GH Transcript Wednesday 3/5/03

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 3/5/03

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Jax: Room service is running a little late. There's a restaurant downstairs that's pretty good.

Catherine: To enduring peace.

Carly: Do you think Faith killed her?

Sonny: Well, depends on whether there was something in it for Faith.

Jason: Sonny and I will just meet someplace else next time.

Courtney: It doesn't matter. You know how I feel about you.

Sonny: Any idea who the shooter is?

Jason: It's that guy nobody's ever seen.

Sonny: Sam, the one with no last name?

Faith: You must be Sam.

Skye: I do not like meeting you here. People know I frequent this place.

Coleman: Hey, Iím doing you a favor.

Skye: How? Uh, a cola with lemon, please.

Coleman: Check out the table behind you.

Jax: That's good.

Skye: Well, you're more sadistic than I thought. Do you actually enjoy rubbing my face in the fact that my ex-husband is going out with yet another gorgeous creature?

Coleman: That lady your ex is with is an A-list call girl.

Jason: Anyone here?

Sonny: No, they're all out. Let's hear it. This shooter in town for me?

Jason: So far we can't get confirmation. I mean, we know this guy's in town, but no one even knows what he looks like.

Sonny: Who paid the hit man?

Jason: It could be anyone -- Tagliati, one of the other families --

Sonny: Faith Rosco?

Jason: Yes, it could be Faith, but this guy's expensive. Unless Ned is going to bankroll him --

Sonny: Ned Ashton wants me to rot in hell, but he doesn't want anything to do with murder. Faith's grandmother just died, all right? Her husband made a lot of money once. Maybe she held on to it. Have Benny check that out.

Jason: Ok.

Sonny: What about the description of the hit man?

Jason: We have nothing on this guy except for his name -- Sam. And he works out of Los Angeles, he gets paid by wire transfer. Nobody has seen this guy's face.

Sonny: So you're telling me there's nothing I can do about this, that I have to run and wait and pray that they come to kill me instead of my pregnant wife?

Sam: Corinthos is nearly impossible to get to. The deal's off. As per the contract, half the fee will be refunded, the other half will cover compensation for this waste of my time.

Faith: I thought you were supposed to be the best.

Sam: I am. That's why I know this job isn't worth it to me. You've already attacked Sonny once before. His people are guarding him 24/7. It's going to take a whole lot of extra planning.

Faith: Then Iíll pay for extra planning. How much?

Sam: What you've wired to my account -- I'll need another identical deposit.

Faith: Why so much, I mean, for one person? Killing Sonny Corinthos shouldn't cost double your regular rate.

Sam: If you want Sonny Corinthos eliminated, it's going to cost you.

Carly: And what do you think that you are doing?

Elizabeth: The dishwasher dropped a tray of glasses, so we're short. Bobbie told me to come down here and borrow some of yours.

Carly: Well, next time ask me before you borrow them.

Elizabeth: Carly? Carly? Are you ok?

Elizabeth: You don't look so good. Are you sick?

Carly: I'm fine. Just lost my balance. Why don't you just go upstairs? Take those glasses, ok, unless you've broken them all when you dropped them.

Elizabeth: Why do I bother?

Elizabeth: Got more glasses, not that Carly was gracious about lending them.

Courtney: Well, she probably would've appreciated being asked first.

Elizabeth: You know, you're even starting to sound like her. Maybe you'd better go check on your new best friend because she almost took a header down the stairs.

Carly: Hey.

Courtney: Are you ok? Elizabeth just told me that you nearly fell.

Carly: I'm fine. You didn't say anything, did you?

Courtney: No, no, no, no. But are you? I mean, have you found out yet?

Carly: Um -- uh, no, thanks.

Courtney: Herbal tea. It's supposed to be good for an inner ear infection, so why don't I go get you some, ok?

Elizabeth: Oh, I'll get it.

Courtney: Do you have a fever?

Carly: It's morning sickness.

Courtney: You have taken a pregnancy test?

Carly: No, I called my doctor, but her office called to reschedule. I'm taking that as a sign.

Courtney: Carly, you need to find out. I mean, if you are, you got to start taking vitamins and whatever --

Carly: I know, I know, I know. But the timing is not great, and I think a part of me just doesn't want to know just yet.

Courtney: Did you tell Sonny?

Carly: Yeah, I think he feels the same way. Look, it's what we want most -- really, we do -- but it's also what we're most afraid of.

Courtney: Why?

Carly: Well, anything can go wrong. You know, one slip, I could fall down the stairs --

Courtney: Hey, so? This time you'll be so careful, you'll look ridiculous.

Carly: Something's going on in Sonny's business right now. That's why Johnnyís here. And if Iím pregnant, Sonny is going to worry like crazy.

Courtney: Hey, you know what -- for all you know, you could have the stomach flu, right?

Carly: Right, right.

Courtney: You don't need to worry, unless maybe it is a baby, and then the sooner you find out, the sooner you can stop eating pizza and start drinking milk.

Carly: Do you know that you sound just like your brother?

Courtney: Oh, great. Great, there's another positive, yeah.

Carly: It is.

Courtney: When all other attempts at communication fail, Sonny and I can sit around and discuss your diet.

Carly: All right, you are right. I need to go take a pregnancy test and find out if this is for sure. But in the meantime, don't say anything to anyone --

Courtney: Oh, I won't, I wonít.

Carly: Anyone, not even my mother.

Courtney: Not a word, I promise.

Carly: Thanks. So -- forget it. I got to go to work.

Courtney: You know, Carly -- she's just not feeling good.

Elizabeth: Carly's pregnant, isn't she?

Jason: Carly's pregnant?

Sonny: She had a dizzy spell, you know, but she hasn't taken a pregnancy test yet. You know how much I want that.

Jason: Yeah.

Sonny: You know, I want another child with Carly more than anything, but the day I find out she could be pregnant, a hit man shows up in town. The timing could not be worse. Probably with my name on the contract. We have to shut this guy down. Otherwise, I got to send Carly and Michael away.

Jason: I know, but she's going to fight you on this.

Sonny: Well, if she fights me, she fights me. I mean, you know what -- she'll be angry but she'll be alive, my baby and Michael will be alive. I have to protect the people I love.

Faith: I admit there are complications, but why should I pay more just because there's some extra muscle around?

Sam: Corinthos has a very capable lieutenant who, out of loyalty, will spend the rest of his life tracking me down. Which means, ultimately, I'll have to take care of him, too, and I want to be paid for Morgan in advance.

Faith: All right. I'll get the extra money.

Sam: Good. Now, half of it has to be in my account, as I specified. I would like --

Faith: I know, I know -- half in the account now, half in escrow. It will be. As it happens, my grandmother just passed away.

Sam: My condolences.

Faith: She left behind a substantial estate, and I am her sole beneficiary. I can afford to pay whatever it takes to get rid of Sonny.

Jax: Well, yeah, I happen to agree with you on that. You know, I've always believed that that was true.

Skye: How do you know she's a hooker?

Coleman: She's not a hooker, she's a call girl. Cheryl's very expensive.

Skye: Then how do you know her?

Coleman: She worked at my club when she was in college, and a couple of my dancers still stay in touch with her.

Skye: Oh, there's no way Jax would be going out with a hooker. Somebody must be setting him up. I'm going to take care of this right now.

Coleman: Hey, whoa -- hey --

Jax: Right.

Skye: Hello.

Cheryl: Hi.

Jax: This is -- this is my ex-wife, Skye Quartermaine. This is --

Skye: Not who she says she is. Cheryl's been lying to you. She's a call girl.

Jax: I know.

Faith: Have you been going through my private papers?

Ned: Well, I know you're too smart to leave anything where I might find them.

Faith: Huh, you're absolutely right.

[knock on door]

Faith: Well, hold that thought. Who is it?

Man: Brett Levinton. I'm Catherine Flynnís attorney.

Faith: I'll be right with you. Ahem. My grandmother was a very wealthy woman. From now on, I won't be needing your money. So you'd better be nice to me or I won't have any reason to keep you around. Mr. Levinton. Hey.

Mr. Levinton: Brett.

Faith: How are you? Now, I told your secretary a call would do. You didn't need to come over.

Brett: I wanted to offer my condolences in person. Your grandmother was a very special lady. Quite a character.

Faith: Thank you.

Ned: Ned Ashton.

Brett: Oh, Brett Levinton.

Ned: Nice to meet you.

Faith: Um, unfortunately, I still have some business matters to attend to. So at the risk of seeming pragmatic, how much am I inheriting?

Elizabeth: So why is it such a big secret?

Courtney: What secret? I mean, as far as I can see, you are either making this up or you're jumping to conclusions, kind of like you did when you told Sonny that Jason and I were eloping.

Elizabeth: I made a logical assumption about Carly. She didn't trip on the stairs, she had a dizzy spell. She was so nauseous, she was practically green, and then she refused coffee when that's all she ever orders.

Courtney: Is this what you do now, Elizabeth, now that you can't play push-and-pull with Jason? You spy on my family and then make up stories about our personal lives?

Elizabeth: Come on, spare me the loyal sister act. You know you can't stand Sonny, especially after he ordered Jason to break up with you.

Courtney: Jason and I didn't break up.

Elizabeth: Oh, so you're still seeing each other secretly?

Courtney: Look, I didn't push him away. I didn't play games with him, walking out of his life, vowing to never come back. Jason and I love each other. You know, it's sad how some people shut themselves off from that feeling. You know, they just walk around feeling envious and frustrated. They're really not that much fun to be around. My shift is over. Bye.

Elizabeth: I am so sick of her. I can't even ask a simple question without her spinning it into some evil plot.

Ric: Well, what did you ask?

Elizabeth: I just asked if Carly's pregnant. Excuse me.

Sonny: I probably should've said no when Carly brought up wanting another child, but I didn't because I love her. And now she and the baby are in danger. Do you see how it escalates? I should've said no for Carlyís own good, just like you said no and broke up with Courtney for her own good.

Jason: Sonny, you want a baby, too. I know you. And I know it scares you because you're afraid you're going to lose it, but that's no reason not to do something. Every day you walk out of this penthouse and take a chance for money and for power. Why not take a chance and have this baby that you and Carly already love?

Sonny: The difference is whose life is at risk. I'm not in fear for my life. I don't want to lose Carly or another child.

Jason: Then we need to find this guy and eliminate him before --

Carly: Hey. Hey. Jason, Iím really glad you're here. I'm supposed to be meeting Leticia and Michael at the park so Leticia could have the rest of the day off. Do you think you could go for me instead? Sonny and I have something very important to discuss, and I don't want Michael walking in on it. You could play with him at the park or you could take him to the arcade or something like that.

Jason: You know I don't mind, but I'm doing a job right now.

Sonny: You know what, I'm able to handle -- handle it from here. I'd feel a lot better if Michael was with you. You'd be doing us a big favor.

Jason: Ok.

Carly: Thank you.

Jason: Yeah.

Carly: Leticia said they'd be near the swings. He knows?

Sonny: Well, he's your best friend.

Carly: Courtney knows, too. I got a pregnancy test. I thought that we could find out if Iím pregnant together.

Skye: Have you lost your mind?

Jax: I don't think so.

Skye: Look, I know that what happened with Brenda really hurt --

Jax: Skye obviously feels the need to lecture me, so Iíll be up in a minute.

Cheryl: No problem.

Skye: Brokenhearted, self-destructive, acting out -- believe me, I understand all of those things -- I do -- and I even understand sleeping with inappropriate strangers, but, Jax, come on, look at you. You don't need to hire your dates.

Jax: I want to hire my dates. It's a simple business transaction, cash for pleasure. There's no emotion involved.

Faith: My grandmother left me a ring? This is it? What about all the money?

Brett: She gave it to a foundation for underprivileged children.

Faith: She told me that I was her only relative and that she would be giving everything to me.

Brett: Well, Mrs. Flynn changed her mind.

Faith: And cut me out entirely?

Brett: Well, no, she gave you that ring, which she valued --

Faith: When exactly did she cut me out?

Brett: Uh, shortly after New Year's.

Faith: Why?

Brett: Well, your grandmother said she'd had occasion to reassess your grandfather's life, the damage that was done to and by the late Marco Flynn. Catherine had come to believe that your grandfather's money was cursed, that it destroyed her husband, cost her her only child, that it was blood money and you'd be better off without it.

Faith: I will contest the will.

Brett: Well, you can try, but it's ironclad. Your grandmother thought you'd be scarred by this money. She was trying to protect you.

Ned: Ok. I believe Faith's concerns have been answered. Mr. Levinton, thank you for coming over and explaining all this.

Brett: I'm so sorry, again, about your loss. Uh, my card, in case she has any other questions.

Ned: Thank you. Ahem. Seems your grandmother's death isn't working to your advantage as well as you'd hoped. I guess you need my money after all. Which means you have to continue thinking of ways to be nice to me.

Faith: Well, I haven't got much use for nice. But I'm willing to be bad for you.

Courtney: Ok, Rosie, come on, lay down. Lay down.

[Courtney laughs]

Courtney: Ok. Come on, you're supposed to make me look good for Michael. Here, shake.

Michael: Jason!

Jason: Hey.

Michael: Aunt Courtney and I are training Rosie. Do you want to help?

Jason: Yeah, in a second. You know, I came to stay with you so Leticia could have her afternoon off. I'll get Michael home.

Leticia: All right, I'll be back by 8:00.

Jason: Max. You know what, you can take off. Just call in and see if Benny needs you.

Max: All right.

Michael: We can still play? We can still play? We'll get to play, right?

Courtney: You know, Rosie and I, we were just walking and we ran into -- into Leticia and Michael and Max. I can take her and go if you want.

Michael: No, I'm supposed to teach Rosie how to roll over, remember?

Jason: All right, all right, you can work with Rosie on training, ok? Just stay where I can see you.

Michael: Ok. Come on, Rosie. Come on, girl.

Courtney: You know, Rosieís the first dog I ever got to keep. I found a dog once, hanging around the schoolyard, and my mom wouldn't let me keep her. She sent her to the pound. And one time we were outside a grocery store and these people had a litter of puppies, and I took one home and I kept it in my room for, like, three days before my mom found it. And she took that one to the pound, too.

Jason: Why didn't your mom want you to have a dog?

Courtney: Well, I guess she just figured it was too much work. I love my mom, you know, but sometimes she gets caught up in what she wants and how she's going to get it. She doesn't make allowances for the good things that don't cost money, you know? Like the way it feels when you open a door and someone's waiting for you.

[Rosie barks]

Jason: Rosie pays more attention to Michael than she ever did to me.

Courtney: I think Carly and Sonny are going to have to get Michael a dog.

Jason: It's up to Sonny, I guess, huh?

Courtney: Yeah. I guess everything's up to Sonny, right? Who gets to be happy, who doesnít? Who gets to be with the person they love --

Jason: Courtney, stop blaming Sonny for my decision. I'm doing what's right for you. And I believe, in the end, it's going to be right for me, too.

Courtney: Well, as long as you've got it figured out, could you -- could you explain to me how Iím supposed to stop missing you? How I'm just supposed to stop thinking about you, how I'm supposed to stop hating every minute we're apart because I know in my heart that it doesn't have to be this way? Have you figured out how to stop loving me, Jason? When you go home tonight, you won't miss me at all? God, why -- why are you still doing this? Why do you have to hurt both of us?

Michael: Aunt Courtney, what's wrong? Why are you making her cry?

Elizabeth: You want some coffee or something?

Ric: Yeah. Yeah, sure. You know, that was quite a bomb you dropped about Carly. What makes you think that she's pregnant?

Elizabeth: Oh, she had a dizzy spell on her way down to the cellar, and then she ordered herbal tea instead of her usual caffeine fix. Carly and Courtney were doing a bunch of whispering. I don't see what the big deal is.

Ric: Well, do Sonny and Carly want to have more children?

Elizabeth: Well, that's how they got together in the first place. Carly and Sonny couldn't stand each other until he got her pregnant and forced her to move in with him.

Ric: Really?

Elizabeth: Mm-hmm.

Ric: Well, if -- if Carly is pregnant and she wants to keep it a secret, then I'm sure it's because she wants to make sure it's a viable pregnancy before she makes the announcement.

Elizabeth: Yeah. Yeah, you're right. You tend to see Carly in a more sympathetic light than I do. I forget sometimes that the two of you are close.

Sonny: It's time.

Carly: Uh, let's just give it one more minute just so we can be certain, ok?

Sonny: No, I think, you know, we've -- we've waited longer than we need to. Just check it out. Then maybe all our worries are for nothing, you know?

Carly: Ok.

Carly: You sure? Ok.

Carly: It's positive.

Sonny: You're pregnant? We're having a baby?

Carly: Wow.

Sonny: You ok?

Carly: Yeah. I have waited for this moment, I have prayed for it, and now that it's happened, I --

Sonny: You don't want the baby?

Carly: Of course I want the baby. I love it already. It's just that -- look, I can see that you're as scared as you are happy, Sonny. I don't know how to make this easier on you.

Sonny: No, I'm just -- I'm being an idiot, that's all. You know how I am. I don't want to -- I'm afraid to have a child because I'm afraid to lose it. But you're pregnant. The baby's -- the baby's inside of you. This is not a wish or a hope, this is a fact, so I -- it's my job to take care -- it's my job to take care of you and the baby and make sure that this child is loved and wanted and welcome. And if Iím afraid, it's stupid, you know? Doesn't matter, you know? The only thing that matters is our baby and you.

Carly: Right.

Sonny: Feeling all right?         

Carly: Yeah. I'm fine. I got a little dizzy today, though, on The Cellar stairs.

Sonny: Ok, sit down. I want you to be careful. I want you to take it easy. Lansing can run the club until the baby comes.

Carly: Oh, no. Ric is a lawyer, ok, he's not a manager. It's my place. I will run it.

Sonny: I -- Iím just telling you, I want you to take it easy.

Carly: Sonny, we need to make a deal right now. You can watch everything I eat, you can cook me amazing meals chock full of vegetables and nutrients and vitamins and all that stuff. You can watch how much I eat. You cannot turn me into an invalid. I'm not helpless. I'm pregnant. Ok? Is this a deal?

Sonny: I'm still going to watch you closely. I'm just going make sure you don't overtire, you know what I mean?

Carly: I promise you I will be careful.

Sonny: One more condition.

Carly: What?

Sonny: We don't tell anybody yet.

Carly: Well, Courtney and Jason already know.

Sonny: No, that's fine, but I got -- ahem -- I got a current business situation that needs to be handled before we tell the whole world that we're expecting another child. What's wrong?

Carly: I don't know, maybe I'm just -- I think I'm a little scared, too. You know, we've waited so long for this baby. I just don't want anything to go wrong.

Elizabeth: So what's your secret with Carly?

Ric: My secret?

Elizabeth: How do I keep her from driving me crazy since her club is downstairs and she's going to be in here all the time?

Ric: Look, you and I have obviously had vastly different experiences with Carly. As far as I know, she's fiercely loyal to Sonny. She -- she's obviously head-over-heels in love with him. It just -- it strikes me very strange that their marriage started out as a marriage of convenience.

Elizabeth: Yeah, well, I don't know all the details, but the short version is that she and Jason were involved at one time.

Ric: Right.

Elizabeth: And then she got angry, wound up in bed with Sonny. Jason was pretty hurt, so he left town for a while. Then Carly ends up pregnant. She and Sonny move in together, they were going to get married, and then she had a fight with A.J. and fell down a flight of stairs and she miscarried. Sonny was -- God, he was devastated.

Ric: I knew you and Sonny were friends, but I didn't realize you were so close.

Elizabeth: Well, I happened to be in the E.R. the night that she was brought in with her miscarriage. It was like Sonny's heart had been torn out. You know, that baby meant everything to him.

Ric: Yeah, which would explain why she wants to keep the whole thing a secret. She wants to make sure everything's ok.

Elizabeth: Yeah, and I can respect that. If she and Sonny are expecting, then they should be able to tell the world when they're ready.

Ric: Sure. I'll just make sure that Iím extra careful around Carly on the stairs.

Courtney: It's ok, Michael. My eyes are just tearing up because of the wind.

Jason: Courtney and I were just talking about something that made her sad. I'm very sorry for that. I would never want to hurt Courtney. She's a very special person. She deserves to have a great life and to be happy, and I don't want to take that away from her.

Michael: Take back what you said.

Jason: Buddy, I can't.

Michael: Then promise never to say it again.

Courtney: Michael, it's ok, it's ok. I know that Jason would never deliberately be cruel or hurtful. I know that he's only looking out for what's best for me. I'm just trusting that he'll realize that what I want is what's best for me and it's the only thing that'll make me happy.

Michael: I don't understand.

Courtney: Well, that's probably good anyway because it's all grown-up mushy stuff. Listen, sweetie, I have to get going, so you're going to have to say good-bye to Rosie, ok? Come here, Rosie! Come on, girl!

[Rosie barks]

Courtney: Come here. Yeah.

Jason: Put the leash on.

Courtney: Yeah. She's feisty, huh?

Michael: Yeah.

Courtney: All right, sweetie, Iíll see you soon, ok?

Michael: Bye, Rosie.

Courtney: Give me a kiss.

Michael: Aren't you going to kiss Jason, too?

Jason: Uh, you know what --

Courtney: Sure. I love you. Come on, girl. Come on.

Michael: Bye, Rosie.

Courtney: Bye, Michael.

Skye: I always thought you were so fearless. Why would you choose to feel nothing?

Jax: Aren't you supposed to be enjoying this?

Skye: Suppose I should feel vindicated. I did tell you that Brenda would cost you everything, and I was right. But believe it or not, Jax, I never really wanted you to get hurt, and I -- I don't want to see you give up on life.

Jax: As far as I'm concerned, I'm, you know, getting back into life. See, when I was in love, I made a lot of foolish choices. All the things that I regret doing was because I was in love. So I am better off without it.

Skye: But to give up on love -- that's giving up on life. Even I can see that.

Jax: You ever consider how much better off you would've been if I'd just left you in your shell? I made you believe in love and it almost destroyed you. I kept telling you that love is the answer. Well, I was wrong because it isn't. Love is a rare, fleeting thing that leaves your mind clouded, and then it passes. And then it leaves your life in a mess.

Skye: Ok. Ok, I get it. You're cynical now. You don't give a damn. Well, look at me -- I am the expert at playing jaded. I know all the tricks in the world to make yourself believe that you just don't give a damn, but I'm telling you this -- there is a place inside of you that, when you're ready to acknowledge it, it means you're devastated.

Jax: Perhaps I've just come to my senses.

Skye: All right. All right, Jax, look, I'm going to make you a deal here. I'm going to make you an offer. When you are ready to admit that you're devastated, that you just want someone to listen to you, I will be there. And, I mean, no strings attached. I won't give it any significance beyond the moment. It'll just -- it'll just be a nod to what we used to be.

Jax: Look, I appreciate your offer, Skye, but I'm not going to take you up on it. I'm fine the way I am.

Jax: Now, if you'll excuse me.

Skye: Where'd you go?

Coleman: I was checking out this museum around the corner. I just don't get modern art, man, Iím telling you.

Waiter: Vodka on the rocks? And something for you?

Coleman: No, thank you. So, what happened to Jax?

Skye: Oh. He went upstairs to see that woman Cheryl.

Coleman: I see. Well, you know, if you're done soaking up the ambiance, why don't we slide on back to Jakeís? Maybe we can -- I don't know -- shoot a game of pool or something.

Skye: You know, they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Personally, I think hell is a place you choose to go, and no one's going to pull you out until you're ready to leave.

Skye: Let's go find that pool table, shall we?

Ned: Don't get too comfortable. I have to go home. Even though I have a full-time nanny, I want to be there to put Kristina down for the night.

Faith: Well, let me ask you this -- is this not one of the more rewarding partnerships you've been involved in?

Ned: It has its perks.

Faith: Hmm. Ok, so we've had a few disagreements, but -- ahem -- you have to admit I have been useful in your campaign against Sonny.

Ned: So what is this leading to?

Faith: Hmm, the next step. It's going to be expensive.

Ned: Oh.

Faith: I need $1 million.

Ned: No problem -- provided you tell me what Iím paying for. Because unless I know exactly what this next step is, you're not going to get one dime from me. Not one dime.

Jason: All right, Sonny and your mom left for the club. You want some help with this?

Michael: Ok.

Jason: Yeah, ok. That's a pretty cool jacket. What do you want to do for dinner?

Michael: Pizza.

Jason: Pizza? Sonny lets you keep pizza in the freezer?

Michael: Yeah, but me and mom only get to eat it once a week. Can you help me write a letter to ask for a dog?

Jason: A dog, huh? You know, dogs are a lot of work.

Michael: Rosie isnít.

Jason: Well, Courtney -- she does a lot to take care of Rosie. I mean, sometimes she has to walk her and feed her and play with her when she doesn't feel like it.

Michael: Aunt Courtneyís nice.

Jason: Yeah.

Michael: Is that why you never want to hurt her and always make her happy?

Jason: Yeah.

Michael: Does that mean you're in love with aunt Courtney?

Carly: Don't make a big deal or anything, but we don't want anyone to know. It's official -- we're having a baby.

Courtney: Oh, I am so excited! How do you feel?

Carly: Oh, I feel great right now. But, you know, I do need to go talk to the bartender. I'll be back, ok?

Courtney: Ok. Look, I'm really happy for you. I know that you and Carly really wanted this.

Sonny: Yeah. Thanks. You seem a little happier today.

Courtney: Yeah, well, I know that Jason won't come back to me overnight, but he will. We love each other.

Sonny: Courtney, I'm not --

Courtney: Look, I don't want to fight with you, Sonny, I really don't. I just want to be happy for you, ok?

Sonny: Ok. All right. See you.

Courtney: Bye.

[phone rings]

Sonny: Hello? Benny. Yeah, hey. You working late? I don't want you pushing yourself, you know? I'm glad you're back at work.

Benny: No, no, my doctor's given me the ok. Yeah, Jason asked me to check out Catherine Flynnís estate. It turns out that Catherine inherited a small fortune from her husband and she turned it into a large fortune.

Sonny: Did she leave it all to Faith?

Benny: Well, we won't know about that until the will's in probate, but, you know, Faith was her only relative, and I talked to a couple of people who said they heard Catherine refer to Faith as her sole beneficiary.

Sonny: If Faith has got money and she doesn't need Nedís, she's going to come after me her way, which means the potential for violence.

Ric: Hey, partner. Look -- we're above our projections so far. And remember that winery I was telling you all about? We just got a case of their new Merlot in, and wait till you taste it.

Carly: Oh. I need to have a clear head when I look at these numbers, so Iím going to have water.

Ric: No, no, no, no. Here, just take a sip, all right? You cannot pass -- oh, you can't pass this up. Go ahead.

Carly: Here you are, compliments of the management.

Sam: Thank you.

Carly: You're welcome. And whether you like it or you don't, tell him. Here, just leave it on my desk. I'll look at it later.

Ric: Mm-hmm.

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Scott: Hello.

Nikolas: She's a hooker.

Lucky: When did you become so judgmental?

Ned: Ah -- down, girl. Violence and bloodshed -- I won't finance that.

Ric: That was Dr. Meadows' office. Congratulations.

Sonny: You think I don't see right through you?

Courtney: Stop pretending that there's nothing going on between us. Let it happen.

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