GH Transcript Monday 5/5/03

General Hospital Transcript Monday 5/5/03

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Monica: The lump in your breast is cancerous. You're not going to let it defeat you. You've got to get mad, and you've got to fight.

Emily: I don't know how.

Monica: I do.

Sonny: I loved my mother more than anything. How can I lift a hand against her other son?

Courtney: Do you have any idea what you put Carly through? She thought she had been raped.

Coleman: He wasn't going to touch her.

Ric: I know Iím going to feel a terrible loss when you walk out that door.

Zander: You don't mean it.

Emily: Zander, I'm sorry.

Zander: Ok, why are you asking me to do this? Did your parents talk you into this?

Alan: She didn't discuss it with us at all. This is a decision she came to on her own.

Zander: Emily, I don't get it.

Emily: Ok, it's what I need to do -- just for now, until I finish the program.

Zander: No, this is the last thing you need to do.

Alan: Zander, that's not for you to decide. She made up her own mind. Honor her wishes.

Zander: Emily, you can't go through this alone.

Alan: She's not alone.

Emily: A big part of drug rehab is staying away from situations and people that -- that led to using drugs. If Iím going to get through this, you need to give me some room. It'll be easier for me if we're not together.

Zander: Why are you really doing this, Emily?

Maxie: Kyle admitted that he acted like a jerk, and he invited me to a party.

Georgie: Which you said no to because you'd never go near that guy and you're grounded.

Maxie: Look, it's no big deal. Jeez, I'm just telling you what he said.

Georgie: Look, the words "Kyle" and "party" don't go together anymore, remember?

Maxie: He was being really nice.

Lucas: Maxie, you're acting like you want to go.

Kyle: Maxie will be at the party, and this time, I'll get her to sleep with me.

Zach: It's got to be sex -- on camera. That's the bet.

Kyle: Get your wallets ready because you boys are going to have to pay up big time.

Faith: What has you throwing a tantrum? Last I heard, Ric was making a declaration of true love to you from the doorway of his apartment. You got the prize, honey.

Elizabeth: Did you miss the part where I walked away? He's all yours. The fact that he had anything to do with you should have been my first clue that he was lying about everything.

Faith: Ric and I had a mutually beneficial arrangement. If you don't like it -

Elizabeth: He was lying to you, too. All Ric has wanted from day one was revenge against his brother, Sonny.

Faith: No. Ric is Sonny's brother?

Sonny: Coleman's scum.

Courtney: I know. Sonny, Iím not defending him. But there's no reason he'd make this up.

Sonny: You're sure Ric didn't rape Carly?

Courtney: I told you -- he saw Ric take Carly out of Jakeís. And I guess he figured he could somehow play it to his advantage, so he followed him to the motel. He watched through the window, and he saw Ric take Carlyís clothes off, lay her in the bed, and Ric didn't climb in until the next morning when she was waking up. He lied about having sex with her.

Sonny: Ric told me the same story.

Courtney: Well, does Carly know? I mean, this has been tearing her up inside. I mean --

Sonny: Well, she's supposed to be here by now. She's not here. Which means something's got to be wrong.

Carly: How does it feel, Ric? Huh? How does it feel to be drugged and defenseless?

Ric: Carly, Carly, I didn't do anything to you.

Carly: You raped me.

Ric: No.

Carly: Now you're making an attempt to save your own skin. You're a worm. You are a pathetic --

Ric: Carly -- think about what you're doing here.

Carly: Shut up! You have been lying since the day that you got here, Ric, and everything you have done has been an attempt to try and destroy the man that I love. You think you're safe now? Huh? You think you're safe because you're Sonny's brother? You think you don't have to pay for what you've done and that you can continue going on trying to hurt him and no one's going to stop you? I'm going to stop you, Ric.

Ric: You'll be put away for murder.

Carly: No.

Ric: You'll never see your family again. You won't see Sonny. You won't see Michael. You won't see the baby inside of you, Carly.

Carly: Oh, there's not going to be any murder, Ric. No, I'm just going to erase you from existence. It will be like you were never, ever born.

Zander: Why are you pushing me away, Emily?

Emily: I told you. It's what I need for my recovery.

Zander: Ok, look, you did this before when you broke your back. You were afraid you were going to be a burden in case you never got better. But it was a mistake because our feelings didn't change. I love you as much as I ever have, and I won't stop, no matter what happens.

Emily: I need to do this on my own.

Zander: Ok, look, I'll help you get clean. I'll help you stay clean. Ok? But if this is about you trying to protect me and trying to keep me from watching you go through this, Emily, don't do it, ok?

Emily: No, Zander --

Zander: No, look, look, if your family -- I know your family doesn't want me around, ok? But you've got to do what's in your heart.

Alan: Zander, Zander, how many times does she have to tell you she doesn't want you pressuring her?

Zander: I'm not. I'm just asking her to be honest.

Alan: Listen to me. Emily has a drug problem. Please don't make the situation worse.

Emily: He's right, Zander. If you really want to help, then the best thing you could do is just go on with your life.

Georgie: Thank you.

Lucas: I can't believe you're actually going to Kyleís party.

Maxie: I never said I was going.

Lucas: So you're not?

Maxie: I'm thinking about it, ok?

Georgie: How can you even speak to the guy after what he did to you?

Maxie: He feels really bad about it.

Lucas: Maxie, blow the guy off.

Maxie: He made a mistake, Lucas. Haven't you ever heard of forgiveness?

Lucas: He invited you to the party, Maxie, just so that he can hit on you all over again.

Maxie: Kyle is sincere.

Lucas: On what planet?

Maxie: Get a life, Lucas. I know how to handle mine.

Georgie: Ok, look; obviously, you guys have some talking to do, so let's get out of here, Dillon.

Dillon: What?

Georgie: Come on.

Dillon: What's the rush?

Georgie: I -- I need your help with something.

Faith: Either you misunderstood or Ric lied to you, little girl. No way are Ric and Sonny brothers.

Elizabeth: Because if he was, he would have told you?

Faith: Well, let's just say not much gets past me.

Elizabeth: Except a few minor details. Like your partnership with Ric was a one-way street. All Ric wanted was revenge against Sonny because he's convinced Sonny ruined their mother's life and his own. He doesn't care about anyone but himself. So whatever you thought you were getting out of teaming up with Ric, you were wrong. He lied to you, he used you. And when you were no longer useful, I'm sure he told you to take a hike.

Faith: Ok. Let's say Ric and Sonny are brothers. What is Ric going to do now?

Elizabeth: I don't know, and I don't care. As far as I'm concerned, Ric is history.

Michael: Save me!

Sonny: Hey. Have you seen Carly?

Leticia: Yeah, she went to go see Courtney.

Michael: Is mommy ok?

Carly: The body will never be found. No. There's not going to be any weapon. There will be no evidence and nothing to implicate me. And then when I'm done and it's over, I'll call Jason and Sonny, and they'll just make it all disappear. It will be like it never happened. Like you never happened.

Ric: You won't do it.

Carly: No?

Ric: You're not a killer.

Carly: Oh, really?

[Ric groans]

Carly: Like they say, there's always a first time for everything.

Ric: If you kill me, you'll be destroying Sonny's life more than I ever could.

Carly: No, I will be saving Sonny from the brother that he cannot kill. He knows you need to die. He'll understand why I did this.

Ric: Sonny doesn't know you're here, does he? You know, he may clean up your mess, Carly, but he'll never forgive you for openly defying him and going behind his back. Isn't that right?

Michael: Where's mommy? Is she ok?

Sonny: Yeah. She'll be fine. I'm going to go get her, and then we'll be home soon. You be a good boy.

Michael: Ok.

Sonny: All right.

Nurse: The doctor gave strict orders for you to stay in bed.

Courtney: Ok, I'm just bruised, all right? I can walk.

Nurse: No.

Scott: I'd like a moment alone with the patient.

Nurse: Sure.

Courtney: What do you want, Mr. Baldwin?

Scott: Are you up for answering a few questions about the accident?

Courtney: It wasn't an accident.

Scott: Ok, crime.

Courtney: Yeah, fine. I'll answer any questions you want. I want my attacker arrested and put in jail.

Scott: Well, I'm here to make that happen. So get your clothes off.

Zander: Elizabeth?

Elizabeth: Hey.

Zander: I need to talk to you about Emily.

Elizabeth: How's she doing?

Zander: Well, she just started rehab, and part of the program is staying away from people you associate with drugs. For Emily, that includes me.

Elizabeth: I'm sorry. It's got to be tough.

Zander: Well, it'll be tougher for Emily. She's going to need the support of her family and her friends.

Elizabeth: Yes, she will.

Zander: I mean, this might be none of my business, but why haven't you been to see her?

Elizabeth: Because I'm really a bad friend and Iíve been dating a liar and a rapist. How's that for a reason?

Maxie: You're blowing this way out of proportion, Lucas.

Lucas: The guy went on the Internet, Maxie, saying you had sex. He told everyone at school that you were begging for it.

Maxie: Yeah, he was a total jerk, which he admits to.

Lucas: Maxie, that doesn't give him an excuse to spread rumors about you.

Maxie: Yeah, he gets that, which is why he's so sorry.

Lucas: You know what? This is way worse than you're making it sound. He humiliated you so bad that you wanted to change schools.

Maxie: I said that once, but I didn't really mean it.

Lucas: Yeah, you did, Max. He really hurt you. You were totally bawling. That was real.

Kyle: Maxie, I can't believe I did that to you.

Georgie: Mac won't be back for hours, so we've got the place to ourselves.

Dillon: So what? Did you want to watch a movie or something?

Georgie: Actually, I was kind of wondering how you'd rate that kiss I gave you.

Dillon: I'm sorry. What kiss?

Georgie: The one at Kellyís by the phone?

Dillon: Oh, right. Yeah, that one.

Georgie: Well, was it ok?

Dillon: I don't know. Yeah, it was fine.

Georgie: Could you be more specific?

Dillon: How?

Georgie: I don't know. Did I do everything right? Did I open my mouth too much? Was it too hard?

Dillon: You know, I really didn't analyze it.

Georgie: Well, think, ok? You've been all over the world and lived in places like France, and I don't have much experience. But you do. Look, I'm sure you've kissed lots of girls.

Dillon: Well, yeah, sure.

Georgie: So will you help me? Look, I know it's weird, but I want my technique to be perfect when I finally kiss Lucas.

Emily: Gia, I need to talk to you. Can you come by the hospital? It's about Zander. I'll tell you when you get here. Ok, great. I'll see you then.

Monica: You can't honestly believe that's going to work, do you?

Emily: What?

Monica: Pushing Gia and Zander together. That's what you were doing, isn't it?

Emily: Zander needs a friend, that's all, Mom.

Monica: Zander loves you, Emily. Nothing you say or do is going to change that. Now, don't you think -- don't you think it's time that you admit how much you need him?

Emily: I was there when my mother was dying. I saw the people who loved her coming to visit, the look on their faces as she withered away. It was too much for them, Mom. People don't want to look at death. It's too depressing. My mother's friends felt they had to be with her, but I could see in their eyes that they needed to get away.

Monica: Emily, Iím really, really sorry that you had to go through that with Page, but it's not going to be the same with you. You just have to realize how precious life is.

Emily: Ok, even if I survive, I'll be different.

Monica: No, you won't be different. You'll be the same wonderful person you already are.

Emily: I won't look the same, and I don't want Zander to see that.

Monica: You can't say what Zander wants or needs.

Emily: Ok. I know he'll stand by me. He'll be glad to at first. But as time goes by, he'll start to resent me. He'll want to leave, take a break from his commitment. It's human nature, Mom. I don't want that for him. I don't want to be a burden.

Monica: Ok. Could I at least tell your father?

Emily: No.

Monica: Emily --

Emily: Mom, I couldn't stand seeing dad afraid.

Monica: Emily, he's the chief of staff. He's bound to know sooner or later.

Emily: Ok, well, then I want to go to another hospital, Mom.

Monica: Oh, come on. You're already scheduled for surgery right here.

Emily: Why can't the doctors perform it somewhere else?

Monica: Oh, gosh, that would -- that's an awful lot of rearranging.

Emily: Please. Please, Mom. I really don't want to tell anyone. Not even dad.

Monica: Ok. Um -- I'll see about getting you into Mercy.

Emily: Ok. Thanks.

Monica: The thanks you can give me is to fight this, Emily, because you can beat it. You are. You're going to win.

Ric: You won't kill -- kill your husband's brother.

Carly: An accident of nature does not make you a brother.

Ric: To Sonny it does. He didn't kill me. He didn't let Jason do it, either.

Carly: Oh, you are such a little coward, Ric. You hide behind lies. Now you're hiding behind your own mother?

Ric: Family's family.

Carly: And you think that Sonny has no breaking point? You think that anything you can do to him, you are immune? He hates you, Ric. And the people that he loves -- he will always protect and care about them more than you.

Ric: It doesn't matter if Sonny hates me. He'll never forgive you for killing me.

Carly: Yeah, he will.

Ric: Yeah?

Carly: Yeah. Because he's going to understand that I had to do it to protect him and to protect our family. And if I let you live, you will continue trying to hurt us, Ric.

Ric: Think it out, Carly. You're a smart woman. Say you do kill me and this child is born, it's a boy. Sonny watches the two boys grow up together, you know? They're -- they're playing. They're laughing. They're fighting like brothers are supposed to do. He'll look at you, and he'll remember --

Carly: Don't you dare. Don't you dare say another word about my children because nothing about them will ever, ever remind Sonny of you. You're filth. Ric, you're dirt. You are the man who raped his wife. You will not live to see that this baby is born.

Sonny: Carly -- Carly? You don't want to do this.

Lucas: Didn't you think of Maxie's feelings?

Kyle: I should have.

Lucas: Yeah, you should have. But instead, you lied and you humiliated her like it was all some kind of huge joke.

Kyle: I feel really bad about the way this all went down. It was messed-up and cruel. For what it's worth, Maxie, I wouldn't let anything like that happen again.

Lucas: You know what? You shouldn't have let it happen in the first place.

Maxie: Lucas, give him a break.

Kyle: This is no defense, but I was mad at you.

Maxie: Why?

Kyle: I wanted to be with you, and you walked out. I guess I thought there was something wrong with me, and I took it out on you.

Maxie: No, it was me. I was the one that froze up.

Kyle: I know that now, and I feel like a loser. But the worst part was seeing how much I hurt you.

Lucas: Yeah. I should have pounded you.

Maxie: Lucas --

Kyle: I wouldn't blame you if you don't want to come to my party, but I still hope you do.

Lucas: I can't believe you're falling for that garbage.

Dillon: You know, if Lucas kisses you, just go with it. Be natural.

Georgie: That's easy for you to say. You know what you're doing.

Dillon: Ok, you know, it's not really about knowing what to do. It's -- you kiss somebody because you like them and because you want to.

Georgie: I don't want to kiss Lucas like some clueless loser. I'm sick of pretending to be cool and everyone around me talking about boyfriends and dating and --

Dillon: You know, sometimes people act like they have it all together and they really donít. Underneath, they're just as insecure as the next guy -- or girl.

Georgie: That's true. But you really have been around. People in Europe our age are more experienced, right?

Dillon: Well, some.

Georgie: I never had a chance with Lucas and -- well, because he's always had this thing for Maxie. But now they're fighting, and so -- I know Lucas likes me, and if there's a chance for us to be anything more, I want to be ready. So will you help me?

Dillon: Why not?

Georgie: Oh. Well, do I just stand here and wait for you?

Dillon: Yeah, that would probably be a good idea.

Georgie: Which way do I move my head?

Dillon: Just whatever comes natural.

Georgie: But I don't want to bang noses or anything.

Dillon: Would you just follow my -- follow Lucas' lead?

Georgie: All right. Wait -- if you tell anybody about this, I'll have to kill you.

Courtney: My days of stripping are over, Scott. So if you're looking for a cheap thrill, why don't you go cruising in Colemanís old neighborhood?

Scott: A little defensive, aren't we? Not that I didn't expect it.

Courtney: What is that supposed to mean?

Scott: Well, let's see -- you're Jason Morganís girlfriend. You've been battered. Connect the dots. Look at the picture.

Courtney: Ok, are you insane? Jason would never hurt me. He loves me.

Scott: He loves you, huh? And this is the way he shows his love?

Courtney: Ok, you know what? I have a crime to report. Can I tell you about it? Or are you just going to invent one on your own?

Scott: Witnesses saw you arguing with Morgan outside of Kellyís. You wanted to break it off. He didn't like that. He's a hothead.

Courtney: You know what?

Scott: He smacked you around. I wouldn't put it past him.

Courtney: Scott, I was kidnapped and thrown down in a mineshaft by that psychopath Ric Lansing.

Carly: Ric has to pay for what he's done.

Sonny: Carly, listen to me. It's not what you think.

Carly: He has to be kept from hurting other women the way that he hurt me.

Sonny: Ric didn't rape you, Carly. I talked to Courtney. She has proof.

Carly: Proof?

Ric: Yeah, I told you I --

Carly: Shut up!

Sonny: Shut up! Ok, listen to me. Listen to me. Someone followed Ric that night, saw the whole thing. He made it look like you guys slept together. It didn't happen.

Carly: You told me we had unprotected sex. You made me think that you could be the father of my child. You're a bastard!

Sonny: He's not worth it, Carly. He's worthless. Look at him. He's gutless, spineless. He's nothing.

Carly: He still wants revenge on you, though, Sonny. He's not going to stop until he gets it.

Sonny: He's not going to touch our lives. I'm not going to let him. You don't want to do this, sweetheart. Ok? I have it under control. Give me the gun. Give me the gun. Give me the gun.

Carly: Oh, God.

Sonny: This never happened, right?

Ric: You know what? I'm not Jason. I don't blindly follow your orders or trail you like some devoted dog, waiting for the master's next order. Although I would imagine that Jason would like to be tied up by Carly, considering their history.

Carly: You're a pig.

Sonny: Let's go, Carly. Don't push me, all right? Because I push back.

Scott: Give me a minute.

Courtney: Ric kidnapped me and left me stranded in a mineshaft. Ok, Jason figured it out and tracked me down. He pulled me out as everything was collapsing around me. Ok, Jason saved my life. So if you ever, ever imply again that Jason hit me or hurt me in any way, I will sue you so fast, your head will spin.

Scott: Take it easy, will you?

Courtney: Ok. You just told me to take my clothes off and accused Jason of beating me, and you want me to take it easy? Isn't the district attorney supposed to be interested in the truth?

Scott: I am. Those questions about Morgan was a tactic.

Courtney: A tactic?

Scott: Yeah, to get you to talk, which is what you're doing.

Courtney: I agreed to give you my statement, Scott.

Scott: Oh, come on. You know this -- this mob girlfriend thing -- you've got it down. Who taught you this? Sonny? Jason? Hmm? When the cops ask you a question, you just go dead. Shark eyes. Doll eyes, huh? Or are you getting pointers from Carly?

Courtney: You know who you remind me of? Those men who used to try to pick up on me at the club. You know, the ones with the fancy suits, offering me money for a better life. You know, I learned that those men are the most dangerous. And Ric's the same way, with his Ivy League smile, always there to lend a helping hand. Meanwhile, he is sizing you up, looking for that angle, thinking of how he can work you to his advantage. Ric almost got me killed. Ok, the man is lethal. You need to put him behind bars before he hurts somebody else.

Scott: Lansing has gone out of his way to keep your brother, your boyfriend out of jail. Now you want to throw him to the wolves, huh?

Courtney: Oh, my God. Ric committed a crime, ok? I am giving you this information so you can prosecute him. So what's it going to be, Baldwin? Are you going to do your job, or are you just going to sweep this whole thing under the rug?

Dillon: You know what? This is -- this is really weird.

Georgie: No, it's like research. You know, like in biology lab.

Dillon: Yeah, well, if Lucas kisses you, I think you have the hang of it, so you'll be cool.

Georgie: Maxie. Hey.

Maxie: Look, you better clear out before Mac gets home.

Georgie: Excuse me, Dillonís my friend. Don't order him around.

Maxie: Yeah, well, we're grounded, ok? So either I tell him to leave and go back to the Quartermaines' or wherever he's staying or he can wait till our father, the police commissioner comes home and goes postal.

Georgie: Dillon is not a criminal.

Dillon: Ok, you know, don't worry about it. It's cool. I don't want you to get in any more trouble than you're already in. I'll see you later, Georgie.

Georgie: Since when are you reminding me about being grounded? Since when do you care?

Maxie: Since I've decided to show Mac that Iím following the rules.

Georgie: And you are. Right?

Maxie: With maybe one small exception.

Georgie: Maxie, are you thinking about going to Kyleís stupid party?

Maxie: Look, I told you, ok? He apologized.

Georgie: So what? Are you really that clueless?

Emily: I thought you agreed to stay away.

Zander: I will. I just came by to tell you that this doesn't change anything for me.

Emily: I'm going away for a while to another rehab facility. I won't be able to call.

Zander: I'll wait for you.

Emily: Zander, I'm not asking you to do that.

Zander: Last time you went away, you said it was over between us, and I had no reason to think that we'd ever be back together. But I still loved you. That's how it is for me, Emily. I'm always going to love you.

Emily: I don't want to talk about this.

Zander: And you love me, too. I can see it in your eyes, even when you don't say the words.

Emily: Zander, this isn't helping me.

Zander: Look, Emily, you can go away for another year, another two years, another five years -- it doesn't matter how long. I'm still going to be waiting for you, and when you come back --

Emily: Zander, you don't know where you're going to be in two years, ok? Neither do I.

Zander: Ok, right now, you're looking down a tunnel and it looks like you can't see the other end, but it's there. You're going to get through this. Don't give up -- on yourself or on us.

Emily: Ok, you need to leave. Now.  Thanks for coming.

Gia: You had something to tell me about Zander?

Emily: I'm going out of town for rehab, and Zander wants to help me get through it, but a big part of my recovery is keeping him out of my life right now.

Gia: Have you told him that?

Emily: Today. And he says he understands, but he's hurt. And when Zander's hurt, he acts crazy. And I know the two of you have become friends, and he could really use one right now.

Gia: You got it. Zander is great, and Iíd be happy to keep him company. He knows Iíll give him all kinds of grief if he messes up his life. So don't worry, he'll stay out of trouble.

Emily: Thanks, Gia.

Georgie: Lucas is right. Kyle's a total freak. You can't trust a thing he says.

Maxie: Look, you weren't there when he apologized to me.

Georgie: Look, I've just talked to Kyle enough times just to know he's a total player.

Maxie: Look, I can tell when someone's being sincere, and Kyleís sorry for what he did and he's looking at me in a completely new way. He likes me. He said so, ok? And if I go to this party, it could be the start of something. I mean, maybe I'll even be his prom date.

Georgie: Why would you even want to go there?

Maxie: Kyle is the hottest guy in school. Any girl in my class would kill to be his date.

Georgie: Why doesn't he ask someone his own age? Or has he already blown it with them?

Maxie: Georgie, he's trying really hard to fix what happened, ok? And if I play this right, I could be his prom date.

Georgie: Just don't do anything with him, ok? Go slow.

Maxie: How slow? Like a kiss on the cheek on the 10th date?

Georgie: Maxie, I mean it. Don't let him talk you into what happened last time.

Maxie: Look, nothing about this is like last time.

[pone rings]

Maxie: Hello?

Kyle: Maxie, it's Kyle.

Maxie: Kyle. Hey. What's up?

Kyle: I know I apologized for this a couple of times already, but every time I think about what I did, I feel worse. So here it is again. I'm really sorry.

Maxie: Thanks. That means a lot to me.

Kyle: Well, that's what I called to say, so I'll see you at school.

Maxie: Wait. What about the party?

Kyle: You'll come?

Maxie: Only if you keep calling me with apologies.

Kyle: You got it.

Maxie: Bye.

Georgie: I really hope you know what you're doing.

Maxie: I do. Kyle has really changed.

Kyle: This is going to be too easy.

Zach: You're only halfway there, man.

Kyle: Yeah, yeah. You're just realizing you made a bad bet. Bring over that web cam. Set it up in my bedroom. I'm going to give Maxie a night to remember.

Mike: Hey, sweetheart. Wow. How you feeling, huh?

Courtney: Better. They're going to release me soon.

Mike: I'm so sorry about what happened.

Courtney: I'm just glad that Jason found me in time.

Mike: Ric Lansing is a sick man.

Courtney: I still can't believe that he's Sonny's brother, you know? I mean, I can make myself say the words, I just can't feel it. You know, all those times I said Sonny was heartless -- he's not. He has shown me how much he loves me, even if he did do it the wrong way, you know? But Ric -- he is heartless. I don't -- I don't think he feels anything but hate.

Mike: Ric wouldn't exist if it weren't for the way I treated Adela. When she fell for Trevor Lansing because she was lonely and vulnerable after I left her --

Courtney: Daddy, come on. Hey, it was just a twist of fate. Nobody is to blame but Ric himself.

Mike: Ric. If Ric comes near you, so help me God --

Courtney: He won't. He won't. Come on, if Sonny had to choose between me and Ric, he'll choose me. I mean, yeah, we fight and get angry and yell at each other, but Sonny and I are brother and sister. Ric is nothing but the enemy.

Michael: Mommy!

Carly: Hey. Hi.

Michael: Where were you?

Carly: Um -- I had to go see someone, and I got a little lost, but your daddy came, and I'm fine.

Michael: You should tell somebody where you're going next time.

Carly: You're right. I should, sweetheart.

Sonny: You see your mom is ok now, so you have to get on your school project, right?

Michael: Yeah.

Sonny: Get to it.

Michael: Ok. I'll call you when Iím ready.

Carly: I can't wait to see it, sweetie.

Carly: I was going to shoot Ric. I had my finger on the trigger, and if you had not walked in when you did --

Sonny: You cannot put yourself at risk like that.

Carly: Ric made me feel helpless, Sonny, and I didn't want to feel that way anymore.

Sonny: I will deal with Ric. You got to trust that. All right?

Carly: All right.

Ric: Baldwin.

Scott: Lansing, you look a little ruffled up a bit.

Ric: Well, what can I say? My brother's not known for his even temper.

Scott: Well, you know what? You could press charges against Sonny. But after what you did to his sister, I don't think it would be very good for your health.

Ric: You know, I have something that's much more effective, I think, considering you've given me full immunity from anything.

Scott: What's that?

Ric: It's a file. It contains vital information on Sonny's organization, everything you need to bring him to his knees.

Scott: Music to my ears.

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Zander: We're going to make it. It's written in the stars.

Ric: I can't seem to let you go, Elizabeth. I love you.

Courtney: Are we broken up or back together?

Jason: Definitely together.

Taggert: We finally hit the mother lode, Sonny. Your numbers are up.

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