GH Transcript Tuesday 4/15/03

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 4/15/03

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Emily: I can return Kristina to the Quartermaines, and this whole mess will be over.

Luke: What have you done with her?

Nikolas: I had her transferred to another hospital.

Summer: Nikolas claims that he knows nothing about my brother.

Lucky: You think he's lying?

Jason: I know you're trying to do the right thing.

Courtney: We have to stay apart, at least until Sonny gets better.

Cameron: Your brother took his own life. He committed suicide.

Sonny: Ric is Faith's silent partner.

Carly: So, how are you holding up?

Courtney: Well, I -- I already cleaned the loft two times today.

Carly: Want to come to my place?

Courtney: And I've practiced my kickboxing till my legs were sore. Managed not to call Jason. Although I did give in to temptation and I walked by the coffee warehouse, but he wasn't there.

Carly: Hmm.

Courtney: So, is Sonny -- is he feeling better?

Carly: Well, he slept through the night, which is good. No bad dreams. He's very, very tired, but -- he almost didn't get out of bed, but he did. He did.

Courtney: So I did the right thing.

Carly: It helps Sonny to think that you're safe. All right, let's be honest -- it helps him to get his own way because then he feels like he is in control of things, right? But it's really what he needs right now. So -- oh, this is killing you.

Courtney: You have no idea.

Man: Mr. Spencer. I'm Dr. Pinter. I'm overseeing Ms. Spencer's care. Mr. Cassadine called to let us know that you were coming and to allow you to see Laura. I just wanted to -- to make sure that you are aware of her present condition.

Luke: Well, believe me, I don't want to upset her in any way. I just -- I just want to see her.

Dr. Pinter: I don't think that'll be a problem at this time.

Nikolas: Of course you haven't seen Lucky and Summer. They're not going to walk to the front door and knock. But they will show up. Now, you just listen to me -- you follow my orders and let me know when it's done.

Lucky: How are you liking Wyndemere so far? Can't beat it for the ambiance, right?

Summer: Do you always enter this place through hidden tunnels?

Lucky: Only when I'm thirsty. Over here.

Summer: How do you know all this?

Lucky: I spent a lot of time here.

Summer: Don't tell me you know the combination.

Lucky: No. Why let a little thing like this stop us now?

Zander: Poor kid. Little does she know she's on her way to your family.

Emily: Zander, Kristinaís going to be all right. And at least Alexis and your dad won't be sent to jail for taking her.

Zander: She's a cutie.

Emily: Yeah. I love babies.

Zander: You're going to be a good mama. This could be us, you know. You, me, little munchkin.

[Emily chuckles]

Zander: Heading to our relatives. Yeah, ok, maybe not that, but -- driving, nonetheless.

Emily: Didn't turn out that way, Zander.

Zander: Yet. It's an important distinction. We got the rest of our lives ahead of us. We can do anything we want.


[baby coos]

Emily: Oh, great.

Zander: Oh, yeah, that's exactly what we need -- getting pulled over with a kidnapped baby.

Ric: Can't just walk in on somebody when they're trying to get dressed, unless you mean business.

Elizabeth: Hey, listen, I know you're on your way out, but maybe if you want to come over to my studio later, I can make you dinner.

Ric: I'm really tempted --

Elizabeth: But you have to work, don't you?

Ric: Yes. That's why I came back here. I had to change out of my suit.

Elizabeth: Ok. Yeah, I was going to say, this isn't your usual lawyer look.

Ric: The rest of my day is a little bit more informal.

Elizabeth: Hmm.

Ric: Listen -- why don't you just wait up for me at your studio later, ok?

Elizabeth: Maybe.

Ric: Definitely.

Elizabeth: Bye.

Ric: Bye.

Faith: I haven't decided yet.

Elizabeth: I don't care what you want to eat. What do you want with Ric?

[door opens]

Jason: Sonny. Sonny.

Sonny: Michael made me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich before Leticia took him to Bobbieís. He wants me to feel better.

Jason: Maybe you should try eating some.

Sonny: What about Lansing? This is a fake line.

Jason: Just left Kellyís. Faith was there, but they didn't speak.

Sonny: It's too late for him to cover. I know he's -- he's her silent partner. I should've seen it sooner, but it's easier to think clearly now, you know? We're not fighting over Courtney.

Emily: We were so close. Another few miles, and we would have gotten Kristina home.

Zander: It's all right. Just be cool.

Officer: May I see your driver's license?

Zander: Yes, Ma'am. Did I do something wrong, officer?

Officer: Got a busted taillight.

Zander: I'm sorry. I didn't know.

Officer: You two have quite a cutie back there.

Zander: Thank you. That's our little girl.

Emily: Yeah, we're -- we're trying to get her to fall asleep, and a ride in the car usually does it.

Officer: Yeah, mine were the same way. How old?

Emily: Um --

Zander: 5 months.

Officer: Now, that's when they start to really get their personalities.

[Emily chuckles]

Officer: I'll be right back.

Zander: All right.

Emily: I don't know how old the baby is.

Zander: Hey, it's fine. You did great. The part about the car ride was fine.

Officer: Step out of the vehicle with your hands in the air.

Elizabeth: I saw you and Ric at the pier. You were practically undressing him with your eyes.

Faith: Trust me -- I went all the way.

Elizabeth: Then why did you just act as if you don't even know him?

Faith: Well, I don't have to explain myself to you. But I will say that Ric is a very attractive man who has come into a lot of power now that he's working for Sonny. And I find that stimulating.

Elizabeth: Hmm. I think you'd find it dangerous, given how Sonny feels about you.

Faith: Well, actually, it makes Ric look even better. See, there's nothing like the white knight who really isnít.

Elizabeth: What does that mean?

Faith: That means you're out of your league. You may be sleeping with him, baby cakes, but you don't know him.

Elizabeth: Oh. And you do?

Faith: Well, I know the type. I know how to get close. I know when to do it. And I know that all you see in Ric is Jason Morgan with better clothes, maybe a better future. Yeah. See, both men play in the same rough world. Well, so do I. And fluff like you always gets blown away eventually. Kind of like Sonny's baby sister, goldilocks.

Courtney: Moving back in here was probably a bad idea. It just makes me miss Jason more. Everything I look at here, it reminds me of him. Like this. I used -- I used to wrap myself up in this blanket. And I would lay my head on his chest and he would read to me. His laundry, his stuff is still in the medicine cabinet.

Carly: The separation doesn't have to last forever.

Courtney: Yeah. That's what I told Jason -- that we only have to stay apart until Sonny starts thinking straight again. But if Sonny keeps -- keeps getting better, then what? Jason and I get back together and this whole thing starts over again?

Carly: You know, there were so many times when I thought that me and Sonny were going to be over, but, sweetie --

Courtney: It's different, though, Carly. Every time that you and Sonny broke up, it was because you felt angry or -- or betrayed or misunderstood. All Jason and I feel is love. But we love Sonny, too. And you and Michael and the baby. I don't know. Maybe there just is no right answer.

Carly: I think it's just going to take a little bit of time, you know?

Courtney: I just -- I don't even know if I can get through the next few hours -- knowing that he's not going to come through that door again. I can't even pick up the phone to call him. Knowing when I go to sleep tonight, he's not going to be holding me. I knew this was going to hurt. I just didn't know how much.

Sonny: Carly told me you and Courtney broke up. It's better this way.

Jason: Sonny, I just -- I don't -- I don't want to talk about Courtney. Now that we know Lansing is working with Faith, I can remove him.

Sonny: No, not until I know what he's after.

Jason: What? Sonny -- hey, hey, hey, listen.

Sonny: What?

Jason: Ric doesn't do anything that makes any sense. He obviously wants me out of the way, so why didn't he just shoot me at the pier? Maybe he tried, hit Faith by mistake. The only person I know for sure that he wants alive is you. I mean, there's something he needs from you.

[phone rings]

Jason: Yeah.

Fowler: It's Fowler. You remember me -- the guy who didn't press charges?

Jason: What do you want?

Fowler: I know who Faith's working with.

Jason: I'm listening.

Fowler: Not over the phone. Meet me in the alley behind the old packaging plant on Front Street.

Jason: When?

Fowler: Now.

Jason: All right.

Fowler: I'll be waiting.

Summer: All right, Lucky, secret passages --

Lucky: Uh-huh.

Summer: Safecracking -- I'm seeing all kinds of new sides to you. What do you hear when you're listening --

Lucky: I can't hear anything if you keep talking. You know what? Why don't you just come here? Just stand here. Press your ear right here. I've already got the first two numbers.

Summer: Yeah, I know. You went 29 to the right, then you went around two to the left to 15.

Lucky: I didn't think you were paying attention. Now, just listen.

Summer: Ok, but what am I listening for?

Lucky: Well, you are listening for a new sound, something completely different.

[safe clicks]

Summer: There. Right there. Something fell.

Lucky: All right, try the handle. You just cracked your first safe.

Summer: I can get used to this.

Lucky: All right, let's start going through this stuff and let's see if there's anything that connects Nikolas to your brother.

Summer: Ok. You know, this probably isn't the only safe in the house, though.

Lucky: It's not, but we got to start somewhere.

Summer: Lucky?

Lucky: Yeah?

Summer: It's him. It's Matt. It's -- it's Matt. I mean, he's a little bit older than when I last saw him, but -- who knows where these were even taken?

Lucky: I do. It's a terrace -- the main house on the Cassadine Island in Greece.

Summer: My brother knows the Cassadines?

Lucky: No, it's a private island. They own the whole thing, which makes it convenient to hold people prisoner. It's almost impossible to escape from.

Summer: Do you think that Nikolas could be holding my brother prisoner?

Lucky: Who knows? Nikolas either knows your brother or he did when this picture was taken. If he lied about that, he could've lied even more.

Dr. Pinter: Mr. Spencer?

Luke: She wasn't -- she wasn't anything. She didn't recognize me. I don't even know if she knew I was there. She's empty, like a doll.

Dr. Pinter: Catatonia is extremely distressing to witness --

Luke: I thought when she first disappeared inside herself if I gave her enough time, if I waited long enough, she would have some kind of reaction, some kind of feeling. But she's -- she's empty.

Dr. Pinter: There -- there was a brief period of time shortly after your wife was transferred here where she had an unexplained window of near lucidity. And --

Luke: What do you mean? What do you mean, "window"?

Dr. Pinter: She said your name.

Luke: Why didn't anyone tell me?

Dr. Pinter: Mr. Cassadine wouldn't allow it.

Fowler: I'm taking a big risk meeting you.

Jason: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Get to the point. Who's Faith working with?

Fowler: First I want cash. Sonny's been fishing for this name for a long time, and so far he's got nothing. It's worth something.

Jason: If it's the truth. Did you take pictures of Jax and Faith?

Fowler: Yeah. Lansing asked me to. And if Faith ever finds out, my head's on the --

Jason: You'll get your money when I hear a name.

[Jason groans]

Carly: Are you sure you want to work tonight?

Courtney: What else am I going to do? Sit around the loft with a guard outside my door, thinking about Jason until I cry myself to sleep? No, I -- I need to feel like I have some control over my life.

Elizabeth: Wait. What are you doing here?

Courtney: Working. Sorry I'm late.

Elizabeth: Nobody expected you here, so maybe Bobbie should just leave you off the schedule.

Courtney: Ok, maybe Ric maneuvered me out of hostessing at The Cellar, but nobody's going to push me out of this job.

Carly: Courtney, why didn't you tell me that Ric pushed you out? It is my club, and there's no way that bastard's taking away your job.

Courtney: Ok, Carly, the best part about that job was working with you and being able to see Jason. You're hardly there anymore, and it's too hard to be around Jason. So I -- I don't know. It's just not worth making a situation between you and Ric worse.

Carly: I hate him, and I would tell Sonny right now about him if I thought that he was strong enough to handle it.

[door opens]

Courtney: Hey.

Carly: Wait. What are you doing here, Max?

Max: Sonny sent me over here, all right? Sonny wants me to take you back to the loft.

Courtney: I just started my shift.

Max: He doesn't want you working.

Courtney: God, when is it enough for him? Are you sure that he wants you to take me back to the loft and not to the airport? Or how about a train station? Or maybe he wanted you to drive me to some mythical town in Kansas where he thinks that I'll be safe. While you're at it, did Sonny order you to change my name, give me a whole new life?

Carly: Courtney, come on --

Courtney: No, really, I just gave up the only man that I'm ever going to love. What else do I have to give up to make my big brother happy?

Mac: Yeah, that's right. They're on their way in. Ok, I'll let you know.

Edward: Hey. Where's my great-granddaughter?

Mac: Calm down, Edward. The baby's fine. She's being brought in with Emily and Zander. Excuse me.

Monica: I cannot believe Emily had anything to do with Kristinaís disappearance.

Alan: I don't want to believe it, either, but it's a hell of a coincidence -- Emily coming home the day that Kristina disappears.

Edward: Now, listen to me. Emily fell prey to that deviant. Don't forget his father is Alexis' psychiatrist. And I believe that the three of them joined together and cooked this whole thing up and roped little -- hey, hey, hey! They're the kidnappers! Arrest them!

Alexis: Where's Kristina?

Monica: She's not here yet.

Alan: How did you hear?

Ned: Well, the police called, and we were all together.

Alexis: Did anyone tell you if she was all right?

Edward: You know if she's all right. She's been with you the whole time.

Alan: Why on earth did you pull Emily into this?

Cameron: A cold-blooded plot to take a child? Surely nobody in this room's capable of such an atrocity.

Scott: Well, good, you're all here. Bring them in.

Edward: Oh, my God.

Ned: Kristina --

Monica: Get the handcuffs off Emily.

Scott: Take hers off, leave his on.

Officer: She's sound asleep. She's all right.

Ned: She's fine.

Scott: So, Emily, tell me, how did your kidnapped cousin end up in your boyfriend's car?

Jason: Fowler? Damn it.

Elizabeth: You know, if you want to leave, it's fine by me.

Courtney: I just got here.

Elizabeth: Obviously your brother doesn't want you here.

Courtney: Ok, I was having a personal conversation that had nothing to do with you.

Elizabeth: I was just trying to do you a favor.

Courtney: Ok, then why don't you drop the subject and let me finish my shift?

Carly: Ok, Courtney, come on. Sit down. Sorry about that. Just -- just sit. Just take -- take a deep breath, ok?

Courtney: I'm sorry. God. I'm the one who made the sacrifice to give up Jason, and now I'm taking it out on everyone else. I'm starting to act like Sonny.

Carly: Sonny's going to get better. All right, he will get stronger, and it's not going to be because you broke up with Jason. And when he does get better, it's going to be just because it's the right time. And then maybe he'll be able to handle you and Jason. Maybe everything will be ok.

Courtney: I hope so.

Carly: Yeah.

Courtney: Sonny is lucky to have you.

Carly: It's so strange, Courtney. I have never felt closer to Sonny than I do right now. It's the most difficult times that teach you how to really love someone. And it teaches you what love is all about.

Luke: She asked for me, and no one even bothered to call me?

Dr. Pinter: Well, she said your name. There was no way --

Luke: How many times? Do you even know? How many hours did she spend in that room where no one can hear her? If she said my name once, maybe she asked for me every day, for all you know.

Dr. Pinter: Laura was minimally responsive for a short time, maybe a day at the most. We called Mr. Cassadine, and he came as soon as we notified him.

Luke: He was here?

Dr. Pinter: She -- Laura held his hand. She made eye contact. But the only thing she said was your name.

Luke: And you didn't let me know. How can you do that? Doctor, I could've helped. Maybe I could've held on to her. Maybe I could've kept her from slipping away. My wife asked for me, and you don't even let me know?

Dr. Pinter: Laura's records indicate that the last encounter she had with you was entirely negative and a contributing factor to her present state. Now, while I chose to interpret her saying your name as a request to see you, an equally valid argument could be made that she was expressing her fear of you.

Luke: Her fear, huh? Did she seem afraid?

Dr. Pinter: Well, while Laura didn't appear agitated, she wasn't lucid long enough to make a definitive diagnosis. It was a judgment call, and Mr. Cassadine chose to follow an alternative opinion.

Luke: Yes, but you're the doctor. You could've overruled.

Dr. Pinter: He's Lauraís legal guardian. He asked us not to call you because he feared that it might cause her another setback.

Luke: Setback? How much further set back can she be than what I just saw in there?

Dr. Pinter: I am sorry.

Luke: So, what's her prognosis?

Dr. Pinter: I don't want to give you any false hope, Mr. Spencer.

Luke: Just give me the truth.

Dr. Pinter: Her condition appears to be permanent.

Luke: You mean -- you mean she's going to be like that the rest of her life?

Dr. Pinter: Almost certain.

Luke: No. No. No, the doctors in London said the same thing, and they were wrong.

Dr. Pinter: There is a point where the patient can't get back. Laura's beyond that point. I know that this must be devastating for you, and if there's anything you'd like us to do --

Luke: Doctor, I think you've done enough. I'll take it from here.

Emily: I was at home when the call came.

Mac: Your parents' house?

Emily: Yes.

Scott: Was it a man or a woman?

Emily: A man.

Mac: Did you recognize the voice?

Edward: Of course she did. It was Dr. Lewis.

Ned: Let her finish!

Emily: All right, well, I -- I didn't know who it was, and, um -- but he said to go to the park and that I would get Kristina back.

Mac: Why didn't you tell anyone?

Zander: She did. She told me.

Alan: Why didn't you tell us?

Zander: Nobody trusts you.

Scott: Clam up.

Emily: I was nervous, and I needed someone to talk to, so I went to find Zander.

Monica: Emily, why didn't you call the police?

Zander: Nobody trusts them.

Scott: Hey.

Emily: The man said not to or that something would happen to Kristina. So we went to where he said.

Scott: Which was where?

Zander: Williams Creek State Park, just north of the city limits.

Scott: What part? Because I'll get the forensics people up there and we'll canvass the place for evidence.

Emily: It was by that bridge.

Scott: What bridge?

Zander: By the statue of Henry Beekman, you know, the war-liberty guy?

Emily: So I sat there and -- and waited, and -- and then I heard Kristina cry.

Zander: Yeah, I was hiding nearby, I heard the baby cry, too, and we went and found her in the bushes.

Scott: Right, in her carrier, wrapped in a little blanket?

Emily: Yeah, we found her like that.

Scott: So the kidnapper went through all this trouble -- no ransom, didn't skip town, changed a couple dirty diapers -- and then just gives the baby back?

Emily: All right, the man on the phone said he was sorry. I -- I left that part out.

Scott: Yeah, I think you left a lot out. Now, we could pull the Quartermaine phone records and trace the call back, or we could treat this for what it is -- just a lie -- and arrest the two of you for kidnapping.

Alan: No, you're not!

Monica: Over my dead body, you will!

Zander: She didn't do anything wrong.

Emily: Look, I didn't take Kristina, ok? We were bringing her home.

Scott: Well, all we've got is your word.

Ned: Scott, Kristina is back. It's over.

Scott: You're right, Ned, it is. Book them, Conrad.

Alan: No!

Zander: Wait a second. You don't have a shred of evidence to hold us on kidnapping.

Scott: Sure, we do. We got you in a car with the missing baby.

Zander: Yeah, on our way to Emilyís house.

Monica: You are not arresting my daughter.

Alan: Look, Ned is right. We got Kristina back. That's all we wanted.

Ned: You want to arrest Emily for finding Kristina when you couldn't?

Alexis: Emily didn't take Kristina. I did.

Alexis: I took the baby. And I asked Emily to help me return her.

Alan: Why on earth would you involve Emily in a kidnapping?

Edward: Oh, good grief. Has it occurred to no one here that that woman is absolutely crazy? Look, Baldwin, it's time that she gets locked up so that this sort of thing can never happen again.

Alexis: For your information, Edward, I wasn't the first person to take the baby.

Scott: What are you talking about?

Alexis: When I went to the nursery, I screamed because the baby was missing. The baby was indeed missing, but I didn't take her. Skye and A.J. did.

Edward: That's ridiculous.

Alan: Oh, please! You're asking us to believe that A.J. and Skye kidnapped a member of their own family?

Zander: Are you kidding? You're trying to say that Alexis took her own daughter.

Cameron: Maybe someone was about to torch the mansion.

Alexis: Skye and A.J. were holding the baby at Brenda's cottage. My guess is they were going to return her in the 11th hour in order to get a reward from Edward or a nice, little pat on the head.

Edward: This woman is not only a kidnapper, she is a murderer, and she will accuse anyone if it helps her shift the blame.

Ned: Well, actually, it makes perfect sense to me. Using a baby as a pawn is a Quartermaine tradition.

Scott: Yes, but you admitted that you had your own baby.

Alexis: They were using my daughter as a bargaining chip. Of course I took her.

Scott: Well, I don't know if that works for me.

Cameron: What where you going to do with your daughter, Alexis?

Alexis: I was returning my daughter to the Quartermaine house because she was court-ordered to be there. I got as far as the front hall.

Monica: The woman that was seen carrying a baby on the grounds.

Alexis: That's when I heard Edward ranting and raving about how he was going to move heaven and earth to keep me from my daughter permanently. So I panicked and I ran.

Scott: You still kidnapped your own baby. The Quartermaines were worried sick.

Alexis: I wanted a little more time with my daughter.

Edward: A little more time to pack up and disappear for good?

Ned: Look, I'm sure she could've really disappeared if she wanted to.

Alexis: I knew that the only choice that I had was to bring her back to your house, Edward, and pray that you could possibly protect her.

Edward: You know, as Iíve said before, this woman is a kidnapper, and she had help. She had help from Dr. Lewis right over there. And I notice that Ned isn't particularly upset or surprised by any of this.

Alexis: I acted alone.

Scott: Look, I don't care who took the baby first or last. You had a court order to stay away from your baby, and you violated it. You admitted you kidnapped your own kid. Now, Iím not going to arrest these kids, but you are under arrest for kidnapping.

Summer: Did you find anything?

Lucky: No, nothing. What about you?

Summer: No, no, nothing.

Jason: Sorry I was gone so long. Where's Carly?

Sonny: She went to Kellyís to meet with Courtney. I don't -- they're out in the open --

Jason: There's -- there's guards on them all the time. Something happened. I think I can handle it.

Sonny: What happened?

Jason: You know, I met with Fowler. He was about to give me the name -- might've been Ric's -- and then I got hit from behind. When I woke up, Fowler was gone. It was a setup. For some reason, they didn't kill me. That's what makes me think it was -- it was Ric.

Ric: Did I hear my name?

 Courtney: Oh, God.

Emily: I blew it.

Zander: Hey, hey -- do not blame yourself because you're the only Quartermaine who's a bad liar, ok?

Alan: I'd like to speak to Emily alone, please.

Zander: Ok. Do not come down on her. She was doing what was right.

Monica: Zander just leave us alone, please.

Emily: It's ok, Zander. It's ok.

Alan: You are the only person in this whole mess that put Kristina first. You are the soul of this family, and we would be lost without you.

Cameron: Ahem. I'd like a few words with you in private.

Edward: You know something? I -- I don't want to hear your plea for leniency. You know, you have absolutely no professional objectivity when it comes to Alexis. You aren't her psychiatrist. You're her accomplice, buddy. And she may be able to protect you for a while, but sooner or later she's going to crack, hmm? When she does, Iíll see that you go down with her.

Cameron: I don't think so. As a matter of fact, I think you're about to make sure that all the charges against Alexis are dropped.

Summer: Are we trapped?

Lucky: We seem to be. You can only open the door from the outside.

Summer: Are you telling me that somebody locked us in here?

Lucky: Well, they definitely know we're here.

Summer: Ok, but it wasn't Nikolas. He's in the hospital. Who, security?

Lucky: Well, Nikolas probably informed them that we were here.

Summer: Was I that transparent?

Lucky: You've been looking for information. Nikolas denies he has anything. I mean, the next logical step is for you to search his house to see if he's lying. You have a cell phone, by chance?

Summer: No. Do you?

Lucky: No. So we're just going to have to wait for security or the cops to show up.

Summer: So we're just going to sit here?

Lucky: No. First you're going to tell me about that pouch in your right pocket and what you're trying to steal from Nikolas' safe.

Nikolas: There is no other way out of the wine cellar. Now, they're not going anywhere until I say so. I'm on my way.

[door opens]

Nikolas: Turn them off. Turn them off!

Luke: Maybe you're up, but you ain't going anywhere.

Courtney: He's in there. I'm pretty sure he's dead. Carly, I know him. I mean, I recognize him. He's one of the guys who kidnapped me and threw me in the cabin, and then he called Jason. I pointed him out to Jason at the pier. Jason went after him, and he ended up arrested.

Carly: I know this guy, too.

Courtney: How?

Carly: He -- he was the one who hit on me at Jakeís before Ric showed up and ran him off and then took me to the motel.

Taggert: Who discovered the body?

Courtney: I did. I -- I was throwing out the trash.

Taggert: Did you see or hear anything unusual? Any idea who might've left it here?

Courtney: No, nothing.


Officer: Whoa, whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Whoa, back up, back up. This is a crime scene. Hey, hey, hey, hey.

Faith: Yeah, it's Fowler. He works for me.

Taggert: Not anymore. Any idea what happened?

Faith: Yeah. Jason Morgan killed him.

Jason: Yeah, you heard me telling Sonny you're Faith Rosco's silent partner.

Ric: You're really grasping at straws, aren't you? You're determined to undermine my position with Sonny no matter what you do.

Sonny: Stop lying, Ric.

Ric: Whoa, wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute, Sonny. Come on now. You're not going to -- you're not going to buy what he says. He's determined to get rid of me because -- because he's trying to take over and Iím loyal to you. Sonny, think about it. Look, he went behind your back before with Courtney. He's -- he's lied to you time and time again. Why -- why are you doing this? Will you -- will you put the gun away?

Sonny: Shut up. You should've killed me, Ric. You had many chances. Why didn't you?

Ric: Yeah, well, if I was going to kill you, why wouldn't I have done it already, huh? Doesn't that prove what I'm saying is true? I am not a threat to you, Sonny. Jason is the one that you cannot trust.

Sonny: You wanted access. You wanted to destroy me from the inside. Why?

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Cameron: Scott? Edward has something he'd like to tell you.

Lucky: What is this really about?

Sonny: I should've taken you out a long time ago. Finish him.

[Faith screams]

Carly: Courtney, stop.

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