GH Transcript Monday 6/9/03

General Hospital Transcript Monday 6/9/03

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Nikolas: You can stay at Wyndemere for a couple days. You won't have to hide that you're sick.

Luke: Laura, my angel.

Carly: What is it? Oh, my God. Sonny.

Man: Now we can begin negotiations.

Elizabeth: Maybe I shouldn't be drinking. What if our new baby's already on the way?

Ric: Our new baby is definitely on its way.

Carly: Ah --

Michael: Mommy! Are you sick?


Lucky: I'm just telling you watch your back because, I mean, he is on a rampage.

Nikolas: I already had a run-in with Luke earlier today.

Lucky: Now it's worse. When he came by my room earlier, you know, he started yelling and wanting to start a fight. He hit his head, and -- Summer and I, we took him to the hospital. He had a concussion. The doctor told him he had to stay overnight, but he took off.

Nikolas: If Lukeís looking for a fight, you know he'll go right to my uncle.

Lucky: He thinks we're all conspiring against him -- you, me, Stefan --

Nikolas: Stef-- my uncle has no idea where we sent Laura.

Lucky: Well, you try telling my dad that.

Nikolas: What are you going to do?

Lucky: I'm going to go try and find him, see if I can calm him down.

Nikolas: All right, well, if he stops by Wyndemere, I'll let you know.

Lucky: Well, if he does, just take it easy, ok, regardless of how much yelling and threatening he does.

Nikolas: I'll try, Lucky, but if he gets violent, I'm telling you --

Lucky: Well, with the drugs he's on and the alcohol he's probably had, there's no telling what he could do next, so be careful.

Luke: Laura. Laura, Laura. Oh, Laura.

Summer: I'm not Laura. I am Summer.

Luke: No, no. No, no. Summer pretended to be you. She was helping me. We played a game to keep me from killing myself. But you're here now, and that's all over. It's all over.

Summer: Look at my face. Look at my face. I'm Summer.

Luke: You can trust me. I made terrible mistakes, but now you can trust me. I'll never let anybody hurt you. Never. I will protect you. You are my wife. I will protect you. I swore to protect you, remember?

Summer: I remember.

Luke: I love you. I -- I love you so much.

Emily: You're not pushing me anywhere, Mr. Cassadine. What I have with Nikolas is none of your business.

Stefan: Nikolas has always been my main concern. That will never change.

Emily: What if Nikolas doesn't appreciate your input? Are you going to try to intimidate me because you can't control him?

Stefan: Don't be absurd.

Emily: Oh. Well, that's what this is about, isn't it? Nikolas won't listen to you, so you're trying to -- to bully me into going away.

Stefan: Hmm. Is there something else on your mind besides a romance with Nikolas?

Emily: No, nothing. I just -- I want you -- I want you to leave us alone.

Stefan: What's wrong with you?

Man: You look like you've seen a ghost.

Jason: Who are you?

Man: Lorenzo Alcazar. Luis was my older brother.

Jason: I never heard about any brother.

Lorenzo: I wanted it that way. Luis was the front man in our partnership. He handled the contracts, negotiated the deals. I was in charge of the more physical elements -- production, delivery. I understand you and your boss, Mr. Corinthos, have a similar division of labor. It can be very efficient. Sadly, my brother ruined himself over his obsession with your ex-wife, Brenda. Kind of a clichť -- brother brought down by his love for a woman. Literally a fatal flaw. So now Luis is gone and I'm in charge.

Jason: Where's Sonny?

Lorenzo: You're not much for conversation --

Jason: I got the photograph. I know you have him.

Lorenzo: I should warn you. My men are in position as we speak, guns aimed at you. You shoot me, both you and your boss die instantly.

Jason: What do you want?

Lorenzo: To expand my business, of course.

Jason: Drugs.

Lorenzo: Among other ventures. I'm prepared to offer you a deal -- my merchandise for your boss.

Ric: To our new baby, somewhere on its way to being born.

Elizabeth: You know, I don't -- I don't want to jinx this. We just lost a baby. Maybe we need some time to heal.

Ric: Well, we're never going to forget the child that we lost, but there's nothing wrong with looking forward to something, right?

Elizabeth: No. No, but, honey, it's not like we exactly planned this last pregnancy. And now we have the luxury of choosing when to do this.

Ric: I'm pushing you, right?

Elizabeth: No. No. I'm thrilled that you want a family.

Ric: Well, maybe that's it. I've always dreamt of a close-knit, loving family. The thought of finally having one is like a dream come true.

Elizabeth: I know what you mean.

Ric: Listen, why don't we just leave it in fate's hands, see what happens?

Elizabeth: Good idea.

Ric: I mean, these things have a way of working themselves out.

Elizabeth: Yes, they do. You know what? I am going to hold off on the champagne because I want to do some sketches for the show at the gallery --

Ric: Far be it for me to stand between you and a potential masterpiece.

Elizabeth: Have I told you how much I love you?

Ric: Well, you haven't set it to music, but -- I love you, too.

Carly: Ooh. It's ok. It's ok. I'm fine. I just -- ooh. The baby just surprised me -- surprises me sometimes when he moves inside of me.

Michael: Did he kick you?

Carly: He kicked me. I'm ok, sweetheart. You go on upstairs, all right? You try and get some sleep.

Michael: Ok.

Carly: Ok. I'll be up in a minute.

Michael: Ok.

Carly: Ok.

[Carly pants]

Carly: Oh -- ah --

Michael: Mommy!

Carly: Ow!

Michael: Mommy, are you ok?

Carly: It's ok.

Michael: Mommy, Mommy Ė

Lorenzo: You return the drugs you stole and I'll let Corinthos go.

Jason: I didn't steal any drugs.

Lorenzo: Don't insult my intelligence. You and your boss intercepted a shipment of mine and hid it. My men questioned both of you, and you guys lied. So now Iíve taken Sonny. It's in everyone's best interest to end this before it escalates any further. Where is my product?

Jason: I can't negotiate without Sonny's approval.

Lorenzo: I imagine he'll approve of you saving his life. I'll contact you in exactly 12 hours. Unless you agree to a trade, your boss dies.

Summer: Look, I know this must be hard for you. The loneliness and the regret -- it must be overwhelming.

Luke: You're not sick. You're not crazy. I knew they were lying, they were holding you against your will, but that's all over now.

Summer: Luke, please listen to me --

Luke: It all ended when you left me, sweetheart. My whole life just -- just ended. And so you can't -- you can't go away again. You can't ever leave me.

Summer: Luke, listen to me. You're not talking to me right now, ok? You're talking to Laura. She's not here.

Luke: Oh, don't -- don't say that, baby. Shh. Don't say that. You are here. You're just confused. I'll never let those doctors touch you again.

[door opens]

Luke: Lucky, look -- look -- your mother's back. And she's fine. She's fine.

Emily: I'm all right. I'm all right. I'm just -- just a little light-- lightheaded.

Stefan: You had a dizzy spell at the hospital earlier. It was quite effective with Nikolas. He came rushing to your side, full of concern.

Emily: Yes, Nikolas is a very thoughtful person.

Stefan: And you use that to your advantage.

Emily: What does that mean?

Stefan: If you care about Nikolas, you'll stop manipulating him.

Emily: You know, for someone who claims to love Nikolas, you sure don't respect him very much. He would know if I was playing him -- not that I ever would.

Stefan: What do you want from him? It can't be money. The Quartermaines dote on you. You must have a comfortable trust fund at your disposable.

Emily: Has it -- has it ever even occurred to you that we might actually care about each other?

Stefan: Well, there must be a reason for this relationship suddenly blossoming into a romance.

Emily: It's not sudden. We've been friends for years.

Stefan: Yes, friends. Nothing more. And now, out of the blue, you claim to be in love. Now, what do you have with Nikolas that has caused this abrupt shift?

Emily: It's called trust and mutual respect -- qualities you obviously know nothing about.

Stefan: Trust and mutual respect notwithstanding, you are an unwanted distraction, and I will not allow Nikolas to waste any more time with you.

Emily: Won't allow?

Stefan: I have to protect this family's future.

Emily: Ok, well, I guess everybody needs a hobby. But there is no way that you're telling me or Nikolas who to be with.

Stefan: I raised Nikolas as a son. He will disagree with me at first, but eventually he will abide by my wishes.

Emily: You are not Nikolas' guardian anymore. You don't control him. Nikolas loves you, but that does not mean that he has any illusions about you. You are obsessed with power and tradition, and Nikolas isnít.

Stefan: You underestimate Nikolas' loyalty to family.

Emily: Nikolas is so much more than the Cassadine heir. And if you don't start appreciating him for who he is, you're going to lose him for good.

Stefan: Don't threaten me. If anyone is going to lose Nikolas, it's you.

Nikolas: Get away from her.

[phone rings]

Michael: Hello?

Ric: Michael. Hi. Is your mother at home?

Michael: Mommy fell. I think the baby's sick.

Ric: Is she hurt?

Michael: I don't know.

Ric: Ok, I'm going to call 911. I'll get an ambulance over there. All right, stay with your mother. Tell her help is on the way. Do you understand?

Michael: I understand.

Ric: All right, good boy. Yes, 911. A pregnant woman has fallen. I think she might be in premature labor. Harbor View Towers, penthouse four. No, no, I'm not with her. She's there with a little boy. You need to send an ambulance there right away. Ok, thank you.

Ric: Elizabeth, I have to go out! I'll be back!

Lorenzo: Mr. Lansing. We meet at last.

Lucky: Ok, Dad, mom's gone.

Luke: No.

Lucky: Dad --

Luke: No, she's right here.

Lucky: She's sick. She's sick, and the doctors, they're taking care of her.

Luke: That's not true. She was never sick. The Cassadines lied. They were just locking her up, trying to keep her away from me. But she escaped. She's too strong for them. Aren't you, sweetheart? Life is nothing without you. Nothing. Nothing.

Summer: Luke, I wish that I could be Laura for you. I know how much you're hurting. What you and your wife had was so special and so rare. I wish that I could bring it back for you, Luke, but I canít.

Luke: No. You canít.

Lucky: Dad -- look, it's ok. Just -- just give me the knife, ok? Dad --

Luke: Get away from me! You back off.

Lucky: It's ok, it's ok. It's ok.

Nikolas: Apologize to Emily now.

Stefan: Nikolas, for God's sake, what sort of hold does this girl have over you?

Nikolas: Why are you talking about her as if she's not in the room? Apologize or pack your bags and go back to Greece.

Stefan: I apologize, Ms. Quartermaine, if there was any misunderstanding. But I will not apologize to you for looking out for your best interests.

Nikolas: How's being rude to my girlfriend in my best interest?

Stefan: Girlfriend?

Nikolas: Yeah. You know Iím in love with Emily. You heard me tell Zander at the hospital.

Stefan: Oh, Nikolas, open your eyes. Emily is using you to make that other boy jealous. She times her dizzy spell perfectly to have both of you rush to her side.

Nikolas: Congratulations, Uncle. You've just gone from gratuitously rude to outright insulting. You want to go further? Because I have no problem with sending you back where you came from and making sure you stay there.

Stefan: Well, you need my help. And if the only way to ensure that is to abide by your wishes, then so be it.

Nikolas: Thank you. And you will never insult Emily again? Is that clear?

Stefan: Perfectly.

Emily: I don't know if I have ever told you this before, but when you decide to be, you are one scary kick-ass prince.

Nikolas: Come here.

[Carly groans]

Michael: Jason, mommy's sick.

Jason: Has anyone called 911?

Leticia: Yeah. The paramedics should be here any minute.

Jason: Buddy, I just want you to wait over there, ok? I just need a little room. I want to help your mommy. Go ahead, Leticia, take him over there, please. Hey, hey, how you doing? How you doing?

Carly: It hurts. It hurts. Michael's so scared.

Jason: No, no, he's going to be ok. You just have to breathe, Carly.

Carly: Where --

Jason: Breathe, just breathe.

Carly: Where's Sonny? Did you find him?

Jason: Not yet. Not yet. Just try to relax. Carly --

Carly: Well, where is he? I thought you said you knew where he was.

Jason: I have -- I have some leads.

Carly: Well, so what does this mean? Is he ok?

Jason: He's alive. He is alive, and I know how to get him back. Just focus on the baby, ok? Just breathe.

Paramedic: Excuse me, Sir.

Jason: Just be careful. She's pregnant.

Paramedic: Ok, when are you due?

Carly: November.

Paramedic: Ok, what happened?

Carly: I had cramping and -- and I fell.

Paramedic: Do you have any previous medical injuries or cramp problems -- anything? I mean, abdominal bleeding or pain or anything?

Carly: I had abdominal pain, but it was a few months ago and -- ow -- it's been fine ever since. Doctor said it's a normal pregnancy.

Jason: She's been under a lot of stress.

Carly: Oh.

Paramedic: Pulse is 80. Blood pressure's up to 160/96.

Second paramedic: Ok, now, I just want you to take it easy. We're going to put you on an I.V. and we're going to put you on the gurney, ok?

Carly: Ok.

Jason: What happened to her?

Leticia: It's my day off. I came here to pick something up. I walked in the door and found Carly and Michael on the ground. And I have no idea where the guards are --

Jason: I know, I know. They're taking care of something. How -- how long was Carly on the floor?

Leticia: I don't know. Michael didn't tell me.

Michael: Is mommy going to be ok?

Jason: Yeah, buddy. These guys are going to take her to the doctor. He's going to check her out. Everything's going to be fine.

Michael: I tried to call 911, but the phone rang. I told the guy on the phone the baby was sick. He said he'd send for help, and he did.

Jason: What man?

Lorenzo: Lorenzo Alcazar. My brother Luis told me all about you. He was always very impressed with your work -- until you tried to cheat him.

Ric: Luis never mentioned a brother.

Lorenzo: Why should he? You were essentially a glorified accountant. Your business was laundering money, not interested where it came from.

Ric: I hated your brother.

Lorenzo: No doubt.

Ric: So why are you here?

Lorenzo: I have business pending with your brother.

Ric: Good luck.

Lorenzo: I assume Mr. Corinthos contacted you when the name Alcazar surfaced?

Ric: Yeah, I told Sonny that as far as I knew, Luis Alcazar worked alone, that he didn't have any partners or relatives. Obviously, I was wrong.

Lorenzo: Well, it's unlikely that Mr. Corinthos and I will ever be able to work together, so he'll have to be eliminated. Once that happens, Iíll be in a position to offer you everything he has -- his business, his territory -- everything.

Sonny: Whoa Ė

Lorenzo: You're an intelligent, educated man. Think what you could do with Sonny's power, how rewarding it would be to take over everything that once belonged to him.

Ric: Well, that's a generous offer, but Iím afraid I'm going to have to decline. See, I have more to live for than just wanting what Sonny has.

Lorenzo: You may not get a second chance.

Ric: As I said, I respectfully decline.

Lorenzo: Suit yourself.

Ric: How much did you hear?

Elizabeth: Most of it. That was Alcazar's brother?

Ric: Yeah, apparently so. I always thought Luis had more than he could handle. Apparently, he had a brother that was picking up the slack.

Elizabeth: Hmm. And you weren't tempted to take him up on his offer?

Ric: Not for a minute.

Elizabeth: You sure?

Ric: Why would I want Sonny's life, huh? I mean, look what he's facing right now. His family isn't safe. He could be dead within the year. But my plans with you are going to last a lot longer than that, you know? We have a lifetime to spend together. I will not risk losing that.

Jason: Did the man on the phone tell you his name?

Michael: No. He said to stay with mommy, and he said he'd call 911.

Jason: You did the right thing. You did good. You made sure your mom was ok and that she got help. Your dad would be proud. Look, I want you to go upstairs with Leticia now.

Michael: Can I go to the hospital with mommy?

Leticia: Honey, we'll go visit her later, ok? Come on.

Jason: Hey.

Carly: Hey.

Jason: Michael's going to be ok.

Carly: What about Sonny? Is he ok?

Jason: Yeah.

Carly: Well, what do they want, Jason? Are they holding him for ransom?

Jason: Don't worry. Don't worry, Carly. I'm going to get him back. I'm going to get him back.

Lucky: It's ok, it's ok.

Summer: He was looking right at me. He was looking right at me, but all he could see was Laura. You know, I was trying to bring him back to reality, but then, my God, he's just -- he pulled the knife.

Lucky: I know. I'm so sorry he scared you.

Summer: He needs help. He needs help. I used to be able to help him. It made me feel good that I used to be able to help him, you know, just to ease that amount of pain.

Lucky: No, he's worse than ever. He may never get better.

Summer: Where do you think he's going?

Lucky: You know what? I don't know. But you know what? I'm just going to go look for him, ok? So why don't you just --

Summer: No, I'm coming.

Lucky: No, just stay here. I can handle this.

Summer: No, don't even try to argue. I'm coming with you.

Nikolas: Oh. How you feeling?

Emily: Guilty. It was totally unfair of me to make you pretend that you're falling in love with me.

Nikolas: Oh, you didn't make me do anything. I agreed because I want to help you any way you need.

Emily: Which proves that you're a wonderful friend and I'm not.

Nikolas: Since when?

Emily: You love your uncle and he loves you. He was -- he was the only father you knew growing up, and now he's back and the two of you should be enjoying your time together and not -- not fighting over me.

Nikolas: In all the time that you've known me, when have I not been fighting with my uncle? Yes, yes, he loves me, but he uses that as an excuse to do things I hate, treat people badly, and basically try to run my life. He'll never stop. I'll never give in. You know, he and I will just -- just continue to clash with each other. I'm just -- I'm sorry that he's decided the latest battle has to be over you.

Emily: What if you gave in?

Nikolas: Is this your way of saying that you want out of our fake romance? Because you know it's always been your choice. You want to tell Zander the truth, Iím all for it. But if you want to keep going the way we are, I'll do that, too. But the one thing I don't want you to do is give up your plan for my uncle's sake.

Emily: It costs you to fight with Stefan. I mean, you're good at it. You've got the whole "Iím the Cassadine prince, obey me or face everlasting exile" thing, you know, down cold. I don't know. I mean, maybe threats are the only language Stefan understands. But I know you hate doing this, and I can't stand being the reason.

Nikolas: You're not, Emily. I am. I grew up. My uncle doesn't like it. He spent his whole life planning for the day I'd inherit, and now that I have, he wishes I was a little boy again. You see, he wants the power for himself, but I refuse to give it to him. It's that simple. So, please, please don't take my family insanity out on yourself.

Emily: All right, ok. No problem. I've got enough family insanity of my own. But, listen, will you promise me one thing?

Nikolas: Of course.

Emily: If this pretending to fall in love with me thing ever, ever becomes a problem for you, you will tell me you want out.

Nikolas: All right. But it won't happen.

Emily: You're even more stubborn than I am.

Nikolas: I'll take that as a compliment. So, I see you decided to take me up on my offer to stay here?

Emily: Yeah, if it's still ok.

Nikolas: Of course. What changed your mind?

Emily: Oh. The downside to riding in a convertible with the top down is that your hair gets all tangled, and I was combing mine out. And I don't know if I'm being paranoid, Nikolas, but I felt like -- I felt like it was shedding.

Nikolas: No, no.

Emily: And I know it's vain and shallow of me, but I can't stand the thought of losing my hair.

Nikolas: Emily, it hasn't started yet. Ok? You look beautiful.

Emily: For how much longer, Nikolas? I mean, I'm only going to get weaker and sicker until I can't hide it anymore.

Nikolas: You'll get through it.

Emily: You don't know that. No one does.

Nikolas: Hey -- is there something else?

Emily: Yeah. Today's the anniversary of -- of my mother's death.  She would always, always think of me first, no matter how sick she got or how much pain she was in. And I just remember thinking that -- oh, I mean, I could -- I could never, ever be as -- as brave or as strong as she was.

Nikolas: You are. You are.

Emily: No, Nikolas, no. I am terrified all the time. People used to tell me that I was just like my mother, you know? Like my laugh and my expressions and the way I walked, and now Iím wondering, you know, what if it's true? What if I'm like my mother until the day I die?

Nikolas: No. You're going to get through this. Ok? And the chemo will be hard, and you'll probably feel like hell, but you'll survive. And -- and you'll get better and live to a ripe old age.

Emily: Because you say so?

Nikolas: That's right. I'm a prince and I'm spoiled rotten, and I pretty much get whatever I want whenever I want it.

[Emily chuckles]

Nikolas: Hey. I want to know you when I'm 73.

Emily: I believe you.

Nikolas: Good. Tired?

Emily: Oh, yeah. Exhausted.

Nikolas: Ok. Let's go get you settled upstairs.

Emily: Ok.

Cameron: You sounded even more erratic than usual on the phone. Why didn't you stay in the hospital?

Luke: Hospital? Oh. How'd you know I was there?

Cameron: I have an office there, remember? They brought you in for a head injury, and then you bolted -- not that that surprises me.

Luke: Oh. I had business to take care of.

Cameron: You were also on medication, and you've obviously been drinking. Going to offer me one? Did your doctor mention that that can put you in a coma?

Luke: What's life without risk?

Cameron: Oh. So we're back to that death wish garbage, huh?

Luke: Death wish? Oh, my God, yeah. You're talking about our little picnic on the hospital ledge?

[Luke chuckles]

Cameron: Yeah, should have left you there.

Luke: Probably. You know, Dr. Quack, you and I are a lot alike.

Cameron: Hadn't noticed.

Luke: No, we are. We -- we are. Sometimes you and I understand that you got to go against the grain. You got to swim against the lemmings. Yeah. You and I understand that sometimes you just have to break the rules.

Cameron: You want to spare me the male-bonding moment and tell me what you really want?

Luke: I need help.

Cameron: Will it cost me my medical license?

Luke: No, it's just a little phone call, just a simple phone call.

Cameron: Go on.

Luke: Nikolas and Lucky moved Laura from the upstate facility. They won't tell me where she is. So I need to find out. Do you know anything about this?

Cameron: First I've heard.

Luke: The one pulling the strings is Nikolas' uncle Stefan. If you don't know him, just picture dracula crossed with a rodent. Anyway, he's convinced Nikolas and Lucky that I am a danger to my wife. So, make a call. Find out where she is. Help me -- help me find my wife.

Cameron: No.

Jason: So everything looks good?

Doctor: The sonogram was normal. No damage was done.

Carly: I feel really silly being rolled around in this wheelchair. I feel fine.

Jason: You just need to take it easy and relax, ok?

Doctor: I'd like to keep you here for observation for the next 24 hours. And when you get home, you need to slow down. Less stress, more relaxation.

Carly: Yeah. That's easier said than done.

Jason: She's going to take it easy.

Doctor: I'll go check on your room.

Jason: Thanks. You going to be ok by yourself?

Carly: No, because I won't be ok until I know that Sonny is safe.

Jason: I know, Carly, but you just have to relax.

Carly: How can I when Sonny's being held as a prisoner right now as we speak? They could be hurting him. They could be doing worse --

Jason: No, they're not. They're not.

Carly: Yeah? How do you know?

Jason: Because I know. And you know the best thing you can do for Sonny is take care of yourself and this baby. I will bring him back.

Carly: Do you promise me?

Jason: I swear. It's ok. Can I use this phone real quick?

Jason: Marco. Look, I need a van and four men. Tell them to meet me at the warehouse. Ok.

Scott: Whoa -- you're under arrest.

Jason: What charges?

Scott: Well, we found 50 kilos of cocaine on Pier 27, which is owned by you and Corinthos. Since he's not around, you're going to take the fall.

Luke: They got to you, didn't they? Was there a payoff? Nikolas and Lucky bribed the doctors at the hospital, and then they moved her for -- for some reason to somewhere that -- I mean, God knows where they moved her.

Cameron: So what's your plan? Go raging up to Laura half out of your mind on drugs and alcohol? You really think that's going to help her?

Luke: I did not destroy her life!

Cameron: No one did, Luke. She's ill.

Luke: No. She needs me and they won't tell me where she is. She -- I could -- I could have helped. She asked for me and nobody told me!

Cameron: That was in the past, Luke. This is now. I think Lucky and Nikolas moved Laura to protect her. And I think they were right.

Luke: You think -- nothing -- no. She's helpless. She needs me to protect her.

Cameron: Luke, you're out of control.

Luke: No, I'm in complete control! Now you tell me -- you tell me where my wife is.

Nikolas: Anything else you need?

Emily: Could -- could you stay with me a while? I just -- I don't want to be alone.

Nikolas: Of course. Oh. Ok, come here.

Stefan: Yes, I want you to follow Emily Quartermaine. Report back to me on her activities, especially when she's with my nephew. That's right.

Woman: Nice place. A little gloomy, though, so make sure my room gets some morning light.

Stefan: Lydia.

Lydia: So where's Nikolas, the man I'm going to marry?

Scott: You know what my problem is? I'm just too nice a guy. Here I was, congratulating you and Corinthos for cleaning up the drug trade in Port Charles. But all along, you were just clearing the docks so that you two could move in.

Jason: You know Sonny doesn't deal in drugs.

Scott: Well, I got a big bag of cocaine that says otherwise.

Jason: We were set up.

Scott: Set up? By who? Information is a two-way street here.

Jason: If you give me the drugs for 48 hours, I'll bring them back and Iíll tell you who set him up.

Scott: That's not going to happen.

Jason: I'll sign anything you want.

Scott: Why are you so cooperative? Does this have something to do with Sonny's disappearance? Uh-oh. There's that dummy act again. Get him on ice.

Reporter: Mr. Morgan, is it true you're being arrested for drug possession?

Second reporter: The district attorney has evidence that Sonny Corinthos is drug trafficking. Can you comment?

First reporter: How do you explain 50 kilos of cocaine found on Pier 27?

Carly: Sonny.

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Nikolas: I almost wish that you and I were in love for the sake of torturing my uncle.

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Ric: Tell me the baby's ok.

Lucky: Drop the knife.

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