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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Skye: Is Alan Quartermaine my father?

Rae: No.

Elizabeth: I can't think of anyone else who's going to protect you from Sonny.

Ric: Then, I guess I'm going to have to find a way to protect myself.

Sonny: Tell me where Ric went or you're just going to have to pay for everything you've done.

Courtney: Ric is a liar and a rapist.

Carly: I keep picturing it.

Jason: Do you realize you're protecting a rapist?

Jax: I assume that a personal check will do fine.

Tracy: You know, ordinarily, I insist on a wire transfer because personal checks are prone to bounce, especially when they're such large sums. But since it's you and since you have never defaulted on a payment, I have no reason to believe you're going to start with me. Just write lots of zeros.

Skye: You stop it. I won't let you do this.

Tracy: Ah! Have you always had such hideous timing? Go away.

Skye: Oh, you would just love that, wouldn't you? Well, too bad I don't scare off so easily.

Jax: Skye, this matter really doesn't concern you. This is a -- this is personal between Tracy and myself.

Skye: Not if it's to pay off that bitch to keep quiet about my paternity.

Dillon: So is that speed-reading or panic?

Georgie: Dillon. I didn't know you were transferring here.

Dillon: I'm not. I got bored listening to my family fight, so I escaped.

Georgie: To find me?

Dillon: Obviously. Want to hang out?

Georgie: Now?

Dillon: We could see a movie.

Georgie: Oh, I wish. I'm about to take this essay test on "Moby Dick" and all I know is "call me Ishmael" and "Captain Ahab."

Dillon: Ah, yes. Classic obsession story -- a man destroyed by his quest for revenge.

Lucas: What are you doing here?

Dillon: I'm having a conversation with Georgie. Do you have a problem with that?

Lucas: Maybe. Why don't you go back to the Quartermaine estate, or wherever it is you live, and leave Georgie alone.

Dillon: You want me to go?

[Class bell rings]

Georgie: Got to go. See, guys, I have a very, very, very important test to flunk.

Lucas: Bye-bye.

Jason: I took these from Ric's apartment. Now, some of them are his personal records, stock reports, tax certificates, but whatever this guy was after, it wasn't money.

Sonny: Ok.

Jason: He's got a ton of his own. His family's wealthy and he has a trust fund.

Sonny: Anything in those records to show where he's hiding?

Jason: No, no, not that I could see, but, Sonny, most of those records aren't about Ric. They're about you.

Sonny: Well, I mean, that doesn't surprise me. He's a good attorney, he's thorough. He's going to put together a file on me, right?

Jason: No, this goes beyond research. Your whole life is right there. Everything -- school records. You got juvenile detention forms; you have tax information on your mother and your stepfather.

Carly: Hey. What's going on?

Sonny: Uh --

Carly: Business stuff? All right. I'll go back upstairs.

Sonny: No, no, no, no. You know what? We were discussing Ric. And after what he did to you, you have a right to know what we found out.

Carly: Is it in those files?

Sonny: Yeah. Um -- for whatever reason, Ric seems to be obsessed with me.

[Phone rings]

Elizabeth: Hello?

Ric: It's me.

Elizabeth: Hi, Gram. How are you feeling?

Ric: You know where to go and what to do? I'm counting on you, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: You don't have to thank me. I'm happy to do it. I'll see you soon. Ok. Bye. You know what? My shift is over, so I am going to take off.

Courtney: Your grandmother must have a big appetite.

Elizabeth: Yeah, well, she has a cold. I want her to have food in the house if that's all right with you.

Max: I'm on it, Iím on it. Stay inside.


Carly: Sonny told you what Ric did to me?

Jason: Yeah, all of it. He's going to pay, Carly. He's never going to hurt you again.

Carly: I know.

Sonny: It fits now why Ric went after Carly, you know? Obviously, he wanted to get to me.

Carly: Yeah, but you were suspicious of him from the start.

Sonny: And I didn't follow through. Because you guys, you know, were working together, I didn't want to get involved. But there were red flags. He kept coming around no matter how much he was abused. I got to admit I liked seeing him squirm a little bit. But he just kept hanging around. No matter how much he would get rejected, he didn't even -- he wouldn't show any anger.

Carly: Yeah, but --

Sonny: That's not right.

Carly: But, Sonny, I should have seen it coming because Ric did exactly the same thing that I did when I first came to town. He went out of his way to make himself helpful, he -- anything you needed, no, Ric was the go-to guy. He befriended me, he insinuated himself into your life the same way that I did with mom. And I'm an idiot because I should've seen it and I just let him do it.

Sonny: Don't you dare feel guilty about this creep. He's not worth it. Anything in those files to indicate why he focused on me?

[Phone rings]

Jason: Yeah? All right, Iíll be right there.

Sonny: What now?

Jason: Elizabeth could be on her way to meet Ric. I'm going after her.

Sonny: Did you hear what I said?

Carly: Yeah, I did. I just -- I'm mad because I wish I hadn't trusted Ric.

Sonny: Forget Ric. Look how many times I messed up. Ric's running now, you know? He's running scared. Soon, it's going to be done. The last thing I want is for him to hurt us from the grave, and I want you to know I don't blame you for anything. I don't blame you for what happened with Ric that night or, you know, for not telling me. You did what you had to do. And I love you for that. Ok?

Carly: I love you.

Teacher: Your father called. He wants you home right away.

Georgie: Is everything ok?

Teacher: The note doesn't say, but you can make up the exam. Go.

Georgie: Oh.

Dillon: You can thank me later.

Georgie: I can't stay. I got to get home.

Dillon: I know.

Georgie: You know?

Dillon: Well, yeah. You don't really believe your dad called the school, did he?

Georgie: It was you?

Dillon: Actually, it was my mom's stockbroker. Great guy, a big practical joker -- really convincing. Ask the school secretary.

Georgie: I can't believe this. I was really freaking out like something bad happened!

Dillon: It didnít.

Georgie: That's not the point. Do you have any idea how much trouble I could be in if anybody finds out about this?

Dillon: Well, excuse me. Sorry, I was trying to do you a favor, but, hey, you know what? Go back to flunking your test or you could say thanks right now and spend the day with me.

Skye: I appreciate your willingness to bail me out yet again, but I assure you I don't need rescuing. You see, Iíve been on both sides of blackmail and I can tell you it's always the same old premise. This would only be the beginning of a very lengthy, very expensive payout to Tracy, and I won't do it.

[Doorbell rings]

Skye: Oh. That must be my mother. I want her to be here for this.

Tracy: Gretel Rae Cornpone? Why? What are you up to?

Alan: Rae? What are you doing here?

Rae: Hello, Alan.

Alan: Did I forget something?

Rae: No. No, no. No. I'm completely unexpected by everyone except Skye. I -- she asked me to come quick, so I did.

Alan: Is she in trouble? I'm sorry. I didn't know anything about it --

Rae: No.

Alan: I've been preoccupied with my other --

Rae: No, I know, Alan. No, it's Tracy. She's stirring up the past.

Alan: The demon from hell. What has my sister done to Skye now?

Ned: This better be good. I had to cancel a transatlantic conference call.

Edward: Say, Ned, why aren't you at the office?

Ned: Because I'm here like I was asked to be.

Edward: Well, no one called you.

Monica: What is -- are you the reason I was summoned?

A.J.: Rae? I didn't expect to see you. I guess whatever Skye has planned must be big.

Edward: Skye called a meeting? Well, why wasn't I informed?

Skye: You were, Edward. You would know that if you checked your voicemail occasionally.

Edward: I am a very busy man. What's this all about?

Skye: Oh, I thank you all for coming. Hello, Mother. This won't take too long. Please join me in the living room -- oh, Alice and Reginald, I suppose you should hear this, too, so please, join me.

Edward: Oh, my God. It's the Aussie back again. All right, ladies and gentlemen, please grab your wallets and hold on tightly.

Ned: Well, I'd be more concerned about my mother's presence. Now, if she's here, this can't be good.

Tracy: Ned, please.

Skye: I think that depends on your perspective. You see, I think for some of you, this might be the best news you've had all year and, well, for others, this might actually be a little painful.

Edward: Stop being so melodramatic and get to the point, all right?

Skye: Oh. I thought I'd let Tracy do the honors. You see, she was so eager to tell her news.

Tracy: Oh, no, this is your little gathering. Leave me out of it.

Skye: Yes, but your startling news is the reason that we're all here today. So you now have the audience that you so crave. So go on, Tracy. Tell them what you know.

Tracy: Honestly, every time I leave town and come back, you all are stranger than the time before. What happens to you? Is cook putting something in the food?

Ned: Stop stalling, Mother.

Tracy: That's not what I'm doing. I'm simply refusing to play. If this is what Skye likes to do -- gather you all together to make a big grandstand play for Jax -- I find it pathetic and I find you all pathetic for indulging her. I have better things to do.

Skye: Oh, not so fast, Auntie Tracy. Oh -- I guess that would be just plain old Tracy now, wouldn't it? Somebody once said -- somebody more evolved than me -- "no great loss without some small gain," and they were right. At least Iím not related to a vindictive, greedy blackmailer like you.

Edward: Oh, God, if it were just that simple. Get thee behind me, Satan . No blood ties to Tracy.

Alan: Yep. Sad as it seems, Tracyís related to all of us and there's no relief in sight.

Skye: Well, there is for me. I'm not your daughter.

Alan: Of course you are.

A.J.: Well, what are you talking about, Skye?

Skye: And I guess that would make you not my brother.

Monica: What are you saying?

Skye: My mother lied. She admitted it to me last night. I'm not a Quartermaine.

Georgie: So, what are we watching?

Dillon: "To Have and Have Not." Have you seen it?

Georgie: Are you kidding? I've never even heard of it.

Dillon: You know, you are lucky I came along to educate you about the classics. And when Iím gone, you will be able to continue your education. There is this amazing, amazing video store down by the pier, specializes in all the good stuff. I spent like an hour there today.

Georgie: Do you have a collection?

Dillon: Well, top 100 -- nothing I can't throw in my carryon bag, you know. My mom and I never really stay in one place for too long.

Georgie: Yeah. Is it a pain, you know, moving around so much?

Dillon: Um -- can be. You know, my mom's kind of difficult, so she gets into fights with people and next thing I know, we have to pack up and leave town, start over somewhere else. I mean, don't get me wrong -- it's not all that bad. She's not like a normal mom. She's more big sisterly, so we have a lot of fun and -- and she loves me -- sort of.

Georgie: Well, have you been places like far away?

Dillon: I have probably lived in every European capital at one point or another, and I can order room service in about nine different languages including Swedish.

Georgie: The way you describe it sounds awesome. But don't take this the wrong way or anything -- you seem kind of sad or something. I don't know.

Dillon: You -- no, no, I'm not -- Iím not sad. Come on, let's watch the movie. Movie.

Carly: Hey, you!

Sonny: Oh, hey! What's going on there, guy? How you doing? Hi.

Leticia: Hi.

Carly: Hey.

Sonny: How was school, buddy?

Michael: Great!

Sonny: Great?

Michael: Yep. There was this humongous lizard.

Sonny: What do you mean a -- how big was it?

Michael: Uh -- pretty big.

Leticia: Cute.

Sonny: Really?

Leticia: Yeah, he wanted to take it home.

Carly: Oh.

Leticia: He was begging.

Carly: Oh, well, thank goodness a wiser head prevailed. Because you know what? We're going to have something much better than a scaly old lizard very soon.

Michael: Yeah? What?

Carly: Mm-hmm. Leticia, would you mind giving us a minute? We need to talk to Michael.

Leticia: No problem.

Carly: Ok. Thanks. You.

Michael: Am I in trouble?

Carly: No. You're not in trouble. Come on, we have something --

Sonny: Have a seat.

Carly: Important we want to tell you, something good. So, do you remember when you asked me for a baby brother or a baby sister? Yeah?

Michael: Yeah.

Carly: Well, you're going to get your wish.

Sonny: We're having a baby.

[Carly laughs]

Michael: For real?

Carly: For real.

Sonny: Yeah, for real.

Michael: When?

Sonny: Sometime in November.

Carly: Yeah.

Michael: That's far away.

Sonny: Well --

Carly: Well, it's not that far away and it's going to get here before you even know it.

Michael: Are you sure?

Carly: I am sure.

Sonny: Ok, put your hand right here, right on mommy's tummy. Guess what.

Carly: Feel that?

Michael: What?

Sonny: That's the baby.

Michael: Can I talk to it?

Carly: Of course you can.

Michael: Hello, baby.

[Carly laughs]

Carly: Is he talking back? Come here.

Jason: Take off.

Man: What do you mean?

Elizabeth: Excuse me, what do you think you're doing?

Jason: I mean, leave right now.

Man: You know this guy?

Jason: She's setting you up as a decoy.

Man: Clearly, you're a deeply troubled young lady. Please, don't call me again.

Jason: I hope you're proud of yourself. By wasting my time with that guy, you could've helped a rapist escape.

Skye: Not if it's to pay off that bitch to keep quiet about my paternity.

Ric: I can't tell you how glad I am you decided to drop by. Get down. Get down. This wasn't the smartest move you've ever made, Courtney.

Courtney: Yeah, you, either. You should be long gone from this place.

Ric: What possessed you to follow me?

Courtney: I wanted to tell Sonny exactly where to find you. What do you think your life is worth now that Sonny knows you raped Carly?

Ric: Oh, girl's been talking again. Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you, Courtney, but I didn't rape her.

Courtney: Tell that to my brother.

Ric: So Carly did tell him, huh? I didn't think she had the guts.

Courtney: And that's where you were wrong, Ric. You underestimate things like family and loyalty and commitment to anybody but yourself. Since Carly got proof that Sonny was the father, she told him everything.

Ric: Just perfect, huh? Sonny's going to be a daddy after all. Fondest dream come true.

Courtney: You don't seem surprised.

Ric: Why should I be, huh? Doesn't Sonny get everything he wants, right? Money, power, family, loyalty, and commitment? A best friend who puts his life on the line for him every day? You should appreciate that, huh? Unquestioning loyalty and devotion from a beautiful wife, not to mention reckless courage from his baby sister who thinks she's going to take big, bad Ric down all by herself.

Courtney: I'm not afraid of you.

Ric: Really? You should be.

Courtney: You know what? Sonny and Jason are hunting you down like the dog you are this very minute, Ric. They're tailing Elizabeth. She's not too bright. She's going to lead them right to you. Then you're going to be done.

Ric: I'm sorry. I just don't think things are going to play out that way, but I do appreciate your personal interest. You just gave me a free ticket out of here.

Jason: Hey, wait, where's Ric?

Elizabeth: I don't know.

Jason: Don't lie to me. You're already in way over your head. Don't dig in any deeper, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: I already told you I don't know. Even if I did, I wouldn't draw you a map so you could kill him.

Jason: How can you put yourself on the line for this guy? He didn't think enough of you to protect you. He willingly put you in danger.

Elizabeth: Maybe he was desperate; terrified you were going to gun him down for no reason. And maybe he thought I was the one person who could help him and not be threatened by you. Was he wrong, Jason? Are you going to hurt me, too?

Jason: You know better than that, but Ric didn't. He willingly risked your life.

Elizabeth: You know nothing about him.

Jason: No, I know this. Ric didn't go to the cops. Why wouldn't he? Unless he's got something to hide.

Michael: Is it a boy or a girl?

Sonny: We don't know yet.

Carly: It's a boy. It's a boy.

Sonny: Doctor hasn't said.

Carly: I don't need a doctor to tell me what I already know.

Sonny: That's what you call mother's intuition.

Michael: Ok. Having a baby is happy, right?

Carly: Well, it's the happiest.

Michael: When the new baby comes, you'll be happy again, right?

Sonny: You know, Mike, I know that Iíve been angry and sad sometimes, and it scared you. I -- Iím sorry. I -- you know what? I don't ever want you to be afraid.

Michael: Why were you so mad?

Sonny: Well -- remember that truck you had that you smashed, that you loved so much? You didn't want to do it. If you thought about it for a second, you probably wouldn't have thrown it, right?

Michael: Right.

Sonny: The last thing you wanted to do was break that -- that truck. Well, that's kind of like your dad here. He -- he gets mad. He doesn't stop to think what it does to the people that he loves. And then he realizes what he's done, and it makes him sad. Is this making any sense to you?

Michael: I guess so.

Sonny: Well, you know what? The most important thing is that -- that I realize how lucky I am. And even though I was weird for a little bit, you know, going through that little thing, I realized the most important things in the world to me are you and your mother.

Michael: And the new baby.

[Carly laughs]

[Phone rings]

Carly: Right.

Sonny: What?

Marco: Faith knows the deadline's approaching. Said she's ready to talk.

Sonny: All right. I'll be there. Ok. Um -- you're in charge now. Your mother has to take care of herself and the baby. You make sure she rests, ok?

Michael: Ok.

Carly: Ok? You can do that. You going to be long?

Sonny: No. No, I wonít. I'll be back. All right. See you guys.

Carly: See you later.

Michael: See you, Dad.

[Door opens and closes]

Carly: So, what do you think of all this?

Michael: I'm glad Daddy's happy.

Carly: So am I. Come here. Give me one of your good hugs. Oh!

Alan: Is it true? You lied to me?

Rae: I loved you, Alan. That was never a lie. And I did, I -- I desperately wanted my child to be yours. I always knew she wasn't.

Monica: You are some piece of work.

Rae: Tracy found out I was involved with another man. She blackmailed me into leaving town. It was her price for keeping my secret.

Skye: Well, Reginald, don't just stand there. Break out the champagne. I'm sure everyone's going to want to celebrate. Especially Edward, since Iím no longer a member of this family.

Alan: The hell you're not.

Monica: What?

Alan: I'm your father, Skye. I'll always be your father. I don't care about the D.N.A. I only care about what's in my heart. You will always, always be my daughter.

Tracy: Oh, please! There's a sucker born every minute.

Edward: Tracy, that's enough.

A.J.: I don't know what to say.

Tracy: Blood will tell.

Ned: Stop it. I mean it.

Tracy: Fine. I'll just sit here and not say another word.

Monica: My, that would be refreshing if she could only do it.

Alan: This doesn't change anything.

Skye: Please, don't be nice to me, ok? I really don't think that I could take it. If you'll -- ahem -- excuse me, I would -- Iíd like to be the one to tell Lila.

Skye: Hello, Lila. Um -- there's something very important that I need to tell you. It turns out that I'm not your granddaughter after all. And I -- I deeply regret that.

Lila: I don't understand.

Skye: Well, turns out my mother isn't the most honest person in the world, but who am I to throw stones, right?

Lila: You mean, Rae lied?

Skye: She outdid herself on this one. Lila, I -- I want to thank you for the love that you have given to me so freely, and the way that you accepted me as your family.

Lila: You're still my granddaughter, Skye. That can never change. But tell me, what does Tracy have to do with all this?

Alan: I dare any one of you to say that Skye isn't a Quartermaine.

Edward: Oh, she's a Quartermaine. She's treacherous and she's conniving and she's very ungrateful.

A.J.: She's smart enough to beat you at your own game.

Ned: She has the good sense to stand up to my mother -- the most essential Quartermaine trait of all.

Tracy: You've got to be joking. Gretel Rae's child has absolutely no place in this family.

Monica: Actually, the one with no place in this family is you, Tracy.

A.J.: So, Tracy, how much did you blackmail her for?

Jax: $5 million.

Edward: Oh, my God, is he still here? I warned you what would happen if you hatched another of your schemes.

Skye: Tracy? Lila would like to see you.

Tracy: What did you tell my mother?

Skye: Only the truth.

Ned: And after you're done speaking with her, don't let the door hit you.

Tracy: Mother will not throw me out. She'll understand. She always does.

Alan: I wouldn't bet on it.

A.J.: I'm sure she will con grandmother into believing that she's somehow the victim in all this.

Edward: Oh, my wife is the most understanding woman in all the world. I know that better than anyone else. But even Lila has her limits. You'll see.

Tracy: Mother, I don't understand why you're so upset. I'm just doing what you told me to do all my life -- I told the truth. I could not in good conscience stand by and watch those grifters take advantage of our family.

Lila: You wanted to hurt that poor girl.

Tracy: "Poor girl"? Oh -- this is what I was trying to prevent, Mother. You see, that mother-daughter liars' club has got you all snowed.

Lila: Tracy, that's enough! Reginald, pack her bags and bring them downstairs.

Tracy: Mother, please.

Reginald: It's my pleasure.

Lila: I want you out of this house within the hour!

Ned: It's amazing how efficient the staff can be when properly motivated.

Tracy: And when did you get so nauseatingly self-righteous? Haven't you ever tried to convince somebody to do something that they didn't really want to do?

Ned: You've never learned the art of subtlety, Mother. It trips you up every time.

Tracy: And for that Iím constantly exiled. I come from a long line of backstabbing, amoral blackmailers. Why am I the only one that ever gets punished?

Ned: Because for all of our flaws, the rest of us understand the meaning of loyalty. When push comes to shove, we stand up for each other, and all you stood for is yourself!

Alan: That couldn't have been easy for you.

Rae: I -- I can't believe that -- that you would care after -- oh, boy -- after I lied so.

Alan: I'm in no position to criticize.

Rae: You know what, Alan? For whatever it's worth, I did want my daughter to be a Quartermaine, and all the advantages that go with that name. But you know what? Even more than that, I -- I wanted to honor the love that we shared. You know, when Skye came back into my life, I did want her to have the best possible father that -- oh, God, Alan, I am -- Iím so sorry. I know how wrong it was. I -- Iím sorry.

Alan: I'm not. I actually owe you a debt of gratitude. I thank you for giving me my daughter. I thank you for Skye. Goodbye, Rae.

Maxie: Hey, Lucas.

Lucas: What are you doing here?

Maxie: What kind of question is that?

Lucas: I heard Georgie got called out of class. Why would Mac ask for her and not you?

Maxie: He wouldnít.

Lucas: I get it. Dillon -- whoever he is -- was here. He must've helped Georgie cut out for the day.

Maxie: This is getting really weird. We don't even know who this Dillon really is. I mean, we don't even know that he's even a Quartermaine.

Lucas: Have you told that to Georgie?

Maxie: She won't listen to me. I mean, I don't blame her. I've been really mean to her lately -- calling her a geek, teasing her about you, and telling her to get over it. What if she feels so bad that she's just hooking up with some random guy to prove a point?

[TV plays]

[Dillon stops video]

Dillon: One of the great moments in cinema history. What do you think?

Georgie: I loved the kiss. It was so romantic. It's not like when you walk down the hall and see some slobbery guy macking all over some girl. You know, if Lucas ever kisses me, I hope it's like that.

Dillon: Georgie, what do you see in him? I mean, is Lucas smart? Does he read? Do you have one single thing in common with him, because I sure can't see it.

Georgie: Look, Lucas is an awesome soccer player. And he's nice and funny, and -- and he's really protective, like he was before. And -- Mac.

Mac: Bet you didn't expect to see me. What are you doing home with a boy in the middle of the afternoon?

Dillon: Um, Georgie got sick during third period and so the school sent her home, and when she got here she realized she didn't have any cold medicine, and so she called me up and asked me if I'd bring some over.

Mac: Oh. And who are you?

Dillon: I'm Dillon Quartermaine.

Mac: Well, Dillon Quartermaine, if Georgie's sick, she belongs in bed upstairs. Clear out.

Georgie: Thanks for the cold medicine.

Dillon: Yeah.

Georgie: You're a lifesaver.

Dillon: Glad to help.

Michael: Where will the new baby sleep?

Carly: Well, you know the room next to yours with the -- all that stuff in it that we can't find a place for?

Michael: Mm-hmm.

Carly: We're going to fix that room up. We're going to paint it. We're going to put a crib in it and fill it with all kinds of toys for the new baby. And you can help me. You can pick out things that you think the new baby might like.

Michael: I think the new baby would like a truck and a dog.

[Carly laughs]

Carly: I think you want a truck and a dog. But the new baby -- they need things that are a little different from little boys. They like soft things like stuffed animals, and they like to be held and rocked and sung to. Thank you. You know, I used to sing to you when you were a little boy.

Michael: Daddy, too?

Carly: Well, Daddy's not much of a singer.

Michael: Will he sing to the new baby?

Carly: He might. You know, Daddy and I are going to make sure that this new baby feels love from the minute that it's born.

Michael: Will you and Daddy love the new baby more than me?

Courtney: You're making a big mistake.

Ric: No, no, Courtney, you did when you decided to stick your nose into a place where it don't belong, all right? I'm going to get clear of this place, and you're my ticket out of here, so open the door. Oh!

[phone rings]

Jason: Yeah?

Courtney: Jason, it's me! I'm over at --

[Courtney screams]

Jason: Courtney! Courtney!

Jax: Well, congratulations. Tracy's on her way out of town. You're still a Quartermaine. I'd say you've had a very triumphant day so far.

Skye: I'd like to say that I stood on principle up against Tracy, but you know, truth is a little less flattering. I just -- I didn't have it in me to go another round of secrets and lies. It's what cost me you, and I just couldn't do it.

Jax: Well, there's no point in looking at the mistakes that we've both made. So what's next for you?

Skye: I -- I may need someone's shoulder to lean on. Any chance that could be you?

Dillon: Well, that was quick. Where we going this time?

Tracy: I'm going. You're not. You're going to stay here and take your rightful place in this family.

Carly: Sweetheart, come here. Come on. You know that daddy and I love you with all of our hearts. And we will love the new baby when it comes just as much, but not more. There is no "more." Sweetheart, don't you know that you are the most important person in our lives? And there are not words that are big enough to describe how much we love you.

Michael: Might change your mind once the new baby gets here.

Carly: Never. Why would you think that?

Michael: You know that guy on the pier?

Carly: Who, A.J.?

Michael: I guess. He said Daddy stole me. Does that mean Daddy's not my real Dad?

Faith: Sonny, is that you? I can hear you. Answer me. What do you want from me?

Sonny: How you doing, Faith? I heard you have something to tell me.

Faith: I remember something that Ric said.

Sonny: I think you're lying. You just -- you know that your life's going to end soon, so you'll say anything to stay alive, right?

Faith: No. That's why Iím ready to tell you the truth. If it checks out, you're going to let me go, right? That's the -- that's the deal, right?

Sonny: Well, you tell me what you know and Iíll consider my next move. But if you lie to me, I'm going to have to kill you.

Faith: We were having a meeting on the pier. And a yacht went by, and -- its homeport was Marthaís Vineyard. And he mentioned -- he mentioned that his family had a house there. And it meant something to him. You know, he spent summers there, and he talked about how beautiful it was. If he was on the run, that's where he would go.

Ric: No sudden moves, or Iíll blow you away.

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Emily: What if I'm not lucky like you? What if I'm more like my mom?

Elizabeth: Being raped is something you remember.

Carly: Not if you've been drugged.

Faith: Check his apartment. There's a framed picture of a house on Marthaís Vineyard.

Ric: Hand over the gun. Come on.

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