GH Transcript Thursday 5/8/03

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 5/8/03

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Luke: If you're so close with Nikolas, why didn't he tell you about the missing money?

Alan: When were you planning to tell me that our daughter has cancer?

[Courtney screams]

Jason: Courtney!

Tony: She's extremely fortunate. It could have been a lot more serious.

Courtney: Jason, Faith and Ric -- they have something on you.

Nikolas: You don't seem very surprised to see me.

Lucky: I'm not. You've followed us all along. That was the plan, right? You know, you just set us up to lead you right to Matt. Once we found him, you ditched us and -- to find what? Hidden gold?

Nikolas: Assets. Assets my family was forced to leave behind when they escaped the revolution.

Summer: And he found them for you, right?

Lucky: Oh, but instead, he double-crossed you.

Nikolas: My family risked their lives to hide that fortune.

Lucky: Hmm. Why is it so important now, all of a sudden?

Nikolas: I want what belongs to me, that's all. Now, did Matt say anything before he died?

Lucky: Like what? Where to find your money?

Nikolas: Do you know, Lucky? Or are you just going to help Summer steal what's mine?

Alan: How could you let me believe that Emily was in rehab?

Monica: I had my reasons.

Alan: You lie to me that she had cancer? You drag her off to another hospital?

Monica: I didn't drag her anywhere.

Alan: Look, Mercy hospital does not nearly have the resources that General Hospital --

Monica: It was a simple, straightforward lumpectomy.

Alan: You call this a simple, straightforward lumpectomy?

Monica: It is not unusual to take lymph nodes.

Alan: Did you tell Emily any of this?

Monica: Yes, I told her some of it.

Alan: And then you just kind of wandered off and left her by herself?

Monica: She wanted to be alone.

Alan: I don't believe you.

Monica: Alan --

Emily: Hi, Dad.

Alan: How's my little girl?

Taggert: Let me guess. These aren't yours. You never saw them. You've been set up, right?

Zander: I got nothing to say to you.

Taggert: Yeah? Let's go.

Gia: You're taking him in?

Taggert: Why shouldn't I?

Gia: Because the drugs are mine.

Faith: Elizabeth. Is Ric expecting you?

Elizabeth: Well, that's none of your business.

Faith: A little snippy for a waitress who just got dumped by her boyfriend, isn't it?

Elizabeth: When will he be back?

Faith: Now, why would I tell you that?

Elizabeth: Does he even know you're here?

Faith: Why don't you run along? I'll tell him you stopped by. That way, he doesn't have to see you looking so pathetic.

Elizabeth: Back off, Faith.

Sonny: You can't get any prints off the car at all?

Mac: The car was full of mud and lake water.

Carly: What, no registration? Nothing?

Mac: The tags came up stolen. But that's about it.

Mike: You're doing everything you can, right, Mac?

Mac: Like we would any other police case. But at this point, the driver could be anybody.

Sonny: Ok, do most hit-and-run drivers dump their cars in the lake?

Mac: No.

Mike: That almost sounds like a hit to me.

Sonny: Not necessarily, Mike.

Mac: Just to be clear -- the police will handle this, no one else. Understand?

Sonny: Yeah, I understand. I appreciate anything you can do. You know that.

Mac: Mike, I have some forms to fill out.

Mike: Yeah, sure.

Carly: "It sounds almost like a hit"? What's going on with Mike?

Sonny: He's just -- Mike's just trying to help, you know. Sometimes he says things he shouldn't.

Jason: Ric's got to be involved in this.

Sonny: Maybe.

Jason: I should have taken him out when I had a chance.

Courtney: Ric. Where's Jason?

Ric: You really thought I was him, didn't you?

Courtney: What?

Ric: You were going to warn me a second ago, right? Something about how Faith and I are trying to frame him?

Courtney: I'm just -- I'm really out of it, ok?

Ric: Yeah. You need to listen to what I have to say.

Courtney: Just go away.

Ric: You want me to get a call button?

Courtney: Maybe I'll just scream.

Ric: Do whatever you want. Because you know I have evidence that proves that Jasonís the one who killed Fowler. So go ahead, call Sonny and Jason, all right? Maybe the cops will come in after them.

Courtney: Jason didn't do it.

Ric: Not according to the evidence.

Courtney: You and Faith are going to set him up.

Ric: Courtney, I need to make this very clear to you. I can send Jason away for life anytime I want to. So you're not going to warn him, all right? You're not going to tell him you overheard anything. You're not going to tell him about this little chat that we're having here right now. As a matter of fact, you're not going to do anything.

Carly: Maybe Ric is involved in this, ok, maybe he's not. But right now, we need to be concerned about Courtney.

Jason: I'm going in there.

Sonny: Did Dr. Jones give --

Jason: I don't care what Tony Jones says.

Carly: Do you want me to go find him?

Sonny: No, no, I'm going to find him.

Carly: Jason, I hate Ric more than anybody.

Jason: It's not Sonny's fault that his brother is a psychopath. If Ric did this to Courtney, he's done.

Carly: Just concentrate on Courtney, not Ric right now. You love her. She loves you. And when she pulls through this -- when she does, you two can get married.

Ric: Courtney?

Courtney: You can't stop me from telling the truth.

Ric: Of course I can. I'm a lawyer. Everything I need to convict Jason is filed away, all right? Evidence, prints. I don't recommend going to look for it. But if something should happen to me, if I'm suddenly arrested or if I just have a bad day, the police are going to get everything.

Courtney: They won't believe it.

Ric: Are you kidding? With Scott Baldwin as the D.A.? Jason would be dragged in within the hour. You are going to get me what I want because if you don't, Jason is going to go away for a very long time.

Elizabeth: I take it Ric's not here.

Faith: Apparently not.

Elizabeth: Why are you?

Faith: Business.

Elizabeth: I highly doubt that.

Faith: Then you're smarter than you look.

Elizabeth: Maybe it's a blessing in disguise. Maybe this is proof that Ric is a waste of my time and he'd never be the kind of man I need.

Faith: What kind of man would that be? Someone who wants to share your boring little life? Someone worthy of your love?

Elizabeth: Oh, my, don't you sound defensive. Even jealous. How long have you been sleeping with him?

Alan: What were you thinking, not telling me this?

Emily: At least Iím not shooting up, Dad.

Alan: You must have been so scared.

Emily: I didn't want you scared, too. And now you are.

Alan: Well, I'm worried. And there's a difference.

Emily: They did a biopsy, Dad. The cancer is in the lymph nodes. I'm going to die.

Monica: No.

Alan: No, you're not. You are not going to die. They took out several lymph nodes, and Iím sure that they got it all.

Emily: Do you know how many times they said that to Page?

Alan: God, I wish you'd told me.

Emily: I wanted to tell you so many times.

Alan: That's ok.

Emily: But do you know what I want more than anything? Don't fight with mom all the time. And try to help the rest of the family get along.

Alan: Sweetheart, you must know that we really do love each other.

Emily: I know, but all of the fighting, Dad -- it's not just you. It's all of them. I mean, that's why I came home, so maybe I could help the family not hurt each other so much.

Alan: You mustn't worry about things like this now.

Emily: We've all wasted so much time fighting, and I wanted to help.

Alan: You are helping. You will help, for years to come.

Emily: I don't think so.

Monica: Emily -- Emily, we're going to know a lot more when we get the pathology report.

Emily: It won't matter.

Alan: I'm glad you told Monica.

Emily: I didn't. She figured it out.

Alan: That doesn't surprise me. What about Zander? Why isn't he here?

Emily: He thinks I'm in rehab.

Alan: You didn't tell him, either. Oh, God, I was standing right there when you sent him away, and I didn't even figure it out.

Emily: Ok, he can't know about this.

Alan: But he loves you.

Emily: That's why I can't drag him through this, Dad.

Alan: And you love him, too. God knows why, but I know that you love him. You need him here to support you.

Emily: Do you remember the first cancer waiting room that you ever sat in? I do. Everything was so cheerful. They had flowers all over the place. The chairs were even comfortable. And then I looked around, and little kids were wearing these huge baseball caps and women had scarves around their heads. And the people with them -- they looked so tired, like they'd been crying all night. I wasn't very old, but I remember that.

Alan: You mustn't worry about that now, please.

Emily: It was the first time that I understood that my mom might not get well, that she'd be like one of those women with no hair and bandages. You know I have the disease now, so you can deal with that. It'll be a little bit easier because you already have. And maybe for mom, too. But Zander -- he is trying so hard. He is just getting his life back together, and I can't drag him down. I wonít.

Monica: He needs to know what's going on, Emily, so he can make that decision.

Emily: Zander needs to get on with his own life.

Monica: And you are a very important part of that.

Emily: Not for very long.

Alan: Don't say that.

Emily: Ok, I want Zander to be happy, Dad, and to fall in love with someone else.

Taggert: You didn't just tell me that these drugs belong to you.

Gia: That's right.

Taggert: What are we talking about here?

Gia: Cocaine. Probably cut with something.

Taggert: You're going to let her do this?

Zander: Ok, look --

Gia: Zander doesn't have anything to do with this.

Taggert: How long you been hiding this habit, huh?

Gia: How do you think I stayed so thin modeling?

Zander: You know she's lying.

Gia: Nikolas and I ran with the fast crowd.

Taggert: I highly doubt Nikolas Cassadine buys drugs on the docks.

Gia: Beside the point.

Taggert: You're going to let me drag you down, hmm? Bust you for possession?

Gia: Would you really do that?

Taggert: You'd be pretty surprised if I did, wouldn't you? Kiss your law career goodbye.

Zander: If you want to charge somebody, charge me.

Gia: Shut up, please. It's your call.

Zander: The drugs are a plant. Come on, it's obvious. Some people are upset about what happened at Kellyís the other day.

Gia: You were there. That dealer couldn't get out fast enough.

Taggert: You got some names for me? What's the problem, huh? Who are you protecting? You protecting your friends in case you get in the business again?

Gia: Then you admit he's out of the business.

Taggert: Why are you protecting this guy, Gia? What has he done for you, huh?

Gia: Friend, all right?

Taggert: You want a summary of his rap sheet?

Gia: No. People change.

Taggert: How do you think Emily Quartermaine ended up in rehab? Because she changed so much hanging with this guy.

Zander: You going to arrest me or not?

Taggert: No, I'm not going to arrest you, but Iím going to keep my eye on you. Both of you.

Zander: Why did you do that?

Gia: Marcus wasn't going to arrest me.

Zander: Did you think the drugs were mine?

Gia: Not for a second.

Zander: Why not?

Gia: Because I believe in you, all right?

Lucky: I never spoke a word to Matt. He was dead before I walked into the room.

Summer: It's true. Somebody obviously didn't want us talking to him. Either that or one of your henchmen got a little carried away.

Nikolas: Oh, that's absurd. I had nothing to do with his death.

Lucky: Ok, fine. Can we just decide what we need to do next?

Summer: And can we start by you getting us out of here?

Nikolas: Oh, really? And then what? We all just go after my fortune together?

Lucky: Well, obviously you're not having much success finding it. You know, why do you need that money so badly, anyway?

Nikolas: Because it's part of my family's legacy. And for decades, it was lost behind the iron curtain.

Lucky: Was it worth all the lies that were told?

Nikolas: I never wanted you involved, Lucky.

Lucky: You know what? I got involved anyway. So, what are you going to do about it now? Are you going to help us or not?

Summer: Listen, Nikolas, if we help you find your fortune --

Lucky: All right, there is no need to come on to him.

Nikolas: Why not? That's what she does best.

Lucky: Would you just make up your mind, Nikolas? Are you going to be a Cassadine and let us rot in here, or are you going to be my brother and get us out of here?

Summer: Wait a second. You have to let us out, don't you, Nikolas? You need us more than we need you.

Nikolas: I wouldn't be so sure of that.

Summer: Hey, wait a second.

Nikolas: Llevo la mujer. Un momento.

Nikolas: I'll contact an attorney for you. Let's go, Summer.

Summer: Oh, no, no, I'm not leaving without Luke and Lucky.

Nikolas: Luke?

Luke: Right here, Nik, enjoying the show.

Nikolas: I'm more concerned about my brother than who he's locked up with.

Summer: You're more concerned about Lucky, so you're willing to leave him here in this hellhole?

Nikolas: Just until I can contact an attorney to pay his fine, get him released, and then send him back to the United States. Let's go.

Lucky: Look, I'm not luggage. You just don't send me where you want me to go.

Nikolas: I'm offering you a way out, Lucky.

Lucky: I'm not taking it.

Summer: And I'm not leaving without Lucky or Luke.

Nikolas: Cierra la puerta, por favor.  Me los llevo a todos. Let them out. Come on.

Lucky: Dad?

Luke: No, thanks. I'll stay.

Lucky: Come on, Iím not going to leave you here by yourself.

Luke: Oh, sure you are. I'm comfortable here.

Nikolas: We don't have time to argue about this. Come on.

Luke: Go on. Have fun.

Summer: Luke, we need you. Please don't let us down.

Luke: You don't need me anymore, darling. You got Nikolas to lie to.

Nikolas: Let's go.

Luke: Don't turn your back on him.

Alan: Well, at least they caught it early.

Monica: Well, she -- she was trying some sort of medicine from Mexico.

Alan: What was she thinking?

Monica: Well, she's young, Alan. She panicked.

Alan: But they could have started treatment as soon as she was diagnosed.

Monica: Just because it spread to some lymph nodes doesn't mean that it's in all of them. I've ordered a complete workup.

Alan: She's going to need a C.T. scan of her chest.

Monica: And abdomen. I've done that.

Alan: She's going to need a bone scan, as well. We could lose her. We could do everything right and still lose her.

Monica: No. No.

Faith: What difference does it make who Ric is sleeping with? We all know he's finished with you.

Elizabeth: Have you been seeing him all along?

Faith: Meaning what? Since you started following him around? Again, what difference does it make? You never had a chance.

Elizabeth: Well, now, we both know that's not true.

Faith: Oh, well, I accept Ric for exactly who he is. I'm not trying to help him find himself or see the light or turn him --

Ric: Elizabeth. What are you doing -- I mean, I'm glad you came back.

Elizabeth: This was a mistake. I don't know what I was thinking, coming over here. I shouldn't have --

Ric: What do you mean? Because of Faith?

Faith: Otherwise known as chopped liver.

Elizabeth: This was a --

Ric: Would you give us a minute, please?

Elizabeth: Bad idea. I don't belong here. I'm out of here.

Ric: No, Elizabeth, please, wait, wait.

Jason: Excuse me. I want to go in and see Courtney Matthews.

Nurse: Oh, I'm sorry. You're just going to have to wait a little longer. We'll call you just as soon as it's ok to see her.

Carly: You know, Sonny and I wouldn't be married if it weren't for you, and I just think that you and Courtney should get married.

Jason: Don't do this now.

Carly: You know, I see a big, big, beautiful wedding and dozens of priests and lots of incense and the blessed, holy mother for days. It would make Sonny feel better.

Jason: It's not about Sonny right now.

Carly: Yeah, but he'd be off your case.

Jason: Look, I know what you're trying to do. I get that you're trying to do something good. But you're doing it the wrong way. I don't want to think about priests or weddings. I don't want to fight with you. It's all I can do to sit here and wait. If you want to help me, just be quiet and wait with me.

Carly: Ok.

Sonny: What? What's wrong?

Summer: Ah, very grand. You couldn't spring for the air conditioning, though, huh?

Nikolas: It's all they had left, Summer.

Lucky: We just need a place to crash until we decide what to do next.

Nikolas: I need to make some calls.

Summer: We need to set a price first. If Iím going to be helping you find the money, I need to know exactly what's my share.

Nikolas: We'll work something out.

Summer: Not good enough.

Nikolas: Look, I don't even know how much there is or if we can even find it. But I will compensate the both of you.

Lucky: Yeah? Why should I believe that?

Nikolas: Look, I don't -- I'm trying to work with you here, ok, Lucky?

Lucky: Oh, like you did with my dad? Hiring Summer to go after him?

Summer: Lucky, can you please leave that out of this?

Nikolas: I made mistakes. I'll admit it. But all I was trying to do was help our mother. And what's the first thing you do? Team up with Summer to go after my money.

Lucky: Well, hey, if there's going to be a problem working together, why don't we just split up now.

Nikolas: How much cash do you have on you at the moment? How far could you get? That's what I thought. Like it or not, we're in this together. So let's find the fortune first and sort out the details later, shall we?

Summer: I don't trust Nikolas. And I don't need his money to get us out of here.

Nikolas: It's your call, Lucky. I mean, I'm not crazy about working with Summer. But whatever, I'll risk it, if you give me your word that you and I will work together.

Summer: Why should we trust him?

Lucky: Because he's telling the truth. I'm in.

Nikolas: Good. Now we need to find out where Matt's been in the last couple of days.

Summer: I'll see what I can do.

Nikolas: I'll make some arrangements downstairs.

Lucky: Whoa, whoa. What kind of arrangements?

Nikolas: Travel. I want to be ready when we decide where to go.

Summer: All right, listen up. We give him two minutes to hit the lobby, we climb out here, circle back around to the jail.

Lucky: What, you want to pick up my dad and shut out Nikolas?

Summer: That's right. Come on.

Lucky: I'm not going anywhere.

Sonny: Are you in pain? You want me to call the doctor?

Courtney: No, that's all right.

Sonny: Why are you crying?

Courtney: I just -- I hate waking up in hospitals, you know?

Sonny: It's going to be all right. You know that?

Courtney: Yeah, I know.

Sonny: I'm glad you're doing good. You get a chance to see the driver?

Courtney: No.

Sonny: You didn't see anything?

Courtney: No, I -- just it happened so fast. I don't know. I think I was in a hurry.

Sonny: You didn't jump in front of the car, did you?

Courtney: No.

Sonny: So you didn't maybe for one second see the driver?

Courtney: Is Jason here?

Jason: Hey. I've been trying to get in, but the nurse wanted me to wait.

Sonny: Yeah, she's happy to see you here. I'll let you two see each other.

Jason: Why are you crying?

Courtney: It's nothing. I'm better now.

Ric: I'm glad you came back. Everything ok?

Elizabeth: You said one word from me, one positive sign and you'd turn your life around. So I came over, and then I found Faith here. Now I'm not sure --

Faith: She wasn't very glad to see me.

Ric: Faith has nothing to do with us.

Elizabeth: What is she doing here?

Ric: It doesn't matter. I want to start over.

Elizabeth: This is what I mean. I can never get a straight answer out of you. Now, what is Faith doing in your apartment?

Ric: I have no idea.

Faith: I'd be happy to fill you in.

Ric: You know what? I'll call you later.

Elizabeth: This is good. I'm gone.

Ric: No, Elizabeth, please. Listen -- look, I love you, all right? You got to give me a chance here. I'm trying to make this work. I'm not trying to shut you out. Just give me a little time, that's all.

Elizabeth: Is it really going to make a difference?

Ric: Yes.

Elizabeth: Are you going to try to change the way you live?

Ric: I'll try. Please.

Elizabeth: What do you want? Me or revenge against your brother? Don't worry, I won't be back.

Ric: Elizabeth, please --

Faith: You know, you don't have to turn your life around for me. I like you just the way you are. Such a sad face. You like to play rough? I can do that, too.

Lucky: Nikolas is our best shot at the moment.

Summer: You mean, he's the moneyman.

Lucky: Well, that's what it's about, isn't it? I mean, the money?

Summer: Well, that's what Iíve always admitted to from the start. What's it about for you, Lucky?

Lucky: My dad free, my brother alive. Not having to choose between the two of them.

Summer: Ok, but you do realize that you cannot trust Nikolas?

Lucky: Oh, I can't trust you, either, but that hasn't stopped me from helping you. At least Nikolas is my brother.

Summer: And what am I to you? A friend? An enemy? A good time in bed?

Lucky: All three. In no particular order.

Nikolas: Sorry to disturb you.

Summer: I'll be in the shower.

Nikolas: You know she's working you.

Lucky: You hired her. I didn't.

Zander: Ok, what are you doing?

Gia: Look, why don't you just go to the doctor like normal people?

Zander: Haven't you done this before?

Gia: Now, why would I have wrapped up some guy's ribs?

Zander: Yeah, Nikolas probably had a whole staff of people for stuff like this, right?

Gia: Oh, be quiet. Well -- ok. No, I used to get taped up for shoots all the time.

Zander: Why?

Gia: Think about it, Zander.

Zander: Oh, uh -- right. You mean, they do that to models?

Gia: Sit still.

Zander: Ow. That hurt.

Gia: Yeah, try a bikini wax, buddy.

Zander: Yeah. Why don't you let me do it?

Gia: You probably have more experience. Why does everyone think it's ok to beat up on Zander?

Zander: You got me.

[phone rings]

Zander: Would you -- would you get that?

Gia: What? Am I your personal assistant now?

Zander: Yeah. Hurry, and don't trip over any tape.

Gia: Hello? Hello? Who's calling?

Sonny: Mac, find out anything about the car?

Mac: No.

Sonny: About the plates? Anything?

Mac: Not to my knowledge.

Carly: Courtney could have been killed. Why isn't anybody out there trying to figure out who ran her down? Or do you not care because she happens to be Sonny's sister?

Sonny: Ok, let him talk, let him talk.

Carly: Well, I want to know. Is anybody working on this case?

Mac: The PCPD has been pulled off this case.

Sonny: By who? Mac? By who, Mac?

Scott: Take a guess, Corinthos.

Jason: Are you in a lot of pain?

Courtney: Not too bad.

Jason: The doctor said your head is going to hurt.

Courtney: It does.

Jason: You know, I was waiting out there, and people kept talking about who ran you down and how bad you're hurt. And they kept saying your name over and over, but it didn't sound real to me. I mean, they weren't talking about you. They were talking about their patient or their sister or their daughter or whatever place that you fill in their lives. You don't just fill something for me. You fill everything. And you're the whole point. Mike said, what if you die?

Courtney: I'm not.

Jason: I know. I yelled. I yelled and I said, "Courtneyís not going to die," because you couldn't. Because if you were gone, I would spend the rest of my life looking back, thinking about when I was with you. I'd be mad at myself for not giving you everything that you ever wanted. And wasting all that time in the beginning when I tried to stop myself from falling in love with you because it didn't seem possible. I was only supposed to guard you, and that's what I did. And I -- and I thought I didn't want to love. I didn't want someone who means everything to me. I mean, how could I do my job? How could I be everything everyone else needed me to be if -- if I needed you? I mean, no person can make you want to live, but that person can make you want to be alive. And that's what you do for me. I don't want to lose you.

Courtney: I'm afraid of losing you, too. Every time that you walk out that door, Jason, it's like a part of me is screaming, "there goes your whole life, the only man that you're ever going to love, so don't be an idiot and just go after him and hold onto him and beg him not to leave." And then the saner part of my brain kicks in, and I -- I realize that I can't keep you locked in a box. You know, bad things happen. You could be gone without a warning, or we could spend the rest of our lives together. You know, grow old and gray with, like, 15 grandchildren. Sorry. I don't know where that came from.

Jason: What?

Courtney: I mean, I do want --

Jason: What?

Courtney: You know what? I'm really out of it right now. Carly said something completely ridiculous.

Jason: You mean about us getting married?

Courtney: She told you?

Jason: You think it's ridiculous?

Courtney: I -- do you? I mean, do you think it's ridiculous?

Jason: I think Carly should stay out of it. You know? She's always trying to run my life, and now that I love you, she's going to try to run your life, too. That's just how she is.

Courtney: Yeah, Carly gets carried away sometimes, doesn't she?

Jason: Yeah.

Courtney: God, I mean, we haven't even been together a year, and she's already asking us about getting married.

Jason: Yeah, you don't need to talk about it now.

Courtney: Why can't they just see that we are fine the way we are? And I wish everybody would just leave us alone and let us love each other.

Jason: Are you sure you're all right?

Courtney: Yeah. I just -- I want to go home, you know?

Jason: I know, I know. I hate hospitals, too. Actually, I can't wait for you to get home and I can take care of you until you're well and you can practice kickboxing and make me laugh.

Courtney: I love you so much.

Faith: Isn't that better than shooting at me?

Ric: Be quiet.

Faith: Did you get to Courtney?

Ric: Yeah. Yeah, of course.

Faith: She going to keep her mouth shut?

Ric: I think so.

Faith: You have the evidence against Jason. Why aren't you going after him?

Ric: As long as I can put Jason in jail, then I can still manipulate the people that want to keep him free, like Courtney. I may need her.

Scott: What do you want? Make it fast.

Sonny: Why did you shut down the investigation?

Scott: Because a hit-and-run is kind of hard to prove.

Sonny: My sister could have been killed, Scott.

Scott: Well, she wasn't, and nobody can identify the driver. So what do you want me to do?

Sonny: How about your job, for starters?

Scott: You know what, Corinthos? You don't get it both ways. You don't turn the waterfront into a war zone. You don't kill people and steal and turn young girls into strippers. Yeah, I remember. So your sister's a little inconvenienced now, and you think this whole department is going to shut down for you? Fat chance!

Sonny: You want me to take care of this, don't you, Scotty?

Scott: Yeah, go ahead. You do it your own way. But when you slip up --

Sonny: I donít.

Scott: Not yet. But you will. And I will catch you, and I will lock you in a little room, and you'll be forgotten for the rest of your miserable life. Now, get out of here.

Summer: Ooh. The minute I stepped out of that shower, I got hot all over again.

Nikolas: My brother really cares about you, you know.

Summer: Oh, yeah. I care about him, too.

Nikolas: Then back off.

Summer: What are you talking about?

Nikolas: You'll get your money, Summer.

Summer: You're right about that one, Your Highness.

Lucky: Ahem. You must be starving.

Summer: It's been a long day.

Lucky: Yeah, for all of us.

Summer: I guess I'll take the bed.

Summer: Good night.

Guard: Oye. Aqui tiene la comida. Oh! Vamonos!

Luke: Muchas gracias, Alberto.

Alberto: You want to go back to America?

Luke: No, that's not my destination.

Alberto: The plane is waiting. You can go anywhere. So, where do you want to go?

Luke: Well, I'm thinking Russian vodka, fresh caviar, and a big pile of Cassadine rubles. Vamonos, amigo.

Alberto: Let's go.

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Kyle: Do I get to kiss you?

Scott: She's flipping back and forth like a Mexican jumping bean. Sane, crazy. Sane, crazy.

Elizabeth: Do you get some sort of perverted thrill out of lying to me?

Carly: Don't be paranoid.

Jason: Forget it. I'm not going to go along with one of your crazy plans.

Courtney: Jason and I -- we love each other. We're going to be together. 

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