GH Transcript Monday 6/23/03

General Hospital Transcript Monday 6/23/03

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Edward: Stop this at once.

Stefan: It's essential that Emilyís death appears to be an accident.

[Woman screams]

Emily: What happened?

Michael: Ric took her.

Sonny: I wasn't sure which one of you took my wife, but I didn't know you were working together.

Carly: Jason!

Elizabeth: Don't make me shoot you.

Lorenzo: You think your brother and I had something to do with your wife's disappearance?

Sonny: Is this the part where you tell me I'm wrong?

Lorenzo: Absolutely. It's a terrible thing that happened to your wife, and you have my sympathy. My agenda here is my own. I'm simply looking for a good lawyer, preferably someone with experience in our line of work. I was hoping to put Mr. Lansing on retainer.

Ric: I just informed Mr. Alcazar that I have no intention of doing any kind of business with him. My days of doing dirty work for your kind are over.

Sonny: Well, I can understand that. You're too busy doing your own dirty work -- kidnapping pregnant women, holding them against their will. You're smart, Ric. Ask yourself, did you actually think you can get away with taking my wife and child?

Courtney: Ok, Michael, I need you to think real hard before you answer, ok?

Michael: Ok.

Courtney: Now, you said you saw Ric take your mommy? We need to be sure. Are you positive it was Ric? The Mr. Lansing we saw in the park that day?

[Carly screams]

Michael: Ric took her.

Elizabeth: What are you doing in my house, Jason?

Jason: Ok, just put the gun down.

Elizabeth: No, no, no, no, I don't think so. Tell me.

Jason: Listen, you're not going to shoot me. All I'm trying to do is find Carly.

Elizabeth: God, how many ways do you have to hear it?

Jason: I know you don't want to accept this, but Ric has Carly. I'm sure of it. The only question is, where?

Edward: It's a good thing that Lila didn't witness this abomination.

Ned: Grandfather, it was a kiss.

Edward: Oh, what, you're now the kissing cousins? You're both disgusting.

Ned: As usual, you're completely overreacting, not to mention wrong.

Skye: Ned and I are in no way related. As your charming daughter, Tracy, told everyone, I am not Alanís daughter.

Ned: Which means we can do anything we well please.

Edward: Ned, you are supposed to be the smart one. How can you be so blind? How can you not see that the only thing this girl is pursuing is your daughter?

Luke: You're making a big mistake here, Baldwin. God, I wish I had a nickel for every time Iíve said that.

Scott: Well, you know what? You can figure it up when they put the straitjacket back on you. I actually did you a favor.

Luke: What, conceivably?

Scott: Well, I stopped you from committing a crime here because that's what you were doing here because you can't wait to heat up the Spencer-Cassadine war, can you?

Officer: We just found a body, base of the bluff.

Scott: Well, maybe I'm too late after all.

Emily: You're squeezing me.

Zander: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm just so glad to see that you're ok.

Emily: Why did you think I wasn't?

Alexis: A woman went over the cliff, Emily.

Zander: For one terrible second, I thought it was you.

Lydia: Well, clearly, it wasnít. Emily's ok. So who took the fall?

Lucky: Summer? Can you hear me? Summer? Summer? She's dead.

Nikolas: I'm so sorry.

Lucky: Why, Nikolas? Why?

Nikolas: She must have got too close to the edge. In all this fog, it's easy to get disoriented. I'm sorry, Lucky. There's no reason for this. It's just a -- a senseless accident.

Scott: I'll be the judge of that. Summer?

Lucky: She's dead.

Scott: Get forensics. What happened?

Nikolas: We don't know. A guard said a woman fell from the bluff. Lucky and I came down to see who it was. It was her.

Scott: I knew no good would come with her hanging around with you two. Back to the house because I want answers out of you.

Lucky: I'm going to find out exactly what happened tonight. If anybody is guilty of anything and this wasn't an accident, I'm going to make them pay.

Alexis: I need to make a request on the family's behalf.

Lydia: Sure, anything.

Alexis: See that man down there talking to Lucky and Nikolas? That's Scott Baldwin. He's the D.A. Be very careful what you say in front of him. He will use anything you say against you or whoever he happens to be mad at that day, especially if you're a Cassadine.

Lydia: I'll be careful.

Alexis: Good. I'm going to go see what I can do down there.

Lydia: Ok. You know what? Wait up. I'll come with you.

Zander: Ok, why were you on the bluff? You were supposed to meet me in the gardens.

Emily: I know. I wanted to head you off so you wouldn't make trouble at the engagement party. I know you're hurt and angry and --

Zander: Ok, ok, none of that is important right now. You know what? All that matters is that you're alive and safe. You look cold. Come here. Let's get you inside.

Man: Mission accomplished, Mr. Cassadine.

Stefan: Is that so?

Man: Emily Quartermaine is no longer a problem.

Stefan: You imbecile! You pushed the wrong woman off the cliff!

Man: But, Sir, I --

Stefan: I should kill you where you stand. Stupidity like yours shouldn't be allowed to exist, especially in my employ!

Man: I could try again --

Stefan: Only because I can't afford two corpses on my property in one night, I'm going to let you live. Now, you take the tunnels and leave me before I change my mind. Get out!

Lydia: Please, don't let me keep you. You must have been very angry. It's not like you to make threats with the door open.

Stefan: How much did you hear?

Lydia: For the record -- in case you care -- Darius pushed Summer. She's dead.

Stefan: Unless you want to follow her, you will never, never repeat those words again.

Lydia: Oh, yeah, leave it to Stefan. He'll clear the way to Nikolas. I didn't realize your plans included murder.

Stefan: Shut up! You're forgetting something. You're an accomplice.

Lydia: I didn't do anything.

Stefan: Oh? The D.A. may think otherwise once I tell him your compelling motive for wanting Emily out of the picture.

Lydia: No one would believe that I tried to kill her.

Stefan: What are you willing to risk to find out? Hmm? You have two choices. Either you keep your mouth shut about what you heard here tonight or you can say goodbye to Nikolas and all that money you covet and hello to a prison cell.

Ned: Grandfather, just go away.

Edward: Oh, God, Ned, you are such an idiot when it comes to women. Haven't you been hoodwinked enough to see the signs? She is using you. She has become emotionally attached to your little daughter, and she sees you as the instrument to make it permanent. Especially since she knows she can't have any children of her own.

Skye: You conniving old man. You got your grubby paws on my medical records? I can't believe you. You would sink to any level, wouldn't you?

Edward: Please, please. Why should you be so offended? You haven't been subtle about it. Why, even Dobson noticed it the minute he came in the room.

Skye: Dobson? What does Dobson have to do with anything?

Ned: All right. I've had more than enough.

Edward: Well, I certainly hope so. And now that you have faced the truth, I expect you to take some appropriate action.

Ned: I don't know what to say.

Skye: You know -- just forget it.

Ned: No, he had no right coming in here, hurling accusations like that.

Skye: No, Ned -- look, Edwardís right. I have been using you.

Ric: Do you have proof that I abducted your wife or had anything to do with her disappearance? No, you don't have to answer that. You don't because I didn't. I've been a very patient man. But I am sick of your constant harassment, your barging into my house with Jason, making unfounded accusations and threatening my life. It's done. Or I will get a restraining order and I'll see you in jail. That goes for you, too. I'm not going to let you people bring my life down. Kill each other if you want, but you leave me out of it.

Lorenzo: Another sinner reformed by the love of a saintly woman.

Sonny: Terrible thing what happened to your guy Javier -- stabbed in the back for something he did or something he knew about. If I ever find out you were responsible for my wife's disappearance, I will guarantee you you will pay.

Lorenzo: I guess that makes me duly warned.

Jason: Are you going to hold that gun on me all night? Just -- Elizabeth, just put the gun down so we can talk about this.

Elizabeth: There is nothing to talk about. I already told you -- Ric was with me the night Carly disappeared. He couldn't have taken her.

Jason: I understand that's your story, but you got --

Elizabeth: Carly's pregnant, ok? No matter what I think of her personally -- or Sonny, for that matter -- I would never knowingly keep an innocent baby in danger. Come on, Jason, you have to know at least that much about me.

Jason: I don't think you're lying to me, but I think Ric is lying to you. And you have this idea in your head that this guy is a good person, and that's your business if Carlyís life wasn't at stake right now.

[phone rings]

Jason: Yeah?

Courtney: Michael remembered who took Carly.

Jason: Who?

Courtney: Ric.

Jason: I'll be right there.

Elizabeth: Was that about Carly?

Jason: Just be careful.

Skye: It used to be so much easier when I could just lie about it. You know, I wouldn't even think about it. I'd just open my mouth and out would come a lie.

Ned: And now?

Skye: It always catches up to you in the end, so what's the point? So this is me being honest. I have been coming on to you in order to get closer to Kristina. Now, I don't know what it was. Maybe it was just something lying dormant in me all along. I don't know. Or maybe it was Kristinaís wonderful self. But all of a sudden, I found myself desperately wanting a baby that I could love.

Ned: I understand. You had a lousy childhood. So did I. Sometimes we do things like that to make up for something that we didn't have.

Skye: And then the doctors told me that I couldn't carry to term, so no baby for me -- ever. You know, sometimes there are just certain things that you can't ever really prepare yourself to hear. I don't know, I felt cheated.

Ned: And then there was this beautiful little baby.

Skye: Yeah. Also cheated, in a way, at least of a mother, anyway. I got myself into this cycle. I guess I got attached to Kristina. And then I saw you and that wonderful, loving way that you are, and I liked it.

Ned: I'm flattered.

Skye: Well, you're a great guy. You are, and I should know that. You've been supportive and protective of me. You encouraged my sobriety and gave me free access to that wonderful little girl of yours. And -- well, maybe it did start as a means to an end, but as it turned out, I really liked it.

Ned: You don't need to explain it. I did the same thing.

Skye: What?

Ned: I'm using you, too.

Sonny: Anything?

Jason: I went to Ric's. No sign of Carly. Alcazar's involvement is anybody's guess. Sonny --

Sonny: What?

Jason: Michael saw Ric.

Sonny: What do you mean, Michael?

Courtney: I was reading to him, and he remembered.

Sonny: What did he say exactly?

Courtney: Ric took her.

Sonny: Is he sure?

Courtney: I don't -- he seemed to be. I didn't want to push, though, Sonny. Michael's so upset. I thought that -- that you and Jason should question him.

Sonny: Is he upstairs?

Courtney: Yeah.

Jason: Sonny, what do you want to do?

Sonny: Well, I mean, for starters, kill Ric with my bare hands.

Ric: Elizabeth? Eliz--

Elizabeth: Ric?

Ric: Who's there?

Elizabeth: Ric? Hey.

Ric: Sweetheart, what happened?

Elizabeth: I -- I came home. The power was out, and so I figured it must be a power failure, right? And then all the other lights in the neighborhood were on, and then I heard him --

Ric: Who? Who?

Elizabeth: Jason. Jason. Jason was in our house looking around, and he kept saying how you were this horrible person --

Ric: Ok, shh --

Elizabeth: Who would kidnap Carly, even though she was pregnant --

Ric: Ok, let me have this. Let me have this. Jason's trying to turn you against me. What did you say to him?

Elizabeth: I said that you -- you would never do something like that, that you couldn't have because you were with me all night.

Ric: Ok, shh. Come on, you're shaking. Calm down. I'm sorry that this happened. I should have been here. Listen, we need to -- we need to call the power company. I don't have my cell phone. Do you have yours?

Elizabeth: It's in the bedroom.

Ric: Ok.

Elizabeth: I'll go get it.

Ric: Yeah. You go call them. I'll light some candles, and I'll put that away. Be careful, all right?

Lucky: She almost didn't come tonight. She didn't think you wanted her to be here, thought I shamed the invitation out of you. I -- you know what? I just should have let it go.

Nikolas: No, donít. Don't. You know how headstrong Summer was. She came because she wanted to support you.

Lucky: You know what? Then why did she leave the party and go to the bluffs alone?

Nikolas: I wish I had an answer, Lucky.

Emily: I still can't believe that I was with her.

Zander: On the bluff?

Emily: Probably right before she fell. I broke up an argument between Summer and Luke.

Nikolas: Can you tell us anything?

Scott: I won't know until the forensics people are done.

Lucky: Well, was it an accident, Scott? I mean --

Scott: Could be an accident. But on this island with this crowd, I doubt it.

Alexis: Do you have any real information this time, or is it you're just making random, unfounded accusations again?

Scott: I got multiple footprints on the bluff. One pair belonged to Summer, but they weren't close enough to where she could have stepped off or that the bluff gave way. I got one pair that walked away. So I would say that she was pushed.

Lucky: You know what? That's ridiculous.

Scott: Oh, yeah?

Lucky: No one would do that to Summer. She had -- they had no reason to.

Scott: Guess again. Capelli?

Lucky: It was you, wasn't it? You killed Summer, didn't you? Didn't you?

Elizabeth: I wonder what's taking that power company guy so long. Hasn't he been in the basement an awfully long time?

Ric: Well, whatever Jason did was probably very thorough. I mean, you did say that he had something to do with the power going out, right?

Elizabeth: Well, I'm assuming, unless there was somebody else in the house.

Ric: All of a sudden you don't sound so convinced.

Elizabeth: No, I -- I'm just -- I'm extremely confused. I don't understand why Jason is so insistent that you took Carly. I always thought he had such true instincts. I mean, they've saved my life more than once. So how could he be this wrong about you?

Ric: Look, we're talking about Jason, right? He's not too bright. Everything that Sonny says or thinks is pretty much his gospel. I ran into my big brother tonight.

Elizabeth: Sonny?

Ric: Yeah.

Elizabeth: Where?

Ric: Oh, he showed up at the meeting with Alcazar. He immediately accused the two of us conspiring to abduct Carly.

Elizabeth: Oh, no, I don't like the sound of this. I have a really bad feeling, Ric.

Ric: Look, all you need to know is we have nothing to worry about, ok? I didn't take Carly, but I did take the opportunity to tell my big brother that I want nothing more to do with him. It's over, Elizabeth. I just -- I need you to believe that.

Elizabeth: I want to.

Ric: I see. So Jasonís managed to rattle your faith in me?

Elizabeth: Oh. Ric, what's wrong?

Man: Well, I got your lights back on. But I got to tell you, there's something strange going on in this house.

Sonny: I want Ric Lansing arrested for kidnapping my wife.

Mac: How can you be sure that he did?

Sonny: Because that sadistic piece of garbage blames me for his wife's miscarriage. Now, this is his idea of revenge. I want -- he's got her somewhere, Mac. And I want you and your department to find my wife and bring her home.

Mac: I don't suppose you have anything in the way of evidence.

Sonny: Eyewitness. Is that enough proof for you?

Mac: Well, it depends on who it is, Sonny.

Sonny: Courtney? My -- my son saw everything.

Mac: Michael is your witness?

Sonny: That's right.

Mac: Is -- is this true, Michael?

Courtney: It's ok, sweetie. Just tell commissioner Scorpio what you told me.

Mac: Did -- did you see something happen the night your mom disappeared?

Michael: I lost the rings.

Mac: Ok, what happened next?

Michael: Mommy came down to find them. Then --

[Carly screams]

Michael: Then Ric took her.

Sonny: There. Satisfied, Mac?

Mac: Did Ric see you?

Michael: I don't know.

Mac: Are you sure your mom and Ric left together?

Sonny: Mac, they didn't leave together because Ric kidnapped her. How much more do you need?

Mac: More.

Michael: Did I say something wrong?

Courtney: No, honey, you're doing great.

Jason: Buddy, we just -- we just need to make sure what happened so we -- we know where to look for Carly.

Michael: I told you. Ric took her. He grabbed her at the church, just like you said.

Mac: Just like Jason said?

Ned: You're really great with Kristina. You're great for her. And I just always wanted my daughter to experience some semblance of a real family unit. She may never have that in her life. So --

Skye: Well, I have to say that's probably the best reason anyone's ever had for using me.

Ned: We're adults, aren't we? People use each other for all kinds of reasons, and they're not always necessarily bad. And besides, we've already found and lost the great loves of our lives.

Skye: So what are you saying? We're damaged goods?

Ned: Preowned hearts, a little the worse for wear. Two people who have come together because of a sweet, innocent little girl. A little girl who can benefit from the best of both of us.

Skye: Which leaves us where?

Ned: Well -- same as before -- enjoying each other's company, taking things as they come. And we both know not to expect moonlight and chocolate-covered strawberries. Who needs the inevitable disappointment?

Skye: Right.

Scott: Lucky, Lucky, back off. We'll handle this. Back off!

Luke: Summer's dead?

Lucky: Don't you even act surprised!

Stefan: Well, I see no reason for you to detain us any further, Mr. Baldwin. You obviously have your perpetrator.

Alexis: Don't you think you're jumping to conclusions awfully quickly?

Stefan: I don't think so. Emily witnessed something very interesting this evening. Tell the D.A. what you saw.

Scott: Well, Emily?

Emily: I saw Luke with Summer.

Scott: On the bluffs?

Emily: Yes.

Scott: What were they doing?

Luke: We were arguing, all right?

Scott: That's it?

Luke: There was a little struggle.

Scott: Why does that not surprise me? When was this?

Emily: Couldn't have been long before Summer fell.

Scott: Right before she fell. Here's the way I see it, Spencer. Beautiful blonde comes to town, looks like Laura. You went after her, but she didn't want the geezer. She wanted the young son. You got crazy, jealous, lost your temper, as usual. No more pretty blonde. Crime of passion. Then you throw in the fact that you're on the lam from the nut house, committed by your very own son here. You want to confess now, or shall we take you downtown?

Luke: All right! Let's get this over with! I'm guilty! Yeah, I'm guilty as hell! Baldwin's right, for once in his miserable life. I am guilty. I'm guilty of wanting your girl. Guilty of being jealous of my own son. I'm guilty of sending her back to you, which I regret. I'm guilty of hating you. Hating you for using Summer to distract me from taking care of my wife when I could have, while I still had time. What happened to Laura is a family tradition around here. There isn't a man in three generations of Cassadines who hasn't locked her up and tried to keep me away from her. And that's because her beauty and her grace was the best thing that ever happened to this stagnant gene pool. And you still use her. You continue to suck her life into your dead souls. Yeah, I'm guilty. I'm probably guilty of being insane. But I won't use that as a defense because Iím guilty of a lot of things. But I did not kill Summer!


Scott: Somebody get the lights! Where is he? Damn it! Capelli, get the divers, get the dogs, get the -- get everybody! I want him apprehended!

Skye: So let me get this straight. You want to keep going on just like before, no mutual recriminations, and all is forgiven?

Ned: Why mess up a perfectly good relationship with, you know, emotional complications?

Skye: No deception needed. No off-the-wall highs and lows. Won't we miss that?

Ned: What?

Skye: Butterflies when we see each other across the room. Sparks when we're alone.

Ned: Why fake it? Kristina was why we came together, not out of some grand passion.

Skye: Yeah. Why fake it?

Ned: Yeah.

Skye: Ok. Well, I am going to go check on Kristina. But it has been a very interesting evening.

Ned: Skye, wait. Um -- grandfather interrupted a much better ending to this evening.

Skye: Remind me. Ned, what are you doing?

Ned: Something shamelessly predictable.

Mac: Michael, did you hear Jason say something about Ric?

Michael: Jason said Ric took her.

Sonny: Ok. Listen to me, buddy. We're just a little confused right now. Ric taking Carly from the church -- is it something you heard or something you saw?

Michael: Both. Does this mean mommy and the baby can come back now?

Sonny: We're going to make that happen.

Courtney: You guys, I think that Michael is exhausted. Maybe he should go back to bed.

Michael: It's good that I remembered, right?

Sonny: Yeah. It's great. Come here. Give me a hug. All right, go ahead. Go upstairs.

Mac: You realize I can't use this?

Sonny: Michael saw Ric grab Carly, Mac.

Mac: He's parroting Jason. You know, I mean, any halfway decent lawyer will tear Michael and his story to shreds.

Sonny: Ok, I'll just do what I should have done in the first place. I'll take care of this myself.

Mac: No, Sonny, Iím warning you --

Sonny: You don't leave me a choice, Mac! You either do something about this or I will.

Mac: I'll look into the possibility that Ric took Carly. But if anything happens to Ric in the meantime, you're the one Iím coming after.

Sonny: All right.

Ric: What do you mean that something strange is going on in the house?

Man: All the lights went out because all the fuses blew at once.

Ric: Is that unusual?

Man: Well, it is when there's a back surge in a circuit that's completely untraceable.

Elizabeth: That doesn't make any sense.

Man: Oh, were you here when this happened?

Elizabeth: No.

Man: Well, whatever went wrong was equivalent to throwing a hair dryer in a bathtub.

Ric: Well, the important thing is that we're -- we're up and running again. So, thanks for coming out so quickly.

Man: Sure.

Ric: Have a good night.

Elizabeth: That was creepy.

Ric: Yeah, well, you know, we're talking about Jason here. You know what? I'm going to -- I'm going to check the whole house and make sure that Jason didn't leave anything for us.

Elizabeth: What do you mean?

Ric: Oh, I don't know, like a bomb or something. You never know. Just -- you know what? Why don't you -- why don't you go to your studio, and Iíll make a clean sweep of the house, and then Iíll come pick you up after I'm done.

Elizabeth: Uh-uh. No, I'm not leaving you.

Ric: No, no, no, no, no. Listen, I'll be fine as long as I know you're safe, ok? I love you more than you know.

Elizabeth: I love you, too. And, Ric?

Ric: Hmm?

Elizabeth: I do trust you. I promise.

Ric: Ok, come on.

Elizabeth: Hurry, ok?

Ric: I will.

Ric: Carly?

Jason: You got to be careful. How's Michael?

Courtney: Restless.

Sonny: Can you do me a favor? Can you stay with Michael for a little while? I need to go --

Courtney: Yeah. Sure.

Courtney: A half-hour ago, I thought this was about to be over, and now -- what is he going to do?

Jason: Don't worry, I won't let him do anything crazy.

Courtney: If I were Sonny, you wouldn't be able to stop me. Just be careful, ok?

Jason: Always.

Sonny: I don't have a lot of confidence in Mac being any more aggressive with Ric than Baldwin was. So here's what has to happen. I need to get my hands on something Ric thinks is valuable enough to trade for my wife.

Jason: Elizabeth?

Ric: Carly? Carly, can you hear me?

[Carly groans]

Ric: Carly? Carly, are you all right?

Carly: Oh. Oh.

Ric: Say something.

Carly: It hurts.

Ric: What? What? What is it? What hurts?

Carly: The baby.

Ric: What? No. No.

Carly: Oh! Please help the baby.

Ric: Carly, I can't take you to the hospital, and I can't bring a doctor here.

Carly: Ow!

Ric: All right, all right, all right. Shh. Calm down, calm down. I'll get you out of here. I'll get you some help.

Carly: Ah!

Ric: All right, all right, calm down. Take it easy. Take it easy, all right? Give me your arm. Give me your arm. I need you to lean on me. Come on. Easy. Easy, easy, easy. All right. One, two, three. Ok. All right. Take it easy. I'll get you out of here.

Stefan: No sign of Luke.

Alexis: Maybe that's for the best.

Stefan: Why do you say that?

Emily: Is -- is it ok to leave? I -- I just feel --

Nikolas: Em --

Zander: Whoa, what's wrong?

Emily: Nothing. I just -- I feel a little lightheaded.

Zander: Em, you're like ice. You look pale. We should call a doctor.

Nikolas: Zander, Emilyís not your concern anymore. What are you even doing here? Tonight was supposed to be about Emily.

Alexis: Maybe it is in more ways than one.

Nikolas: What does that mean?

Alexis: For argument's sake, let's suppose that Luke didn't do it.

Stefan: You never stop defending the man.

Alexis: I don't think he did it. I saw the look on his face when Lucky accused him of killing Summer. He was shocked, genuinely. He didn't do it. Did anyone see the color of Summer's coat? Look at Emilyís coat. It's almost exactly the same color. Those coats would look identical at night in fog. So maybe someone wasn't trying to kill Summer, maybe they were trying to kill Emily.

Scott: What is the body still doing here?

Officer: You said no one can leave the island.

Scott: Get the paramedics and get her back to the mainland. Lucky, Iím sorry. She was a nice girl. She didn't deserve this. I'll find out who did it, and I'll put him away.

Lucky: Thanks. And, you know, this just isn't fair. You were just starting to understand who you were, about yourself. And I was waiting, Summer. I was just waiting there for you.

Luke: It's a kind of miracle, isn't it?

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Lucky: I don't know what to believe.

Stefan: Luke wasn't the only intruder on the island tonight.

Jason: We don't go after families.

Sonny: Ric changed the rules. I'm not going to act like he didnít.

Ric: If you let this doctor take care of you, I'll set you free.

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