GH Transcript Tuesday 6/3/03

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 6/3/03

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Skye: Can't you go any faster?

A.J.: I'm doing the best I can.

Lucas: You got a date for the prom?

Georgie: I would love to go with you.

Lucas: All right!

Georgie: We'll sleep together.

Maxie: What?

Mac: You stay away from my daughter.

Kyle: I won't take you to prom or anyplace else.

Janine: This entitles you to the best I've got.

Nikolas: You're one of the strongest people I know, Em.

Ric: Why don't you let me drive you home?

Stefan: Here I am.

Luke: How long you been sniffing around Laura? From the beginning? Since she was moved from London? How long you been drugging her?

Stefan: I've done nothing but visit and try to help in my way.

Luke: "Help"? You've got no idea what she needs.

Stefan: And you do? You know, what I don't understand is why you think you can help her. I mean, aren't you the one who drove her crazy?

Girl: Come look at the decorations. Come on.

Lucas: I cannot believe you're showing up here after what you did to Maxie.

Kyle: Like I care what you think.

Lucas: All right, you know what, if you think she's showing up tonight, forget it, she's too embarrassed.

Kyle: Hey, I wanted to take Maxie tonight, ok, but her father's a whack-job. He ordered me to uninvite her. I didn't have a choice.

Lucas: Hey, you know, I just don't want you messing with her anymore.

Kyle: I'm not. I'm out of the game. She's all yours. Admit it, man, that's what this is all about. You wanted the chick all for yourself.

Georgie: Are you going to say hello to your date?

A.J.: Anyone in the living room?

Skye: I don't think so.

A.J.: Let's see what we got on the nanny cam.

Skye: Hey. What's the occasion?

Dillon: Debut of my magic act. I start my new job as a maitre d', and then I just might stop by prom.

A.J.: Who's the unlucky girl?

Dillon: I'm going solo.

Skye: Ooh, just like A.J. when he can't find a date.

[doorbell rings]

A.J.: Where is that butler? Ugh.

Maxie: Hi.

Skye: Ooh.

Maxie: Um, would you tell Dillon that his date's here?

Skye: Uh, Dillon, you might want to see what popped out of your hat.

[Kristina cries]

Alexis: [Normal voice] mommy's not going to look like this for much longer. Just a little bit so that I can be near you. Ok? Aw, sweetie, don't cry. Huh? Don't cry, honey. What's wrong? Kristina? You have a temperature.

Skye: Dobson. What are you doing to Kristina?

Zander: Sorry to interrupt.

Emily: Hey.

Zander: Hey. What's going on?

Emily: I, uh -- I was out walking and I -- I ran into Nikolas, so --

Zander: How was the tea with your grandmother?

Emily: It was good. It was great. It was a little boring, actually.

Nikolas: Emily, stop. We have to tell him the truth.

Carly: Why would I accept a ride from you anywhere?

Ric: Well, you just said your driver wasn't here, and I know that Sonny's been having a little trouble lately. Hey, look, forget it. Forget I offered.

Carly: Yeah, I'll forget it. I will forget everything just as soon as you tell me what you are after, and it better not be me.

Courtney: I am not breaking the engagement, Mom. I love Jason. I am happy.

Janine: Honey, believe me, I know what it's like to fall in love with a guy that's dangerous and reckless. You say to yourself, "oh, well, he's not that bad, he's always --"

Courtney: Ok, wait, you hardly know Jason. Where do you get off blasting into town and acting like you do?

Janine: I've known hundreds of Jasons. I see right through him. He's a thug. He can offer you a life full of heartbreak. Whatever faults A.J. has, at least he's still a Quartermaine. At least he walks on the right side of the law.

Courtney: Ok, that is just insane!

Sonny: The only reason A.J. married my sister was to give himself a bargaining chip for my son. He used her to clean up his messes. He hired someone to terrorize Courtney so he can pretend to save her. Now, he brought you into town to stir things up as another blatant attempt at manipulation. Am I right here or not? You were brought in here to break them two up. Am I right?

Janine: Sonny, my daughter and I, we're leaving.

Courtney: No, no. No.

Jason: Is that A.J.'s full payment or just the first installment?

Courtney: You didn't come here because you want what's best for me. You were paid to come.

Janine: Honey, please don't listen to them. Sweetie, I -- I was just at the end of my rope and I needed help so that I could come and I could just save you from this life that you got tangled up in. You don't think that these people -- they don't let you just walk away. I had to be able to take you someplace safe.

Sonny: Ok, she's heard enough. Come on, you've got to go. Come on.

Janine: Sonny, don't.

Sonny: No, let's go.

Janine: Please, I don't want you to bully me!

Sonny: I'm not bullying you.

Janine: I can't let you bully my daughter! Honey, please I'm the one that's looking out for you! I'm the only one that's ever looked out for you! I worked like a dog in that casino, Sonny. I -- I --

Sonny: Ok, look --

Janine: I just -- honey, I put up with those losers so that you wouldn't have to.

Sonny: Janine, Janine. You said you wanted money? I told you Iíd give you money. What do you need?

Janine: I'm her mother. I'm her family.

Sonny: I'm her family now. Come on.

Janine: Courtney?

Sonny: Come on.

Janine: Courtney, he'll break your heart. He will break your heart!

Courtney: Um, the things she said -- I'm sorry.

Sonny: Well, being part of this family means you never have to apologize.

Jason: You ok?

Courtney: Yeah, I am now.

Ric: Carly, Iím trying every way I know possible to prove to you and Sonny that you can trust me, that this fight is over.

Carly: Why is this so important to you?

Ric: Sonny's my brother.

Carly: And he's made it really clear that he wants nothing to do with you -- nothing.

Ric: Look, what I told you is true. So --

Carly: Prove it, Ric. The next time you see me, you cross the street and you walk the other way.

Ric: I'll start right now.

Faith: You didn't really buy a word of that, did you?

Nikolas: The truth is I asked Emily to meet me. She made up the story about having tea with her grandmother because I wanted to talk to her about you, about the fact that Iím concerned that you're a flight risk. Now, I have no problem putting up your bail money as long as you stay in town and show up every time you're supposed to.

Zander: Oh, I'm not going anywhere.

Nikolas: Good. Sorry about the deceit.

Zander: Worried about me being a flight risk? I'd have stuck with the tea with your grandmother line. You know, Em, it's not that you've never lied to me before, but every other time I can think of it's been because you were trying to protect me, because you love me. What's going on, Em?

Emily: Look, why can't you just accept what I say?

Zander: Because it's killing me.

Emily: What, the truth?

Zander: No, the lies.

Emily: Zander, please.

Zander: Please what, Em? "Don't go there"? "Leave me alone"? Please what?

Emily: Look, just believe me.

Zander: No, not till you tell me the truth about what is going on with you and Nikolas.

Kyle: You look good, kid.

Georgie: Thanks. So, shall we?

Lucas: Yeah, yeah. Actually, no, no, I'm sorry, no one's allowed in yet.

Georgie: Oh.

Lucas: Some conference ran late and the decorating committee's still setting up. I cannot believe Kyle. He doesn't care what he did to Maxie. The guy's got, like, no conscience.

Georgie: He's clueless and misinformed, like most of our generation.

[Lucas sighs]

Georgie: Can we not talk about Maxie's problems tonight? Look, I'm your date, you're mine, etc., etc.

Lucas: You know what? You're right. You are right. I'm way sorry. And way lucky. And every other guy here right now is envying me.

Georgie: I'm not interested in any other guys here. I have your boutonniere.

Lucas: Oh, yeah, that's right. I totally forgot. I got this for you. It's for your wrist. My mom said it doesn't get in the way as much. There we go. Great.

Georgie: All right, ok, hold still.

Lucas: Ok.

Georgie: There. Oh, it's beautiful.

Lucas: Yeah. Mine, too. Is it supposed to be this small?

Georgie: Right. Well, hey, I know some kids who booked a room upstairs to hang out in while we're not dancing. So what do you say we check it out, I mean, while we're waiting?

Lucas: Yeah, cool. Let's do it.

Georgie: Yeah. Let's do it.

Maxie: Georgie's planning on having sex with Lucas tonight.

Dillon: Well, it's her life.

Maxie: Right. Like you don't care?

Dillon: I'm not going there to make a scene, if that's what you want from me. Sorry.

Maxie: I want you to help me keep Georgie from making a huge mistake, Dillon.

Dillon: Yeah, you know, somehow I doubt she sees it that way.

Maxie: Of course she doesnít. She's got this little-kid crush on Lucas, ok, and she's going to end up trashed and hurt.

Dillon: Like you did?

Maxie: Yeah, ok? Like I did.

Dillon: Why don't you tell her that?

Maxie: I tried to. She thinks that sex is this magic potion that, I don't know, is going to somehow equal love.

Dillon: S plus E plus X equals L.

Maxie: Capital L.

Dillon: I'm guessing in your equation, sex equals humiliation.

Maxie: Capital H.

Dillon: So, I bet Lucas is uninformed, as always.

Maxie: Exactly.

Dillon: And?

Maxie: And if we discuss this much longer, Dillon, my sister, who's very goal-oriented, will reach her goal. So you're either my date and you give a damn or you're not and you donít.

Skye: Kristina! It's all right. I'm here. Where's Alice?

Alexis: [British accent] Alice went to fetch the little one her bottle. I came over because she began to cry, and I believe she has a fever. Perhaps we should call a doctor immediately.

Skye: Well -- oh. Monica's home. Let me have her take a look at her. Give me, give me, give her to me. Now, the next time you hear Kristina crying, you call either me or Alice, do you hear me? Your job description does not include childcare. Well, you're dismissed. You can go.

Alexis: Yes, Ma'am.

[Kristina fusses]

Skye: It's all right, sweetie. Yes, I know. We're going to take care of you. What's the matter? Does that Mr. Dobson scare you, hmm? Want to know something? He scares me, too. Yeah.

Luke: The doctors at that sanitarium are on your payroll, which means they aren't really doctors at all, they're lackeys following your orders.

Stefan: Better me than a deranged ex-husband, wouldn't you say?

Luke: You did this to her!

Stefan: No, I did not. Laura's mental condition is the result of some kind of second-hand insanity. Everyone around her is insane, so eventually she went insane, as well.

Luke: But the Cassadines had nothing to do with it.

Stefan: Not this one, and not Nikolas.

Luke: What kind of torture are you putting her through, denying her requests to see me?

[Stefan chuckles]

Stefan: She didn't request to see you, Luke. Well, she might have said your name. Probably the result of a nightmare or a bad memory.

Luke: Or a call for help to try and get away from you.

Stefan: Oh, that's right, I'm the problem. I'm the one who failed to protect Laura. I'm the one who responded to a crisis by running away and joining a chain gang, who tried to torch himself and jump out of a window. Well, why you aren't in charge of Lauraís care defies logic. Must be some evil force behind it. Well, you blame me, you blame Nikolas, you blame the whole world because you don't want to face the truth -- that you're not the answer to Lauraís prayers.

Luke: But you are? You sick bastard. You still think you're in love with my wife.

Emily: Nikolas is my friend.

Zander: Emily, come on. I saw you at the police station. I saw the way he was hugging you. I heard your conversation on the pier. Don't try and tell me that the second he walked away he didn't call you.

Emily: Ok, look, you can spin this any way you want.

Zander: Look, I'm trying to spin this so that this makes sense for me. You've been hiding something for weeks, and Nikolas wants me to know, but you don't, and he wants you to be the one to tell me.

Emily: Ok, don't do this.

Zander: Don't do what? Try and find out the truth about the woman that I love? You expect me to just look the other way?

Emily: No, that's not what I expect.

Zander: If Nikolas posted my bail because he expects me to be indebted to him and give you up, he's got another thing coming. I didn't kill John, but I'll spend months in jail before I give you up to some other guy. Emily, Iíve lived in jail and I've lived without you. One I can do, one I cannot. Emily, I'm owed the truth. If you have any respect for me at all, you'll tell me the truth about you and Nikolas.

Emily: I called him to say hi, and -- I don't know. It just -- it just kind of -- it woke -- it woke something -- something up.

Zander: So you've been -- you've been seeing each other?

Emily: Yeah.

Zander: Ok. All right.

Emily: Zander, I'm so sorry.

Zander: For what? For lying to me or for falling in love with somebody else?

Emily: I don't know. I'm just -- I'm really confused right now.

Zander: So am I. Look me in the eyes and tell me you don't love me.

[doorbell rings]

A.J.: I'll get it!

Alexis: I want to see my daughter.

A.J.: No, Alexis, no one told me about a change in your visitation schedule, ok?

Skye: That's because there wasn't one.

A.J.: You know the rules. I don't see my kid, you don't get to see yours. It's part of the, you know, unfit parents club.

Alexis: I know, A.J. I have visitation rights.

Skye: Come back tomorrow.

Alexis: If you let me see her today, I won't come back tomorrow.

Skye: You know what, A.J.? I've had enough of this. Call the police.

Alexis: There's no need to do that.

Skye: You are in violation of a court order.

Alexis: I had a feeling that my daughter might need me, that's all.

A.J.: Yeah, I've had those feelings about Michael.

Alexis: Will you please just let me hold her?

Skye: A.J., 911.

Alexis: There isn't any reason to do that.

A.J.: I'm afraid I have to.

Skye: This needs to go on record.

Alexis: You have absolutely no compassion at all.

Skye: A.J., what is taking you so long?

Alexis: What you need to do is call a doctor because my daughter has a fever.

Skye: How in God's name did you know that?

Lucas: Hey, call my cell when the prom gets started?

Boy: Gotcha.

Lucas: Cool. Lead the way. Whoa. Did you know anything about this?

Georgie: No. Last I heard, she wasn't coming.

Lucas: Surprised you decided to show.

Maxie: Yeah, well, it was last minute.

Dillon: You look good.

Georgie: Would you guys please excuse us? I need to talk to my sister. Thanks. What are you doing here?

Maxie: I'm looking out for my sister.

Georgie: Forget it, Maxie. You are not ruining this night for me.

Stefan: You know what's driven you crazy, Luke? It's not what I've done. It's what Laura did. She fell in love with me.

Luke: No, you manipulated her. She never loved you.

Stefan: Oh, no, she loved me. And I made her happy in a way you never could. And you can't face that. The same way you can't face that you're poison to Laura. She is an empty shell, locked away in an institution, and you're responsible.

Luke: You continue to keep me from my wife and I promise you I will kill you.

Nikolas: Leave him alone, Luke. I'm the one you want.

Luke: I got no use for you, Nikolas. You're a puppet. You got no mind of your own. You just follow orders.

Nikolas: Think whatever you like. It's still my name on all the legal documents.

Luke: You agreed to turn her over to me.

Nikolas: If I thought you had even one rational bone in your entire body, I would have.

Luke: So you lied. Well, why am I not surprised? You all lie. Must be on the family crest -- "house of Cassadine -- lie, deceit, deceive."

Nikolas: All your chest pounding is pointless, Luke. You're pointless -- irrelevant, in fact. Your own wife has even passed you by. Looking for blame, look in the mirror.

Luke: You talk a good game with uncle Vlad lurking nearby, but he won't always have his bat wing around you. Consider this the beginning of your end.

Nikolas: Don't mistake me for an ally. This war will not continue.

Emily: It doesn't matter when it began.

Zander: It -- it does to me.

Emily: You can't plan life, Zander. You can't predict what's going to happen and when it's going to happen!

Zander: But when it does, you can say something. When did it start, huh? Was it before I came up to your room and spent the night? Was it before the perfect day in the boathouse, the date that you planned? And if it was, then what was that? Was it some kind of comparison test to see how I stacked up? See, I was under the idea that that was because you loved me, because you wanted to be with me.

Emily: I did want to be with you. I did want to be with you. Look, but isn't it possible to be torn between two people?

Zander: You in love with two people?

Emily: No, I mean -- I mean, feelings, like needing both, but for different reasons. Oh, God, Zander, can't you see how much this is killing me?

Zander: Not for me.

Emily: What?

Zander: Not for me. There's no way that I can be torn between two people, you and anyone else.

Emily: I hate -- I hate hurting you like this. I hate the way you're looking at me right now, but I -- I am being as honest with you as I can be. What Iím going through right now has made me re-examine my life and re-evaluate --

Zander: Us?

Emily: Yeah. Us. I'm sorry.

Zander: Emily, wait.

Emily: Oh, Zander, please, I just -- I need to be alone. Please?

Georgie: You know what I have planned with Lucas tonight, so don't try to stop me.

Maxie: Wait, planned with Lucas? Georgie, that would mean that he's actually in on it.

Georgie: You had your shot with Lucas, but you wanted Kyle, and he had his shot to come back to you after Kyle hurt you for, like, the 15th time, but he chose me.

Maxie: To take you to the prom, ok, not to sleep with you, Georgie.

Georgie: Category of "none of your business"!

Maxie: Ok, great. I'll just go talk about it with Lucas then, ok?

Georgie: You do it and I will hate you for the rest of my life.

Maxie: Maybe it's worth that, Georgie, to make sure that you don't make the same mistake that I did.

Georgie: I'm not making the same mistake. You slept with Kyle.

Maxie: So that he would like me!

Georgie: So you could get in with the cool people!

Maxie: Listen to me -- I blew something extremely special on someone that did not appreciate it, ok?

Georgie: Which is why Iíve made the right decision. Lucas will appreciate it and he'll realize that Iím the one he loves.

Maxie: No, Georgie, not if you trap him this way.

Georgie: Just stay out of it, Maxie, or, I swear, you will be so history. Hey.

Lucas: Is everything cool?

Georgie: Yeah, fine. Can we just go up to the room? I need to get away from Maxie.

Lucas: Yeah, sure -- um, after I talk to Dillon for just a second. Here, you head up. I'll be right behind you. Is that cool?

Georgie: Room 410. Hurry.

Lucas: Ok. Got a second?

Dillon: Yeah.

Lucas: Listen, I don't know what you're doing here with Maxie, but she's in a bad place, and I don't know if you're planning on --

Dillon: Hold on, cool it for a second, ok? Why don't you tell me what your deal with Georgie is first?

Kyle: I wouldn't blame you if you wanted to spit in my face right now.

Maxie: Please, Kyle, I really don't want to talk to you.

Kyle: I just want to say Iím sorry.

Lucas: Dude, I told you to stay away from her and I meant it.

Skye: How'd you know Kristina had a fever?

Alexis: Because her cheeks are flushed.

Skye: No, you couldn't even see her face. The blanket was covering her -- unless, of course, your latest personality has x-ray vision.

Alexis: I'll tell you what I do have -- I have maternal instincts -- something that you don't have. Hopefully, you will never be a mother.

[Skye slaps Alexis]

Skye: Get out.

Alexis: Those are some beautiful maternal instincts, by the way. You're going to slap her mother in front of her?

Skye: I will do whatever's necessary to protect Kristina, and that includes throwing you out of this house. A doctor will see Kristina.

Alexis: I'll wait here until the doctor gets here.

Skye: Well, I'm sure by now A.J.'s called the police.

Alexis: You'd really have me arrested?

Skye: Actually, you'd be having yourself arrested.

Sonny: What happened?

Carly: Ric offered me a ride home.

Sonny: What do you mean? Where was Johnny?

Carly: He was bringing the car around. That's not the point. Ric made this big to-do about wanting to keep the peace with you.

Sonny: Ok, who took you home?

Carly: Johnny took me home, ok? Just -- Ric left, then I hear this voice behind me. It turns out Faith heard the whole thing. She tells me that Ric's only pretending to want a truce, he blames you for Elizabeth losing the baby, and now he's planning some big sort of revenge.

Sonny: Ok, wait a minute. Hold, hold, hold. Is this a theory or does she have proof?

Carly: You know Faith, ok? Nothing's concrete, it's all insinuation. And Johnny took me home and I just -- the whole time, I kept thinking about these creepy things that could be going through that sick mind of Ricís.

Sonny: I know you know you're not supposed to be alone with Ric.

Carly: I know.

Sonny: Ok, that's why I insist that you have protection.

Carly: Don't you think they could be working together, Faith and Ric? You know they have before. Where you going?

Sonny: To buy you some peace of mind.

Nikolas: The Cassadine family is on the brink of a full-scale financial collapse.

Stefan: That's why Iím here.

Nikolas: The last thing we need right now is the kind of trouble Luke Spencer can make for us.

Stefan: He has no resources.

Nikolas: When Luke is driven relentless and it's personal, he doesn't need resources.

Stefan: Your mother is in an institution right now because of him. You know that.

Nikolas: You can't restart this vendetta against him. It's not worth it.

Stefan: Listen; I will decide what is worth what around here. If I want to destroy Luke Spencer for no other reason than spite, I will.

Nikolas: Just don't let it touch the people I care about or you'll be the one destroyed.

[knock on door]

Dillon: Heard there was a party.

Georgie: You're not invited.

Dillon: Yeah, well, your dad wasn't invited, either, and he's downstairs right now --

Georgie: My dad's downstairs?

Dillon: Wondering why his daughter is not where she said she'd be.

Georgie: Thanks.

Dillon: Georgie.

Georgie: What?

Dillon: I'd, uh, put this back on if I were you.

[Dillon whistles]

[music plays]

Elizabeth: Hey. I didn't hear the door. How long you been standing there?

Ric: Not long. I love to watch you paint. You know, when I was looking for houses, I tried to imagine this exact scene.

Elizabeth: This house has a really good vibe. I'm completely feeling my painting.

Ric: Yeah, does have good energy, doesn't it?

Elizabeth: Mm-hmm. And fear is not a bad motivator, either.

Ric: Having fear for what?

Elizabeth: Not being ready for my gallery showing.

Ric: Oh. You don't have to worry about that. You're going to be brilliant.

Elizabeth: Your shirt, my paint.

Ric: My wife.

Ric: I'm sorry. Are you ok? Are you all right? I mean, I don't want to rush you. You know, I --

Elizabeth: I want you.

Alexis: [British accent] yes, I was wondering how the little girl is -- doing.

Monica: Well, she has a mild ear infection. Skye took her upstairs. A couple of days on antibiotics and she should be just fine.

Alexis: Very good, Madam.

Monica: Excuse me.

Alexis: Certainly.

A.J.: How's Kristina?

Skye: Oh, an ear infection. Crazy mommy overreacts again.

A.J.: Did we get anything we could use on the nanny cam?

Skye: I slapped Alexis.

A.J.: Really?

Skye: It was a bad moment.

A.J.: Dobson?

Alexis: Yes?

A.J.: We need this room.

Alexis: Certainly.

Skye: Why doesn't grandfather fire that man?

A.J.: You hate him too much. He's using him to torture you. But with any luck, we've got some stuff here on the old nanny cam that'll get him kicked him to the curb and Alexis barred from the property.

Skye: Yeah, like Iíd be that lucky.

A.J.: Typical mommy/baby stuff, when what we really need is --

Skye: Yeah, Mommie Dearest stuff.

A.J.: Well, I didn't say it would work the first time.

Skye: I've seen her. She upsets that baby every time she's here. Ugh. There's that stupid butler.

[Alexis gasps]

[Door opens]

Emily: Stefan. I didn't realize you were back. Maybe you don't remember me?

Stefan: Hello, Emily. I'll presume there's a reason for this visit.

Emily: Yes, I was told Nikolas would be here.

Stefan: Ah. Well, he stepped out. And I apologize if this seems rude, but he and I have a full evening of business to attend to, though I will tell him you stopped by. Do you need Mrs. Lansbury to show you out?

Emily: No. I'm going to wait here for Nikolas.

Stefan: Well, apparently, I wasn't clear. You see, Nikolas and I are very busy this evening, and the last thing he needs is a schoolgirl panting after him, so please --

Emily: I'm not panting after anyone.

Stefan: If you don't mind --

Emily: No, leave me --

Nikolas: What are you doing?

[Music plays]

Georgie: Dillon, my dad is not down here.

Dillon: I don't know, he was, and he looked pretty ticked off, too. He might have gone off looking for you. The dance is open. He might be in there. You want to go check?

Georgie: Did you speak with him or did you just see him?

Dillon: I just saw him.

Georgie: Why do I get the idea there's more going on here than you're saying?

[Music plays]

Maxie: You're in the right place.

Lucas: Where is everybody?

Maxie: I'm not really sure.

Lucas: I thought there was supposed to be a party.

Maxie: Yeah, me, too. But, um, I'm actually glad that it's just the two of us. There is something that I wanted to tell you.

Lucas: You're not up here waiting on Kyle, I hope.

Maxie: I was actually waiting on you, Lucas. Look, the only reason that I let Dillon bring me here tonight is because I want to tell you how stupid Iíve been. And how I've been treating you and taking you for granted. Kyle's not the stupid one. Well, he is, but Iím one, too.

Lucas: Where is this coming from?

Maxie: I don't want to be friends with you anymore, Lucas. I want to be more.

[Lucas and Maxie kiss]

[Jason sighs]

Courtney: There's so many designs. How do you choose?

Carly: Um, process of elimination. Nothing too boring, nothing too fancy.

Courtney: Yeah, and no childhood pictures or couples walking off into the sunset. That's not us. I kind of like this one.

Jason: Sure. Whatever one you like. Just pick one.

Courtney: Ok, why don't I do this and you can get started on the guest list.

Jason: Carly. What's wrong?

Carly: Nothing. Ric offered me a ride home earlier today. Yeah, he made some big to-do about wanting to keep the peace with Sonny, and then, when he left, turned out Faith was there, she'd heard the whole thing, his whole spiel, and she tells me that if I believe Ric, then I deserve whatever he's planning.

Jason: Did you tell Sonny this?

Carly: Yeah, I told him, and he said he was going off to give me some peace of mind.

Courtney: So you're worried that Sonny's going to try to confront Ric?

Carly: No, I'm worried that, for once, Faith is telling the truth and this thing is not over between Ric and Sonny. And it just creeps me out to think of what's going on in that sick mind of his.

Ric: Sonny. Sonny. Sonny. Sonny.

Elizabeth: Hey. Ric?

Ric: I'll kill him!

Sonny: Whatever you got to say you say to me. Leave my wife alone.

Faith: Well, you're talking to the wrong person. I'm no threat to Carly.

Sonny: I want you to tell me what Ric has planned for me.

Faith: Why should I?

Sonny: Because I'll let you live. Tell me what that bastard has planned for me.

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Lucas: Georgie doesn't need to be protected from me.

Georgie: Why did you want to hurt me?

Skye: I get so emotional about that baby.

A.J.: Eavesdropping again?

Nikolas: Emily's a higher priority than business or you.

Elizabeth: It's not over, is it?

Jason: Sonny, you got to be careful. I've never seen a guy hate you so much.

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