GH Transcript Thursday 6/19/03

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 6/19/03

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Stefan: I forbid you to marry Emily Quartermaine.

Skye: Who are you to make pronouncements?

Alexis: [British accent] I'll tell you who I am!

Ric: I don't have Carly, and I hope Sonny does find her.

Carly: Come on, come on. Almost there.

Scott: Carly will show up. Maybe she'll swim in again. Or maybe she'll --

Sonny: Maybe what? Maybe what?

Nikolas: Emily and I have every intention of getting married.

Stefan: I'm urging you to reconsider.

Emily: Like you urged me to stay away from Nikolas?

Nikolas: Here are your choices. You either congratulate us or leave Port Charles immediately.

Stefan: You're willing to break your ties with the family for Emily Quartermaine?

Nikolas: I am the family. If you choose to break your ties with me, Iíll miss you, but I won't try to keep you.

Stefan: Well, then you've made your choice.

Nikolas: And I choose Emily.

Stefan: Welcome to the Cassadine family. I apologize for any confusion I may have created.

Emily: Apology accepted.

Nikolas: Thank you.

Stefan: Will you allow me to host an engagement party?

Zander: Wait. This -- Gia, this isn't going to make us feel any better.

Gia: Are you out of your mind?

Zander: Ok, all right. Yeah, it will, but what about our friendship?

Gia: Oh. You're pulling the friendship thing. Ok.

Zander: Look, Gia, this happened with a friend and --

Gia: No, I can't believe you're pulling the friendship thing.

Zander: Gia, I lost her completely.

Gia: Ok, so let me get this straight. You're turning me down. The one chance we have to feel better, to have a little fun, and to get our mind off of everything else, and you're saying no to me?

Zander: I can't be with you, Gia, if I'm still in love with Emily.

Elizabeth: You know, there is no way Ric kidnapped Carly Corinthos.

Faith: Does he disappear on errands that don't make sense?

Elizabeth: He has no reason to hurt Carly.

Faith: He still wants everything his brother has, which makes Sonny's pregnant wife irresistible. She's a two-for-one.

Elizabeth: You're sick, you know that? Sick.

Faith: Not as sick as your husband. Do you know what's tragic? Ric would have been just fine if you hadn't lost that baby. Oh, God. Temper, temper, Missy.

Lucky: Hey, hey, hey! Get away from her.

Faith: My goodness. You married Ric when you've got this one around? You're such a fool.

Elizabeth: Thank you.

Lucky: What have you gotten yourself into this time?

Courtney: You saw a man? Did he take your mom? Ok, sweetheart, I know this is really difficult for you, but the more that you can tell us -- ok, what did he look like? Do you think maybe you've seen him before somewhere?

Jason: Courtney, that's enough for now. Sometimes the words aren't there, no matter what you want to say. I know how that feels, buddy. It's all right. The words will come out when they're ready.

Ric: Ow! Oh! Oh! Carly!

Carly: Come on.

Ric: Carly!

[phone rings]

Sonny: Yeah?

Carly: Sonny, it's me!

Ric: No, no!

[Carly screams]

Sonny: Carly?

Carly: Help me!

[Carly screams]

Ric: Come on, get in. Stop it, stop it.

Alexis: Liar. Weasel. Baby snatcher. Lila. Liar. Weasel. Kristina. "Kristina, care of Skye Quartermaine"? "Playtime for parents"? I don't think so.

Skye: Excuse me. What do you think you're doing? Give me that. Give me that. Oh. Oh, if you want to open people's mail, then you take the next flight out to London. You hear me? In the United States, it's a federal offense.

Alexis: [British accent] Simply carrying out my duties, Ma'am.

Skye: I hope you know a good lawyer.

Nikolas: I appreciate the thought, but Emily and I are going to wait to have an engagement party.

Stefan: Well, I can understand your wanting to hide the engagement.

Emily: Nobody's hiding anything.

Stefan: Then why are you opposed to a party?

Emily: My family will -- will throw us a huge one at the end of the summer.

Nikolas: Uh -- it could get a little awkward with the Quartermaines, so, you know, maybe --

Stefan: Let's keep it within the Cassadines. Just ourselves and Alexis.

Nikolas: And Lucky.

Stefan: Are you sure that's appropriate?

Emily: Yeah. Lucky's one of my closest friends.

Nikolas: I'll agree to have the party as long as Lucky's invited.

Stefan: I understand. How's tomorrow night?

Emily: What's the rush?

Nikolas: Well, you know, there's something to be said for getting things over with. Tomorrow?

Emily: Yeah.

Nikolas: Sure it's ok?

Stefan: Excellent.

Nikolas: Tomorrow.

Stefan: I'll make all the arrangements.

Elizabeth: I'm sure Carly just ran away.

Lucky: But if Ric hates Sonny as much as you said --

Elizabeth: He let go of all that, ok?

Lucky: Didn't Ric plan his revenge for years?

Elizabeth: Yes. Yes, but then he fell in love with me. Look, I know -- I know it sounds silly, but it's true.

Lucky: Love can only go so far. You know that better than anybody. Revenge is revenge. It just doesn't disappear. People -- people can do things they never would imagine.

Elizabeth: I believe in my husband. It's the only way to move forward.

Lucky: I hope it works out.

Elizabeth: Thanks.

Summer: Is Elizabeth ok?

Lucky: Yeah, she's just trying to start her own life. That's all.

Summer: Lucky? Lucky, I don't want to lose you.

Lorenzo: Dr. Ryan? Lorenzo Alcazar. I'm an associate of Sonny Corinthos.

Rachel: I'm a little short on time.

Lorenzo: I understand the family's going through a terrible trauma, but I may be able to help.

Rachel: I can't give you any medical information.

Lorenzo: I understand. But I have connections who may be able to -- who may be able to find Michaelís mother, if I just had some details about what happened.

Rachel: What kind of details?

Lorenzo: When exactly did Carly Corinthos disappear? And how much does Michael remember?

Jason: Wait a minute. Are you sure it was Carly and not a recording?

Sonny: Somebody grabbed her. She screamed. There was a struggle. Somebody hung up.

Jason: What about a trace?

Sonny: One of our guys in the cop shop is trying, but it doesn't look good. So what I'm going to -- ok, I'm going to try to do something else, you know, since Baldwin won't help us. But I need to speak to Michael. How's he doing?

Jason: He remembered a man.

Sonny: What do you mean, he remembered a man? No description? Did he give you a name?

Jason: No, not so far. No, I don't want to push him. He'll shut down. But it's progress.

Sonny: Ok, we need to let him do it on his own.

Jason: It might help him to get him out of here, too, because he's not taking medication, he doesn't need to be in a hospital. He needs to be home.

Sonny: I'll speak to the doctor.

Courtney: Your mom's going to be ok. Ok? Hey, you two.

Sonny: Hey. How you doing?

Courtney: Better, I think.

Sonny: Mommy just called. She couldn't talk very long or tell me where she is. But you know what? I heard her voice. She's going to be fine, ok? I'm going to bring mommy home.

Skye: I catch you opening my mail again, I will press charges.

Ned: Oh. Glad to see you two still getting along.

Skye: He's opening my mail now.

Ned: Look, Dobson, we all know you're a spy and a suck-up who can't hold his liquor, and any other employee would have been fired for passing out at The Grill. But grandfather likes you. However, grandmother is the real boss around here, and she happens to adore Reginald. And he is on the mend, which means your days are numbered. Until then, you will treat Skye with respect and you'll just stay out of my way, ok?

Alexis: [British accent] Your mail, Sir.

Skye: As servant reprimands go, that rates a 10.

Ned: 8.3 max.

Skye: Why?

Ned: He got the last word. That's never good. So, what did he open?

Skye: Oh -- well, I'm afraid Dobson discovered my sinister plot.

Ned: "Playtime for Parents."

Skye: Yes, it's a very exclusive program for children and their parents, but both parents have to commit.

Ned: Do you really think Kristina has time for this with swimming lessons?

Skye: Oh, absolutely.

Ned: Sounds kind of interesting.

Skye: Yeah, I thought it would be really fun for us to participate as a family. What do you think?

Summer: I went to Ferncliff.

Lucky: You saw him?

Summer: Luke attacked me.

Lucky: Oh, my -- are you ok?

Summer: Yeah. I mean, it actually gave me some clarity, you know? I'm with you now, Lucky. It's awkward and it's messy, but I don't want to lose you because of your father. You're the best thing that's ever happened to me. And I know you probably don't believe a word that comes out of my mouth, but I can't --

Lucky: No, I do believe you. That's the thing. It just doesn't make sense, but you do make me happy.

Nikolas: Hey. Sorry to interrupt. But, actually, Iím glad we ran into you.

Lucky: Hey, you feeling ok? You look kind of pale.

Emily: No, I'm -- Iím nervous, that's all. We've -- we've got some pretty big news.

Lucky: Well, you could tell us, or we could just stand around here all night.

Nikolas: Emily and I are engaged.

Sonny: Hi.

Reporter: Hi.

Sonny: Thanks for getting here so quickly.

Reporter: You said it was urgent.

Sonny: Yeah. Um -- my wife was abducted from Queen of Angels, and the police don't want to help. And I'm willing to offer a reward. Does that sound like a story?

Reporter: You've turned down all requests for interviews until now.

Sonny: That's right.

Reporter: You must really love your wife.

Sonny: Yeah.

Rachel: The hospital can release Michael at any time.

Courtney: That's wonderful.

Rachel: Michael is still traumatized. In my opinion, he should still be in the hospital.

Jason: We're going to take him home.

Rachel: That's a family decision. But just to be clear, taking Michael home goes against my recommendation.

Jason: I understand. Thank you.

Courtney: Hey, are you sure you want to do this?

Jason: Yeah, I'm sure.

Courtney: Ok, but the doctor thinks it's a bad idea --

Jason: You know, the first place I remember is this hospital. And I woke up here after the accident in one of those beds, some lights in my eyes. I kept smelling that chemical smell. They treated me like a problem they couldn't solve.

Courtney: That must have been terrible.

Jason: And that's the way they're treating Michael. Look, I had nowhere that I could go that I remembered, but I wanted out more than anything. And Michael has a good place to go, so we're going to take him home.

Courtney: We all love Michael and we all feel terrible for him, but you are the only one who knows what he's really going through. So trust your instincts. I do.

Jason: Thanks.

Jason: We're taking you out of this place.

Courtney: Yeah. You get to go home.

Michael: Will mommy be there?

Carly: Everything's going to be ok. I will get us out of here. You may get jostled around a little bit. It'll be loud and uncomfortable, but not for long. I will do whatever it takes. You just need to hang on and stay with me, ok? And I promise you I'll get us home.


Ric: You should be resting after your latest tantrum. You know that stress is bad for the baby.

Carly: You should have thought about that before you kidnapped me.

Ric: I've done everything I can to make you as comfortable as possible.

Carly: I'm speechless with gratitude.

Ric: Trying to run and trying to get free from here is only going to be bad for the baby. I think you should consider its welfare instead of your own.

Carly: Because you really care about my baby, don't you?

Ric: I love that child. Elizabeth and I are going to give it a wonderful home. That's one less thing for you to worry about. Eat your lunch.

Carly: No, not a chance.

Ric: Ok. Well, then Iíll just leave it here for you to finish later.

Carly: Fine. I will polish off every single bite -- when hell freezes over. There's no way Iím going to eat that food.

Ric: You are tenacious, I'll give you that.

Carly: Yeah, and you're a psychotic, mentally unbalanced freak.

Ric: What are you trying to do here? Are you trying to wear me down? Undermine my confidence?

Carly: Oh, no. Because Elizabeth will take care of that. It's her speciality. Yeah, she'll say that she believes in you when she doesn't, that you're wonderful when you really arenít. Yeah, that way you'll never quite know where you stand.

Ric: Leave Elizabeth out of this.

Carly: She's already doing it, isn't she? For all we know, she could be at the police station right now because when the going gets tough, Elizabeth will turn on you. You just wait and see.

Ric: Shut up, just --

Carly: Don't like hearing the truth? Do you have a problem with it?

Ric: You're going to eat this food.

Carly: No. Not a chance. Not one bite.

Ric: Damn it.

Carly: Your wifey's home.

Ric: I don't need this. Eat that.

Carly: Uh-uh. Elizabeth! Elizabeth!

Ric: Hi.

Elizabeth: Did you hear that?

Ric: Hear what?

Elizabeth: I thought I just heard someone screaming.

[pounding on door]

Scott: Congratulations.

Sonny: Come in.

Scott: You interrupted every show on every local station. For what? To undercut the police department? Because you lost your wife again.

Sonny: You had every opportunity to help. You didn't.

Scott: We don't even know if Carly is really missing.

Sonny: I made a public appeal. The media picked up on it. Is that against the law?

Scott: I told you one day you would be in over your head with one of your enemies and you would need my help. Well, that day is here.

Skye: Oh, it is such a perfect evening for a walk in the garden.

Ned: Hear that, Sweetheart? We're going to take a little walk through Lilaís roses.

Skye: Oh, do you want to stop by the guesthouse so we can check out how those built-ins are coming along?

Ned: Actually, that's a good idea. So, do we have everything here?

Skye: Yeah. Oh -- maybe we should grab that application for that Playtime for Parents. I really think it should probably be in the mail. That is, if you want to participate.

Ned: Yeah, I think it would be great to do this play thing --

Skye: But?

Ned: But I just don't think it would be fair to Alexis.

Skye: Well, we wouldn't throw it in Alexis' face.

Ned: I just -- you know, I want to give Kristina every opportunity to interact with her mother.

Skye: That is if Alexis can manage to be in the right place at the right time.

Ned: We'll just see what Alexis wants to do and just go from there.

Skye: Well, that sounds reasonable.

[phone rings]

Ned: It's not me.

Skye: Well, it's not me, either.


Skye: Dobson, you're ringing.

Alexis: [British accent] My apologies.

Ned: It's ok to answer the phone.

Alexis: Yes, Sir, but I'm on duty.


Ned: Will you just answer the phone?

Alexis: Yes, of course. Thank you, Sir.  Hello?

Stefan: Alexis?

Alexis: Yes.

Stefan: What's wrong with your voice?

Alexis: [Normal voice] I'm fine.

Stefan: I need to see you at Wyndemere.

Alexis: I canít. I'm working right now.

Stefan: Be here immediately. It's a family crisis.

Alexis: I --

[Stefan hangs up]

Skye: Where's Kristinaís sweater?

Alexis: [British accent] You took the girl out without her sweater? Poor thing.

Skye: Better question -- where are you going in such a hurry?

Lucky: It's kind of weird when you think about it. Elizabeth and I always thought we'd be together forever, and it turns out it's you two all along.

Summer: Yeah, crazy things happen.

Nikolas: The four musketeers was a long time ago.

Lucky: Yeah, it's a whole other life.

Emily: Can you stand an engagement party at Wyndemere?

Lucky: When?

Nikolas: Tomorrow.

Emily: Stefan's putting it together.

Lucky: That guy's a party animal.

Emily: But you'll be there, right?

Lucky: Sure. So will Summer.

Summer: Oh, I don't know about that. That might be a problem. I don't --

Lucky: And she will be treated with respect.

Emily: That's fine with me.

Nikolas: I'd be honored if you'd join us, Summer.

Summer: Thank you, Nikolas.

Emily: Great. We'll see you tomorrow, then.

Lucky: Ok.

Emily: Ok.

Gia: Don't everyone speak all at once.

Nikolas: Oh, we were just --

Emily: Did Zander tell you that --

Nikolas: Did Zander tell you that -- that Iím getting married?

Gia: Yeah.

Nikolas: Look, it happened really fast, Gia. I should have told you first. I apologize.

Gia: No, I wish you all the best, you know? I guess it was Emily you were waiting for all this time.

Emily: Stefan's giving us a party tomorrow night.

Zander: Um -- congratulations.

Nikolas: Thank you.

Zander: Well, Em, I guess everything turned out the way it was supposed to. Let's go.

Stefan: Where have you been?

Alexis: I have a very busy life. I can't just run every time you call me. What's the crisis?

Stefan: Nikolas is engaged to Emily Quartermaine.

Alexis: Oh. What's the crisis?

Stefan: I was opposed to the engagement. I fought with Nikolas. I'm afraid Iíve alienated him.

Alexis: You're always alienating him. If he hasn't severed ties by now, I promise you he never will.

Stefan: Well, I want to find a way to make peace with him. Will you help me redeem myself?

Alexis: You're going to have to be more specific.

Stefan: I'm hosting an engagement party here tomorrow night.

Alexis: Oh, is that really necessary?

Stefan: Well, I'm trying to find a way to feel good about this, Alexis.

Alexis: That isn't your strong suit.

Stefan: But I've always wanted what was best for Nikolas.

Alexis: He's not going to do any better than Emily Quartermaine.

Stefan: But don't you think it's a bit sudden?

Alexis: I suppose. Is that a problem?

Stefan: Well, in a way. I -- Iím afraid I have alienated Emily, as well. I just want you to help me with the party, try to find a way to smooth things over.

Alexis: Here's how you smooth things over. You let Nikolas run his own life. You support his decision to marry Emily. Unless there's something else.

Emily: I don't think deep breathing helps.

Nikolas: Keep trying, keep trying.

Emily: Oh, my God, it's so much worse than before.

Nikolas: Will water help?

Emily: No, I think I would just barf it up all over you.

Nikolas: Ok, on second thought, no water.

Emily: Oh, it's like being seasick in a terrible storm and you can't stop the ocean.

Nikolas: Think still water. Everything's quiet and calm. There you go.

Emily: The surgery wasn't much fun and Iím not looking forward to losing my hair, but the worst part of breast cancer is wanting to throw up every five minutes.

Nikolas: You want a servant to follow you around?

Emily: Don't make me laugh.

Nikolas: Helena left some nice silver bowls laying around. We might as well put them to good use.

Emily: Oh. Ah. Ok. I think it's over.

Nikolas: You sure?

Emily: Yeah. Think we have enough time to get home?

Nikolas: Yeah, but I can't have you barfing in the jag.

Emily: All right, well, then we better step on it.

Nikolas: I'm putting the top down just in case because --

Emily: You know, after everything we've been through, you still don't trust me not to hurl on your leather upholstery.

Nikolas: Oh, I'm just teasing.

Emily: Sure, that's what you say now. Thank you for helping me with everything.

Nikolas: No problem.

(Gia listens out of sight)

Emily: I'm so glad I don't have to drag Zander through breast cancer.

Sonny: If you have any word on Carly, let me know. Otherwise, stay out of my way.

Scott: Bet you're a little scared now. Finally know what it's like to be a little desperate.

Sonny: That makes you feel good, doesn't it? That's the kind of garbage you are.

Scott: You know, I do feel good when I watch you squirm and suffer a little bit. But not really at Carly's expense. Of course, now that I think about it, this is not the first pregnant wife --

Sonny: Get out of here.

Scott: Hey, you know what?

Sonny: Don't hit me.

Scott: Payback is hell, and you got a lot more coming your way, Corinthos.

[key turns in lock]

Sonny: How long has he been sleeping?

Jason: Just in the car.

Sonny: I got some books I put together for you.

Courtney: Hey, here's one about magic. Look, Michael.

Jason: Hey, buddy, we're going to open some windows so you can get some fresh air, all right?

Sonny: Johnny's going to bring some tortellini from the No-Name. Michael, mom's not here. But we're out looking for her, ok? I got -- we're going to find her, ok? All right?

Carly: Oh, I know, sweetie. Mommy is hungry, too. But this is the only way I can think to get us out of here, so you just hold on. Because I'm going to get us home.


Elizabeth: I don't know what's wrong with me. Just pay no attention.

Ric: Oh, I have to pay attention to you. I love you.

Elizabeth: I'm just hearing things, that's all.

Ric: You seem tense.

Elizabeth: I ran into Faith Rosco.

Ric: If she hurt in you any way --

Elizabeth: She didn't, she didn't. But the woman is completely out of her mind. She told me you kidnapped Carly.

Ric: Come on, you know that she'll do anything to hurt you, undermine your trust in me.

Elizabeth: I know. No, I was about to slap her upside the head when Lucky showed up and ran her off.

Ric: Oh. How is Lucky?

Elizabeth: You know how he is. He's skeptical about everything. He said people do things you'd never imagine.

Ric: You think I had anything to do with this?

Elizabeth: I refuse to believe my husband is a kidnapper. And if I heard screaming, I'm sure it was the kids playing in the woods.

Ric: I have done some terrible things in the past. It is only human to have your doubts.

Elizabeth: So you're not disappointed in me?

Ric: No, not for a second. But in the future, I would hope that if you have any questions or concerns that you'll come to me with them first.

Elizabeth: I will. I promise.

Ric: So, everything's ok now?

Elizabeth: You always make me feel better.

Ric: Good.

Lorenzo: You sure it was Queen of Angels, June 13, between 7:00 and 7:15?

Javier: Corinthos is all over the TV. He's offering three million for her safe return.

Lorenzo: I wonder if he'd pay it out to his brother.

Javier: You think Ric Lansing has Mrs. Corinthos?

Lorenzo: We were in Lansingís house just after 7:00 that day. His wife was so drugged up, we thought she'd overdosed. That gave Lansing time to build his alibi. Yeah, Ric took Carly. He's holding her. So now the only question is, which brother do I want in my debt, Ric or Sonny?

Zander: Look, you know, about before, I'm sorry.

Gia: Emily and Nikolas officially make sense now. I was on my way out to Wyndemere to go blast him and --

Zander: Ok, whoa, whoa. What do you mean, they make sense?

Gia: Emily and Nikolas were still on the docks, so I listened. Yeah, that's right. I shamelessly eavesdropped, but I'm glad I did because it explained everything.

Zander: Ok, so what did you find out? Is Nikolas blackmailing her?

Gia: No, it's nothing like that. It's --

Zander: What?

Gia: What I overheard was about me. You know when Nikolas and I kept postponing the wedding? It wasn't about business, at least not for Nikolas. I was just trying to be nice when I was congratulating them, but it's the truth. Nikolas has been waiting for Emily to grow up. He's been in love with her all along.

Zander: I'm sorry. I'm sorry you had to hear that. I know how hard that is.

Emily: Oh, I didn't realize how far it is from the car to the door.

Nikolas: You want me to carry you up?

Emily: No, I think the family would probably get suspicious.

Nikolas: Why? You're the bride-to-be and Iím the dashing prince. They'd buy it.

Emily: Oh. Thank God I'm not in love with you.

Nikolas: Yeah, that's exactly what I was thinking.

Emily: I'd have to lie and push you away.

Nikolas: Yeah, we can't have that.

Emily: Oh, my God. How did everything get so out of control? I mean, I only wanted to protect Zander, and now we're getting married.

Nikolas: There's a lot to be said for long engagements.

Emily: Yeah, we're already having a party to announce it.

Nikolas: Oh, my uncle was just calling our bluff, that's all. We'll get through it. And, you know, after the party, you can change your mind at the last minute and break off the engagement, stand me up at the altar, run back to Zander, that sort of thing.

Emily: Yeah, the plan's -- the plan's already working. Zander's starting to let go. He shook hands with you and everything.

Nikolas: He was lying.

Emily: No, did you see the way he put his arm around Gia?

Nikolas: Mm-hmm.

Emily: I'm sorry. I know this can't be easy for you.

Nikolas: No. Gia and I -- we were over long before any of this.

Emily: But still, you're the kindest person I know. And my plan really is starting to work, which is exactly what I want.

Nikolas: What's wrong? Why do you look like you're about to cry?

Emily: Because I still love Zander, and I always will.

Stefan: I'm hosting a dinner tomorrow to celebrate my nephew's engagement. Everything will be lovely and tragic. Poor Emily will meet with a fatal accident.

Darius: At the party?

Stefan: You will follow my orders to the letter.

Courtney: Good night, you two.

Jason: We'll be right across the hall.

Courtney: I'll see you in the morning, ok? I love you so much.

Michael: I love you, too.

Sonny: Thanks for bringing him home.

Courtney: You called that right.

Jason: Yeah, I hope so.

Courtney: Yeah, well, Michael -- he seems more relaxed already.

[phone rings]

Jason: Hello.

Javier: I want the reward in cash immediately.

Jason: Who is this? Hello? Do you have Carly? Hello?

[Lorenzo stabs Javier and hangs up]

Lorenzo: You are not going to betray me by telling Corinthos that Ric Lansing has his wife. I might tell him eventually -- or not.

Sonny: All right, Michael, I know you're tired. We're going to get you upstairs, get you ready for bed. I'm going to stay with you, ok, till you fall asleep. You're safe here. No one can get to you, no one can hurt you.

Michael: But Mommy's still gone.

Ric: You haven't touched your food.

Carly: So?

Ric: You need to eat.

Carly: No, I don't.

Ric: Ok, we'll see about that.

Carly: You want to force me, Ric? Go ahead and try and see what happens.

Elizabeth: Ric? Honey, are you home?

[Elizabeth turns on TV]

Reporter: Alleged crime lord Michael "Sonny" Corinthos Jr. is offering a $3 million reward for the safe return of his wife, Carly, who disappeared from the Queen of Angels church yesterday. Stay tuned for our exclusive interview.

[Elizabeth turns off TV]

Elizabeth: Ric, are you home?

Ric: You're not going to starve this baby. Come on. Take it. Here you go.

Carly: No! You are a madman, and I will never, ever give you Sonny's and my child. I will starve myself and my baby first.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Emily: I'm going to go.

Stefan: It's essential that Emilyís death appears to be an accident.

Lorenzo: Is your husband home? I have a matter of mutual interest to discuss with him.

Ric: You don't know anything about me and Elizabeth, so Iíd appreciate it if you wouldn't speak her name.

Scott: We're talking about murder.

Sonny: Baldwin may lead us straight to Carly. 

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