GH Transcript Wednesday 6/4/03

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 6/4/03

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Georgie: Why do I get the idea there's more going on here than you're saying?

Skye: There's that stupid butler --

[Alexis gasps]

Carly: Next time you see me, you cross the street and you walk the other way.

Zander: It's killing me.

Emily: What, the truth?

Zander: No, the lies.

Sonny: Let's hold on to the drugs, see if he makes contact.

Zander: Thanks.

Lucky: Hey, Zander -- hey, I got your message. You still looking for a way out to Spoon Island?

Zander: No, I didn't need it. Your brother and Emily showed up here at Kellyís.

Lucky: Ok. So what was so important about seeing Nikolas?

Zander: He bailed me out, which doesn't make any sense because he doesn't like me. He hates me. And I want to know if you knew why.

Lucky: Well, does it matter?

Zander: Yeah, it does, when it has to do with Emily.

Lucky: What, Emily asked him for a favor?

Zander: Yeah, and he did it, without question, because he wants to show her what a great guy he is. Nikolas wants Emily.

Nikolas: Emily's always welcome in my home.

Stefan: Nikolas, you and I have business to discuss. I was only escorting her to the front hall.

Emily: I think your exact words were Nikolas doesn't need me panting after him like some desperate, pathetic fool --

Nikolas: Are you all right?

Emily: I'm fine. Just a little lightheaded. I haven't eaten anything since breakfast.

Nikolas: All right, Iíll take you home.

Stefan: Oh, Nikolas, please, let one of the servants take her. Our business can't wait.

Nikolas: Emily's a higher priority than business, Uncle, or you.

Skye: What was that?

A.J.: I don't know.

Alexis: [normal voice] Oh, for God's sake, Alice --

A.J.: What's going on?

Alice: Oh -- it's my fault. I -- I should -- I'm so sorry, Dobson. It was just meant as a friendly gesture.

Skye: What was?

Alexis: [British accent] A pat on the back. She simply startled me is all.

A.J.: Startled you? How? Alice, what was Dobson doing?

Skye: No doubt he was intent on eavesdropping again.

Alexis: I was passing by, and I thought I heard Ms. Davis' voice. It surprised me because I didn't think this was her day to visit.

Alexis: I was right. It wasnít.

Skye: Look, you have been rude and intrusive for the last time, do you hear me?

Alexis: You were taping poor Ms. Davis while she was visiting her daughter. I'm sure Mr. Ashton will be happy to hear about this.

[music plays]

Georgie: Oh, God!

Lucas: Georgie, Iím sorry. Maxie was upset --

Georgie: No, no, no!

Lucas: It just happened.

Georgie: Just pretend like you never saw me.

Lucas: Georgie, wait!

Georgie: No!

Lucas: You did that on purpose?

Maxie: Look, just leave her alone, Lucas.

Jason: You tell me exactly what Ric said to you.

Carly: He offered me a ride home. He acted like it was a peace gesture, some way to prove that he's serious about this truce between Sonny and him.

Jason: Hmm.

Courtney: That's exactly the way Ric thinks. I mean, one smarmy speech about getting along and you're just supposed to forget the hell he put you through.

Jason: No, don't believe him. It's a tactic to catch Sonny off guard. Ric is so obsessed with hurting Sonny, and he knows the best way to do that is through one of you.

Carly: Where are you going?

Jason: I've just got to check on something.

Carly: Please do not antagonize Ric because it's going to make things worse on Sonny.

Jason: I got to go to work, ok? I'll be back soon.

[door closes]

Courtney: Do you really think there's a chance that Ric wants peace with Sonny?

Carly: Maybe. I mean, if he really loves Elizabeth in the way that he claims to and he wants to start his life on his own. But I'll tell you, Iíd feel a lot better if Sonny would just let Jason get rid of him.

Elizabeth: Ric, you're ok.

Ric: Wait --

Elizabeth: Sit up, honey. You're just dreaming.

Ric: Oh -- oh, my God.

Elizabeth: You're ok.

Ric: I'm sorry. Oh, sweetheart, I'm sorry.

Elizabeth: It's ok, it's ok.

Ric: I didn't mean to hurt you. Honestly, I didn't.

Elizabeth: Hey, you're just dreaming about Sonny. You kept saying his name.

Ric: Oh.

Elizabeth: You said, "Iíll kill you." It's not over, is it?

Faith: How should I know what Ric is up to?

Sonny: Well, you told my wife he was planning revenge.

Faith: Why else would he be hanging around her? Brothers or not, guy hates your guts.

Sonny: What do you know, Faith?

Faith: Nothing, except that Ric is married now, right, in case you hadn't noticed, so I'm out of his life.

Sonny: Oh. Then you're back in, then you're out, then you're back in.

Faith: Well, that would go over real big with his little wifey, now, wouldn't it?

Sonny: Well, I'm sure a wedding ring never stopped you before. Do what you got to do.

Faith: You don't need a spy. See, what you need to do is to tell your wife to stay away from Ric. That way there won't be a problem.

Sonny: You see, it sounds like you're defending Ric now.

Faith: No, no, no. I'm just trying to avoid another trip to your safe house, ok? So the farther you and yours keep away from Ric, the better for everyone.

Sonny: Except Ric sought out Carly, and I want to know why. Because if I think that you're protecting him, I will tell my people to finish the job they started at the safe house.

Zander: Has Nikolas said anything about Emily since she got back?

Lucky: No, but it's not surprising they're spending so much time together. They've always been really close.

Zander: How close?

Lucky: Has Emily ever told you about the four musketeers?

Zander: Yeah, yeah, yeah -- you and Elizabeth and Emily and Nikolas. Yeah, it was a long time ago. Things have changed.

Lucky: I always had the feeling when Emily grew up, you know, Nikolas would always look at her differently and do something about it.

Zander: Right. Maybe. Maybe Nikolas is falling in love, but Emily can't be.

Lucky: Are you sure about that?

Skye: You've been reprimanded already for eavesdropping.

Alexis: [British accent] I'm simply pointing out that you have violated Ms. Davis' privacy by setting up a camera to tape her.

Skye: She's an unfit parent.

Alexis: The courts have allowed her visitation. You or I have no position, morally or legally, to interfere.

A.J.: Why do you care so much about Alexis?

Ned: What's going on?

Skye: All right, look, I put a nanny cam in the living room to tape Alexis when she was visiting Kristina, and Dobson was lurking at the door when A.J. and I were watching the tape, and he came in and he grabbed it.

Ned: Is this it?

Alexis: Yes, Sir.

Skye: Ned --

Ned: You can go, Dobson.

Alexis: Thank you, Sir.

Ned: Junior, why don't you leave, too?

A.J.: Are you siding with Dobson or Alexis, Ned? Either way, you're not too bright.

Ned: Why would you do this?

Lucas: What is wrong with you? You deliberately hurt Georgie so that she would walk in and see you kissing me? Did Kyle hurt you so bad that you decided to turn around and torture everybody?

Maxie: I wasn't trying to hurt Georgie, Lucas. I was trying to stop her from making the same mistake that I did, ok?

Lucas: You know what? I know Kyle hurt you, but what you don't seem to understand, Maxie, is that it was like a power thing for him. You backed out of sex the first time. He turned around and paid you back. I would never do something like that to Georgie.

Maxie: You know what? She wanted to prove to me that having sex with someone you loved is different, ok, and that it's special and it's meaningful, all right?

Lucas: I know Kyle hurt you, and I know you were trying to help your sister in a completely twisted way. I promise you, Maxie, Georgie doesn't need to be protected from me.

Ric: I can't help my dreams.

Elizabeth: It's ok, honey. None of us can. But they're windows into how we really feel. You've tried to bury your hatred of Sonny, but it doesn't look like it's going away.

Ric: Oh, no, it will. You know, I've hated Sonny for so long, I thought it was a permanent part of me. Then I met you, and all of a sudden I had something else -- something else to look forward to. Time passed, and what we had, it grew stronger, and other things started to matter to me -- you know, you and this child that we were going to have together.

Elizabeth: That's what I dream about -- you, me, and our beautiful little baby. I don't know why, but I think it was a girl.

Ric: We're going to have a child. You know, maybe this child wasn't meant to be. All right? But I promise you we will have another child again.

Elizabeth: We just need to have faith, you know? And that means you need to let go of the hatred you feel for Sonny.

Ric: Yeah --

Elizabeth: I want to believe that you can do that, Ric. I --

Ric: Look, what -- what has hate ever gotten me, Elizabeth? I mean, it robbed me of years of my life and blinded me to things that I really wanted. Your love was one of them. So now you managed to forgive me. I don't want to risk losing that, you know, on something as pointless and as futile as -- as hate against Sonny. Marrying you was the best thing that ever happened to me. What we have is only going to grow stronger till there's nothing left but our love and our future together. Thanks.

Elizabeth: You know, sometimes it -- sometimes I look at you and I just -- I can't believe this is real, that we're actually married. And that I matter so much. I'm used to being left out, the person that -- I don't know -- other people don't need -- my family and my first love. It's not like I didn't matter to them. It's something else mattered more. When they moved on, I got left behind. And then I met you. And you didn't give up on me. You made me feel like my love has value.

Ric: Your love means everything to me.

Jason: You want me to check on Ric, find out why he's hanging around Carly?

Sonny: I had a conversation with Faith. She's either spying on Ric or is on her way to warn him. Either way, it works for me, because she can tell me what he's planning or back him off.

Jason: You don't really believe that this guy wants peace?

Sonny: I don't -- you know what? I don't know, and I don't think Ric does.

Jason: Well, Sonny, you got to be careful. I've never seen a guy hate you so much.

Sonny: Every time Ric has come after me, he's lost. Maybe he knows when to quit. He's got a wife now, possibility of a family. That always changes your perspective. Yes, he hates me, but maybe he's decided to hate me from a distance. You know what? I don't even want to talk about Ric right now. We got more important things to discuss. Drugs from Miami --

Jason: Yeah.

Sonny: Worth a lot of money.

Jason: Yep.

Sonny: The dealer's going to want them back.

Jason: They're hidden near Pier 27 --

Sonny: Right.

Jason: Concealed basement off the alley. You know what? Let the dealer come. He's not going to find them.

Sonny: We'll just sit back and wait for him to show his face. We'll be ready.

Skye: Ned, I was trying to protect Kristina.

Ned: You don't need to protect Kristina from her own mother.

Skye: Alexis is all over the map, barging in at all hours of the day and night. She overreacts to everything. She's mentally unfit. We both know that. I am just afraid of what she might do to Kristina.

Ned: Alexis would never hurt her own child.

Skye: Not intentionally, I'm sure she wouldnít. But Alexis is erratic, and you've seen for yourself how fussy Kristina is around her.

Ned: Skye, you should've never arranged to tape Alexis' visit without talking to me first.

Skye: I know, but I just -- I thought maybe we might need some proof to go to court with to prove that she is an unfit mother.

Ned: What if she is or even has the potential? The idea was never to take Alexis' child away from her.

Skye: Well, I certainly hope it never comes to that.

Ned: No. Alexis will get better, and then she and I will share joint custody of Kristina. There's no such thing as too much love. In the meantime, I think it's in Kristinaís best interests if we learn to get along. You and I both know how devastating it can be to have Kristina involved in some sort of emotional tug of war.

Skye: I know. You're right. I'm sorry. I just -- I get so emotional about that baby.

Ned: I'm glad you love her. But just remember, love is not possessive.

Skye: I know. I'm just glad that one of us has a calm and reasonable approach.

A.J.: Eavesdropping again? You know, Dobson, you're starting to wear a groove in the floor from all the time you spend lurking here.

Alexis: [British accent] I was taped without my consent, which is an invasion of my privacy. I could file a civil suit for damages against both you and Skye.

A.J.: How does a butler know so much about legal process?

Alexis: I simply don't like hidden cameras.

A.J.: There is something weird about you, Dobson. And when I figure out what it is you really want, Iím sure it'll be enough to get your lying, spying butt kicked to the curb.

Lucky: Dad warned me you were back.

Stefan: Yes. Dad was here. Crawling up through the tunnels, scurrying around my desk like a rat looking for crumbs.

Lucky: He says you've been seeing my mother.

Stefan: Yes, Iíve seen Laura on several occasions, first in London, now here.

Lucky: Which explains why she's been so sick because you've been pumping her full of drugs, haven't you?

Stefan: Oh, now you sound like your father. Luke always suffered from rampant paranoia.

Lucky: He knows what you're capable of.

Stefan: Nikolas will be back shortly. I'll assume you're here to see him.

Lucky: He's going to go ballistic when he hears you've been snooping around our mother.

Stefan: Nikolas and I have been working together.

Nikolas: Feeling better?

Emily: Oh. It was a -- it was a dizzy spell from the chemo.

Nikolas: Yeah.

Emily: The doctor says I'll probably have more.

Nikolas: What can I do to help?

Emily: You are already helping me by pretending that you're falling in love with me so Zander will move on.

Nikolas: Yeah, well, I'll tell you, people don't always do what you want them to. You know, they almost always resent having people play God with their lives, no matter how good your intentions are.

Emily: I'm not playing God. I'm setting Zander free.

Nikolas: Have I ever told you how incredibly stubborn you are?

Emily: Two or three times a month for as long as Iíve known you. Besides, stubbornness isn't always a bad thing. You know, it can be really useful when you know something is right and you have to pressure a really good friend into helping you do it.

Nikolas: I don't feel pressured. I'm glad you asked for my help. Doing this for you is about the only positive thing I have going on in my life these days.

Dillon: Georgie --

Georgie: Leave me alone.

Dillon: You know, I wasn't -- I wasn't trying to hurt you --

Georgie: Oh, boy, that's a relief. Because if you ever actually tried to hurt me, I could be in the hospital instead of alone on prom night sitting here, bawling my eyes out! I should be thanking you. You let me off real easy.

Dillon: Maxie was trying to stop you from making a mistake. She asked for my help. What was I supposed to do --?

Georgie: You should have told her no! You should've told me my own sister was trying to set me up! Why did you let Maxie set me up? Why, Dillon? Why did you want to hurt me?

Dillon: The last thing that I want to do is hurt you.

[Water runs then stops]

Ric: Elizabeth?

Elizabeth: Hi.

Ric: Hey.

Elizabeth: Do you feel better?

Ric: Yeah. I always feel better after talking to you. You have this amazing gift of putting things in perspective for me.

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