GH Transcript Thursday 4/17/03

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 4/17/03

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“Previously on General Hospital” --

Sonny: It wasn’t sloppy. It was smart.

Ric: It belongs to Jason. His fingerprints are all over it.

Faith: Then why didn't you give it to Taggert?

Ric: When the timing's right.

Driver: There's a lot of traffic, but I know you're in a hurry. I'll get you to the Quartermaines' as soon as possible.

Zander: Caught you.

Emily: Yeah.

Zander: Hey, what's wrong?

Emily: Nothing.

Zander: Emily, you're crying.

Emily: I'm happy. It's a beautiful morning, I'm home in my own bed, and best of all, I spent the entire night next to you. It's a perfect moment, and we don't get many. And the wonder, the sheer luck of it makes me want to cry.

Alice: Morning air is good for the baby. The child and I have a new routine -- we take a brisk walk through the gardens, followed by a fine breakfast bottle. The air and the activity make for a healthy appetite.

Skye: Well, I'm sure it does. Was your father in the military?

Alice: What does that have to do with anything?

Skye: Oh, never mind. No one cares anyway. Oh, Alice, why don't you do me a favor and leave Kristina here with me while you go warm up her bottle, hmm?

Alice: I don't think that would be a good idea.

Skye: Oh, for heaven's sake. You think I'm going to do something to the baby?

Alice: Well, kidnapping comes to mind. It wouldn't be the first time.

Skye: You know, I'm trying to be nice here, but, A, I'm a Quartermaine, B, you are a servant in my father's house, and, C, this child is my cousin and I can spend time with her whenever I want and I don't need your permission, so leave her with me. Is that clear?

Alice: Charming, as usual.

[Skye sighs]

Skye: I suspected the minute I laid eyes on you, but now I have no doubt. You, Kristina Ashton Davis, are one remarkable person. When you grow up and realize what you've done, you -- you've taken all of these people in this crazy house, with all of their mistrust and dislike of each other -- you have inspired so much love in such a short time. I hope that you're patient. Sometimes love isn't perfectly given.

Ned: Especially in this family.

Skye: Oh, Ned, I was just spending a little time with her. I wasn't about to run out the door or anything.

Ned: I can see that.

Skye: She's a wonderful baby, Ned.

Ned: Yeah. I think so.

Edward: Someone call the police! Alan! Monica! This is exactly the problem. They are never around when they're supposed to be.

Emily: All right, Grandfather, this is completely unacceptable. Leave my room right now and then close the door behind you! You have no right barging in here like this!

Edward: I didn't expect to see you in bed with a deviant. Listen to me, young man. I'm going to see you arrested and prosecuted for defiling my granddaughter, and I will watch you as you spend the rest of your worthless life in prison!

Zander: Edward, look, I hate to spoil your theory. Emily's 18. I can't be arrested.

Emily: Ok, will you please go! Go!

Monica: For heaven's sakes. What's going on?

Alan: Father, why are you -- you never stop yelling. What is the matter with you?

Edward: See for yourself.

Alan: Ha, Emily, for God's sake, what is this going on?

Edward: Just go ahead. Just look at it. And it's on both of your heads. How else is this young girl supposed to grow up with the example that you have set? Extramarital philandering, sexual relationships, lawsuits for sexual harassment. You know what you've done? I hope you're pleased with yourself because you have driven this beautiful, innocent, young daughter of yours into bedding a drug-dealing criminal right under your very noses!

Marco: You're not on the guest list.

Coleman: She'll want to see me, man. I'm doing her a favor.

[Knock on door]

Coleman: Call off your dog.

Marco: This clown insisted on seeing you. I'm happy to toss him.

Courtney: No, it's ok. I asked Coleman to check up on something for me. Come in. So I have been thinking about this nonstop since I saw you. Did you find any more proof that Faith sent Fowler to drug Carly?

Coleman: Look, you got bigger fish to fry than worry who slipped a mickey in your sister-in-law's drink, ok?

Courtney: Meaning what?

Coleman: Look, it's no secret I like you. So know this is coming from a true place, but you are in way over your head. And you've got to get out of town before Faith Rosco has you killed.

Elizabeth: Hey.

 Ric: I won't take up any of your time. I know you're busy.

Elizabeth: Oh, I always have time for you.

Ric: No, no, no, no, no, no. Meet me at this address at 5:00.

Elizabeth: Why? What is it? What is it?

Ric: Hmm, patience. Good things come to those who wait.

Elizabeth: All right, then count me in.

Ric: All right. Don't work too hard.

Elizabeth: Ok.

Ric: You're spying on me now, Jason? Or are you just trying to catch a glimpse of Courtney, since that's the only way you can see her now? Well, either way, I don't think Sonny would approve. Well, maybe you don't care what Sonny thinks now, huh? Maybe you're the traitor.

Alan: For crying out loud, father. We're talking about two young adults in bed, not a murder in progress.

Edward: That reprobate murdered your daughter's innocence, and you just shrug it off.

Monica: She is an adult, Edward.

Edward: You know, as parents, you two are beyond hopeless.

Monica: I resent that, you know, especially coming from you.

Skye: Yeah, leave Monica out of it. At least she never sold her children.

Edward: Oh -- I think you two should be arrested along with Zander.

Alan: No one's committed a crime, you senile old bugger!

Edward: We'll let the police sort that out.

A.J.: Why are you calling the police this time?

Ned: He isn’t.

Edward: The hell I'm not!

Ned: No cops. This family has too much to hide as it is, starting with the arson of my gatehouse and ending in a double kidnapping.

Edward: Oh, and speaking of kidnapping --

Zander: Oh, what, that again? Well, at least you're consistent, old man.

Edward: Now, you be quiet, you mutt. You've done enough damage as it is. You, young lady -- you're the one I want to hear from.

Emily: Well, I've got one thing to say, and then the subject is closed. What Zander and I do is our business and no one else’s. 

Maxie: The keg's going to have to go in the yard.

Lucas: Isn't that kind of inconvenient?

Maxie: Yeah, well, it'll have to be. If one person spills a drop of beer on the rug, my mom's going to smell it all the way from Texas.

[Door opens]

Georgie: Hey, guys.

Lucas: Georgie.

Maxie: What are you doing here?

Georgie: Hello, I live here, remember?

Maxie: Yeah, well, you're supposed to be spending the night at Kim’s.

Georgie: Ah, well, Kim got sick, which is too bad for her, but it works for us.

Maxie: "Us"?

Georgie: Yeah, yeah. I can help you guys with the party.

Maxie: No, thanks. Look, you need to find a place to stay, ok? So how about Donna’s?

Georgie: Wait a minute. Are you telling me I can't come to the party in my own house?

Courtney: I realize I asked for your help, but I didn't expect you to come here with a warning for me to leave town.

Coleman: Yeah, well, I'm giving you the best shot I got.

Courtney: Based on what, exactly?

Coleman: All right, I'm going to come clean on something. At one point, I took a job with Faith.

Courtney: And that's supposed to make me trust you?

Coleman: Look, I'm telling you now. Now, do you want to hear this or not?

Courtney: Go on.

Coleman: Ok. When Faith had you grabbed by those guys and taken to that cabin?

Courtney: You mean when she had me kidnapped?

Coleman: I was the one that called Jason and pointed him in your direction. Then I called --

Courtney: God, you double-crossing pig! Do you know that I was afraid for my life, Coleman?

Coleman: And I'm truly sorry for that, ok? It seemed harmless at the time. I know they weren't going to hurt you, and, hey, honestly, I had no problem making trouble for Jason. Ok? Remember, he laid into me with a pool cue? Look, believe it or not, there are lines I don't cross, and cold-blooded murder is one of them.

Courtney: Do you believe that Faith killed Fowler?

Coleman: I wouldn't be surprised. She's whacked enough. And it sure as hell shut him up. I mean, he won't be blabbing to Jason about who hired to drug Carly's drink.

Courtney: But the police said that he was bludgeoned to death.

Coleman: Don't you think that Faith is capable of sneaking up behind some guy and beating him to death? I've known a lot of scary broads in my time, ok? But this chick is lethal. And she has a major hate on for you. She's going to come after you again. So I'm begging you, do yourself a favor. Find somewhere where you can start over and go there. You are too pretty to be a corpse.

Jason: You think you know how Sonny thinks now?

Ric: Well, better than you, apparently. Oh, come on, Jason. You can admit it. It's just you and me here. You've been threatened by me for months now. And you've done everything you could to try to get rid of me, but you haven't been able to do it. You poisoned Sonny against me. I'm still his lawyer. Look, I'm good for Sonny, and he's smart enough to know that.

Jason: Yeah --

Ric: And nobody can ever accuse you of vast intellect.

Jason: Yeah, you know, I'll remember that when Sonny gives me the word to make you go away permanently and you're gasping for the last breath.

Ric: No, no, I think the issue here is you doubting Sonny's judgment. You know what? Maybe you're the one who's causing dissension in the ranks, huh? Oh! Ugh! Oh --

Jason: Don't ever question my loyalty to Sonny.

Ric: Oh, you know what, Jason? You keep acting out this way and they are going to think that you really did bludgeon Fowler to death. Don't forget, you're only as good as your alibi, and that's me. So you better start showing me a little bit of respect and hell of a lot of appreciation.

Elizabeth: What were you doing to Ric?

Jason: You ever ask yourself why Ric is so interested in Sonny? Do you ever ask him? I bet you never got a straight answer. This guy's hiding something, Elizabeth. It's bad. Don't get caught in the middle.

Elizabeth: You know, I don't believe you. In fact, I don't believe anything you say. 

Emily: I've been living away from home for a while, I make my own choices now, and I expect all of you to respect my privacy.

Monica: Well, to be honest with you, Emily, finding you in bed with somebody in this house is, to say the least, disconcerting.

Emily: Hey, there's a simple solution, Mom. Knock on my door before you come barreling in. If grandfather had given me that courtesy, I would have told him that I had a guest.

Edward: Zander is not a guest, my dear. He is a serial delinquent who should have been put behind bars a long time ago!

Zander: What, because I'm a kidnapper? So are most of you.

A.J.: Hey, take it easy. You're treading on thin ice.

Zander: Yeah, this from the arsonist?

Skye: You know, excuse me. I hate to interrupt, especially when your best insults are coming out at the moment, but do we really have to do this in front of the baby?

Edward: Why didn't you tell me that Kristina was here?

Ned: Well, maybe we thought the pram with the moving bundle inside would be a clue.

Alan: You know what? Skye's right. No innocent child should be subjected to this.

Skye: Well, maybe I'll take her to have her bottle, if that's ok, Ned.

Ned: Yeah, thank you. Here we go. Oh, yes, you sweet little girl. There you go.

Skye: Oh --

Ned: The bottle's right in there, Skye.

Edward: This is the newest little Quartermaine!

Alan: You are the cutest little baby.

Monica: She's the prettiest little girl in the world.

A.J.: How sweet she is. Yes.

Skye: Hi.

Edward: Now, you listen to me, young lady. And, you, too, you hooligan. There will be no fornicating in this house. And I'm going to make sure that it never happens again.

[Doorbell rings]

Edward: Reginald, call the police.

Reginald: Door.

Edward: Reginald, don't just stand there. Tell whoever it is to go away.

Tracy: Oh, Daddy, surely you don't mean that. Isn't someone going to welcome me home?

Georgie: You know what? This is just as much my party as it is either one of yours.

Maxie: No, it's not, Georgie, ok? It's our party --

Lucas: Everybody we invited, Georgie, is older than you. You know, you're not going to have anyone to talk to. You're going to end up feeling left out. Why even go there?

Georgie: You guys need to get over ourselves, ok? I didn't want to go to your lame party anyway.

Maxie: Then why are you making it such a big deal?

Georgie: Because I asked a date.

Maxie: Yeah, right. Who's the lucky guy? Ben Affleck? Leonardo Dicaprio?

Georgie: Just this guy I met.

Maxie: Where?

Georgie: The cyber café near P.C.U.

Maxie: Great. That's perfect. You can go on your little date. I hear that there's a new Disney movie out.

Georgie: You know what, Maxie? Drop dead.

Maxie: How lame was that? There's no guy. You realize that, don't you?

Lucas: Yes. I just wish you could have been a little nicer to her, that's all. I mean, why stomp all over her feelings? She's just a kid.

 [Ric sighs]

[Knock on door]

Elizabeth: Surprise.

Ric: Yeah. You're a few hours early.

Elizabeth: What'd you expect? You know how curious I get. Can I come in?

Ric: Well, I wanted you to see the finished product, but, yeah, of course. Come on.

Elizabeth: Wow.

Ric: Yeah? What do you think?

Elizabeth: I think it's -- I think it's fabulous. I love it. When did you have the time to find yourself an apartment, much less furnish it?

Ric: Ah, multitasking, you know. And I had all the furniture in storage.

Elizabeth: Oh. So, this is what you're like, all the things that make you feel comfortable.

Ric: Yeah, I guess so.

Elizabeth: Somewhere in this apartment lies the key to the real Ric Lansing.

Ric: Wow. What's that supposed to mean?

Elizabeth: I'm not sure. All I know is there is still so much I don't know about you. Maybe I'll find the answers here.

[Courtney tries doorknob]

Bellhop: Locked out? Sorry. Didn't mean to scare you.

Courtney: My sister and I -- we must have got our wires crossed again, and I was supposed to meet Faith in her room, but she probably just got delayed. She's always late. I'm the on-time one.

Bellhop: Well, I think I can help.

Courtney: Thanks.

Jason: Shh, shh, shh. It's ok, it's ok. Ok, take it easy. What are you doing here?

Courtney: We must have had the same thought. You're looking for the murder weapon, too, right?

Jason: Are you out of your mind? You have to get out of here!

Courtney: Just wait. Listen, I was talking to Coleman, and he was telling me --

Jason: Why are you talking -- why are you talking to Coleman?

Courtney: He was getting me some information. Anyway, he told me that he thinks that Faith killed Fowler and that's she psycho enough to have kept the murder weapon in here. Maybe it's in this room. Jason, if we find it --

Jason: There's no we, Courtney.

[Key turns in lock]

Faith: Hello. Yes, this is Faith Rosco. Would you send up the salad special, please? I'm so hungry I could eat a small child.

Ric: Well, I have absolutely nothing to hide. You can ask me anything you want.

Elizabeth: Don't forget you said that.

Ric: Ok, fire away.

Elizabeth: All right. Did you have all this stuff in New York?

Ric: Yeah. My father closed up the apartment in Manhattan when I left the country to go work for Alcazar.

Elizabeth: Oh, so your dad's alive?

Ric: Yes, very much so.

Elizabeth: Oh. What about your mom?

Ric: She's -- she's dead.

Elizabeth: I'm sorry.

Ric: No, it's ok. It happened a long time ago.

Elizabeth: Are you an only child?

Ric: Yes, definitely.

Elizabeth: What's that picture of?

Ric: Where?

Elizabeth: This one.

Ric: Oh, that. That is -- that is my family's place on the vineyard.

Elizabeth: Oh.

Ric: I spent a lot of great summers there.

Elizabeth: It's beautiful. It looks very peaceful.

Ric: Yeah. I'll take you there sometime.

Elizabeth: Do you mean it?

Ric: Oh, sure. I mean, if you want to go.

Elizabeth: I would like that a lot. It'd be nice to see you in a place where you have history, because then maybe I -- maybe I'd feel like I --

Ric: Maybe you'd what? Say it.

Elizabeth: Well, maybe I'd feel like I really know you instead of just the parts you want to show me.

Ric: You know me a lot better than anybody has in a very long time.

Elizabeth: It doesn't always feel like that from my end.

Ric: You know my deepest, darkest secret.

Elizabeth: What's that?

Ric: That I'm not a very nice person sometimes --

Elizabeth: Oh --

Ric: And I can stoop pretty low. Listen to me -- not with you. You're in my heart. Ok? In a place all your own. It has nothing to do with anything but you and me. I want to keep you here.

Elizabeth: That's good, because I'd like to stay.

Bobbie: Hey. Well, look at you.

Georgie: Hi.

Bobbie: Hi. You going someplace special?

Georgie: Yeah. I was going to go to this party -- but it didn't work out.

Bobbie: Probably just as well.

Georgie: Why do you say that?

Bobbie: Well, because you're a little young to be out partying alone. And with your mother out of town, it's probably even less of a good idea.

Georgie: Oh, look, I'm only two years younger than Lucas and Maxie, and I haven't worn a diaper in years. So why does everyone keep treating me like a kid?

Bobbie: Look, I realize that this is one of those things that adults say that's going to sound like another language, but you're going to be grown for an awfully long time.

Georgie: I don't know what that means.

Bobbie: And you won't until you're grown.

[Bobbie chuckles]

Bobbie: But, you see, life is a cycle. Anyway, I apologize if I was making it sound like I think you're still a kid because, actually, I think you are a lot more mature than your sister and Lucas. And you are certainly more responsible.

Georgie: But I don't want to be responsible anymore. It's boring. I'm tired of being the goody-good little sister with her head caught in a book. Boys don't notice girls like that. Ask me. I know.

Elizabeth: That's good, because I'd like to stay.

Edward: Why you? Why now? I warned you never to darken my door again.

Tracy: Daddy, that was ages ago, and I suddenly realized that it has been such a long time since we've all been in the same room together.

Alan: Oddly enough, it seems only like yesterday.

Tracy: Oddly enough, I really miss you, and look who I brought with me. Come on, sweetheart, don't hang by the door. Come in and get acquainted with your family. I'm sure you'll recognize everybody. This is your grandfather Edward, the family patriarch.

Edward: Hello.

Tracy: The one permanently standing in his shadow is your uncle Alan. Come with me. This is your auntie Monica. Sweetheart, you ought to think about updating the hairdo. And your cousin A.J., the little black sheep of the family. Are you still living at home? Hmm. Let's see. Let me guess. You're that little orphan child that Alan and Monica adopted, am I right? Is it Emily? How good to see you standing, sweetheart. Last I heard you were in a wheelchair. Him, I have no idea who he is. He's probably a gardener. The servants around here get way too much latitude. Daddy and I agree on that. Now, I have saved the very best for the very last. This is your older brother Ned, my firstborn, who can't help but love me in spite of himself.

Ned: Don't be so sure. Dillon, I feel like I should say nice to meet you.

Dillon: You, too. All of you.

Ned: You probably couldn't tell when you walked in, but we were kind of in the middle of something.

[Tracy gasps]

Tracy: A family conflagration? What fun!

Ned: Yes, it's true. Our mother would probably enjoy it, but I don't think you would. You'd probably be bored to tears. Do you have a driver's license?

Dillon: Sure.

Ned: Ok. My car is the black Mercedes in the driveway. I want you to take it out and go for a spin and check out the city of Port Charles.

Tracy: Ned, wait a minute. You are not going to send him out the moment we walk in the door.

Dillon: Mom, Mom, it's ok. A drive sounds good. You guys go on with whatever.

Edward: Now, you listen to me. The minute that kid gets back, you are going to go out and you are going to go back to wherever you've been all these years.

Tracy: Wait a minute. Who's this? I've got it. This must be Alan’s other little --

Skye: My name is Skye. I'm Alan’s oldest daughter. You must be Aunt Tracy. I am surprised, though. You look so much younger in your pictures.

Tracy: Who is your mother again? Don't tell me. It's all coming back to me now. That trailer trash that daddy tried to get Alan to stop seeing. And what was her name? Oh, yes, a fairy tale name -- Gretel. Gretel Rae Cornpone? Cow patty?

Alan: It's Gretel Rae Cummings, and you know it!

Tracy: What are you getting so upset about? I can't be expected to remember the name of every tart you ever slept with.

Skye: I'd advise you to watch your mouth, lady.

Tracy: Ha-ha-ha! Really? Or what?

Ned: Mother, that is enough. Zander, listen to me. This is a family situation. It's probably a good time for you to leave.

Zander: All right.

Edward: And don't come back.

Tracy: Ooh, it's really refreshing to hear you say that somebody other than your only daughter. Who was that, anyway?

Emily: My boyfriend.

Tracy: Wow.

Emily: Not that it's any of your business.

Tracy: Whew. My family does the courtesy of adopting you, and the least you can do is be polite.

Monica: Emily, why don't you run upstairs and let us catch up with Tracy, ok? You watch it. Or you'll be the one with different hair because I personally will rip out every single one of those dyed roots if you ever talk to my daughter that way again.

A.J.: How does it feel? You've been in this house less than 10 minutes, and that's all it takes for everyone to remember why they never wanted to see you again.

Tracy: One of the sad ironies of life, A.J., is that you don't get to pick your family. I'm a Quartermaine, and I need help. And I'm not leaving until I get it.

[Knock on door]

Emily: Who is it?

Monica: It's me.

Emily: Come in.

Monica: Better?

Emily: Yeah. Any chance you could teach that trick to the others?

Monica: I doubt it, but I'll try.

Emily: All right, now what, Mom? The kinder, gentler version of the lecture Tracy interrupted? Please don't, ok? We'll only get into a fight. I make my own choices now, and that includes who I'm with.

Monica: Whoo! That was fast.

Emily: What?

Monica: You growing up. Honey, I'm -- I'm not trying to keep you a child. I'm just concerned. You know, Zander hit some pretty steep lows while you were gone. He acted out in violence. He was back into drugs.

Emily: Hey, wrong choices. I've made plenty of those myself. Maybe that's why I like Zander so much. I don't have to be perfect around him. He likes me just the way I am.

Monica: And I'm not saying there isn't good in Zander. I believe there is, and I've seen it. I'm just saying you don't -- you don't have to rush into anything.

Emily: You know, I don't agree. Zander and I lost a lot of time that we can never get back.

Monica: And now you have the rest of your life to be with him, if that's what you want. Honey, all I'm saying is that you have time now to slow down and give yourself room to make choices that you know you're going to want to keep for the rest of your life. That's all. But, you know, that isn't really important. What is important right now is that you're just home and you're safe and I love you.

Ric: I have a confession to make.

Elizabeth: So that's the secret? Get you when you're weak?

Ric: Oh, hey. I'm not as tired as you seem to think I am.

Elizabeth: Promises, promises.

Ric: Oh, come on.

Elizabeth: All right. What's the confession?

Ric: When I picked this place, I had you in mind.

Elizabeth: Really?

Ric: Mm-hmm.

Elizabeth: Well, I like being here with you. But why did you move above Kelly’s when you obviously can afford something better?

Ric: Well, I like being centrally located, you know? You know, I could get the lay of the land, see what the town's like, meet people. Hey, look, it worked. I met you, right?

Elizabeth: Ok.

Ric: Hmm?

Elizabeth: Do you see how it's a little scary that everything you do has two purposes?

Ric: Oh.

Elizabeth: The one you can see, moving into Kelly’s, and then the underneath one, a way to network?

Ric: Right, right. Well, good, I'm glad, because I did have an ulterior motive for bringing you here.

Elizabeth: Oh, and we were doing so well.

Ric: No, no, no, no. Look -- hey, hey, hey. Why don't you look around. Tell me, what don't you see here?

Elizabeth: I don't know where you're going with this.

Ric: No, no, no. On the walls, on the walls. Artwork, paintings, ok? I need your expertise.

Elizabeth: Oh. Yeah, I could help you out pick out some things.

Ric: Oh, good, good. We can go by a couple of galleries, but I want to leave some space for the larger works, ok?

Elizabeth: Ok. And any artist in particular?

Ric: Mm-hmm. You.

Elizabeth: Oh.

[Elizabeth and Ric laugh]

Ric: All right?

Elizabeth: Are you serious?

Ric: Yeah, absolutely. Well, I mean, enough to pay fair market value, but don't get crazy.

Elizabeth: Oh, no. Are you kidding?

Ric: No, no, no --

Elizabeth: I would never make you pay for one of my paintings. That's silly.

Ric: Hey, hey, hey, I insist on the transaction, ok? Consider it your first lesson into taking yourself seriously as an artist the way I do.

Elizabeth: The way you support me and just believe in me -- are you for real?

Ric: When it comes to you, absolutely.

[Knock on door. Door opens]

Faith: Lieutenant Taggert.

Taggert: You sound disappointed.

Faith: Well, I was expecting room service. What do you want?

Taggert: Oh, I'm just, you know, following up on that murder investigation, your boy Fowler.

Faith: Well, I've already told you people everything I know.

Taggert: Right, right. You said you seemed pretty certain that Jason Morgan was the killer. You got any proof to back that up?

Faith: Isn't that your job?

Taggert: Well, you see, that's the problem. You see, Jason has an alibi -- Ric Lansing. Not that I buy that for a second, but it would make proving he was the killer a lot easier if you cooperated with the investigation. It also might increase your chances of living.

Faith: What makes you think I'm in danger?

Taggert: Don't you get it? Jason Morgan is a killing machine. He doesn't know fear, mercy, or compassion. You see, the lights -- they may seem on, but nobody's been home for a very long time. That's who you've got mad at you -- a flat-eyed hit man. The only person I've ever met that's scarier is yourself.

[Faith laughs]

Faith: Are you done? I hope so, because I'm getting bored.

Taggert: Cooperate, Ms. Rosco. It's the only chance you got.

[Door closes]

Maxie: You organized a surprise birthday party for your boyfriend.

[Maxie and Lucas laugh]

Maxie: Oh, my God, that is so funny! Yeah! Oh, wait, wait, wait.

Georgie: No! Ok, I realize this is really, really strange, but I need a really big favor.

Dillon: What –

Edward: I don't care what kind of trouble you've gotten yourself in. You can get yourself out again without depending on the family that you have betrayed and robbed and trampled on ceaselessly over the years for help!

Tracy: Daddy, what's gotten into you? I can't believe you would talk to me this way.

Edward: I haven't even started. Do you remember the thanksgiving when you sent that band of pirates to rob us blind?

Tracy: That was a joke.

Alan: The joke's on you if you think you can stroll in here anytime you want and resume your place in this family.

Tracy: All right, fine. Nobody cares about me. What else is new? But what about Dillon? He is as much a member of this family as anybody, and certainly more than some. Doesn't he count?

Edward: You are shameless as ever, hiding behind your little boy. Now, just go on outside and wait for him out there.

Tracy: I'm not leaving till I see mother.

Edward: Oh, no, no, no. You're not getting anywhere near your poor dear mother, you viper!

Lila: Oh, Edward, shut up!

Tracy: Hello, Mother.

Lila: Oh, Tracy, my dear. It's been far too long.

Tracy: I know. I'm sorry. I should have kept in touch.

Lila: So, what brings you home now, darling?

Tracy: I'm in trouble, Mama, and I don't have anyplace to go. Please don't let daddy kick me out again. Please let me stay.

Zander: What are you doing?

[Phone rings]

Ric: Lansing.

Faith: I have to see you right away. This plan of yours isn't going to work.

Ric: This is a bad time.

Faith: Tell me about it. Taggert was just here. He pretty much confirmed that Morgan is on his way to kill me and there's no way to stop him.

Ric: I said I'd handle Morgan, and I will. Everything's going according to plan. Just sit tight, and whatever you do, don't panic.

Faith: No guarantees. If I have to kill Jason now, I will.


Ric: I have to go. Try not to call me again.

Faith: Well, you know I'm not a patient woman. If you don't want me to take action, you better do it yourself, and I mean soon.

Ric and Elizabeth: Hey.

Elizabeth: I was getting the champagne and then I remembered that I have to be someplace. If I miss another class, I'm going to fail.

Ric: How much did you hear?

Faith: Fine. I'll try to wait. But I reserve the right to protect myself if I have to. Aah... aah...

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Lucas: You got a name?

Dillon: Dillon Quartermaine.

Ned: I think about you every day, Mother, when I thank God that you're no longer in my life.

Zander: Trust me enough to tell me what you're on.

Elizabeth: Who are you working with?

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