GH Transcript Tuesday 4/1/03

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 4/1/03

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Cameron: Where's the nursery?

Alice: You just can't barge in here!

Ric: We can never be seen together.

Carly: I've got this plan.

Jason: This is a big thing. You think you can do your part?

Courtney: I'll do whatever it takes. Sonny was right when he said that I should stay away from you!

Ric: Jason, I think you should leave.

Jason: You and I will take Sonny down together.

Ned: How does it feel to be helpless?

Sonny: You think I'm helpless?

Taggert: You're under arrest for assault.

Faith: I'm glad to see you've finally come to your senses.

Jason: Well, I want what I deserve.

Faith: Right. You've done everything for him. You've murdered his enemies, you helped him maintain his power. It's time for you to reap some rewards, including his little sister --

Jason: Hey, don't -- don't mention Courtney's name again. Is that clear?

Faith: No problem. Hey, you know, some of us are more comfortable with danger than others.

Jason: You want to talk business, Faith, let's talk. You want to pick up a guy, go to Jake's.

Faith: Ok. Business it is, then. When are you going to take care of Sonny?

Jason: When you tell me who you're working with.

Faith: Well, we just decided I'm working with you.

Jason: I want a name, Faith. I want a name.

Faith: Ok, well, I was involved with Ned for a while, but --

Jason: Ok, Ned -- there's the door.

Faith: All right, all right. There is another party that I am loosely associated with, and if you want, I will drop that. He is null and void as of now.

Jason: See, now, Faith, that was just too easy.

Faith: No. No, it's not.

Jason: Yes.

Faith: You see, your cooperation is very important to me. I will do whatever you want.

Jason: I want a name. Who's your silent partner?

Ric: What happened? What's wrong? Who was that?

Carly: Sonny's been arrested.

Ric: For what?

Carly: For assault.

Ric: With whom?

Carly: I don't know. I didn't ask Scott.

Ric: You know what? It's all right. Don't worry about it. I'll go down to the PCPD. I'll take care of this. I'll get him released, all right?

Carly: Thank you.

Ric: Are you going to come?

Carly: No -- well, yeah. I got to hang with Michael for a minute. I'll meet you there, ok?

Ric: All right.

Carly: Jason, hey, it's me. Sonny left. I didn't get a chance to tell him what your plan was, and now he's been arrested. He's at the PCPD, and I'm going down there now. I will tell him as soon as I can, ok? Bye.

Michael: Mommy! Mommy!

Carly: Hey, hey, hey!

Michael: Look at my new hockey stick!

Carly: Oh, my God, it's very cool. It's great, honey. What you going to do?

Michael: I'm going to try it out on the ice.

Carly: You going to go now?

Michael: Yeah.

Carly: Ok, well, have fun. You be careful, ok?

Michael: Ok.

Carly: All right. See you guys.

Michael: Can you come, too?

Carly: Oh, um -- I'll try and meet you there later, ok? I promise. But I got to do something for daddy first.

Michael: Ok.

Carly: Ok, have fun.

Michael: Ok.

Taggert: Good help is hard to find, huh? No brass knuckles around, you had to do the dirty work yourself? Book this punk.

Ned: He ought to be charged with attempted murder.

Sonny: If I wanted you dead, Ned, you'd be on a slab with a toe tag and a plastic sheet.

Ned: Are you hearing these threats?

Scott: Oh, the thing about death threats -- they tend to tick people off. So, Ned, do you want to file a complaint against him?

Ned: Show me where to sign.

Scott: This officer will take you. Fill out the paperwork and sign.

Sonny: Not good, Ned. Not good.

Scott: Hey. Are you losing your cool? Is the pressure starting to get to you? It can't be easy being the town gangster. You know, day after day after day of putting on your fancy little suits, having your nails done, your hair coifed, turning young girls into strippers. Of course, that's easy when you got your boys out there to take the heat. But now that Benny is pushing up daisies and Jason got a mind of his own, you're out of lackeys.

Sonny: You really are an idiot. You know that?

Scott: And you're finished. You should get out of the business before somebody really puts you out -- like, say, Faith Rosco? Ned's girlfriend. That's why you went after him, wasn't it?

Sonny: Charge me or release me.

Scott: I'll charge you when I'm good and ready. You know what, Taggert? Go in there and put him on ice, all right? Looks like he's thawing out a bit.

Taggert: Yes, sir. Come on, tough guy. You might want to think about these options, tough guy. You know, a plea bargain might be the way to go.

Sonny: Get out here, will you?

Taggert: You're losing it, man.

Sonny: Yeah?

Taggert: Yeah.

Sonny: Yeah? Yeah?

Taggert: Baldwin, look at this. Sonny minus his cool. Never thought I'd see the day.

Scott: Yeah. He's like a little bull shark in there. Can't stop moving.

Taggert: Sonny sure is mad at something or somebody. My guess is it isn't Ned Ashton.

Scott: Well, you know, we can just make him a little madder. Maybe he'll give us something that we can charge him with.

Edward: The nursery --

Alexis: Help! Somebody, help!

Edward: What are you -- where's the baby?

Alexis: She's gone.

Edward: "I have the baby. Instructions will follow. Tell no one if you want to see her again."

Edward: How long has this child been left unattended?

Alice: Well, I put her down for her nap at the usual time.

Edward: You didn't stay?

Alice: Well, no, I just waited for her to fall asleep, and then I left, like I always do.

Edward: Let's get the police on this.

A.J.: All right, when did you leave the room?

Alice: Well, about an hour ago.

Cameron: We'll find her.

Alexis: How? We don't know where she was taken. She could be anywhere by now.

Cameron: Did you see anyone on your way up here?

Alexis: No.

Edward: No, of course she didn't see anyone.

Cameron: What do you mean?

Edward: You have been forbidden to come into this house, so why are you here? What have you done?

Alexis: I came here to see my baby, and she's gone.

Edward: You were trespassing on our property. You broke into our home.

Alexis: I wanted to see my daughter.

Edward: You were crazy to see your daughter, so you thought you would just come here and take her away from us.

Alexis: That's not true, Edward.

Cameron: Edward, we don't know what happened.

Edward: Oh, you know something, lady? You are absolutely crazy. You are justifiably insane. Now, look, the judge told you that you were to stay away from this child for the next six months until you're mentally healthy, and now look at you. You're breaking and you're entering and you're --

Alexis: I would never do anything to hurt my daughter, Edward! What have you done?

Edward: Call the police.

Alexis: No!

Edward: I'll see you locked up for the rest of your life! Just forget about prison, what you need is a padded cell and --

Skye: All that matters now is Kristina. We have to find her.

Edward: Well, we know where she is. Alexis took her.

[key turns in lock]

Monica: What -- what's going on?

Reginald: Yeah, a baby's been kidnapped.

Alan and Monica: What?

Reginald: Ok. Yeah, I'll have the guards lock the gates and check the grounds. Thank you.

Monica: Kristina has been kidnapped? Oh, my God.

[mobile plays lullaby]

Elizabeth: You know, it's not exactly crowded. If you want to leave early, I'll cover for you.

Courtney: No, I'd rather work.

Elizabeth: Are you afraid Jason might be at home waiting for you?

Courtney: I just -- I don't want to fight anymore.

Elizabeth: Oh. Well, I don't think you have to worry because you made it pretty clear that you don't want him in your life, and Jason's not one to stick around and fight for you, now that you told him it's over.

Courtney: Well, these circumstances are totally different than when you and Jason -- when you ended.

Elizabeth: Yeah, obviously. I mean, even when things went wrong between me and Jason, he never got violent. I was never afraid of him.

Courtney: I'm not afraid of Jason.

Elizabeth: Well, that's not what I just saw.

Courtney: What you just saw was a fight, ok? People lose their tempers, say things they don't mean. I just realized that Jason and I -- we have no future together. He -- he likes to live life from day to day. You know, taking chances and the more dangerous, the better. And it's just -- he's not a threat to me, Elizabeth. He's a threat to himself. And all of a sudden, I just realized that -- it's like my dad with the gambling. He is addicted to the rush, to the thrill of betting something that he can't afford to lose. The only difference is, with my dad, it's only money and with Jason, it's his life.

Scott: Keep the pressure on. I want him kept isolated.

Ric: D.A. Baldwin, I'm here to see my client.

Scott: Talk to Taggert.

Taggert: I've got to hand it to Sonny. His attorneys get to the PCPD quicker than any lawyer I know. What does he do, send you a car and driver?

Ric: Yeah, don't give up your day job, Lieutenant. I'm here to see my client please, immediately.

Taggert: Well, you might want to start in the other interview room, where his victim, Ned Ashton, is filling out a detailed complaint about the vicious attack he sustained at the hands of your client, Sonny. I believe they're categorizing it as attempted homicide.

Ric: Yeah, we'll see.

Taggert: Stop thrashing the furniture, all right? Take a seat. You're going to be here a while.

Carly: Ok, one more word, Taggert, and I'm suing you for harassment and brutality --

Taggert: Get out of here. There's no visitors.

Carly: No, I'm visiting my husband --

Taggert: I said get out --

Sonny: Get your hands off my wife, Taggert!

Carly: I'm sick of you --

Taggert: You want it?

Sonny: Yeah.

Taggert: Bring it.

Sonny: Come on.

Taggert: Come on.

Sonny: Get closer, then.

Taggert: Yeah? Come on.

Faith: Sonny has lots of enemies.

Jason: Who's your partner, Faith?

Faith: I'm willing to cancel all prior commitments. What more do you want?

Jason: I want you to stop lying and give me a name.

Faith: Why do you care so much? You know all the players in this town, and you don't strike me as somebody who's afraid of anybody --

Jason: You're going through a lot of trouble to hide this partner's identity, which means he doesn't want me to know about him.

Faith: Is it Sonny that's made you so paranoid?

Jason: I like to be informed before I commit. It's a lot safer that way.

Faith: Well, I don't give you a name until you prove yourself.

Jason: All right. I'll call a meeting with Sonny. I'm going to tell him to come alone. You have your associate be at the meeting. And if he doesn't show, the deal's off.

Faith: Oh, I'll introduce you to my partner. No problem. As long as you eliminate Sonny -- tonight.

Alexis: The note said call no one.

Edward: You wrote that note yourself to keep us from calling the police.

Alexis: Edward, alerting the police could put her in more danger than she's already in!

Edward: Come on, Alexis. Why don't you just save us all this fuss and bother and confess?

Alexis: I have nothing to confess.

Edward: You do. You kidnapped your own little girl, and everybody here knows it.

A.J.: We don't know that.

Skye: Yeah, Grandfather doesn't speak for everyone in this room.

A.J.: Right.

Cameron: Edward, a crime has been committed. We have to concentrate on finding Kristina.

Alexis: Edward, search the grounds, search the house, for that matter.

Reginald: It's already been done.

Alexis: Thank you, Reginald.

Edward: Oh, fine, you've spirited the little girl off the property already, huh?

Cameron: Alexis is innocent.

Edward: Oh, this from the man who got her off of a murder charge? What is a little kidnapping compared to stabbing a man and throwing him over the balcony rail?

Alexis: We don't have time for this.

Edward: What -- you don't even know where your baby is. What did you do, just steal her and then misplace her during some psychotic break?

Alexis: She was in your house under your control when this happened, Edward.

Edward: Yes, because the judge told us that we were better equipped to raise that child.

Alexis: You have servants, you have security all over this place, and you couldn't even protect her! First the fire, now this, and you have the nerve to blame me?

Alan: All right, let's just stop it! Arguing is not going to help us find Kristina.

[doorbell rings]

Alexis: Reginald, no, please, don't open the door. It could hurt Kristina if you tell the police.

Edward: Open the door.

Reginald: I'm sorry.

Alan: Kristina's been kidnapped.

Edward: We have a good idea who did it.

Alan: It had to have happened within --

Skye: No one saw her.

Scott: All right, all right. Hey, hey, Quartermaines! Quiet, will you? Who discovered the baby missing?

Alexis: I did.

Scott: Case closed. Where's the baby, Alexis?

Alexis: Scott, I swear to God, I don't know where she is.

[mobile plays lullaby]

>> The part of Emily Quartermaine is now being played by Natalia Livingston. >>

Monica: Hello?

Monica: Who's --

Emily: Hi, Mom.

Monica: Emily! Hi, sweetie.

Emily: Hi.

Elizabeth: Do you think Jason's going to go back to work for Sonny?

Courtney: Why do you care? I mean, are you hoping to give a detailed report to Ric? Let me guess. What happens to Jason makes a difference in how hard Ric has to suck up to Sonny.

Elizabeth: Oh, in case you missed it, Ric was the one who got Jason to back off when he was standing here kicking things and yelling at you. Can't you just be grateful?

Courtney: I don't trust Ric, Elizabeth, and I don't believe that anything he does is out of the goodness of his heart.

Elizabeth: And I can't believe I was actually feeling bad for you.

Courtney: Maybe you should save some of that concern for yourself. How well do you know Ric Lansing, Elizabeth? What, he wears nice suits, he claims he's been to Harvard? Is that all you need to know to assume that someone's a good person?

Elizabeth: And now you're attacking him?

Courtney: Well, think of all he has done since he came into town. He lied about his connection to Luis Alcazar.

Elizabeth: Yeah, and then he saved Jason and Brenda from a murder conviction.

Courtney: Yeah, to impress Sonny. Because that is all Ric cares about -- his big agenda. And by the way, yeah, I admit, my brother is a gangster, but what kind of career goal is it to want to be his lawyer? You know, when Sonny wasn't interested, Ric decides to become Carly's new best friend. He used her to get access to Sonny. And when he did -- boom -- Carly's off his radar. Well, unless something else goes wrong and he needs to use her again. Do you see how this works? I mean, do you really think that Ric wants anything from a part-time art student and a waitress besides a way to pass the time?

Elizabeth: Ok, you know what? Just because your boyfriend turned out to be a monster doesn't make Ric one, too, ok?

Courtney: All right, Elizabeth, I know you don't believe me, but I really am trying to help you. And unless you get away from him, Ric Lansing is going to turn out to be the worst thing that ever happened to you.

Elizabeth: I'm supposed to take your word over Ric's? Let's see. Ric has never lied to me. Ooh, can't say the same for you.

Courtney: I'm sorry for you, Elizabeth. I truly am.

Elizabeth: You know what? Don't be. In fact, don't even be here. Just leave.

Courtney: No problem.

Taggert: One more time, Sonny! One more time, and you're getting thrown in lockup! No questions asked!

Sonny: Never put your hands on my wife again! You understand me?

Carly: Ok, ok --

Taggert: You just keep bringing it, all right? All those threats -- extra day times on your sentence, tough guy!

Ric: I'm afraid you're mistaken there, Lieutenant. I've just been speaking with Mr. Ashton here, and apparently, my client did not try to kill him after all.

Taggert: Excuse me?

Ric: Well, Mr. Corinthos and Mr. Ashton were involved in a fistfight at Club 101 a few months ago, observed by a about a dozen witnesses -- all of which will swear that, I believe, the attack was provoked by Mr. Ashton here. Now, with this previously documented confrontation, I don't think we're going to have any problem proving that it was Mr. Ashton who provoked Mr. Corinthos.

Taggert: What?

Ric: Ask him yourself.

Taggert: If Mr. Lansing has threatened you or coerced you in any way, it is against the law.

Ric: Now, that's libel.

Ned: I'm aware of that.

Taggert: Well, then just tell me. I'll book him.

Ned: I'm trying to regain custody of my infant daughter. Having fistfights with the local crime boss doesn't usually sit well with the family court.

Taggert: What about the truth?

Ned: Can you guarantee the truth will win out? That Sonny will be punished and I'll be cleared for provoking his attempt on my life?

Taggert: I want to see justice done just as much as you do.

Ned: In other words, the answer's no. Sonny is a menace. People that I love have died because of him and his mob. He should have been locked away years ago. But he makes payoffs, pulls strings, calls in favors, and the PCPD has their hands tied.

Taggert: We got him nailed this time. All you got to do is sign out the complaint.

Ned: Uh-uh. I'm not a caped crusader. I'm just a dad trying to protect his baby.

Taggert: Fine. You got to go sign some forms, retract your charges.

Ned: Let's go.

Taggert: Uncuff him.

Ric: I need to sign off on the paperwork for Mr. Corinthos' release.

Taggert: I'm going to need a statement from you. Let's go.

Carly: Ok, Sonny, I --

Taggert: Now.

Carly: I need to --

Sonny: We'll talk later.

[phone rings]

Sonny: Yeah?

Jason: Meet me at the Elm Street pier in half an hour.

Sonny: What's going on, Jason?

Jason: I'll fill you in when I see you.

Cameron: A child has been kidnapped, and you're wasting time accusing the mother?

Scott: Well, she happens to be my prime suspect.

Cameron: You haven't even investigated, gone to the nursery, looked for clues. Instead, you're leaping to your own biased conclusion.

Edward: Now, look; Scott Baldwin is a very experienced law enforcement official.

Alexis: Who wrongly accuses people on a daily basis.

Cameron: The kidnapper could be on a plane right now, taking the baby to God knows where.

Alexis: Scott, you have to check the airports. You have to check the train stations.

Scott: Oh, come on, come on, cut it out, will you, Alexis?

Alexis: If I kidnapped her, why would I be here?

Scott: Well, because that's the plan -- throw us off track, crying for the baby, then grab her and leave town.

Alan: Well, we're all a little bit concerned about Alexis' alternate personality. She may have taken the baby and has no recollection.

Scott: Yeah, the same trick she did with the Alcazar murder. It worked once. Why not do it again, huh? Just grab the baby, leave town, and then discover that the baby's missing.

Alexis: Go check my apartment, Scott. Check my credit cards.

Scott: Oh, we will.

Alexis: You won't find anything.

Cameron: Then you'll finally start a search when the trail is cold. Brilliant detective work, Baldwin.

Edward: Come on, come on. Just put her in a straitjacket and be done with it. Come on.

Scott: Well, now, Edward, I don't think we need a straitjacket.

Edward: Well --

Scott: Cuff her. You're under arrest for kidnapping your own daughter.

Cameron: Oh, this is ridiculous.

Alexis: You can't get away with this, Scott.

Edward: He has every right.

Alan: What in God's name happened to you?

Ned: What's going on? What are you doing here?

Edward: Ned, little Kristina has been kidnapped.

Ned: What?

Scott: Are you in on this, Ned? Or did she do it all by her little self?

Emily: I wanted to surprise everyone. Then I walked in the door and I heard Ned's baby's been kidnapped?

Monica: Oh, well -- yeah, at the moment, Kristina is missing. But there's a good chance that Alexis has her.

Emily: Why would she steal her own child?

Monica: Oh, Em, it's a long story. But in brief, Alexis hasn't been well lately. But she adores that baby, and she would never do anything to harm her.

Emily: But if it was a stranger, someone who took the baby for money?

Monica: Well, then, I mean, they would keep the baby safe and well because they'd want to get the ransom. I don't know. Whatever. But I'm so sorry you had to come back to all of this.

Emily: It's ok.

Monica: No, it's not ok. We've just -- we've missed you. I had no idea you'd be home for spring break.

Emily: Well, actually, I took a leave of absence from Stanford.

Monica: Did something happen?

Emily: Nothing specific. I just realized it was a big mistake for me to start college right away. I spent almost a year recovering from the accident, being in physical therapy hours every day. It was sort of disorienting going from there to a dorm and start writing papers for Western Civ.

Monica: Yeah, well, I see that. I -- I just hope you don't think that we've pressured you into going back to school too soon.

Emily: Some of my friends are taking a year off before starting college -- traveling, getting jobs. And I figured, what does it matter whether I graduate in 2007 or 2008?

Monica: It doesn't matter in the slightest. What matters is if -- by coming home means you're going to living here?

Emily: Yes. And you'll know the answer to that when you see how many suitcases I had sent.

Monica: That's ok. And listen, I -- I really understand you wanting to take some time off. Is that the only reason?

Emily: I've missed you, Mom.

Monica: Oh.

Emily: I've missed everyone.

Monica: Well, we've missed you more. Really. I think I learned a lesson with Jason -- is when a child leaves home, you can't make them come back. I'm really very glad that you came back on your own.

Emily: Thanks, Mom.

Monica: Ok, sweetie.

Carly: You're doing good, Michael.

Michael: Thanks.

Carly: Hey.

Courtney: So, what happened? You sounded upset on the phone.

Carly: Hey, Leticia, can you take Michael to my mom's now?

Michael: Not yet, Mom. I'm practicing my slap shot.

Carly: Sweetheart, grandma's waiting for you.

Michael: Just a little longer, please?

Carly: 15 minutes.

Michael: Ok.

Carly: Leticia, can you get him some hot chocolate from the stand? He looks like he's going to need it when he's done.

Leticia: All right, no problem. Michael, I'm going to leave, but I want you to stay right here along the shoreline, ok?

Michael: Ok.

Leticia: All right.

Courtney: So, what's going on?

Carly: I didn't get a chance to tell Sonny about our plan before he left the PCPD.

Courtney: What, the PCPD?

Carly: Sonny was arrested for assaulting Ned.

Courtney: What happened?

Carly: I don't know. I guess they got into an argument and Sonny just -- he snapped, and -- Ned dropped the charges, but Sonny was all hyped up when I got there, and I didn't get a chance to tell him. And then -- he's not answering his phone. Courtney, what if I can't tell him in time?

[phone rings]

Ric: Hello?

Faith: Meet me at the Elm Street pier right away.

Ric: Why?

Faith: Jason has agreed to give us exactly what we want.

Ric: No, he's agreed to give you exactly what you want. He doesn't know I'm involved.

Faith: Well, that's something we need to discuss.

Ric: Does Jason know that I'm a part of this?

Faith: Curb your paranoia, Ric. I haven't said a word.

Ric: But he does know that you have a silent partner.

Faith: Look, just meet me at the pier immediately.

Ric: Why? What's the rush?

Faith: I'll tell you when you get here.

Ric: You know what? Thanks for the invitation, but I don't think I'm going to be able to make it.

Faith: You'll show up in the next 10 minutes, or I won't be held accountable for what happens next.

Sonny: What are you doing here?

Jason: I invited her.

Ned: Are you accusing me of kidnapping my own daughter?

Scott: You had the means.

Ned: As you know, I happened to be otherwise occupied.

Scott: Yeah, yeah, I know that pip-squeak Corinthos gave you quite a beating. I also know that you don't want to lose your child, so maybe you dug into your deep pockets and you paid a professional to grab the kid.

Ned: Stop making a fool of yourself and start looking for my child. Does anyone have any idea who might have done this?

Scott: Yeah. She's right there.

Alexis: I swear to you, I had nothing to do with this.

Ned: And why is Scott so sure that you did?

Alexis: Because he's an idiot!

Scott: Well, now, maybe a trip downtown to fingerprint and book might change your mind. Or we could bypass that and you could just tell us where the kid is.

Alexis: Will you stop harassing me and find my child?

Scott: Ah, you're going to stick to your story, huh? Cuff her.

Cameron: Look, Baldwin, give me two minutes. I have some information for you.

Cameron: On what charge are you arresting Alexis?

Scott: A court order to stay from the baby, and she was caught red-handed on the premises in the nursery.

Cameron: But the baby's not on the premises, so you have no grounds for the arrest.

Scott: I can work with that.

Alexis: Kidnapping is a federal offense. You call the F.B.I., you let them do their job, you step aside, or we will report you to the authorities.

Ned: How did you let this happen?

Alan: We didn't.

Ned: Then how did a child just disappear from a house full of people?

A.J.: Why don't you ask your ex-fiancée?

Ned: Shut up, Junior. If you hadn't torched my gatehouse and framed me for neglect, my child would be home with me in my gatehouse --

Skye: You know what?

A.J.: Safe and sound.

Skye: A.J., We -- we really can't help here, ok? I think we're only making things worse.

Edward: That's the most intelligent thing I've heard since this whole nightmare started.

Skye: All right, let's go. They'll call if they need us.

Edward: Oh, what is Baldwin doing in there? Why doesn't he just take her down to headquarters and force her to admit that she took Kristina?

Ned: Don't you dare try to shift blame onto Alexis. You started this whole thing --

Alan: How dare you talk to him that way when you have the gall to say that we --

Emily: Stop! Just stop!

Edward: Emily!

Alan: Sweetheart!

Edward: Oh, my goodness.

Alan: Oh!

Carly: Sonny's still not picking up. You know, Jason's right. My plans -- they always turn out to be a disaster.

Courtney: Then why did he go along with it?

Carly: Because you were there. Because he's been so upset and I took advantage of it.

Courtney: Maybe a little. I mean, we were at The Cellar when Sonny and Jason were fighting, and you -- you jumped in the middle. Jason was a wreck. He came home and he told me how he thought Sonny was drowning and how he was only making it worse. Sonny threatened him, and Jason blamed himself.

Carly: You think that Sonny's more trouble than he's worth, don't you?

Courtney: I -- I think that my brother can be enormously frustrating, yeah, and I think you put up with a lot.

Carly: Do you know why?

Courtney: Obviously, you love him.

Carly: No, do you know why? Courtney, I used to hate Sonny for the same reasons that you have problems with him -- because he's arrogant and he's domineering and he would take Jason for granted, especially when I thought that Jason was worth ten of Sonny. And then one day I -- I saw something in Sonny that I was never supposed to. I saw his heart. I saw his pain, and I saw all the things that he carries inside of him. And as horrible and cruel and mean that he can be to other people, he's a thousand times worse to himself. You just don't know that side of him yet, Courtney. He's, you know, your big brother and you're the little sister. He wants to be strong for you. But one day, you're going to see it and you're going to understand that his love's completely worth it.

Courtney: I hope so. Because I did what you wanted today. I tore into Jason. I made it look real, and I said everything that I could to hurt him.

Carly: Jason knew why. He understood. It's the only way that Faith would believe that Jason would turn against Sonny.

Courtney: How's that for ironic? My brother hurts people for their own good, and now I'm doing it, too.

Carly: Courtney --

Michael: Mom, look, I'm a hockey player.

Carly: Michael --

[ice cracks]

Carly: Don't -- don't move.

Sonny: Since when do you set meetings for Faith?

Jason: Faith came as my guest.

Sonny: The woman who shot at my sister, at your girlfriend?

Jason: You're right, she wanted to negotiate.

Sonny: Yeah? How did that go, Jason? What did she offer you to turn against me?

Faith: You're the one that turned on Jason. How long did you expect me --

Sonny: Shut up!

Faith: Who do you think runs your business, Sonny? Who do you think your men are loyal to? I can't believe he waited this long. He could have taken over your territory years ago.

Sonny: He did. Then he gave it back. Remember that, Jason? I knew you were loyal. When did that change? When did you decide you wanted more than what I had --

Jason: This is business --

Sonny: Well, who taught you business? Who warned you it was fatal to let things get personal? Who showed you how to run a territory, how to negotiate, when to compromise, when to take the enemy down? Is that why you're holding that gun? Whoa! Is that what this is about?

Jason: You know the answer to that.

Sonny: When did I become your enemy?

Faith: You're not really the enemy so much as an obstacle. But you were unreasonable, not letting him date your sister. You know, that was a miscalculation on your part. You should have used that to your advantage.

Sonny: Did I not tell you to shut up?

Faith: You don't give the orders anymore.

Jason: Neither do you! You know why I'm doing this, right? For Carly, Michael, Courtney.

Sonny: Oh, you want to -- you want to save them from me?

Jason: I tried to warn you, Sonny. I tried to make you understand. Do you understand now that you pushed it so it had to be this way?

Faith: What are you waiting for? Are you waiting for his blessing? Just do it!

Jason: Where's your silent partner, Faith?

Faith: What are you doing? The police could come at any minute. Somebody could see you.

Jason: Why do you care? I'm the one who's holding the gun.

Faith: Because we're running out of time. Shoot him.

Jason: I don't shoot until I see your partner's face! I'm not going to be double-crossed by you.

Faith: There's no double-cross!

Jason: Then where's your partner?

Faith: You shoot him now, or he's going to kill both of us.

Sonny: She's right. Come on, Jason. Pull the trigger.

Alan: It is so wonderful to see you.

Ned: We had no idea you were coming home.

Emily: I decided to surprise you.

Alan: I missed you so much.

Edward: I tell you, this house is not the same without you.

Ned: Now, there's an understatement.

Edward: And your grandmother's going to be so thrilled to see you.

Alan: How long are you going to be staying for?

Emily: A while. I'll tell you everything later.

Alan: Ok.

Emily: You need to focus on Kristina.

Ned: Yeah, well, the police are still searching the grounds. Hopefully, they'll come up with something.

Edward: And if they don't, I'm going to take care of it myself. I'll talk to the F.B.I. Personally. I'll hire private detectives. I'll move heaven and earth --

Ned: Grandfather, too little, too late.

Edward: What?

Ned: See, your only job was to keep Kristina protected, and you blew it.

Edward: She was taking a nap, and we didn't expect her to be kidnapped.

Ned: Incredible, isn't it? There's someone out there who's actually more underhanded and conniving than you.

Officer: We've searched the entire estate. There's no sign of the child.

Ned: Of course there isn't. Because while Baldwin was standing there making false accusations, the kidnapper made his escape.

Edward: Baldwin has the kidnapper in custody in there.

Alan: Oh, for God's sake, you're as bad as he is.

Ned: How did someone come in here and just walk off with my daughter?

Edward: Alexis had a motive.

Monica: Yes, but what about the evidence? What about the proof?

Edward: He will get the proof.

Scott: Oh, I will.

Monica: Why is everybody accusing Alexis?

Alan: Yeah, what if it isn't her? Look at all the time we're wasting trying to find the baby.

Monica: Yes. Thank you.

Cameron: What were you doing here, Alexis?

Alexis: I didn't steal the baby, Cameron.

Cameron: Then what was your baby carrier doing in the nursery? Don't stonewall me, Alexis. I risked my career covering for you during the murder trial. I'll cover for you again, but only if you tell me the truth.

Alexis: The baby carrier is mine.

Cameron: So you came to this house planning to steal Kristina from the Quartermaines.

Alexis: I can't very well leave her here. I came here to pick her up. I was going to leave town and disappear, but someone else got her first, and now she's at the mercy of some stranger.

Carly: Slow, slow, slow --

Courtney: Ok. Just a little further.

Carly: Ok, come on. All right, slow, honey. All right, reach out. Reach out for aunt Courtney.

Courtney: Ok.

Carly: Ok.

Courtney: Come on.

Carly: Got him?

Courtney: Almost. Almost. Ok, oh, I got him.

[ice cracks]

Carly: Whoa --

[Carly scrams]

Michael: Mommy! Mommy!

Courtney: Michael, stay back! Carly! Give me your hand!

Sonny: Go ahead, shoot me.

Faith: Get it over with.

Jason: Who's your partner, Faith?

Sonny: Who cares, Jason? You started this. Finish it. Shoot me! Go ahead! Do what you got to do! It's the only way you're going to survive, Jason. Take what's mine. But be smarter than I was. Don't ever love anything more than life.

Faith: He's stalling. Shoot him.

Sonny: Go ahead, go ahead. You listening? Because I'm not -- that's the last lesson you're going to get. So you better pay attention. I lied when I called you a friend. What I taught you about loyalty and honor? They don't exist.

Faith: Oh, damn it.

Jason: Whoa, whoa. Who are you working with?

Faith: Oh, you bastard. You set me up!

Sonny: Give me his name, or you're going to die right now.

Faith: Well, I told him to be here.

Sonny: I'm tired of screwing around with you! Who is he?

Faith: I don't need to protect him. It's --


Sonny: Find the shooter!

[Faith moans]

Sonny: Who shot you, Faith? Who's your partner? Tell me!

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