GH Transcript Thursday 3/6/03

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 3/6/03

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Luke: You had a good connection with Lucky.

Summer: So what you're saying is forget about you?

Faith: Killing Sonny Corinthos shouldn't cost double your regular rate.

Ned: Unless I know exactly what this next step is, you're not going to get one dime from me.

Courtney: Have you figured out how to stop loving me, Jason?

Carly: It's positive.

Sonny: We're having a baby?

Courtney: Jason, hey. What a surprise.

Jason: I'm looking for Carly. Is she around?

Courtney: She just left. If you want, I could give her a message.

Jason: She just called me and said it was important, that she would -- you know what? Never mind. I'll just -- I'll just catch up with her later.

Courtney: Hey, well -- how did it go, babysitting Michael?

Jason: It was good. It was good to spend time with him.

Courtney: Did you cook for him?

Jason: Yes.

Courtney: Yeah? You did? What?

Jason: You don't worry about what I cooked.

Courtney: Pizza, right? Yeah, I don't think that counts.

Jason: Well, you know what? That's what Sonny thinks, and Carly and Michael love pizza, so --

Courtney: Listen, I've been thinking a lot about what you said to Michael about how you want me to be happy.

Jason: It's true.

Courtney: Well, I want the same for you. So why don't we just stop pretending that there's nothing going on in between us and just let it happen?

Faith: Did you bring the money?

Ned: Nice to see you, too.

Faith: I hate chitchat. And as much as I enjoy your company, neither one of us can afford to forget that this is a business relationship. We got together because we both want the same thing -- Sonny going down in flames. I supply the mob connections, you supply the money -- speaking of which, do you have it?

Ned: Right here.

Faith: I love that answer.

Ned: Ah -- down, girl. Not until you tell me what my $1 million buys.

Faith: I told you -- Sonny Corinthos dead in the water.

Ned: You see, that's what I thought.

Faith: What are you --

Ned: You're not very subtle, Faith.

Faith: Oh, come on, you didn't take that "dead" stuff literally, did you?

Ned: It's one thing I've learned about you. Your true intentions always shine through. It's obvious whatever you were planning involved violence and bloodshed. I won't finance that.

Man: I hate to say it, Scott, but so far, I've been less than impressed by your tenure as D.A.

Scott: Well, now, you got to look at the big picture here. There's been a few glitches, but my conviction rate --

Man: This Alcazar mess should have been resolved a long time ago. Instead, we've had two trials, multiple false arrests, and no conviction. Now you want to take it to court yet again?

Scott: Yes, because this time, I'm going to win. Alexis Davis is our killer.

Man: You better hope so. It would be a terrible waste if you turned out to be a political liability.

Scott: Hello.

[Music plays on phone]

Luke: Oh. Somebody get paid to program this elevator crap?

Man: Sorry to keep you waiting. This is Dr. Fitzsimmons.

Luke: Yes, doctor, this is Luke Spencer calling from New York. Laura Spencer's husband.

Dr. Fitzsimmons: Yes, of course. How can I help you, Mr. Spencer?

Luke: Well, you know, spring's on the way, and I don't expect you to know this, but Laura is very, very happy when she's around flowers and gardens. And when I visited last time, I noticed you have a beautiful garden.

Dr. Fitzsimmons: I'm surprised you had time.

Luke: Well, I'd like my wife moved to a room with a garden view as soon as possible.

Dr. Fitzsimmons: I'll pass along your request.

Luke: I thought you were in charge of her case.

Dr. Fitzsimmons: I am, but all decisions regarding Mrs. Spencer's care and treatment have to be authorized by Nikolas Cassadine.

Nikolas: There's a situation, ok, and I'm going to need your help here because it includes your father.

Lucky: Wait -- he's all right, isn't he?

Nikolas: For the moment. Look, it's just that I'm not convinced he's using the best sense of judgment right now, and we are at a point where decisions need to be made all the time about mom.

Lucky: I don't understand this. You and I both agreed that my dad was on track. Did something happen I don't know about?

Nikolas: I took -- I took Lulu to the zoo the other day. All right? And she got into this whole spiel about Luke's new friend Summer. And I just -- I don't think that he has any business bringing some scam artist hooker around our little sister.

Lucky: All right, you don't need to talk about Summer like that.

Sonny: Benny, it's me. Where are you at trying to locate that shooter, Sam? Ok. Any confirmation of the targets made? All right, I want maximum security on my family. Take anybody you can spare. I don't -- hold on. The -- I marked the -- what I want on the contracts right over there.

Ric: I got it.

Sonny: All right, any more questions? Because, you know -- you know what I'm talking about, right? Things are going to --

[Phone rings]

Ric: Hey, Sonny? Hello? Yes, this is Sonny Corinthos. Are you sure? No, no, thank you. I'll be sure to share the good news. Yeah.

Sonny: Who was it?

Ric: It was Dr. Meadows' office. They want to make sure that Carly comes in to schedule prenatal care. Congratulations.

Sonny: You think I don't see right through you?

Ric: I took a phone message. Is that some sort of breach of etiquette?
Sonny: Any good lawyer knows how to use discretion and good judgment. You used neither when you picked up that call that wasn't meant for you. You keep doing this, Ric. You keep -- you know, you continue to overstep.

Ric: Look, you were on another call.

Sonny: So?

Ric: Considering how volatile things are around here, I instinctively picked up the phone, all right? Sonny, I identified myself as your attorney. At no time did I know that it was Carly's doctor or that they were going to tell me that Carly was pregnant. There's no agenda, all right? No conspiracy.

Faith: When are you going to get it through your head violence is the only language Sonny understands?

Ned: And evidently, he speaks the language better than you do. That's why he's alive and your husband isn't. Now, how many times do I have to tell you? Downshift a gear. Be patient. Then maybe, just maybe, we'll both get out of this alive.

Faith: You know what? You act like Sonny can't be killed.

Ned: Have you always had a death wish? Sonny knows we're teaming up against him. His guard is up. He'll see you coming a mile away. You might as well be wearing a bull's-eye on your chest.

Faith: What did you imagine this was going to be like? Did you seriously think you could destroy Sonny Corinthos by messing up a few coffee shipments? Please. Come down off your moral high ground, Ned. Come live in the real world with the rest of us. Ok, we have waited long enough. We need to strike now while Carly has Sonny distracted with her grief over my grandmother.

Ned: I am about to strike. I have a plan ready to go that's going to send Sonny's businesses -- legal and otherwise -- tumbling down like dominoes, without one single shot fired. That's the beauty of it. It's a killing you won't want to miss. Now, think about it. You murder Sonny, he doesn't suffer and we don't get to watch. If we strip him of all his power and his money, we have front-row seats to the best show in town. So be patient. Let me handle this my way.

Faith: Well, I'm not necessarily happy about it.

Ned: I'm not asking you to be.

Faith: Fine.

Ned: I'll call you later.

Scott: Well, as you can see, Mr. Mayor, my campaign to clean up the streets has made me rather unpopular with the -- certain elements. If you'll excuse me just a second.

Scott: Why would you throw a martini in my face in front of the mayor? What did I do?

Summer: I don't care who you're with.

Scott: So what are you all steamed up about?

Summer: Well, I tend to react this way when somebody I thought I could trust betrays me. You're a real piece of work, Scott. Lying to my face, acting like Mr. Nice Guy, getting me to confide in you so that you could turn around and run straight to Luke, just to make sure he knows that I'm dating Lucky also.

Scott: That's what this is about. I did you a favor.

Summer: Excuse me?

Scott: You were headed for a fall. You're wasting your time, putting your life on hold for that old fool Spencer? Come on. He is using you to get over the loss of his wife. Now, let's say you fell in love with him. Where is it going to go? Nowhere. He loves one girl -- his wife, not you.

Nikolas: Ok, I must have missed something here. You know, I mean, listen, I understand that you're trying to give Summer the benefit of the doubt, and I respect it. I do. But since when do you become her big defender?

Lucky: When did you become so judgmental?

Nikolas: I'm going on the facts, Lucky. She's a hooker. She has sex for money.

Lucky: You know what? I know the definition.

Nikolas: Do you? Do you? Listen, all I'm saying is that her definition of romance is obviously different from yours.

Lucky: That's not how it was.

Nikolas: Listen to me. She had no problem getting it on with both you and your father at the same time, all right?

Lucky: You know what? It was that day that I found out about them. I was mad.

Nikolas: Ok. Sounds like a reasonable response to me.

Lucky: You know what? I have to give Summer credit. From the beginning, she told me about this guy she was seeing who lost his wife. I mean, she wasn't coming on to me, all right? She wasn't. I mean, if anything, she turned me down. She pushed me away. But I was the one who pursued her. And that's when we started to connect. I mean, that part was real.

Nikolas: All right, if it was, I'm glad. All right? I am. Look at me. I don't want you to be in denial about this, too. All right?

Lucky: Wait. What is that supposed to mean?

Nikolas: Lucky, just admit to the possibility that Summer was running a scam. Ok? She met you and your father and saw a couple walking wounded and, plain and simple, took advantage. Even if she didn't know that you guys were father and son -- which, honestly, I have a hard time believing because she could have been here at Kelly's having coffee or breakfast anytime, overheard Bobbie and Elizabeth talking about the fact that you guys are father and son or even in some kind of father-and-son context, man.

Lucky: You know what? There's no point in arguing about this. It's over for me and my father.

[Phone rings]

Nikolas: Yes?

Luke: Nikolas, there's been some confusion, some misunderstanding regarding Laura. I want you to stop by the club as soon as possible so we can talk about it.

Courtney: We are both adults. Jason, come on. We are free to see whomever we want. Who died and made Sonny God?

Jason: I'm not going to have this conversation again. You know why I can't be with you.

Carly: Can you stop being an idiot for one minute, please?

Jason: Carly, just get out --

Carly: Jason, I know you. Obviously, better than you know yourself. You love Courtney. The last thing you want to do right now is walk away.

Jason: You set me up.

Carly: Yeah, well, someone had to.

Jason: Tell me you weren't in on this.

Courtney: I wasn't.

Carly: Would you just leave her alone for one minute? I made a unilateral decision, something you might want to try, instead of letting Sonny pull your strings like you're some sort of puppet!

Jason: This isn't something you need to be involved in.

Carly: I'm helping you, Jason, whether you want me to or not because I'm not going to let you hurt Courtney so badly that she's never going to come back to you.

Jason: You want to know who's hurting Courtney right now? You.

Carly: Oh, I'm the reason that Courtney's heart is broken? That's interesting. I'd like to know how that one works. Please tell me.

Jason: Because every time you pull a stupid stunt like this and you arrange a meeting that nobody's asked for, what are you doing? It's time for you to back out and mind your own business.

Carly: Yeah, and you'd like that, wouldn't you, Jason?

Jason: Yeah.

Carly: Because then you wouldn't have to hear how wrong you are being for hurting Courtney and hurting yourself because of Sonny's orders! You have a right to love who you love, and so does Courtney. And if Sonny doesn't want the two of you to be together, it's his problem. Tough. Let him deal with it. You shouldn't have to give up anything.

Jason: Sonny didn't break Courtney and me up. I did.

Carly: Oh, please.

Jason: Ok? You may not agree with my decisions, but they're my decisions, and that's it. I don't want to hear another word about it. Courtney and I have been through this. She understands where I'm coming from. The last thing I need is you --

Courtney: Would you just stop? Stop! Enough. God. Since it's my life that is being debated between the two of you like I'm not even here, I'd like to weigh in. Carly, I need to be alone with Jason, ok?

Carly: Yeah. Please. Hope you got better luck than I did.

Courtney: Congratulations. If you wanted to prove to me that you're just as cold-blooded as Sonny, you just did.

Nikolas: Hey. You sounded strained on the phone. What's going on?

Luke: There seems to be some massive confusion at the clinic in London. I called with a simple request to have Laura moved to a room with a garden view, and the idiot doctor, for some bizarre reason, tells me that he can't authorize it without permission from you.

Nikolas: So what's the question?

Luke: What's the question?

Nikolas: Well, Luke, I mean, you know that I've been overseeing my mother's care.

Luke: When I wasn't able. And you've been thanked, repeatedly. Things are different now.

Nikolas: They're different? How so?

Luke: What do you mean, "how so"? I know the doctors don't want me hanging out around the hospital. They made that clear. I made a mistake. But things are different now. My head's on straight. The point is if I want my wife moved to a room with a garden view, I don't have to ask your approval.

Nikolas: Luke, in the eyes of the law, you are no longer my mother's husband.

Luke: Say what?

Nikolas: You're not married. You guys are divorced. Ok? And according to the doctors and my attorneys, the next of kin is me.

Lucky: Summer.

Summer: May I come in?

Lucky: You're the last person I expected to see.

Summer: Truthfully, I'm probably more surprised than you are.

Lucky: Why are you here?

Summer: What would you say if I asked you to give us another chance?

Edward: This had better be good. And I don't like being summoned, hmm? And to add insult to injury, you know perfectly well that you and I should not be seen in public together.

Faith: You know that I do, Edward, which should indicate to you how desperate I am. There's no one else for me to call, ok? I am trying to hold up my end of the bargain, but Ned is being impossible.

Edward: Hello there. I don't have all day, honey, so stop trying to manage me and get to the point, all right?

Faith: All right. I need $1 million. Ned refused me. That leaves you.

Edward: Well, $1 million is a lot of money.

Faith: Not to you. And if that's what it costs to ruin Sonny and get him out of your life forever, why bicker? It's a bargain at any price. And besides, I'm not really giving you a choice. If you tie my hands on this one, I'll walk.

Edward: All right. $1 million it is.

Ric: Look, you formed your own opinions about me, and most of them bad, and some of the bad is justified. But I think it's time that I get a chance to speak in my own defense here.

Sonny: Go on.

Ric: Ok. You -- you have no reason to trust me. I know that. I left critical pieces of information about myself out -- concerning Alcazar and the fact that I spent time in prison.

Sonny: Anybody would be suspicious, Ric.

Ric: Ok, agreed, agreed. I should have told you. I should have told you from the outset, but I didn't, and there's nothing I can do to change what has already happened, Sonny. But I'm just trying to make up for lost time here.

Sonny: Why? Why bother? You know, it's no secret I don't like you very much. I throw you assignments here and there because -- you know what? -- I know you can do the job and you're convenient. But I made it clear to you there's no place for you long-term here. Why don't you just move along?

Ric: Because if you haven't noticed by now, I'm a little ambitious. I know that's what got me in trouble with you in the first place. Look, Sonny, I wanted to present myself to you in the best light so you would hire me, ok? Not because I had some ulterior motive, not because I was reporting back to somebody. I've done my homework. I know that if I stick it out, the payoff is enormous.

Sonny: Oh, so this is about money?

Ric: And power, all right? Just think about this while you're watching me flounder around on the sidelines here -- ticking you off runs counter to everything that I want for myself, and I am a very selfish man. But if you would allow me this, I will prove myself worthy of your trust.

Sonny: Well, it looks like you're going to get your big chance because I don't want anybody to know Carly's pregnant. Think you can keep your mouth shut?

Ric: Absolutely.

Sonny: I don't want to discuss this again. What's going on with the contracts?

Ric: I'll have new ones drawn up right away.

Sonny: I thought you were going to be at the club all night.

Carly: I wanted to come home and change clothes before Catherine's memorial service.

Ric: Maybe I'll see you there.

Carly: What was that?

Sonny: What?

Carly: Ric just looked down at my stomach.

Sonny: Don't worry, he won't say anything.

Carly: You told him?

Sonny: What do you think? He's the last person I'd confide in. He picked up the phone for whatever reason, Dr. Meadows left a message.

Carly: Oh, and they told him I was pregnant? What the --

Sonny: I thought he was your buddy. Why would it bother you so much that he knows that you're pregnant?

Carly: Don't pay any attention to me, ok? My hormones are in serious overdrive.

Sonny: You're sure that's all?

Carly: Yeah. And I'm probably just being a little bit overprotective. I don't want to jinx anything, and I don't want to act like I'm being paranoid, but I just worry that the more people we tell, the more chance we're going to have of something going wrong here.

Sonny: Don't even say that, ok? Don't even think that. That's superstitious nonsense. It does not apply to us. The baby is safe inside of you, and he or she is going to stay there until it's ready to come out. All you've got to do is you've got to just take care of yourself, and let me -- ok, trust me to do the rest.

Carly: Ok.

Sonny: All right?

Carly: Ok. Oh, Sonny, I love you so much.

Ric: Vodka martini, up, please. You mind?

A.J.: Do I have a choice?

Ric: Ric Lansing.

A.J.: Sonny's new mouthpiece.

Ric: And you're A.J. Quartermaine, Carly's ex.

A.J.: Don't remind me.

Ric: Oh, come on, now. It couldn't have been all that bad.

A.J.: Why? Because once you get past her big mouth, she happens to be hot? Don't kid yourself, Ric. That woman is complete misery, and an expensive one.

Ric: She speaks highly of you, as well.

A.J.: Yeah, I can imagine. A.J., the devil reincarnates. The man who shoved her down the stairs and caused her to lose her baby. Not true, by the way. Accident.

Ric: From what I've been able to piece together, though, Sonny and Carly really wanted that baby. It just seems strange that they never tried to have another one.

A.J.: Maybe Sonny's not so perfect after all.

Faith: Why do I feel like another shoe is about to drop?

Edward: Oh, you'll get the money. But there is a condition.

Faith: Didn't see that coming.

Edward: I want you to accelerate your personal relationship with Ned.

Faith: You do?

Edward: Mm-hmm. Not only do I want you to continue sleeping with him, I want the world to know. I want you to be seen out in public and kiss in front of witnesses.

Faith: This doesn't add up, Edward. I mean, you weren't exactly overjoyed when I took Ned as a lover in the first place. I just chalked it up to a little jealousy. But you now do a complete 180? I don't suppose that there's any chance you're going to tell me why.

Edward: Did I ask you why you wanted to borrow $1 million of my money? Hmm? Did I? So -- so do we have a deal?

Faith: I've certainly made worse.

Edward: Excellent.

Lucky: How exactly do you see us having another chance?

Summer: Exactly? I'm not sure. That's something that we would have to work on together. The thing is, is that I have real feelings for you. And I realize that I'm not good at real feelings, but I don't want to walk away from you.

Lucky: Well, you had a thing with my dad.

Summer: Lucky, that's an exaggeration. We spent time together, and it was quality, but I understand things very clearly now. Luke is a one-woman guy. His heart is with his wife.

Lucky: You know what?
Summer: No, I was just a stand-in. I was just a stand-in. That's not good for me or him. But you and I -- we could have something more.

Lucky: Whose bright idea was it for you to come over here?

Summer: It was mine. Why would you ask that?

Lucky: Well, I guess I'm missing some vital pieces of the puzzle here, not that that's anything new. So you decided just to stop playing this game and dump my dad?

Summer: No. Luke and I discussed things. He made it very clear that there's no future with me.

Lucky: Oh, so he sent you over here?

Summer: No. He let me go so that I could make my own decisions.

Lucky: Well, how much is he paying you?

Summer: What did you just say to me?

Lucky: Well, I mean, you've been on my dad's payroll for months, and I'm not seeing any visible signs of support. So am I just supposed to believe that you turned your back on some nice paycheck to slum around with me?

Summer: Forget it. Forget this. Chalk it up to a lack of judgment on my part. I thought you were different.

Lucky: Yeah, and I thought you were, too. I thought you were special, but the whole time, you were just playing some role. Very convincing.

Summer: I never claimed to be anything other than what I am.

Lucky: I guess we've just come full circle.

Nikolas: You're divorced, Luke. Ok? The children are designated next of kin. All right, decisions had to be made, and Lucky didn't feel objective enough to do it and you -- listen to me. It doesn't matter, ok? The fact is someone had to step in.

Luke: You're going to sign a power of attorney giving guardianship back to me.

Nikolas: I can't do that, Luke. I can't.

Luke: You will not stand between me and Laura, and you will not control my input into her treatment.

Nikolas: Let's -- let's not make this a bigger deal than it already is. Come on. Luke, I will -- I'm willing to meet you halfway here. Listen to me. I will -- I will agree to consult you if decisions have to be made. And, yes, I will approve the room change.

Luke: Approve it? No, no, you'll do better than that. You'll sign over power of attorney to me.

Nikolas: The only thing I can do is consult my attorneys. That's all I can do.

Luke: Well, do it.

Nikolas: Ok.

Courtney: When did you start making decisions about my life? And, Jason, how does that make you any less controlling or awful than Sonny? I mean, scolding Carly for encouraging me? Like I can't make up my own mind? I mean, did Sonny convince you that I'm too stupid to think on my own? Or is that just what you've believed all along?

Jason: You know that's not true.

Courtney: Well, according to you and Sonny, I don't know anything. But you're wrong. Because I know without a doubt what I want and who I am, and I know that you weren't lying to me when you told me you loved me. So I made a decision all by myself that I was going to give you time to figure your way out of the situation that Sonny has put you in. I knew that I would have to wait for you, but it was ok because we were worth it. But now you come in here with Sonny's words ringing in your ear and you try to take away my right to make my own choices.

Jason: Just trying to keep you alive.

Courtney: My life is my own to risk. Jason, that's not up to you. Don't you see that? I'm not going to beg for you anymore. You know how much I love you and that I would do anything -- anything -- if it would keep us together. But if that's not enough, I'm through. I -- you just go do what you want.

Carly: Oh, honey, I am so, so sorry. I never should have tried to set you and Jason up. It was a disaster.

Courtney: No, no, you -- you actually did me a favor. Now I know what Jason really thinks of me.

Carly: Jason loves you, Courtney. Don't give up on him.

Courtney: Look, Carly, I appreciate that you believe in us. I do. Come on, even I can see my love for Jason isn't as important to him as his loyalty to Sonny. Jason just -- he doesn't want me to be a part of his life because he says it's dangerous, but it's just an excuse, you know? He made a choice, and it wasn't me. I didn't even get a say in it. I mean, is that fair?

Carly: No. It's not even close. Hey, look, why don't you just leave this, go home. I've got enough staff for tonight.

Courtney: Ok. Thanks, Carly. I'll just -- I'll finish setting up before I go.

Carly: Ok.

Courtney: Ok.

Carly: Hang in there.

Courtney: Ok.

A.J.: Brava.

Summer: Stupid. Why do I even bother?

[Phone rings]

Summer: Hello? Wow. Didn't expect to hear from you. Now? All right. I'll be there. Bye.

Sonny: Any progress locating the Sam guy?

Jason: Not yet.

Sonny: The longer we take, Jason, to find this guy, the longer he has to figure out the lay of the land and hit us where it hurts most. Now, we can't drag our feet. He's a pro. We assume the target is me. If we don't find a lead soon -- I told you already -- we're going to have to send Carly and Michael and Courtney away. Now, in the meantime, I want security tightened, especially at the club. Now, I already talked to Benny, but I need you to follow up because --

Jason: You know, I can't. I can't do this. I just can't do this anymore.

Lucky: Well, Summer did what you told her to. She showed up at my door all seductive, pitching for a big reconciliation. Well, thank you, but no thanks. I don't need my father hiring hookers for me.

Woman: Hi, baby.

Summer: Hi.

Woman: I don't know how you do it. Barely any makeup and lovely as can be.

Summer: Please. I look like a dishrag. It's so good to see you, Bree.

Bree: It's been a long time, you know. I thought I told you to stay in touch.

Summer: Well, I didn't quite see the point.

Bree: Summer, you didn't just work for me. Like all my girls, you're family.

Summer: You know, you really did make it seem that way sometimes.

Bree: Do you remember our monthly girls' night out?

Summer: Oh, my God, the men's jaws on the floor when 20 of us would walk in --

Bree: Dressed to maim.

Summer: Take no prisoners.

Bree: You were one of my best. Remember you'd put on that slightly tarnished girl-next-door charm, and, baby, the cash would flow like wine.

Summer: Seems like so long ago.

Bree: No, it isn't. In fact, do you remember Darien?

Summer: Oh, my God. How could I forget Darien? He was my favorite customer. How's he doing?

Bree: Still very rich, very high profile, very interested to see you.

Summer: Bree, you know I'm out of the life.

Bree: Yes, you're not the first girl to walk away, but things don't always turn out the way you'd hoped.

Summer: Well, that's true. I mean, it's pretty much been a bust.

Bree: You're welcome to come back, you know. We have a girls' night out scheduled for next week. You say you're in, all's forgiven.

Faith: Confirmation of the wire transfer for half of the extra money you're coercing out of me for the hit.

Sam: Good. I'll keep in touch. I'll let you know when it's done.

Faith: They're having some sort of Irish wake for my grandmother at The Cellar tonight. I want you to do it there.

Sam: You don't tell me where or when. I contact you. I choose the time.

Faith: You'll make an exception.

Sam: Really? What makes you think so?

Faith: Because I'm paying you a fortune and money talks. We'll do it my way. I know my target. My grandmother's wake will have Sonny at a disadvantage. He will be vulnerable, attending to his distraught wife. It happens at The Cellar tonight.

Courtney: How dare you come sneaking around here, spying on my private conversations?

A.J.: Don't get yourself so lathered up, ok? Courtney, I'm proud of you. You should have kicked that loser to the curb a long time ago. He's a fool. He had a chance at something good, and he threw it away because he had to obey Sonny Corinthos. It's time you realize he's nothing more than a trained attack dog. By the way, who is Sonny to dictate your life? I say the hell with both of them.

Courtney: Go away, A.J.

A.J.: Now that I think about it, you really want to get back at them? It's not as if they don't have it coming. In fact, it would serve them right.

Courtney: You mean, if I jumped into bed with you?

A.J.: You want Jason back or not?

Carly: Hey, Penny, you think I could have that sometime tonight? I got a club that I need to open downstairs.

Ric: Carly. How you feeling?

Carly: Sonny already told me that you know that -- that I'm pregnant.

Ric: Good. Then I can offer my congratulations.

Carly: Yeah, I also know Sonny told you that it's not news for the public.

Ric: Oh, don't worry. You can trust me.

Carly: No, I know better than that.

Ric: You're upset. Don't be. A, it's not good for the baby. Besides, you and Sonny are married, you know? You and I only slept together one time. There's no possible way this baby could be mine.

Jason: I just saw Courtney at The Cellar, and, Sonny, you know I made the decision not to be with her. I've been calling all the shots. I've been telling her what to do.

Sonny: To keep her safe, Jason.

Jason: But I love her. And I want to be with her, and she wants to be with me.

Sonny: She doesn't know what she's dealing with is what I'm saying, Jason.

Jason: It's not up to you or me to tell her how to live her life, Sonny. You taught me that. When I wanted to break ties with the Quartermaine and they didn't want to let me go, you said it was my choice to decide, that nobody had the right to decide my life, even if their intentions were good. And that's exactly what I've been taking away from Courtney -- her right to decide her own life. And I can't -- I can't do it anymore.

Sonny: Then I guess you have to make a choice.

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Summer: I really am trying to rebuild a new life.

Bree: Is it making you happy?

Ric: We had unprotected sex.

Carly: Excuse me?

Courtney: Jason showed me what love really means.

Sonny: I will not let my sister die. So you've made your choice?

Jason: Yes, I have.

Faith: Before this night is over, I want Sonny blown away.

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