GH Transcript Monday 3/17/03

General Hospital Transcript Monday 3/17/03

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Scott: I will prove it to you. She's faking. She's acting here.

Judge: I've already made my judgment.

Nikolas: Summer is working you both.

Summer: I did it just the way you asked, the same as I've been doing it from the beginning.

Nikolas: It's working like a charm.

Jason: You know you shouldn't have sent Benny tonight! You're not thinking clearly. I tried to protect you. I stayed loyal!

Sonny: You don't know the meaning of the word!

Jason: You're questioning my loyalty again?

Sonny: You need to take a breath and step back.

Jason: What haven't I done for you, Sonny?

Carly: Okay, you guys, just stop it. Stop it right now. Benny just died. You think this honors him? This is the last thing that he would want.

Courtney: Come on, let's --

Jason: No, no, no, I'm not leaving till Sonny and I understand each other.

[Music plays]

Luke: Now you're telling me I shouldn't take responsibility for my wife?

Lucky: No, I'm just saying you need to get control of yourself. You can't go around decking people whenever you feel like it.

Luke: He had it coming.

Lucky: Words, Dad. They're just words.

Luke: So you're going to put yourself on his side against me?

Lucky: I didn't say that. Well, why do I have to choose sides, anyway?

Luke: Because I'm looking for allies.

Lucky: What, against Nikolas?

Luke: Against Nikolas.

Lucky: Again?

Luke: He's trying to take control of Laura. I won't have it.

Summer: You took quite a punch.

Nikolas: Yeah, I did. It hurt, but it was worth it. You should have seen -- excuse me. You should have seen Luke jump to defend you. He may act like you don't matter, but his actions -- his actions say different. Summer, cheer up. Our plan is working, okay?

Summer: Your plan.

Nikolas: Hey, we are -- you're positioned perfectly. Now all we do is amp the pressure.

Summer: It's not going to fly, Nikolas.

Nikolas: Of course it will. And you're going to make sure it does.

Summer: Look, I'm not a miracle worker, okay? I've done everything but stand on my head. And in the end, Luke's only wanting his wife.

Nikolas: Well, maybe you should try and stand on your head.

Summer: Look, we put it out there, he didn't take the bait. Can't we just leave the guy alone?

Nikolas: What if we do, Summer? Where would that leave you? Unless you've decided what I know isn't that important anymore.

Summer: That is the only reason that I'm agreeing to be a part of this.

Nikolas: Then you will deliver on what I hired you for. Make Luke fall in love with you.

Judge: Based on the evidence presented by the prosecution and the events that I have witnessed firsthand in this courtroom, I find Alexis Davis not guilty by reason of temporary insanity.

[Gallery murmurs]

Scott: Your Honor, I object here.

Judge: The trial's over, Mr. Baldwin. Sit down. It is the ruling of this court that Alexis Davis receive court-supervised therapy on an outpatient basis with Dr. Cameron Lewis. And Ms. Davis' license to practice law is suspended until such time as she can be proven stable.

[Gallery murmurs]

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge: Patience, people. I am not done.

Dara: Your Honor, I'm confused. There's nothing else pending in my client's case.

Judge: There's the matter of the infant child, Kristina Davis. Ms. Davis has vividly illustrated that her condition is unpredictable and dangerous, a danger that extends not only to herself but to others. Therefore, I am awarding full custody of her daughter, Kristina Davis, to her father, Ned Ashton.

Edward: Yes!

Judge: Such custody will take place immediately.

Cameron: Your Honor, I can assure you that with proper therapy and treatment --

Judge: I haven't adjourned this court, Dr. Lewis. I can still hold you in contempt. I suggest you take your seat. Ms. Davis will be denied all visitation with the child for a period of six months, at which point she will return to this court. If there's been a marked improvement in her mental health, I will allow supervised visitation.

Alexis: Please, Your Honor, please -- don't take away my daughter. Please.

Jason: I'm with Courtney. I told you that and you chose to fire me. All that is between us. You have no right to speak to her that way.

Sonny: All I'm saying to you is I want Courtney to stay out of it. That way she doesn't get her feelings hurt. That is nothing compared to what's going to happen if she stays with you, and you know that.

Carly: Okay, enough. We don't need to do this right now, Sonny.

Jason: Well, I'm not giving up Courtney. And you're the one who decided I can't work for you.

Ric: I'm not ticklish, if that's what you're looking for.

Elizabeth: I was painting you in my mind.

Ric: Oh.

Elizabeth: Memorizing the way you indent here and here, the way the light reflects off your skin.

Ric: Well, I'm flattered.

Elizabeth: I would like to remember this night so I can relive it whenever I want.

Ric: Like a painting, hmm? Yeah? I think I've got one in mind.

Elizabeth: No, you don't.

Ric: Yes, I do. No, really, really. I swear. It's not just visual, either. I imagine how you'd feel and the taste of your skin. I got a pretty good imagination, but it just didn't come close to doing justice to the real thing.  Oh, you are so beautiful. You're so warm. You're so passionate.

[Elizabeth giggles]

Elizabeth: Wait. You were on a nice roll. What are you doing?

Ric: This was a mistake, Elizabeth. It never should've happened.

Lucky: I just can't believe we're going here again. Nikolas is the bad guy? We're long past all that.

Luke: Maybe you are. I'm not.

Lucky: I thought you accepted Nikolas.

Luke: I never believed he wouldn't revert to what he is.

Lucky: A Cassadine.

Luke: He's his father's son, Lucky. The Cassadine's have held Laura hostage before. That's how Nikolas was conceived. Never forget that. He's not to be trusted. My guard is up and yours should be, too.

Nikolas: Do you have any idea how long it took me to find you? Someone reminiscent enough of my mother to grab Luke's attention but not so on the nose that she'd arouse his suspicion.

Summer: Not to mention somebody vulnerable enough to fall prey to your manipulations.

Nikolas: Come on, Summer, we're all adults here. You -- you could've turned me down, you didn't, and I'm glad. You were brilliant. And that whole thing where you had Luke doubting that you were real, making him come after you -- you used every little opportunity to get closer to him, to make him that much more intrigued. Like I said, you were brilliant. He was staying away from my mother just as I wanted, but you threw a wrench in the mix when Lucky came along.

Summer: That was a coincidence. I met Lucky like I would've any other guy and we clicked. Look, I couldn't have possibly known that was Luke's son.

Nikolas: Summer, you continued it, and now our plan is in jeopardy, so you have to get it back on track.

Summer: I don't like it, okay?

Nikolas: Well, you know what? We all do things in life sometimes that we don't like, Summer, if the payoff is good enough. But, hey, that's okay. You need to decide right now. Because if this deal goes off the table, it won't come back around again.  It's a simple bargain. You provide something I want, I return the favor. You bail on me, no one gets anything at all. Is that what you want?

Summer: You know what I want.

Nikolas: And I am more than happy to make sure you get it, Summer. All you have to do is finish what you've already started.

Summer: Luke has to be willing to play, too, and he's all but served me up on a silver platter to Lucky because he thinks we make a good match.

Nikolas: Change his mind. Use your attributes, okay? Luke will take you back.

Summer: That was close.

Nikolas: Too close. Okay, listen to me. No one can see us together but as enemies, all right?

Summer: I don't anticipate having a problem with that.

Nikolas: Are you in or not?

Summer: I can't very well say no, can I?

Nikolas: See you around.

Elizabeth: How can you say something as amazing as what we just shared should've never happened? Unless it was only special for me?

Ric: No, no. Oh, God.

Elizabeth: Then I don't understand. I mean, do you think that this was like some sort of rebound thing or that -- that I would have slept with you to get back at Jason --

Ric: No.

Elizabeth: Somehow, because that isn't true. Ric, I'm here with you because I want to be. There are no ghosts in the room, only you.

Ric: Look, I know. Hey, I'm not doubting you --

Elizabeth: Well, then I don't understand.

Ric: Look, I have been attracted to you since the moment that I met you, all right? Which is why I wanted to go with my instinct to stay away from you so that we wouldn't end up like this. Look, Elizabeth, you -- you're not part of the plan. You are a gorgeous complication that could get in the way of everything that I came here to accomplish.

Elizabeth: Okay. Well, far be it for me to be a speed bump on your road to life.

Ric: No, that's not what I was saying.

Elizabeth: You know what? How about this. How about we pretend that none of this ever happened. And I will stay out of your way and you can go on with your -- your master plan, whatever that is.

Ric: Wait -- come here, wait.

Alexis: Your Honor, I'm -- I'm asking that you reconsider. She's my firstborn and only child. And we fought very hard to bring her into the world, and she's been very sick. And she needs contact with her mother.

Judge: I've made my ruling, and you're out of order.

Cameron: Your Honor, it's my professional opinion that Alexis' child is an essential aspect to her recovery, and that the baby needs her mother as much as Alexis needs her. I'd state my medical license on the fact that Alexis would never harm her child.

Judge: I appreciate your sincerity, Dr. Lewis, but you've proved otherwise to this court. I cannot in good conscience turn a child over to a woman as profoundly unstable as the one I've witnessed in these proceedings.

Alexis: Your Honor, may -- may I speak?

Judge: You're trying my patience, Ms. Davis.

Alexis: Would it be all right if I just had a moment alone with my daughter to say goodbye to her?

Ned: I don't mind, Your Honor.

Alexis: It's okay. It's okay, honey. Mama's going to be away from you just for a little while, okay? And you're going to stay with Ned. Ned's going to bring you home when they say it's okay, all right?

[Kristina fusses]

Alexis: Okay? Everything that I've done is so that we can spend the rest of our lives together and we will, I promise. You and I are a part of each other, and nothing is ever going to change that. That's right. And until I come home, we'll meet each other in our dreams every night, okay?

[Kristina fusses]

Alexis: That's my angel. That's my angel.

Alexis: I love you. That's my angel.

Judge: That's really all the time I can give you, Ms. Davis. Return the child to her father.

Alexis: It's okay. It's all right. Okay.

[Kristina fusses]

Alexis: Take good care of her.

Ned: Of course. With my life.

[Kristina fusses]

Judge: That concludes the business of this court. We're adjourned. Good luck, Ms. Davis.

Jax: Hey. I won't even ask if you're okay.

Alexis: I lost my baby.

Jax: Just for now. For now, okay? The most important thing is, is that you do whatever it takes to get better. And I'm here for you, okay? Whatever you need.

Jax: It'll be okay. It'll be okay. You happy now?

Scott: Your friend just got away with murder.

Jax: She lost her child. But, you know, I guess that balances the scales for someone like you.

Scott: Hey, you know, I got kids, too.

Skye: God help them.

Edward: I don't want you to worry, my dear. You see, the Quartermaine family and all the staff will be at Ned's disposal so that your little girl will want nothing -- until you can get well enough to return to your maternal duties, of course. What?

Alexis: I hope you're not expecting me to thank you.

Alan: I think the judge made the right decision.

Monica: Oh? What about Alexis? I mean, it's awful to be separated from your child, even if it is temporary.

Alan: I hope you're prepared, because you're going to have your hands full.

Ned: Why would I be prepared? I had no idea the judge would award me custody. I was just as surprised as anyone else in that courtroom.

Alan: Ned, I just made an observation, not a comment, not a criticism.

Edward: Well, look at the bunch of you, standing around like you're waiting for a parade. Come on. Let's take Ned's baby home so she can start leading a normal life.

Monica: With us? Surely, you jest.

Edward: I don't need your sarcasm, Monica. Now, we are going to celebrate this newest addition to our family whether you like it or not. Come on, let's go.

Ned: Don't you worry, Kristina. Your father's here, and I'm going to protect you with my last dying breath.

Dara: I know this is a terrible blow, but at least we're positioned to fight. Do your work with Cameron, try to stay positive. And when it's time, we will get Kristina back.

Alexis: You've been wonderful, and I don't know how to thank you.

Dara: Thank me when we're done. I'm not deserting you, Alexis.

Gia: Let me guess. You think your dad screwed up and let Alexis down, after all.

Zander: No. My father fought hard for Alexis and her baby. He -- he cares about them.

Gia: But?

Zander: But nothing.

Gia: But you wish he had fought for you like that, huh?

Cameron: I'm so sorry.

Alexis: Everything that I've done has been so that I wouldn't lose my daughter, and now look at what's happened.

Ric: Look, you're -- you're trying to make this simple, I'm trying to make this simple, and it's just not.

Elizabeth: Two free adults attracted to each other -- what's complicated?

Ric: I'm not free.

Elizabeth: What are you saying? Do you -- you have a girlfriend? A wife?

Ric: No. No, no, no. No, that's the point, okay? I haven't allowed myself the time or the freedom to invest in a real relationship. Look, I -- I have been cursed with this -- this goal-oriented, forward-thinking mind, you know? A equals B, which, inevitably, with a lot of hard work, will get me to Z. But my point is that I am -- I have set myself on a course, and I just -- I can't allow myself any kind of indulgences, no matter how amazing they might be, you know?

Elizabeth: Oh, right, okay. You know what? I'm trying really hard not to be Elizabeth: I donít mean to sound offended here, but so far I've gone from "complication" to "indulgence"?

Ric: No, no, no, no. That's the problem. Look, look. You're much more than that to me.

Elizabeth: All right, keep going.

Ric: You are a rare and beautiful creature.

Elizabeth: Lose "creature."

Ric: Okay, force of nature. Bolt of lightning struck through my heart.

Elizabeth: Okay.

Ric: Okay?

Elizabeth: Okay.

Ric: What I'm trying to say is that I found you, and you're here, you're in front of me. You're -- I can reach out and touch you. I'm just not that big of a fool to let you go. Believe me, I'm no fool.

Elizabeth: So I've noticed.

Elizabeth: I assume getting to Z means working for Sonny?

Ric: If you have a problem with that, I understand.

Elizabeth: Well, you know I'm not thrilled about it. People do what they have to do, I guess. I'm sorry to break this up, but I -- I'm working the nightshift, and I have to go home and shower.

Ric: Mm-hmm. Uh, one more thing. God, I hope you don't hate me for saying this.

Elizabeth: And you were doing so well.

Ric: No, I just -- I want to keep us between us for now, okay, if that's all right?

Elizabeth: That's it?

Ric: Yeah.

Elizabeth: It's not a problem. Should be fun. You know, we can meet in the shadows and maybe we can sneak away.

Ric: Yeah. Well, why don't we start tonight after you get off of work, huh? There's this gallery across town, they have a showing. Want to go check it out?

Elizabeth: I would love to.

Ric: You know what? You know what? This -- this is wrong.

Elizabeth: I thought we already cleared this up.

Ric: No, I -- it's ridiculous for you to go home way over to your studio and shower. I mean, there's one right here. I got plenty of towels.

Elizabeth: Well, you know, maybe I could be persuaded if you tried really hard to convince me.

Sonny: Let's go.

Carly: Go where?

Sonny: Get it over with. Tell me what a cold, unfeeling pig I am for trying to control Courtney and destroying her chance at happiness with the man she loves.

Carly: Stop it, Sonny.

Sonny: No, no, no, go ahead, go ahead.

Carly: Stop it.

Sonny: It's fine. Bring it on. Tell me how firing Jason and assuming he'd give up Courtney is a spitting contest that I lost big time. That my stubbornness -- that it made me -- it cost me Jason's loyalty and Benny's life.

Carly: No, I'm not going to beat up on you. You're doing a fine job of that all by yourself.

Sonny: Come on. Not even an "I told you so"?

Carly: No, not even.

Sonny: Huh?

Carly: No. But I will tell you something. I've made way too many mistakes to do that to you. But you need to know if this situation does not change between you and Jason, it's going to end up destroying all of us.

Jason: You barely said a word all the way home.

Courtney: Jason, I don't know what to say anymore. Why, things couldn't be worse between you and Sonny.

Jason: Sonny feels guilty about Benny and he had to throw it somewhere.

Courtney: Look, we both know how important that baby is to Carly and Sonny, and this kind of stress isn't good. I mean, if the danger keeps escalating, and things get really bad, I --

Jason: What -- what -- what are you trying to say?

Courtney: I love you, Jason. But our love -- it shouldn't hurt the people around us. Maybe it's time that -- that we both just admit that we made a mistake.

Alexis: I wasn't sure that I'd ever see this place again. I have an awful lot to thank you for, and I seem to be at a loss for the words.

Cameron: No thanks are necessary.

Alexis: Why is that, Cameron? You've been out on a very precarious limb for me. Why?

Cameron: I don't know.

Alexis: I know I should be doing something right now, but I can't seem to remember what it is.

Cameron: It's simpler than you think.

Carly: You should -- you should come to bed. It's been a long and awful day.

Sonny: I don't want to sleep.

Carly: Because of the dreams?

Sonny: You think you know me very well, don't you?

Carly: I do. I know you better than anyone. And that is why I am not going to be hard on you about anything. I'm just going to love you and support you and take care of you, no matter how hard you try and make it.

Sonny: I know I'm not helping -- firing Jason and, you know, fighting with him and Courtney -- but you can't take it on. You put it where it belongs. That's with me. You give me the stress. You just take care of our baby. Okay?

Carly: I wish it were that easy, sweetheart, but you know what? There's so much going on that can be fixed, and I cannot help but want to try.

Sonny: Jason and Courtney?

Carly: All you have to do is just let them be together. You know, live their lives, and welcome them back into our family as a couple. That's what everyone wants.

Sonny: You don't think I miss them? You know, I miss them. I miss -- yeah. Being without Jason is like being without my right arm, you know? But how can I just -- how can I just forgive and give them my blessing? How can I sanction something that I know, in the end, could kill my sister?

Courtney: When you were trying your best to do what Sonny wanted and stay away from me, I didn't give up because I thought that my love was as good for you as yours is for me. And when you came back, I don't know, I thought -- I thought that it made me right. Our love is as strong as ever, and -- and that was all that mattered. Now I'm -- I don't know, I'm just -- I'm just starting to understand that maybe it's -- it's just a fantasy, and the reality is that --

Jason: No, wait -- hold on, just wait a minute. Just listen to me. We are not the reason for everybody's problems. Look, I didn't walk away from Sonny, I never would. Sonny chose to make things this way. And I have no regrets, as long as you're with me.

Courtney: I don't want us to end. Not ever, not for anyone.

Jason: We won't.

Faith: Well, if it isn't my long-lost lover. Hmm, very funny. But you don't have to worry; I left my rat poison in the car. Congratulations, by the way. I heard what happened at the trial. So you've got your bouncing baby girl, that's great. You know, I'm curious, though. Where does that leave your plans for Sonny -- and me, your lonely partner?

Ned: Go away, Faith.

Faith: You know, this really hurts, Ned. Really hurts to know that you think the worst of me. Especially after you have so willingly indulged in, you know, the best of me.

Ned: Stay away from me, or you'll wish you had.

Faith: Here's a thought, Ned. If I'm as bad as you think I am, you might want to be a little nicer to me.

Elizabeth: Hey, Lucky. You remember Ric, don't you?

Ric: Yeah.

Lucky: Yeah, I've seen him around.

Ric: How are you doing? Good to see you.

Lucky: You, too.

Ric: Well -- so, I'll see you around, huh?

Elizabeth: Yeah. Yeah, that's where I'll be -- around.

Ric: Okay. Good to see you.

Elizabeth: What?

Lucky: Did I say anything?

Elizabeth: No, but I can hear you thinking. We're just friends, Lucky.

Lucky: Yeah, everybody needs one of them.

Summer: I'm assuming this belongs to you?

Luke: How did you know?

Summer: Beecher's corners? You with an office full of souvenirs of better days.

Luke: Shattered junk from a former life. Well, thanks for keeping my good-luck charm safe. I got a club to run.

Summer: Wait, Luke.

Luke: Look, it's cold out here. Why don't you go inside? Lucky's there, and I'm sure he'd love to buy you a cup of coffee.

Summer: I don't want a cup of coffee. I just want an old friend, and not just any old friend. I'm thinking of somebody uniquely specific. Come on, Luke. Don't you miss me just a little?

Luke: It's not a question of missing you.

Summer: So is that a yes or a no? Luke, look, I'm not asking to be your girlfriend. I just want to have a little fun. I mean, I feel like I'm wasting my days just regretting what I've lost, wishing for what I may never have. Luke -- come on! I just want to have some fun, kick up my heels, laugh. Nobody makes me laugh the way you make me laugh.

Luke: Well, the best place I know to kick up your heels is that Zydeco bar I was talking about.

Summer: Well, okay. I'm there. Tell me when.

Luke: How about now?

Summer: Okay. Mm-hmm.

Luke: It's over here.

Cameron: You'll call if you need me?

Alexis: Right now I just -- I just want sleep.

Cameron: You'll get Kristina back.

Alexis: Thank you again a million times over.

Cameron: Sleep well.

Faith: You're going to have to make an adjustment to your grand plan.

Edward: Why is that?

Faith: Well, you want me all over Ned, and he couldn't want anything less.

Edward: Well, you're a very resourceful young woman, not to mention ruthless. Make him interested.

Faith: I am trying and trying, and I will continue to try. I'm just telling you it's going to be hard.

Edward: This is not what I want to hear, young lady. Now, I want you to get the job done, and I want you to focus. No more coloring outside the lines. No more hits. No more body bags. You get me what I want, or you'll find out how ruthless I can be.

[Music plays]

>> On the next "General Hospital" Ė

Ned: I don't want you ever showing up here again. Our association is over.

Alexis: I need you now more than I have ever needed you before.

Jason: Benny cared a lot about you.

Sonny: He wouldn't want it this way.

Jason: It doesn't have to be this way.

Ric: Why do you continue to see me in such a negative light?

Carly: Because you're a lying pig.

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