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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Kyle: You're so beautiful. I'll take care of everything.

Georgie: Maxie only went to the party with you so she could sleep with Kyle.

Alexis: If you won't help me get Kristina back, I need to find somebody who will.

Alan: Judge Farmer thinks this is the best place for her.

Monica: A decision based on fraud.

Sonny: You hide your true colors longer. You're no different than anybody else who's betrayed me. All bets are off.

Carly: No, Sonny, no!

Carly: No, Sonny, no! No!

Elizabeth: Do you see why I wanted to call the police?

Sonny: Carly, Carly, stay out of it. I don't want you to get hurt.

Jason: Take it easy.

Carly: Stop it. You guys are family. Don't do this! Donít.

Sonny: Damn it! I wanted you. You're a coward, huh? Hiding behind my wife? You think you can take me down, huh? You think you can take me down, Jason? Come on! Come get me! But I am warning you -- you better come with the strength of conviction.

Jason: I'm not going to fight you.

Carly: Sonny, take me home, please. I got -- I need to go home now.

Sonny: Is the baby all right?

Carly: Take me home.

Sonny: Is the baby all right?

Carly: Please. The baby's fine. Take me home.

Sonny: All right, let's go.

Carly: Okay.

Sonny: I'm fine. One more thing, Jason -- you're nothing to me. You're less than a stranger. And if you keep working against me, I'm going to consider you a threat. And you know what that means. You know what that means, Jason.

Carly: Yeah, let it go. Come on.

Ric: I think Sonny made it very clear that you're not welcome here. I have to ask you to leave.

[Music plays]

Lucas: Hey, Zach.

Zach: Hey, man. What's up?

Lucas: Hey -- I'm looking for Maxie.

Zach: You want a beer?

Lucas: No, thanks. Someone said she was with Kyle?

Zach: Oh, yeah. They were making out a while ago. Went up to one of the bedrooms.

Lucas: That can't be right.

Zach: It wasn't just Kyle. Maxie was all over it. She practically dragged his butt upstairs.

Kyle: Where are you going? I'm just grabbing some protection.

Maxie: We can't. I'm not ready.

Kyle: That's what I'm here for. I don't mind taking it slow.

Maxie: Look -- I really thought I could do this, okay?

Kyle: Hold on. You're turning me down? After the way you've been all over me?

Maxie: I'm sorry, Kyle. I really like you, and I think you're great. I -- I canít.

Kyle: It's just sex. What the hell is your problem?

Judge Farmer: She's an adorable little girl.

Monica: Yes, she is that.

Judge Farmer: Then what seems to be the problem?

Monica: Problem?

Judge Farmer: I assume that's why I'm here -- to address some sort of problem.

Monica: Oh -- oh, I'm -- I'm sorry if I led you to believe that. No, actually, I really wanted to tell you that I -- I applaud your decision. I think that -- that having Kristina here with this family is the only viable solution to this unfortunate situation. And I really wanted you to know that you had made the right choice.

Ned: Well, I have to admit, it's one hell of a setup. Definitely did not see it coming. I detect your hand in the details, Grandfather. Alan -- he's not diabolical enough, and, well, we all know Junior's not smart enough to come up with the idea of having me ticketed for public indecency while someone torches my home.

Edward: Now, just keep your voice down.

Ned: I presume Kristina was in the main house when -- I'm just taking a wild guess here -- A.J. set the fire? Even you would never endanger a child. No, not your heir, for God's sake. You only want to steal her. Well, I'm warning all of you -- you're not getting away with this.

Edward: Oh, congratulations, Ned. Ooh, boy, you're sharp as a tack. You've got this whole thing figured out, haven't you? Listen -- Judge Farmer and Monica and your baby are right in there. Why don't you just burst in and you can tell them the whole thing.

Ned: Judge Farmer? What -- what is she doing --

Edward: You can go in and convince them that no one in this family is fit to supervise a child. Ooh, and you will feel so good about yourself. But you won't get Kristina back. No, you see, the judge feels that you are even less fit than we are, hmm? No, I'm afraid that little Kristina will be placed in foster care. Is that what you want, hmm?

Ned: You know damn well I would never allow Kristina to be placed into foster care. So, for now, I have no choice but to leave her with you.

Edward: That's my boy.

Ned: I am not your boy. And don't think for a minute that this is a permanent situation. I intend to clear my name and get my daughter back.

A.J.: Not if the judge takes her.

Ned: Why would she?

A.J.: Mom found out we set you up. She's furious, threatened to tell the judge what we did and turn Kristina over to the authorities.

Ned: No, no, no, no, no. She can't do that.

Alan: Monica won't do that. She wonít. Even though she thinks that we're pond scum, when it comes to the crunch, she'll side with the family.

Edward: We can only hope that you're right.

Monica: Thank you so much for coming over. And, again, I am so sorry if I alarmed you.

Judge Farmer: I'm glad you called. It means something to know I was able to place Kristina in a loving family environment. Could be some time before either parent is found competent to have custody.

Monica: Yes, well, Kristina will have a loving and giving family right here for as long as the situation calls. So, can I show you out? Okay.

Edward: Oh. Hello, baby.

Ned: Oh, no, you donít. Oh, yes. Hello, Kristina.

Edward: Congratulations, sweetie. Look at that. You have passed the last hurdle, hmm? Clearly. And now you are officially a Quartermaine.

Carly: You want a sandwich?

Sonny: You know I hate sandwiches.

Carly: Okay, you want some scrambled eggs?

Sonny: Nothing.

Carly: When was the last time you had anything to eat, Sonny?

Sonny: It doesn't matter, Carly, okay? Because I'm not -- I'm not hungry.

Carly: You're drinking a lot.

Sonny: Yeah. Is there an ocean around here? Because if you want me to sleep, then that means I have to drink or swim so that way I can get tired.

Carly: Okay. So you want to tell me what happened, then?

Sonny: At The Cellar? Which time?

Carly: Let's start with Jax. What made you hold a bottle to his throat?

Sonny: Well, he's got a big mouth, right? So, you know, I was drinking -- I was drinking, and I was mad because I got in a fight with Courtney. And I was there, and then he -- he started yapping. So next thing I know, I had him over the bar. I guess I had something on his throat. But then you and Jason walked in, right? What were you thinking, getting in between me and -- I could have hit you with my fist.

Carly: No, you never would have done that, honey.

Sonny: No, this -- you know, you don't know that.

Carly: What are you talking about?

Sonny: What do you mean?

Carly: You'd never hurt me in a million years, Sonny.

Sonny: You don't know what I'm capable of! Neither do I.

Jason: Who the hell do you think you are to order me out of this place, Ric?

Ric: Jason -- Jason, you made a choice, all right? You chose to stand up for love. Believe it or not, I admire you. But your actions have consequences, all right? Yours was losing your job. Sonny fired you. He doesn't want you around, okay? You need to leave and not come back.

Jason: No, you need to shut up and not tell me what to do -- again.

Ric: Sonny doesn't trust you, all right? I know what that's about. Your situation is 10 times worse than mine. If you force the issue, he may feel the need to eliminate you. Don't make him make that decision. You should take Courtney and get out of town for a while.

Courtney: Excuse me? Who died and made you God? Jason and I aren't going anywhere, and we will come to this club anytime we feel like it because we are family. Obviously, that's something that you don't understand.

Jason: Let's go.

Elizabeth: Wait, Jason -- before you go, I want you to know how sorry I am. When I think of everything you've given up for Sonny, and for what? To be thrown out like yesterday's trash?

[Music plays]

Maxie: Lucas, I am so glad to see you.

Lucas: Why?

Maxie: Doesn't matter. Can we please just get out of here?

Lucas: Yeah, sure. Now that you got exactly what you came for, right? You hooked up with Kyle just like you planned. Nice hickey, by the way. Where's his?

Maxie: No, it didn't happen like you think.

Lucas: Whatever, Maxie! Tell me this -- when did you get to be such a lying slut, anyway? I hope whatever you did upstairs with Kyle was -- you know what? I'm done with this.

Zach: Hey, big guy. How was it?

Kyle: See for yourself. Maxie looks all innocent, but she's hot, dude. Anything you want, she's all over it.

Zach: Hey, Maxie. How about taking me for a ride in the king size?

Jason: You seem real concerned, Elizabeth, but nothing that happened here has anything to do with you.

Elizabeth: You devoted your life to Sonny, and the first time you disagreed with him, you're out. You were left with nothing. Oh, except Courtney. Maybe she's worth it. Maybe she's not.

Jason: Actually, she is. Are you done?

Elizabeth: You know what, Jason? I've watched you make some disastrous choices. Now you have to live with them. I'm really sorry, for whatever it's worth.

Courtney: How about nothing.

Jason: Let's go.

Courtney: Can we -- yeah, good, thanks. Bye.

[Elizabeth sighs]

Ric: You realize your sympathy is completely a waste.

Elizabeth: Yeah, well, I needed to say it and I'm glad you heard it because what happened to Jason could easily happen to you.

Monica: Now, we have all agreed that the only solution to this mess that you have created is to have Kristina stay in the house. But that does not mean that you are going to isolate Ned from seeing his daughter. If need be, I'm going to move Ned in this house and boot the rest of you out on your sorry collective butts.

Edward: Monica --

Monica: Don't "but" me.

Ned: I appreciate that.

Alice: Dr. Lewis.

Edward: Oh, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Now, look, if you have come here to pave the way for a visit by that lunatic patient of yours, it's not going to happen.

Cameron: May I be allowed to speak for myself? Ned, I need a word with you in private.

Ned: Of course. Can you give us a minute, please? It's the least you can do since I no longer have use of my own home anymore.

Edward: All right.

Ned: Thank you. What happened to Alexis? Is she all right?

Cameron: I was hoping you could tell me. She's desperate for even minimal contact with Kristina. She said she was going to the child's father for help.

Ned: No. No, no, no. She can't do this. She's going to make everything worse.

[Knock on door]

Max: Alexis Davis. She says it's important.

Carly: No, no, no. Alexis, this is not a good time.

Alexis: I apologize profusely for interrupting. Can we have a moment alone, please?

Sonny: What makes -- what makes you think I'm interested in anything you have to say, Alexis? You barge in here, right, past my guard. You dismiss the mother of my children.

Alexis: "Children"?

Sonny: Yeah. Carly's pregnant. She's having my baby.

Alexis: Congratulations, Carly. I can only imagine what this means to you. Actually, it's the reason why I'm here. We need to discuss Kristina.

Ric: Sorry about that. Had to smooth things over with the staff. I'm all yours now.

Elizabeth: It's okay. That was the deal. You work, I wait.

Ric: Well, looks like it's given you time to think. Look, if you have something to say, I wish you'd spit it out.

Elizabeth: All right. But remember, you asked.

Ric: Okay. Fair enough.

Elizabeth: Everything I said tonight is true. Jason has been beyond devoted to Sonny. He's proven himself over and over again. I'm sure he would still take a bullet for Sonny, even now. And what does he get for his trouble? Kicked to the curb. If that's how Sonny treats his best friend in the whole world, you think about how he's going to treat you.

Ric: It's business, okay? All alliances are only as good as they are mutually beneficial to the parties concerned. Jason made the mistake of thinking that friendship counted for more than that. I don't make those mistakes.

Elizabeth: Hmm. You may believe that, but I don't know. I donít. For some reason, Sonny is important to you. If he were just another ordinary prospective employer, you would have walked away a long time ago, saved yourself a lot of hard work and humiliation. But I'm starting to know you, Ric. That's the risk you took by letting me get close to you. And I can tell that Sonny means more than just business for you. Which means you're leaving yourself open to getting hurt, just like Jason.

Courtney: I don't get my brother, and I hope I never do. He is acting like a complete maniac right now. Okay, fine, so -- so we fell in love and dared to defy him. He can be mad about that, but that doesn't give him the right to attack you in public and threaten you. Sonny wouldn't really hurt you, would he, Jason?

Jason: He's just got a lot going on right now, that's all.

Courtney: Amazing. Even after all the horrible things he said to you, you're still sympathetic.

Jason: I just know how Sonny works. He holds himself responsible for things -- not things that just happened in the past but stuff that's going on right now.

Courtney: Well, could you please explain it to me? Because I would really like to understand.

Jason: Carly's pregnant. And that's -- you know what? That's a good thing, but it also brings up the bad. Both of Sonny's children died before they were born, and he's very afraid that that's going to happen again, but he can't show it because Carly's scared, too. And he wants to be strong for her. He's trying. And the business -- I mean -- it's under siege. We got five families, who -- Faith Rosco, who's a psycho, running around town, paying people to take shots at everyone. You got Sonny, who fired me. And the business is just going to suffer even more. But you know what? Sonny got -- got some tension out on me tonight. And you know what? That's good because he should have.

Courtney: Okay, sympathizing, understanding -- that's one thing, but you can't possibly be condoning Sonny's behavior.

Jason: I don't know. Courtney -- maybe I am. Maybe I deserve this. Sonny's close to drowning, and I'm not helping him. I'm making it worse.

Sonny: I -- I assume that when you say "Kristina," you mean your daughter, not the sister you accuse me of killing?

Alexis: Yes.

Sonny: How does it feel to be wrong, Alexis? I didn't kill Kristina. Alcazar did. And then you killed him. An eye for an eye. Nice touch. Especially the insanity plea. But you know what? I wish you'd have copped to it sooner. That way Jason and Brenda didn't have to spend that time in the courts, you know what I mean? That's just my opinion. You were not insane! You're a smart lawyer, and you found a defense that allows you to get away with murder, and it worked. You don't have to serve any time.

Alexis: You don't think I'm being punished? They're taking away my daughter.

Sonny: You mean the daughter you tried to insist was mine?

Alexis: I wanted to --

Sonny: I don't want to hear it. I don't want to hear your excuses. I do believe that you thought Kristina was mine till the D.N.A. tests came. You should -- you should thank your lucky stars. You should get on your knees and thank God that I'm not the father of that child. I don't want to say anything more. I'm done, okay? So can you please say what you've got to say and then leave?

Alexis: The Quartermaines have custody of my daughter, and I know that you have leverage with them --

Sonny: That I'd give to you?

Alexis: I was hoping that you would --

Sonny: The only leverage I have with the Quartermaines is Michael, and I would never exchange my child for yours.

Alexis: I would --

Sonny: What am I supposed to do? What am I supposed to do? Just forget that you looked down on me? You accused me of having blood on my hands? Am I just supposed to forget that? Now your hands aren't clean, are they? Let me tell you something -- you should be grateful. You should be grateful that you have a baby that is alive and waiting for you.

Alexis: God.

Carly: You okay?

Sonny: Yeah. Ahem.

Carly: How did you know that Alexis was faking the alternate personality?

Sonny: It was in her eyes. You didn't see it?

Carly: No.

Sonny: Alexis is afraid of losing her child, but she's not afraid of losing herself. She doesn't fight every minute not to slide into this bottomless pit where the pain -- she doesn't -- she doesn't -- she doesn't know what that's about. I'd have recognized it because I do know. I know.

Carly: I know.

Ned: Alexis -- did you tell Sonny?

Alexis: No.

Ned: Thank God.

Alexis: I need to go.

Ned: No. No, no, you have to listen to me, okay? You have to start thinking clearly from here on out. Otherwise, we are both going to lose Kristina forever.

Alexis: Your family's going to file for permanent custody?

Ned: I'm sure they'll try, but they won't win as long as you complete the court-ordered therapy.

Alexis: Where have I heard that before?

Ned: From Cameron, and he's absolutely right. Now, listen -- you need to get better, okay? And you can't skip any steps. What were you thinking? What were you hoping Sonny would do if you told him the truth? You know that he was almost murdered yet again. There are people in the mob who want to kill him. And we can't stop that. That's just part of his life, and that's exactly the life that we're trying to keep Kristina from, remember?

Alexis: Which was precisely my objection with you and Faith.

Ned: Forget about Faith, okay? That's over. She set me up.

Alexis: What?

Ned: I don't know how long she's been working with Grandfather, but I know she is.

Alexis: What are you talking about?

Ned: Faith lured me down to the docks, where she started groping me, and I couldn't stop her. That's when Scott showed up with the cop.

Alexis: I've heard all that, Ned. What?

Ned: You don't know the whole story. While I was down at the docks, somehow Grandfather got rid of the nanny, took Kristina up to the main house, while Junior -- the family arsonist -- set the fire. It was all a setup. Kristina was never in any danger. It was all a classic Edward Quartermaine manipulation to control his next heir.

Alexis: That man will never get custody --

Ned: No, no, no, no. You're going to leave him to me. I have been battling my grandfather for years. I know how to win this fight. But I need your help. And this is what I need you to do -- I need you to stop tearing around, trying to get to Kristina. You just have to find a way to accept the fact that you are temporarily separated from her.

Alexis: That is easy for you to say, Ned. I've been cut out of my daughter's life for six months. You get to see her anytime that you want. You told me that you would take care of her, and you let her slip through your fingers.

Ned: I told you, I was set up. But together, we are going to get her back because you have to --

Alexis: Ned, there isn't anybody else that I can trust, apparently. I'll get her back on my own.

[Maxie sobs]

Georgie: Hey. I heard you come in. What happened?

Maxie: What happened? You ruined my life. That's what happened. I know you told Lucas that I used him to get to Kyle. How could you do that to me?

Georgie: Well, it's the truth.

Maxie: Lucas didn't need to know that, except that you wanted him to. You wanted him to hate me, okay? Well, be happy because it worked. He called me a lying slut in front of the whole party!

Georgie: Oh, wait a minute. Now, wait. Why would Lucas say that unless -- Maxie, don't tell me you slept with --

Maxie: What difference does it make? Okay? That's what he's telling all his friends. Are you proud? Mission accomplished. The whole school's got it right. Everyone thinks I'm a slut.

Georgie: Maxie, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean --

Maxie: Shut up, okay? I hate you. Just go away and leave me alone.

Courtney: We keep coming back to the same place. Jason, the only way to help Sonny is to give in to him.

Jason: Courtney -- no, I'm not going to lie and say that I don't love you or I don't want to be with you. I'm just -- I'm just going to give Sonny time to see things through. And he's going to see -- he's going to realize that I'm not disloyal -- he will -- and that we have a right to be together.

Courtney: My brother is pretty stubborn.

Jason: So we're just going to have to wait him out, be patient.

Courtney: Unless Ric runs us out of town.

Jason: Ric -- Ric is -- Ric is not going to run us anywhere. He's got an agenda, and Sonny used to see that.

Courtney: That's no big surprise. I mean, yeah, Ric wants to replace you as Sonny's right hand. Why else would he be working so hard to become Sonny's lawyer?

Jason: Because it's easier to dismantle things from the inside, if you know what I mean.

Courtney: You think that Ric wants to hurt Sonny?

Jason: Well, people usually do want to hurt Sonny, whether it's personal or a grab of power, and Ric knows that he does not have a chance at that as long as I'm around.

Courtney: I don't know if this fits, but when you and I broke up, Ric gave me this whole pep talk about how I should keep fighting for you.

Jason: He knows what buttons to push to make Sonny angry.

Courtney: You know, Elizabethís the one who told Sonny that we eloped, and she's dating Ric.

Jason: See what I mean? He's been pulling strings all along.

Ric: Look, you're right, okay? Sonny does mean something to me, but it's not as deep as what you're thinking. He's a fascinating case study to me, that's all. I stand to learn a lot from him about success, as well as downfall.

Elizabeth: What do you mean?

Ric: Look, Sonny's smart. He's ruthless. He's clearly addicted to power. I mean, look at where he came from. He didn't even finish high school, and he was able to teach himself to act and to talk and to dress like an intelligent human being. But Sonny's a street fighter. He proved that tonight. I mean, he's got a temper and a lot of pride, and that is what makes him his own worst enemy. Sonny made a mistake by firing Jason. He'll never admit that, and he'll never take Jason back, which leaves what I need -- an opening. Look, I don't plan on pledging my undying loyalty to Sonny, but I can give him expert legal advice and help him run his businesses. And, yes, I can become somebody that Sonny counts on.

Elizabeth: And then what?

Ric: Well, and then what? Then I make a lot of money, okay? And I use Sonny's power where it suits me. Look, he takes all the risk and I get all the gain. Works out great.

Elizabeth: You're planning on using Sonny Corinthos?

Ric: Look, Sonny may be smart, but I'll let you in on a little secret -- I'm smarter.

Sonny: You know what's happening, right? You've -- you've seen it before when you walked in here and the place was trashed and I had that piece of glass in my hand.

Carly: I'll never forget it. It's the first time I realized you could hurt. First time I saw your soul.

Sonny: You remember how I pushed you around and I -- and you were frightened? Do you remember how frightened you were?

Carly: You didn't mean that, honey.

Sonny: But, actually, I did mean it. I wanted to scare you. I wanted to scream at you. I was getting to a place where, you know, being out of control felt good. I wanted to wreck everybody who cared about me, everything that brought me joy. What -- what if it happens again?

Monica: I don't know why I'm doing this. By rights, none of you should be allowed near that child.

Edward: Oh, nonsense. We -- we love our littlest Quartermaine. We only want what's best for her.

A.J.: Good luck, kid. Growing up in this house, you're going to need it.


Cameron: Alexis, it's Cameron. Where are you? I've looked everywhere, including the Quartermaines'. You have to call me as soon as you get this message. Look, I know how badly you want to hold on to Kristina, but you can't do it alone. I'm here to help you. Please, Alexis. Trust me.

Elizabeth: Is Sonny the only one you want to use, or are you planning on using me, too?

Ric: How could I use what I didn't expect? You weren't part of the plan. You barged into my life, and you snooped around until I paid attention.

Elizabeth: Who are you, Ric Lansing? Sometimes I can't figure you out.

Ric: I'm no big mystery.

Elizabeth: A moment ago you sounded so cold and calculated, and now you're back to the guy I'm getting to know and starting to care about.

Ric: Make no mistake, okay? I am cold. I am calculating. As ruthless as Sonny in my own way. But it's not all I am.

Elizabeth: Are you trying to scare me away?

Ric: No, just the opposite. I want you to know all of me, the good and the bad. And hopefully, you'll decide to stick around. I just don't want to blindside you.

Jason: All right, Greg, just listen to me carefully, okay? I want a copy of both the dossiers you put together on Ric Lansing, and I need you to keep digging. We are missing something -- a connection, someone who hired Ric, someone who sent him. There's an angle that we don't see, and I need to know what Ric wants from Sonny and how dangerous this guy really is.

[Jason sighs]

Jason: Okay. Yeah, just -- just do it. Thanks.

Courtney: I was just going through your C.D.s. I had no idea you were so into music.

Jason: I'm not, really. You know, Brenda showed up, and that stereo showed up, and about 500 C.D.s came along with it.

Courtney: She left all that for you?

Jason: Yeah, she left everything she paid with with my money, except her clothes.

Courtney: There wasn't much I liked about you being married to her, but she did leave some pretty great music. You know what that gives us a chance to do?

Jason: Sing?

Courtney: No. Close.

Jason: What?

Courtney: I always liked the idea of dancing with you.

[Music plays]

Courtney: Could we? How crazy is it?

Jason: What?

Courtney: Well, with everything that we've been through, this is our first dance.

Jason: Well, you know, you could have asked me before.

Courtney: I was waiting for you to ask me.

Jason: Okay.

Courtney: Okay, what?

Jason: Next time, I'll ask you.

Singer: Love is strong it just carries on our moment's gone but I'm alive

Carly: I remember everything about that day. I was wearing a pink dress. The apartment was dark because you had all the curtains drawn, and the air was hot and still. I wanted to open up the terrace doors, but I thought you'd throw yourself out.

Sonny: That's not the way it works. I never hurt myself. Only the people around me. If I ever hurt you -- if I ever hurt you --

Carly: You barely knew me that day. You were talking to Lily like she was in the room, and that hasn't happened yet, so maybe it wonít.

Sonny: I'm falling. I can feel it.

Carly: Then stop it. Fight it, Sonny. You can do it. You can do it for me. You can do it for our baby.

Sonny: I've made mistakes. I had Benny killed. I'm not strong enough to hold it together. Jason -- Jason's not here to pick up the pieces --

Carly: No, you are strong enough. You are strong enough, and I know this. I know this because you -- when we lost our first baby, you were the one who held me together, okay? You didn't let yourself fall then, and you are not going to let yourself fall now. Our baby, Sonny, is in here, and you need to be here for it and for me. You stay with us.

Sonny: I'm so tired.

Carly: I know, sweetheart. You come. Come here. Come lay down in my lap.

Sonny: Hey, you know what? Maybe you and Michael could go to --

Carly: Shh.

Sonny: To the islands or something --

Carly: No, no, no, no. You just stop. No talking, no talking.

Singer: Even if the one you love has gone away

Sonny: I love you more than my life. You know that?

Singer: But love remains anybody who's loved would know

Carly: I love you, too.

Singer: Anybody would tell you so

Carly: Just rest, sweetie.

Singer: Anybody who's loved and lost

Carly: Just rest.

Singer: Love remains

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