GH Transcript Tuesday 3/11/03

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 3/11/03

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Max: Gun!


Elizabeth: No one around you will ever be safe.

Ric: You almost lost the father of your baby.

Jax: How long do you think Faith planned this?

Ned: Not long.

Courtney: What's wrong? Somebody call an ambulance!  I was sitting at a table in the Port Charles Grill. That's when she collapsed in front of me. That's all I know.

Scott: So this hit woman shoots up your brother's club, and then she just drops dead at your feet?

Courtney: I didn't know who she was, but, yes.

Scott: Was there anybody with her before that?

Courtney: I didn't notice.

Scott: Did you see anybody leave the scene?

Courtney: When she fell, I was reading the newspaper. I was looking at her afterwards.

Scott: What were you doing at the Grill?

Courtney: Having a decaf latte, like I've been telling you all night.

Scott: No, no, you haven't told me anything!

Courtney: I -- I don't know anything else! What do you want me to --

Scott: Carly's club got shot up, Sonny retaliated, and you witnessed it!

Jason: Baldwin -- okay, you know what, that's enough. Stop harassing her.

Scott: Jason, you want to go downstairs and --

Jason: This is a waste of time and you know it, Baldwin.

Scott: Look, I'm following procedure here. You got two choices -- shut up, or sit down and shut up, because I'm not done with your girlfriend.

Jason: She's answered all your questions.

Scott: Let me just get this straight, okay? So there's a shootout, and you say, "I think I'll have a decaffeinated latte." So you run over to the Grill, huh?

Courtney: Look, I am sorry to disappoint you, but that's it.

Scott: Who told you to go to the grill? Your boyfriend? Sonny?

Courtney: No. No.

Scott: You know what? You're a terrible liar.

Jason: You know what?

Scott: Hey --

Courtney: Whoa --

Scott: Don't even think about it.

Jason: You want to question me, do it. You leave her alone.

Ned: Have you read the morning paper?

Faith: Well, that's a shame.

Ned: You hired that hit woman, and then you poisoned her. You're a one-woman killing spree, Faith.

Monica: When are you people going to be done?

Officer: Soon.

Edward: Look, young man, we have a hotel to run, and no one is going to want to sit next to the chalk outline of a dead woman while he's trying to have his latte and his morning croissant.

Monica: Surely you've got enough forensic information by now.

Officer: We're moving as quickly as we can.

Monica: Thank you. This has been like a three-ring circus all morning.

Alan: Why didn't you tell me you were doing renovations in the house?

Monica: Excuse me?

Alan: Why didn't you tell me you were doing renovations in the house? I like waking up to classical music, not the sound of a ceiling falling in on my head.

Monica: I don't know what you're talking about. I didn't order any renovations.

Edward: Is it my fault that the upstairs needs a little remodeling?

Alexis: Where are you taking me?

Cameron: You'll see.

Alexis: Aren't we supposed to be going to a therapy session?

Cameron: This will be therapy of a more unconventional kind.

Alexis: Does the judge know about this? Because I can't afford to get caught. I'm under police guard.

Cameron: Trust me.

Alexis: You want me to trust you? You're kidnapping me.

Cameron: Exactly. Just keep moving and follow my lead.

Officer: Stop right there.

Doctor: You're recovering nicely. You're extremely lucky the bullet didn't hit any vital organs.

Ric: How soon can I get out of here?

Doctor: Um, hold that question for a little while till we see how your wound is healing.

Elizabeth: Thank God. I was so scared when I saw you lying there on the floor.

Ric: Yeah. I guess it -- it looked worse than it was, huh?

Elizabeth: You know firsthand how dangerous it is for you to be around Sonny, and now you can walk away without any permanent damage.

Ric: No, I can't.

Sonny: Carly, could you hold onto the rail? I don't want you to fall.

Carly: I went into Michael's room, and Leticia was packing his stuff. She said that you told her to pack to get Michael ready to go to the island?

Sonny: Michael and Leticia are going down there this afternoon, and I want you to go down there with them.

Carly: Michael doesn't want to go. Neither do I.

Sonny: Do you want your children to be safe? Michael, the baby you're carrying? So do I.

Carly: Didn't you read the papers? The hit woman's dead.

Sonny: Okay, I'm not -- I'm not discussing this.

Carly: Okay, you can listen, then.

Sonny: No.

Carly: Sonny --

Sonny: I'm not listening.

Carly: Listen, I've got guards around me, and I'm willing to have that. Michael has them 24/7.

Sonny: A hit man is like a house painter. If he doesn't finish the job, you hire a replacement. The last thing I want is for you and Michael to be standing next to me when somebody else tries to kill me. Is that clear enough for you?

Carly: Sending us away to the island -- that's not the solution. It's not.

Sonny: Well --

Carly: I don't want to take Michael out of school. And I don't want to be thousands of miles away from my doctor, and I don't want to be stressed out worrying about you.

Sonny: So you'd rather be stressed out getting shot at? Because it could've been you lying on the floor. You're vulnerable. A lot of things can happen, especially now that Jason, you know, isn't looking out for you.

Carly: So, you could call him.

Sonny: He's not working for me. He made that choice.

Carly: No, you made the choice.

Sonny: I'm not going to discuss this. I -- I don't want to -- I don't want to lose my family. I want to keep them safe -- you, Michael, and the baby. That's what I plan on doing. I want to keep them safe. Can you at least do this for me until maybe, you know, the danger passes?

Carly: Okay. I'll go.

Sonny: All right, all right.

Carly: If you go with me, I'll go.

Sonny: I have a lot of things to take care of here, Carly, seriously.

Carly: Come on, sweetie, we've been expecting and waiting for this baby for so long, and I want you to be with me to experience every moment that it grows inside of me.

Sonny: I will come down -- I will come down there as soon as I can.

Carly: Sonny, I need you to be with me there. I need you to watch over me. I need you to make sure that I'm eating right and I'm taking care of myself and I'm walking down the stairs right. I need you to be there with me.

Sonny: I can't. I can't go.

Carly: Then I can't go, either.

Faith: Why do you always think the worst of me?

Ned: Just cut the innocent act. I remember last night during the shooting, the look on your face when I grabbed you and took you under the bar. You weren't surprised. You weren't even scared because you knew. You knew. You needed a million dollars; I wouldn't give it to you. Somehow you conned someone else out of the money. And of course, the shooting went awry. You didn't hit Sonny. You hit his attorney. So then you had to go assassinate the hit woman to shut her up. How am I doing so far? How am I doing?

Faith: What's the matter? Cat got your tongue?

Officer: Ms. Davis is under arrest for murder. She's considered a flight risk and a danger to herself and others.

Cameron: Well, I'm her attending psychiatrist, and I'm trying to get her through these public spaces for exactly that reason. So we have to minimize contact with others so as not to trigger fragmentation and mood-congruent psychotic features.

Alexis: Why are you stopping me?

Cameron: It's all right, Alexis.

Alexis: Are you threatening me?

Cameron: Her condition has deteriorated to the point where we have to initiate a more aggressive form of treatment.

Alexis: I don't want to -- I don't want to do that. Please don't -- don't let him make me do that.

Cameron: And time is of the essence.

Alexis: I want my doctor. I -- I want my doctor. Somebody get my doctor because I don't trust you.

Cameron: He'll be there, Alexis. All of your friends will be there.

Alexis: No, you're lying. He's lying. He's lying to me.

Cameron: This is what I was trying to avoid. Onset can be rapid and unpredictable.

Alexis: No, I don't want to go with him. He's going to hurt me.

Officer: Do you need any help?

Cameron: I think I can handle it from here.

Alexis: I don't want to go.

Cameron: It's all right, Alexis.

Alexis: I don't want to go. I'm not comfortable.

Cameron: No one's going to hurt you.

Monica: The house doesn't need remodeling, Edward.

Edward: Oh, don't be ridiculous, Monica. In a house that size, something always needs to be fixed.

Monica: You had no right to do this without my approval!

Edward: Of course I did.

Alan: What are you up to?

Edward: I am acting in the best interest of the family, Alan, as usual.

Monica: You've never acted in anyone's best interest, Edward, except your own.

Edward: Oh, ye of little faith.

Alan: Oh, you argue with him, Monica. I got things to do.

Monica: Coward.

Alan: I heard that.

Monica: This is all to camouflage the fact that you're renovating a nursery, isn't it?

Edward: Well, whatever gave you that idea?

Monica: Lila.

Edward: Hmm?

Monica: Yeah. She thinks that you're concocting some kind of a scheme to get Kristina and raise her yourself.

Edward: Oh, she does, huh?

Monica: Yeah. And all of this renovating thing is just for a baby.

Edward: What if it is, hmm? There's nothing wrong with doing what's best for little Kristina.

Monica: By taking her away from her parents?

Edward: Monica, she is a Quartermaine heir.

Monica: And Ned is her father.

Edward: And her mother is a murderous lunatic.

Monica: You don't know that.

Edward: All right, Monica, listen, you tell me -- where would you rather have that little baby girl live? In the gatehouse, hmm? With those two rudderless unmarrieds, or with us in --

Monica: Yes, in this loving, stable home.

Edward: May not be perfect, Monica, but I am really worried about that child's well-being.

Monica: She has two loving parents, Edward.

Edward: Oh, Alexis? Come on, Monica. Now, we can hope for the best, but we have to prepare for the worst.

Monica: Well, in the meantime, she belongs with her father.

Edward: We're a stone's throw away, Monica. She can live with us, and Ned can visit her every day.

Monica: You are -- you seem to forget it's not your decision to make.

Edward: Get it through your head, Monica. I'm doing what is best for that little girl. And who knows? Maybe that precious little thing will be what finally brings our family together again.

Monica: Or tears it completely apart.

Ric: Sonny appreciates loyalty, and I've demonstrated mine. I can't just walk away now that I've proven myself.

Elizabeth: Proved yourself? You got shot.

Ric: I knew that the job had risks.

Elizabeth: So you're just going to stay and tempt fate?

Ric: I will be rewarded for the risk that I took and the loyalty that I chose.

Elizabeth: You're talking like this is some sort of victory. Ric, you could've been killed.

Ric: Fortunately, that didn't happen.

Elizabeth: What about next time, and the time after that? It doesn't stop with Sonny, you know. The danger never ends.

Ric: I'll take my chances.

Elizabeth: This is all very backwards.

Ric: What?

Elizabeth: Oh, you do the work, you come through for Sonny again and again, you prove that you're the best attorney for the job, and it isn't enough. But now that you proved you might die for the guy, you could be a part of the inner circle.

Ric: Elizabeth, I have to do this.

Elizabeth: No, no, you don't, Ric.

Ric: Listen to me. The last thing I want to do with you right now is fight. I have made up my mind.

Elizabeth: All right. It's not my place. To tell you how to live or what to do is presumptuous of me.

Ric: It's okay, though. You were looking out for me. I appreciate that.

Elizabeth: I didn't realize how badly you wanted to work for Sonny. I thought you'd see the danger and you'd walk away. I made the same mistake.

Ric: With Jason?

Scott: Listen, tough guy, you ever touch me, you're going to jail. You know what happens to tough guys in jail?

Courtney: You need a witness and you don't have one.

Officer: Autopsy report on the hit woman came in.

Scott: Let's see what we got here.

Courtney: God, I know what you're thinking.

Jason: Yeah, you're thinking he's an idiot.

Courtney: Yeah, well, I can handle him myself, really.

Jason: I know. I know you can. So far you're doing a lot better than me.

Scott: "Natural causes," my foot. I met that girl. She was young, she was pretty. She takes a shot at Sonny. Then she goes over to the Grill, orders a glass of sherry, and drops dead? I don't think so.

Jason: If the woman died of natural causes, then you have no reason to hold Courtney.

Scott: Fine, then get out of here. But tell your boss I'm watching him. And you, I'm always watching.

Courtney: Ooh, can you explain to me why Scott is sending warnings to Sonny when he was the intended victim? I mean, shouldn't the D.A. be trying to protect Sonny?

Jason: That guy is useless. But this wasn't a total waste of time. I know what happened.

Alexis: Are you doing what I think you're doing?

Cameron: You'll see.

Alexis: Hi, sweetie pie! Hello, my love. Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh. Hello, baby. I missed you.

Cameron: Thought some time with your daughter might be therapeutic.

Alexis: Thank you. Thank you. Hello, angel. Hello, my love. Hello, my love. Hi.

Faith: What are you doing?

Ned: We had a deal, Faith. You weren't supposed to go behind my back again, but you did, and now I have a problem, you see. Because now I am caught in the crossfire. But, you see, I need to stay alive because I have a little girl, an infant girl who depends on me. I also have another daughter who still likes to call me daddy. And let's not forget the fact that your botched assassination plot ruined my plans to take over Sonny's businesses. Remember? All this -- all this because of your insatiable blood thirst. You turned on me, partner, and as they say, "turnaround is fair play." There's nothing stopping me from taking you in to the cops and turning you in.

Ned: But that would be a waste of time. And so would this.

Faith: Damn you!

Ned: Faith, you're going to need more than scissors when Sonny comes to call.

Carly: Hey. Are you all right? What's going on?

Courtney: Oh, I was just -- I was just thinking of that story that you told me -- you know, about the club opening in the 1920s. You said that -- that the best friend died trying to save Catherine's husband. God, Carly, what if -- what if that happened to Jason? What if he'd been there when that woman started trying to shoot Sonny? I --

Carly: What happened happened. Has Jason said that to you yet?

Courtney: No.

Carly: He will. It is one of the best and most infuriating things about him. You know, he never thinks about what if or what might've been. He wouldn't care that he could've been shot. He would just say that he wasn't. And he's right, okay, so you need to be thankful for that. You need to let it go and move on.

Courtney: I don't know if I'll ever be able to do that.

Carly: I haven't quite learned yet, I'm just getting real good at faking it.

Courtney: Oh. I mean, do you ever just lose it, Carly? I mean, do you ever just think that -- that it could all just end just like that? Just in one second, being in the wrong place at the wrong time?

Carly: Yeah. Come here. Sit down. One year on Sonny's birthday, one of his enemies sent a bomb to our house, and I decided I'd had it. I asked Sonny to quit the business. I told him I'd had enough. He refused, and I panicked. And I know that if Jason had been here, I would've gone to him, he would've calmed me down, and everything would've been okay. But he was gone. So what I did is I went to my mother's boyfriend, who had connections at the F.B.I., and I had him arrange for Sonny to be arrested. So then Sonny would have to be forced to turn himself in to the witness protection program. Yeah.

Courtney: Yeah, I -- I know how much Sonny loves you, Carly, but, wow. I'm surprised that he was able to forgive you after that.

Carly: I promised Sonny no matter how bad things got ever, ever, I'm never going to panic like that again.

Courtney: I already -- I promised Jason that I wouldn't try to save him again.

Carly: Good. But you probably said yes really quick, before you realized how difficult it was going to be, right?

Courtney: After I pulled that gun on A.J., Jason -- well, he said if I ever tried anything like that again, that we're over.

Carly: Which may seem unfair, but, unfortunately he means it.

Courtney: I know. That's why I'm not going to panic or think about what could've happened.

Sonny: I -- I need to know, Benny, who ordered the hit. No, don't -- you know what, I don't want -- don't go down that list. I know who my enemies are. I just need to know who paid for the contract. Bye.

Jason: It was Faith.

Sonny: Benny couldn't get that confirmation. How did you?

Jason: The bartender at the Grill told the cops that the shooter was drinking sherry before she collapsed. Now, the bartender here told me that he served Catherine Flynn a sherry when she drinking with Faith that night right before she died. Both autopsies said they died of natural causes, so whatever drug that Faith used to kill her grandmother, she used on the shooter to shut her up after the botched hit. Faith took her shot last night and missed. You want me to take care of her?

Sonny: Soon as you tell me you ended it with my sister.

Jason: Why are you bringing Courtney into this?

Sonny: If you're with my sister, you can't work for me. That was the deal.

Jason: Someone tried to kill you. Ric got in the way, but you were the target.

Sonny: Oh, you think that changes my position? You should know me by now.

Jason: This is stupid. You need my help right now.

Sonny: I want to protect my sister. If she is with you and you're working for me, that puts her in danger. That's unacceptable.

Jason: Yeah, Courtney is your sister. Your enemies know it. You think if she's not with me, she's magically going to be safe?

Sonny: I'll get her out of Port Charles; I'll put her into a college --

Jason: She doesn't want to leave Port Charles! If you send her away, she wants to come back.

Sonny: Yeah, because she wants to stay because of you keeping her here! And you know what, Jason? That's going to get her killed!

Jason: I can protect Courtney like I protect you and everybody around you. My job --

Sonny: Your job is done!

Jason: When you first hired me to run errands right before Lily died, it was more than a job to me. You were my teacher, you became my father. I have never gone against you, even when you were dead wrong and we both knew it. You know what, I'm not going to go against you now. Yeah, I fell in love with your sister, but that doesn't change the loyalty or the obligation I feel to you. And I'm not going to stand back and watch your enemies take what is yours, what we built. I'm not going to watch you die.

Sonny: You think -- you think you're the only one who can keep me alive? I was an expert at surviving long before A.J. drove your head into that tree. I taught you everything you know, you remember that? Which means I know how to do it all myself.

Jason: You don't have to because I'm not going to turn back on you. And I never will. All I've done is love someone who loves me back. It's not wrong or disloyal.

Sonny: I had a reason to get you out of my life. That reason has not changed. Now, I'm going to ask you again. Are you still with Courtney?

Jason: Yes.

Sonny: Get out!

Faith: Are you enjoying yourself, Edward?

Edward: I told you we can't be seen together.

Faith: No one is around. The dead woman seems to be bad for business.

Edward: Get to the point, Faith.

Faith: Well, the point is this. We have a problem. You see, Ned seems to think that I had a little something to do with what happened at Carly's club.

Edward: Then you have to convince him that you didn't.

Faith: Well, I have tried, okay? I've tried, and he's angry. So he wants to take me to the police.

Edward: Look, young lady, I paid you $1 million on the condition that you would be seen as a couple with Ned. Now, you have to find a way to get back into his good graces.

Faith: Or, on the other hand, you and I could renegotiate.

Edward: Listen to me. You are useless to me without Ned. And I don't care what kind of hoops you have to jump through. Get Ned back.

Faith: Why is this so important to you? What do you get out of this?

Alexis: Boy, you've gotten so big. You have gotten really big and more beautiful. I don't know how that's possible. Okay, sweetheart. I'm sorry that I haven't been here, okay, and I know that it's not fair, but I'm going to be home soon. And we're going to do all kinds of fun things. We're going to go to the park and we're going to go to the zoo. And I don't know how to thank you for what you've done.

Cameron: It was worth it.

Alexis: I want to be able to repay you someday by helping you reconnect with Zander.

Cameron: Alexis, there's nothing to repay. I'm glad I could help.

Ned: What are you doing here?

Alexis: It's okay, sweetheart.

Edward: I didn't ask you what you wanted to do with the million dollars that I gave you, and it's none of your business why I want you and Ned to be a public item.

Faith: I was just curious.

Edward: Well, I don't pay you for your curiosity.

Faith: All right. All right, your business is your own. I'll just concentrate on my next move with your ever-so-charming grandson.

Edward: Faith, listen to me. This is not a good time to cross me.

Faith: What? I will work on Ned. I said I would. It just might take a little time.

Edward: You'd better see that it doesn't. Otherwise, you're going to find out what happened to the last person who broke a contract with me. See, information is an excellent weapon.

Faith: Oh, and what is that supposed to mean, Edward?

Edward: I know a lot about you, young lady, and I know what you did with the million dollars. You see, I have all the proof that I need right at my fingertips, hmm? I like you, I really do. And I don't want to make things difficult for you. But I will.

Ned: I thought you were supposed to be in the hospital.

Alexis: I wanted to see my daughter, Ned.

Cameron: Alexis had no idea I was bringing her here, Ned. I -- I broke every rule in the book to get her out of the hospital, and now I have to get her back before the staff or Baldwin figures out what's going on.

Ned: I was told that Alexis is being treated for a serious mental illness. Do you really think it's wise to sneak her out of a hospital, break into a man's home, and thrust a child into her arms?

Cameron: Ahem.

Alexis: It's my child, Ned, and I -- well, it seems like you're acting like she belongs to you.

Ned: No. That's not what I meant.

Cameron: Everything she's done has been for the good of the baby, Ned.

Ned: I'm not disagreeing. And I, too, am doing what I think is best for the baby.

Alexis: What's best for Kristina is that she gets to spend some time with her mother.

Ned: Yes, but evidently you still have a few more hurdles to overcome.

Alexis: I just wanted to see my daughter, Ned.

Ned: I'm not denying that.

Cameron: Good. Then we're all on the same page.

Ned: Just do me a favor. The next time you break into my house, call first.

Cameron: Won't happen again. It's a difficult situation, Ned, but we can make it work because we all want what's best for Kristina.

Elizabeth: I shouldn't compare you to Jason. I'm just overreacting, as usual.

Ric: No, you're just being honest. I know it's hard for you to understand why I would still want to work for Sonny.

Elizabeth: No, no, you have the right to do whatever you want, and I shouldn't come down on you for it. It's just that I had a flash of deja vu or something, like I'm repeating my own mistakes. And now I've said too much.

Ric: It's all right. Makes perfect sense what you're saying.

Elizabeth: If we were in a relationship, but the truth is we don't even know each other that well. And now I feel like I've pushed you away.

Ric: You haven't.

Elizabeth: Carly, Ric is still recovering. He doesn't need any stress right now, so if you don't mind --

Ric: It's all right, it's all right, it's all right. I need to talk to Carly. Can you just wait outside for a minute?

Elizabeth: Yeah. I need to get to Kelly's, anyway.

Ric: I'll see you later?

Elizabeth: Sure.

Ric: Okay.

Carly: Whoo-hoo, holding hands. Well, you're in a good mood, aren't you? I bet you're thinking that Sonny's going to owe you for this.

Ric: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Carly: I'll cut to the chase, Ric. What do you want this time?

Courtney: Hey.

Jason: Wow. What'd you make?

Courtney: Chocolate chip cookies.

[Jason laughs]

Courtney: What's so funny?

Jason: Well, you know, when I went through that torture marriage that I had with Brenda, I -- I just kept telling her to be useful and bake me some cookies, and -- those look good. They do.

Courtney: You know, I think she enjoyed being married to you a lot more than she let on.

Jason: Uh, not that anybody should take any advice from Brenda, but when I dropped her off at the airport, she -- she did tell me to go back with you and find a way to be happy.

Courtney: Well, then I guess I owe her.

Jason: I just want to tell you that I didn't come back to you because anyone told me to. I did it because I love you. And my life is better with you in it, and I don't want to go back to what I had before. When the doctors told me I was damaged, they said I couldn't -- I couldn't feel. No hot, no cold, no love, no sadness. They knew I felt anger. I had that one down right from the start, but, I mean, everything else, they just -- they said I'd mimic. I'd watch what someone else did, and then I'd fake it. But they were wrong because I could feel, till I taught myself not to. There wasn't anything or anyone that I couldn't walk away from when someone I cared about asked me to. Until you.

Courtney: What happened after you left the police station?

Jason: Well, I went to Sonny's and I gave him a lead on the shooter.

Courtney: Well, that's good, right? I mean, it proves that you can still be with me and do your work.

Jason: Actually, I -- I don't have a job. Sonny fired me last night when I told him I was going back to you.

Courtney: So Sonny fired you for loving me?

Jason: He gave me a choice.

Courtney: And you chose me?

Jason: I chose you.

Cameron: It looks like we pulled it off. Mission accomplished.

Alexis: Thank you so much for taking me there.

Cameron: I'm just sorry it was so short.

Alexis: So am I, Cameron. I have a terrible feeling.

Cameron: What?

Alexis: I have a terrible feeling that something awful is going to happen, and I can't shake it.

Ned: Good. Come on, Kristina. Let's hear a burp. I know you got one in there. I know you got one in there. Come on. Here you go.

[Knock on door]

Ned: Oh, who could that be? Let's put you down. I'll be right back. Sweet little girl.

Edward: Hello, Ned. Saw your car in the driveway, and I figured that you came home early so you could spend a little bit of time with this little baby, Kristina.

Ned: That's right. I'm her father, remember?

Edward: Oh. Yes, and you're doing a good job as a father, Ned, although it must be difficult to balance all your responsibilities.

Ned: Yeah, well, I'm managing.

[Kristina coos]

Edward: I understand that I'm not Kristina's only visitor today, Ned.

Ned: Spying again?

Edward: The gardener, Pendleton? Oh, my, he's such a treasure. Not only is he very gifted with climbing roses, he also has 20/20 vision and a very sincere concern for the welfare of this family.

Ned: Alexis has a right to see her daughter. Nothing happened, I can assure you.

Edward: Forgive me, Ned, forgive me. For a moment, I just was caught up in the fact that she is a Quartermaine heir.

Ned: Well, don't, because this child will never be living under your roof.

Edward: Ned, your grandmother and I care so much about this little child, and we know what you're going through -- you know, Alexis with her serious psychological problems. She may recover and she may not. And all the while, you're responsible for raising little Kristina -- loving her, caring for her, and doing the best you can, and all the time, you have a business to run.

Ned: And your point would be?

Edward: Ned, I'm -- I'm just up the drive. All you have to do is call me. I will do anything that will help this beautiful child.

Carly: So, what is this, Plan B in your campaign to win Sonny's trust? Blackmailing his wife didn't work, so you're going to exploit the fact that you crossed the room at the wrong time and took a bullet that was meant for Sonny?

Ric: Your gratitude is overwhelming.

Carly: I haven't figured out what your agenda is yet, but I certainly know you have one.

Ric: I said I wanted to work for Sonny, all right? I've been very upfront about that all along.

Carly: You have been waiting for the big score and now it's here, and you're going to expect some kind of payoff from Sonny.

Ric: I only want what I'm due.

Sonny: Have a seat, Faith.

Sonny: You've been busy since Rosco died.

Faith: You are wasting your time if you think you can tie me to what happened last night. If I had been gunning for you, I would have made sure I found someone who could do the job.

Sonny: I'm not an easy target.

Faith: You were pretty wide open. You might want to think of covering your back a little better.

Sonny: I know who my enemies are, and I know how to take care of them.

Faith: I am sure you do.

Sonny: It's funny how that shooter, uh, died of natural causes just like your grandmother.

Faith: Let's leave my grandmother out of this.

Sonny: Pretty interesting coincidence, isn't it? They both took a last drink before they died?

Faith: Have you got a point?

Sonny: You're sloppy. You followed a pattern and you left a trail.

Sonny: Sherry?

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Edward: You are a danger to Kristina.

Alexis: Get out! You're a mean old man! Get out!

Carly: Sonny is the father of this baby.

Ric: How far do you want to go to make sure of that?

Courtney: Why should you have to choose who matters more?

Jason: Sonny's going to have to figure this out for himself.

Sonny: Drink it.

Faith: No.

Sonny: Drink it.

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