GH Transcript Tuesday 4/29/03

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 4/29/03

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Zander: I will do whatever you need to get you through this.

A.J.: Michael.

Michael: I know who you are.

Elizabeth: Sonny is going to kill him, Carly. Don't you get that?

Ric: I never meant to involve you.

Courtney: No, Ric, come back. Ric!

Sonny: I know this place.

Jason: Is it on Marthaís Vineyard? Sonny --

Zander: You ever noticed how we're like a matched set?

Emily: Right, right. The rebel and the could-have-been debutante. Like enchiladas and strawberry ice cream.

Zander: I'm serious. Like right now, I'm holding you in my arms, you're all curved into me. Where I go hollow, you fill me in. Like we're a puzzle -- the perfect fit. That's why it's so weird with you not here. I was unfinished. It was like something that I needed to live. We're like -- what's that -- what's that Zen thing, yin and yang?

Emily: I have to go.

Luke: How's the water?

Lucky: It's perfect. Why don't you go find out for yourself?

Luke: I'm not on vacation. I've been studying this map, and I think we start searching for Summer's brother here in the center of town.

Lucky: Dad, that's a terrible idea.

Luke: What?

Lucky: It's the middle of town.

Luke: That's what I just said.

Lucky: Well, it'll be teeming with people, and, you know, we should look more in the outskirts, more like, I don't know, here.

Luke: So how do you expect to find somebody in an unpopulated area? Who are you going to question? The cows? The trees?

Lucky: Well, Dad, Matt will probably be keeping a low profile.

Luke: Exactly. That means he's got somebody moving in and out of town bringing him food and supplies. That's the spud we're looking for.

Lucky: You know what? You just do it your way and I'll do it mine.

Luke: What is the matter with you?

Lucky: You know what? You just act like no one can have a gut instinct except for you.

Summer: Whoo, Lucky! You got out of that water way too soon. It's amazing.

[Summer hums]

A.J.: Come in. Hey, I got to tell you, I'm so glad you came to see me, Michael.

Michael: I know who you are now.

A.J.: Well, I'm sure whatever your mommy has said has -- has confused you, and maybe I can explain. There's just so much I need to tell you --

Michael: I already know. I've been scared of you because you said so many weird things.

A.J.: I'm sorry. Michael, I never meant to frighten you. I was just -- I was just trying to tell you that Iím your real father.

Michael: No, you aren't. A real daddy is somebody who loves you and takes care of you. My daddy loves me. Sonny. He's my real daddy.

A.J.: No, Michael, I'm your father. Your real father, ok? Sonny stole you from me.

Michael: No, he didnít. Stop saying that. See, that's why I don't like you so much.

A.J.: Michael, I realize that you are programmed to think terrible things about me, and -- but you see, the fact is I am your real father. I am. You can ask anyone --

Skye: A.J., that's enough. Can't you see you're upsetting Michael? Hi, Michael.

Michael: Hello.

Skye: You know, I think you got to try to be a little patient with A.J. He's trying to tell you something really important, and you know when you're excited and words just kind of tumbling out of your mouth and they don't come out quite the way that you mean them to? Well, that's what's happening with A.J. But I think that if I try to explain it to you, I can do a much better job. Would you like me to try?

Courtney: Can anybody hear me? I'm trapped! I need help! I'm trapped in here! I need help!

Elizabeth: Ric kidnapped Courtney? That can't be true.

Jason: He took Courtney someplace where no one can get to her but him. And if Sonny doesn't agree to whatever he wants, Ric's going to leave her there to die.

Elizabeth: Why are you saying this?

Carly: Well, for God's sake, will you just listen to what Jason's trying to tell you? Can you?

Jason: I don't have time for this! I saw what happened. Ric had Courtney at gunpoint. She was bound and gagged and scared to death, and if you don't tell me where you think he took her, she could die. Is that what you want, Elizabeth? Courtney dead because you don't like her?

Elizabeth: No, I don't believe you.

Jason: Well, what, so everybody's lying but Ric?

Carly: Ok, ok, ok, ok, you know what, Elizabeth, you need to think with your head and not your heart. We got kidnapping, rape, death threats -- why would we make any of this up?

Elizabeth: Because you're vicious, Carly, and everybody knows it, and Jason seems to think that every word out of your mouth is gospel.

Carly: Ok, well, the Ric that you know or think you know doesn't exist!

Jason: Ok, enough! That's it. I'm going to ask you one more time -- where did Ric take Courtney?

Elizabeth: I don't know.

Jason: You don't know? Then get out.

Carly: Where is Sonny? Where is he?

Jason: He went after Ric.

Carly: Alone? Are you both insane? What if he is walking into a trap?

Sonny: I need a cab to pick me up at the ferry landing and take it to 3 Shoreline Way.

Woman: It doesn't look so bad. Does it hurt?

Boy: Just a little.

Woman: Oh, it'll feel better once we get it cleaned up and bandaged -- like nothing ever happened. Perfect timing, as usual. Hold it there. You got it? Come on, love. Let mommy fix you up.

Summer: Boy, what a slice of heaven. There is nothing like taking a long leisurely swim, and I have not done that in a while. Are you going in?

Luke: No. I prefer to swim vicariously through you. I have places to go, people to see, things to do.

Lucky: Dad's going into town to start searching for Matt.

Summer: Well, hold up. We'll all go.

Luke: I prefer to do the recon work myself. I'll get the lay of the land and then bring the turistas in.

Lucky: Smug is my dad's best event.

Summer: Well, that's just Luke. But I do think he's totally on the wrong track.

Lucky: What do you mean?

Summer: Well, you said Lukeís going to town. And I'm sorry, but my brother's strictly a night person. You couldn't find him before happy hour with a divining rod.

Lucky: That's exactly what I said. Well, not exactly, but I told him going into town was a waste of time --

Summer: Uh-huh.

Lucky: Even though he's given us a window of opportunity.

Summer: Oh, should I be nervous?

Lucky: While dad's out wasting his time, we can occupy ourselves in more productive ways.

Summer: Lucky -- I'm sorry, Lucky.

Lucky: Wait. What's wrong?

Summer: We're not alone. I mean, Luke can come back in here at any minute and walk in on us.

Lucky: Who cares?

Summer: I do. I don't ever want to do anything to deliberately hurt Luke.

Zander: Ok, why are you running out? Stay. Spend the night.

Emily: I canít.

Zander: Ok, Emily, look, I know what you're going through, ok? Spend the night and I'll help you get through it.

Emily: Oh, it's not necessary. I'm really fine.

Zander: Then you're doing it exceptionally well for somebody going through withdrawal, but something happened to you. I felt your body. It went rigid. Are you starting to need a hit?

Emily: Look, I've been missing from the hospital for hours. I need to get back there before my family freaks out and calls the cops on me.

Zander: Ok, well, let me get ready and I'll go with you.

Emily: I need the time alone, ok?

Zander: Emily, come on. Stop acting like I don't know what you're going through. Time alone is the last thing you need. Time alone is an opportunity for you to buy drugs.

Emily: Look, Zander, please, please trust me, ok? I know what I'm doing. I really do. All right? I will never ever forget tonight.

Michael: My mommy told me that A.J. is just my biological father, but Sonny is my real dad, and he loves me and takes care of me, and I love him back.

A.J.: Michael, if Sonny takes such good care of you, why do you keep running away?

Michael: I didn't. I just came over here to tell you that I wasn't stolen.

A.J.: Yeah, but, look, it's much more complicated than that.

Skye: No, A.J., it's really not that complicated. You see, Michaelís simply trying to tell you that he loves the father he knows and he wants to be with the family that he has.

Michael: I'll never leave my parents, no matter what anybody says. You can never take me anywhere, because I'll never go.

Carly: Ok, why would Sonny walk into what's obviously a trap without so much as a guard?

Jason: Because Ric said it had to be that way or Courtney would die.

Carly: Why Marthaís Vineyard, Jason? What is on some island off the coast of Cape Cod that has anything to do with it? What?

Jason: A house. A house. I mean, Ric had a picture of a house that Sonny recognized.

Carly: What are you talking about?

Jason: He said he remembered being there when he was a kid.

Carly: Oh, come on. That makes no sense. Why would Ric have some picture of a house that Sonny may have been to?

Jason: Carly, I don't know.

Carly: Jason, have you seen this?

Jason: Yeah, I got that from Ricís place.

Carly: Why do I feel like I know this woman? Does she look familiar to you? She looks familiar.

Jason: Oh, she probably reminds you of someone. I don't know.

Carly: It's in old photos from the 1960s or the 1970S. I mean --

Jason: Wait a minute.

Carly: What?

Jason: Mines. Lansing Coal and Mineral Company.

Carly: What? Ric owns mines?

Jason: At least a dozen from here to Cape Cod.

Carly: That's probably where he's got Courtney.

Jason: Yeah, maybe, but which one did he leave her in?

Luke: I'll have another. Nice bar. Kind of a neighborhood place. You get a lot of regulars in here?

Man: Same old faces, night after night.

Luke: Yeah? Is this one of them?

Man: No. I can't say I've seen him before.

Luke: What about you people? You know this guy? Excuse me. Excuse me. Whatever he's paying you, I'll double it.

Woman: I'm sorry, Sir. I don't understand.

Luke: Matthew Halloway. Whatever he's paying you to cover for him; I'm looking for this guy.

Woman: I don't know the gentleman.

Luke: Sure, you do. You saw the picture, you left your drink, and you bolted for the door. Now, why don't you help me out? Where is he?

Woman: You are a very rude man.

Luke: Yeah, I've been told that.

Woman: Well, if you must know, I am on my way to the ladies' room, if that is all right with you, of course.

Luke: Of course. Pardon me, Pal. Is there a way out back there?

Skye: Michael, you don't have to be frightened. No one in this house will ever take you away from the family you love. We promise. Don't we, A.J.? A.J.? It's time to promise Michael that you won't take him away from his parents.

A.J.: Why are you doing this?

Skye: So he won't be scared anymore. A.J., he's a little boy. He shouldn't be afraid of losing his family.

A.J.: Hey, I promise I will never take you anyplace you don't want to go. Ok?

Michael: Ok.

Skye: Michael, I think maybe I could do a better job of reassuring you if we could be alone for a little while. Would you like to go in the living room with me?

Michael: Why?

Skye: Well, so we can talk in private, and I can get to know you, you can get to know me, and if at any time you're not comfortable and you want to leave, you can leave.

Michael: Ok.

Skye: All right, let's go.

Skye: Would you like to sit down there? Good. I'll sit, too. Ok. You know, you and your mommy lived here a long time ago. You probably don't remember, but A.J. does. A.J. loved you very much. He still does.

Michael: Then why does he say mean things?

Skye: Like when he says Sonny stole you and all of that? Look, A.J. -- that's not what he really means, you know? What he really means is that he misses you and he wishes you never moved away. Oh, boy. This must seem so complicated to you.

Michael: I don't understand a lot.

Skye: I know. I know, and that's ok, because it's mostly silly grownup stuff anyway, but your mommy's absolutely right. Love is what makes a family, not blood. And there are so many people in this house who love you, and I'm not saying that it's your job to love them back, but if someday you want to get to know them better, then you are welcome to come here any time you want, as long as you tell your mommy you're coming and you don't come by yourself. Ok?

Michael: Ok.

Skye: Just know that there are people in this house who have cared about you for such a long time, and they always will. And I don't mean just me and A.J. I mean, there's Lila and Edward and Ned. And there's Emily, too.

Michael: She's my godmother. She sends me presents.

Skye: Wow. Well, unfortunately, Emilyís not here, but would you like to see who's home, go upstairs and say hi to them?

Michael: Sure.

Skye: There's a baby, too, you know.

Michael: A baby?

Skye: Mm-hmm. Her name's Kristina, and she's just a few months old.

Michael: Can I see her?

Skye: Sure.

Michael: We're having a new baby, too.

Skye: Really? You and your mommy and daddy?

Michael: I'm going to have a new baby brother or sister soon

Skye: Wow. That's really exciting. What do you say we go upstairs and practice holding the baby, huh?

[knock on door]

Zander: Emily? Monica.

Monica: I was hoping Emily was here. She's missing from the hospital.

Zander: Oh, she just left.

Monica: Is she all right?

Zander: Well, she seemed all right, at first.

Monica: Well, what happened?

Zander: Well, everything was fine. She came here, we were talking, everything was going great. And then she got up. She bolted. She said she was going back to the hospital, but Iím not sure I believe her. I think she might be in trouble.

Monica: Well, did she say anything specific? I mean, was she in pain?

Zander: I don't know. You know Emily. She's not going to admit it even if she was. She doesn't want to make anybody that she loves worry. I tried to catch up to her. What if she passes out again? What if it's behind the wheel of a car this time or just on the street corner? I mean, she's doing exceptionally well, but she's in the first stages of withdrawal. I mean, what if she passes out all alone, all alone and nobody with her?

Monica: Um -- ok. Well, Emily is fighting a really horrible battle, and drugs are the least of it.

Zander: This is the part where you tell me that Iím the problem? I'm part of the problem? You agree with Edward, that Iím poisonous and I should stay away from her?

Monica: No, Zander, no. Emily loves you, and I can see that you love her very, very much. And she's going to need you now more than ever.

[Door closes]

[Courtney gasps]

Carly: Ok, all the mine deeds are registered to a Trevor Richardson Lansing. What, Ricís father?

Jason: It's got to be. This one's dated -- right here -- 1945.

Carly: Ok, let me see that. Let me see this.

Jason: Ok.

Carly: Ok, look; this isn't going to help us with anything. Look at how they named them -- Lansing mine number one, number two, and number three?

Jason: Yes. Where is Courtney? What, is she in the closest one to Port Charles? The closest one to the coast? Somewhere in between?

Carly: Ok, ok, well, Ric wanted to get rid of her, I'm sure, so he stashed her as soon as he could. Now, come on, now, look and see what is closest to Port Charles.

Jason: Ok, wait a minute. This one's not numbered. Ric named it Adela.

Carly: Adela as in Sonny's mother? This is making no sense.

Jason: Ok, I got to go after Courtney.

Carly: Oh, Adela. It's you, isn't it? You've got Sonny's eyes.

Sonny: Ric?

Sonny: Ric? You up there? Ric?

Ric: Look who's back after all these years.

Luke: Nice of you all to join me. Have a seat.

Lucky: What's going on?

Luke: My boy. From your unique perspective, what's the maximum amount of time a woman needs in the ladies' room?

Summer: Well, that's a strange question.

Luke: Well, give me a strange answer.

Summer: Well, I mean, it depends. Was there a line? No line? How's she dressed? Changing clothes? Makeup?

Luke: 25 minutes and counting in this joint. There she is. She's coming out because she thinks I left.

Lucky: Do you recognize her?

Summer: No, not at all.

Luke: Well, she recognized your brother's picture. She jumped from the bar and headed for the door. I intervened, she rerouted into the bathroom, and she's been waiting for me to leave.

Lucky: Well, maybe she'll be friendlier with me.

Summer: Hey, listen, Lucky, it's a waste of time. Like I told you before, my brother is a night owl, ok? I guarantee you, no matter where he is right now, he's asleep. So are the people that he hangs out with. So here's what I suggest -- we split up. Cover more ground. We check the guesthouses, motels in the daytime, and then we hit the hotspots at night.

Lucky: But right now, we're here. She's here. We're here. Let me just ask her a few questions.

Luke: Now, hang on, Cowboy. You're not leading this posse. This is the little lady's ride, so she's calling the shots.

Jax: Right. Right.

Woman: Right.

Jax: Hold on a second. Hey.

Woman: Hi. I had a wonderful evening.

Jax: So did I.

Woman: Mm-hmm.

Jax: But unfortunately, I got to close this deal.

Woman: Ok.

Jax: Ok.

Woman: You know where I am.

Jax: Ok. I really don't understand what the problem is with this.

Ned: Leaving so soon?

Woman: Uh-huh. I'm a very busy girl.

Jax: Right. Ok. Listen, why don't you call me back when you have some numbers, ok?

Ned: Are you out of your mind?

Jax: Hey, thanks for coming over so quick.

Ned: You call me and you send her away?

Jax: I need a favor.

Ned: Sure -- I think.

Jax: It's about Skye.

Carly: Ok, born March 22, 1944. Died November 10, 1983.

Leticia: Hey.

Carly: Hey.

Leticia: Where's Michael?

Carly: What? Why isn't he with you?

Leticia: No, he's not with me. I thought he said he was going to be with you.

Carly: What? What did he say? Tell me exactly what he said.

Leticia: He said that you were going to --

[phone rings]

Carly: Wait. Wait, wait. Hello.

Skye: Carly, it's Skye. Look, I just want to let you know that Michael is here. He stopped by the Quartermaine house, ok?

Carly: Ok, we'll be there in a minute. You tell A.J. if he confuses or hurts my child in any way, I will see him cold and buried. He's at the Quartermaines'. Excuse me.

Ric: Now, I want you to hand me that piece nice and slow. That's it. Thank you. Recognize the staircase?

Sonny: What do you want, Ric?

Ric: It must have been a hell of a lot steeper the last time you were here.

Sonny: Ok, you're going to do this to my face, whatever it is. I'm going to turn around. If you shoot me, so be it.

Ric: Go ahead.

Sonny: What'd you do with Courtney?

Ric: She's fine. Don't worry. She's alive -- for now. Come on. Slow.

Sonny: Ok, why'd you take Courtney? What does she have to do with whatever's going on between you and me right now?

Ric: Kind of ironic, don't you think? I mean, you got your bullies, you know, your killers, con men. Nothing ever happens to them. They always skate from the law, crime to crime, you know, the rich get richer, so to speak. But the innocents -- see, they're the ones, you know, the trusting people, who accidentally blunder into the lives of dangerous men -- and women, as it were, because you got to give faith her due. Those innocents are always the ones that get hurt.

Sonny: I don't know what you're talking about, but whatever it -- what is that you want? Just tell me now. This might be your last chance here, Ric.

Ric: Whoa, whoa. Oh, ok, Sonny. Whatever you say. Are you delusional? You're not in charge anymore. The tables are turned. See, Iím the guy with the gun.

Sonny: So you want to shoot me? Is that it?

Ric: No, no.

Sonny: Then go ahead and do it.

Ric: No, not just yet, Sonny. See, I want you to take a little trip with me. We'll travel back in time. Summer of 1970? Remember that summer, Sonny? You know, big, beautiful house. Private beach only a few steps away. It must have been a hell of an impression on a nothing from Bensonhurst like yourself.

Sonny: Yeah, yeah. I remember the night we stayed in this house one summer. What's that have to do with you?

Ric: Well, I own this house. Yeah, my grandfather bought it in 1931, and it's been out of the Lansing family ever since. Does that suggest anything to you?

Adela: What do you say to Mr. Lansing, Sonny?

Young Sonny: Thank you, Mr. Lansing, for the picnic. And especially for the flying horses ride.

Mr. Lansing: My pleasure. And that Mr. Lansing stuff is too formal. I want you to call me Trevor.

Young Sonny: Ok. Trevor.

Sonny: Trevor Lansing was my mother's boss.

Ric: Trevor Lansing is my father.

Monica: Emily! Oh, thank God! Oh, I was so worried when I found your room empty. Oh, come here.

Emily: I'm sorry, Mom. I didn't mean to worry you. I went --

Monica: You went to Zander's. I know that. That's the first place I looked.

Emily: It's just -- I don't know, Mom. I needed to be with him so badly, and then I needed to get away.

Monica: He's so worried about you. Emily, he pictures you right now on the streets all alone, looking for drugs.

Emily: Mom, he loves me so much.

Monica: I know. I know that now, and I know that you love him. So don't you think it's time to honor that love? I mean, tell him about the breast cancer. Let him help you. I know he will.

Emily: Mom, Zander would hang tough until the bitter, ugly end. He would look at me all balled and mutilated and swear that I was the prettiest girl in the world.

Monica: Emily, we don't know how this is going to play out. But I do know that no matter what happens Zander won't pretend. He'll find you the most beautiful girl in the world.

Emily: That's exactly why I have to do something for Zander that he would never do for himself. I have to set him free.

Jax: Skye needs to know that the Quartermaines are backing her.

Ned: Well, I'm not sure we will.

Jax: She needs something to focus on, Ned. So I want you to offer her a job.

Ned: Skye stole E.L.Q. right out from under me.

Jax: Oh, yes, but with considerable help from me. I mean, I've been, you know, annoying the Quartermaines for years, and you and I are still friends, right?

Ned: No, no, she's a completely different situation.

Jax: Not from a business standpoint. I mean, she's smart, she's savvy, and she knows how to close a deal.

Ned: When she's sober.

Jax: Well, maybe this job will give her incentive to clean up her act.

Ned: I'm not sure that's true.

Jax: Come on, Ned. Give it a chance. Six months in a corner office, she can be a new person.

Ned: We're talking corner office now?

Jax: Trust me on this.

Ned: Look, Skye's ability really isn't the issue. But she's her own worst enemy, and sometimes she can hurt other people. And right now E.L.Q. is not just in any position to risk that.

Jax: I know, I understand that, but would you consider doing it as a favor to me?

Ned: How do you think Skye is going to react when she finds out that you've rescued her yet again?

Jax: She doesn't have to know.

Ned: Do you think she's going to believe that I'm actually going to offer her a job on my own?

Jax: Oh. I see your point. But you are going to offer her the job?

Ned: I'll see what I can do.

Jax: Thanks, Ned. It'll be great. And don't worry. Skye knows that we're just friends.

Jason: Courtney? Courtney, hang in there! Just hang on. Oh, thank God. Can you hear me? Courtney, can you hear me?

Sonny: I'm not interested in some lousy vacation I took years ago.

Ric: No, it wasn't a vacation and it wasn't lousy. At least not until the end. Actually, that was an egregious understatement. The end wasn't lousy. It was actually sad and sick and wrong.

Sonny: Sounds like you're describing yourself.

Ric: That's almost funny coming from you, the original psychopath. Do you know psychopaths start showing their colors at a very early age, Sonny? Yeah, it's true. You always hear about it after some sicko's been arrested, you know. "Little Johnny was such a quiet kid. He seemed pretty normal, except for that one thing. Remember how he used to like to torture small animals?" How about you, Sonny? Like to pull the wings off of insects and set fire to little kittens when you were a boy?

Sonny: You are completely insane. That's the missing piece about you.

Ric: Your career as a deadly tyrant who destroys anything he can't control started at the top of those stairs. Look at the stairs, Sonny. Huh? Look at them, and then you tell me who's insane.

Young Sonny: No. Stop it. Let me go.

Adela: Sonny --

Sonny: Enough with the games. What is your plan? Do you even know?

Ric: The plan is for you to remember.

Young Sonny: I don't like this coat. I won't wear it!

Adela: Yes, you will.

Young Sonny: Will not!

Adela: Oh!

Young Sonny: Mommy! Mommy!

Sonny: My mother -- she fell down the stairs.

Ric: She didn't fall. You pushed her.

Lucky: Hey, Dad, can I ask you a question?

Luke: Shoot.

Lucky: You know, when you and mom, you know, traveled around all those years -- you know, Frank Smith, you know, Beecher's Corner's left-hand boy -- would you have found it helpful if grandma Lesley would have traveled along?

Luke: Now, I know you ain't comparing me to your grandmother.

Lucky: Just answer the question.

Luke: No, Laura and I did not drag her old mama along on our road trips. But I do recall a pain-in-the-butt snot-nosed kid.

Lucky: Oh, so what is this, payback or something?

Luke: Lucky, you think Iím cramping your style with Summer, and that ain't necessarily so. That's only so if you use me as an excuse to make it so. I am not a threat to your love life. I'm here to help. Stop looking with trouble with me.

Summer: Sonia, it's been a while.

Sonia: And you are still beautiful, as if no time has passed at all. How do you do it?

Summer: Oh, please. Like you need beauty tips from me. I do need something from you, though.

Sonia: Well, maybe we can help each other out.

Jason: Ok, just hang in there, ok? I'm going to get you out of this.

[Courtney coughs]

Courtney: Jason --

Jason: No, no, I'm right here, I'm right here.

Courtney: Oh --

Jason: It's ok. We're ok. Take it easy.

[Courtney coughs]

Jason: It's ok. Just take it easy. What hurts? Where are you hurt?

Courtney: I ache. I don't think I broke anything.

Jason: You think you can climb out of here?

Courtney: Yeah, just -- just help me.

Jason: Ok.

Carly: Where is my son?

A.J.: Well, you seem to lose him, Carly. What's that say about your parenting skills?

Carly: Oh --

Michael: Mommy!

Carly: Michael, what are you doing here?

Michael: I just wanted to tell A.J. that daddy didn't steal me.

Carly: All right, listen to me, honey, I don't want you to believe a word that A.J. says.

A.J.: Carly, don't poison my son against me.

Carly: He is a liar, he is mean, and he hurts people.

A.J.: I said stop it!

Carly: Let go of me -- ah!

Michael: Mommy!

Sonny: Nobody pushed my mother down the stairs. She fell.

Ric: No, you pushed her.

Sonny: How do you know? You weren't there. I loved my mother. I would never do that.

Ric: Well, you know what? You're so jealous and you're so controlling, Sonny, you couldn't stand to share Adela with anybody.

Sonny: Don't even say her name.

Ric: For once in her life she was finally happy, but that also meant that you were no longer the center of her universe, right? You couldn't stand that, so, you know, she's better off dead.

Sonny: Shut up.

Ric: You reached out and you pushed her down the stairs.

Sonny: Shut up.

Ric: If you couldn't have her for 24/7, right, nobody else could have her for another minute.

Sonny: I'll break your arm! Down! Stay down. Stay down! I don't care what happened here a million years ago. The only thing that matters is you raped my wife, and now you're going to die.

Ric: Go ahead and pull the trigger. Kill your own brother.

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Nikolas: I need more than a lawyer, Alexis. I need you to act like a Cassadine.

Lucky: Summer and I found one that looked like this in Nikolas' safe.

Ned: I was planning to offer you a job.

Jason: Sit up.

Courtney: I think it's my ribs.

Ric: And she was given the choice between you and me. My mother chose you.

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