GH Transcript Wednesday 5/7/03

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 5/7/03

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Sonny: I have it under control. Give me the gun.

Carly: Oh, God!

Luke: You don't have a sister?

Man: That's right.

Luke: What is Summer?

Man: We're not related.

Ric: I could be quite useful to the D.A.'s office.

Scott: How's that?

Ric: Sonny Corinthos happens to be my bother.

Carly: You and Courtney just need to get married.

Faith: The longer you wait, the harder it will be to pin Fowler's murder on Jason.

Summer: Matt, can you hear me?

Lucky: What happened?

Luke: I'm having a conversation with Summer's brother, and somebody wanted it to end.

Lucky: Summer, I'm so sorry.

Summer: Matt, this isn't funny. Don't do this to me. Don't you dare die before you tell me where you hid that money, Matt. Wake up! Wake up. Matt, where is it? Where is it? Where did you hide the money? Don't do this to me!

Lucky: Summer, he's dead.

Summer: Please don't do this to me.

Lucky: Summer, your brother's dead.

Summer: No! No! Did he say anything, anything at all to you before he died?

Luke: Yeah. He said he isn't your brother.

Gia: Yeah, at this point, I'd have to say I like criminal law the most and contract law the least, which doesn't really bode well for my financial future since most of the really lucrative practices deal in some aspect of contract law. Like intellectual properties, for instance. There -- give me your cell phone.

Zander: What?

Gia: Your cell phone. Why don't you call Emily and let her know you're thinking about her, leave a message.

Zander: She said no contact. I'm sure that includes voicemail. I'm missing something.

Gia: Yeah -- a gorgeous spring night.

Zander: No, I keep getting this feeling, like another time that Emily cut me out. Her grandfather was blackmailing her. He faked a mugging and blamed it on me, and he convinced her that he would prosecute me if she didn't break up with me. I'm getting that same kind of feeling, like -- like she's under some kind of pressure that she can't tell me about. I warned you Iíd be bad company tonight.

Gia: No, you're in love with someone who's dealing with a serious addiction and you're worried about her.

Zander: Mind if I check my messages and see if she called me?

Gia: Oh, no, go ahead. I'm going to go get us some cappuccinos.

Zander: All right. You get it, I'll pay.

Gia: I got it.

Zander: Can we not fight about this?

Gia: Fine. Anything special?

Zander: Surprise me.

Gia: Ok.

John: The new and improved Zander. When did you become a crime fighter?

Zander: All right --

John: You don't want her rushing back here getting caught up in this.

Zander: Ugh!

John: Never interfere in my business again.

Ric: You made bail?

Sonny: No charges filed. Your plan to bust me for racketeering failed. Cops didn't have one piece of evidence.

Ric: You covered your tracks pretty well. I'm impressed.

Sonny: Things that hurt me usually don't stay around long.

Carly: You and Courtney just need to get married.

[Courtney screams]

[tires screech]

[car impacts]

Jason: Courtney!

[car speeds away]

Carly: Oh, my God!

Jason: Courtney.

Carly: Oh, my God.

Jason: Ok, here -- call 911.

Faith: Hop, hop, little bunny.

Jason: Courtney, can you hear me?

Carly: Hey, yeah, we need an ambulance at the corner of Elm and Lincoln. Yeah, a girl's been hit by a car. Um -- hold on. Is she breathing?

Jason: Yeah, she's breathing. Tell them there's no blood and no visible sign of injury.

Carly: Yeah, she's breathing. There -- there's no blood --

Jason: Come on, I'm right here. I'm right here, ok? Help's on its way. Don't try to move.

Courtney: Hey --

Jason: Don't try to move. Courtney, don't try to move.

Courtney: No, I have to tell you something.

Jason: No, no, no, no, no. I need you just to stay focused on me. Look at me. Look at me. Now, I want you to breathe slow and easy, ok? Just look at me. Courtney. No, Courtney -- Courtney, please stay with me.

Carly: Ok, the paramedics are here. Ok, well, hurry, hurry. Will you hurry? She's passed out again! No, she has not been drinking or doing drugs!

Jason: Come on, Courtney, stay with me.

Carly: She was hit by a car!

Jason: Courtney. Courtney!

Sonny: You got a nice apartment, Ric.

Ric: Thank you.

Sonny: A nice life. Why waste your time trying to take me down, especially since you already lost?

Ric: You're a fraud, Sonny. You know, nothing with you is what it seems. Look, you pretend to be a respectable businessman because you can't be the real thing. You're a street hood. You got no chance for peace. You got the law wanting to put you in prison, and you got your fellow gangsters who want to kill you. You're a family man with a family that's either on or under guard all the time, and that scares you. You know what? I'll take my Harvard law degree any day and my questionable profession as a lawyer. There's more than one way to take you down.

Sonny: Come on, Baldwinís a joke. You know it.

Ric: Hey.

Sonny: The information you gave him is useless. And if he gave you immunity in exchange, you won that victory. Take your life and move on!

Ric: Oh, really?

Sonny: Yeah!

Ric: You'd love that, wouldn't you? The brother that you never wanted around in the first place just gone all of a sudden? Not to mention the truth about what you did to our mother.

Sonny: You put your trust in the wrong people again.

Ric: Yeah.

Sonny: Cops have been trying to take me down for years. They failed, and they're always going to fail, just like you. You know why? Because you're not strong enough to beat me, you're not smart enough, and you're not street enough. The winner is always standing. And that is always going to be me.

Emily: Are you going to stay?

Monica: Of course I am. I can't assist at Mercy, but I can observe.

Emily: Do you think they'll just take out the lump or --

Monica: Emily, they're going to do whatever they have to do to make you safe. They're going to take out the tumor and some of the lymph nodes, send them for biopsy to just make sure the cancer hasn't spread. But what you have to do is be positive. I tell my patients to just think of a lovely place in your mind and go there, and you'll have a very, very peaceful dream.

Emily: Mom, Iím so scared.

Monica: I know, sweetheart. I know.

Lucky: So this was all a scam?

Summer: Not all of it, no, no, no, no, not all of it, no.

Lucky: Well, if that wasn't your brother, who was he? Your boyfriend?

Summer: Ex-boyfriend.

Luke: Ok, let me see if Iíve got this straight. You and Matt found out about these Russian coins. You were going to run a scam on it. But he cut you out, so you've been looking for him to get your share. Am I close?

Summer: It's not that simple.

Lucky: What's so complicated about wanting money and lying to get it?

Luke: The lost brother was a nice touch. Sympathy cons are among the best.

Lucky: You know what? Nikolas was telling the truth. He didn't even have information on your brother because your brother doesn't even exist.

Luke: All right, we got to get out of here. There's a dead body here and the killer could still be around. Let's go.

Lucky: We still probably don't even know the half of it.

Luke: Let's go.

Lucky: Do we?

Luke: Let's go.

Summer: Oh, now what?

Man: Vamonos pa alla. Now you will cooperate. I am Detective Llorente with the Havana Policia.

Lucky: You're cops?

Det. Llorente: When there is a murder in the United States, that is usually who arrives, isn't it? We received a tip. Do you know the victim?

Luke: [Russian accent] no. I don't know. And I don't know these people. They come in after the terrible thing happened. I was here for the auction.

Summer: He wants us to make a run for it.

Lucky: No, I'm not leaving my dad.

Luke: I am simple coin collector from Russia. And I -- I -- no, I show you the coin. You want to see the coin that I got here? You see? I got in here. And -- oh, it's not there. Oh, I lost the coin! Oh, help me find the coin! Is fall-- is falling on the ground? The coin, yes? Is the coin over there?

[Luke mumbles]

Summer: You don't understand. I had nothing to do with this. Oh.

Det. Llorente: And what about you? You're the only one not claiming innocence.

Lucky: No, I didn't kill the guy, if that's what you're asking me. He was dead when I walked in the room.

Det. Llorente: And do you know him?

Lucky: Never met him before in my life.

Det. Llorente: Hmm. And what about these two? Do you know them? Or are you just three strangers who happened to bond over a dead body? Perhaps we need to discuss this under more controlled circumstances?

Doctor: Hemostat. Container. All right, get this down to pathology. Give me a little more suction around the margin here. All right. I just want to look at these lymph nodes a little further. Ok.

[Emily giggles]

Emily: You're tickling me.

Zander: You want me to stop?

Emily: Not ever, not the way you look at me here, touch me, and love me.

Zander: You know, I was thinking about things we'll do after we're married.

Emily: Yeah. You know, you should probably ask me first.

[Emily and Zander laugh]

Zander: Well, you do want to marry me, right?

Emily: Yes, after a serious proposal.

Zander: Oh, by that time, I'll be vice president of E.L.Q. or own my own business.

[Emily giggles]

Zander: Have an apartment in town. We'll have a place out here.

Emily: By a lake?

Zander: By whatever you want. I love seeing you like this. Your skin, the sun, the breeze in your hair.

Emily: Yeah. You know, the kids will love it out here.

Zander: How many kids?

Emily: Two or three.

Zander: I love you, Em. If I ever lost you, I swear I'd tear my heart out.

Emily: Right back at you.

Zander: We got the rest of our lives to love each other.

Emily: I don't need anything else.

Zander: Me, either. Except a swim. Come on, Iíll race you.

Emily: Ok. Ow.

[Emily pants]

Doctor: Retraction. Good. Margin looks clear.

Monica: She's having ectopy.

Doctor: Well, the PVCs aren't that frequent. She's ok. All right, nurse, give me a little more suction over here.

Monica: It's getting worse.

Doctor: You're here as a professional courtesy, Dr. Quartermaine.

Monica: I'm also a heart specialist, Dr. Nugent. And if she should go into v-tach --

[monitor beeps faster]

Monica: She is in v-tach. Give her 50 milligrams of lidocaine.

Dr. Nugent: Help me close this here. All right.

Gia: Zander? Zander?

Zander: Gia.

Gia: Oh, my God, Zander! What happened?

[Zander groans]

Gia: What happened?

Paramedic: I've got a strong pulse. Listen to her lungs.

Second paramedic: Her lungs are clear and equal bilaterally.

First paramedic: All right, let's get her on a monitor, get her pressure, and check for fractures.

Jason: Ok, just be careful, ok? Her ribs are bruised from a fall. She just got out of the hospital.

Paramedic: There's no gross deformities.

Mac: How is she?

Carly: She's unconscious.

Mac: Did you see the car?

Carly: It was -- it was -- it went too fast.

Jason: It was a late model silver sedan. The license plate started with K-T-7.

Mac: All right, put out a bulletin and run a trace. What about the driver?

Carly: It was dark Mac, and we couldn't see anything.

Mac: Did the driver take any evasive action that you could see?

Carly: We were standing across the street. We were talking, and we heard a scream. We looked over. We saw Courtneyís body flying through the air.

Mac: All right, we'll get some lights out here. But I don't see any skid marks at or beyond the point of collision, which would mean the driver didn't try to brake.

Jason: Whoever did this, they ran Courtney down on purpose.

Sonny: The only true words Iíve heard come out of your mouth are what your father told you about our mother. She is everything, she was beautiful, she was gentle, she believed in God, she believed in forgiveness.

Ric: Yeah, well, I'm glad you personally remember so many wonderful things about our mother, but unfortunately, I wasn't afforded that opportunity.

Sonny: My mother wanted me to be better than I am.

Ric: Well, how disappointed she would be, huh?

Sonny: She didn't want me to be angry. She asked me not to fight. When I was little, any time somebody would hurt me or try to take what was mine, I would hit back hard, and I would keep on hitting until they gave up or I was sure they wouldn't come after me again. And my mother would always say to me, "you need to show mercy." I never learned.

Ric: Yeah, that's not surprising. You never showed her any.

Sonny: I didn't stop the man who hurt my mother until years after I should have. I couldn't save her. But for her sake, I can choose not to retaliate against you. Unless, of course, you keep coming after me, see? And I may not have a choice but to hit you so hard you won't get up. Like I said before, I don't have much experience with mercy.

[phone rings]

Sonny: Yeah. Wha-- how bad? All right. I'll be right there.

[monitor races]

Dr. Nugent: Another 50 milligrams of lidocaine.

[monitor beeps normally]

Monica: There.

Dr. Nugent: Hold on.

Monica: She's converted.

Dr. Nugent: Ok. Nice work, everybody. Go ahead and start her on a lidocaine drip. Thank you for the assist, doctor. Pathology's already finished. And the retraction, here. Good.

[Zander coughs]

Zander: Oh. Ah.

Gia: We got to get you to a hospital, Zander.

Zander: No, I'm ok.

Gia: No --

Zander: I don't want anyone to find out or worry.

Gia: Well, I'll take you to Mercy.

Zander: Gia, Iím not going to a hospital.

Gia: Fine. Have it your way. How many fingers am I holding up?

Zander: Fingers?

[Zander coughs]

Zander: All I see is stars.

Gia: If you can joke about it, I guess you're going to recover.

Zander: Yeah. I'll be fine. The first 15 minutes is always the worst. Anyway, I'm almost through that.

Gia: Who did this to you?

Zander: Nobody.

Gia: Well, either you hit nobody with a hard right or nobody stepped all over your hand.

Zander: What are you, a former girl scout?

Gia: Troop 5313. Always be prepared. I'm trying to realize, who did you offend? Or was it a mugger and you're just too proud to admit it?

Zander: It was the guy at Kellyís who I was tearing into the other day.

Gia: The dealer?

Zander: And a couple of friends.

Gia: Well, what about reporting this to Marcus?

Zander: Police can't do anything about this. As long as people want drugs, they're going to find some way to get it. I know because I used to be the guy they would call.

Gia: You want to try standing again?

Zander: Yeah.

[Zander grunts]

Gia: Relax. Take your time. Let's go over to the bench.

Zander: Ah.

[Zander coughs]

Taggert: Go home, Gia. Whatever it is, I'll take it from here.

Alan: What have we got?

Paramedic: Hit-and-run, altered L.O.C., spontaneous respirations at 16, B.P., 120 palp.

Alan: Ok, this way.

Bobbie: What happened?

Carly: Jason and I were just standing on the sidewalk. We were talking, and we heard a scream. We turned around just in time and we saw Courtney being hit by a car. And the driver never even stopped, Mom.

Bobbie: Oh, honey. Look, I know you and Courtney are close, all right? But it's going to be fine, all right? She's in very good hands. I want you to go home.

Carly: No -- no, I'm fine.

Bobbie: You're not fine. I can see you're very upset and you're shaking. You need to think about the baby right now.

Carly: Ok, the baby and I -- we're going to be just fine, ok? I really need to see about Courtney. Hey. How's she doing?

Alan: Too soon to know. Bobbie, let's get a trauma panel and a head-and-neck C.T. and please page Monica.

Bobbie: Monica signed out.

Alan: What do you mean? She's on duty tonight.

Bobbie: No. She may be over at Mercy. She got a call about a surgery. But I can try her cell.

Sonny: How bad is she?

Jason: Well, she was conscious right after the impact, and then she passed out right before the ambulance came.

Alan: Let's get her to radiology.

Jason: No, no, Alan, wait a minute. Courtney, I'm going to be right here waiting for you.

Alan: Let's go.

Sonny: Was it an accident?

Mike: I'm Mike Corbin. My daughter, Courtney Matthews, was just brought in. She was hit by a car.

Carly: Mike, hey. Courtney's unconscious. They took her for tests.

Mike: Well, what happened?

Jason: It was a hit-and-run, Mike.

Mike: What do you mean, it was a -- what does that mean? Courtney crossed the wrong street at the wrong time? Or was she deliberately run down because somebody was trying to send a message to the two of you? This is exactly why I didn't want Courtney with Jason! It makes her a target two times over, Michael!

Carly: Ok, we don't even know what happened.

Mike: Well, you don't hear him denying it, do you? Less than a year ago, she wanted to have nothing to do with you. Why couldn't you just leave it that way? Why couldn't you both just stay out of her life?

Carly: Ok, Courtney wants to be with Jason. She wants him in her life.

Mike: Why wasn't she home, healing, from the last mess you got her into and almost got her killed? She should have been at home!

Sonny: We're going to find out who did this, Mike.

Mike: Oh, that's a comfort, Michael, because if Courtney dies, then Iíll know that you --

Jason: Mike! Courtney's not going to die.

TV announcer: Officials are calling the incident a hit-and-run. The victim has been identified as Courtney Matthews, sister of alleged racketeer Michael Sonny Corinthos, Jr. She has been taken to a hospital, but reports on her condition are still sketchy.

[knock on door]

TV announcer: The police are looking for a late model sedan --

Faith: I just saved your life.

TV announcer: Partial license plate number K-T-7. While there has been no official comment, sources inside the PCPD speculate that Ms. Matthews was targeted by enemies of her brother and that this may in fact have been attempted murder. Mr. Corinthos was unavailable for comment, and D.A. Baldwin's off--

Ric: Was this the problem that you wanted to let me know about on the phone?

Faith: If we're both lucky, it's the solution.

Luke: I gave you a clear shot at getting away.

Summer: I tried to get him to come with me, but he wouldn't leave you.

Luke: Why not? I could have -- God!

Lucky: You know what? I wasn't ready to run. I'm still not sure I want to go anywhere with Summer. You were fun to be with, but the lies -- they're getting old!

Summer: Excuse me, but you volunteered to help me.

Lucky: Yeah, to find your brother! I didn't sign up to find your ex-boyfriend who took off with your share of the profits on some scam.

Luke: Yeah, but you're missing the point here, Cowboy. Who was he scamming? Maybe it was Nikolas. If so, we got an opportunity here. And if you want to redeem yourself, devious little lady, you tell me the truth for once. Give me something I can use against Nikolas.

Summer: Matt and I were in on some cons. We ran some swindles. Just getting people to buy into false investments -- stupid little things like that.

Luke: Where does Nikolas come in?

Summer: You know, Matt met Nikolas on his own. I never really knew much except for his name and the fact that there was some big payoff. A hidden fortune.

Luke: The rubles?

Summer: Well, he said he was going to Russia. Then when I saw the Russian coin at Nikolas', it all made sense.

Lucky: Oh, so Matt tells you that he's going to Russia to find the money, and then he tells you he's hired by Nikolas Cassadine? What else?

Summer: Well, I thought that I was supposed to be going with him. But he disappeared. So I did everything I could to try to track him down, but eventually, I ran out of cash. I had to go to the man who hired him himself.

Lucky: Nikolas.

Summer: Nikolas was very happy to see me. It had nothing to do with Matt. It had everything to do with the way that I looked and what I would do for money. He offered me a deal. He agreed to pay all of my expenses, use his resources to find Matt, and all I had to do was keep you focused on me and not on Laura. But then he turned around and says that he knows nothing about Matt, doesn't know where to find him. I know he's lying. I know he's lying! I found the coin in his house. He's lying.

[Lucky chuckles]

Lucky: What are the odds?

Summer: Lucky, I have no reason to lie to you now!

Lucky: Oh, yeah, yeah? Sure, you do! You just don't want to be left in a Cuban jail.

Luke: No, hang on, Cowboy. What she says makes sense. Matt found the money, dropped out of sight. Nikolas couldn't track him, but he figured she could. Yeah. So he set her up, knowing she'd go after Matt, probably thinking you or I would help her. I'd lay money that he's been tailing you the whole time.

Lucky: Oh, and that's what you want, isn't it? Just gives you reason so you can just what, fight Nikolas?

Luke: I don't need reasons to fight Nikolas.

Lucky: Oh, but that he's still leaving and breathing is enough of a reason to fight him.

Luke: Try this -- the fact that your mother sits in an institution and the doctors are paid with Cassadine blood money, and the last chance she had, the last time she spoke, she asked for me! And it was Nikolas, your so-called brother, who made sure the doctors didn't tell me. Now, you think Iím going to forget that? You think I'm going to let that go? No, I'm not, ever.

Taggert: Hmm, hmm, hmm, Mr. Smith. I warned you about this street fighting.

Gia: He's been assaulted, and you're blaming him?

Taggert: You know how many times I've seen him like this? I lost count.

Gia: You know what I hate? When you metamorphosize into a bullying, judgmental creep.

Taggert: Really? I'm just trying to warn you about your new friend here has a history of making supremely bad choices, and I think he's about to make another one.

Gia: Leave him alone.

Taggert: You hear that? You hear my sister ignoring the warning signs? She's probably got it in her head you did this for some noble reason. Sound like somebody else you know? Emily Quartermaine? You want to do something noble? Convince my sister to stay focused on law school so she can leave you in the street where you belong.

Gia: Lay off him, Marcus, now.

Monica: Hey. How you doing?

Emily: Good. What happened with the operation?

Monica: Well, you still have your breast. They didn't take it.

Sonny: You think the driver meant to hit Courtney?

Jason: Yes.

Sonny: Then Mike's right.

Jason: Come on, Sonny, I don't believe that. Courtney wasn't happier a year ago. She wasn't any safer being married to A.J., working as a stripper to keep him out of jail. And Mike is scared and he's angry and he's taking it out on you and me.

Sonny: Well, that's fair enough. I've thrown enough blame at him over the years. Courtney has more patience with him than I do.

Jason: She's going to be ok.

Sonny: Do you know that, or are you just praying?

Carly: Mike, I know that you are worried and scared for Courtney. We all are. But she is going --

Mike: Carly, Courtney can't change who she's related to. But she doesn't need to be in twice the danger by dating Jason.

Carly: Ok. Courtney has already had this fight with Sonny, and for Jason, for that matter. Don't make her have it with you, too.

Mike: Assuming she lives that long.

Carly: Courtney is going to live that long. She's going to be fine. She has to be, because she's going to be this baby's godmother.

Sonny: Why were you in front of Bobbieís house?

Jason: Before she lost consciousness, Courtney said she had something to tell me.

Sonny: Well, maybe somebody didn't want her telling you at all.

Jason: Yeah, Ric.

Sonny: He was with me. He wasn't behind the wheel, but that doesn't mean he wasn't part of it at all.

Ric: You know, if you want to go after Sonny, there are better ways to do it instead of running his sister down with a car.

Faith: Courtney was with us on the pier. She could have easily overheard us talking about framing Jason for Fowler's murder. I had to shut her up, quick. Who are you calling?

Ric: Courtney has a mother named Janine, who's probably very upset about her daughter. Seeing as how she lives in Atlantic City and can't get up here, she's probably going to want to talk to her.

Faith: E.R. please. Yes, hello. My -- my daughter, Courtney Matthews, was brought into the E.R. within the last hour. She was hit by a car. I'm in Atlantic City. Is my -- is my daughter all right? Is she conscious? Oh. No. That's all right. Oh, you have been very, very helpful. This is such a relief. Thank you, dear. Thank you. She's alive. She's still unconscious. You better hope for the worst.

Ric: Hey, you're the one who ran her down with the car.

Faith: Hmm. Only you know that. She wakes up and talks, you're dead.

Lucky: Ok, so you think Nikolas hurt mom on purpose?

Luke: She was asking for me, Lucky.

Lucky: Well, she just said your name. That doesn't mean anything.

Luke: Is this mental deficiency of yours the result of the incarceration? Is Helena responsible for you siding with Nikolas every step of the way?

Lucky: You want to know what I got out of my whole time with Helena? I just figured out that the whole revenge thing is pointless.

Luke: Brainwashing.

Lucky: You know what? You and Nikolas just can't agree on what's right for mom. What, so now you're just going to team up with Summer to punish Nikolas for some Cassadine money?

Luke: If you're so close with Nikolas, why didn't he tell you about the missing money? I'll tell you why. Because he's using you to track it down.

Lucky: Oh, you know what? The only user I know of is Summer, whose boyfriend/partner -- whatever he is -- he just got stabbed in the back! Well, you -- she didn't even shed a tear! Now what? Now, you're going to come up with some evil Cassadine plot?

Luke: You're jealous. You're jealous, you're unreasonable, and you make no sense. I ain't talking to you anymore.

Guard: You got a visitor.

Emily: I should have listened to you when you said it was all going go be ok. It is, right? They got all the cancer?

Monica: Well, the -- the nodes that Dr. Nugent had biopsied -- they -- they came back positive, so he -- he took out some more nodes, and they're in pathology right now. It'll be a few days before they know the results.

Emily: Ok, but the cancer has spread, like my mother's did, so I could still die.

Monica: Emily -- Emily, we don't know that. We don't know to what extent. It could be -- it could be contained. It could be very, very minimal.

Emily: Ok, I need to wrap my head around this alone, ok?

Monica: Emily, please -- please don't dwell on this. Let me be here, ok?

Emily: Ok, please, Mom. Plea--

Monica: Ok, ok. I'm going to be right outside if you need me. Ok?

Emily: Ok.

Alan: Exactly when were you planning to tell me that our daughter has cancer?

Zander: So what, you're going to arrest me for getting beat up?

Taggert: I'm just reminding you that you're in trouble. I don't want it following my sister.

Gia: You've got it so in for Zander. You refuse to see he's changed. Yeah, he used to be a dealer, but --

Taggert: Changed?

Gia: He's the one trying to clean up the neighborhood now!

Taggert: The guy got arrest a couple months ago, he was high as a kite. I'm not the one being blind here, all right? This guy's a loser. He can't go two months without getting in trouble. I don't want you hanging around him.

Gia: Well, it's not your call. Come on, Iím taking you to that clinic on Richmond.

Zander: I'm not going to a clinic, Gia.

Gia: And you can go, Lieutenant. Everything here's under control.

Tony: Ahem. I'm the neurosurgeon on duty.

Jason: No, no way. I want someone else.

Tony: You know, whatever our differences, I'm the only qualified neurologist here, and I've already examined Courtney.

Jason: How is she?

Tony: She's coming around slowly. But I checked her C.T. scan, and there's no bleeding, which is very good news.

Sonny: Where is she?

Tony: They're going to put her in there right now. Her neck is going to be ok. She's going to have a headache, some dizziness, maybe nausea, but it'll pass. And I want to keep her in the hospital for observation.

Sonny: Anything else?

Tony: Only that she's extremely fortunate. It could have been a lot more serious. I'm going to check back with her later. If you have any concerns, you page me, all right?

Mike: I'm going to call her mother.

Carly: Ok.

Jason: I'm going to be with Courtney.

Mac: Jason, Sonny, we found the car that hit Courtney.

Sonny: With a driver?

Mac: No driver, no registration, and no witnesses who saw the car go in the lake, which is where we found it.

Courtney: Jason. Jason, Faith and Ric -- they have something on you.

Ric: You know, I can't tell you how sorry I am you heard that.

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Alan: How's my little girl?

Gia: The drugs are mine.

Elizabeth: How long have you been sleeping with him?

Jason: If Ric did this to Courtney, he's done.

Courtney: You can't stop me from telling the truth.

Ric: Of course I can. I'm a lawyer.

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