GH Transcript Tuesday 6/10/03

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 6/10/03

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Luke: Tell me where my wife is.

Emily: Could you stay with me a while? I don't want to be alone.

Stefan: Lydia.

Lydia: Where's Nikolas, the man I'm going to marry?

Jason: You know Sonny doesn't deal in drugs.

Scott: Well, I got a big bag of cocaine that says otherwise.

Jason: We were set up.

Carly: Sonny.

Scott: That's correct. We've got Corinthos' right-hand, Jason Morgan, dead to rights -- possession, trafficking. Well, they ought to give me a cape, for crying out loud. I'm cleaning up the streets. Well, he's in charge of the whole eastern seaboard.

Courtney: I was about to board a plane to London --

Jason: Yeah, Carly told me.

Courtney: Ok, I saw that you'd been arrested on the news. This is crazy. Scott will use any excuse to lock you up. Listen, I'm going to get a lawyer. I'm going to get him to bail you out tonight.

Jason: Courtney, don't worry about me right now. You need to get to Carly right away.

Carly: Get out.

Ric: Is the baby all right?

Carly: Get out of here, Ric, now!

Ric: Shh. I just wanted to make sure that you and the baby were ok, all right? Michael sounded upset on the phone.

Carly: That was you on the phone?

Ric: Yeah, I called the ambulance. I hope they got to you quickly.

Carly: Why were you calling me, Ric?

Ric: Please. Tell me the baby's ok.

Carly: You have absolutely nothing to do with my baby, so why do you care?

[phone rings]

Elizabeth: Hello.

Lorenzo: Good evening, Mrs. Lansing. Is your husband available?

Elizabeth: He's not here at the moment. Can I take a message?

Lorenzo: Do you know where he is? I need to speak to him immediately.

Elizabeth: May I ask what this is regarding?

Lorenzo: A business deal we were discussing earlier. Tell him it's in his best interests to reconsider my offer.

Elizabeth: Are you the man who came by here earlier, Alcazar's brother?

Lorenzo: Tell him I知 giving him an opportunity to change his mind.

Elizabeth: Sure.

Lucky: Dad?

Luke: I get it now. You've been in on it from the beginning. You know where she is.

Cameron: No, Luke, you have to face reality.

Luke: You tell me where my wife is, or I値l slash your throat from ear to ear.

Lucky: Dad, just drop -- drop the knife.

Luke: Shut up! You Cassadine lackey. You're all spouting Cassadine lies. Where is she?

Cameron: Go ahead, Luke. Cut my throat, then Lucky's and Summer's and Nikolas and Stefan. Kill us all. Then turn the knife on the man you really blame. Turn it on yourself.

Stefan: Your arrival is premature. I told you to wait for my call.

Lydia: Oh, patience is such a boring virtue. I've agreed to marry Nikolas, so we might as well get on with it. Where is he? I want to introduce myself to my new husband.

Nikolas: Hmm. You having trouble falling asleep?

Emily: Yes.

Nikolas: Yeah?

Emily: Sometimes when I -- when I close my eyes, I'm -- I知 afraid I値l never open them again.

Nikolas: No. You'll wake up tomorrow and the next day and every day through chemo and beyond until the cancer's completely gone from your body. When it's over and you're well, I'm going to throw you a party to celebrate, a bacchanalia in your honor.

Emily: Then we can waltz again.

Nikolas: Every dance if you want.

Emily: I remember when your -- when your uncle and Katherine Bell got engaged.

Nikolas: Yeah?

Emily: Yeah. Every time you -- you danced with me, it felt like I was flying.

Nikolas: No, this will be even better than that. I'll fill the house with orchids and candles in the garden. All your friends and family will come. We'll have champagne and brownies and all the toffee-crunch ice cream you can eat. The musicians will only play waltzes, and we'll dance till dawn. How's that?

Emily: Flying around the ballroom.

Nikolas: Flying.

Luke: If I end up in a body bag, it won't be from suicide. It'll be from fighting to save the woman that I love.

Cameron: Save her from what, Luke?

Luke: From you! From all of you! From the Cassadines! From you, Dr. Quack! From you, her own son!

Lucky: Listen to me, Dad. I may have made a mistake, but we can talk about it if just put the knife down.

Luke: No, you shut up. You just shut up, or I値l stick this where your heart should've been.

Cameron: Luke, is this how you save your wife -- threatening her son with a knife?

Luke: Shut up!

Cameron: Suppose you're able to find Laura. What then? How are you going to get to her? Kill a couple of security guards, maybe a couple of nurses, a doctor? You drag her off somewhere, and then what? Do you expect her to magically come out of a catatonic state?

Luke: I know how to protect my wife!

Cameron: Like you did the last time? Refresh my memory. What happened? You were in an attic somewhere. She was delusional. You couldn't bring her back.

Luke: No, no. You destroyed her life. Yeah, you did. I -- I don't need you, and I don't need you. I don't need anybody. I know -- I know how to protect my wife. I know how to take care of her. I do! Not you! Not -- not you!

Stefan: This isn't a good time to meet Nikolas.

Lydia: I can't imagine what we're waiting for.

Stefan: He isn't ready.

Lydia: Well, he has to get ready. My inheritance depends on it.

Stefan: Well, if it weren't for my maneuvering, all you would be inheriting is a modest trust fund. Don't forget, I persuaded your dying grandfather to bequeath his $20 billion estate to you and Nikolas equally in the event of your marriage.

Lydia: I could've changed my grandfather's mind without your interference.

Stefan: No. He already decided to disinherit you. I went to him, spent several days convincing him that a union between you and Nikolas would be the best possible use of his money. Now he's passed away. The will is a fait accompli. It's imperative that you follow my lead.

Lydia: Look, I want this marriage as much as you do -- primarily for the money, of course. Although, from what I've heard, Nikolas is relatively attractive.

Stefan: Well, then you understand the importance of trusting me to handle the details as I see fit.

Lydia: So you haven't even told Nikolas about our betrothal yet.

Stefan: Not yet.

Lydia: Well, don't bother. I'll tell him myself.

Stefan: Listen -- do not fool yourself, Lydia. One false move and you could find yourself a part of the wage-earning bourgeoisie. Ah, selling time-shares on the Italian Riviera or conducting guided tours of your family's estate.

Lydia: Oh, you have a vivid imagination.

Stefan: Listen to me. Technically, Nikolas is my nephew, but for all intents and purposes, I raised him as my son. He has been my son since the day he was born. I know how he thinks. He will need to be led very carefully into the idea of marrying you.

Lydia: Well, I know how to convince men to do all sorts of things they might otherwise resist.

Stefan: You overestimate your appeal.

Lydia: Not really. Unless, what, Nikolas is already in love with somebody else?

Stefan: I wouldn't exactly call it love, but he is infatuated with a local girl.

Lydia: So he can marry a fortune and have a love affair on the side. That's what I intend to do.

Stefan: Come with me.

Lydia: Take your hands off me.

Stefan: You will meet Nikolas when I decide he's ready.

Lydia: What are you doing? Get off me. Stefan

Jason: There is no chance that they're going to release me tonight, so there's nothing that you can do here. Carly's the one who needs you. She's afraid for Sonny, and me getting arrested probably didn't help. The doctor told Carly that she had to relax, and you know that she doesn't know how to relax, so what I need you to do is keep her mind off of worrying, ok? Because none of this -- none of this matters if Carly and the baby aren't ok.

Courtney: Ok, I'll go to her right now. Are you sure there isn't anything I can do?

Jason: I got it covered.

Courtney: Take care, ok?

Scott: Oh, what's this? Are you rehearsing for your conjugal visits? I don't mean to interrupt you. I guess you weren't thinking about your pretty fianc馥 when you decided on dealing drugs here in Port Charles. She seems like the loyal type, so she'll come visit you once a month in prison -- for the next 20 years.

[monitor beeps]

Carly: What do you want, Ric?

Ric: I told you. I came by to see how you and the baby were doing.

Carly: No, you hate Sonny as much as ever, so what is it this time? What do you have planned? You're planning on hurting us this time how?

Ric: Carly, I told you my life has changed. I made peace with you and Sonny.

Carly: Just stop lying, Ric!

Ric: Carly, calm down.

[monitor beeps faster]

Ric: Stress is bad for the baby.

Carly: Oh. Is -- is that why you came here? Sonny's been kidnapped, so -- so now you're going to harass his pregnant wife?

Ric: No, Carly, that's not it at all.

Carly: Is that what's going on here? Did you call because you wanted ransom?

Ric: Carly, Carly --

Carly: What is going on here, Ric?

Ric: Relax.

Carly: Stop it! I will relax when I find Sonny! Where is he?

Ric: Take it easy.

Carly: What did you do to him?

Elizabeth: Hey, hey, what's going on?

Ric: I don't know --

Carly: I'll tell you what's going on, Elizabeth! Your sick, sick husband has Sonny! He's kidnapped him now, and he's --

Ric: Carly, I told you, I had nothing to do with --

Carly: You're such a liar, Ric! I will kill you myself if you don't tell me! I will kill you!

Elizabeth: What were you doing in Carly's room? What do you want from her?

Tony: Luke's asleep. I had him placed in restraints.

Lucky: You said a combination of drugs and alcohol, he could slip into a coma. Is that still possible?

Tony: Well, fortunately, you got him here in time. If he had been left alone and hours had passed, he could've become comatose or even died.

Lucky: Ok, well, how is he doing? Is he ok?

Tony: Provided Luke behaves himself. Excuse me.

Lucky: That's a big if.

Cameron: Well, he's in restraints. He can't get very far.

Lucky: What's going to happen when the hospital releases him? You know what? I got to go.

Summer: Wait. Where am I going to reach you if he wakes up?

Lucky: I'm -- I知 going to go see Nikolas. I have to go to Wyndemere, ok?

Cameron: See him about what?

Lucky: I'm going to tell my dad where mom is.

Cameron: You're serious about that? That wasn't just a ploy to talk your father down?

Lucky: My dad is in hell.

Cameron: You're right, he is. But send him back to Laura? You might as well go back to his room and finish him off right now.

Nikolas: Hello, Uncle.

Stefan: Oh, Nikolas. You're just in time. Will you join me?

Nikolas: Sure. We can toast to your big secret.

Stefan: What secret would that be?

Nikolas: The one that would explain why you've been prowling around the tunnels tonight. What are you up to?

Scott: There I was, congratulating you guys for cleaning up the drugs in Port Charles. Of course, you just stared at me with those blank stares that you both have. But you were just laughing inside, weren't you?

Jason: The drugs belong to Lorenzo Alcazar.

Scott: Alcazar? The only Alcazar I know took a swan dive and he's dead.

Jason: He's Luis' brother. He's the source of the new drugs on the market. He tried to deliver them to one of our piers. We intercepted that shipment. That's why there's no coke to hit the streets, Baldwin.

Scott: Yeah, well, I got a difference scenario. You and Corinthos and Alcazar's brother all hooked up. He supplies it --

Jason: Are you going to listen to me for once? Alcazar wants the drugs back. That's why he kidnapped Sonny. If he doesn't get the drugs back, he's going to kill Sonny.

Scott: Drugs gone, you in prison, Sonny dead. Where's the downside?

[monitor beeps]

Courtney: Hey.

Carly: Do you know about Jason?

Courtney: Yeah, I just came from the police station. He wanted me to check on you. How's the baby?

Carly: Everything's fine. The pain's completely stopped.

Courtney: Oh, good.

Dr. Meadows: I was just explaining to Carly that she's at a stage in her pregnancy where her ligaments are stretching, and it can cause acute abdominal pain, which she has experienced. I want you to stay here tonight, take it easy. More stress can lead to a premature labor, and we want to avoid that at all costs.

Courtney: Doctor, do you have any suggestions on any relaxation techniques?

Dr. Meadows: Yoga, meditation, avoiding stressful situations. You know, Carly, you might want to consider staying away from people who upset you for the next few months.

Carly: Ok.

Dr. Meadows: Mm-hmm.

Carly: Mm-hmm.

Dr. Meadows: Check in on you later.

Carly: Thanks, Dr. Meadows.

Dr. Meadows: You're welcome.

Courtney: God, Carly, I am so sorry. I should never have left you alone.

Carly: It's ok, it's ok. Courtney, I understand why you wanted the information from Brenda.

Courtney: Alcazar has a brother. He's who took Sonny.

Carly: Did Jason tell you this?

Courtney: He didn't want to tell you while you were worrying about the baby. Maybe I shouldn't have told you now.

Carly: No, of course you should. My husband's been kidnapped. I need to know who took him.

Courtney: Ok, Jason says that this guy just wants to negotiate, that it's business and we should be able to get Sonny back.

Carly: Yeah, well, I hope so. I don't know. Maybe I should be glad. Maybe I should be glad that some -- some drug lord took Sonny and it's not that psychopath Ric.

Elizabeth: Hey -- you know what I was thinking --

Ric: Uh -- wait a second, Liz. Hey --

Elizabeth: What's the matter? Ric, what's going on?

Ric: Nothing. I -- I just forgot to check the mailbox. There's something really important --

Elizabeth: Ok, I'll get it.

Ric: Thanks.

Elizabeth: All right. Here it is. This what you wanted?

Ric: Yeah, yeah.

Elizabeth: Ok.

Ric: I think that's it. Thanks.

Elizabeth: There you go. Ok, now, can that wait? Because you haven't finished answering my question.

Ric: Well, look, don't worry. I have no intention of doing business with Alcazar.

Elizabeth: And you told me that you went to see Carly because of what Michael said on the phone.

Ric: Yeah, exactly. I just wanted to make sure that the ambulance got there in time.

Elizabeth: Why did you call her in the first place?

Ric: I just wanted to reassure her that I had nothing to do with Sonny's disappearance, that's all.

Elizabeth: Don't you think that could've made her a little more suspicious, considering all the lies you've told her in the past?

Ric: Yeah, I guess -- I guess it was overkill.

Elizabeth: Hmm.

Ric: Just trying to make peace with Sonny. But it's a good thing that I did because that call might've saved the baby's life. Can I open this now, please? I mean, it is for you.

Elizabeth: Yeah.

Ric: Ok.

Ric: Look at this. All right. Ta-da! Announcing the opening of Elizabeth Webber Lansing one-woman show. First step in an illustrious career as a renowned artist.

Elizabeth: You know what? Just stop, ok? Just -- I know what you're trying to do.

Ric: What -- what, is it too much? I mean, I can have them --

Elizabeth: I'm not completely blind, Ric. You've been planning all this without me. I realize that you're trying to make the hurt go away and fill the void our baby left, but this is not the way to do it.

Ric: What's wrong with replacing what Sonny took from us? Huh? Don't you think we're entitled to something?

Elizabeth: Sonny? Is that what you think -- Sonny caused the miscarriage? Ric, is Carly right? Is -- are you still out for revenge?

Carly: How can Jason negotiate for Sonny if he is locked up in a cell?

Courtney: Carly, Jason says that he has everything under control.

Carly: Well, he doesn't, ok? He just told you that so you wouldn't worry.

Courtney: Hey, I am not the one who needs to stay calm and keep her blood pressure low. You are.

Carly: Listen, I am calm! I just want Sonny back!

Courtney: Ok, and when he does come back, he's going to want to know that you and the baby are ok. So let's just stop thinking about Jason and Sonny right now and think about something else. Like the wedding. Uh -- I was thinking about lobster appetizers. What do you think?

Carly: I think you're crazy, because there's not going to be any wedding if we can't get Sonny back and we can't get Jason out of jail!

Courtney: "We"?

Carly: Yes, "we." You and me, and we need to think of a plan.

Courtney: Oh, whoa, Carly --

Carly: We need to start right now --

Courtney: Carly, come on! Do you know what is going to make things worse? Is you coming up with a plan that Jason is going to hate.

Carly: Well, what are we supposed to do? Courtney, you want to just sit back and relax and wait for a disaster to happen?

Courtney: Jason says that he has everything under control, Carly.

Carly: You know what? I don't really care what Jason says! Sonny's life is in danger!

Courtney: Yeah, and so is yours and the baby's if you take matters into your own hands, Carly!

Carly: I will be careful. Take this.

Courtney: Hey, you have learned your lessons the hard way, remember? You overreact to some crisis, you work up some scheme that blows up in your face, and meanwhile Sonny's already come up with a plan which you promptly ruin by throwing yourself in the middle.

Carly: Well, this time it'll be different, ok?

Courtney: Carly, how?

Carly: Courtney, it's different! It is different because Jason and Sonny's hands are tied!

Courtney: How do you know? Jason sounded confident. He knows what he's doing, Carly. You trust Jason, right?

Carly: Of course I do.

Courtney: Ok. Then you need to trust Jason to ask us for help if he needs it.

Carly: Yeah. I just -- trust him enough to stay out of the way.

Courtney: So, any suggestions on appetizers for the wedding?

Carly: Courtney, you know that nothing we talk about is going to keep me from worrying about Sonny.

Courtney: I know.

Jason: What are you doing? You have a chance to arrest a major drug trafficker.

Scott: I've got you, Corinthos' number one, his golden goon. That's a bigger feather in my cap than all the Alcazar brothers.

Jason: Baldwin, you're right. You know what? My arrest is going to look great -- till you take me to trial. I wasn't anywhere near that warehouse when you found Alcazar's drugs. Any lawyer with a half a brain -- maybe even you -- could get me off.

Scott: I'll take my chances.

Jason: You know Sonny's body will never be found.

Scott: Well, it'll be tough on the widow, but she's young. She'll bounce back.

Jason: You're not -- you're not getting it! No one's going to know that Sonny was murdered. Everyone's going to figure that he's lying on the beach somewhere getting a tan, safe from prosecution. So you can be the district attorney who let Sonny Corinthos walk away or the one who put Lorenzo Alcazar behind bars for drug trafficking.

Lucky: You know what? My dad already knows how sick my mom is. He's seen for himself.

Cameron: Yeah, but he's not rational about it.

Lucky: Come on, you know my dad. He hates feeling like he's the last to know, and Nikolas and I moved my mom without telling him. It's driving him crazy.

Cameron: Lucky, Luke honestly believes that he can still rescue Laura. He wants to look into her eyes and see himself reflected back as her hero. Well, what's going to happen when he drags her off to some godforsaken place, looks in her eyes, and sees a void staring back? What's going to stop him from slipping into that void? Not Laura. She can't bring him back anymore. If your dad ever finds Laura again, it could destroy not only her but himself.

Stefan: I was estimating the number of guards that will be required to patrol the tunnels.

Nikolas: Why do they need patrolling?

Stefan: Luke Spencer, of course. He's a sociopath, and now he's crossed the line into clinical insanity.

Nikolas: You're overreacting.

Stefan: No, I'm being realistic. You, on the other hand, seem to be losing all sense of perspective. Your entire life is tilting out of control.

Nikolas: No, you mean out of your control. That's what really bothers you, isn't it?

Stefan: Oh, Nikolas, you can't honestly believe that this dalliance with Emily Quartermaine has any sort of future.

Nikolas: It's -- it's not a dalliance.

Stefan: Be reasonable. It was one thing to be infatuated with Gia. I knew that eventually you would become bored and move on, but --

Nikolas: I didn't become bored with Gia. She's the one who broke off the -- all right, you know what? We've been through this before. You need to stop monitoring my relationships. We disagree. I'm not going to change your mind. You're not going to change mine. Let's just leave it at that.

Stefan: You have a position. You need to honor that and conduct yourself in ways that are appropriate.

Nikolas: I do.

Stefan: Nikolas, you may think you're in love with Emily, but in time you will realize that she's just a diversion. You know the Quartermaines won't take that lightly. You need to stop this before you hurt the poor girl.

Nikolas: I would never hurt Emily.

Stefan: You know what I mean.

Nikolas: No. No, I don't know what you mean. There's nothing fleeting about my relationship with Emily. In fact, I致e made a serious commitment to her.

Stefan: What do you mean by "commitment"?

Nikolas: What does "commitment" mean to you?

[water runs]

Nikolas: Emily?

Emily: I'm here.

Nikolas: Are you all right?

[water stops]

Emily: Oh. Chemo kicked in.

Nikolas: Oh, you're nauseas?

Emily: Big-time.

Nikolas: All right, come on. There you go. Ok? I'm sorry I left. You were sleeping so peacefully, I didn't want to wake you up.

Emily: Oh, that's ok. Not exactly an experience I -- I want to share. Hey, it's ok. You don't have to baby-sit me.

Nikolas: I -- it's nothing quite that noble. I was using you as an excuse to hide from my uncle.

Emily: You had another fight?

Nikolas: Naturally.

Emily: About me again?

Nikolas: It's just he's so determined to make decisions for me. And when I tell him it's not going to happen, he just pushes harder.

Emily: I'm so sorry.

Nikolas: No, don't be. I'm not. You should've seen the look on his face when I told him I made a commitment to you.

Emily: Oh, you didn't.

Nikolas: I didn't specify what -- what sort of commitment. I just let his imagination fill in the blanks.

Emily: Oh, you're evil, Nikolas. You're a true, twisted Cassadine.

Nikolas: Yeah, I thought he was going to pass out.

Emily: He's probably imagining our engagement.

Nikolas: Oh, and marriage and children and -- oh, my --

Emily: Did he clutch his heart and keel over?

Nikolas: Close. I almost wish that you and I were in love just for the sake of torturing my uncle.

Emily: Who knew I was unsuitable, huh?

Nikolas: Yeah. That's the part I'm wondering about. See, he's always had this -- this grudging respect for the Quartermaines, you know, and he said that they wouldn't approve of me treating you as a diversion or --

Emily: So?

Nikolas: So it makes me think something else is going on with him.

Emily: Hmm.

Nikolas: The question is, what?

Elizabeth: You swore you didn't blame Sonny for the miscarriage, but you do.

Ric: I -- I don't blame him alone. Sonny and I are both responsible. The hate that we carried between us caused more damage than I ever thought imaginable. Look, you -- it's the reason that -- it's the reason that you called him to go meet you at Ryce Plaza, the reason the two of you got in an argument, the reason that you fell down the stairs.

Elizabeth: What, you were just trying to even the score, is that it?

Ric: No.

Elizabeth: Ok, well, you said that we're entitled to something.

Ric: Yes, we are entitled to something. We're entitled to our happiness. Your -- our career, the baby that we're going to have -- someday.

Elizabeth: Uh-uh. No, there's more. Things you're not telling me. I can see it in your face, Ric. Now, don't lie to me.

Ric: Ok. Ok. Look, there is more. The truth is that I'm angry with myself. I thought that I could put my past behind me and start over with you, but my hatred of Sonny kept coming back to haunt me with you and the baby. Look, I just -- I want to make things right. But I know it doesn't happen with the snap of a finger. I know it's going to take time and effort and -- and love.

Elizabeth: Why did you really go see Carly tonight? Was it to upset her as revenge against Sonny?

Ric: No. If I wanted revenge against Sonny, then I wouldn't have called an ambulance. I would've done nothing. I would've let Carly and Sonny's baby possibly die. But that didn't happen, right? She's safe in the hospital. She's -- she's strapped to a fetal monitor.

Elizabeth: Will you promise me -- just promise me that you're telling the truth. Swear to me, Ric, that your vendetta is over.

Ric: I swear. I am only focused on the future, not on the past, and on our family, not Sonny's.

Courtney: Hey.

Jason: How are Carly and the baby?

Courtney: They're fine. They're fine, but Dr. Meadows said that Carly needs to avoid stress. Now Carly痴 talking about taking up pregnancy yoga class.

Jason: Yeah, well, you still need to stay with her right now.

Courtney: Jason, she -- she basically ordered me to leave. She said I was stressing her out by being there when I should be here supporting you.

Jason: I am sorry that you got stuck in the middle of this.

Courtney: I don't mind. So have you come up with a strategy for getting Sonny released?

Jason: Yeah. The only question is how much my strategy will cost.

Lorenzo: Excuse me. I'm looking for a Jason Morgan?

Scott: I'll handle this. Lorenzo Alcazar.

Lorenzo: Have we met?

Scott: I'm the district attorney. I'm the one that brought your brother's killer to justice. Let's hope that your stay here in Port Charles keeps you above ground.

Lorenzo: Let's hope so.

Scott: Yeah.

Lorenzo: You know where I can find Jason Morgan?

Scott: He's in police custody.

Lorenzo: Well, it would mean a lot to me if I could see him. We're in the middle of some important negotiations.

Scott: Oh, well, don't let me stand in the way of big business. Right this way.

Scott: Morgan -- got a visitor.

Courtney: I'll see you later.

Scott: You got five minutes.

Lorenzo: Your bargaining position just got substantially weaker.

Lucky: Hey, Dad. It's me, Lucky. Do you know you scared me half to death back there at the office? Tony says you're going to be ok. But you know me, I知 just -- just trying to believe it.

Lucky: You know, I've been afraid for you, afraid that your love for mom would destroy you. I just thought I was doing what was right. Maybe -- yeah, maybe I made mistakes, but I'm just following my instincts, just like you taught me. I hope one day you'll understand. At the very least, you'll just forgive me.

Michael: Mommy.

Carly: Hey, Mr. Man. Come here. Come give me a hug. Oh -- hey! Oh, honey. Where's Leticia? She out with the nurse?

Michael: Uh-huh.

Carly: Yeah?

Michael: Are you ok? Do you feel better?

Carly: I feel much better.

Michael: Is our baby sick?

Carly: Sweetie, our baby is just fine.

Michael: What does this machine do?

Carly: That machine there keeps track of your mommy's and the baby's heartbeat. And the baby's doing great. Your little brother's A-OK.

Michael: Ok. Is daddy ok, too?

Carly: Yeah, he's just fine. And you know what? He's going to be here very soon. It's just that business is keeping him a little bit, but he'll get here as soon as he can.

Michael: Ok.

Carly: Ok.

Woman: Although Braxton Hicks contractions may be a symptom of stress, doctors agree they have no lasting ill effects on the fetus. However, real contractions often lead to premature birth and can occur anytime during a pregnancy. There are several steps an expectant mother can take.

Scott: You know, it's not too late to rethink all of this.

Courtney: What?

Scott: Come on. What kind of life is it going to be with Jason? He's going to be in and out of jail all the time. At best, you're going to visit him once a week with a tin can full of cookies.

Courtney: Save the phony concern, ok?

Scott: It's just that your brother destroys anybody that close to him. It's too late for Carly or Jason, but you -- you're young. You got a chance. Think about it.

Jason: I'll be out of here in 24 hours.

Lorenzo: Well, that's good for you but meaningless to me unless you've got drugs to trade.

Jason: I'll have them as soon as I get out of here.

Lorenzo: You know, I was watching the news on television tonight. The police seized a 50-kilo coke shipment. Now, unless you plan to storm into this department, break into the evidence room with a troop full of heavily armed men, I壇 say you're out of luck, Mr. Morgan.

Jason: Wait a minute. I said I値l have the drugs to trade. Just give me 24 hours. One day -- that's all I need.

Lorenzo: It's nothing personal. Your time has run out. Mr. Corinthos is a dead man.

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Georgie: If you were my friend and you really cared about me --

Dillon: I do really care about you.

Emily: You were here all night? I was with Nikolas. I spent the night.

Courtney: Carly, there's not going to be a wedding.

Jason: Sonny's being held against his will.

Lorenzo: His time is up.


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