GH Transcript Thursday 6/12/03

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 6/12/03

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Georgie: Dillon?

Officer: The kid's under arrest.

Skye: I still stay Dobson has an agenda.

Cameron: This is over.

Alexis: Just a little bit longer, please.

Lydia: Nikolas and I are rich. If we want to stay that way, we have to get married.

Jason: The drugs for Sonny. That's all I want.

Lorenzo: Get out -- now.

Sonny: Let's go.

Jason: Come on, come on.

Officer: Freeze! Nobody move!


Edward: Oh, good, Dobson, you're here. Good. I have a very important matter that I want to discuss with you.

Alexis: [British accent] Yes, Sir. Concerning what?

Edward: Shh, shh. Keep your voice down because the walls in this house have ears. And you -- you know what, though? I think we should just meet down at the Port Charles Grill so we can talk man to man, huh?

Alexis: Mr. Quartermaine, I --

Edward: It's about Alexis Davis.

Alexis: I've heard excellent things about The Grill, Sir.

Ned: Alice?

Edward: Let's go.

Ned: You can reach me on my cell phone.

Skye: Ned?

Ned: Hi.

Skye: Please tell me you don't have plans for dinner tonight.

Ned: Why do you ask?

Skye: Because judge Farmer has suggested that we meet for dinner to discuss Kristina.

Nikolas: If Iím the man that you're going to marry, shouldn't I at least know your name?

Lydia: Lydia Karenin. And most girls would take offense to the fact that you don't recall proposing marriage. But since you were only six at the time, I won't hold it against you.

Nikolas: Karenin -- yes. Your family visited us one summer, right?

Lydia: Right.

Nikolas: You had braids.

Lydia: Yeah. I can't believe the only thing you remember about me is my least favorite hairstyle, but --

Nikolas: Now, why were you there? Because my grandmother was still my guardian at the time and she didn't like visitors.

Lydia: My father crashed his new yacht onto some rocks. But you taught me how to row a boat, and we searched the whole island looking for buried treasure with this metal detector. Does any of that sound familiar?

Nikolas: Vaguely. What are you doing in Port Charles?

Lydia: Came to see what my groom looks like all grown-up. I may have only been five at the time, but, you know, you did propose, and Iím here to marry you.

Dillon: No, this has nothing to do with you. I'm bored. I mean -- I don't know -- living here is like being stuck in Archer City without Cybil Shepherd.

Georgie: What?

Dillon: It's a Peter Bogdanovich film. It's called "The Last Picture Show." Don't bother. It has subtext, you wouldn't get it. Look, you asked me to stay out of your life. Well, stay out of mine.

Scott: When we had your brother in here, he walked because of his government connections. Well, I don't care who you know. That ain't happening again.

Lorenzo: My brother -- may he rest in peace -- had a talent for making helpful friends.

Scott: Never mind about that. I got questions for you.

Lorenzo: First, I have one for you.

Father Coates: Would either of you two like to personalize your vows?

Courtney: I -- I don't think so. I'll be so nervous, it'll be all I can manage to repeat after you.

Father Coates: You'll be fine. Ok, after the rings are exchanged, Iíll instruct you, Jason, to kiss your bride. And then I will introduce you to your guests as Courtney and Jason Morgan. They'll applaud. And then, Jason, you can escort your bride down the aisle into the vestibule.

Father Coates: Ok, any questions? Last-minute changes?

Carly: I don't think so. I think we'll see you tomorrow.

Father Coates: All right. Looking forward to it.

Sonny: Good night, father. Thank you.

Courtney: Thanks.

Jason: Good night.

Father Coates: Ladies.

Sonny: Are you tired?

Carly: Why? Do I look tired?

Sonny: Just --

Carly: Don't answer that, ok? I had the staff at The Cellar arrange to have a private dinner for the rehearsal.

Sonny: Ah.

Jason: For who?

Carly: For the rehearsal -- it's for the wedding party, ok? That means you and Courtney and me and Sonny, and Mike can't make it. But do you think you could handle it?

Jason: I don't know. I mean, maybe you should go home, get some rest, try to stay calm.

Carly: Ok, the way that Iíll stay calm is if you could cooperate for once in your life maybe? That would be really good.

Sonny: She means give her her own way.

Carly: No, I'm doing this for Courtney.

Sonny: Yeah, yeah. Blame my sister. It's her wedding.

Carly: Ok.

Sonny: She can't even get a word in.

Carly: All right, Iím sorry. You know what? I --

Courtney: No, no, no, Carly, come on. Don't you dare apologize for everything you've done. I would love a dinner at The Cellar, and Iím sure Jason would, too. Because you love us enough to put this together and we are grateful. Right?

Jason: It'd be nice if you could just ask once -- just one time, Carly -- but thank you.

Carly: Oh, you're welcome.

Jason: We'll meet you at The Cellar.

Carly: Fabulous. Are you sure you're ok?

Sonny: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, I'm fine, I'm fine. I'm going to -- I'm going to pull the car around, all right?

Waiter: The usual, Mr. Quartermaine?

Edward: Mm-hmm. Make it a double scotch.

Waiter: And for your guest?

Edward: Dobson? Dobson?

Alexis: [British accent] I was just admiring the room, Sir.

Edward: You all right? What would you like to drink?

Alexis: A glass of white wine would be lovely.

Edward: Huh?

Alexis: I'll have whatever you're having.

Edward: Two. So, I think we need to discuss your duties.

Alexis: I hope that I've given satisfaction, Sir.

Edward: Oh, the household is running as smoothly as could be expected -- just one step above chaos.

Alexis: I shall endeavor to improve my efficiency, Sir.

Edward: As long as Lilaís happy, the rest of them can fend for themselves. No, you see, Iím -- I'm more interested in your ability to spy.

Alexis: Excuse me, Sir?

Edward: Oh, come on. Don't play that innocent act with me. You spend half your time lurking in doorways and listening to people's private conversations. You're already spying, Dobson. I just want to make sure you're spying for me.

Alexis: I have on occasion overheard an exchange or two.

Edward: You see, the butler in a household is in a very unique position to observe and interact with everybody there. That way you can affect the balance of power.

Alexis: Only if one doesn't value one's employment, which I do very much, Sir.

Edward: I hired you, Dobson, and I have a real investment in your success. And you know what? I am especially pleased that you and I share a common interest in my little great-granddaughter Kristina. Maybe we could work together, huh?

Alexis: It's true. I am concerned about the little girl. I've seen enough to know that Skye is maneuvering to become her stepmother.

Edward: What? You're saying that there's something romantic going on between Ned and Skye? Oh, well, of course, they're not -- they're not biologically related. Alan treats her like a member of the family already, and there's no sense in making it worse by marrying her into it. Oh, thank God I brought you onboard. We have to put a stop to this. Here, let's -- let's drink to our success.

Alexis: Cheers.

Edward: Come on, man. This is not a society guild tea, this is a council of war. Drink up!

Alexis: God Save the Queen.

Stefan: What's going on?

Lydia: Oh. Stefan, isn't it? Nikolas' uncle?

Nikolas: Yes. This is Lydia -- Karenin?

Lydia: Karenin.

Nikolas: Karenin, right.

Stefan: Karenin? Oh, Anton Karenin's granddaughter?

Lydia: Yes. I hope you remember me better than your nephew does.

Stefan: So, what brings you to Port Charles?

Nikolas: Well, I wasn't quite aware of it, but apparently we're engaged.

Lydia: Well, he swept me off my feet that summer and I've never forgotten, although it's obvious that he did.

Nikolas: You've been waiting all these years to drag me to the altar, have you?

Lydia: Well, I was toying with the idea of, you know, giving you your freedom until I came across this magazine article that mentioned you and I had an impulse to come and visit. I always follow my impulses.

Stefan: So I trust Nikolas has invited you to stay?

Nikolas: Well, no, actually, I haven't had a chance to. Which hotel are you booked at? I'll send for your things.

Lydia: The Port Charles Hotel. But I don't want to impose.

Nikolas: No, no, don't be ridiculous. Uncle, do you mind setting her up with Mrs. Lansbury and sending Sergei for her luggage?

Stefan: Of course.

Nikolas: My uncle and I have some business to attend to, then the three of us can have dinner.

Lydia: I look forward to it.

Stefan: Right this way.

Lydia: Thank you.

Stefan: Well --

Nikolas: Now, what's really going on?

Nikolas: A girl I last saw when I was a child shows up out of the blue because she saw me in a magazine?

Stefan: You don't believe her.

Nikolas: Feels suspiciously like a setup to me, and a pretty transparent one at that.

Stefan: Well, no one was more surprised to see her here than I. But as long as she is here, why don't you be civil to her. Perhaps you could show her around.

Nikolas: Look, I've got a lot on my plate right now. I don't have extra time to spend with a total stranger I last met when I was six.

Stefan: Perhaps we should call this off -- now.

Lorenzo: The great thing about a cashier's check is it can't be traced.

Scott: Oh, boy, there's a lot of zeroes here. But you must have the sense God gave a goose not to try to bribe the district attorney.

Lorenzo: I'm simply making a contribution to your reelection campaign. I think you do good work.

Mac: Dillon --

Tracy: Mac, this is utterly ridiculous. Obviously, A.J. had no idea that it was my son driving the car, or he wouldn't have reported it stolen. My son is a Quartermaine. He lives in that mansion. And what a stupid place to put a parking meter.

Mac: There's someone here to see you.

Dillon: Hi, Mom.

Tracy: How are you, baby?

Judge Farmer: I'm glad you could join me. Obviously, this isn't a formal inquiry. I am interested in hearing how you feel Kristinaís dealing with the present custody arrangement.

Ned: Well, Kristina is obviously very comfortable at the house. She's happy. She's well taken care of. And I'm proud to say that I am a hands-on, committed parent.

Judge Farmer: But prior to this, you had been ticketed --

Ned: Yes. Yeah. And I was definitely showing some very poor judgment, which my grandfather was able to exploit and thereby gain temporary custody. But fortunately, that's all in the past.

Skye: The truth is Ned has been the one constant in Kristinaís life.

Judge Farmer: Which makes it essential that he act responsibly.

Ned: As soon as I became Kristinaís primary caregiver, I completely rearranged my life and my job so I could maximize my time with Kristina. And I truly believe that I have made the necessary commitment that Kristina deserves. So I was hoping that you could see that Iíve earned the right to regain my custody.

Judge Farmer: If you're referring to permanent custody, I can't make that decision until Kristinaís mother has finished with her psychiatric treatment.

Skye: Have the doctors been able to give you any kind of a timetable? Because, Iím telling you, judging from her visits with Kristina, Alexis' behavior just continues to be erratic.

Ned: Since her sister died, she really hasn't been the same.

Judge Farmer: That's why she's receiving treatment.

Skye: As Iíve told you, she shows up late for the appointed visits, if she even shows up at all, and then she leaves early. And when we ask her about it, she claims that she's been working.

Judge Farmer: She can't practice law.

Ned: No, she canít.

Judge Farmer: Did you ask her what she's doing?

Skye: She gives us some vague answers about a job that clearly doesn't exist.

Edward: Come on, man. Let's drink up here. There we go.

Alexis: [British accent] A bird never flew on one wing. Excuse me, Sir. I think I need to pay a visit to the loo.

Edward: It's down the hall and to your right. No -- no, no. This -- there.

Alexis: Thank you, Sir.

Skye: Alexis doesn't want to be supervised. She's tense and unpleasant whenever we're in the room with her when she has the baby. It's getting to the point, frankly, Iím afraid to leave her alone with Kristina.

Judge Farmer: Do you agree?

Ned: Unfortunately, her behavior is starting to concern me.

Judge Farmer: I'd like to hear more about what Skye feels her role is in Kristinaís life.

Skye: I'm the only person giving her a mother's love.

[woman gasps]

Woman: How dare you!

Alexis: I'm so sorry. Forgive me. Forgive me.

Woman: God! Pervert!

Tracy: All right, sweetheart, I have taken care of the misunderstanding. You are free to go.

Officer: Wait, you got to sign some forms first.

Dillon: Mom, when can we leave? Because if you want to fly out tonight, that is fine by me.

Tracy: There's been a change in plans.

Scott: Mac, can't any of your men follow procedure?

Mac: What's the problem?

Scott: Well, your cops violated Alcazar's civil rights.

Mac: No one's rights were violated.

Scott: Well, Alcazar's attorney will say different. The chain of evidence was broken. The drugs are fruits of a poisoned tree. We can't get him for possession, intent to sell. He walks!

Sonny: Whoo! Ok. I know that this is Jason and Courtneyís night, but I -- sorry -- I'd like to propose a toast to my wife. All right. Um -- I am sorry for upsetting you, and you showed a lot of courage, and I appreciate that.

Carly: Well, Jason and Courtney helped get me through it.

Courtney: Nah, we helped each other. That's the way families work.

Sonny: To our family.

Carly: To family.

Courtney: To family.

Carly: And --

Sonny: Hmm?

Carly: To Sonny coming home safe. Welcome home.

Sonny: Well, you know, that's the last I want to talk about that because it's over. What matters now is that Jason and Courtney are getting married tomorrow. It's a big deal, and Iím happy for both of you.

Carly: Ok, I want to propose a toast.

Sonny: Oh!

Carly: Yes. To the bride and the groom. Um -- I never, ever thought that anyone would be good enough for Jason until Courtney came along. And now that I know her, I'm wondering if Jasonís good enough for you. But, seriously, you guys had quite a journey getting here. So, you hit a lot of bumps in the road, a lot of detours, but you made it. So here's to you. I wish you all the happiness in the world. And no more surprises before the ceremony.

Sonny: Ok, to my sister, my best friend, and to my wife and my child, and a future we dreamed about and we almost gave up on, which makes this all the more special to me.

Carly: Cheers.

Stefan: You could have ruined everything with your improvising.

Lydia: All I did was get Nikolas' attention. You were taking too long.

Stefan: If Nikolas realizes that you expect him to agree to an arranged marriage, he will run.

Lydia: Why would he? The Cassadineís need an influx of capital. Marrying me will provide that. I'm sure you raised Nikolas to be the dutiful prince.

Stefan: Nikolas understands duty, but he is also willful. I told you, he needs to be maneuvered carefully.

Lydia: Look, I don't need you to tell me how to reacquaint myself with Nikolas. You just get that Quartermaine girl out of your nephew's life. I'll handle the rest.

Judge Farmer: The two of you appear to be acting as co-parents. Is there any chance that the relationship could become permanent?

Skye and Ned: No.

Ned: Well, off the record, does the court look upon a single parent in a relationship more favorably than a parent not in a relationship?

Judge farmer: Off the record? It would go a long way towards getting the kind of custody arrangement that you're seeking if you were happily married.

Edward: Alexis, what the hell are you doing? Hey, did you just come out of the men's room?

Alexis: There was a long line in the ladies' room, as usual, and no one in the men's, so I used it. As the owner of this hotel, if you have any respect for women, you should expand the little girls' facilities.

Edward: Oh. Was Dobson in there?

Alexis: No one's in there.

Judge Farmer: While it's too soon to make any definitive plans, it's possible that the child's needs could be better met if she remain just where she --

Alexis: Well, look who's here. Judge Farmer, hi. Ned, Skye. I had no idea you all were such good friends that you would get together socially -- unless, of course, you're conspiring against me behind my back.

Skye: Well, it was -- it was good seeing you, Alexis.

Alexis: It's always good to see you, Skye. I have a minute. Do you mind if I join you?

Skye: You know what? The waiter poured this, but I'm not drinking.

Alexis: Since when?

Ned: Alexis doesn't need a drink. I'm sure you want a clear head.

Alexis: Ned, I have no idea why you're saying that to me. Unlike Skye, I don't have a problem with alcohol. Here's mud in your eye.  Seriously, I don't know how Iím ever going to be able to thank the Quartermaines for the -- the care that they have given my daughter. And I want you to know, I want you to be assured that I have every intention of following every legal requirement that has been imposed upon me by this court.

Skye: You know, Alexis, since we are all here, maybe you could explain to us a little bit about this -- this "work" that you're doing, since it does seem to make you so late for your visits with Kristina -- that is, when you show up at all.

Alexis: This work that Iím doing is the work that Iím doing putting my life back together. You know, as long as we're here, this seems like a wonderful, a fortuitous opportunity for us to discuss some of the issues that have come up recently. For instance, when I come to visit my daughter, Skye always chooses that particular time to take her for a walk.

Skye: Well, if I waited for you, Alexis, that child would never see the light of day.

Alexis: That's a gross exaggeration.

Skye: It's the truth.

Alexis: It's not.

Skye: It is.

Alexis: It's not.

Skye: It is.

Alexis: When I do get to see my daughter, when she's actually available --

Skye: She's always available, Alexis.

Alexis: Skye hovers over her like some deranged vulture --

Skye: I was told that the court wants the visits supervised.

Alexis: Perhaps you're confusing supervision with intrusiveness.

Skye: Well, Alexis, you're always so frantic with Kristina, you upset her. Like the other day, she had this mild ear infection, and you wanted to whisk her off to the emergency room in a helicopter.

Alexis: I never said a word about a helicopter.

Skye: She didn't need to go anywhere. And if I do hover, it is because I'm trying to help you.

Alexis: I know exactly what you're trying to do. You are trying to make -- the best of a very difficult situation. We all are. As much as I would love to sit and talk about this some more, I -- I really have to go. I have someplace I have to be. Judge Farmer, it was lovely to see you again.

Skye: My. Didn't know she was battling a problem with alcohol on top of everything else.

Man: Hey!

Alexis: Oh, sorry.

Man: Wrong room.

Waiter: I couldn't find him.

Edward: Well, he has a beard and an English accent. Now go look.

Waiter: All right, Iíll look again.

Edward: All right. Jeez.

Ned: Do you see now why Skye and I are so concerned about Alexis?

Skye: Kristina is at a crucial stage in her development. She's learning to trust the world, to bond with others. How could she be expected to do that when Alexis can swoop in at a moment's notice and upset her?

Ned: I want to give Alexis the benefit of the doubt. She is Kristinaís mother, and she has every right to be with her -- as soon as she gets better.

Skye: Alexis doesn't seem to be getting better. Now, I know there are no signs of her alternate personality right now, but it's pretty obvious that other problems are coming to the fore.

Ned: Your honor, I am genuinely concerned that if the court decides to wait until Alexis is fully recovered before I regain my custody, well, that could be years.

Judge Farmer: You make some valid points. And now, if you'll excuse me, I need to make a call.

Ned: I'm so glad you're here. I think the judge really needs to understand that you are providing Kristina with the maternal stability that Alexis just can't give her right now.

Skye: I love that little girl, Ned. I'll do whatever you want me to.

Alexis: [British accent] hello. The queue to the men's room was even longer than the ladies'. That's a switch.

Judge Farmer: You work for the Quartermaines, don't you?

Alexis: Yes. And I know who you are, as well. There isn't a lie that family won't tell to rip that little girl from her poor mother's arms. And that bottled redhead is the worst. She's a baby-snatching barracuda, and if there were any justice in the world, it would be off with her head!

Judge Farmer: If you'll excuse me.

Alexis: Leave, then.

Alexis: My apologies, Sir. I met up with a chap from Brighton in the loo. We were talking rugby.

Edward: Hmm.

Alexis: Wonderful sport. I played it when I was a lad.

Edward: Oh, you're -- you're falling behind here, Sir.

Alexis: Oh, Right-O. Jolly good.

Edward: Here we go.

Alexis: Hip, hip, horary. It's great to be gay.

Edward: Hmm?

Alexis: Jolly. Whatever. That's bloody good, Sir!

Edward: You know, when we're finished with this, we're going to have to formulate some kind of strategy to undermine Skye and Ned.

Alexis: I couldn't agree more, Sir.

Edward: Now, your duties are going to be --

Judge Farmer: Edward?

Edward: Hello, Nancy. What a surprise. Here, join us. Sit down.

Judge Farmer: Thank you.

Edward: You know our butler, Dobson?

Judge Farmer: Yes, we bumped into one another in the corridor.

Edward: I see.

Judge Farmer: I asked Ned and Skye to dinner for an informal discussion regarding Kristinaís present situation.

Edward: Mm-hmm?

Judge Farmer: Edward, they make a compelling argument for Ned to be granted permanent custody.

Edward: I thought -- I thought you were going to give Alexis six months of therapy --

Judge Farmer: I don't see Ms. Davis being a factor in the decision anymore.

Alexis: This is an outrage, discussing the life of a little girl over drinks. Shame, shame on you both, plotting against that poor mother and ignoring a court order.

Judge Farmer: I wrote that court order. Your butler's arguing U.S. law?

Alexis: Exactly how many Quartermaines are paying you to abuse your power?

[Judge Farmer gasps]

Alexis: Are you going to eat your cherry?

Judge Farmer: This was an informal meeting to determine the best interests of the child.

Skye: What's Dobson doing here?

Edward: Oh, Dobson and I were here to discuss some household matters and --

Ned: Since when do you take the butler out for drinks? In all the years that Reginald worked for us, I don't remember you ever socializing with him. But then again, Reginald always refused to act as your spy.

Judge Farmer: The butler is accusing me of impropriety.

Alexis: You have demonstrated, Madam, a lack of pro-- whatever it is you said -- at every turn. That mother has a right to be present at any and all discussions.

Skye: Alexis was here --

Alexis: And might I add that you are the one that put Kristina back with the Quartermaines after they incinerated their own home!

Ned: How could you know that?

Alexis: I know. I hear things. I hear it all. Kristina's mother has been callously ignored and conspired against. She's been made to be a stranger to her own daughter, and I won't stand for it anymore! I am putting a stop to this before it goes any further!

Skye: Who are you to make pronouncements?

Alexis: I'll tell you who I am!

Tracy: Look, Sweetheart, you've got to give me some credit. I flew all the way here. I didn't call. I have to go back to Europe, and you need to stay with your grandparents.

Dillon: Yeah, until your next business deal goes through, right? Mom, how long am I going to be stuck here?

Tracy: I'm trying.

Dillon: Till the end of summer? Christmas? Your boyfriend doesn't like kids, huh?

Tracy: Oh -- his work involves a lot of travel. It's not that we're going to not see each other. Every time Iím in Manhattan, I'll fly you down, and it's not going to be forever. I'm -- Iím going to change the situation.

Dillon: Don't bother, ok? I doubt I'll like this guy any better than the rest.

Tracy: I know you don't believe this right now, but it's going to be good for you.

Dillon: You don't have a thing to regret, do you?

Tracy: I love you.

Dillon: I love you, too.

Nikolas: I'm in the process of moving some funds around. Yes, yes, I'm aware of the timetable. First thing next week. Goodbye.

Lydia: Banker or attorney? You sounded simultaneously bored and distressed, which is exactly how my businesspeople make me feel.

Nikolas: I see you've settled into your room.

Lydia: Yes. Oh, it's lovely. Thank you.

Nikolas: Anything else you need?

Lydia: A little companionship wouldn't hurt. I know we're too old to search for buried treasure, but Iím sure we could come up with something if we put our heads together to pass the time.

Nikolas: I'm sure your stay here will be more enjoyable if you stop trying so hard.

Carly: This baby is going to have his father's intelligence and fearlessness.

Sonny: His mother's -- let's see -- passion and determination.

Carly: Oh, you see that? This is how Sonny interprets it. I am passionate, I am determined.

Jason: He's saying that because he's drinking.

Carly: Ha-ha. No. Ok, he's going to have your dimples and your beautiful eyes.

Sonny: What this baby definitely will have is love.

[music plays]

Carly: Aw. Michael Corinthos Jr., May I have this dance?

Sonny: Yes, you may.

Carly: You two, this might be a good moment to practice for tomorrow.

Jason: Would you like to dance?

Courtney: I would love to.

Lorenzo: May I cut in?

Nikolas: You're a very attractive woman, Lydia, but Iím not interested.

Lydia: Oh. Do you spend a lot of time misinterpreting women's gestures, or are you just having girlfriend problems?

Nikolas: No, not at all. Are you planning on having dinner in your nightgown? Because my uncle and I see, we usually dress for dinner.

Lydia: No. Actually, I just came to tell you that Iím going to pass on the late dinner. But I'll see you in the morning.

Georgie: Dillon -- I'm sorry about your mom and the fact that you're stuck here.

Dillon: Do you think that I want to be involved in her latest romance? Do you think that I want to sit around at dinners with some guy that probably doesn't really want me there? Wait around in some hotel room for them to break up so that she can come back and drag me off to yet another city? No. I'm glad Iím rid of her.

Sonny: You made bail or you just pay Baldwin to drop the charges?

Lorenzo: You should be proud of your lieutenant. I was led to believe he was incapable of thinking on his own, but he came up with an extremely effective double cross.

Sonny: Jason, hold on. Let me take care of this. Take both of them for a second. Doesn't seem to have done you any lasting harm.

Lorenzo: Not at all. In fact, it's been a very informative negotiation. Your people do good work, Corinthos. We'll definitely be doing business in the future.

Carly: Why do I get the feeling that trouble is not over?

Ric: Tomorrow.

Sonny: Alcazar is just trying to mess with your head. Don't let him. Nothing is going to keep this wedding from coming off.

Ric: You won't feel a thing.

Sonny: Nothing is going to get in the way. All right?

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Carly: Things are just going to be different now.

Jason: Is that why you're upset?

Carly: I don't want to lose you.

Lydia: Who's getting married?

Emily: My brother is.

Lydia: Maybe I could tag along?

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