GH Transcript Monday 4/28/03

General Hospital Transcript Monday 4/28/03

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Previously on "General Hospital" --

Tracy: You're going to stay here and take your rightful place in this family.

Emily: Let them believe that Iím hooked on painkillers.

Carly: He raped me.

Sonny: Ric Lansing will beg for death. Heard you have something to tell me.

Faith: I remember something that Ric said.

Ric: No sudden moves or Iíll blow you away.

Emily: Ah, tulips.

Monica: Mm-hmm. Lila didn't want you to miss one moment of spring while you were stuck in here.

Emily: They're beautiful. You know, grandmother's garden is one of the things I missed the most when I was away.

Monica: Mm-hmm.

Emily: They have spring in California, but not like here. You don't feel like you're on some new green planet like in Port Charles. You know what else I missed?

Monica: What?

Emily: The geese returning, honking.

Monica: Well, guaranteed next year, that's for sure. So, we got the test results from your biopsy, and it confirms the lump on your breast is cancerous.

Emily: Well, no big news there.

Monica: So now we discuss options for beating it.

[The role of Nikolas Cassadine is now being played by Tyler Christopher. ]

Gia: Yeah, I'm calling to check on an arrangement I ordered. Campbell -- c-a-m-- yeah, that's it. No, I'll pick up. Yeah, thanks. Hi.

Nikolas: Hi. You sound busy.

Gia: Yeah, on overload, as usual. What about you?

Nikolas: Oh, well, you know, Cassadine business, same as always. I hope whoever's getting the flowers enjoys them.

Gia: You're always so polite to strangers. Is that what I am now?

Dillon: If you're leaving, Mom, Iím coming with you.

Tracy: Sweetheart, I have a deal that's coming together in Europe, and it promises to be very hectic and uninteresting.

Dillon: No problem. I'll catch up on some movies while you work. What --

Tracy: I love having you with me, but it's -- it's better if you stay here.

Dillon: But you'll be alone.

Tracy: So would you, as usual. That's not what I want for you.

Dillon: You know, it is -- it's way too provincial here.

Tracy: Where do you get that? From the movie channel. Look, I have a really good idea for you -- how about you fill your life with living, breathing human beings that aren't colorized.

Dillon: Mom, my life is fine, ok, and we're supposed to be a team.

Tracy: We are, and have you ever heard of the strategy divide and conquer? In this case, it means you stay here.

Dillon: You might need me.

Tracy: I'll call. Look, baby, don't give me a hard time about this. It's a done deal. Your grandfather has insisted that you stay here for your own good for a while.

Dillon: Oh, come on, Mom! Who cares what Edward thinks.

Tracy: Uh, in this case, I -- I happen to agree with him. I love you.

Dillon: I love you, too.

Tracy: Good. So maybe you'll start dressing a little better -- maybe not -- and you won't pierce anything or tattoo anything, and you'll make me proud while I'm gone. And as soon as my deal is done, I'll come back for you, I promise.

Carly: Of course Sonny is your father. He's the one who loves you and he takes care of you, and that is what good dads do.

Michael: So why did the other guy say he was my real father?

Carly: A.J. -- he made you with me. Ok? Nothing more. Do you understand?

Michael: No.

Sonny: If you're lying about this, you're a dead woman.

Faith: Check his apartment. There's -- there's a framed picture of a house on Marthaís Vineyard.

Sonny: So Ric likes pictures of houses. What does that prove?

Faith: His family had a house there. It was real important to him. If he's on the run, I think that's where he would go.

Ric: Hand over the gun. I'll shoot her, Jason. Come on. That's it. Nice and easy. Easy. Thank you.

Ric: You tell Sonny Martha's Vineyard.

Courtney: No! No!

Monica: Emily needs to hear about her treatment options.

Doctor: First, we'll need to do a lumpectomy to remove the tumor. Then we'll make sure we have a clear margin around it. If not --

Emily: You'll cut my breast off.

Monica: Emily. Hey, the cancer looks like it was detected in the earliest stages. You may not need a mastectomy.

Doctor: We compared this biopsy to the one you had done at Stanford. The cancer hasn't spread as quickly as expected, which may have to do with the alternative treatment you've been taking, although we can't be sure. We need to schedule the surgery soon in order --

Emily: Because at my age the cancer can be pretty aggressive. You left out the part where you cut out some of my lymph nodes and, if the cancer's already spread there, you start shooting me up with poison.

Doctor: Chemotherapy.

Emily: Poison to kill the cancer, if it doesn't kill me first.

Monica: Ok, ok, let's look at the best-case scenario right now. Now, if the cancer is isolated, which is a very good chance, you could just have minor surgery and no chemo, right?

Doctor: Exactly. In many cases, all that's needed is the surgical removal of the lump, which in your case is still very small. There may be no need for chemo.

Emily: But you can't say for sure, right, any more than you can promise the chemo will work if I have to go through it.

Doctor: Emily, so far you're lucky. You found this early. Why don't you discuss how you want to proceed with your mom, and she'll let me know. But the sooner we do this, the better the potential outcome.

Monica: Thank you, Doctor.

Emily: Doesn't work.

Monica: What?

Emily: A part of me still thinks that if I say all those terrifying words like chemo, surgery, mastectomy, cancer, they'll lose some of their power, but they don't.

Monica: Emily --

Emily: What if I'm not lucky like you? What if I'm more like my mom? What do I do when they just start hacking away at me, piece by piece, until there's nothing left?

Nikolas: So you ever -- you go riding anymore?

Gia: Where did that come from?

Nikolas: I don't know, I was just -- just curious. I mean, you were making such good progress there.

Gia: Well, you're the only person I know who has horses, and, to be honest, I never really enjoyed riding much. Ok, I hated it. Horses are way too big, they terrify me, it hurts to ride them, it hurts to fall, and just -- ugh.

Nikolas: I knew you were only doing it for me. I hope you know that I always appreciated that.

Gia: You made plenty of effort, too. I mean, I know you hated every single modeling party I dragged you to, right?

Nikolas: Oh -- yeah.

Gia: Yeah. I don't think you'd like hanging out with law students much better.

Nikolas: No. No. The important thing is you like it. I mean, I'm really glad that law school's working out for you, Gia, I am. I really admire the way you just, you know, you found something you really cared about and just pursued it.

Gia: You could do the same. I mean, it's not written in stone that you have to be a prince or spend your life thinking of new ways to spend your family's money.

Nikolas: Well, love it or hate it, I was raised to inherit, to take responsibility. I'm not running from that anymore. I won't go so far as to say I like it, but it's starting to feel right, like I'm doing what I should.

Gia: I'm glad things worked out for you.

Nikolas: Yeah, you, too.

Gia: Yeah, you're doing it again.

Nikolas: What?

Gia: The manners?

Nikolas: Oh. Sorry. Sorry, I can't help it.

Gia: Yeah, I know, you're pathologically polite. You need to watch that.

Nikolas: All right, Iíll try.

Gia: And -- and take care of yourself, Nikolas. No matter what went wrong, I still really care about you.

Nikolas: I'm doing well. And I'm glad you are, too.

Carly: Sometimes people have two types of parents. They have, uh, biological ones. They're the kind that make a person. And then they have another type. They have the parents that help to raise them and love them. And A.J. -- he helped make you, and that is why you grew right inside my tummy before you were born. But Sonny, he's the daddy who loves you and takes care of you. And A.J., he's -- he's just --

Michael: Biological?

Carly: Yeah, that's right. A.J.'s just biological.

Michael: What does that mean?

Carly: What does that mean? Ok, well, biology -- oh. Biology is kind of -- it's where you get your genes, your characteristics. Ok, well, let's see. Why do you think you got brown eyes, sweetie?

Michael: You?

Carly: How smart are you. Yes, because I have brown eyes, yes. And why do you think you got such crazy-looking toes? Hmm? You get those crazy toes from me. Yeah?

Michael: But what do I get from A.J.?

Carly: Well -- A.J.'s got brown eyes, too. But the point here is, sweetie, sometimes biology and love, they don't come together. And when you were really, really, really little, you probably don't remember it, but we used to live in a house with A.J.

Michael: Where?

Carly: Well, you know the house with the big gates and the lions outside, the one near Josephís house? The one you can see across the cove from the soccer field?

Michael: I know which one.

Carly: Yeah, well, that's the one. That's the one we used to live in. But we were always sad when we lived there because there wasn't love in that house. And you know what -- love is the most important thing that there is.

Michael: The new baby is love and biol-- biological?

Carly: Yeah. Well, the new baby is connected through love and biology, just like you and I are connected through love and biology.

Michael: But I'm only connected to daddy with love, right?

Carly: Yeah, but, sweetheart, what is the most important thing there is?

Michael: Love?

Carly: That's right, it's love. Your daddy took one look at you and he said, "I am going to love that boy for the rest of my life." And I promise you, sweetheart, he will not love you any less than he loves the new baby. Do you understand any of this now?

Michael: I guess so.

Ric: Suppose you're wondering what Iím going to do with you now, huh?

Edward: Hey. Why haven't you left yet? I warned Tracy to clear out hours ago.

Dillon: She's gone.

Edward: Well, why aren't you with her?

Dillon: Because you wanted me to stay. Didn't you?

Edward: Oh, God. Reginald! Call the airport and stop Tracyís plane!

Alan: What happened?

Edward: Get her back here!

Ned: Are you delusional?

Alan: We just got rid of her. Why do you want her back?

Edward: Are you blind? Look! She left something behind. Reginald!

Zander: Gia?

Gia: Zander?

Zander: What floor you looking for?

Gia: Fifth floor.

Zander: You're here. Come on, get off.

Gia: Oh, thank you.

Zander: Need some help?

Gia: No, just steer me somewhere I can set this down.

Zander: Coming through!

Gia: Help me avoid children and patients in wheelchairs.

Zander: Lost rose parade float. Excuse us. Here, right there.

[Gia grunts]

Gia: Thank you.

Zander: Well, looks like you robbed a beauty pageant.

Gia: Oh, people always say I overcompensate. I prefer to call it scope and vision.

Zander: Who they for?

Gia: Emily.

Zander: Uh, how'd you know?

Gia: Oh, I was in the elevator and I overheard a couple nurses when I was here to pick up some paperwork. They were being discreet, but since I know Emily, I was able to figure out who they were referring to. How is she?

Zander: What exactly did you hear?

Gia: She overdosed and her mom brought her in. Look, you have to talk to somebody. I'm volunteering.

Zander: Emily got hooked on painkillers when she was in rehab from her spinal injury.

Gia: Oh, Zander, she'll kick it.

Zander: Yeah. Yeah, she will. I just stopped by to visit, but she's in there with her mom and some doctor. I'm just wandering around, killing time until they're finished.

Gia: Well, now you have someone to wait with.

Zander: I'm fine.

Gia: You look like an unmade bed. Look, I'm here anyway, so we can talk about, you know, my extravagant taste in floral arrangements, or you can just tell me how you're doing.

Emily: This probably sounds crazy, but Iím more afraid of being sick than I am of dying.

Monica: No. No, it doesn't sound crazy at all. In fact, when I was diagnosed with cancer, I did the same thing. I imagined the worst. I tried to hide it from everybody. I didn't want anyone to know. But, Emily, I -- Iím fine now. I made it.

Emily: We both know not everyone does.

Monica: A lot has happened since your mom was diagnosed. And they caught yours a lot earlier than they did with her. Emily, with all the advances they have made, you may just need minor surgery and no chemo.

Emily: Or not.

Monica: Paige would want you to be positive.

Emily: You know, everyone says think positive, and you try to be strong and feel good about stuff. And then next thing you know, the lumpectomy wasn't enough, they want to take away the whole breast, and then the other, and you're supposed to lie there and say, "it doesn't matter," while visible parts of your body get lopped off like you were made of clay. And before you can wrap your brain around that, you've gone through a couple of rounds of chemo and you lose all of your hair and every move is like pushing through mud. That's what I remember my mother saying.

Monica: And you're getting way ahead of yourself.

Emily: Then you walk by a mirror and it takes you a second to realize that the ghost staring back is you -- the you who loved to pick out pretty things to wear instead of trying to hide under sweaters twice your size. But you hear the doctors say, "you're lucky. We got it in time. We got it all." And you don't feel lucky, but you tell yourself if I grab hold of that word and believe it, it'll come true. But then somebody else says, "whoops, sorry, we missed a spot." And it starts all over again, until it's worse, until you die. That's what I have to look forward to.

Monica: No. What you have to look forward to is life.

Carly: Don't eat too much cake.

Michael: I wonít.

[knock on door]

Carly: Ok, what did you forget?

Elizabeth: I need to see you.

Carly: Come in, make it fast.

Elizabeth: I want you to admit Ric never raped you.

Sonny: Jason?

[Jason groans]

Sonny: Are you alone? Huh?

Jason: Where's Courtney?

Sonny: Why, was she here?

Jason: Yeah, Ric -- Ric had her.

Sonny: What do you mean? How?

Jason: I don't know. He had her tied up.

Sonny: Damn it, Jason. This is just --

Jason: He's using her as a hostage. Wait, he told me to tell you something.

Sonny: Yeah?

Jason: Martha's Vineyard. What does that mean?

Sonny: Faith said Ric had a house on the vineyard with his family. There was a picture of it.

Jason: Wait a minute, there's more. He said for you to come alone --

Sonny: Wait. Shh. Wait, wait, here's the picture.

Jason: Is that it? Is that where he's taken her?

Sonny: I know this place.

Edward: Oh, this is such classic Tracy. She doesn't get what she wants, so what does she do? She sneaks off and she leaves her excess baggage behind.

Ned: Maybe now is not the best time to discuss this.

Edward: There is nothing to discuss, Ned.

Skye: Oh, true. What was Tracy thinking? This family usually sells off its unwanted children.

A.J.: Not anymore. She's left you a nice heir du jour. You love those.

Edward: Look, I offered to take Dillon in as a child and raise him the way Lila and I raised Ned. No, Tracy refused, said that he was all she had and she would never part with him. So what does she do? She keeps him long enough to warp him for life and then she dumps him on our doorstep.

Alan: Well, maybe Tracy just wanted an excuse to come back here and blackmail us.

Dillon: Hey -- the excuse is leaving, ok? You guys don't have to deal with me. I won't be a problem or anything. I'll just call my mom's broker and find out where she's headed and I'll meet her there.

Edward: Well, you have your passport? I'll buy you a plane ticket, but you will not use the E.L.Q. jet.

Ned: Put a sock in it! Look, put this down. It's good that you're here, and grandfather will figure that out as soon as he calms down. We are your family. You are not to blame for our mother's behavior any more than I am. You're more than welcome here.

Edward: But think of the years that the kid has had to learn treachery and subterfuge at Tracyís knee, hmm?

Alan: Well, everything that Tracy learned she learned it from you.

A.J.: Hey, and don't you pull any stunts like your mother.

Ned: If pulling stunts could get someone kicked out of this family, Junior, you would've been out of here a long time ago.

A.J.: Please, since when you are the concerned older brother, Ned?

Alan: Now, let me tell you something --

Ned: I've always been concerned. I gave you a job.

[All arguing]

Monica: You are not alone, Emily. You have family. But you can't delay this. You've got to strike now. You're not going to let it defeat you. You've got to get mad and you've got to fight.

Emily: Why go through all of that just to die anyway?

Monica: Ok, Emily, you look at me and you listen to what Iím going to say -- you're not going to die. I won't let you. We're going to schedule a lumpectomy, hopefully for tomorrow. In the meantime, you can go ahead with your alternate treatments as a supplement, I'll even help you with it, but you've got to stick with traditional methods. I know this, Emily, because they work, and you will get through it. You'll do this for the family, for you, for Zander, and, most of all, for Paige.

Emily: I don't know how.

Monica: I do. I do, Emily. Ok, listen, um -- you -- you get some rest, and I'll check in on you later, ok?

Emily: I love you, Mom.

Monica: Oh, I love you, too, sweetheart. I love you, too.

Zander: Didn't recognize the drug. It was something Emily had gotten from Mexico. She had a whole stash. I flushed it and begged her to tell somebody in her family, but she wouldnít. And then her mom found her passed out on the floor.

Gia: Oh, my gosh. Good news is she's getting help.

Zander: Well, if it weren't for me, she wouldn't be in this position in the first place.

Gia: The bus crash was an accident. You certainly didn't cause it.

Zander: Yeah, well, she was drug-free for years before the bus accident. And no matter what you say, she was on that bus because of me.

Gia: Stop, stop, stop. Why do you think Emily came home? Because you're here. Because she knew she had a problem and she knew she needed help.

Zander: Ok, then why wouldn't she tell me?

Gia: Probably because she was ashamed. Or she figured that you'd blame yourself exactly the way you're doing right now. So prove her wrong. Show her you're strong enough to help her, instead of sitting here feeling guilty about something that's not your fault.

Zander: How is she?

Monica: Well, we're assessing the situation.

Zander: But I can go see her now, right?

Monica: Uh, actually, she's wiped out and I think if we all leave her alone, she'll get some sleep, which is exactly what she needs.

Gia: When do you expect to release her?

Monica: Well, not for a few days anyway.

Gia: Oh, I have to get to class, so Iím going to take this rose parade float -

[Monica laughs]

Gia: Over to the nurses so they can give it to Em when she wakes up.

Monica: Oh, that's very nice of you. Thank you, Gia.

Zander: See you later.

Gia: Bye.

Zander: She really that bad?

Monica: Be patient with her, Zander. She's really going to need you.

Zander: Emily already has me, and she always will.

Carly: Ric Lansing did rape me, and I am not making it up.

Elizabeth: No, you are lying, Carly, because you cheated on Sonny. And if it was with Ric, it's because you seduced him. And now you're afraid Sonny's going to divorce you, so you're claiming it was rape.

Carly: Oh, is that Ric's version, Elizabeth? I doubt it. I doubt he ever mentioned that night to you because he was so afraid of what Sonny might do to him if he found out.

Elizabeth: Sonny is going to murder Ric because of your lies, Carly.

Carly: I am not lying! I was at Jakeís, I had been drugged, and Ric showed up! And he saw the condition I was in, he saw I was helpless, and he took me to a motel, and then he raped me. And in the morning, I woke up and I couldn't remember a thing. And Ric, the rapist, he claimed that I asked for it and that I wanted him.

Elizabeth: Ok, which is it, Carly? Do you remember being raped or not? Because believe me, being raped is something you remember.

Carly: Not if you've been drugged. Instead, you have a black hole in your memory and all you know for sure is that you could not fight the bastard off and you couldn't scream for help.

Elizabeth: Ric is going to die. And when his heart stops beating, it's going to be because of you, Carly, and your disgusting lies. Don't you -- don't you get it? No, of course not, because you've -- you've never said no to a man in your life. You weren't raped, Carly. And you're a disgrace to any woman who has been.

Carly: You need to believe this, don't you, Elizabeth? You need to believe that Ric is noble and innocent because you're sleeping with him, aren't you?

Jason: Ok, how do you know this house?

Sonny: I'm not sure.

Jason: Is it on Marthaís Vineyard? Sonny?

Woman: I love this place -- the ocean, the sailboats. You having a good time? What would I do without you, hmm? Mi angel, mi muchacho.

Sonny: I stayed with my mother at this place when I was a kid.

Jason: Is it on Marthaís Vineyard?

Sonny: Yeah, yeah.

Jason: Well, that's where Ricís taking her. We're going to find --

Sonny: No, Jason.

Jason: What?

Sonny: If you go, you're going to get Courtney killed.

[key turns in lock]

[door opens]

Zander: Hey.

Emily: The bartender let me in.

Zander: You're supposed to be at the hospital.

Emily: I'd forgotten how much I loved the smell of your robe.

Zander: Your mom told me not to stop by.

Emily: My mom doesn't always know what's best for me.

Zander: Well, even though you're not supposed to be here, it's good to see you. Emily, I want to help you. Sometimes I don't know what to do. All I can promise you is that Iíll do whatever you need to get you through this.

Emily: I know. That's why I came here.

Leticia: All right, Michael, Iím going to pick you up in two hours, ok?

Michael: Mommy said she was going to pick me up so I can go buy new sneakers.

Leticia: She is? Ok, well, she didn't tell me that. Are you sure?

Michael: Positive.

Leticia: Ok. I'll see you later, and, hey, you be polite, ok?

Michael: Ok.

Leticia: I'll see you later tonight.

Michael: Ok. Thank you.

Leticia: Have fun.

Michael: Ok.

[partygoers buzz]

[car departs]

[Michael leaves the party]

Carly: You are getting all hysterical and defensive about Ric because you've slept with the man and you don't --

Elizabeth: My personal life is none of your business.

Carly: Yes, it is when you come barging into my home and you accuse me of lying. Elizabeth, Iím sorry. I am so sorry that you were raped. And it's got to be really painful for you to know that the man you're now sleeping with is also capable of rape.

Elizabeth: Shut up, just shut up, Carly.

Carly: No, I'm sorry, but I never cheated on my husband! And I never willingly slept with Ric! He violated me!

Elizabeth: No, then you obviously know nothing about Ric.

Carly: I know that he is a blackmailer and he is a liar and a rapist! And you will be very lucky if you never lay eyes on him again.

Elizabeth: Sonny is going to kill him, Carly. Don't you get that?

Carly: Elizabeth, Ric only knows how to use people, ok, and what he has done to both of us is unforgivable.

Elizabeth: No, what's unforgivable is you cheating on your husband and covering it up with a lie that's going to cost Ric his life.

Sonny: Ric Lansing or somebody in his family owns a home on Marthaís Vineyard. I need that address, like, right now. Yeah. Bye.

Jason: Ok, let's go.

Sonny: No, no, no. No, no.

Jason: Sonny, I got to --

Sonny: Courtney's safe, Jason! He's using her as insurance. He's not going to kill her unless you show up and give him a reason to. Can you -- think about this. He wants me, not Courtney.

Jason: Well, why there?

Sonny: I -- I don't know how Ric even knows about this place. Maybe he's lying that his family owns a house here. I don't know.

Jason: Well, when was the last time you were there?

Sonny: When Mike left and -- and the summer before my mother met Deke.

Jason: Who else was there, Sonny?

Sonny: No one. Just me and my mother.

[phone rings]

Sonny: Yeah?

Ric: Jason give you my message?

[Sonny sighs]

Sonny: Yeah.

Ric: Good. Now I have one for you to give to Jason. Tell him Courtneyís not going to be with me, so there's really no reason for him to come with you. She's -- she's tucked away. And if I die, no one's going to be able to find her until it's too late. See you at the vineyard.

Jason: Well, what? What'd he say? What'd he say about Courtney?

Sonny: He's got her stashed somewhere and we can't kill Ric or you'll never see her.

Jason: Well, you know what, I'll get it out of him, Sonny.

Sonny: No.

Jason: Sonny --

Sonny: You're not going to get -- can you just -- we're not going to get into this again. He's desperate. He's going to make a mistake, but he's got to think he's winning first. I'm going to go there alone. I will find out where he's holding Courtney and I will finish him.

Emily: I used to dream about you, dancing with you, kissing you, feeling your arms around me. And when we danced in the road that night by the headlights of the limo, the music coming from the radio.

Zander: I remember. I used to lie awake at night, thinking the same things in my head.

Emily: Then we made love, and it was almost like the way I dreamed about it.

Zander: What was different?

Emily: It was better. It was perfect. Every time we're together, it's perfect.

Zander: Anything perfect about you and me, it's all because of you. Your perfect mouth, your perfect heart, perfect body. The way we feel when we're close together. Emily? What's wrong?

Emily: What we had was so wonderful.

Zander: What we still have, what we will have. Hey, you're going to beat this thing, ok? I know you will. This isn't going to tear us apart, ok? It's going to make us stronger. Because you're the only one Iíll ever want, the only one that Iíll ever love.

A.J.: Why aren't you at work?

Ned: Why aren't you? Oh, by the way -- leave Dillon alone. If I find out that you've pulled him into any one of your crazy schemes for or against grandfather, you'll be back on paper clip duty.

A.J.: Oh, please. With Tracy as a role model, how long do you think it'll be before Dillon pulls a scam of his own, Ned?

Ned: Just leave the kid alone.

A.J.: Yeah.

Edward: Where's he going?

A.J.: Oh, who knows. Obviously not to the office.

Edward: If you had any initiative at all, you would be maneuvering to replace him.

[doorbell rings]

Edward: Reginald! Get the door!

A.J.: I'll get it.


Michael: I know who you are.

A.J.: Michael.

Carly: I know Ric must have hurt you by telling you who knows how many lies, but that is your problem to deal with with Ric.

Elizabeth: Yeah, well, I'm not going to get a chance because if Sonny or Jason find him, thinking what they do, Ric will never be heard from again.

Jason: Ric just kidnapped Courtney, and if I don't find her in time, she could die. So what do you know? Where did Ric take Courtney?

Ric: You know, a person can live four days without water.

Courtney: Why you doing this?

Ric: Well, because you stuck your nose in where it doesn't belong. Besides, can't let Sonny kill me just yet.

Courtney: Ok, Ric, please don't do this.

Ric: No, look, look, you may not believe this, but I am sorry. I never meant to involve you. You're just related to the wrong person.

Courtney: Ok, just give yourself the chance to get away and call somebody and tell them where I am!

Ric: No, Courtney, I'm sorry, Iím too close to the end here, all right? Now, remember, if you die, it's Sonny's fault.

Courtney: No. No, Ric, come back! Ric! Ric, you can't leave me here! Ric!

Young Sonny: Mama, watch!

Woman: Oh. Estas practicando volar?

[phone rings]

Sonny: Yeah?

Marco: We got an address. It's right outside Edgartown. Number 3 Shoreline Lane.

Sonny: Ok.

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