GH Transcript Thursday 4/3/03

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 4/3/03

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Nikolas: Your job was to distract Luke, and you failed. The deal's off.

Skye: Oh, my God.

Edward: The child is going to be raised a Quartermaine!

[Carly groans]

Carly: Am I going to lose the baby?

Monica: There is a chance she could miscarry.

Sonny: You can't do anything?

Monica: No, I can't, sonny.

Jason: Who's your silent partner?

Faith: There's no silent partner.

Sonny: Hey, hey.

Carly: Hey.

Sonny: I'm here. You in pain?

Carly: No.

Sonny: Cramping?

Carly: No, just -- for a minute, I wasn't sure.

Sonny: The baby's still inside you? You know, I mean, it's like -- losing our baby was the hardest thing we've ever had to go through. To have to relive that -- we want to believe that our baby's safe inside of you, just fighting, you know, to stay with us.

Carly: I do believe that, Sonny. Hey -- I need you to try and believe it, too. Sweetheart.

Jason: Emily, you're back.

Emily: Couldn't get my family off my mind, so I hopped on a plane and --

Jason: Oh, it is so good to see you.

Emily: Oh, I missed you so much.

Jason: I am glad that you're home.

Emily: You look awful.

Jason: A lot of stuff happened. But something good, too.

Emily: Mm-hmm?

Jason: The last thing I kind of expected.

Emily: Uh-huh? You don't even have to tell me. I can see it in your eyes -- you're in love.

Ric: Courtney, any word on Carly's condition?

Courtney: She's still in the hospital.

Ric: Yeah, but apparently she almost died. I was just wondering if there's any complications with her pregnancy.

Courtney: How is that any of your business?

Ric: I consider Carly and Sonny friends.

Courtney: Then why don't you act like one, Ric, and respect their privacy for a change. In fact, why don't you just go away?

Elizabeth: I could've told you it was a waste of your time trying to be reasonable with her.

Ric: I just don't know what Iíve done to make her feel this way about me.

Elizabeth: Oh, who needs her? I happen to be crazy about you.

Ric: Yeah?

Elizabeth: Mm-hmm.

Ric: Feeling's mutual.

Elizabeth: Hmm. In that case, there's a new show opening up at the museum. You want to go with me this afternoon?

Ric: Um -- I'd love to, but how about Saturday? I need to stick around for a while. Sonny's at the hospital with Carly. He needs me now more than ever.

Elizabeth: As a lawyer or a friend?

Ric: Maybe a little bit of both. That's a good thing. Sonny needs to learn to rely on me.

Luke: Thank you for meeting me on such short notice.

Cameron: I'm a little pressed for time.

Luke: I'll make it fast. Do you know Nikolas Cassadine?

Cameron: Rich, elitist, full of himself -- yeah, we've met.

Luke: Well, unfortunately, due to a malicious twist of fate, he's also my wife's legal guardian. He's used this position to get a restraining order against me. I can't visit her. I don't get any updates on her condition.

Cameron: That's tough, but I'm not sure what I can do about it.

Luke: I need her condition re-evaluated.

Cameron: I'd need access to her records. I don't think Nikolas would allow that. He'd see me as being on your side.

Luke: Well, as her legal guardian, would he have a copy of these records?

Cameron: Yeah, most likely. Certainly he'd have written progress reports.

Luke: Is that enough?

Cameron: It's a start.

Luke: Ok. I'll get you what you need.

A.J.: Don't do it. Look, I realize lately your solution to everything is to check your makeup at the bottom of a glass, but my freedom is on the line here as much as yours, and there's no way Iím letting you drink.

Skye: Water. Feel free to taste it if you want.

A.J.: I'm sorry. I assumed and I shouldn't have. I'm --

Skye: Yeah, believe me, A.J.; I am painfully aware that we are running out of time here.

A.J.: Not necessarily. Look, if we're careful, no one knows that we took Kristina. Ok, if we stay cool, no one ever will.

Skye: Except the person who took her from us. A.J., this is horrible. Because of us, that innocent baby is out there right now with some kidnapper, ok. And if the police don't find her, we are going to have to confess.

A.J.: That's where I come in. I'm warning you -- don't even think about it.

[doorbell rings]

Ned: Anything?

Jax: Not yet. Alexis here?

Ned: No, I haven't seen her since last night.

Jax: Oh.

Edward: I heard the doorbell -- oh, God, it's him. Just go away. The last thing we need is to have you here making a bad situation worse.

Ned: Grandfather, back off. He's helping with the search.

Jax: Yeah, I'd think you'd welcome it, considering you're the one that brought Kristina into this house and made her vulnerable for the kidnapping in the first place.

[doorbell rings]

Scott: Ned.

Ned: Hope you have something positive to tell me.

Mac: Well, we have a witness report.

Ned: Kristina's been spotted?

Scott: Well, there was a fisherman out on the lake last night, claims he saw a woman scurry across your lawn carrying a baby.

Mac: She was headed toward the house.

Edward: Oh, that doesn't make sense.

Mac: It does if the kidnapper intended to return the baby.

Alexis: You're a real trouper, you know that? Being shuffled around to all these places by all these people who shouldn't have anything to do with you. Mama's here now. And this isn't going to go on for long. And I promise you that things will work out the way that I told you that they would. Mm-hmm.

Nikolas: Hey. Who's this?

Alexis: Say hello to your niece.

Nikolas: You are just so beautiful.

Alexis: Isn't she something?

Nikolas: My God, are you kidding me? She's amazing. Hi -- she -- hi. You had her all along?

Alexis: Let me put her down and I'll tell you. Come here, monkey. Come here, sweet pea. Oh, that's my girl. We got here last night.

Nikolas: Anyone see you?

Alexis: We came in through the tunnel, so we stayed in the north tower. It would be difficult to find a kidnapped baby in a house full of 50 rooms.

Nikolas: Ok, Alexis, do you have any idea what you're risking here?

Alexis: I think the risk is for me to stay here in Port Charles. I want to leave, I want to take the baby out of the country, and I need you to help me.

Nikolas: Before I can help you, I need to understand what's going on. Alexis, why did you take Kristina?

Alexis: Because the Quartermaine left me no choice. The baby wasn't kidnapped. She was shuttled off to another faction of the family. She was a bargaining chip in one of their internal squabbles. I can't trust them to know that they'll give her back to me when my therapy is over, so I have no choice but to take her and disappear.

Nikolas: Ok, I'm going to ask you a question, and I know you may not like it.

Alexis: I'll tell you anything.

Nikolas: Are you well enough to take care of Kristina?

Alexis: There is no one that can take better care of Kristina than me.

Nikolas: You sound sure.

Alexis: I am.

Nikolas: Ok. Ok. I will help you. Money, arrangements to get you out of the country -- whatever you need, I will help.

Alexis: I'm beholden to you.

Nikolas: Listen, we're family, ok? Despite everything that's happened, that still means something to me.

Alexis: Now, we need to find a way to cover -- cover my tracks, and I also need to make sure that you are not implicated in any way.

Edward: Why are you wasting our time instead of making yourselves useful by finding our little girl?

Ned: They're looking for her, Grandfather.

Edward: What, by questioning a so-called witness watching from the water 100 yards away? What this guy saw, if anything, was probably Alice or one of the maids carrying some towels across the lawn. More than likely he's a nut case who will do or say anything to get involved in a criminal case.

Scott: Now, why would a maid carry a bunch of towels across the lawn in the middle of the night, Edward?

Edward: All right, all right. I will assemble the entire staff and all the security guards and anyone else with access to the property, and I will ask them if any of them scurried across the lawn last night. And I'll be willing to bet you that the number will be in the double digits and none of them will be carrying Kristina. Now, look, a child has been abducted, and you two are lying on your backs thrashing around like turtles because you are too corrupt or incompetent to find her!

Jax: Alienate the authorities, Edward. That's always a good idea.

Mac: I resent the accusation, Edward. I am neither corrupt nor incompetent. My department is conducting a thorough investigation.

Edward: Oh, God, how many times have I heard that?

Scott: Well, maybe if you Quartermaines stopped breaking the law, you wouldn't hear it so often!

Ned: Look -- all I care about is finding my daughter!

Mac: And we're going to do that, Ned. Assemble your staff.

Edward: All right, let's go. This way.

Scott: Ned, listen -- let me just assure you of one thing, all right? I'm going to keep the cops on their toes because I, too, have children.

Ned: I appreciate it.

Scott: All right.

Ned: You don't buy that "Alice with towels" business, do you?

Jax: No. But something doesn't fit. The kidnapper and Kristina were on the property, and he or she did intend to bring her back. So why isn't she here?

Ned: Maybe Alexis changed her mind.

A.J.: Skye -- please, get away from the window. You look guilty.

Skye: How?

A.J.: You're too interested. If you haven't done anything wrong, why do you need to keep an eye on the police?

Skye: The lawn is crawling with them.

A.J.: That is a good thing. The longer they waste their time looking in the wrong place, the colder our trail.

Skye: Do you ever care about anybody but yourself, A.J.? What about the baby? Now, we have vital information about where the kidnapping took place. We are going to have to tell the police.

A.J.: No. You know we can't do that without incriminating ourselves, ok? There's nothing we can do for Kristina now. Whoever kidnapped her wanted a kid to love and take care of.

Skye: Oh, you got to be on drugs if you think I'm going to buy this lame story that you just made up on the spot about Kristina living some fairy tale life with her kidnapper.

A.J.: You're right, all right? It was wrong. I just wanted to help you relax. Unless you want to destroy our lives. Is that what you want, Skye? Is that what you really want?

Emily: So does mom know you're in love? She'll be so thrilled for you.

Jason: No, she wonít. They wanted me to stay married to Brenda.

Emily: Ooh, I wish I would've been around for that. You can't stand Brenda.

Jason: Yeah, and she can't stand me. It wasn't so bad.

Emily: If you say so.

Jason: No, forget Brenda. And don't tell the Quartermaines, you know, anything.

Emily: Your secret is safe with me.

Jason: I know, I know.

Emily: I would never tell anyone that you've fallen in love. You don't even have to admit it to me straight out.

Jason: I just did.

Emily: No, you didn't. But that's ok. So, do you want to tell me about her so I can decide whether I think she is good enough for you or not?

Jason: Well, her name is Courtney Matthews. And she's Sonny's sister, which has its own set of problems I don't really want to get into right now.

Emily: Hmm. If it's anything bad, I don't want to hear it. I just want to be in this moment, happy for my brother. You deserve everything that's good, Jason.

Jason: Are you ok?

Emily: Sure. Why do you ask?

Jason: Well, I can tell. Is the family driving you crazy? I just heard that Alexis and Nedís baby got kidnapped. Are they tearing each other apart? What's happening?

Emily: It's -- chaotic.

Jason: Yeah. Well, if you need a place to stay, I got plenty of room.

Emily: No, I can handle the family.

Jason: Ok, then why don't you tell me what's wrong?

Emily: Zander, I guess. Breaking up with him is harder than I thought. You know, I've only tried it long-distance, and now seeing him all the time -- it just -- it hurts more than I thought it would.

Jason: You want me to get him out of town or beat him up or something?

[Emily laughs]

Emily: No. It's enough that you're here listening. You always make me feel like everything will work out somehow.

Gia: Are you hoping to find someone or avoid them?

Zander: I was just looking to see if there was a table in there, and there is.

Gia: Well, would you be interested in buying D.A. Baldwin's new intern a cup of coffee?

Zander: You're serious?

Gia: You buy me that cup of coffee, Iíll give you the details.

Zander: Whoa. Allow me.

Gia: Ah, thank you.

Zander: So, if you figured out a way to spy on Scott Baldwin, then you deserve more than a cup of coffee. You must've put on the interview of a lifetime.

Gia: Well, I just told Scott what he wanted to hear.

Zander: Keep in mind, he catches you, it's killing your law career before it even begins.

Gia: It's worth the risk. You know why? Because Scott Baldwin is every bit as dangerous as Sonny Corinthos. The difference is Scott gets to hide his crimes behind the law. I find that disgusting. I really like the idea of being the person who comes up with the thing that exposes Scott for the corrupt pig he is.

Sonny: Drink it.

Carly: Hmm. Hmm.

Sonny: No argument?

Carly: No. Because it's so much better than milk. And, besides, I know that the fluids are good for the baby. Hey -- is it harder on you when I talk about the baby?

Sonny: Uh -- honestly, I don't know. I don't want to give up hope, but it's like -- you know, it's like I feel like we're trapped in a nightmare and it's always going to be like this every time we try to have a child.

Carly: Don't -- Sonny, don't -- don't think that way.

Sonny: I don't want to make this difficult for you, you know, but sometimes I wish, you know, you were just -- you were still unconscious so you wouldn't have to worry about me and I could carry the weight for you.

Carly: Well, that's not fair.

Sonny: Yeah.

Carly: No. We're keeping it even. Ok, and my job is going to be to believe enough for both of us. Now, anyway, I was thinking about some things -- like names. So, what do you think of Morgan, after Jason? It'd work for a boy or a girl.

[Carly giggles]

Carly: Oh, unless you think "Morgan Corinthos" sounds a little too much like a certain coffee warehouse that we all know and love.

Sonny: You know what? For the first time, you can go ahead and choose any name you want.

[knock on door]

Jason: Hey. I just wanted to check in, see if you guys need anything.

Sonny: Uh -- no, I'm going to go get you some more orange juice, ok?

Carly: More? Ok. Sonny, don't you think it's enough already?

Sonny: No.

Carly: No? Oh.

Sonny: Can you sit with her?

Jason: Sure.

Sonny: All right. I'm not going to be long.

Carly: Hey, you take your time.

Sonny: All right, all right.

Carly: Ok? Thanks. Sonny needed a minute by himself. He's so worried about this baby, it's choking him.

Jason: Yeah, I know.

Carly: You want to know a little secret? So am I.

Jax: Alexis wouldn't steal her own child.

Ned: I would've never guessed she'd kill Alcazar, either.

Jax: Ned, come on. Don't do this. Don't hold Alexis' illness against her by automatically thinking the worst.

Ned: From Alexis' fractured point of view, it actually makes a weird kind of sense. Ok, say she kidnaps Kristina and then she suddenly has an attack of conscience, so she decides to return the child and then changes her mind again. It's like -- it's like two people overruling each other's decisions.

Jax: Or it could've been someone else. Or it was Alice with towels. All I'm asking is don't immediately jump to the worst-case scenario.

[doorbell rings]

Alexis: I just saw the forensics trucks outside. Did they find anything new?

Ned: Well, actually, the cops got a tip about a woman being spotted on the back lawn last night carrying a bundle of some kind.

Alexis: Maybe they found something. A.J.

A.J.: Hello.

Alexis: How's the investigation going? You think they're any closer to finding my daughter?

[Nikolas chuckles]

Nikolas: Aw.


Nikolas: What are you doing here, Luke?

Luke: Sniffing out evidence, Nik. You being part of a notorious kidnapping is all the ammunition I need.

Gia: And then I told him I was eager, motivated, and so grateful for the opportunity to study at the feet of a brilliant attorney like him.

Zander: Very nice. Very nice -- play on his ego. D.A. Baldwin never had a chance.

Gia: I plan to flatter him right out of office.

Emily: Hey, guys.

Gia: Good to see you.

Zander: How's it going?

Emily: Great, great. How about you?

Zander: I'm good.

Gia: Same old same old.

Emily: Well, see you.

Gia: Why don't you just join her? I have some research to do at the library, anyway, ok?

Zander: I got to go to work. Come on, Iíll walk you there. There's no reason for me to stick around here.

Gia: I seriously doubt that. Come on.

Zander: You coming or not?

Courtney: Oh, hi. Can I take your order?

Emily: Are you Courtney, by any chance?

Courtney: Yeah.

Emily: I'm Emily Quartermaine. I'm Jasonís sister.

Courtney: Oh, my God, Emily. Hi. I've heard so much about you.

Emily: Me, too, about you, and that's why I stopped by. I wanted to thank you.

Courtney: For what?

Emily: Well, my brother is happy for the first time in a long time, and he says it's because of you.

Sonny: Is Carly all right?

Jason: Yeah, she just wanted to try and get some sleep.

Sonny: I don't like her in there by herself. She'll be ok there?

Jason: Yeah, I think so.

Sonny: I make her nervous, you know, causing stress. It's not good for the baby. If we still have one. You know, you're the only person in the whole world who doesn't feel the need to jump in and try to tell me everything's going to be ok, hope for the best, all that kind of talk.

Jason: Is there anything I can do?

Sonny: Uh -- if we lose the baby, Iím going to take Carly somewhere to recover. Probably the island. You go ahead and work things out here for me. If the baby makes it, I will not risk my son or daughter again. I need you to come back.

Jason: Yeah, yeah. Ok.

Sonny: Thanks. First things first -- I want you to go see Faith Rosco.

Jason: Already did. She wouldn't say there's a silent partner, but she's lying.

Sonny: I don't know what to do about --

Jason: She's definitely --

Ric: Excuse me. Sorry to interrupt.

Sonny: What do you want?

Ric: I realize business is the last thing on your mind at the moment, but a few matters have come up that need to be resolved. I just want authorization to take care of it.

Sonny: Well, you talk to Jason. He's back at work.

Ric: Look, I need a little clarification here. You gave me specific instructions not to trust Jason with anything.

Sonny: That was then, this is now, right? Jason and I have settled our differences. I trust him with my life, with my family's life. So there's no reason I wouldn't be able to trust him with any business that comes up. I got to go see my wife.

Ric: Yeah, how is she?

Sonny: She's holding her own.

Ric: Good. Look, I know you and Carly are going through a difficult time right now. Just try to stay positive. I'm sure everything's going to work out.

Sonny: Yeah, yeah. Thanks for your support there.

Ric: I can't imagine I said anything wrong.

Jason: Do you know any other way? What do you got?

Ric: Nothing I can't handle on my own.

Jason: Hmm. I'll decide, not you.

Ric: Yeah, yeah, yeah, candid to a fault, as usual. Look, Jason, I realize that you don't like me, and there's nothing that I can do to change that. But we both work for Sonny. I think we need to find a way for us to coexist  

Jason: And I meant what I said after Bennyís funeral. The day I find out that you've done anything to hurt Sonny, Carly, or Michael is not going to be a good day for you, Ric. So any business problems, you tell me -- if they exist. If they don't, now would be a good time for you to leave.

A.J.: Scott and Mac are questioning the staff. They've been out there for a while, but doesn't seem like there's any drama going on.

Alexis: Did anyone question you, Skye?

Skye: Well, why should I be?

Alexis: No need to be defensive.

Skye: I'm -- Iím not.

Alexis: The kidnapping happened in this house. Question the family would be a natural part of the investigation.

Cameron: Any progress in the search?

Alexis: Uh-uh. I guess she's probably miles away from now, probably in some remote place where no one can find her. Maybe in an isolated house, you know, somewhere on the edge of the woods where the neighbors wouldn't know that the place was supposed to be occupied.

Skye: Whoa -- you know, we have to believe that Kristinaís safe, that no one would hurt her.

Alexis: I really do want to believe that. I can't imagine what kind of horrible human being would steal a child.

[door opens]

Ned: Alexis? I need to speak to you alone.

Alexis: I need to wait here. I want to see what the police come up with.

Ned: Would you mind waiting in the foyer?

Skye: Yeah, sure.

Ned: I think you know where Kristina is.

Alexis: Ned --

Ned: Now, please, let me finish. If you took her, I know you only did it out of love. Well, I love her, too, and Iím afraid for her, but I can't do anything about it because I can't be sure if she's ok. I want to help her. I want to help you. So if you know where she is, you have to tell me.

Alexis: I don't know where she is, Ned. I hate your family for letting this happen. I don't want to be in this house anymore.

Ned: Alexis, wait, wait, wait, wait Ė

Sonny: You don't even know what I had to go through to get this orange juice.

Carly: Oh, Sonny, enough's enough already.

Sonny: I went all the way to the cafeteria.

Carly: Ooh, all the way?

Sonny: Yeah, yeah.

Carly: Yeah.

Sonny: Yeah, I got, you know, on the elevator. It took forever, right?

Carly: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: Stopped on every floor picking up patients carting portable I.V.s, right?

[Carly chuckles]

Sonny: So I get there, and I stand at the end next to this sweet, old lady --

Carly: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: Right? Minding my own business. So, suddenly, she turns to me, I think to comment on how slow the line was going. And before my eyes, she turned into a banshee.

Carly: Really?

Sonny: She starts, like, yelling, "It's Sonny Corinthos, the gangster." You know, "ah!"

Carly: Oh, poor baby.

Sonny: Yeah, yeah.

Carly: Yeah.

Sonny: So you better drink up, now.

Carly: Oh --

Sonny: It's the least you can do.

Carly: You're right. You're right. You know, I'm going to do more than that. I'm going to drink up, and when the carton's gone, Iím going to save it for our baby. And I'm going to tell the story about how daddy went down and got mommy orange juice while she was in the hospital. It'll be good.

Sonny: Speaking of baby -- we need to face reality.

Carly: No --

Sonny: No, no --

Carly: Sonny, don't.

Sonny: There's a chance --

Carly: No --

Sonny: There's a chance -- there's a chance --

Carly: I know our baby is going to be fine. I know this.

Dr. Meadows: How are you feeling?

Carly: I'm good.

Dr. Meadows: No cramping?

Carly: Uh-uh. Nothing.

Sonny: So, what happens now?

Dr. Meadows: We're going to do an ultrasound to see if your baby survived.

Luke: I guess I gave Alexis more credit than she deserves. If you're going to steal and secure your own child, you don't leave it with the crazy relatives. This is going to be the first place anybody looks, which actually works for me just fine.

Nikolas: Say what you mean and get it over with, please.

Luke: I want you to turn over that guardianship of Laura. It's as simple as that. If you don't, I call the D.A. You won't like prison.

Nikolas: Where does that leave Alexis, exactly? She's your friend, right?

Luke: I do what I have to do.

Alexis: Luke, you weren't supposed to know anything about this.

Luke: Well, it's your bad luck that I do, darling. Nik is trying to keep me away from Laura. You know Iíll do anything I have to to stop him.

Alexis: By taking my baby away from me?

Luke: If that's what it takes.

Alexis: Nikolas, can I talk to Luke alone for a minute?

Nikolas: Yeah. Come on. Let's go.

Alexis: Do you have any idea what has gone down here? Do you know that the court gave Kristina to Ned, then Edward stole Kristina from Ned, then -- then Skye and A.J. stole Kristina from Edward? Do you see how sick and twisted that is? And now you and Nikolas are going to do the same thing? I am asking you as a friend, Luke, that you not sacrifice my daughter on the altar of your Spencer-Cassadine war.

Luke: I'm very sorry, Natasha. My concern isn't for you and your baby. My concern is for my wife.

Alexis: Then just give me a minute to -- to reason with Nikolas.

Luke: I'm running out of patience.

Alexis: And I'm running out of time. You know that my baby is all that I have. You know that I am all that she has. She needs me. I'm her mother. Please, just let me take my daughter and go away.

Emily: Thanks.

Courtney: I am so glad that you stopped by.

Emily: Are you kidding? Nothing could've kept me from seeing the woman who caught my brother's heart.

Courtney: Well, I -- I can't tell you relieved I am that you approve. I was sure you were going to hate me, which would've pretty much been a disaster since Jason is convinced that you walk on water.

Emily: Oh, well, that is because my brother is amazingly intelligent and perceptive.

Elizabeth: Hey.

Emily: Hey.

Elizabeth: I see you two have met.

Emily: Yeah, I was just telling Courtney how happy I am for her and Jason.

Elizabeth: Oh, isn't that fabulous for Courtney -- the official little sister seal of approval.

Courtney: In case you missed that, Elizabeth hates me.

Emily: I'd -- Iíd already figured as much.

Courtney: Yeah, I don't know what she's still mad about. She swears that she's over Jason.

Emily: Hmm. Well, hopefully you'll never have to learn this firsthand, but my brother's not easy to lose.

Dr. Meadows: This may take a moment.

Sonny: You ok?

Carly: Yeah.

Sonny: You sure? Can you just tell us what -- what happened?

Dr. Meadows: "What happened" is you have a healthy baby. See? Right here. Nice, strong heartbeat. So, Carly, you have no cramping, no bleeding. So, barring any other complications, you two can expect your baby sometime in November.

Carly: Look, Sonny, look. It's our son.

Sonny: It's -- it's -- it's a boy?

Dr. Meadows: Well, it's too soon to determine the sex.

Carly: No one has to tell me. I know. I can feel it. Our little boy is still with us.

Jax: Why would you leave me a message on my cell phone? We're in the same house.

Skye: I needed to speak to you alone. Look, I have done something very wrong, and I need your help.

Jax: You and A.J. took Kristina, didn't you?

Skye: How did you know that?

Jax: Something went wrong? How bad is it?

Skye: Well, we were keeping Kristina at Brendaís cottage, and she just disappeared. Look, I'm not trying to avoid responsibility here, Jax. I'm not. If you think that I should go out there right now and tell Scott and the police, I will do that. But I'm hoping you will agree to help me find Kristina and bring her back here. For once in my life, help me make right of something that Iíve done wrong.

Luke: If you're going to take your child and run, leave the country, don't use Cassadine money or connections to do it.

Alexis: Why not?

Luke: Because the Cassadines and the Quartermaines move in the same financial circles.

Alexis: I'll bow to your expertise. How do you suggest I get out of the country?

Cameron: That would be a bad idea.

Luke: And why would that be a bad idea?

Cameron: Because a life on the run is no life at all, especially for a child.

Alexis: The situation is untenable. I refuse to return her to that madhouse.

Cameron: I put my career on the line for you.

Luke: Well, that doesn't give you control over the woman's life. If she wants to save her kid by running, that's her business.

Cameron: Fine. Take Kristina and run. I'll give you 10 minutes before I call the police. Or you can stay here and fight. You won't be by yourself. I'll be with you every step of the way. It's your call, Alexis, but you have to make it now.

Ric: Faith Rosco's room, please. Yeah, I hope you're feeling stronger because I need you back at work right now. We've been going at this from the wrong angle. The first step to bringing Sonny down is compromising Jason.

Elizabeth: Ric?

Carly: I'm waiting.

Sonny: For what?

Carly: Four little, magic words.

Sonny: "Carly, you were right."

Carly: Yes, I was, wasn't I?

Sonny: Thank God.

Carly: You see it's ok to hope?

Sonny: I want this baby so much. I want it to be born. I want it to live. I want to be a good father. This baby will never be afraid and it will never hurt.

Carly: Sonny, your wish will come true. I know this.

Sonny: Hey -- little boy, little girl -- I love you. Can you hear me?

Carly: He can hear you, and our son loves you, too. So does his mama.

Sonny: Really?

Carly: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: All right, I want to get you out of here as soon as I can. As soon as Dr. Meadows says you can go, I want you out of here, ok?

Carly: Ok.

Sonny: All right?

Carly: Ok.

Sonny: You rest.

Carly: Ok.

Carly: Hey, little one. Your daddy was in a bit of trouble. But you helped him. You pulled him back from that edge. And everything's going to be perfect now.

Jason: What -- how's -- how's Carly?

Sonny: Great. Dr. Meadows did an ultrasound, and the baby's ok.

Jason: Good.

Sonny: We saw the baby moving, right, and its heart was beating. Carly wants -- she swears it's a boy. She wants to name it Morgan.

Jason: Morgan Corinthos.

Sonny: Right. My kid's going to have the name of a damn warehouse. At least my kid's going to have a name, right?

Courtney: Hey.

Sonny: Hey.

Jason: Hey, everything's good.

Courtney: Yeah?

Jason: The baby's fine, yeah. Everything's ok.

Courtney: Sonny, that's wonderful. I'm really happy for you and Carly.

Jason: Look, Sonny, I -- you know, I want to come back to work for you, and I will do anything that you need. But Courtney and I are going to stay together. And if you can't accept that, maybe now is the time to say so.

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Lucky: Like I believe that.

Skye: We've got to get Kristina back!

Ric: I can only imagine what you're thinking.

Elizabeth: I doubt it.

Carly: I'd have died if you didn't pull me out. Thank you.

Sonny: If Courtney gets hurt, it's on your head.

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