GH Transcript Tuesday 5/13/03

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 5/13/03

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Skye: Get out.

Alexis: You are not going to be the one to keep me from my daughter.

Alan: What about Zander?

Emily: He can't know about this.

Sonny: Jason's my brother. You? You're nothing.

Carly: Would you just stop stalling? Ask her to marry you.

Faith: The ring that he bought? It's not my size.

Courtney: Are you out of your mind? I hate everything about you.

Ric: Maybe, but you're still going to marry me.

Skye: How about we take a stroll through your great-grandmother's garden, huh, Kristina? Would you like that? Oh, I think you'd like that. I saw you looking at those butterflies, huh? Yes, you did. You liked that white one. I saw you looking at that with your eyes. I did, huh?

Ned: She's irresistible, isn't she?

Skye: Oh, Ned. I didn't hear you.

Ned: Sorry to interrupt your conversation.

Skye: Yeah. She's an ingratiating little thing, isn't she? I suppose I've gotten attached.

Ned: No offense, but I'm a little surprised you're so good with her.

Skye: Yeah, I guess Iíve never considered myself to be much of a baby person, you know? I couldn't believe women would actually want to change diapers and listen to the crying and -- I just couldn't imagine it was worth the sacrifice.

Ned: And now?

Skye: Kristina's the exception to the rule. The time I spend with her is pretty magical.

Alexis: Welcome to the human race.

Emily: This is so frustrating.

Therapist: Don't force it.

Emily: Ok. I couldn't even brush my teeth this morning.

Therapist: You'll gain more flexibility every day. That was good, that was good.

Emily: Thanks.

Therapist: Oh.

Monica: Oh, excuse us.

Alan: Hi.

Monica: Hi.

Alan: So, how'd you like to get out of here?

Emily: Where, to the atrium, Dad?

Monica: And beyond. We are here to take you home.

Emily: The doctor said I could?

Alan: We twisted a few arms.

Monica: Yes, and we told them it would be much better for you to recuperate at home than this sterile hospital.

Emily: Thanks.

Carly: You have to tell Courtney how much you love her and how your life would be miserable without her. Stop it.

Sonny: I do not believe Iím hearing this right now.

Carly: Ok, Sonny, why am I forbidden to eavesdrop and you do it all the time? This is another one of your double standards.

Sonny: You're ordering Jason to propose! What --

Carly: No, first comes love, then comes marriage, and then comes --

Sonny: Leave them alone!

Carly: Why?

Sonny: Well --

Carly: Do you not want them to get married?

Courtney: I don't get it, Ric. Why would you want to marry me?

Ric: Sonny shut me out. You're my way in.

Courtney: Sonny doesn't ever want to see you again.

Ric: Yeah, but he'll want to see his brother-in-law. Either way, you will be marrying me.

Courtney: You would have to chloroform me first.

Ric: That's all right, Courtney. If you don't want to cooperate, I'll be happy to give the tire iron that killed Fowler to the police, and Jason can go to jail for the rest of his life.

Elizabeth: My personal life is none of your business.

Faith: Ooh. My, my. Isn't someone territorial. Now, is that your way of saying you plan to accept Ric's proposal?

Elizabeth: Well, I guess we'll see, now, won't we?

Faith: Hmm. You're not getting the message, little girl.

Elizabeth: Oh, that's right. I'm sorry, you told me to turn Ric down, as if I'd actually listen to you.

Faith: Mm-hmm. If you're smart, you will.

Elizabeth: Let's cut to the chase. Ric's moved on. Deal with it.

Faith: Oh. When I get angry, people disappear. If you're attached to your drab little life, you will say no.

Alexis: Would you mind explaining to Skye that she is not Kristinaís mother? I am, and I don't want her near my daughter. If you don't do it, I'll be happy to spell it out for her again myself.

Ned: Actually, Skye has been very attentive to Kristina.

Alexis: Her behavior has been entirely inappropriate.

Skye: Babies need affection.

Alexis: Babies need a lot of things, Skye.

Skye: I'm just trying to do what's best for Kristina while she's living in this house.

Alexis: You turned her mother away from the door when I came to visit.

Skye: You were four hours late, Alexis. Kristina was asleep. Now, Iím sorry, but judge Farmer was very specific about the limits of your visitation.

Alexis: The court order does not include you in the role of timekeeper and supervisor.

Ned: Ok, there's no reason to overreact.

Alexis: You think Iím overreacting because I don't want an alcoholic kidnapper to play surrogate mother to my daughter?

Ned: Why are you getting so upset?

Alexis: My question is, why aren't you more upset?

Ned: Ok, Skye, would you do me a favor and take Kristina upstairs?

Skye: My pleasure.

Ned: Thank you.

Skye: Excuse me.

Alexis: What on earth is wrong with you?

Ned: I don't want to sit here and get in an argument in front of the baby, ok?

Alexis: You're the one who said she was treacherous in the first place, and the fact that you're defending her is unacceptable!

Ned: Wait, no, where -- where are you going?

Alexis: I'm going to see my daughter.

Ned: You're not going! Please, don't upset the baby. Just relax. Just calm down for just a moment and --

Alexis: Will you stop talking to me like Iím crazy? I have every right to be angry.

Edward: Hey, hey, hey! What are you doing here? This is not your visitation time and you are in direct -- Reginald! Get in here!

Ned: Relax, ok?

Edward: We've got a crisis right here!

Reginald: Someone else -- oh!

Edward: Oh, my God. Is he dead?

Monica: Ok, careful.

Emily: Oh.

Monica: Got it?

Emily: Yeah. I hope no one tries to drag me out for a game of tennis.

Alan: You know, the family's going to wonder how you got out of rehab so quickly.

Monica: Yeah. Maybe it's -- it's time that you just told everybody the truth.

Emily. I'm not ready.

Alan: How are you going to explain the situation?

Emily: I'll say I got homesick. I'll say the hardcore addicts scared me straight and Iíve enrolled in some outpatient program that's famous for amazing results or --

Monica: Em, don't you think it's just easier to be honest?

Alan: You know, the family loves you. They'll be so supportive.

Emily: Hey, I don't want to tell anyone. I don't even want to say the word.

Alan: Ok, maybe you're right. They took a lump out your breast. It came out cleanly. There are going to be some tests. I'm sure they'll be fine. That'll be the end of it.

Monica: And it's a beautiful day. Why don't we just take a little walk through the park before we head home?

Alan: Yes, we can celebrate your liberation from the hospital.

Monica: Yeah. Ok?

Emily: Ok.

Sonny: Carly, can you come here for a second?

Carly: What?

Sonny: Carly, just --

Carly: What?

Sonny: Did Courtney tell you she wanted to get married?

Carly: No, she didn't have to.

Sonny: Ok, I take that as a "no."

Carly: I know Courtney well enough to read between the lines.

Sonny: Yeah?

Carly: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: You agree with this, Jason?

Jason: Courtney might not even be ready to get married.

Sonny: She's not ready. Settled!

Carly: I just want Courtney and Jason to be happy, ok?

Sonny: Then leave them alone!

Carly: Sonny?

Sonny: Yes?

Carly: Jason, listen, you have no idea what goes on in women's minds. You just don't.

Sonny: But I'm sure you're going to enlighten him.

Carly: Yeah, I think I will.

Jason: Hold on. Courtney and I will decide if and when the time is right.

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Carly: Jason --

Sonny: You got to leave him alone.

Carly: Jason's going to break Courtneyís heart now.

Sonny: Well, whose fault is that? Who came up with the idea of Jason and Courtney getting married in the first place? You have to learn to stop controlling people's lives.

Carly: Oh, from the original control freak. Sonny, come on, they are not other people, they're like family, so why shouldn't it just be official?

Courtney: Sonny knows that I love Jason. He won't buy it for a minute, Ric.

Ric: He'll have to, won't he?

Courtney: He will know that Iím being blackmailed and he will make it his business to find out what you have against me.

Ric: And he won't succeed because you're not going to tell him about the evidence that I have against Jason. So Ric and Courtney Lansing will slowly become part of the Corinthos clan. We'll go to all kinds of family functions. We'll go to weddings, we'll go to the baby's christening --

Courtney: Ok, you hate him that much that you want to poison his holidays, his time with his family?

Ric: I wouldn't put it so bluntly as that.

Courtney: And to do it, you're willing to tie yourself to a woman that you don't even love?

Ric: Marriage is dicey at best.

Courtney: I despise you.

Ric: Well, you don't know me yet. I have a sensitive side. Who knows. We'll discover maybe we have a couple things in common.

Courtney: Yeah, like we're both in love with other people. Or maybe your relationship with Elizabeth was, I don't know, as phony as the rest of you.

Ric: Some things aren't meant to be.

Courtney: Yeah, starting with the idea of marrying me.

Ric: You know what, love is sacrifice, Courtney. And if you love Jason as much as you say you do, then you'll give him his freedom, in more ways than one. It suits you. I'll be in touch.

Alan: Well, I can't believe you got me to ride on the carousel.

Emily: Mom, you should have joined us.

Monica: Uh-uh. They make me very, very dizzy.

Emily: Oh, that's half the fun.

Monica: Oh, thank you. Hi, Gia.

Gia: I thought you were at rehab.

Emily: I just got released.

Gia: Oh. Does Zander know?

Emily: I -- I haven't had a chance to talk to him yet.

Gia: So you're not going back or --

Emily: I'm feeling much better.

Monica: Yes, and we're going to take care of her at home.

Alan: And speaking of home, that's where you need to be.

Monica: Yeah. Absolutely.

Alan: Excuse us, will you?

Gia: Sure.

Emily: See you later.

Monica: Bye, Gia.

[phone rings]

Zander: Hello?

Gia: Hey. It's me. Have you been in touch with Emily lately?

Zander: Not since she went to the new rehab place. Why?

Gia: Well, I'm in the park and I just ran into her and her parents. They're taking her home.

Zander: What? Why?

Gia: They said she's doing better.

Zander: But she just started the program.

Gia: Yeah, well, I guess they decided that she could recover at home.

Zander: Oh, my God, that family's full enablers. She'll be using drugs by the end of the week if she stays there.

Gia: Yeah, well, Zander, Emilyís pretty strong-minded, you know? Maybe she'll be ok and --

[phone disconnects]

Ned: How you doing, Reggie?

Reginald: Oh, I've been better.

Skye: Oh, Reginald, you must have tripped on this rattle. I didn't see Kristina drop it.

Edward: Well, Reginald could've broken his neck. He didn't, did he?

Paramedic: His back is injured. The doctors will be able to tell you more.

Edward: This is terrible.

Skye: Oh, Reginald, I'm so sorry.

Alice: Stop wasting time. Get him to the hospital!

Ned: You're going to be all right, Reggie.

Edward: Hey, hey, hey. No, no, no, you don't, lady. You do not take advantage of a family tragedy to try to inflict yourself on my great-granddaughter.

Alexis: A butler having his back go out is considered family tragedy?

Edward: Yes. Who else is going to stand guard against you?

Alexis: If my daughter needs protection from anyone, Edward, it's you.

Edward: I am devoted to that little girl.

Reginald: Mrs. Quartermaine takes her tea at 4:00!

Alice: Ok, ok, Reginald.

Dillon: What happened?

Ned: Alexis has every right to see her daughter.

Edward: Alexis committed a criminal act the minute she stepped inside this house. Am I the only one here who cares about the law? Give me the phone.

Dillon: What happened?

Ned: Edward, put that phone down. Put it down!

Edward: Yes, Iíd like the number, please, of the Rivington Agency.

A.J.: Old man. What are you up to now?

Edward: Well, Reginald has been incapacitated and we need to find a replacement.

Ned: So much for the family tragedy.

Skye: He just got in the ambulance. You can't wait, like, 60 seconds?

A.J.: Listen, make sure they send someone who'll keep his mouth shut and respect the family.

Skye: Hey, Iíd better hear that be a temporary position.

Ned: Yeah, listen, any new butler is out the moment Reginald returns.

Alice: I'm sure he can use the rest.

Edward: Reginald is not being replaced -- unfortunately. But while he is incapacitated, there are certain things that can be improved on.

Ned: Name one.

Edward: A proper butler should have impeccable posture, hmm? And a dignified air, preferably British, hmm?

Alice: Ooh, I like accents.

Skye: Look, Reginald is a bit eccentric, ok, but at least he's loyal and discreet -- and he's the only one in this house who isn't terrified of Cook.

Edward: A proper English butler wouldn't be intimidated by anyone, even Cook.

Ned: Disaster is looming. I can see it.

Edward: Oh, ye of little faith.

[music plays]

Singer: Stumble out of bed you know I need a little air I feel like I'm spinning on a crazy carousel a little of the surface just a sad and lonely clown working for a laugh amusing him around there are times in love I do not understand but when you hold me in your heart I know Iím in the best of hands I want to be your girl I want to be your world I want to be your girl I want to be your world

Faith: Scotch, neat? That's how you like it, right?

Ric: What are you doing here?

Faith: Oh, come on. You can muster a warmer welcome than that.

Ric: Goodbye, Faith.

Faith: You know, I've had men following me around since I was 12 years old. It's kind of exciting at first, but then it really waned. Now here you are, treating me just the way I treated them.

Ric: Is there a point to all this?

Faith: Mm-hmm. I'm never bored with you. I doubt I ever will be.

Ric: That's because you're not part of my life.

Faith: Mm-hmm, I'm right here.

Ric: No, you've overstayed your welcome.

Faith: Don't be stubborn. We're good together. You can be yourself with me and I will never be scared away.

Ric: No, you don't seem to understand, Iím getting married.

Faith: Oh, right, right. Congratulations. Yeah, to that little twit who can't cross the street by herself. Good idea.

Ric: Suffice it to say you won't be in the picture.

Faith: Look again.

Sonny: Got a minute? Um -- I just want to clear something up.

Jason: This is about me marrying Courtney. Right?

Sonny: Carly means well. She's just trying to look out for you. Sometimes she jumps to the wrong conclusions, though.

Jason: Well, not about this. I do want to marry Courtney.

Sonny: When did you decide?

Jason: Oh, man. Well, I knew that -- I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. And obviously, this is before, you know, Carly started her plan. But I hadn't -- I hadn't really thought about it till Courtney got hit by the car. For the first time, the future was all I cared about and all the years that I want to spend with her. I love her. And it's the life I want for both of us. You know, Courtney wants to have -- have kids someday. So do I, but even more than that, I want Courtney to know that I honor her, that I am never going to leave her. And I want us to promise before God that we're going to spend the rest of our lives together. So Iím going to ask Courtney to marry me.

Sonny: Are you asking my opinion?

Jason: I want to prove to you that I can give your sister the life that she deserves.

Sonny: You've already proved it to me a hundred times over. I know I didn't admit it, because, you know, let's just say Iíve been through a lot in the last couple of months. But I wanted what was the best for Courtney and the best for you, and what happened is you found that in each other. That's what I meant when I said Carly jumps to the wrong conclusion. I mean, you know what, you -- you keep her safe. You keep her safe. I'm not against you marrying Courtney.

Jason: Thank you.

Sonny: And if it counts for anything, you got my blessing.

Jason: It counts. It counts a lot.

Sonny: Well, welcome to the family.

Jason: You don't -- you don't know if she's going to say yes.

Sonny: Well, if I were a betting man, Iíd take those odds.

Carly: Sonny?

Carly: You went and saw Jason, didn't you?

Sonny: Yeah, I went to tell him --

Carly: You know, you need to understand that Jason and Courtney belong together --

Sonny: You're right, you're right.

Carly: And there is nothing that you can do to keep them apart --

Sonny: I agree.

Carly: So I just don't understand why --

Sonny: I agree.

Carly: You agree?

Sonny: Yeah. I went to tell Jason that I respect whatever decision he makes.

Carly: Really? What did he say?

Sonny: I don't really know, but I think he's about to propose.

Carly: Oh, God, that's great!

Scott: What's the matter, have another fight with your brother? Must be tough being related to Sonny.

Courtney: I'm just tired, ok?

Scott: Well, you look like you're about to cry.

Courtney: Have you followed up on my complaint against Ric?

Scott: Uh, yeah. He denies it. There's no proof. Has he done something else to you?

Courtney: Yes.

Scott: Want to file a complaint?

Courtney: Well, I'm not sure that I have legal grounds.

Scott: Well, I tell you what, you file the complaint and I'll tell you what to say.

Courtney: Even if it's not true?

Scott: Well, the truth is always a matter of interpretation.

Courtney: So are you telling me that you would charge someone with a crime, take them to trial, and send them to prison based on trumped-up evidence?

Scott: Anybody that I charge is guilty of something.

Edward: Hello, Rivington Agency? Mm-hmm, right. This is Edward Quartermaine, and I would like to talk to --

Alice: You hang up that phone!

Edward: What are you trying to do, give me another heart attack?

Alice: You're not going to replace Reginald.

Edward: And you are not giving orders, lady! I have had it up to here with the servants in this household, with your lack of your respect and your brazen attitude! I want to know whatever happened to loyalty to an employer!

A.J.: You know, Alice, you could use a break from Reggie. I know I can.

Ned: You know, Reginald is a saint for putting up with this family all these years.

Edward: Oh, God, the man left a legacy of chaos.

A.J.: I may despise the guy, but you know what, Iím willing to admit the house cannot run without him or someone to do his job.

Edward: Hmm. That's my point exactly.

Ned: Reginald has tenure.

Edward: According to whom?

Ned: Grandmother.

Edward: Oh. I tell you something, I am sick of living like a heathen, answering the door myself and drinking those putrid manhattans!

Alice: I happen to like his manhattans.

Edward: Ha-ha, case in point!

Ned: Grandfather, if you make any attempt to replace Reginald --

Edward: Oh, I know what you're going to say. You're going to say I'm cold 

Alan: Why don't you go upstairs?

Monica: Yeah.

Emily: Good idea.

Skye: Emily. You're home.

Edward: Ridiculous that -- hey. What's the meaning of this?

Edward: You know, young lady, you really shouldn't be here.

Monica: Gee, whatever happened to, "hi, Emily, good to see you"?

Edward: Oh, of course it's nice to have you back, but aren't you supposed to be in some kind of a -- of a rehab program?

Alan: Look, she's home now and she's exhausted.

Monica: Yes, why don't you take Alanís advice and go upstairs and lie down.

Emily: Ok. I'll catch up with all of you later. Good to see you, too, Grandfather.

Edward: Uh -- huh. In rehab one minute and out the next? What kind of treatment is that?

Alan: Monica and I decided she needed to be at home.

Edward: Of course, so she can buy her drugs directly from her delinquent boyfriend!

Monica: Zander has actually been very supportive.

Edward: Oh, come on, Monica, a leopard does not change his spots.

Alan: Give it a rest, Father.

A.J.: Um, what happened?

Monica: Emily got homesick and we found an outpatient program right around here that seems to suit her needs.

Edward: Oh, God, if I can't a decent answer from either you or Alan, Iím going to ask Emily myself.

Monica: You stay away from Emily.

Edward: Look, Emily knows that I have her best interests at heart.

Monica: What Emily doesn't need is any kind of a lecture from you. Now, she's off-limits. Is that clear?

Edward: Monica, I love Emily and I am concerned about her. But if -- if that's what you feel is best --

Monica: I am certain of it.

Edward: All right. Then Iíll -- Iíll abide by your wishes.

Monica: You'd better! Excuse me.

A.J.: Mm-hmm. I see you're batting 1.000 today, huh?

Edward: God, if I can't get any respect from anyone in this house, I will by God, order me a butler on my own.

[knock on door]

Emily: Who is it?

Skye: Emily, it's me. You got a minute?

Emily: Come in.

Skye: Look, Emily, I'm an alcoholic. I've been in rehab. I know that the first few days are the hardest. I know that everything seems so cold and impersonal and you just want to go home and you just can't understand why you're stuck living with these people whose problems seem so much than yours, but I'm telling you, if you just stick it out a little bit longer --

Emily: I canít.

Skye: You can. Of course you can. Emily, you've fought your way back from paralysis. You're stronger than that.

Emily: Right, I know, but not in a hospital. I want to be here with my family.

Skye: But a structured environment is so important.

Alan: Skye, thank you very much for caring, but the decision has been made.

Skye: I -- I just think that leaving a program that you just started is setting yourself up to fail. I know that you're stronger than that.

Alan: Listen, listen to me -- when you have children of your own, you can make the decision for them.

Skye: Look, I know this isn't a case of "do as I do." Obviously, it's a case of "do as I say." I just think that for her --

Alan: Monica and I have decided the best place for Emily is to be here at home in a program that we found for her, and that's the end of the subject.

Skye: Ok. I guess there's nothing left to say, then.

Emily: Look, I know you mean well.

Skye: Ok.

Emily: Thanks, Skye.

Skye: I really hope it works out for you, Emily. I do.

Alan: You all right?

Emily: Yeah.

Alan: I hope Skye didn't upset you too much.

Emily: It's harder than I thought, having them all think Iíve got a drug problem.

Alan: Well, you could always change your mind and tell them the truth.

Emily: Do you know how scared they'd be, how hard they'd try to hide it? I can't do it to them. I can't do it to myself. It's better to keep the secret.

Carly: Hey! I am here to help you set the stage.

Jason: For what?

Carly: Ok. Stop it. Don't go there, all right? This is important, and -- and luckily for you, I know how to make everything perfect.

Jason: For you or for me?

Carly: Oh, stop it -- for Courtney.

Jason: No, no, you -- Carly?

Carly: What?

Jason: You got to stop. You're not a part of this. This is between me and Courtney.

Carly: Yeah, but I know you want to make it right, so I just want to help you.

Jason: All right, well, why -- why is this so -- so important to you?

Carly: Because I love you, Jason. Because you are my best friend, and you always have been, even when you didn't want to be. And you've never, ever failed me. And even when you should have wanted to because I basically trashed your life, and I just want you to have all the things that I took away from you. You know, I want you to have love and I want you to have marriage and happiness and maybe a baby one day of your own. Jason, I just want those things for you so much.

Jason: Ok.

Carly: "Ok"? "Ok" what?

Jason: Ok, I -- I understand what you're trying to do. But you don't need to. I figured out all on my own that I love Courtney and I'm going to ask her to marry me by myself. It doesn't mean anything if I keep doing what Carly tells me to do.

Carly: No, not like you ever would anyway.

Jason: That's right.

Carly: Because you hate it when Iím right.

Jason: No, I hate it when you have a plan. But now I have a plan. So just trust me, ok? I can handle this.

Carly: Well, can I at least --

Jason: What?

Carly: Help you practice the proposal? Because, Jason, you know what, it can't sound stiff and rehearsed. It's got to sound natural. It's got to come from right here, in the heart. So come on, let's play this game, ok? You be you, I'll be Courtney --

Sonny: And I'll be me and I'll get you out of here.

Carly: No, Sonny, this is important.

Sonny: Come on.

Jason: Thank you.

Carly: Jason, Jason, this is really important! You will just get one chance to do this right and --

Jason: The flowers, thanks for the flowers.

Carly: And I'm over there if Ė

[classical music plays]

Edward: This is the living room. Let's see -- Phillips, is it, right?

Man: Yes, Sir.

Edward: Well, I -- I asked the agency for a classic English butler, and clearly you are that.

Phillips: I'm originally from Surrey.

Edward: Oh. So how do you like living in America?

Phillips: In all honesty?

Edward: Of course.

Phillips: The Americans are hopelessly backward, with revolting taste in virtually everything. One of civilization's greatest tragedies is that Britain lost the revolution. Although I must say that you -- you don't appear to be quite as savage as the rest of the lot, Sir.

Edward: Hmm, the -- the agency tells me that you really appreciate tradition, huh?

Man: Oh, yes, Sir. I've been a butler since World War II.

Edward: Oh.

Edward: Oh, I am looking for a butler with a sense of propriety, one who, having become acquainted with the rest of the staff, will not be influenced by their -- their informality, so to speak.

Man: Shouldn't be a problem, Sir. I have no friends. In fact, the human race revolts me.

Edward: Hmm.

Alice: There's one last guy for you to see.

Edward: I've gone through the whole list. It must be a mistake.

Alexis: [British accent] Mr. Edward Quartermaine?

Edward: Who are you?

Alexis: Dobson, Sir. I do hope that I can be of service.

Skye: Oh, Jax.

Jax: Hey.

Skye: Thanks for coming.

Jax: Well, you said it was important.

Skye: Well, it is to me. I have a favor to ask. I -- I know it's presumptuous of me even to ask. I --

Jax: Ok, so what's the favor?

Skye: Uh, I don't even know quite how to put it.

Jax: Well, you know, direct approach is always good.

Skye: Ok.

Jax: Ok.

Skye: I've decided I want a baby, and I'd like you to be the father.

Emily: Gia didn't waste any time.

Zander: Emily, your parents shouldn't have brought you back.

Emily: Ok, the decision's made. I'm staying here.

Zander: You can't get better living in this house.

Emily: Zander, I'm doing better.

Zander: No, it's too soon to tell that.

Emily: Ok, I want to be here. If you can't handle that, then leave.

Zander: I love you, Emily. I don't want to fight.

Emily: Wait, don't touch me!

Carly: Right now is the most romantic time in Courtney and Jasonís life.

Sonny: It's all downhill after that.

Carly: Well, come on, I mean, romance once you're married, the guy, he doesn't have to try so hard because he can relax, the chase is over, he knows he's got the woman. And then when you're pregnant, forget romance. That goes out the window --

Sonny: Right, right.

Carly: Because your husband makes you wear flat shoes and he dresses you in --

Sonny: I am getting --

Carly: Frumpy clothes and covers you up and then cooks you these huge meals --

Sonny: Yeah?

Carly: Acts like you're some prize breeding cow. What are you doing?

Sonny: You'll find out.

Carly: We going somewhere?

Sonny: Open the door.

Carly: Where are we going?

[Sonny laughs]

[knock on door]

Ric: Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: Last person you expected, right? Mind if I come in, just for a minute?

Ric: Sure.

Elizabeth: I stopped by earlier. I wanted to tell you that I can't stop thinking about you, no matter how hard I try. So I had to ask myself what that's all about, why I feel so close to you after everything that's happened, and --

Ric: You don't -- you don't have to explain.

Elizabeth: Yes, yes, I do. Faith was here, and --

Ric: I'm sorry about her. She just comes and goes as she pleases.

Elizabeth: No, no, no, no, I know -- I know you don't care about her, and -- and she knows it, too. She actually told me to -- to stay away from you. But I canít. Because I love you, Ric. I really love you. I've just been too -- too hurt and angry inside to admit it, even to myself, and I don't want to deny it anymore.

Ric: Elizabeth --

Elizabeth: And I know --

Ric: I'm so sorry.

Elizabeth: I know I told you that it was over, but I also know that whatever you lied about, I -- I know you've always been honest about your feelings for me.

Ric: No, no, please, I don't want to hurt you anymore.

Elizabeth: I know that. I know. I realize that. Maybe I shouldn't bring this up before you're ready, but if you ask me to marry you, my answer will be yes.

Courtney: What's -- what's all this for?

Jason: Carly brought it over.

Courtney: Oh, God, I don't believe her.

Jason: I kept the flowers because I -- I thought you'd like them.

Courtney: Yeah, I do, I do, and I know where this is coming from.

Jason: And I tried to make Carly understand that, you know, she's our friend, but she doesn't control our lives, she doesn't decide what we do and when.

Courtney: Does she understand?

[Jason sighs]

Jason: I care more that you understand. Because I'm not -- Iím not doing this for Carly or anyone else except for you. I love you, and, uh, you changed everything for me. You filled my life when I didn't know it was empty. And I want to give that back to you for every day, as long as we live. Will you -- will you marry me?

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Skye: Being around Kristina has changed my life.

Zander: Why are you pushing me away?

Emily: Because I want my life back!

Carly: You're bribing me.

Sonny: Is it working?

Elizabeth: I believe that you can change.

Jason: I want us to spend the rest of our lives together.

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