GH Transcript Thursday 5/1/03

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 5/1/03

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Ned: I went way out on a limb for you.

Alexis: And I'm never going to hear the end of it.

Summer: Did you guys find anything?

Lucky: Look.

Sonia: They're here, all three of them, asking a lot of questions.

Carly: Will you go after him, Jase, please? I will stay with Courtney, I promise you.

Ric: I knew that one night would poison your marriage.

Sonny: But it didnít.

Ric: Oh, no? Look at you, about to kill your own brother in cold blood over that one night.

Lucky: What, so I find this coin in a purse of a woman who might know your brother?

Summer: That's why I was dancing with her -- so you'd have a chance to search.

Lucky: Summer, this coin matches the one you tried to steal from Wyndemere.

Summer: So we're on the right track.

Lucky: Maybe this coin is a connection between Nikolas and Matt. Maybe not. But it makes one thing clear.

Summer: What's that?

Lucky: You're not telling me everything.

Luke: Matthew? If this is Matthew Hollaway, I'm a friend of your sister's, Summer. Come on, man, talk to me.

[hangs up]

Sonia: Give that back to me.

Luke: You ain't going anywhere.

Cameron: Could you believe the staff meeting?

Woman: Oh, that intern should never have mouthed off to Monica Quartermaine.

Cameron: I thought she was going to deck him.

Scott: Well, well, well. Sorry, but what do -- what do we got here? A crazy killer? Baby snatcher? How many felonies have you committed in the last 24 hours?

Jason: Sonny, Courtneyís all right. Do it.

Ric: Do it.

Jason: Shoot him! Your sister could have died because of him!

Sonny: I can't do it.

Jason: I'll do it.

Sonny: No --

Ric: Ok, Sonny, tell him. You'd better tell him. Sonny!

Sonny: That scum is my brother.

Jason: He isn't mine.


Sonny: Leave him alone.

Jason: Let me finish him.

Sonny: Leave him alone! My brother doesn't die.

Luke: Who was on the phone?

Sonia: I don't know.

Luke: Sure you do. Who was it?

Sonia: Can't you stop him?

Luke: Who did you call?

Sonia: He'll kill me.

Lucky: Wait, wait -- who would kill you? Matt?

Summer: No, Matt would never kill anybody.

Lucky: All right, where did you get this coin?

Luke: You stole it from me and gave it to them?

Lucky: Where did you get it?

Luke: Who did you steal it from?

Sonia: No one.

Summer: Sonia, it's ok. You can tell them. Did Matt give this to you?

Sonia: Yes. The day he left.

Luke: Where'd he get it?

Sonia: I don't know. He asked me to hold on to it, and I think it's valuable.

Lucky: When was that?

Sonia: A while ago. He wasn't supposed to be away for very long, but then he never came back.

Luke: Where'd he go?

Sonia: He wouldn't tell me.

Lucky: You have no idea at all?

Sonia: I think he's dead.

Lucky: Why? Did he say someone was after him?

Luke: Did he ever mention Nikolas Cassadine?

Alexis: Please don't make a scene.

Scott: How many felonies have you gotten away with in the last 24 hours? Ok, let's make it the last 12.

Alexis: I just want to have a nice dinner.

Scott: Really? Well, you better order two for both of your personalities. By the way, which one am I talking to right now?

Alexis: You'll be talking to a lawyer for harassment if you don't pipe down.

Scott: Really? Ok. Well, if you want to come after me -- excuse me -- here. Here's a knife. Go ahead.

Alexis: Put that down.

Scott: Go ahead.

Alexis: What is wrong with you?

Woman: Is that Alexis Davis?

Cameron: Yeah.

Woman: You helped her with her defense, right, in that murder trial.

Cameron: She's impossible. The one person I wanted to forget about tonight.

Scott: Yeah, I know that you were temporarily insane so that you could get out of jail.

Alexis: It was lovely speaking to you, Scott.

Scott: Hey, let me ask you this.

Alexis: Don't touch me.

Scott: You can't wait to get back in the courtroom, right?

Alexis: I am following the court's ruling to the letter.

Scott: Really? So how do you explain Nikolas' restraining order?

Alexis: My nephew has several lawyers on retainer.

Scott: No, it's just a smoke screen. You're the one who's practicing law.

Alexis: You are a mean man, you know that? You are just a cruel, mean, old man.

Scott: No, no, no. You're just in violation, and I'm going to prove it.

Cameron: You know, at the risk of further upsetting my client --

Scott: Oh --

Cameron: I'm going to have to ask you to take a hike.

Jason: Sonny, Iím sorry if it's your brother -- if it is and it's not another lie. But either way, he almost killed Courtney and he raped Carly. He needs to pay!

Sonny: Leave him alone, Jason. Leave him alone!

[Ric coughs]

Sonny: Ric. Ric! Get out.

Jason: Sonny, how could you -- how could you let him walk out of here alive? He raped your wife.

Sonny: He says he didn't, Jason.

Jason: And you believe him? What about Carly?

Sonny: Carly thinks that he did. I don't know.

Jason: Sonny --

Sonny: What do you want me to do?

Jason: This is crazy. Ric has been working against you. He teamed up with Faith. We know this for sure. He wants you dead!

Sonny: Not dead. Destroyed. He wants me alive --

Jason: Who cares what he wants?

Sonny: My mother does! He says she's his mother, too.

Jason: Then why is he trying to destroy you?

Sonny: Because she chose me and not him. You may not understand this, but I cannot kill my mother's son.

Jason: So you're going to let him destroy everything that you have, hurt your sister, rape your wife? What will it take? What does rich have to do before you put him into the ground?

Scott: Shouldn't you be getting back to Blondie over there?

Cameron: You're harassing my client.

Scott: What is your client doing wandering around the streets?

Cameron: Why are you so obsessed with prosecuting women?

Scott: I prosecute criminals.

Cameron: How would you characterize your relationship with your mother?

Scott: I beg your pardon?

Cameron: Did she humiliate you? Did it involve your sexuality?

Scott: My stepmother, Gail -- she's a shrink, like you, at General Hospital.

Cameron: Of course. I'd forgotten. That explains it. Our children are always a mess.

Scott: Well, I -- I didn't get to know her until I was a teen, you know, past my formative years.

Cameron: Was she ever a blonde?

[Alexis chuckles]

Scott: Not that I know of.

Cameron: It's just that you seem to fixate on blondes -- my date, Summer, Laura. That's what this is all about, isn't it? Any woman who isn't blonde, who isn't Laura, deserves to be in prison.

Scott: I think that's a little nutty.

Cameron: If you ever feel like you're ready to talk about this, feel free to give me a call. Unless you'd rather go into therapy with your mother. I don't recommend that. Unless she'll go blonde.

Scott: Ooh.

Alexis: That was good. That was very good, although I really didn't need defending. But I have to say, you were really good. Thank Ė

Lucky: Ok, think hard -- Nikolas Cassadine -- rich, polite, very manipulative. You'd remember if you met him.

Sonia: I don't know any Nikolas. I got the coin from Matt, and it's brought me nothing but misery. People are asking about it all the time. Dangerous people. The police.

Luke: Well, then you won't mind if we take it off your hands.

Sonia: Do whatever you want with it. I don't care to be a part of this anymore.

Luke: And what is it you don't care to be a part of?

Sonia: Nothing.

Luke: What are you hiding? Who was on the phone?

Sonia: No one! Leave me alone!

Summer: Luke, wait.

Luke: What, you want me to let her go?

Lucky: She might know where your brother is.

Summer: Yeah, and now she's too scared to talk.

Lucky: How did you know she had the coin?

Luke: The two of you were pretty chummy on the dance floor.

Lucky: Yeah, I think you know a lot more than you're giving us.

Summer: Yes, I do.

Carly: Here. Have some of these. They're full of calcium.

Courtney: Yeah, you need calcium. And I'm supposed to be eating that.

Carly: All right. More for me.

Courtney: Hey, don't even try.

Carly: Oh. What? You don't want this? What is this?

Courtney: Ew.

Carly: Oh, chicken. Runny nastiness with broccoli? What is that?

Courtney: Don't make me laugh.

Carly: Oh.

Courtney: I want to get out of the hospital before I need A.J. and his -- his little forklift to carry me out.

Carly: Oh, man. Oh. Do you think you could sleep?

Courtney: Maybe.

Carly: Yeah? You should.

Courtney: You know, you should just go, really.

Carly: Well, I do need to get home.

Courtney: Will you double-check at the front desk, make sure no one called?

Carly: I promise I will.

Courtney: Ok. And take those, please. Take them away.

Carly: All right.

Courtney: The doctor said I should rest. I --

Carly: You want this?

Courtney: No. I might as well try.

Carly: All right. You call me if you need anything, all right?

Courtney: Ok. Bye.

Carly: Ok. Get some rest.

Bobbie: Hey, honey. Hi.

Carly: Hey, Mom. Hi.

Bobbie: I just heard about Courtney.

Carly: Oh, yeah.

Bobbie: What happened?

Carly: Well -- Jason didn't tell the doctors what happened?

Bobbie: Jason was a little vague.

Carly: She's going to be all right.

Bobbie: Hmm. You sound just like him. So, where is Sonny?

Carly: Um -- he should be home tonight.

Bobbie: Hmm. You're running around at all hours, you're eating junk, and I can see by the look on your face that you're worried.

Carly: No, I'm ok. I'm ok.

Bobbie: Ok. So Iím taking you home.

Carly: Well, I have a car waiting for me.

Bobbie: It's ok. Let him go. I'll take you home. Besides, it's good for me because I get to peek in on Michael and I get to give him a little kiss good night.

Carly: I'm worried about Michael, Mom.

Bobbie: Oh? Well, sit down. Why?

Carly: He got away from Leticia, and he went over to the Quartermaines'.

Bobbie: By himself?

Carly: Yeah.

Bobbie: Can I have one of those?

Carly: Mm-hmm. Michael's afraid that Sonny won't love him as much as the new baby.

Bobbie: Oh.

Carly: And he is afraid that A.J.'s going to steal him or something.

Bobbie: Well, Carly, you have to talk to him, ok? You told him that would never happen, didn't you?

Carly: Yeah, of course I did.

Bobbie: All right. Well, you just keep on telling him. You tell him as many times as he needs to hear it.

Carly: I will.

Bobbie: Make sure he hears it from Sonny, too.

Carly: Yeah. I'll do my best.

Bobbie: You know where Sonny is?

Carly: No. Not really. Things are just a little stressful right now. But when he gets back, things will be fine. And then -- we can just focus on this new member of our family.

Elizabeth: You bastard. You lied about everything.

Jason: Sonny, come on, we need to get going.

Sonny: Yeah, I know, I know.

Jason: What are you doing?

Sonny: I don't expect you to understand, Jason. Maybe nobody will. But a lot of things happened in this house.

Young Sonny: I won't wear it.

Adela: Yes, you will.

Young Sonny: Will not.

Adela: Oh!

Young Sonny: Mommy! Mommy!

Jason: Sonny.

Sonny: I didn't want to remember.

Jason: What did Ric tell you?

Sonny: I was 6, 7 years old. My mother and I spent the summer in this house. Ric's father owned it, and my mother worked for him. They fell in love. He got her pregnant. He wanted to marry her, divorce his wife.

Jason: And she was pregnant with Ric?

Sonny: Yeah.

Jason: Do you believe him?

Sonny: That summer, you know, my mother had all the money she wanted, the kind of life I wanted to give her.

Jason: Ric told you all this?

Sonny: I was starting to remember. At home, Iíd see Carly on the stairs, and I thought that something was wrong, you know? My mother -- my mother fell down those stairs because of me, and then we had to leave.

Jason: Why?

Sonny: Because Mr. Lansing didn't want to deal with me, so my mother had to choose. And she chose me.

Jason: Over Ric?

Sonny: I remember some of it. I remember. I was at the top of those stairs. And she was -- she was putting on this raincoat, latching this thing on it. I didn't push her. She fell. It was my fault.

Jason: No, it wasn't your fault.

Sonny: She might have a great life right now, you know? Look at this. All the money she wants with -- with a man who would love her for who she is 

Jason: Ok, how did Ric know -- know any of this stuff?

Sonny: Because his father told him. But I knew -- I've known all along. She chose me.

Jason: Sonny, this isn't like you. Why'd you let him go?

Sonny: For my mother. For my mother. I had to -- I owe my mother more than you'll ever know. I will not kill her son in cold blood.

Jason: Ric hates you.

Sonny: Yeah.

Jason: And I know that you know that.

Sonny: Yeah.

Jason: And that's not going to stop.

Sonny: Mm-hmm. I owe it to my mother to give him another chance, Jason. And if he comes after my family, then Iíll just -- I'll protect myself. But I can't -- I can't -- I can't kill my brother. And you're not going to, either.

Luke: Who is Sonia?

Summer: She's Matt's girlfriend. At least she used to be.

Lucky: That's funny you didn't tell us.

Summer: Look, I saw her. I didn't know what to do. Ok, this is the closest lead that Iíve had in years.

Luke: And yet you wanted me to let her go?

Summer: Well, you scared her, Luke. I knew you were going to scare her.

Lucky: Oh, and she just happened to be at the bar, right?

Summer: Hey, we found the coin, huh?

Luke: That was a nice dodge.

Lucky: All right, you haven't seen Matt in years, right?

Summer: That's right.

Lucky: All right, how did you know Sonia was his girlfriend?

Summer: He sent me a picture.

Luke: From where?

Summer: Margarita Island. They met in Caracas.

Luke: You notice how she's answering questions we didn't even ask? That means she's lying.

Lucky: All right, where's Margarita Island?

Luke: It's the Riviera of Venezuela. Very high-end. What does your brother do for money?

Summer: This and that.

Lucky: You know what? That's not good enough.

Summer: No. We've already talked about this, you know -- that not everything that Matt does is entirely legal.

Luke: No.

Lucky: Did Matt have a job the last time you saw him?

Summer: Matt is one of those get-rich-quick guys. He's always falling for these schemes, and he's always coming up short. That's why Iím so afraid for him. What if he is working for Nikolas?

Luke: What if he's working against him?

Lucky: This coin could be the best lead we got going.

Luke: I know just how to use it.

Announcer: The role of Nikolas Cassadine is now being played by Tyler Christopher.

Alexis: Hi. Sorry I'm late.

Nikolas: Oh. Actually, I wasn't expecting you for a while.

Alexis: Well, I'm here. So you said you have a problem with Luke? Let's talk about it. You have any ideas?

Nikolas: You all right?

Alexis: Yeah, I'm fine. Why don't you go get a pen and a paper, and we can compare notes.

Nikolas: What? You seem upset --

Alexis: I'm not upset. I'm annoyed because I'm being harassed by my therapist.

Nikolas: Oh. You want me to have Dr. Lewis fired from the hospital?

Alexis: Yes. No. I'm -- no. Just -- you don't have to fix it.

Nikolas: You're sure?

Alexis: I'm sure, because he knows where I live and he'll follow me there.

Nikolas: Ok.

Alexis: Let's talk about you. Let's talk about Lucky. Let's talk about Luke. I don't want you going after them. We're going to find some way to come up with a truce, ok?

Nikolas: Yeah, well, actually, at the moment, I'm more concerned about business. The Cassadine finances are in serious trouble.

Courtney: Hey. They're beautiful.

Jason: I never really picked out flowers before.

Courtney: Hey.

Jason: You ok?

Courtney: No -- no broken ribs. Serious bruises. And the CAT scan's ok.

Jason: That's good.

Courtney: Yeah. I just want to go home.

Jason: You will.

Courtney: Can you tell me what happened?

Jason: I found Sonny. He's on his way home right now.

Courtney: Good. Carly was worried about him.

Jason: That's good, because he's going to need her tonight.

Courtney: What about Ric?

Jason: Ric's alive. For now.

Elizabeth: You raped Carly?

Ric: No.

Elizabeth: What, it isn't rape because you were in a motel room?

Ric: Elizabeth, listen to me --

Elizabeth: Does it only count if she were in a park somewhere alone like I was?

Ric: No, it didn't happen that way. Stop. It didn't happen that way.

Elizabeth: Oh, of course not. You went to Harvard. You must have knocked her out first, right?

Ric: No -- no --

Elizabeth: No fuss, no muss --

Ric: Faith -- Faith ordered Fowler to drug Carly, all right? And then I got there --

Elizabeth: So you got there first? You beat him to the punch? Wow, you Ivy League men are so competitive.

Ric: No, no, listen to me. I got him away from her.

Elizabeth: And then what? Did you have sex with Carly without her consent?

Ric: No. I just made her believe that we had sex.

Elizabeth: Why?

Ric: To -- so I could use her against Sonny.

Elizabeth: Then why hasn't Sonny killed you? You know what? Forget it. I don't even care. I don't even -- why -- why did you even bother with me? I mean, how could I possibly help you take down Sonny Corinthos?

Ric: No. No, Elizabeth, you weren't a part of the plan.

Elizabeth: Oh, no, Ric, I don't believe any of that. You went to too much trouble finding the perfect lies and telling them to my face, making me believe that there was something good between us. But it was all for nothing.

Sonny: Hey.

Carly: Hmm -- you ok?

Sonny: Yeah. Is Michael asleep?

Carly: Yeah. I just checked on him. Come here.

Carly: Courtney's in the hospital.

Sonny: Yeah, Jason told me. He's with her right now.

Carly: Did he find you on Marthaís Vineyard?

Sonny: Yeah.

Carly: So, what happened with Ric?

Sonny: You're not going to believe this. Ric's my brother.

Nikolas: This is how Helena paid for her last great scheme. She set out to destroy her enemies and nearly bankrupted the Cassadines instead.

Alexis: Does Stefan know about this?

Nikolas: He doesn't know how bad it is. I mean, entire accounts have vanished, along with priceless family heirlooms. If I don't get an influx of capital soon, Iím going to have to start selling off assets. And, you know, that'll signal a weakness, and corporate raiders like Jax will come circling, just waiting to dismantle Cassadine Industries.

Alexis: How much time do you have?

Nikolas: I don't know. A few months. I'm working on a possible solution, but if that falls through, we're going to take a huge financial hit.

Alexis: All right, how about if I go over some numbers, and then we'll pull together some suggestions?

Nikolas: I appreciate that.

Alexis: Can I take some of that home?

Nikolas: Yeah.

Alexis: Ok. Thank you. You'll be all right.

Nikolas: Yeah, I know. It's what I was raised to do.

Alexis: Ok.

[phone rings]

Nikolas: Hello.

Sonia: I let them find the coin.

Nikolas: Good. I'll make sure you're taken care of. Is Alexis gone yet?

Man: Yes.

Nikolas: Good. They found the other coin.

Man: They must be getting close.

Nikolas: I don't need it. Summer will do all the work from here on out, ok? All we have to do is follow.

Lucky: How do you know this guy again?

Luke: He's an old friend.

Lucky: Can you be a little bit more specific?

Luke: Do I got to spell it out for you, son? He's a fence. So, what do we got here, amigo?

Man: It's Russian. Pre-revolution. A gold ruble.

Luke: How much is it worth?

Man: To the proper buyer? Maybe 50.

Summer: 50 bucks?

Man: No, no, no, no. 50,000 American dollars.

Luke: Not bad.

Lucky: Why is it so valuable?

Man: They're very rare. The last currency Nikolas II had made before the revolution.

Lucky: Well, how many were made?

Man: Oh, the number's not clear because they were never circulated, except among elite nobility. Some of these coins showed up in Switzerland in the late 1920s, probably smuggled out by the aristocracy, you know, fleeing the Russian revolution.

Luke: So you think this coin is from Switzerland?

Man: No, not necessarily. But a number of these coins have been turning up lately.

Summer: Where?

Man: Black market auctions. Rio, Buenos Aires, Caracas.

Luke: When is the next one?

Man: I'm sorry, friend. They're by invitation only.

Luke: Yes, and how do I get an invitation?

Man: The auctions are run by a man named Gideon.

Luke: Muchos gracias, amigo. It's been, as always, an education.

Man: Gracias.

Luke: Thank you.

Man: Oh -- and be careful -- all of you. Those auctions attract very dangerous people. Adios.

Luke: Adios. So -- what have we got now?

Lucky: Well, the Cassadines have connections with Czarist Russia.

Luke: Yeah, maybe they left a stash of these behind when the revolution came and the family escaped to Greece.

Lucky: Maybe Nikolas sent Matt to track down the rest of these coins, maybe.

Luke: Maybe he's already found them.

Lucky: So, what do we do?

Luke: Well, we don't have much to go on. But Summer does, don't you, darling?

Summer: Why would you say that?

Luke: Who's Gideon?

Jason: Sonny says he remembers the house.

Courtney: What do you think?

Jason: Courtney, I -- it explains a lot. It explains why Sonny was so important to Ric and why Ric didn't kill Sonny. Look, I'm going to tell you something. Sonny doesn't really talk about his mother much. And when he does, he says that she was gentle and loving and she went through hell. And now Sonny blames himself because he knows how different her life could have been.

Courtney: Yeah, but Sonny was just a kid. He can't blame himself.

Jason: I know. He still -- he still feels guilty. And, of course, Ric wants him to feel that way. I don't know what changed, but when Sonny looks at Ric, he doesn't see an enemy anymore. He sees his mother's son.

Courtney: So Ric -- Ric's going to get away with everything that he did?

Jason: That's how Sonny wants it.

Courtney: What about you?

Jason: Ric's never going to hurt you again. I'll make sure of that.

Carly: So, your mother and Ricís father were in love?

Sonny: Yeah. She had a real chance with him. I guess I took it away.

Carly: According to Ric.

Sonny: Trevor Lansing hated me.

Carly: Why?

Sonny: Because I was part of her first marriage, her old life. He wanted to start over.

Carly: Oh, so he wanted Adela to give you up for adoption?

Sonny: But she wouldn't do it.

Carly: Oh, come on, Sonny. How bad could you really have been?

Sonny: You know, all these years, everything I ever wanted for my mother, like a great home, an easy life, a man who would love her and be good to her -- everything she couldn't get from Mike or Deke -- she could have had it all. But she chose me. So I can't -- can you get this? I can't kill my mother's son.

Carly: He's trying to destroy us.

Sonny: Ric says that he didn't rape you. He claims he lied, that you guys never had sex.

Carly: Well, that's not what he told me.

Sonny: He wanted to hurt us, and he did.

Carly: So you believe him? You believe that he didn't rape me?

Sonny: I want to -- ok, take it easy. I want to believe that he didnít. He should be dead right now, yes. But I'm not going to kill him.

Carly: Ok, what about Courtney? What about her? He tried to kill her.

Sonny: Jason got her out. I don't know. I just want -- I want this all to be over, you know what I mean?

Carly: Yeah, I know you do. What does Ric want? Is that what he wants?

Sonny: I don't care what Ric wants, actually. He took his best shot. He failed. I have everything I want. I have my territory. I got my wife. I got my children. What does Ric have? Not a damn thing.

Ric: You have no reason to believe me, all right? I've lied about everything.

Elizabeth: How many times did I give you an out? Didn't I tell you to bail if it wasn't real?

Ric: It was real. I told you, you're the one true part of my life.

Elizabeth: No. No, no. There is nothing true or real about you.

Ric: Elizabeth, you don't understand. I have spent years trying to figure out how to bring Sonny down. It was working. I just didn't count on you.

Elizabeth: Well, I'm really sorry for the inconvenience. Please, don't let me get --

Ric: No, Elizabeth, please, wait.

Elizabeth: No, don't touch me.

Ric: Elizabeth, come on. Don't go -- please -- Elizabeth, I love you.

Luke: Your poker face needs work, darling.

Summer: That's ridiculous.

Lucky: You know Gideon. It's obvious.

Summer: Matt used to tell me stories when I would have bad dreams about lady Summersby and prince Gideon. And he was always saving her when she was getting into these terrible messes, taking care of her. Matt told me that one day my own prince Gideon would show up, take care of me. And until then, he'd take care of me, and he did.

Lucky: You think Matt is Gideon?

Luke: And he's running Cassadine coins through the black market?

Summer: Maybe.

Luke: Hmm. Where did Ruiz say those auctions were again?

Summer: Rio. Caracas. Buenos Aires.

Luke: And where else?

Summer: I don't know.

Luke: I think you do. Where?

Summer: Havana.

Luke: Havana, one of my favorite cities. I think it's time for a cigar run, don't you?

Lucky: You know, I don't even smoke, but Iím dying for one. So Havanaís our next stop?

Luke: And what about you? You still in?

Summer: Yeah. I'll meet you back at the hotel.

Lucky: No, no. We're staying together.

Summer: Why don't you just tie a rope around my waist?

Luke: As tempting as that idea is, why don't we try the honor system?

Summer: What's that?

Luke: That would be you say you're going to meet us at the hotel and you actually do meet us at the hotel.

Summer: Novel concept. I will see both of you there.

Lucky: The honor system?

Luke: Tying a rope around her waist was a telling little suggestion, wasn't it?

Lucky: Oh, yeah, but she's totally lying.

Luke: Oh, starting with hello. We may never see her again. God, she's a gorgeously transparent little liar.

Jason: Your ribs hurt?

Courtney: Not really. I miss having you next to me.

Jason: Well, you need to rest.

Courtney: I'd rest better if you were holding me.

Jason: Is that ok?

Courtney: It's much better than ok. You know, I never --

Jason: No, no, no. You need to rest. Just think about getting better. I'll take care of everything else.

Elizabeth: You're sleeping with her, too? I'm impressed. You deserve each other.

Ric: Elizabeth, wait.

Faith: Did you break that sweet little girl's heart? You're a bad boy.

Ric: What are you doing here?

Faith: Now I'll never get any service at Kellyís. Why aren't you dead?

Ric: You gave me up to Sonny, didn't you? Told him about the house.

Faith: What house?

Ric: Don't worry about it. It was part of my plan.

Faith: So what's next?

Ric: Nothing for you. You're expendable.

Faith: Overconfidence can be so appealing.

Ric: Sonny won't kill me. I'm untouchable. Besides, I got Sonny right where I want him.

Sonny: Carly?

Carly: Yeah. I'm here. Right here.

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Coleman: I'm in a position to give you some leverage against Mr. Lansing.

Ric: Our business is concluded.

Faith: No way are you leaving me to twist in the wind.

Sonny: This thing with Ric -- it's not over. He's going to try to come at me from a different angle.

Ric: Glad to see you again.

Elizabeth: I have some things I need to say.

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