GH Transcript Monday 3/31/03


General Hospital Transcript Monday 3/31/03

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Judge Farmer: Kristina will reside with Mr. Quartermaine.

Ned: It was all a setup. Grandfather took Kristina up to the main house while Junior set the fire.

Monica: Heads up.

Edward: Oh, God --

Monica: Gotcha.

Sonny: You're nothing to me. I'm going to consider you a threat. You know what that means.

Courtney: You think that Ric wants to hurt Sonny?

Jason: He's been pulling strings all along.

Ric: Sonny may be smart. I'm smarter.

Courtney: Morning. You all right?

Jason: You know, things are bad right now, but when I look at you, everything just goes away.

Cameron: It's clear to me that it's a difficult subject for you, but I think it'd be valuable if we continued to work on it.

Alexis: Ok. I'm just a little pressed for time.

Cameron: I meant at the next session, Alexis.

Alexis: Oh, oh. Yeah, ok.

Cameron: Look, I know these sessions can be upsetting, even after the fact.

Alexis: Well, it's a consequence of the court order, and it'll help me deal with the separation that I feel from my daughter.

Cameron: Well, that's just the sort of response a therapist likes to hear, which is why I know it's a total fabrication.

A.J.: Grandfather, glad I caught you at home. I wanted to go over --

Edward: Hey, hey, what -- why are you still here? You should be at the office by now.

A.J.: I wanted to discuss my responsibilities first.

Edward: Oh.

A.J.: Now, you got custody of little Kristina. And in return for being allowed visitation, Nedís given you back control of E.L.Q. --

Edward: Mm-hmm.

A.J.: Thanks, in large part, to yours truly.

Edward: It was a great night, wasn't it?

A.J.: Yes, it was. But now it's time to discuss my new position. Working on the docks gave me a unique perspective. I want to be in control over shipping interests.

Edward: No, you'll be staying where you are at E.L.Q., A.J.

Gia: You don't have to be here.

Zander: I want to see the look on your brother's face when you try and sell him on the idea of you getting a job in Baldwinís office. He's going to see right through it.

Gia: Which is why Iím going to be honest.

Zander: You're going to tell your brother that you want to prove that Baldwinís corrupt?

Gia: Believe me, Marcus wants Scott gone as badly as the rest of us do.

Zander: Scott's not going to make this easy on you. He's not going to leave anything just lying around incriminating, waiting for you to find it.

Gia: No, I know. It's going to take some time. But we have to do something. Ned and Alexis have been separated from their child thanks to Scott.

Zander: Here's your brother.

Taggert: Hey.

Zander: How's it going?

Gia: Thanks for meeting me.

Taggert: I know that look.

Gia: Look, I need a favor, and just hear me out, ok?

Taggert: Mm-hmm. See? It's that "I need a favor" look, right? Which means I'm probably going to regret this conversation.

Carly: Sonny?

Sonny: Be careful.

[Carly gasps]

Sonny: No!

Sonny: Carly --

Carly: What -- I'm here, I'm here. I'm fine. I'm here. It'll be --

Sonny: Oh, my God.

Carly: What?

Sonny: Is the baby all right?

Carly: The baby's fine. You were dreaming again, huh? We slept on the couch. It's ok.

Sonny: She doesn't want this baby born.

Carly: What?

Sonny: She's going to try to hurt it.

Carly: Who? Who -- what -- what are you talking about, huh?

[knock on door]

Carly: What's going --

Sonny: Don't -- don't answer that.

Carly: No, no, no, no, no. No, whoever it is is going away. They're going away. It's ok. It's ok. Stay there. Stay there. Max, it's not a good time -- it's not a good time. Come back in a couple hours.

Sonny: Wait, wait, wait -- come here.

Carly: No, no, no. No.

Sonny: Come in.

Carly: No.

Sonny: Come in.

Sonny: I'm glad you're here. I need you. Faith Rosco has to be stopped.

Gia: It would look great on my resume to say I was an intern in the D.A.'s office. All I need is for you to pitch the idea to Scott.

Taggert: So you want me to get the D.A. to put you in a position to spy on him? It's not going to happen, baby sister.

Georgie: Yeah, well, I'm telling you it's not true. I got to go. Ok, you need to hear this before someone says it at school.

Maxie: Stay out of my life.

Georgie: Kyle Cooper's telling all his friends that you had sex with him.

Lucas: Maxie, you have a minute?

Maxie: I'm kind of busy.

Lucas: Just let me say this. I'm sorry for what I said at Kyleís party. I had a right to be mad at you. I just didn't need to broadcast it.

Georgie: It doesn't matter. He's telling all his friends, anyway.

Maxie: I didn't -- ok, Kyle and I didn't do anything, ok? We made out. He's a total liar.

Kyle: Anytime you want more, give me a call.

Maxie: Georgie, no.

Georgie: You know what? Shut your big, fat, lying mouth, ok?

A.J.: We had a deal -- I help you in exchange for real power at E.L.Q.

Edward: You're already a vice president, A.J. What more do you want?

A.J.: What I have is nothing but an empty title.

Edward: No, you -- no, no, no, you were a big part of this, A.J. You came around with it, and it showed real progress on your part. I think you should take it as a personal victory. You -- you certainly have one foot out of the cellar.

A.J.: Which means I'm still in the cellar.

Edward: Oh, God, A.J., you got a handsome salary with none of the headaches. Agh!

A.J.: I'm vice president in charge of paper clips! Now, what I want -- I want power in this family and in this company. You promised me. Ok, don't you dare double-cross me, old man.

Skye: Let me guess -- grandfather just stabbed you in the back? You're not climbing up the Quartermaine ladder after all, are you?

A.J.: I went out on a limb for you. I could've been arrested for arson.

Edward: Mm-hmm, which is exactly why you will say nothing of what happened, ever.

A.J.: Oh, you think I can't fight back, right? You don't think I can fight back without incriminating myself? Is that it?

Edward: No, you are trapped, A.J. One word of this leaks out and you are in jail for arson.

Skye: Don't let it bother you, A.J. So what, grandfather stomps all over you. Because, in the end, he only has the interest of the family at heart. Don't you, Grandfather?

[Edward chuckles]

Edward: You -- you don't think I would've given you a position of power in the company, huh, where you could go on a bender and do some harm to it? A.J., you can't handle it! You never could!

A.J.: You're making a serious mistake, old man. Payback's a bitch, I promise you.

Edward: You're in no position to threaten me, young man. Now, you've -- you've had a taste of manual labor. You can go back to driving a forklift if you want, or you can continue to maintain your place that you have earned in this family. Just remember what that place is and you'll be fine.

Skye: Well, I'd say you got two options here -- first being you can join me in a three-day bender where we can drown our sorrows, or you can take advantage of my rather magnanimous nature.

A.J.: Which is what, exactly?

Skye: I'm willing to forget that you tried to cut me out of the deal and help you make the old geezer pay.

Cameron: Lying to me, Alexis, will only make this process take longer.

Alexis: I just assured you that Iím working on my therapy to get cured so I can get my daughter back.

Cameron: Pretending to be all right when you're anything but is not working on your therapy, and Kristina doesn't have two or three years for you to get around to the real work.

Alexis: There is no "real work," Cameron, because I'm not really mentally ill, remember?

Cameron: Alexis, I'll grant you that you faked dissociative identity disorder, but your choices over the last few months are those of a woman -- a mother who's been operating under tremendous sustained stress.

Alexis: What do you want to hear? You want to hear that I see mothers pushing babies in strollers absolutely everywhere that I go and it's unbearable? You want to hear that I wish that I could put my daughter to bed every night? Because I do. You want to hear that I've been spending hours in the law library looking up any precedent I can find that would be able to get my daughter away from the Quartermaines?

Cameron: All those feelings are normal, even healthy.

Alexis: There's nothing normal about the Quartermaines. I think Emily comes the closest, and she was a drug addict by the time she was 14. Skye and A.J. are both alcoholics. Alan is addicted to pills. Monica and Alan are chronically unfaithful. And Ned likes to have sex in public with mobsters. Does that sound like a healthy environment for a child to be raised in?

Cameron: Oh, she'll only be there for a year at most, unless you do something to make the situation worse.

Alexis: Please do not imply that Iím a danger to my own child.

Cameron: Where did that come from?

Alexis: I'm not plotting anything.

Cameron: I'm not the enemy, Alexis. Look, I know you have difficulty trusting people. I sure wish you could trust me.

Courtney: Hey. I -- I found this at a shop as I was walking home from work, and I thought it would look good in here. You know, we talked about maybe adding a few things to make the place look a little more --

Jason: Like our loft?

Courtney: I want you to be ok with it, though. I don't want you to feel like Iím trying to take over your life or anything.

Jason: All that matters is that you're here. So if you want to fix this place up so you like it better, it's fine.

Courtney: So you don't feel invaded?

Jason: No, no. All Brenda did, really, was complain about how there's no furniture and how this place looks like a cross between a waiting room and a bar.

Courtney: Yeah, well, I hate to hurt your feelings, but she was right. Except for the -- the rooms that Brenda decorated for herself upstairs, this place needs some serious help.

Jason: All right, that's fine. Just don't get rid of my pool table.

Courtney: Ok.

Jason: And just don't use any of your own money.

Courtney: Jason, I -- I feel weird taking money from you.

Jason: I -- I never want you to feel like Iím, you know, trying to buy you or make you use my money.

Courtney: I donít.

Jason: Ok, good. So you know where the money is if you want it. If you don't want to use it, you donít.

Courtney: Well, I'm sure I can make myself spend it on you. I would like to make your home look a little more --

Jason: This isn't really my home. I just -- I just stay here when I need to. The first home Iíve had in a long time is -- is at our loft with you.

Sonny: Faith's not going to back off. I need to protect my family.

Carly: Sonny, Ric's a lawyer. He can't handle this.

Sonny: Ric's all I got right now, Carly. He's all I got. All right. All right, I need to know who's bankrolling Faith. It's not Ned Ashton. It's a silent partner. I need you to get proof. I need names. Are you up to this?

Ric: I'll do everything I can.

Courtney: What? You're going to tell me if you feel uncomfortable, right? You're not going to just sit there and suffer in silence if you hate everything I do to the place.

Jason: No, I hardly notice furniture. I'm not going to hate it. Plus, I'd rather you fix it up than complain like Brenda --

[knock on door]

Jason: Every day. Yeah?

Carly: Hey. Hey. It's getting worse, Jason.

Jason: Ok, ok, ok. Courtney, can you just excuse me --

Carly: No, actually --

Jason: What?

Carly: I need her to stay. I've got a bit of a plan, and I need her --

Jason: Plan -- no way. No, your plans don't work.

Carly: Jason, Sonny is across the hall right now with Ric. He is telling him that Faith Rosco has some silent partner and he wants Ric to find out who it is. He told me -- he told him all this right in front of me, ok, and he didn't tell me to leave. He -- he confided in Ric. You know he doesn't trust him. You know he thinks he's working an agenda.

Jason: Ok, you're right. You're right to come to me about Ric. I can watch Ric.

Carly: Jason, that's not enough, ok? I am scared. I am scared that Sonny is -- is going to leave himself wide open for his enemies -- for Faith Rosco, for this silent partner.

Jason: Carly, you're right, there's a silent partner, but I can't stop Faith until I know who it is.

Carly: Ok, well, I can figure it out with you. I've got this plan, yes, but it's a good one and it will work. But you both have to be willing to go along.

Jason: This --

Carly: What? What would you want, Jason? Would you rather that Sonny continues to tell Ric things until he incriminates himself? How are we supposed to protect him then, Jase? Huh? Come on, it's going to work. You just have to go along.

Jason: Ok. Fine. What do you need?

Carly: I need you to be in on this and willing.

Courtney: Yeah, ok. I'll do whatever it takes.

Kyle: Do I know you?

Georgie: Georgie Jones, sister of Maxie -- the girl you're currently lying to your so-called friends about.

Kyle: What's your problem? It's just sex, your sister's favorite contact sport.

Georgie: My sister never had sex with you. She realized that you're a total creep, walked out, and now you're lying to cover up the fact that you're just a pathetic loser.

Lucas: Ok, Georgie, I think you made your point.

Georgie: No.

Kyle: They can prescribe drugs to help with that mental condition.

Georgie: You know what? Truth hurts, doesn't it, Mr. Wannabe love machine?

Maxie: You just made that so much worse.

Lucas: Maxie, wait Ė

Taggert: Baldwin is a master at covering his own back, all right? He will see through this in a split second.

Gia: Which is why you're going to have to sell me as the perfect intern -- very eager to learn from him.

Taggert: Gia, if Scott sees you going through his stuff in his office, leaking information, he will have you kicked out of law school, and that is only the start.

Gia: Then Iíll have to make sure I don't get caught, won't I? What was it Edmund Burke said -- "all that is needed for evil to triumph is for --"

Gia and Taggert: "Good men to do nothing."

Gia: That's exactly why you became a cop. You take risks every day, so you got no right telling me I canít.

Taggert: Forget it.

Gia: Edward Quartermaine used Scott to help him get custody of Kristina. The gatehouse fire was arson. It was all a setup to make Ned look bad, and it only worked because the district attorney helped. Scott's supposed to be protecting innocent people, but instead he's selling them out. Someone's got to expose him.

Taggert: Maybe, but it's not going to be you, all right?

Gia: How long have you been lecturing me about following my conscience, doing what I know is right instead of what's easy? Now I try to do exactly that, and you don't like it?

Taggert: Gia, you stay in school. You get your degree. You pass the bar. Then you can dedicate your life to bringing down D.A. Baldwin. I'll help you then, but I'm not going to help you ruin your life. You'll talk my sister out of this, all right, if you're any kind of friend.

A.J.: You're the last person I need to talk to right now.

Skye: Yeah, well, you know, I don't think you have too many options, A.J. I'm sure grandfather will just roll right over daddy, and Monicaís going to tell you you got just what you deserved. Of course, there is Ned, but I don't really think he's going to be too receptive considering that you conspired to take his child away, not to mention burning down his home. Well, there are the ex-wives, but probably not. Oh -- big brother Jason? I don't think so. Oh, there is Coleman, but your last two plans with him didn't exactly pan out.

A.J.: Yeah, look who's talking.

Skye: Yeah, your sister, A.J., the one person who cares about you more than anyone else in this entire twisted family.

A.J.: That's not saying much.

Skye: Hey, I know where you are exactly at this moment, ok? I know what it's like to be written off. What I don't get is why you thought that this time would be any different. Grandfather always cheats. He always lies. He knows you want to be treated with respect, and he uses it against you. Now, I came to you offering my help, and you basically told me to go to hell. You wanted to enjoy this victory all on your own.

A.J.: You know, grandfather's bad enough, but you gloating? I can't take it.

Skye: That is not why I'm here, ok?

A.J.: Why are you here? Why are you?

Skye: Because, A.J., we are all we have to rely on -- each other. Because grandfather could've given the same exact speech he gave you just by inserting my name. Because I hate to see that old geezer gloating. And because if you and I work together, we got a much better shot of winning.

Alexis: Monica?

Monica: Hmm?

Alexis: Hi.

Monica: Oh, hi.

Alexis: Did you see Kristina this morning?

Monica: Yes, I did, and she is just fine.

Alexis: Good. Did Ned mention anything about her formula?

Monica: Yes, he did. Yeah.

Alexis: And about her schedule -- to keep her on the same schedule she was at the hospital with the nurses --

Monica: Yes. Ned knows all about it, and he gave that schedule to Alice, and she has promised she will stick to it faithfully.

Alexis: Thank you.

Monica: Listen, I have to go, but don't -- don't worry about Kristina. She's going to be just fine. You work on yourself and your recovery. But if it will help, if you need to know anything about her, call me anytime, ok?

Alexis: That means a lot to me. Thank you, Monica.

Monica: No problem.

Carly: So, you see, it's not dangerous. There is no risk to Courtney. And if it all works, you get the information that you need, Jason.

Jason: All right, Courtney -- I mean, this is a big thing. You think you can do your part?

Courtney: Well, I don't like it, but we need to find out who Faith's working with.

Jason: Carly, this -- look, just -- you know what? You need to tell Sonny, ok? Go tell him right now, all of it.

Carly: I -- I will. The last thing that I want is for him to be blindsided by this.

Ric: We need to meet.

Faith: What happened?

Ric: Well, Sonny has me looking into who your silent partner is.


Ric: Yeah. If -- if you come up with any information, just let me know, all right? Thanks.

Sonny: You get anywhere?

Ric: No, not yet. Listen, are you sure about this silent partner of Faith's?

Sonny: Faith's not smart enough to play this game. Somebody's behind her, somebody who's got a grudge. They're using her, pulling her string. I -- be right back.

Ric: What? So-- Sonny, wait a minute. Where are you going?

Sonny: Don't worry about it. No, no, don't -- don't follow me. Don't -- I'm taking care of this myself.

Jason: You go tell Sonny about this right now.

Carly: I will. Good luck, you guys.

Courtney: I can already tell that you hate this.

Jason: Carly's plans never work.

Courtney: This one has to.

Carly: So, is Ric still here?

Max: No, and Sonny left, too.

Carly: When?

Max: Ric left a few minutes ago, and Sonny left before that.

Carly: Where did he -- who's with him, Max?

Max: He said he had to take care of something alone, and he ordered me to stay --

Carly: Wait, wait, wait. There's no bodyguard with him?

Max: Well, he said that --

Carly: He's alone? Why -- why didn't you come to talk to me? Why didn't you come get Jason?

Max: Sonny's given orders not to tell Jason anything.

Carly: Well, you know what? Sonny is in a bad mood, and when he's like that he doesn't think straight! You know what, Max? If anything happens, this is on your head. So you better go get everybody, get all the men, and find him now!

Ned: I can't wait to hear what you and I would have to negotiate, Sonny.

Sonny: No negotiation. This is a one-time offer.

Ned: Sounds an awful --

Sonny: Hold on! Information in exchange for your life.

Ned: Sounds like a threat.

Sonny: Well, you chose to -- to partner with Faith Rosco, somebody who's harmed me, my family, shot at us. What am I supposed to do, Ned, huh? What am I supposed to do?

Ned: I can assure you whatever it is that Faith did, I had nothing to do with it.

Sonny: You're in way over your head! And I'm going to tell you right now, if you don't want to die, you better tell me who Faith Rosco's working with. I know it's not just you. It's somebody else. I need a name.

Ned: I have no idea what you're talking about. And even if I did, I would never tell you.

Announcer: D.A. Scott Baldwin announced at a press conference today that he is heading a special task force focusing on organized crime. Mr. Baldwin assured that he's not afraid to name names and that the task force would focus its investigation on the alleged criminal activities of Michael Corinthos Jr. Mr. Corinthos has been the target of --

[Lucas turns off TV]

Georgie: Does it bother you?

Lucas: Sonny is my sister's husband, you know? We're not really close or anything, but Iíd rather not see him go to jail.

Georgie: Yeah. You know, Carly doesn't spend a whole lot of time acting like your sister.

Lucas: Well, right now Maxie's not exactly acting like yours, either.

Georgie: Good point.

Lucas: But you still care what happens to her, right?

Georgie: Yeah. How is Maxie?

Lucas: She's not talking to me, either.

Georgie: You do realize that Kyle is a lying piece of slime?

Lucas: Oh, I realize that.

Georgie: Good.

Lucas: You were great, by the way -- the way you stood up for Maxie.

Georgie: Thank you, but Maxie didn't think so.

Lucas: Oh, give her time.

Georgie: Yeah.

Lucas: Here, let me help you with that. There you go.

Georgie: Thank you.

Lucas: You're welcome.

Gia: This always annoys me about my brother -- he tells me to stand up for myself and then fights me when I try to. Does he have any idea how condescending he sounds? I don't appreciate being treated like Iím weak or incapable or not very bright.

Zander: Ok. Fine. Then I will talk to you like the strong, confident person you are. Your brother -- not going to budge on this. Baldwin -- not going to hire you. So we got to come up with another way to get something on him.

Gia: This internship is the perfect way to get access to Scott.

Zander: Yeah.

Gia: We've got to find some way to work it. If Marcus won't help, I'll just have to come up with plan B. I got to go to class.

Zander: Ok.

Gia: Any news from Emily?

Zander: Uh-uh.

Ric: What are you doing here?

Faith: You said we needed to meet.

Ric: Pretend like Iím delivering a message from Sonny. He knows you're working with a silent partner. You better not get any ideas about giving me up.

Faith: You get in, you take your chances.

Elizabeth: Hey.

Ric: Hey.

Elizabeth: Don't let me interrupt. I'm just going to --

Ric: No, no, no. I've said all I need to Mrs. Rosco. Come on.

Ric: So, how was landscape class?

Elizabeth: How did you know I was taking it?

Ric: Dinner the other night -- it's Tuesdays and Thursdays, right?

Elizabeth: And you remembered? Ok, that's scary.

Ric: I make it a point to remember all kinds of things about you -- you know, where you go, what you do, what you like, subjects that bore you to tears so I don't bring them up again.

Elizabeth: I can't think of a single moment Iíve been bored since I met you.

Ric: Aw, that's very sweet. You're lying.

Elizabeth: I'm not lying. Nothing you do bores me.

Ric: Ah, except for when I'm talking about my boring business classes at Stanford?

Elizabeth: Oh, no --

Ric: No?

Elizabeth: No. No.

[Ric snores]

Elizabeth: Listen, I wasn't bored. I was just --

Ric: You were comatose.

Elizabeth: All right. Fine.

Ric: Ok. Yeah.

Elizabeth: Ok, I was bored.

Ric: I thought it was the end of the relationship at that point --

[Elizabeth and Ric laugh]

Courtney: I have to start my shift.

Jason: Can we not do this here?

Courtney: I don't have anything else to say to you.

Jason: You can't just tell me that you're going off to college and just walk away from me.

Courtney: God, I want a life away from here, ok, and away from you. I did it again. I tried to live in a fairy tale and make you someone that you werenít.

Jason: Let's just go outside --

Courtney: No, don't touch me!

Jason: Don't --

Courtney: Leave!

Jason: Don't tell me what to do.

Courtney: I don't want to say anything to you anymore, Jason. I don't want to see you anymore because I finally see who you are and what you are. And you want to know what the funny thing is? Sonny was right.

Jason: Stop this.

Courtney: No, Sonny was right when he said that I should stay away from you, he was right when he said that you would only hurt me, and he was right when he said that you are just broken inside.

Jason: Don't do this!

Courtney: No, why don't we just -- why don't we just make a clean break, cut our losses? Come on, Jason, you're a pro at that.

Jason: You said you'd never walk away from me.

Courtney: No. Well, that was before I saw the truth -- you are dead inside. Just like you said, you don't feel anything. You just mimic. Whatever I said, you just said it back like a machine, a tape recorder. You can't love.

Jason: Ok, you know, we're not --

Courtney: The only thing you can do is destroy.

Jason: We're not doing this anymore! Stop saying that!

Courtney: Do you know what the sad thing is, Jason? You can't even feel sorry because you have to feel. You can't feel.

Jason: Shut up! Shut up!

Courtney: Oh, sorry, my mistake! You can feel. You can get mad. So what? Go ahead. Why don't you kick something else? Why don't you scare me some more, huh? Because I can feel, Jason, and I am afraid of you. Sonny was right. I should've listened to him.

Jason: To hell with sonny. To hell with you.

Ric: I really think you -- Jason, I think you should leave. You're only making this worse on yourself.

Monica: How's Zander's hand?

Cameron: You'd have to ask him. How's the baby?

Monica: Oh, she's fine, just fine. I'm glad I ran into you. I wanted to let you know that I saw Alexis after she'd had her session with you. She asked me a couple of questions about Kristina, and I really -- I thought she was quite lucid compared to the way she was going on with Ned in E.R.

Cameron: What sort of information was she looking for?

Monica: Oh, well, about schedule, formula, you know.

Cameron: How specific were the questions?

Monica: Actually, she wanted to know if Kristina was on the same schedule that she had been on. I --

Cameron: Excuse me, Monica. I just remembered I'm late for an appointment.

Monica: Ok.

Cameron: And, for the record, I thought Alexis' reaction in the E.R. was totally appropriate for a mother who just found out her baby was left alone and abandoned in a burning building. You're a mother. How would you have reacted?

Alice: I took baby Kristina outside for a half-hour of fresh air. Then I laid her down for her nap and played some of that Mozart music for her. She should be awake in about an hour and ready for some quality time.

Edward: Oh, good. I can certainly tell I did the right thing when I put you in charge, Alice.

Alice: Thank you.

Edward: Now, listen -- I'm going to be at the office for the next couple of hours, and you just call me if you need anything, all right?

Alice: Got it.

Skye: Uh, excuse me. You're not going anywhere until you, A.J., and I discuss terms.

Edward: I warned you not to push me, young man.

Skye: Hey, what, am I not here?

Edward: I have my limit.

A.J.: So do I, and Iíve reached it.

Ned: I've paid the price for getting involved with Faith Rosco. I've temporarily lost custody of little Kristina. And as much as that hurts, there is one small consolation, and that's seeing you, Sonny, afraid and desperate to save his family. But you can't do anything about it, so how does it feel? After all these years of destroying the people in my family, the people that I love, how's it feel to be helpless?

Sonny: You think I'm helpless, Ned? You think I'm helpless? "Oh, look. Look at me, I'm --"

[Ned groans]

Sonny: You think I'm --

Taggert: Go ahead, Sonny. Go ahead, give me an excuse! Sonny! Back off!

Sonny: Hey, hey, hey.

Faith: She's not worth it. She did you a favor -- showed you that loyalty to Sonny only goes one way. You did everything for him. You did all his dirty work, you held his whole world together, and he repaid you by cutting you loose.

Jason: What do you want?

Faith: I want him removed, and you're in a position to do it. I think maybe we could help each other.

Jason: What makes you think I would even trust you?

Faith: Donít. What did trust get you with Sonny? All you need to know is that we both stand to gain. We can take his money and his power and get a little payback in the process. Or you can turn and walk away and let him get away with using you --

Jason: You're talking too much!

Faith: Humiliating you -- no, I'm not! He used you, and now his precious sister doesn't want you because your hands are dirty. Because of him, you're dead inside. All because of loyalty to Sonny. It is time you were loyal to someone else, namely yourself.

Jason: Fine. You and I will take Sonny down -- together.

Taggert: Michael Corinthos Jr., you're under arrest for assault.

Scott: So, Ned, you want to press charges?

Ned: You're damn right I am.

Taggert: Thought you were too smart to do your own dirty work.

Scott: Yeah, I bet you're sorry that you got rid of your number one stooge, Jason. Read him his rights.

Taggert: Michael Corinthos Jr., you have the right to remain silent. If you give up that right, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to have an attorney present during questioning.

Carly: I want to speak with my husband now. Where is he, Max?

Max: We're looking. In case he's in the middle of something, would you like me to relay a message?

Carly: No, I want you to find him. And when you do, I need to speak with him myself. Ric -- you let Sonny leave here? You let him leave without a guard?

Ric: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. He left before I did. I assumed that he took somebody with him. Why? What's happened?

Carly: Well, I need to speak to him, ok? Did you -- did you find out who Faith's new partner is?

Ric: No, no, no, not yet. We've got bigger problems than that. Courtney and Jason broke up. And Jasonís way out of control and -- I just -- I think this could turn out bad for Sonny.

Carly: So -- so is this another one of those Elizabeth Webber stories, Ric?

Ric: No, I saw it myself, ok? Courtney showed up for a shift at Kellyís, Jason followed her in, and then they just started going at it.

Carly: Jason. Hey -- hey, it's me. Ric's over here. He's telling me some story about -- about Kellyís, something with you and -- will you call me back? Don't ignore this phone call, Jason. Please call me.

Ric: Carly, Iíve never seen Jason that furious. He was throwing stuff all over the place. I just think, in his current state, if he runs into Sonny, it's not going to turn out well.

Carly: God, I feel like my whole world is coming apart right now.

Ric: Look, Carly, I want you to know that Sonny does have somebody that he can trust. I know you're not going to believe this, it's going to take some time, but I swear I will look out for Sonny. He's giving me a chance. I just hope you will, too.

Carly: Ric, I just want what's best for my husband. I want him to be safe.

Ric: That's all I want, too.

[phone rings]

Carly: Right. Excuse me. Excuse me. Hello.

Scott: Carly, Scott Baldwin.

Carly: Oh, God -- what do you want?

Scott: Hey, now, be nice. I don't have to make this phone call. I just wanted to let you know that your husband has been arrested for assault. So you need to get yourself a cheap lawyer because he's in a whole lot of trouble.

Taggert: Told you you'd slip up one day, Sonny. Finally did.

Skye: You are not cutting me and A.J. out of this deal.

Edward: Fine. Then Iíll go talk to my good friend, the district attorney --

A.J.: You don't want to hear my counterproposal? Otherwise, Iím going straight to Judge Farmer with everything.

Edward: Oh, really? Then you will go straight to jail.

A.J.: Yeah? Maybe, maybe not. But if I go, I guarantee you I won't be alone, old man.

Edward: God, this is why you will never be a success at anything.

[door closes]

Edward: You don't know when to cut your losses.

A.J.: I held up my end of the bargain. I got you baby Kristina. Now, I want what's coming to me. Otherwise --

[doorbell rings]


Alice: Be quiet, already! Be quiet! There's a sleeping baby!

Cameron: Where's the nursery?

Alice: You just can't barge in here.

Edward: Hey, you aren't wanted here. Go on.

Cameron: This is urgent.

Alexis: Oh, my God!

Edward: Oh, God, what is -- the nursery -- get up Ė

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Taggert: What?

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