GH Transcript Monday 3/24/03

General Hospital Transcript Monday 3/24/03

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Edward: Now it's time for you to deliver on your end of the deal.

Nikolas: Focus solely on Luke, or the other part of our deal goes away.

Summer: I'm not asking to be your girlfriend. I just want to have fun.

Ric: The closer I get, the better it is for everybody.

Sonny: This tramp misrepresented herself to the five families.

Ric: You don't have to tell Sonny anything. I'll resign. I'll move back to Manhattan.

Ned: You didn't listen to me. From now on, you're on your own.

Courtney: Maybe you're right. Maybe Sonny never has to find out about you and Ric.

Carly: But you think I should tell Sonny anyway, don't you?

Courtney: Is that being totally naive?

Carly: Well, he's going to kill Ric, whether he leaves town or not.

Courtney: Maybe not.

Carly: Come on, Courtney. I slept with him. I mean, never mind the fact that I don't remember it, I could be carrying his child. How do you think Sonny's going to react to that?

Courtney: Maybe Sonny will be reasonable.

Carly: Yeah, right. It's going to break his heart.

Courtney: You know, when I didn't tell A.J. about working at The Oasis --

Carly: Courtney, I appreciate that. It's not the same.

Courtney: But a lot of people got hurt because I kept a secret from my husband. That's all I'm saying. And besides, Sonny isn't completely blameless here, you know. I mean, if he hadn't been kissing Brenda -- just look, you and Sonny have survived things that would ruin most of us. Okay, just let yourself survive this. Just trust love to see you through it.

Carly: I don't think love's going to be enough this time.

Courtney: Why not?

Carly: Because I'm carrying what Sonny wants most in this world -- a baby.

Alan: What are you doing here? It's too early.

A.J.: I just want to make sure everything's set, you know. There's not a whole lot of room for error.

Alan: You know, this is a situation that could benefit both of us, but if you've changed your mind --

A.J.: You want to back out?

Alan: No, I don't want to back out, but I'd be more than willing to trade parts with you.

A.J.: Forget it, Dad. You couldn't handle it.

Alan: What is it with you? You spend your life saying that this family underestimates you, and that's exactly what you're doing to me. I assure you, you have no idea what I'm capable of.

A.J.: Now, look, Dad, I don't need you to cover for me, okay? I'm actually looking forward to it. Besides, a little payback's good for the soul.

Ned: It's time for you to go to bed. Yes, it is. It's beddy-bye time. Now, Beth is going to be here all night long. But if there's a problem, I'm going to be right upstairs to take care of anything you need. Okay? Sweet little girl. She's been taking a bottle about every four hours. And I'll be around, but if she starts crying, I want you to pick her up immediately.

Beth: I understand.

Ned: She likes Mozart and anything from the 1960s, okay?

Beth: Okay.

Ned: And you put her walks on your schedule, didn't you?

Beth: Yep. Mid mornings and mid afternoon, unless it's raining or below freezing.

Ned: Good. I think fresh air is good for her, but just make sure you really bundle her up. And of course, never leave the grounds. After her afternoon nap, I think that's a good time to take her upstairs for her bath, okay?

Beth: Okay. You're a wonderful father, Mr. Ashton.

Ned: We'll see about that. But I am the one constant in her life. And that's never going to change.

Edward: You're late.

Faith: Ugh, if I hear one more word of criticism from one more man, I'm going to kill somebody.

Edward: I suggest that you change your attitude, young lady.

Faith: Sonny Corinthos has humiliated me for the last time.

Edward: You tried to murder the man. Surely, you can forgive him for being a little short-tempered.

Faith: Why am I here?

Edward: Now, I've put up with a lot from you, Faith. Not to mention fronting you $1 million for a botched assassination attempt, which put us all in danger. So now it's time for you to deliver on your end of the deal, and that does not involve machine guns or people dropping dead on my property. Are we clear?

Faith: I have had a very long day. Can we talk about this tomorrow?

Edward: You will do what needs to be done exactly as we have agreed you would do it.

Faith: And if I don't?

Edward: I'll feed you to Sonny Corinthos for lunch.

Sonny: Faith Rosco needs to be removed. You need to prove your loyalty. I'm giving you the opportunity to do that. Don't miss.

Ric: I'm not a killer.

Sonny: You understand I'm giving you a direct order, Ric?

Ric: I'm a lawyer, Sonny. My weapons are my words and numbers, okay?

Sonny: You saying no to me?

Sonny: I knew you couldn't do it.

Ric: So this is a test, huh?

Sonny: And you failed it, Ric.

Ric: Well, I never wanted to be your enforcer.

Sonny: Well, you always wanted to replace Jason.

Ric: Well, I thought maybe I'd help you out --

Sonny: Oh, you just proved you'll never be second, because you can't follow through on a tough assignment. You can't help me when I need you most. You're not Jason. You never will be.

Ric: Well, you know, maybe it's just for the best.

Sonny: Say what you mean, Ric, because I --

Ric: Well, I wanted to be your lawyer, and obviously, that's just not going to happen.

Sonny: You're not a bad lawyer.

Ric: I'm the best lawyer you'll ever have.

Sonny: Oh, you just wanted me to hear that, didn't you?

Ric: No, no, that's all right. It's not a problem. I'll leave.

Sonny: I'll put you on retainer!

Ric: You're hiring me as your attorney?

Sonny: Yeah. You're not good for much else, so at least you can get around Baldwin and Taggert and you have a few tricks and, you know, you make a decent impression to some people.

Ric: Thank you.

Sonny: You'll be well compensated.

Ric: I appreciate the offer.

Sonny: So is that a yes?

Ric: I'll consider it.

Sonny: What makes you think I'm going to negotiate?

Ric: You made a bit of a turnaround on me here, Sonny, and that's all. I just need to think about it.

Sonny: If you want the job, take it. If you don't want it, get out of here. Don't bother me or my wife again.

Ric: You got a deal.

Sonny: Is that a yes?

Ric: You won't regret it.

Sonny: See that I don't.

Carly: Did you know that when Sonny's first wife died, she was pregnant? Sonny blames himself for that. And when I fell down those stairs, and I lost our baby --

Courtney: He can't blame himself for that.

Carly: He does. He took it as proof that no baby of his would ever be born.

Courtney: That's terrible. That is so wrong.

Carly: Yeah, but I saw what it cost Sonny to lose our baby.

Courtney: But you guys got through it.

Carly: Yeah, and we ended up closer somehow.

Courtney: Well, so, can you build on that?

Carly: I was going to tell him. I was going to tell Sonny about Ric right after it happened because I was so -- so angry, and I figured why not? Why not tell him, because our marriage was going to be over anyway, and why not hurt him just as badly as he hurt me by kissing Brenda. And then Sonny showed up, and he told me that he loved me, and that I was his life, not Brenda. And I didn't tell him. I let it slip. I had my chance, I didn't do it, and -- now I've waited all this time and I've lied to him for so long now.

Courtney: Carly, you haven't exactly lied, though.

Carly: Oh, yeah, well, Sonny is a big believer in lies of omission. And it's going to look like I am forced to tell him now because I'm pregnant, which I am.

Courtney: Is that so bad?

Carly: If I can just wait just a little bit longer and Ric leaves town -- and I get the amnio and it proves that it's Sonny's baby, then everything's going to just turn out.

Courtney: But if it doesn't, you'll have to tell Sonny after you've waited all this time.

Carly: Courtney, I don't know if he's going to be able to stand it.

Courtney: Carly, Sonny loves you more than anything. And you know his heart, I never will. You know what Sonny needs.

Carly: Yeah. He needs the truth.

Ned: Isn't this better than the hospital? That's right. Go to sleep, my sweet little Kristina. And when you wake up, you'll still be here at home, your daddy will still love you, and so will your mommy, Kristina. You are in your mother's heart. Someday, you'll be back in her arms again, too.

[Phone rings]

Ned: Good night. Hello.

Faith: Ned?

Ned: Do I have to change my phone number?

Faith: Meet me at the Elm Street Pier.

Ned: Obviously, I do.

Faith: It won't take long.

Ned: You know, we really have nothing to say to one another. In fact, I'm actually surprised to hear you're still alive.

Faith: Well, who knows how much longer I will be. I'm desperate, Ned. Don't make me come to you.

Ned: Is that a threat?

Faith: Well, I don't want it to be, but I am in a position to do a lot of damage if you don't show up.

Ned: Maybe I should just call the cops. Or better yet, why don't I just call Sonny?

Faith: And risk me telling what I know about you? Look, one more conversation out in public so no one gets hurt. Do the smart thing. Be here.

[Faith hangs up]

Alan: You know, you're the one that's taking the biggest risk in this situation.

A.J.: Is this fatherly advice or a preamble to "A.J.'s a loser" speech?

Alan: Why do you make it so difficult for anyone to be concerned about you?

A.J.: Because every time I start to trust, the rug gets pulled out from under me.

Alan: Listen, the only reason I ever agreed to this was for you, so that you'd have a shot --

Monica: Agree to what, Alan?

Alan: Why aren't you at the hospital?

Monica: Well, the staff meeting was canceled.

Alan: What staff meeting?

Monica: You're the chief of staff and you don't know?

Alan: Well, the cardiology department doesn't keep me terribly well informed.

Monica: Again -- agree to what, Alan?

A.J.: You look exhausted, Mom, really.

Monica: Alan?

Alan: How was the triple bypass?

Monica: Okay. Whatever it is, you're going to lose, and Edward is going to win big time.

Alan: You know what? You worry too much, darling.

Monica: Ooh, "darling"? Well, it's got to be very big.

Alan: Why don't you call it a night? And I'll be up there in a couple of minutes.

Monica: You know, actually, I thought I would have a glass of cranberry juice.

Alan: Okay, fine.

A.J.: Yeah. I'll get it.

Monica: My, you two are certainly getting along well.

A.J.: Yeah, it's great, isn't it, Mom? Really.

Alan: Yes, A.J.'s really stepping up, becoming a member of the family.

Monica: Is your neck bothering you?

Alan: No, it's just the weather. Would you like a twist of lime?

Monica: Yes, thank you.

Alan: We don't have any.

A.J.: I'll get some.

Alan: Okay.

Monica: Oh, and bother Cook at this hour?

A.J.: Ah, she'll get over it.

Monica: Well, we may not. I'm fine without it, A.J., really.

A.J.: Okay. Well, you know what? It's great to see you, Mom.

Monica: Oh, what's the hurry? Tell me how your day's been.

A.J.: Uh, you know, fine. My day's, you know, it's good. Same old same old.

Monica: Well, tell me about it anyway.

Alan: Here is -- here's your cranberry juice, sweetheart. Go right ahead.

Monica: I think I can handle a glass of cranberry juice, Alan.

A.J.: You could use some time alone.

Monica: What?

Alan: Well, I mean, you're the one that's ways saying we don't spend enough time together, right?

Monica: Well, I don't spend enough time with A.J., either. In fact, I can't remember the last time you and I had civil words spoken between us. So -- why the change of heart?

A.J.: Dad's been working on me. You know, the parent-child bonding thing.

Monica: Ah. Well, speaking of that, have either of you seen the baby?

Alan: What baby?

Monica: The baby Kristina. Does that ring any bells?

A.J.: It's great to have her where she belongs, isn't it?

Alan: Yeah, I'm not sure everybody would agree.

Monica: Okay. What's going on?

A.J.: What? Nothing's going on.

Alan: Why are you so paranoid?

A.J.: Yeah.

[Pager beeps]

Monica: Ugh. I got to take this.

Alan: Well, why do you want to do that? You said you wanted to spend some time together.

Monica: You are terrible liars.

Alan: Come on, Monica. We're not -- we're not lying.

Edward: Hello, dear. Oh, you're leaving?

Monica: Put a sock in it, Edward.

Edward: This is ridiculous. I can't believe that --

Alan: What is the matter with you?

Edward: Why did you let her in this room?

Alan: She lives here!

A.J.: What's with the cranberry juice?

Alan: Well, what else was I going to give her?

A.J.: I -- if we hadn't got that page --

Edward: Who do you think paged her? Uh-huh, yeah.

Alan: You paged her?

Edward: And I also made sure that Lila had a charity guild meeting. Now, look, gentlemen, we have a very narrow window of opportunity and an even smaller margin for error, hmm?

Alan: We're ready.

Edward: You better be, because if this thing goes wrong, the whole family stands to lose.

A.J.: No one more than you, right, Grandfather?

Luke: Why shouldn't Lucky be his mother's guardian?

Dara: Well, there's certainly no law against it, but that has nothing to do with that restraining order, Luke.

Luke: Okay, here's what we do. We'll both go over to London. It'll be like old times. We'll run the decoy scam. You make a big disturbance in the hall; I'll just slip into the clinic and find her.

Dara: I'm not hearing any of this.

Luke: If we work together, she's got a chance.

Lucky: I can't.

Luke: What?

Lucky: I signed everything over to Nikolas.

Dara: You gave sole guardianship to your brother?

Lucky: It just seemed the right thing at the time. The doctors only want to deal with one family member, not two.

Dara: That's understandable, but you don't have to agree to that.

Lucky: Well, Nikolas was paying the bills. He made himself deal with it. I mean, he talked to the doctors. He just studied up on her condition, and I didn't want to know about it.

Luke: Since when?

Lucky: The last time I saw her, she thought I was Scotty Baldwin. Dad, she's losing her mind. I hated seeing her like that. I hated knowing that there was nothing more they could do for her. She just kept getting worse, so I just shoved it off on Nikolas.

Luke: Why didn't you tell me this?

Lucky: Look, I'm not proud of it, but I can't take it back now.

Luke: So you just sold your mother out?

Lucky: Well, did you think about it when you just gave your money away? When you let all those people in and just take thousands of dollars worth of stuff? Or were you too busy making a fool out of yourself to impress a new blonde?

Luke: All right, watch it, buster.

Lucky: Well, did it occur to you that Mom might need that money, that those doctors aren't quacks, or that Nikolas is just trying to take care of her?

Luke: I don't believe I'm hearing this.

Dara: You know what? It's obvious that you both have other issues here, so I'm going to --

Luke: Well, that's putting it mildly.

Dara: I'm going to go and try to find a loophole in all of this, but don't get your hopes up, Luke.

Luke: Thank you. I just -- I can't believe I'm hearing this.

Lucky: I'm trying to take care of myself the best I can.

Luke: You sold your mother out to a Cassadine.

Luke: I turn my back for one second and what happens? The spawn has power of attorney. You're making excuses for him, and I can't see my wife.

Lucky: She isn't your wife.

Luke: Stop saying that!

Lucky: Why? Because it's true? You know what? You're going to have to deal with reality whether you like it or not. I tried to help you, but --

Luke: You help me fight Nikolas!

Lucky: It isn't my fight.

Luke: Since when?

Lucky: I'm not even sure he's wrong.

Luke: You blame me for this, don't you?

Lucky: Not as much as you blame yourself.

Luke: Don't you walk away from me.

Lucky: What are you going to do about it, huh? You just going to punch me? You're going to throw me into the wall or something? Toss me around? Will that make you feel better? Well, it won't bring Mom back.

Luke: Get out.

Lucky: You know what? You are not the only one who --

Luke: Get out!

Lucky: I'm out of here.

Edward: Will you guys just settle down?

Alan: The clock is two minutes off.

Edward: Well, then find something else to do.

Alan: Maybe this plan's too dangerous.

Edward: Hey, hey, hey, hey. Too late to back out now.

Alan: Well, A.J. could get seriously injured.

[Phone rings]

Edward: Wait a minute. Hello. Oh, all right, then. We'll take it from here. Thank you.

A.J.: Is it time?

Edward: Coast is clear.

Alan: Be careful, will you?

A.J.: I appreciate your confidence, both of you.

Edward: Uh-huh. Go.

A.J.: Yeah.

Edward: Go.

[Door opens and closes]

Alan: I hope he can do this.

Edward: Forget about A.J. Just worry about yourself. Now, look, if you can't do this --

Alan: I will do it. But you better make sure he has a viable position at E.L.Q., plus a block of stock --

Edward: Relax, Alan. Just relax. When this is all over, everyone will be a winner, mm-hmm? Except Ned.

Ned: Whatever you want, let's get it over with.

Faith: Where did we go wrong, Ned?

Ned: I didn't sign up for violence. I told you that from the start. And you aren't getting any more money.

Faith: Well, I never expected to want you so much.

Ned: Got it. Anything else?

Faith: You're the only decent man I know.

Ned: Coming from you, that's not saying much. So tell me -- what do you want?

Faith: I am in terrible trouble, Ned. Please save me.

Ric: Courtney, have you seen Carly? She's not downstairs. I can't find her anywhere.

Courtney: Yeah, well, I wouldn't tell you if I had.

Ric: Why? Is there a problem? Carly -- Carly and I are friends.

Courtney: Yeah? I seriously doubt that.

Ric: I sense a little hostility here.

Courtney: Jason's told me all about you.

Ric: Ah, yes. I can only imagine.

Courtney: Yeah, but you're sneaky. You'd do anything to get close to Sonny.

Ric: Why is that Jason's problem?

Courtney: Jason doesn't trust you and neither do I.

Ric: Well, I am not asking you to trust me. I'm just asking where Carly is.

Elizabeth: Can't you see Jason's just jealous?

Courtney: Jason's jealous of Ric? Are you kidding?

Elizabeth: Uh-uh, you see, Jason lost his job, which basically means he lost his life, and he can't blame you and he can't blame Sonny, so he's going to blame Ric.

Ric: Look, look, right now, all I need is Carly. So do either one of you know where she is?

Carly: Hey.

Sonny: Why aren't you at the club?

Carly: Because I missed you.

Sonny: Yeah?

Carly: I love you, Sonny.

Sonny: Something happen?

Carly: No, I -- nothing right now. I just -- I get worried. You know, so much is going on and -- you wouldn't tell me where you went this morning.

Sonny: I'm fine, you know. No stress. That's bad for the baby.

Carly: I was just thinking about -- thinking about Leah, Benny's wife, and --

Sonny: Yeah, yeah.

Carly: I just feel like we need to be thankful for every minute we have together and not let anything get in the way.

Sonny: I'm going to make you feel a lot better right now.

Carly: Remember?

Sonny: I put Ric Lansing on retainer.

Carly: Full-time attorney? You hired him that way?

Sonny: Is that what you wanted?

Carly: Yeah.

Sonny: Yeah? But? If there's a problem, you know what? We can deal with it. Tell me. What's wrong?

Carly: I'm not sure that I can.

Sonny: Well, I don't want you going around all upset, Carly.

Carly: Sonny, this is supposed to be a very happy and exciting time for us, and we got so close the last time when we hated each other's guts, and now that we're happy --

Sonny: What's wrong with the baby? What's wrong with the baby?

Carly: Sonny, um -- I don't know how to tell you this.

Sonny: You lost the baby, didn't you?

Carly: No.

Sonny: Is something wrong?

Carly: No, no, no, no.

Sonny: Is he sick? Is he in the wrong position? What?

Carly: No, the baby's fine. If it wasn't, you know that I would tell you that. You know that.

Sonny: I just get worried.

Carly: I know. The baby is just fine.

Sonny: I'm always -- you know, always -- I don't know. I'm always thinking the worst.

Carly: I've noticed that.

Sonny: I mean, no matter what I'm doing, you know, I'm always thinking about the baby. If I'm -- the baby's in the --

Carly: It's okay.

Sonny: In the back of my mind, you know, how pretty is she? Is he moving around, you know?

Carly: He will be soon.

Sonny: I don't -- you know, a lot of times I -- I keep thinking, like, did she hear shots?

Carly: You're thinking that?

Sonny: Yeah, all the time.

Carly: Sweetheart. It's okay.

Sonny: Yeah, it's all right.

Carly: It's okay. Come here.

Sonny: Okay, you got to listen to me, all right?

Carly: Okay.

Sonny: I want our baby to have everything we didn't -- a good life, real parents, a big brother who will take care of her. I want our child to have a better life than we have now. A safer life.

Carly: And that is exactly why I came home -- so I could hear you say these words.

Sonny: I'll do anything to protect our family. You know that, right? No matter what, you know?

Carly: I know.

Sonny: I mean, I know times are tough right now, but I'm going -- I'm going to do what I can. You can trust me on that, right?

Carly: I trust you with everything.

Faith: Give me one more chance.

Ned: What are you doing?

Ned: Faith, Faith. Don't do this. Don't

Alan: The Quartermaine estate. The gatehouse. It's on fire. Please hurry up.

Ned: Are you -- Faith, hey, don't do this. Don't do this.

A.J.: Ned! Ned, are you in there?

Reginald: Did you call the fire department?

A.J.: Oh, my God. The baby.

Ned: What are you -- are you crazy?


Ned: Don't do this. Don't.

Reginald: A.J.

Alice: Kristina!

Reginald: Where's Ned?

A.J.: She was by herself.

Ned: Don't, don't.

Scott: Well, well, well. What do we got here?

Alan: The fire trucks are here. It's too soon!

A.J.: I got her.

Alan: Are you all right?

A.J.: Oh, yeah. I'm fantastic. And so is Kristina.

Edward: She certainly is. Welcome to the Quartermaines, my dear. Hmm? Hmm?


Edward: Hmm?

Scott: Well, now, the legal term is public indecency.

Faith: Mind your own business.

Scott: You know, Ned, you should pop for a room.

Faith: I want to see a lawyer.

Scott: Hey, Johnson, isn't that what all the mob chicks say?

Ned: If you want to arrest her, be my guest. I was trying to get away.

Scott: Well, it didn't look like you were trying too hard. Shame on you, Ned. What kind of a father are you? Where is that baby girl right now, huh? With a nanny in the back of a limo? If Alexis heard about this --

Ned: We're finished. Shut up right now.

Scott: We're not finished, not at all.

Faith: Yeah, we have nothing else to say to you.

Scott: Yeah, we do. Write her up.

Faith: For what?

Scott: Public indecency.

Faith: Oh. You're jealous.

Scott: You know, write up Ashton, too, okay? You two should know better than this.

Faith: This isn't over.

Ned: So, Baldwin, I can't help but wonder -- what are you and this policeman doing down here in the dark this time of night, huh?

Scott: Cleaning up crime. Cleaning up crime, Ned. Let me give you a little piece of advice from me to you. The next time she asks you out for a drink, have it in a hotel bar.


Edward: You are such a brave little girl. Never mind that you were nowhere near the real flames, but we'll just keep that between the Quartermaines, won't we?

A.J.: They're coming, they're coming.

Edward: Oh, all right. Now, nobody's going to harm you, so don't be afraid of anything. You just watch and learn, that's all.

A.J.: Three, two, one --

Alan: I got you.

Edward: Oh, yes.

Alan: I got you. I got you, baby.

Reginald: Is the baby all right?

Alice: He pulled her from the flames.

A.J.: Oh, it was nothing, really.

Paramedic: Let's have a look.

Alan: Oh, you don't need to. I'm Dr. Alan Quartermaine. I checked the baby. No burns. A little bit of smoke inhalation. She's fine.

Paramedic: Okay, I need to get her vitals.

Alan: No, you don't. I'm Dr. Alan Quartermaine, and I said I checked her. My son actually saved her life.

Paramedic: If I could just have a quick look.

Alan: No, you can't.

Edward: My grandson needs some help.

A.J.: Oh, I'm fine, really.

[A.J. coughs]

Edward: Please, give him some oxygen or something. Please.

Alice: Do something.

Edward: Hurry, hurry. Please, hurry.

Alice: Help him.

A.J.: Oh -- ah --

Alan: My son actually saved her life. Did you get --

Paramedic: I got you.

[Knock on door]

Sonny: Hi. You shouldn't be opening your door like that. It could be anybody.

Courtney: Hi, Sonny.

Sonny: You don't even, like, ask who is it?

Courtney: Is everything okay?

Sonny: You know, Carly and I, we're expecting a baby.

Courtney: Yeah.

Sonny: And, you know, there's nothing more important to me than family.

Courtney: So why are you telling me all this?

Sonny: Well, it's a dangerous time right now. A lot's going on. And I just -- I just talked to Carly, and I promised her that -- I want to get our baby through this.

Courtney: Well, Carly already knows that.

Sonny: I promised her that I'm going to keep our baby safe. I need your help.

Courtney: What do you want me to do?

Sonny: Give up Jason.

Ric: Carly ever answer her cell phone?

Elizabeth: What's the problem?

Ric: Sonny put me on retainer.

Elizabeth: Oh, that's good. Congratulations.

Ric: You sure about that? I mean, I know the way you feel about Sonny and the dangers that come from working for him.

Elizabeth: Yeah, but now you're Benny with a law degree, right? Safest seat in the house?

Ric: Yeah, exactly.

Elizabeth: Then I'm happy for you.

Ric: Thanks.

Elizabeth: So, what's the big deal with Carly?

Ric: Well, technically, I still work for her, and I got to tell her about this whole thing with Sonny, and I don't want to get in between the two of them.

Elizabeth: Not the safest seat.

Ric: That's an understatement.

Elizabeth: Here's your chance.

Ric: Wish me luck.

Elizabeth: Good luck.

Ric: Thanks. Carly, can I talk to you for a minute? Um, Sonny just hired me as his permanent attorney.

Carly: You think that I didn't know that?

Ric: Well, is this going to be a problem?

Carly: Oh, do you mean, am I going to tell Sonny?

Ric: I hope you realize that my life is in your hands.

Elizabeth: Do I even want to know?

Lucky: Three guesses. They all start with Luke.

Summer: Hello, Luke. You cleaning things up or just throwing things around?

Luke: I don't know.

Summer: Uh -- I brought this for you. It's a tuppence.

Luke: I'm kind of busy here.

Summer: No, it's for good luck for while you're in London.

Luke: Oh. Well, I'm not going to London.

Summer: Why?

Luke: Family emergency.

Summer: Did you and Lucky have a fight or something? Maybe I should go.

Luke: No, please don't. Don't go. It's nice to see you.

Summer: Same here.

Luke: Summer, why do you keep coming back here to see me?

Summer: I feel safe when I'm here with you. I wish that it had never ended.

Luke: But we're a fantasy.

Summer: Uh-huh, that's right. Do you wish that it had ended?

Luke: Darling, you know what I can give you and what I can't.

Summer: Hey, all I'm asking for is time, just time. Just -- and only what you can spare.

Lucky: You know what? There's just no way I win here. If I side with my dad, you know what? I'm against my own brother. If I side with Nikolas, I'm practically a Cassadine.

Elizabeth: Luke's dragging the Cassadines into this?

Lucky: You know, all I wanted to do was help my mother.

Elizabeth: And can he appreciate that?

Lucky: Come on. Nobody loves my mother as much as my dad does. You know that. I mean -- you know what? Never mind that. I just -- every time my mom sees my dad, she just gets sicker.

Elizabeth: And it's obviously too painful for him to face.

Lucky: Well, then he's just going to have to find his own way to deal with it. You know what? From here on out, I'm just going to do what works for me. I just want to help my mother, and I will. As far as Nikolas and my dad, you know, just -- the hell with them both.

Ric: What can possibly be gained by telling Sonny now?

Carly: Well, I can think of a couple of things, starting with the fact that I would be rid of you permanently.

Ric: All right, I don't want to die. Look, Carly, just -- just give me the chance to prove to you that I can make this work to your advantage.

Sonny: I have a lot of enemies out there. And they're looking for a vulnerable spot. And right now, that spot is Carly and the baby.

Courtney: Then you should let Jason come back to work.

Sonny: Okay, if I did that, then you would be in danger, right?

Courtney: Nobody believes that but you, Sonny.

Sonny: Listen to me. If you stayed with Jason, he came back to work for me, you would not be safe.

Courtney: It isn't that simple.

Sonny: I know you love Jason, and he loves you, but think about what's best for everyone. If you let go of Jason, he comes back to work for me, Carly and the baby have more protection, Jason's not torn in two, you will have a chance at a better life. And most important, you will not be in the line of fire.

Courtney: You really believe that, don't you?

Sonny: You got to do the right thing. You got to let go of Jason.

A.J.: I just took in a little smoke, that's all, you know.

Paramedic: You're a very lucky man.

Edward: Oh-oh-oh, oh, yes, and so is baby Kristina.

[Edward laughs]

Edward: Thank you so much for coming. You've just been wonderful, and -

Paramedic: Cute kid.

Edward: You were able to help him out, and I will be happy to make a contribution to the fireman's fund -- or the parame-- whatever, you know, because we're so grateful you got here so fast. It was just wonderful. Bye-bye. I thought she'd never leave.

A.J.: Let's check out the gatehouse.

Edward: Finally, a grandson after my own heart. Let's go.

Alan: Well, you were brilliant, Kristina. And as soon as Alice gives us the go-ahead, I'm going to take you upstairs to your new room.

Monica: The gatehouse is on fire!

Alan: Say hello to your aunt Monica.

Monica: Where's Ned? What is going on around here?

A.J.: Oh, my God.

Edward: You always do carry things too far. Hey, hey, how did this happen? I demand a full investigation!

Fireman: Over here!

A.J.: Ned? Ned?

Ned: Where's the baby?

Fireman: There's a baby in there?

Edward: Wait, Ned! The baby's fine, Ned!

A.J.: Ned!

Ned: Kristina! Kristina!

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Sonny: I'm vulnerable without Jason. I know you're a caring person, and I know you would never want --

Jason: What are you doing?

Reginald: They think Ned's been trapped in the fire.

Monica: Oh, my God.

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