GH Transcript Thursday 5/15/03

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 5/15/03

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Ned: Do I know you from somewhere?

Elizabeth: You told me to turn Ric down -- as if I'd actually listen to you. I've decided to take a leap of faith and put my future in your hands.

Ric: It's too late.

Courtney: Ric has the murder weapon that killed Fowler, the tire iron with your fingerprints on it. And if I don't marry him, it'll go straight to Baldwin.

[Elizabeth screams]

Lucky: Man, nobody's going to show up.

Nikolas: Well, the funeral isn't over.

Lucky: I mean, the guy's in the ground. What else do you want?

Nikolas: Well, the minister hasn't left yet. Maybe they're expecting someone.

Lucky: Well, something tells me that Matt and Summer didn't have that many friends.

Nikolas: Yeah, well, the trap is set. All we can do is sit back and wait now.

Lucky: You know what? I just say we get in.

Nikolas: Would you calm down? He's a minister.

Lucky: Look, I just think this whole thing was a bad idea.

Nikolas: I knew it. I knew it, I knew it.

Man: Sorry I'm so late. Just found out.

Summer: Thank you very much. You've been a wonderful help.

Man: How did this happen?

Summer: Oh. Matty's always in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Man: And now he's left you all alone.

Summer: It's just such dreadful business.

Man: I'll be honored to help you any way I can.

Lucky: Damn.

Nikolas: She got him.

Skye: Why does it take so long? An interview? It's not like I'm applying for a job. Look, can't I just come by and pick up what I need? You are a sperm bank. I'm in the market. Why do you people make it so complicated? Fine!

Ned: A sperm bank?

Alexis: I'm sorry. I know that I'm late. I'm just going to have to cancel my appointment.

Cameron: No, you donít.

Alexis: And maybe we can do it again tomor-- what do you mean, I don't?

Cameron: I've resigned from your case.

Alexis: You're not my therapist anymore?

Cameron: Thank God.

Alexis: Cameron, you can't just quit on me.

Cameron: I just did.

Alexis: Well, what kind of therapist am I going to get now? There's nothing really wrong with me.

Cameron: I'm not so sure about that, Alexis.

Alexis: You know what I mean.

Cameron: But who knows? I could be wrong. I can't be objective about you anymore.

Alexis: You mean you can't dictate all of my choices.

Cameron: You won't listen.

Alexis: Because I don't think that every word that you say is brilliant?

Cameron: You won't follow even the simplest recommendations.

Alexis: What you mean is that I don't do everything exactly the way that you want me to do it.

Cameron: I helped you get away with murder, literally. I submitted a false diagnosis to the court. That's perjury, for starters. I could lose my license. I faced arrest to get you more time with Kristina. I blackmailed the D.A. so that you could get visitation, and for what? All you have to do is follow a court order for six months, but you can't do that. You wonít.

Alexis: You just don't like me because Iím a woman who speaks up for myself.

Cameron: You can explain it to somebody else, Alexis. I'm not going to cover for you anymore.

Tony: What have we got?

Paramedic: Female, mid twenties. Altered L.O.C. Neighbor found her in her art studio.

Tony: All right. Elizabeth?

Bobbie: Oh, my God!

Tony: Did she collapse in the studio?

Paramedic: She has a head injury. Could be from a fall.

Bobbie: Was she attacked?

Paramedic: Your guess is as good as mine.

Tony: All right. Give me a C.B.C., a chem 10, a head C.T., and tox screen, please. Cubicle two.

Courtney: You worried about it all night, didn't you?

Jason: Worried about you. I didn't really want to set Ric up. I don't like you risking yourself.

Courtney: If I don't play along with Ric, he's going to send you to prison. Jason, he has all the proof he needs to set you up for Fowler's murder.

Jason: There's got to be other ways to handle this, Courtney.

Courtney: If Ric disappears, the evidence goes straight to the police.

Jason: He's bluffing.

Courtney: I don't think so. He's arrogant enough to believe that he's blackmailing me into marrying him. So we just -- we need to buy enough time for you to find the evidence. Jason, as soon as you get the tire iron, this'll be over.

Jason: A lot of things can go wrong.

Courtney: Hey. You have done so much for me. Just let me do this for you.

Jason: Damn it, why hasn't Sonny turned on his cell phone?

Courtney: He will.

Jason: I got to tell him about this before Ric does.

[Carly hums]

Carly: You thought I couldn't do it.

Sonny: What are you talking about?

Carly: Hmm. Did I say the words?

Sonny: What?

Carly: Hmm? Did I say the little magic words? Nope, no, I didn't. No, no, no, no, no.

Sonny: Is it --

Carly: Do you think it's difficult for me just not to say just a few words for one night? What are you laughing at?

Sonny: Is this kind of like a hormone type of thing?

Carly: Oh, stop it, Mr. Corinthos. You just watch, because right now I am going to call Jason --

Sonny: Oh, all right.

Carly: And ask him if Courtney accepted his marriage proposal.

[knock on door]

Sonny: Oh, that's probably them right now.

Carly: Ooh.

Ric: Oh, good morning, Sonny.

Sonny: Ric --

Ric: You're back from your trip already, huh?

Sonny: Ric, Ric -- what are you doing? You're pushing this. It's not good.

Ric: Well, then I apologize in advance, but I thought that you might be interested in hearing some really great news.

Carly: Oh, you're going to step off the pier and drown?

Ric: No. I'm engaged.

Carly: Oh, good, you and Elizabeth can step off the pier and --

Ric: No, not Elizabeth. Courtney. I'm marrying your sister.


Skye: Why is it so impossible to have a private conversation in this house?

Ned: Because we're Quartermaines. Well, at least one of us is.

Skye: Oh, thank you. I almost went all morning without being reminded how I don't belong in this house.

Ned: Did I say that?

Skye: Oh, well, I'm not a Quartermaine; I'm not a Chandler. I certainly don't know who I am.

Ned: So you're starting your own family?

Skye: Oh. We are not having this conversation.

Ned: Let me guess -- Coleman must be out of town.

Skye: Coleman?

Ned: Well, I'm not blind. Not that his genes need to be passed on to the next generation.

Skye: Well, I have no idea what you're talking about.

Ned: And you're far too sober to be picking up strangers on the street. I assume Jax declined the honor? Which is noble, but annoying, isn't it, given the circumstances? How am I doing so far?

Skye: Why do you even care?

Ned: So tell me, how does a sperm bank work? You just fill out a little form. "I want daddy to be a PhD. who loves camping."

Skye: I don't do camping, ok, and neither will any child of mine with my genetic code.

Ned: Right, right. You prefer a C.E.O., partner in a blue chip company. That sort of thing?

Skye: What's wrong with that?

Ned: As long as daddy remains anonymous. I mean, that's the whole point of a sperm bank, right?

Skye: Oh. Will you please stop saying "sperm bank"?

Ned: Actually, Skye, I have to say I'm impressed.

Skye: You are?

Ned: Yeah. Well, you decided what you want, and you're going for it. It's nothing underhanded, no questionable allies, very straightforward. I respect that.

Skye: Are you feeling all right?

Ned: I'm also very grateful about how you've treated Kristina these days. I never thought you had a maternalistic bone in your body, but you're a natural.

Skye: Yeah, well, Kristinaís just reminded me of what I've been missing, that's all.

Ned: I know what you mean.

Skye: You have no idea how rarely I hear that.

Ned: Until Kristina came along, I think I sort of lost track of what's really important.

Skye: Yeah. A child changes everything.

Ned: If you let her. I will always, always regret having given up custody of Brooke Lynn.

Skye: Why did you?

Ned: Because Lois refused to have our daughter raised in this house, and I don't really blame her. But I also know there was a better solution than to just let her take Brooke Lynn back to New York and agreeing to visitation.

Skye: Wow. So you completely missed Brooke Lynn at this age, didn't you?

Ned: For the most part. And now -- well, now it's next to impossible to find real daddy time.

Skye: Oh, that's got to be tough.

Ned: Did you just empathize with me?

Skye: Yeah. Don't tell anyone.

Ned: Now we have this beautiful little soul in our lives, and I just want to see her, like, every day.

Skye: Yeah, well, she is going to need you.

Ned: Even when Alexis comes back, I --

Skye: Is it just me, or is Alexis just getting worse?

Alexis: Why are you deserting me right now? I happen to need you right now.

Cameron: Our sessions aren't helping either one of us.

Alexis: You agreed that you would cover for me, Cameron.

Cameron: And I will continue to do that, but I can't speak for your next therapist.

Alexis: And who's that?

Cameron: Rachel Ryan. She's quite good.

Alexis: Cameron, you're punishing me because I'm not doing everything your way.

Cameron: All you have to do is see Kristina on the court's schedule, continue your therapy, rest and wait for this all to be over, but you're not doing any of those things.

Alexis: Do you realize that the Quartermaines are trying to steal my daughter from me?

Cameron: And you're doing everything you can to help them.

Alexis: And Skye won't take her hands off of her.

Cameron: Did it ever occur to you that might be a good thing?

Alexis: For a lunatic to have her hands all over my daughter? No, I don't think that's a good thing.

Cameron: For so many people to care about Kristina?

Alexis: I care about my daughter. I want to be near my daughter. Can't you understand that? Or have the Quartermaines gotten to you, too?

Cameron: You know, the paranoia really concerns me.

Alexis: Go ahead. Walk away. Go ahead. It's what you do best. Ask Zander.

Cameron: We're not making this about me.

Alexis: I can't believe I ever trusted you.

Cameron: When did you ever do that?

Alexis: I'm late.

Cameron: You are so right.

Alexis: You know, at least you could have warned me that you were going to abandon me, and that way I wouldn't have to waste my time coming down here.

Cameron: And where else do you have to be?

Alexis: That's none of your business. You resigned as my therapist. I don't have to tell you anything anymore.

Cameron: Do you realize how erratic you are?

Alexis: You ditched me without any warning at all, and I'm erratic?

Cameron: You're evading the question.

Alexis: I get to do that now. You're not my therapist anymore. Goodbye, Dr. Lewis. Let's never do this again.

Summer: I just love my brother so much. I can't believe that he's gone.

Man: It was so unexpected.

Summer: You're very kind.

Man: Actually, I am Roberto, and you must be Summer.

Summer: How did you know?

Roberto: Matt talked about you all the time.

Summer: Oh, he did? That's very sweet of you to mention that.

Roberto: But you never sounded like a sister. Matt wasn't your brother any more than I am.

Summer: Do you have a problem with that?

Roberto: I just don't see why he would seek all the treasures if he already had you.

Summer: You want in on the deal. Is that it?

Roberto: Do you really know what Matt was really doing?

Summer: Why don't you tell me?

Roberto: I'm into high-end collectibles. Among other things.

Summer: That sounds very interesting.

Roberto: How about if I get you out of here?

Summer: Hmm. That sounds great. Ahem. Hold on one second. Goodbye, baby. Watch your back.

Lucky: She's not going anywhere with that guy.

Nikolas: No, no, no, no, no. That's the whole point.

Lucky: You know we can't give them that of a big head start.

Nikolas: If we follow too close, we'll get caught.

Lucky: How many people have you tracked in your life? I know what I'm doing.

Nikolas: Yeah, except where Summer's concerned.

Lucky: Summer is a good person. At least she's trying to be. You, on the other hand, treat her like trash.

Nikolas: Would you listen to yourself for a second? She's using you, Lucky.

Lucky: Everybody uses somebody. Even you do. Come on, we can't let them get that far ahead. Let's go.

Ric: Yeah, I asked Courtney to marry me, and she said yes.

Sonny: Oh.

Carly: Courtney is going to be marrying Jason.

Ric: No, she's actually wearing my engagement ring, not his. And I'm sure he hasn't noticed yet. He's not too quick on the uptake, is he?

Sonny: No, that would be you, Ric.

Carly: Ric, whatever you're planning, it is not going to work.

Ric: Nobody thought that you and Sonny would work, did they? And look at you now -- happily married, you got a baby on the way. I wonder if we inherited love of family from our mother since she didn't get a shot at the great family situation?

Sonny: Ok, you know what? You don't want to go there. You're sick, and Iím not playing these games with you.

Ric: No, you already are. I am marrying Courtney, and there's nothing you can do about it.

Sonny: Courtney will not marry you. Do you understand what Iím saying?

Ric: Sure.

Sonny: Here you go.

Courtney: Sonny, you're wrong. I can't wait to marry Ric.

Summer: This store's a front?

Roberto: Yes. I keep the real stuff in the back.

Summer: And what have you got?

Roberto: Precious metals, jewels, coins, and anything that comes along.

Summer: Want to show me?

Roberto: Do you mind waiting here for a second?

Summer: No, no, not at all.

Nikolas: So what have we got?

Summer: He's a solid lead.

Nikolas: Can you be a little more specific than that, please?

Lucky: Give her some room, will you?

Summer: His name's Roberto. I believe he's the fence. Matty would have been the front man. And he knows an awful lot about the coins.

Nikolas: Like where they are?

Summer: Well, he's not giving me that information yet.

Nikolas: Well, how long will it take to get it?

Lucky: Just back off, Nikolas.

Summer: Look, we all know what Iím doing here and how I'm going to get the information. Do you want the details?

Lucky: We just scrap this whole thing and come up with a better plan?

Summer: No, no. I can handle this.

Nikolas: I have no doubt about that, Summer. Lucky and I will search the place. You deal with Roberto.

Lucky: We'll be in here if you need us.

Summer: Don't leave without me.

Lucky: We won't. Summer -- be careful.

Elizabeth: So there was this bag on my counter and --

Bobbie: You don't think somebody deliberately put a snake in your studio?

Elizabeth: Well, how else could it have gotten there, Bobbie? I live on the second floor. It's not like snakes are exactly common in Port Charles.

Bobbie: Hmm.

Elizabeth: I lifted up the pillow, the thing jumped at me, and that's the last thing I could remember.

Bobbie: You must have fallen back and hit your head.

Elizabeth: If the snake was poisonous, Iíd be a lot sicker, right?

Bobbie: I'm going to go check your blood work, just to be sure.

Elizabeth: Thank you.

Bobbie: You stay and rest. I'll be back.

Elizabeth: I will. Thanks.

Faith: Vipers. The world is full of them. They seem very drawn to you, especially Ric.

Elizabeth: You did this?

Faith: The snakebite won't kill you. Marrying Ric will.

Elizabeth: Oh, I see. The snake was a warning.

Faith: Next time Iíll send a real one.

Elizabeth: You're psychotic.

Faith: Then you should be careful, shouldn't you?

Elizabeth: Ric is never going to marry you.

Faith: No problem. Matrimony hasn't worked well for me in the past. But it definitely won't work that well for you.

Elizabeth: Well, Ric has no plans to marry me.

Faith: He has an engagement ring.

Elizabeth: Yes, he does, and he gave it to Sonny's sister.

Courtney: You were right all along, Sonny. Jason and I don't belong together, and I'm just sorry it took me so long to figure it out.

Sonny: Courtney, what are you doing?

Courtney: I've known Jason was a mistake for a long time. I was just too stubborn to admit it.

Carly: What does Ric have on you?

Courtney: Nothing. I just changed my mind, that's all. Look, I married the wrong man once, and we all know how that turned out. I just don't want it to happen again.

Carly: Well, does Jason know?

Courtney: Yeah, I mean, I talked to him, but you know Jason. He won't listen. And I hate to admit it, but I'm afraid of him. I mean, not that he would ever hurt me. I mean, I don't think he would, but --

Carly: Where is he?

Courtney: Jason? I have no idea.

Sonny: Why marry Ric now?

Courtney: It just all makes sense, you know? Jason has a good heart, but I can't live on the hope that he will change and become the man I could share my life with.

Carly: Oh, I see, and Ric is? After everything he's done to everyone?

Courtney: Ok, yeah, Ric has made some horrible mistakes, but he has good reasons, and he is trying to build a better life, you guys.

Ric: Look, I know this is kind of sudden, but I've been thinking about it for a very long time.

Courtney: Ric can make me happier than Jason ever will, and I know that's what you guys want for me.

Sonny: Do not let Ric force you into this.

Courtney: I'm doing exactly what I want.

Jason: You told them?

[music plays]

Ned: You're supposed to be such a great shrink, why is Alexis getting worse?

Cameron: You will have to ask her new doctor.

Ned: You're off her case?

Cameron: I resigned.

Ned: With no warning?

Cameron: I let myself get too involved. The sooner I step back, the better for Alexis.

Ned: Well, how did she take it?

Cameron: How do you think?

Ned: So the alternate personality is coming back?

Cameron: No. The current personality seems to be the problem. Alexis is having trouble dealing with the realities of her situation.

Ned: Well, who wouldn't? She's struggling with a mental illness. She's lost custody of her child. She would be district attorney right now if she hadn't thrown the election.

Cameron: Everything started after she had the baby.

Ned: Actually, Alexis' life started unraveling long before that. I just didn't see it. I was so used to seeing her as this competent, rational person. I didn't see that something was wrong.

Cameron: Well, however it happened, you need to be warned. In my professional opinion, Alexis still has a very real problem.

[Alexis drops tray]

Jason: Well, I've been looking for you guys all night. I wanted to tell you before they did.

Carly: So you're going to just stand here? You're going to just let all this happen, huh?

Jason: Courtney makes her own choices, Carly.

Courtney: That's what he says now. You should have heard him before.

Sonny: When did this happen?

Courtney: Last night.

Ric: Yeah, and I have some things that I need to take care of, but don't worry. They're family. I'm sure they'll come around.

Carly: Well, you little witch, enjoy yourself. I cannot believe that you acted like you were my friend. What is this? You're going to go on --

Courtney: Look, I'm sorry that I realize that I can't go through --

Carly: You know what? You want to be with him? Enjoy your life.

Ric: Ok, I'm sorry you feel that way, Carly. I hope you'll come around, but in the meantime, my fiancťe and I don't need to stand around here and be insulted.

Carly: Ok, bye-bye.

Ric: Bye.

Sonny: Ok, hold on. I'm not comfortable --

Jason: Sonny, Sonny, wait, Sonny --

Sonny: I'm not comfortable with you leaving with my sister.

Courtney: I want to, Sonny. I thought about this carefully, and it's the right thing to do.

Sonny: Don't look here. Don't look over here. Seriously, you know what? I don't want them alone.

Jason: Well, neither do I. I got someone tailing them. She's going to tell Ric that she's going into work, and she's going to get into the car with that guy.

Carly: All right, well, what happened?

Jason: Apparently, Ric has enough to frame me for murder, so now he's blackmailing Courtney into marrying him.

Sonny: Well, just another way to stick it to me.

Jason: She's just doing this to buy some time for us, so we need to end this fast.

Faith: Why would Ric want to marry Courtney?

Elizabeth: To hurt Sonny. Ric wants nothing more than to destroy his brother.

Faith: It kind of makes sense. Well, I guess she beat both of us this round.

Elizabeth: Get out.

Cameron: Here, let me help.

Alexis: Very clumsy. Please, Sir.

Cameron: I think that's the last of them.

Alexis: Thank you, Sir. Excuse me, Sir.

Ned: Actually, Dobson, could you stick around? I'd love some coffee. Cameron?

Cameron: Yeah, thanks. Cream and sugar.

Ned: I like mine black. Thank you.

Alexis: Right away, Sir.

Ned: So I was under the impression that Alexis was making progress.

Cameron: No. Actually, I think she's getting worse.

Ned: The Disassociative Identity Disorder?

Cameron: No, the Kristina alter isn't the problem. The problem is Alexis. She completely refuses to comply with the court restrictions. She acts like they're there to be ignored.

Ned: You think I don't know this?

Cameron: She behaves as if the entire thing were a giant Quartermaine conspiracy.

Ned: And she's not completely wrong. I mean, obviously, my grandfather will go to great lengths to keep Kristina at the Quartermaines'.

Cameron: Well, that's why she should follow the court orders to the letter. She needs to prove to the judge that she can be trusted with Kristina.

Ned: And what have you done to help the situation, Cameron? I mean, you arranged for Alexis to hide out in a cabin with Kristina. You lied to everybody. You think this is helping Alexis adjust to reality?

Cameron: I've been too involved for some time now.

Ned: Well, that's obvious.

Cameron: Can I get a little more sugar? You were in love with her.

Ned: What does that have to do with anything?

Cameron: Well, didn't you find her infuriating? Incapable of making a commitment?

[Alexis slams tray]

Ned: Yes, I did. Alexis absolutely refuses to admit that she needs anyone. That's why I was hoping therapy might help. You've done her no good at all.

Cameron: Well, actually, I'd have to agree, which is why Iím recommending to the court that her visits with Kristina be supervised.

Skye: Well, guess who's late for her visit with Kristina again?

Lucky: Are you planning on looking at every single item in the place?

Nikolas: Hey, you deal with the safe, Iíll take care of this, all right?

Lucky: You think Summer's ok back there?

Nikolas: She knows what she's doing.

Lucky: You know what? I'm just going to go check on her, ok?

Nikolas: No, no, you're not. Wait. I don't know, you have, like, this fantasy about Summer, like she's just --

Lucky: You know, I didn't plan on having feelings about Summer.

Nikolas: All right.

Lucky: I don't even know if I do, but I --

Nikolas: All right. All right, all right. Well, just don't think about it right now.

Lucky: I can't shut people out the way you can, put people in compartments -- Luke is crazy, Summer is trash.

Nikolas: I don't think that about Summer.

Lucky: You sure treat her that way.

Nikolas: You know, she's not this lost little girl who got lost on her way to Havana, you know. She's been trying to steal from me and probably still is.

Lucky: Ok, so she deserves whatever she gets from that guy?

Nikolas: I didn't say that. That's not what I said. Let's get back to work.

Lucky: Yeah, well, you stop giving me orders.

Summer: So when is the last time you saw Matt?

Roberto: A while.

Summer: And did he move his stuff through here?

Roberto: I don't know what you're talking about.

Summer: Oh, you expect me to believe that? Didn't Matt move the coins through your shop, or did he get them from your shop?

Roberto: So many questions.

Summer: So, what's in this for me?

Roberto: I'll tell you everything I know.

Summer: Starting now.

Roberto: Ladies first. You know this scam from beginning to end. You tell me everything.

Nikolas: Oh, check again.

Lucky: Look, man, it's just a bunch of papers.

Nikolas: What kind of papers?

Lucky: I don't know. They're, like, in Spanish.  Hey, look, it's just way too quiet back there.

Nikolas: Will you let her do this, Lucky?

Roberto: So, how did you lose track of the coins?

Summer: Things happened.

Roberto: Did Matt get greedy?

Summer: Oh, forget about Matt.

Roberto: Did Matt get tired of you? I find that impossible.

Summer: Did Matt tell you where the coins are?

Roberto: No. But you will.

Summer: I might be interested in working on a trade.

Roberto: You'll tell me everything.

Summer: And then just how will you know that Iím not lying to you? I tell you what, listen to me -- you let me go and we can figure out a way that we're working together.

Roberto: You'll run straight out that door.

Summer: To where? I need somebody that I can depend on, and so do you. So come on, let me go.

Lucky: Hey, let her go. You all right?

Summer: I am now.

Ned: Hey, hey, hey, do you mind not slamming the door? The baby's taking a nap.

Dillon: Oh, man, Iím sorry. I didn't know that you could hear the door slam from the nursery.

Ned: Actually, you're right. I'm probably overcompensating.

Dillon: For what?

Ned: Well, Kristinaís mother is starting to make a lot of bad decisions, and I worry about how that affects Kristina, which translates into me obsessing over silly details like her naptime.

Dillon: Yeah, that must be -- must be pretty hard to have a kid with somebody who's unstable. I don't know. I mean, I just think it's cool you're trying to work things out instead of cutting her completely out of Kristinaís life, you know?

Ned: Like the way our mother cut our fathers out of our lives? So I imagine that she said something sentimental like "you're better off without him."

Dillon: You got the lecture, too, huh?

Ned: Oh, yeah, whenever I asked about him. So I stopped. You seem pretty adaptable. So when did you stop asking about your father? When you were what, twelve?

Dillon: Ten. Yeah, we were at this place mom likes in Paris. We were having dinner, and there was this family at the next table, like a mom and dad and two kids. And so I get up the nerve to ask, "am I ever going to see my dad? Does he ever call, write, ask about me or anything like that?" And she says, "kid, you got two choices -- you can have the sugar-coated answer or reality."

Ned: Something tells me you opted for reality.

Dillon: What she said was that my dad had no use for me and that he had another family with a younger, prettier woman. She said she could give me the rest of the details, but it would bore her to death to talk about it, and so I let the subject drop.

Ned: Yeah, mother and I had a conversation very similar to that about my father. But the irony is when I grew up and I actually got to know the man, it turns out she was right. I really hate it when our mother's right.

Dillon: Yeah, you and everybody else.

Ned: Well, maybe you see a different side to her. A better side.

Dillon: Well, Ned, man, she loves me, you know, and I really believe that she loves you, too. I guess just some mothers are better at showing it than others, yeah.

Faith: Elizabeth's resting peacefully.

Ric: If you did anything to hurt her --

Faith: Elizabeth's fine, but I imagine she'll be calling an exterminator when she gets home.

Ric: You know what? I have no time for this.

Faith: You're starting to look desperate, Ric. You should really use that tire iron to get Jason locked up permanently instead of tying yourself to some little twit who hates your guts.

Ric: You know what? I can handle Courtney.

Faith: You think so? What about Sonny and Jason?

Jason: Ric has a tire iron with my fingerprints and Fowler's blood on it.

Sonny: Ric set you up the night you met with Fowler and got knocked unconscious?

Jason: Mm-hmm.

Carly: So Ric's got enough information on you, and with Scotty Baldwin as the D.A., you will --

Sonny: So what you're saying is this time you could really end up in jail?

Carly: I mean, does Ric really think that Courtneyís going to actually marry him?

Jason: As far as I can tell.

Sonny: He thinks she's leverage against me.

Carly: He's going to try anything, isn't he?

Sonny: He's losing it. But this marriage thing feels desperate. I know how to stop it.

Ric: Elizabeth? Bobbie called me. Are you ok? She told me about what happened with the snake. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to get you involved with all this.

Elizabeth: Leave me alone.

Ric: You're the last person I want to hurt.

Elizabeth: Look, marry whoever you want. I don't care. Just leave me out of it.

[phone rings]

Ric: I have to take this.

Elizabeth: Of course you do.

Courtney: I need to see you in the park now. It's important.

Ric: I'm on my way.

Elizabeth: That was her, wasn't it?

Ric: I'm sorry.

Elizabeth: You're more than sorry. You're pathetic.

Bobbie: Elizabeth, I got your tests back.

Elizabeth: Oh, good. So was there a problem?

Bobbie: Well, medically, no.

Elizabeth: Well, was the snake poisonous or what?

Bobbie: No. No venom showed up in the blood work, and you're fine, but Iím not quite sure how to tell you this.

Elizabeth: What? Just say it.

Bobbie: Did you realize that you're pregnant?

Lucky: I told you she was in trouble.

Summer: Lucky got there just in time.

Lucky: Let's go.

Nikolas: Whoa, whoa, I got something.

Lucky: Nikolas, what? Well, we already know dad escaped. Maybe he came by here.

Nikolas: Well, we need to search the place again.

Summer: Guys?

Lucky: Maybe dad's hurt.

Nikolas: No, come on.

Lucky: Or maybe he wants us to follow him.

Summer: Hey, guys, guys!

Roberto: Don't move, or you will end up like the guy in the passport.

Skye: You are very patient. You know that? Well, I don't know, maybe that's a good thing. But don't let people walk all over you, ok? If I win, I have my own baby. I'm going to be sure she's not going to be wondering where her mother is or when she's going to show up. Oh. But even after that baby comes along, I can promise you, Kristina, I will always watch out for you. Oh, here we go.

Alexis: I already know Iím late.

Skye: I'm putting Kristina down.

Alexis: Not on my visit time, you're not.

Skye: She's sleepy.

Alexis: I still have time. Hello!

Skye: Well, I'm not worried about you. I'm worried about Kristina.

Alexis: How would you like to settle this in court?

Skye: You can't even practice law anymore.

Alexis: You darling girl! But I have a lot of friends who can. Hey, little sweet thing!

Skye: Fine. But I'm watching the clock.

Alexis: Mmm, my baby. Hi, sweetheart. I missed you. I have. Do you mind?

Skye: Is that -- are you wearing after-shave?

Courtney: You need to get out of here before Ric shows up.

Jason: I don't want Ric touching you.

Courtney: Ok. Fine. As soon as you find the tire iron --

Jason: Listen, don't let him touch you.

Courtney: Ok. Go. Now.

Jason: He bought it.

Sonny: Good.

Ric: Well, how's my little bride-to-be?

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[Ned sniffs]

Ned: Was the new butler just in here?

Kyle: I set you up.

Maxie: What?

Bobbie: We ran the test twice.

Elizabeth: This can't be happening. It just canít.

Sonny: The way he's going to get revenge is to hurt me through my wife and my sister.

Ric: You're such the fighter. 

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