GH Transcript Monday 6/16/03

General Hospital Transcript Monday 6/16/03

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Luke: Let me out of here.

Lydia: Can you change a tire?

Lorenzo: I think she's OD'd.

Carly: Beautiful.

[Courtney giggles]

Sonny: I should probably go check on Carly.

Carly: Rings. Michael -- Michael!

Mike: Sonny, Jason, get back here.

Courtney: Michael, it's going to be ok.

Michael: Mommy's gone.

Ric: Welcome home.

Carly: No!

Operator: Police units are on their way.

Lucky: So you do this often?

Lydia: Pay for favors? Not usually. But in your case, I'll make an exception.

Lucky: Ah. So Iíd be your first?

Lydia: Hmm. Would that excite you?

Lucky: $40?

Lydia: How about 60?

Lucky: Why don't I just go change your tire and then steal your car? How do you know I'm not a serial killer?

Lydia: I have a gift for reading men.

Lucky: So what do you read about me?

Lydia: Well, you're not a car thief or a serial killer. You're good with your hands and all things physical. Shall I go on?

Lucky: Well, don't stop now. I mean, you're just getting hot.

Summer: It won't help Lucky if I let you go. He's not going to stop worrying just because you've disappeared.

Luke: No, no, Summer. Come on. You know me. I'm not crazy. I'm not. I'm just a guy who loves his wife. And I need to get to her, and you're the only one who can help me now. Come on, please. We're friends, aren't we? After all the crap we've been through, we're friends. And I never needed a friend so much as I need one now. I'll tell you exactly what I plan to do. I'm just going to disappear. I'm just going to get out of everybody's face. Lucky will worry for a while, but he'll get over it. And then he can go on living his life and stop policing mine. Come on, baby. You know Iíd do this for you. Please.

Summer: Do not make me regret this.

Luke: Oh, thank you. Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. Oh, thank you. Thank you.

Summer: Good luck.

Luke: There's one more thing.

Stefan: Why aren't you following Nikolas and the Quartermaine girl?

Man: They're at her brother Jasonís wedding.

Stefan: She's including him in family occasions now.

Man: Emily and your nephew are showing more affection in public.

Stefan: What about Zander Smith? Is he still interested in her?

Man: Every time they see each other, they have a fight.

Stefan: She and Nikolas don't fight?

Man: Never. That romance is thriving.

Stefan: Not for long.

Courtney: Can you tell me what happened, sweetheart?

Michael: Mommy's gone.

Sonny: Michael -- where'd mommy go?

Michael: Mommy's gone.

Sonny: We're going to find her. It's going to be ok. Ok?

Jason: Mike, what happened?

Mike: I don't know. We were waiting to start up the aisle, and little Michael wasn't here, so Carly went to go look for him. And a few minutes later, he came back alone.

Jason: Which direction did -- did she go look for him?

Mike: I'm not sure. Maybe the bride's room. I don't --

Sonny: Ok, Michael, we're going to find mom, but you got to help out a little bit, ok? Did you see somebody take mommy away?

Carly: No!

[Carly screams]

Carly: No!

Ric: Carly? Carly, stop fighting. Shut up! Shut up! Now, stop fighting. All right? It's not good for this child. I don't want to hurt the baby.

[Carly screams]

[doorbell rings]

Carly: No! No!


Operator: This is the emergency operator. If you can hear me, help is on the way.

[knock on door]

[muffled screams]

Ric: Ah! God!

[muffled screams]

Andy: Port Charles police! Open up!

Ric: Shh, calm down. Calm down.

Luke: You know how much I love my wife.

Summer: Mm-hmm, which is why I let you out of the restraints. But listen, Iíve done my bit for love. That's as far as it goes.

Luke: Do you have even the slightest doubt that Iíll find her?

Summer: That's up to you because I am not going to drive a getaway car. I'm not going to hold up a convenience store with you. I'm not going to assassinate a Cassadine or whatever else it is that you might have in mind right now. Uh-uh.

Luke: Don't worry about it. I can handle it all myself. I'm just going to go to my wife and mow down anything and anybody that gets in my way.

Summer: What happened to "Iím going to get out of everybody's face"?

Luke: Well -- I'll do that as soon as I find out where Lucky and Nikolas stashed her.

Summer: Well, I've got no idea where she is, and I am not going to break into Wyndemere to find out, if that's what you have in mind.

Luke: No, but you could work Lucky and find out where she is.

Summer: No.

Luke: Look at it as a -- as a way to keep me from doing a lot of collateral damage.

Summer: Oh, forget about it. I'm not going to betray Lucky like that.

Luke: Look, if I go directly to Laura, it will be so much cleaner. There'll be so much less bloodshed.

Summer: Luke, I'm not working Lucky.

Lydia: Subtlety's not your strong point. I can tell by your attempt at carpentry.

Lucky: Yeah, subtlety's overrated.

Lydia: You're powerful. No doubt you possess remarkable endurance and stamina and you're willing to work up a sweat, which is all good.

Lucky: Yeah. I'm glad I got your approval.

Lydia: Your table manners could probably use some work. Your idea of a nice dinner is probably sitting in a recliner, watching some sports event with the remote, a beer, and a barrel of chicken.

Lucky: No, that'd be a bucket of chicken.

Lydia: A bucket of chicken. You think that women can't tell the difference between flowers from the grocers or the florist, and they tell themselves that you're just a diamond in the rough. Body of the Calvin Klein model and soul of the poet. They stare into your eyes, wonder what you're thinking, and the truth is you're not thinking anything at all. You confess as much, but they don't believe you -- at least not for the first week when they wake up, spring from your rumpled bed and race to the nearest shrink. Ahem. Well?

Lucky: That was good.

Lydia: You think?

Lucky: Yeah. I'm amazed that you got all that by just looking at me. You mind if I give it a shot?

Lydia: You don't strike me as particularly insightful, but, sure, by all means.

Lucky: You know, I could tell by the way you were pounding your point that subtlety is not your thing, either. Most men put up with your attitude because the packaging's very nice. Then they realize beneath all your putdowns that there could be a sensitive woman that they want to know. Hmm. And about a week later, they leap out of your designer bed, run down that marble staircase past the butler who's seen this all too -- so many times, around the tennis courts, through the stables, out the iron gates to that lonely little barstool at the topless joint.

Lydia: Hmm. About the tire -- how much is it going to cost me?

Lucky: It's 500 bucks. Take it or leave it.

Lydia: Deal.

Michael: Mommy's gone.

Sonny: I know, buddy, but we're going to find her, ok? As soon as we can. Do you have something in your hands? Huh? Open them. Michael, open -- open your hands.

Jason: Mike, can you do me a favor? Can you just make an announcement saying that the wedding's been postponed, that there's a complication, it's going to happen, but just not tonight?

Mike: I'll take care of it.

Jason: Ok.

Sonny: Ok, you know what? You're going to -- Michael? You're going to stay here with Courtney for a little bit, ok? I'm going to talk to Jason for a minute. Ok, I'll be right over there where you can see me.

Jason: Ok. The men are covering the grounds and the neighborhood. I found this --

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Jason: On the path that runs up the side of the church from the bride's room.

Sonny: It's got to be Alcazar's payback for the -- you know, setting him up with the cops.

Emily: Jason?

Jason: I'll find her.

Emily: Are you all right?

Jason: Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.

Emily: What happened? What's going on?

Jason: You know what? I can't -- I can't really talk about it. Just -- you know, just go home. I got to go.

Emily: Where's Carly?

Sonny: We don't know. Do me a favor -- Nikolas, can you get her out of here?

Nikolas: Yeah, yeah. Let's go home. Come on.

Emily: Sure.

Sonny: Ok, buddy, listen -- Jason went to go find mommy, but you're going to have to help out a little bit now, all right? Buddy?

Michael: Mommy's gone.

Sonny: I know. Did you see anybody take her away?

Monica: Mike, where is Jason?

Alan: What's going on?

Mike: Look, no one can find Carly. Now, little Michael might have seen something, but it's like he's in shock. He just keeps saying, "mommy's gone."

Monica: My God -- have the police been called?

Mike: I don't know, I don't know. I'm letting Sonny and Jason take care of that. Look, you're both doctors as well as his grandparents. Maybe you can help him.

Sonny: You were with mommy in the church, right? Did you see her talking to somebody?

Michael: Mommy's gone.

[knock on door]

Andy: Police. If the door isn't opened now, we'll use force.


Ric: Yeah, just a minute, just a minute. Hi. What's going on?

Andy: We received a 911 call from this address.

Ric: You must have the wrong house.

Andy: You here alone, Mr. Lansing?

Ric: Well, my wife and I are here, but we were asleep.

Andy: Well, look, somebody called from this home. According to the emergency operator, the line's still open. So maybe if we come in and speak with your wife, we can clear this up.

Ric: Oh, my God. God, this is -- this is embarrassing. My wife and I, we're newlyweds.

Andy: Right. First year can be rough.

Ric: No, actually, not at all. See, we're kind of in the honeymoon mode, and we tend to get a little crazy sometimes, and what happened probably is we knocked the phone off the cradle and it accidentally dialed -- speed-dialed 911.

Andy: Right. I completely understand.

Ric: I'm really sorry for the inconvenience.

Andy: It's not a problem, but, look, Mr. Lansing, we're going to need to come in and speak to your wife.

Carly: Help me! Help me! Oh!

Nurse: Seal the exits. A mental patient has escaped.

Luke: I'm returning that. Where do you want it?

Lydia: Would you look what you did to my nails?

Lucky: Well, it's your tire. Why shouldn't I ask you to change it? I don't want you -- don't get any grease on my money, all right?

Lydia: Oh. Well, will you take a check?

Lucky: Sure, but if it bounces, Iím coming after you.

Lydia: Oh. That could be interesting. Come after me and do what?

Lucky: Whatever's necessary.

Lydia: Are you serious about the 500?

Lucky: No. Why don't you make it for 1,000?

Lydia: Please tell me you're joking.

Lucky: There's no charge.

Lydia: Thank you.

Summer: Hey. What have you been doing?

Lucky: Uh -- I was changing a spare tire. I'm --

Lydia: Hi.

Lucky: Sorry. I didn't get your name.

Lydia: Lydia Karenin.

Lucky: Lydia Karenin --

Lydia: Hi.

Lucky: This is Summer Holloway, and I'm --

Summer: Hey --

Lucky: Lucky --

Summer: Lucky, I need to talk to you. It's pretty important, and I got to do it in private. Sorry.

Lydia: No, that's ok.

Lucky: Ok. Let's just go upstairs.

Summer: Ok.

Lucky: Don't drive too long on that spare tire.

Lydia: I thought you two were going to a wedding. What happened? Did the bride change her mind?

Nikolas: The ceremony was postponed. How was dinner with my uncle?

Lydia: I passed in favor of a drive around the lake, which was interrupted by an unforgivably flat tire.

Nikolas: Hmm. And you changed it by yourself?

Lydia: Oh, God, no. And the local plebe I hired to change it for me forced me to help. Can you believe this? The guy's name is actually Lucky?

[Nikolas chuckles]

Nikolas: That plebe happens to be my brother, Lucky Spencer.

[door opens]

Lorenzo: Looking for me?

Monica: Sonny, my guess is that Michael saw something happen to Carly that just has left him so traumatized that he really can't process anything except to say, "mommy's gone."

Alan: Sonny, you know, it might be a good idea for Michael to see a specialist that's used to dealing with children. We've got somebody on staff at G.H., a Dr. Ryan.

Monica: Oh, she's wonderful. She really is. You should let Alan call her.

Sonny: Thank you. I appreciate it.

Courtney: Michael, it's going to be ok. We're going to find your mommy and we're going to bring her back as soon as we can.

Michael: Mommy's gone.

Sonny: I know, buddy. I know she is.

Ric: Elizabeth? Honey? Wake up. A bit of a lightweight with the wine.

Elizabeth: Oh.

Ric: You ok?

Elizabeth: My head. Hey.

Ric: Hi.

Elizabeth: Oh, my God. What's going on, Ric?

[Carly screams]

Ric: We must have knocked the phone over and accidentally hit the speed dial 911.

Andy: Are you all right, Ma'am?

Ric: Honey, they can't leave unless they know you're ok.

Elizabeth: I'm ok. I just -- I feel like I can't wake up.

Ric: I'm not surprised. You didn't eat very much before we downed that bottle of wine.

Elizabeth: Oh.

Andy: Mrs. Lansing, would you like to go to the hospital to be checked out?

[Carly screams]

Carly: Help! Help!

Elizabeth: No, no, I'm ok. I'm just hung-over. It's a little embarrassing.

Ric: It's ok. It'll just be a story for our anniversary next year.

Elizabeth: Oh.

Andy: Look, do me a favor and relocate your phone so this doesn't happen again.

Ric: Yeah. We will.

Carly: Help me! Help! Help --

Andy: Mr. Lansing --

Carly: Help me! I'm in here!

Andy: Every time we're busy on a false alarm, we risk missing a real emergency. Could be the difference between life and death for someone who really is in trouble.

Ric: I understand, and I promise you it'll never happen again.

Andy: Ok. Good night.

Ric: Good night. Good night.

Carly: No, don't go! I'm in here! No!

Stefan: Nothing has changed, Luke. I still don't know where Nikolas relocated his mother.

Luke: I actually believe you. If I didn't, Iíd use this fancy little tool to slice your digits off one by one.

Stefan: Well, you're certainly consistent -- paranoid, obsessed, overconfident.

Luke: I'm leaving to find my wife. Nikolas can move her every day to a different sanitarium. It doesn't matter. I will find her. And then this war that you people keep waging against my family is going to end, probably with your untimely demise.

Stefan: Are you telling me this in the interest of fairness?

Luke: Hell, no! I'm telling you this so that you know every meal you take could be your last. Whatever scheme brought you back to this town, you ain't going to live long enough to complete it.

Lydia: Oh, I knew you had a half brother. I just -- I didn't know he was so common.

Emily: Aren't they supposed to teach you manners in finishing school?

Lydia: Ooh, you're getting a little defensive there, aren't you? What's your problem? Did you and Nikolas' brother grow up in the same trailer park?

Nikolas: I -- I'm sorry, Lydia. I thought you knew. Emily's a Quartermaine, as in E.L.Q. Industries, home office here in Port Charles? You didn't know that?

Lydia: No, I didn't realize. You're so casual and unaffected.

Emily: Yeah, well, I work at that. I don't want to come off as a snob.

Lydia: Hmm. So, why is it that your brother lives on top of a diner? And who gave him that awful name Lucky?

Nikolas: His parents did, naturally. Lucky and I have the same mother. We've spent many years apart, but we're still very close.

Lucky: You know, you said you wanted to talk to me about something that couldn't wait. How did we get from that to making love?

Summer: First, I unbuttoned your shirt, and then -- I mean, I could go ahead and demonstrate the rest from the beginning if you like.

Lucky: Ok. You were upset about something, and I want to know what.

Summer: Yeah, you're right, I was. I just -- I wanted to feel close to you first because I just hate it when we fight.

Lucky: This is about my dad?

Summer: You know that your dad loves your mother more than he loves himself.

Lucky: There's no question. But how can I let my dad trash his life already worse than he has?

Summer: What are you going to do? You're not going to keep him permanently locked up in a mental facility. And you know that the minute he's released he's going to go running around jumping in everybody's face again, just trying to get to Laura.

Lucky: I know.

Summer: What would be the harm in a supervised visit?

Lucky: You know, with Stefan being back, my dad wants to keep my mom out of reach of the Cassadines. It's not about what's best for my mom. It's about -- it's about my dad's hate for Nikolas' whole family.

Summer: Yeah, but Lukeís going to do whatever he has to do. I'm afraid somebody's going to get hurt. Lucky, I don't want it to be you.

Jason: Where's Carly?

Lorenzo: Sonny's wife? I have no idea.

Jason: You better get an idea because the next one won't be a warning shot.

Lorenzo: Whatever happened to Sonny's wife, I had nothing to do with it. What would it gain me?

Jason: Payback.

Lorenzo: For what?

Jason: The 50 keys of drugs you just lost.

Lorenzo: You outmaneuvered me. That's not a reason for revenge. That's a reason to do business with you in the future.

Jason: Or maybe you took Carly to give Sonny incentive to negotiate.

Lorenzo: Sonny's wife is pregnant, isn't she?

Jason: Right there.

Lorenzo: So whoever you are looking for, my friend, is insane, because they took not only Sonny's wife, but also his unborn child. Now, that's a death wish, and I don't have one. You're confusing me with my brother. Luis was filled with passions -- rage, love, revenge, jealousy. That's not me. I'm all about business. Now, how would it be good for my business if I kidnapped Sonny's pregnant wife? I want to make money, not commit suicide. Unlike my brother, I intend to live a long, long time.

Sonny: Courtney's going to go with you to the hospital, ok? And I'll be there as soon as I can, but -- first, I got to work on finding mommy.

Alan: Look at him. He is traumatized.

Monica: And the only way to help him is to make him feel secure.

Alan: Well, there's no chance of that. He's at the mercy of Sonny's business, as is Jason. You know who took Carly? It had to be one of the rival mobsters.

Monica: Oh --

Alan: Thank God he didn't take Michael.

Mike: Honey, how long were we waiting? Five minutes, 10 minutes at the most? Did you hear anything?

Courtney: God, no Dad. And until Michael walked in, all I could think about was the wedding. What do you think happened? God, Michaelís so upset. What did he see?

Sonny: Your mommy's going to be ok. She's brave, she's got a lot of courage, and she's going to hold on until I can find her and bring her home. She's coming home, I promise you. Mommy's coming home.

Elizabeth: You know, I remember the toast, but that's -- that's about it. I don't remember anything after that.

Ric: You don't remember us making love?

Elizabeth: Um --

Ric: Uh --

Elizabeth: Hmm --

Ric: Oh, no.

Elizabeth: I'm sorry, I -- it's kind of a blur.

Ric: No, that's all right. I guess you really are a lightweight because it was amazing.

Elizabeth: Oh.

Ric: You were hanging from light fixtures. You did this little striptease.

Elizabeth: I did not.

Ric: You know what? This is probably not the best thing for your headache, is it?

Elizabeth: Oh, it's the perfect thing.

Ric: Mm-hmm?

Elizabeth: But I have an idea. Let's go to the bedroom. I want to check out that light fixture, ok?

Ric: Yeah, sounds like a good idea.

Elizabeth: Oh --

Ric: Boy -- oh, you know what? Maybe you're not quite ready for that. Why don't you go get some sleep first, huh?

Elizabeth: You know what? I think I'm going to take a shower, see if that wakes me up, all right?

Ric: Ok.

Elizabeth: All right. I'm fine.

Ric: Yeah?

Elizabeth: Are you coming?

Ric: Yeah, I'll be there in just a minute. I'm going to go in the kitchen. I'm going to make you some tea.

Ric: Good. Behaving yourself. You're taking care of the baby, huh?

[Ric groans]

Carly: You take one more step and I will smash your head in.

Ric: Come on. Take it easy, Carly. Take it easy.

Carly: Back off!

Ric: Take it easy. It's all right.

Carly: Elizabeth!

Ric: Look, she can't hear you. She's in the shower.

Carly: Elizabeth!

Ric: Put it down, all right? Put it down! Put it down! Put --

Carly: Ric, no!

Ric: Come here. Come here.

Carly: Elizabeth! Elizabeth! Elizabeth! Get off of me! Elizabeth!

Lydia: Why didn't you tell me Emily was an heiress? Nikolas can marry her money just as easily as mine.

Stefan: Oh, calm down. Nikolas would need the entire Quartermaine fortune to match the assets that he'll acquire by marrying you, not just Emilyís portion.

Lydia: Well, I don't think he's too concerned about the size of her inheritance. He's too busy hanging on her every word and gazing into her eyes.

Stefan: Yes, Nikolas has always doted on Emily, and she exploits it.

Lydia: She has this fragile, wilting flower vibe. Makes me want to throw her into traffic. And those clothes -- I mean, what does he see in her?

Stefan: Leave Emily to me.

Summer: So just how long do you think you're going to be able to keep your dad in restraints? I mean, one way or another, he's going to get out. He's very smart.

Lucky: What's got you all stirred up about this?

Summer: I went to go see him. He's not crazy. He's just angry.

Lucky: My mom is not in a place where my dad can help her. If it's possible, he could do more damage.

Summer: Ok. But when he's released -- whenever that is -- when he's released, he's going to do what he can to find her. He's going to track her down no matter how many people he's got to hurt. So what's the harm in just giving him what he wants? I mean, just one supervised visit? Just one?

Lucky: Look, Summer, if my dad steps foot in that hospital, he'll try and grab her and make a run for it. And if he does, he could just -- he could get them both hurt.

Summer: All I'm saying is that no matter what amount of secrecy or security or stone walls or locked gates, he's -- he's going to get to her.

Lucky: No, he's not. Ferncliff is very secure. Ferncliff. That's what you wanted to know, right? So you could just have the name of the hospital and pass it on to my dad?

Sonny: I want all our people searching. I'm willing to pay for valid information. No, you know what? Whoever finds Carly will be able to retire. Check along the waterfront. I want the warehouse checked. I want everything you can -- every vessel -- whatever you need to do, you do it. What?

Mike: What about the cops?

Sonny: Forget the cops. Mike, they'll just get Carly killed. They'll be questioning me all over the place. I can't handle that right now.

Jason: Hey, hey, hey, I found Alcazar. He swore he didn't know anything about Carly.

Sonny: You believe him?

Jason: Yeah, I believe him. He was actually surprised when I told him Carly was gone. It was nothing he expected.

Sonny: So, if Alcazar doesn't have Carly, who does?

Ric: Relax. Relax, will you? You're going to have to stop fighting. You're -- you're endangering the baby.

Carly: You know what, Ric? I was wrong about you. God, you're not just evil! You are insane! I mean, how do you think you're going to get away with this?

Ric: Same way Sonny got away with murdering our baby by deliberately pushing Elizabeth down the plaza stairs.

Carly: That's not what happened, Ric.

Ric: How do you know? How do you know? Because Sonny tells you? I didn't buy for one second his denials or his phony acts of sympathy. No, Sonny murdered my baby like he tried to murder me before I was born.

Carly: Ric, it had been raining the night that Elizabeth fell down the stairs. They were wet and slippery --

Ric: No, no --

Carly: And she fell by accident!

Ric: Sonny pushed Elizabeth --

Carly: Sonny had left!

Ric: Like he pushed our mother. Now, Iíve been biding my time, I have been making plans, and I've been waiting for the opportunity to take from him what he took from me. And I can't wait to see the look of joy on Elizabethís face when I place our baby in her arms.

Carly: Oh. You are insane, Ric. You are never going to take this baby from me because you will have to kill me first.

Nikolas: You know, I've -- I've noticed something. Every time I walk into the room, the two of you stop talking.

Lydia: Oh, well, perhaps that's because we would rather talk to you than to each other.

Nikolas: Either that or you're up to something.

Stefan: Well, actually, we've been discussing a subject that Lydia has been too gracious to address with you. She's hurt by the way you've been ignoring her.

Nikolas: Lydia, I apologize if Iíve been rude, but your visit was unexpected and I haven't been able to rearrange my schedule.

Stefan: Well, albeit unexpected, Lydia has made a special point of coming here to visit. The least you could do would be to make an effort.

Nikolas: Never mind the lecture on manners. I know exactly what you're up to.

Luke: Summer? Well?

Summer: Oh. Hey, I was just calling you --

Luke: Did you find out where they moved Laura?

Summer: Yeah, to -- to Ferncliff.

Luke: Ferncliff? That's close by. Minimum security -- that means they're going to move her again soon. I got to get on the move. Thank you. It -- good work.

Summer: Ok, hey, hey, hey, hey -- you know, take care of yourself. And do me a favor and just remember there's people out here who love you.

Luke: Yeah. Ok, thanks.

Lucky: Did he buy it?

Summer: Seemed to.

Lucky: You did the right thing.

Summer: Yeah, well, I don't know what we accomplished, really.

Lucky: We bought time.

Summer: But what do you think he's going to do when he finds out that she's not even at Ferncliff?

Woman: How about a snack, Michael? Animal crackers and juice?

Michael: Mommy's gone.

Courtney: How is Michael?

Woman: He's in posttraumatic shock. He's sealed himself up inside a cocoon to protect his mind from the last thing he saw.

Courtney: He doesn't want to remember what happened to his mother?

Woman: He's afraid to. It must be too painful.

Courtney: Ok. Michael is the only one who saw Carly abducted. We have to get through to him. Carly's life is at stake.

Woman: Why don't you go in and talk to him? He's more likely to open up to someone he knows.

Courtney: What do I say?

Woman: Be as reassuring and easy as possible. Understand he may not respond. The process of mental healing could take time.

Courtney: Michael's mother may not have any time.

Carly: Why -- why -- why would you want to raise the child of a man you hate most and give it to your wife? See, you'd have a living, breathing reminder of Sonny.

Ric: No, all children are innocent. I don't blame this child for the sins of its father.

Carly: What makes you think that Elizabeth would want to adopt this baby? It's not like she can't get pregnant. It's not like her biological clock's ticking. What are you going to do, Ric? You going to say to Elizabeth -- come home one day, say, "look, look, look what I found. Isn't he cute? Let's keep him"?

Ric: When Sonny murdered our baby, he ripped a hole inside of Elizabeth. Now, I intend to fill that hole, and I am not waiting nine months, I'm not waiting a year. I'm not waiting till however long it takes for Elizabeth to conceive. She will have her baby by Thanksgiving.

Carly: Ric, Novemberís a long time away. It's months. I mean, you can't fool Sonny that long.

Ric: Hmm. I was able to keep my identity from him until two days before Marthaís Vineyard.

Carly: No -- he never trusted you, Ric. I'm the one. I'm the one who let you in the door. I -- look, Sonny knows that you hate him, and he's going to figure it out or Elizabethís going to figure it out. What do you think? What do you think she's going to do? You think she's going to be ok with this? She's going to leave you. Ric, she's going to hate you. She's going to see you for the monster you are, and then you're going to be alone. But not long, because Sonny's going to come after you and he's going to kill you unless -- unless -- unless you let me go right now.

Ric: Sonny will kill me anyway.

Carly: No. No, he won't, Ric. I swear to you. Listen to me, listen to me. I swear I will -- I will feign amnesia. I will act like I had no idea why or how I left the church.

Ric: Yeah --

Carly: It will be --

Ric: You're desperate. You're extremely transparent.

Carly: I don't want you dead, Ric. I donít. I want -- I want you to just take Elizabeth and go someplace, ok? Start your lives over again. You came to Port Charles to go after Sonny, right? I mean, there's no reason for you to be here anymore. Fixating on him -- it's destroying your life, Ric. It's -- you're losing your mind. It's not smart. It's sick and it can't possibly work, and you need -- just go someplace else, or Sonny and Jason are going to come here and they're going to find you.

Ric: No, they won't find you. I've made sure of that.

Carly: Ric, Sonny's going to know it's you. Nobody else would want to hurt him in this way.

Ric: Don't bet on it. Sonny has a lot of enemies. Any one of them with half a brain knows that the easiest way to hurt him is through you.

[Doorbell rings]

[Knock on door]

Elizabeth: Ric, someone's at the door!

Sonny: Hi. We need to see Ric right now.

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Nikolas: I don't enjoy being lied to.

Cameron: You sent Luke on a wild-goose chase?

Nurse: There's no Laura Spencer in this facility.

Sonny: Did you see mommy with someone?

Ric: Come here. Be nice.

Jason: We can't find Carly. Not a trace.

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