a second ago. If you're fortunate, it gets better. Sometimes it get worse. Usually a little bit of both. Either way, you're in it and there's no turning back.

Lydia: Spoon Island is teeming with guards and servants. Any one of them could've overheard you, and you don't exactly inspire loyalty in your employees.

Stefan: You saw someone, but it wasn't a servant. Who was it?

Lydia: No one.

Stefan: Who did you see, Lydia?

Lydia: I told you, no one. But the bluff is a crime scene and Summer's death is still being investigated. Who's to say Scott Baldwin or one of his merry band aren't lurking around?

Stefan: The police already have a suspect. They're focused on apprehending Luke Spencer. The only one who's still convinced of his innocence is Lucky. Lucky's on the island, isn't he?

Lydia: I haven't the slightest idea where Lucky is. I don't keep track of him. But if he had been on the bluff earlier, he'd know all about our plans for Nikolas.

Stefan: I'll have your friend Lucky removed from the estate immediately.

Nikolas: Lucky's welcome on Spoon Island whenever he wants to come. And as my brother, he has unlimited access to my estate. And, you, if you're so bound and determined to marry a Cassadine, why don't you go after my uncle here? You're very well-matched together.

Lydia: Oh, and what is that supposed to mean?

Nikolas: You're both obsessed with money and you'll do anything to get it. But, see, I want to give credit where credit is due here. That whole sensitivity act thing you did? That was a nice strategy. And it might've been convincing if I wasn't engaged to a woman who really does have a heart.

[Door closes]

Lydia: He knows.

Stefan: Obviously. And we have Lucky Spencer to thank.

Lydia: Don't get sidetracked, Stefan. This is more than a setback. The only way to fix it is to tell Nikolas the whole truth.

[Elizabeth gasps]

Elizabeth: How did you get in here?

Lorenzo: Front door was open.

Elizabeth: You're lying. What are you doing here and what do you want?

Lorenzo: I was hoping to speak to your husband.

Elizabeth: About what?

Carly: Nothing good, Elizabeth.

Lorenzo: Is Ric expected home soon?

Elizabeth: You didn't answer my question. Exactly what do you want with my husband?

Ric: Look, for the thousandth time, I don't know where Carly is. I didn't take her and I don't know who did.

Sonny: I believe you.

Ric: Come again?

Sonny: In spite of all the lies you've told me in the past, I believe you.

Ric: When did this sudden change occur?

Sonny: Well, you have a wife, a future. No man in his right mind would sacrifice all that to continue a fight he's not going to win.

Ric: Oh, your arrogance is astounding. You know, I could've beaten you if I wanted to. I almost did.

Sonny: Almost isn't good enough, but that's not the point. I have a family, too. That includes Jason. Ever since Carlyís disappearance, it's been hell on all of us. It finally caught up to him today. You happened to be there. In the spirit of cooperation, I'm asking you to drop the charges against Jason.

Ric: Right, so he can come after me again, harass my wife, and break into my house?

Sonny: I give you my word, if you do this for me, Jason will never come after you again.

Courtney: Jason, look, I know that you're afraid for Carly, but attacking Ric in public -- that is not going to bring her back.

Jason: He's lucky I didn't try to kill him.

Courtney: You're scaring me, Jason. Do you want to go to jail?

Ric: All right, look, you got a reprieve. At my brother's request, I'm dropping all the charges -- but I am filing a restraining order. If you come 20 yards within my wife, my house, my car, anything like that, you will be tried, convicted, and you'll be put in jail. Do you understand me, Jason? Is that clear? Hey. Is that clear?

Sonny: It's clear, Ric.

Ric: Commissioner? I'd like to get the order in place so I can get home to my wife. I'm going to hold off on the pending charges, for now.

Mac: Uncuff him. You know, next time work out your family squabbles on your own time and leave the department out of it.

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Courtney: Thank you, Sonny. Whatever you said worked. Let's get out of here.

Sonny: Can I -- can I get a minute with him?

Courtney: Yeah.

Jason: Won't be long.

Courtney: Ok. I'll be at the club. Just come find me when you're done.

Jason: I lost it. Won't happen again.

Sonny: Yeah, I know, because you're going to leave Ric alone.

Jason: Look, next time, he won't even see me coming.

Sonny: You're not listening -- you're not listening to me. This is an order -- you stay away from Ric.

Jason: So you're ordering me not to look for Carly?

Sonny: That's not what I said.

Jason: Then how am I supposed to find her if you put her kidnapper off-limits?

Sonny: We don't know for sure Ric took her.

Jason: Sonny, I know because Michael told us, and he's not going to lie to us. Ric took your wife and your unborn child. Why aren't you seeing this?

Sonny: Ok, I'm going to ignore that because obviously you're not thinking clearly. Otherwise, you wouldn't have jumped on Ric like you did.

Jason: I understand this guy's your brother and you don't want to take out your flesh and blood, but that's why I'm here, so let me do my job.

Sonny: You're not going to help me or Carly from a jail cell. You're just -- you know, you're going to go against a restraining order? Is that what you're going to do?

Jason: To hell with Ric.

Sonny: No, not "to hell with Ric"! You -- listen, Carlyís my wife. She's carrying my child. You look for her my way.

Agent Brown: Thank you. We got something. We got a solid lead.

Sonny: What is it?

Agent Brown: Forensics did a sweep of rental cars at the airport. They brought back strands of blond hair. DNA matches Carly's. Looks like somebody put her on a plane.

Sonny: A plane where?

Agent Brown: We don't know. Maybe we'll find out, maybe we won't. That depends on you. Are you ready to accept the deal I offered you?

Carly: There's a drug lord in your living room, Elizabeth. Come on, connect the dots.

Lorenzo: I mean your husband no harm. In fact, Iím rather fond of Ric. Reminds me of my late brother, Luis.

Carly: Come on, Elizabeth. Come through.

Elizabeth: Am I supposed to take that as a compliment?

Lorenzo: I realize Luis made some mistakes, but who hasn't? What most people don't realize about my brother is he had the soul of a poet. He led with his heart. I sense Ric is like that, too.

Elizabeth: When did you develop such insight into my husband?

[door opens]

Ric: Mr. Alcazar. Surprised to find you in my house.

Lorenzo: I apologize for the intrusion.

Ric: Then you wouldn't mind if I asked you to leave.

Lorenzo: I was hoping we might further discuss the, uh, prospectus.

Ric: I'll call you.

Lorenzo: I'd like to move on it.

Ric: Mm-hmm.

Lorenzo: The sooner the better.

Ric: Sure. Ahem.

Elizabeth: What prospectus?

Ric: Look, it's no big deal. It's just a real estate transaction.

Elizabeth: You're going to work for Alcazar, aren't you? Now, how is that any better than working for Sonny?

Lydia: There's nothing to do but give Nikolas the bottom line. We'll all be paupers if he doesn't marry me.

Stefan: Nikolas won't marry for money. He's too principled. He's too proud. Emily Quartermaine must be taken out of the equation.

Lydia: No, your methods are too extreme. I'll solve the problem myself.

Stefan: How?

Lydia: It's this radical new approach, and it's called seduction. And it's infinitely more civilized than anything you've got planned.

Emily: I hope you're proud of yourself! You earned your Cassadine stripes tonight, huh, blackmailing me into that cancer survivor group.

Nikolas: No, no, don't expect me to apologize, ok, because I'm not sorry, and I am just getting started. Blackmail, manipulation, threats -- whatever -- I'll do it all. You can scream at me, you can hate me, I don't care. I don't care because Iíll do whatever I have to do to keep you alive.

Emily: Oh, I'm too angry to die.

Nikolas: Good!

Emily: "Good"? I'm furious, and you think that's good?

Nikolas: Yes.

Emily: Well, for your information, Nikolas, you're right.

[Emily chuckles]

Emily: I am so angry at you. I actually feel alive, more than I have in weeks, maybe months, maybe since the day I was first diagnosed. Don't you get tired of being infallible?

Nikolas: You've moved from anger right into delirium.

Emily: And you have moved past niceness into sainthood, Nikolas, propping me up through chemo and letting me obsess about my hair without ever once -- without ever once saying that "hair is trivial" or "it's just hair" or "you're misplacing your anxiety," pretending to love me.

Nikolas: I'm not pretending.  All my life, I've been called cold and detached. Lucky calls it the prince thing, but you know, it's just my way of protecting myself.

Emily: From disappointment?

Nikolas: Yeah. I know from experience that people aren't necessarily dependable, so you don't invest too much because they just let you down anyway. I don't -- I don't ask for promises because -- because nobody ever keeps them. Except for you. You've kept every promise you ever made to me, Em. And you're the exact opposite of cold and detached. You -- you laugh and cry and love with your whole heart. You make me want to be just like you. I have a stake in what happens to you, Emily. I mean to have you around for a very long time.

Emily: I mean to be.

Nikolas: Really?

Emily: Mm-hmm. I was scared. I mean, I still am. But I'm not going to hide in my fear anymore. I am going to fight this disease right down to the ground.

Nikolas: That's what I wanted to hear.

Emily: And it's because of you, Nikolas. I mean, you dragged me kicking and screaming back into life, and I just -- I love you so much for that.

Nikolas: I love you, too.

Elizabeth: Lorenzo Alcazar is as dangerous as Sonny, probably more. What are you thinking?

Ric: Look, I'm selling Alcazar my apartment. It's completely legal and separate from his other interests.

Elizabeth: Alcazar's brother threw you in prison. Your feud with Jason and Sonny nearly got you killed. What are you thinking? I mean, are you addicted to danger? Basically, Jason in a suit? I would really like to know.

Ric: Ok, sweetheart, I think you're overreacting just a little bit. I don't blame you. We've been through hell and back since we've been together. But I like the view from here. Ok? I'm not going to do anything to change that.

Elizabeth: I just get really -- I get really nervous when people like Alcazar start coming around --

Ric: I know, I know. Look, anything that I do with Alcazar is going to be strictly legal. Because my life with you, the family that we're going to have together, that's too precious for me to risk. Ok?

Elizabeth: Do you mean it?

Ric: More than you know.

Elizabeth: Well, good. That's good. That's really good, because I've been seeing Dr. Meadows and monitoring my cycle, and tonight would be the perfect night for us to try and get pregnant.

Ric: Uh --

Elizabeth: Honey, is there something wrong?

Carly: Yeah, something's wrong, Elizabeth. He doesn't want your baby. He wants mine.

Courtney: Oh, God, I'm so glad you're here.

Jason: All right, listen, Carly liked Ric in the beginning, ok? She trusted him, she got to know him. That whole time, she barely mentioned him to me because she knew that I hated him.

Courtney: Jason, where are you going with this?

Jason: So Carly talks to you. She told you things about Ric, I know she did, so now is the time to remember them all.

Courtney: Don't you see what's happening? You're fixating on Ric.

Jason: What?

Courtney: Nobody believes that he took her, not even Sonny. Only you.

Jason: And Michael.

Courtney: Jason, I'm worried about you.

Jason: You know, just -- just forget it, ok? I'll get the answers some other way. Oh, you can just turn around and go back the other way because you're not welcome here.

Sonny: Well, actually, she's my guest. Come on.

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Lydia: If something isn't done now, the Cassadines will slide into bankruptcy.

Emily: Why are you telling me this?

Faith: Your brother wants me here.

Courtney: You're lying.

Jason: What's going on with you and Faith?

Carly: You want Sonny's baby more than you want your own.

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