GH Transcript Monday 3/3/03

General Hospital Transcript Monday 3/3/03

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Lucky: You were doing what you were good at -- hooking. You were playing me and my father.

Scott: Ask her who she's thinking about -- you or your son Lucky.

Alexis' voice: "Notes for insanity defense."

Faith: She made me swear that as long as she was alive, I wouldn't eliminate Sonny.

Sonny: What's wrong? Here you go. You still dizzy?

Carly: No, not so much.

Sonny: You look pale.

Carly: Would you stop fussing over me? I'm trying to be mad at you.

Sonny: Could you be mad later? You think it's the flu?

Carly: No, I don't have a fever. I checked already.

Sonny: Could you be pregnant?

Carly: After all this time, do -- do you think?

Sonny: Well, I mean, it's not like we haven't been trying.

Carly: I know, but I didn't dare let myself hope.

[Carly laughs]

Sonny: What?

Carly: No, it's -- it's impossible. I can't be pregnant.

Ned: I got here as quickly as I could. What happened?

Faith: Oh, my God, Ned, Iím so glad you came. It's my grandmother. Oh, God. She -- we were talking, she was sitting there, and I left, and she -- she fell. She's dead. I don't know what happened.

Ned: Like hell you donít.

[Summer laughs]

Summer: Butter cream.  Mmm -- heaven.

Luke: Glad you like it.

Summer: I just can't believe you found out it's my birthday.

Luke: I find out something new about you every day.

Summer: Luke, this is just like you to do something for me that nobody's ever done before.

Luke: Well, give that great guy you've been seeing a chance. Maybe he'll surprise you.

Summer: I'm really loving this moment right now. If you don't mind, Iíd rather not change the subject.

Luke: I do mind. That great guy you've been seeing is my son.

Taggert: You know what, Baldwin? I don't get you. Why don't you want to view the tape?

Scott: For two reasons, Taggert -- Cameron Lewis is not objective, so anything that comes our way is suspect. Second of all, Alexis Davis is as nutty as a fruitcake. I mean, she came after me with a knife! She tried to gut me like a piece of mackerel.

Taggert: Yeah, well, Dr. Lewis thinks that there is plenty here to convince a judge of Alexis' mental instability and save everyone a lot of time and money on another trial.

Scott: Taggert, did you not hear what I just said? He's not objective. Besides, he thinks he's God at that hospital -- who gets tried, who doesn't.

Taggert: Ha, ha, ha, ha!

Scott: He's wrong.  I decide that.

Taggert: Oh, ok, so that's what it's all about, right? You trading blows with Dr. Lewis. Well, you know what? Forget it! Fine. Watch it, don't watch it, whatever. I'm watching it.

Scott: Taggert, this city wants a trial. They want to clean up this Alcazar mess. They want what women always want -- closure.

Taggert: You want a flashy distraction to make everybody forget about the ugly mess you made of the first trial, right, going after all the wrong people.

Scott: Get out of my office, Taggert.

Taggert: Watch the tape!

Scott: There's no point. There's nothing there.

Taggert: You know what? Fine. Forget it.

Scott: Wait -- wait a sec. Get out of the way. Look at that. There is something.

Alexis: Why does this suddenly feel like some kind of interrogation?

Cameron: No, it's just that Ferguson was a pretty high-profile case. I would've thought you'd have heard of it.

Alexis: Sorry.

Cameron: New York vs. Terry Hayden -- does that one ring a bell?

Alexis: I told you three times already now I've -- I've never dealt with a D.I.D. case. It's not in my field of expertise.

Cameron: Never came across one in a law journal or anything?

Alexis: Uh-uh. No. It's a good thing, don't you think?

Cameron: Want to know what I think? I don't think you're insane. I don't think there's another personality. I think this has all been one colossal snow job.

Luke: Am I wrong? Is it a lie that you've been seeing my son?

Summer: No. But I wish that I had been the one to tell you.

Luke: You werenít.

Summer: No. Lucky and I agreed that you weren't supposed to know. I know that sounds terrible -- I'm sorry -- but we talked about it and then we agreed not to tell you. And I guess that Lucky just couldn't live up to that promise.

Luke: Lucky didn't tell me. He kept his word. How long has he known that you and I were hanging out?

Summer: Since the other night when you and I were dancing in here. I guess he came in and saw us.

Luke: So when I introduced the two of you --

Summer: We pretended not to know each other, for your sake.

Luke: Well, that's considerate. I'm touched. I don't appreciate being the butt of a joke.

Summer: No, Luke, it's not like that. Lucky had only just found out. We hadn't even had a chance to discuss it ourselves.

Luke: Well, now you have.

Summer: Yeah. He waited for me at Kellyís that night.

Luke: And how did he take it?

Summer: Not good. He doesn't believe that I didn't know about you and him.

Luke: He's suspicious. He gets that from me.

Summer: You don't believe me, either?

Luke: I don't know. I haven't heard your story.

Summer: That's encouraging. At least you're willing to. I met Lucky at PCU. He's that guy that I told you about, the one that was so nice to me.

Luke: I remember vividly.

Summer: And I went out with him, and I liked him. And from there, it's just all this one, big, crazy mix-up because I didn't -- I introduced myself to him as Laura because I wanted to make the fresh start that we talked about. And we never exchanged last names. And you told me that you had a son, but you never told me his name.

Luke: It's all pretty ironic, isn't it?

Summer: The irony is that the two of you knew each other -- or about each other. At least you knew that I was dating a guy from PCU. He knew that I was seeing a man who was having trouble over the loss of his wife.

Luke: Well, now everybody knows everybody's name. The question is, what do you want? Do you know?

Sonny: I thought you wanted to be pregnant.

Carly: I do. Ok, I just -- I don't want to go there just right now. We had a fight. I got dizzy. It doesn't necessarily mean that Iím expecting a baby.

Sonny: Well, there's only one way to find out. I'll take you to General Hospital and we'll get a pregnancy test --

Carly: Tonight?

Sonny: Well, why not?

Carly: In case you've forgotten, I have a club that I have to get to.
Sonny: Well, that's what you got a manager and a staff for. Get your stuff, and I'll have --

Carly: Sonny, no.

Sonny: What is going on?

Carly: I'm afraid, ok?

Sonny: Why?

Carly: It wouldn't be my first false alarm, and I don't want to put us through that disappointment again.

Sonny: Well, that's why -- that's why we should do this as soon as possible. Because the longer we take, the more we invest.

Carly: Let's just sit with the possibility for a few days and -- and just deal with it either way.

Sonny: Ok, I hear where you're coming from. Now you got to hear me. I need to know if you're carrying my child. If you don't want to hear the results, that's fine, but I need to hear it.

Carly: Well, that's a terrible idea.

[phone rings]

Carly: That's me.

Sonny: Don't answer it.

Carly: No --

Sonny: We're not finished talking yet.

Carly: Sonny, this might be something important.

Sonny: Yeah.

Carly: Hello? What? What -- what do you mean? What happened? No -- never mind, just explain it to me when I get there. Ok, I'll see you in a minute. Bye. That was mom. She called from Kellyís. She said that something terrible happened in The Cellar.
Sonny: Well, I'm going with you.

Ned: You can cut the grieving granddaughter act, Faith. It rings a little false.

Faith: Maybe you'd better tell me exactly what you're accusing me of here.

Ned: Well, you just told me that your grandmother made you swear that you wouldn't go after Sonny while she was still alive, and we both know that doesn't fit in with your plans against Sonny. And now your grandmother conveniently drops dead. So, what is that, an amazing coincidence?

Faith: Ned, I thought you were on my side.

Ned: Not when it comes to knocking off defenseless old ladies. I have a grandmother of my own.

Faith: How can you stand there and accuse me of something so terrible --

Ned: Was it --

Faith: With my only family member just dying?

Ned: Let me tell you something. Was it really easier to kill her than just break your promise?

Faith: God, you don't think much of me, do you?

Ned: I always knew you had ice in your veins. That's why I thought you'd make a good partner. But to murder -- murder your own grandmother in order to exact revenge against Sonny? That is psychotic.

Faith: Fine. If you think I am capable of something so contemptible, then you obviously don't know me at all. And I don't want anything to do with you. Whatever we had is over.

Alexis: You're accusing me of faking this when you're the one who diagnosed it in the first place?

Cameron: Recognize these notes on the cases I just named? You should. They're from your files in your handwriting.

Alexis: No, I donít. I've never seen those before. I don't know where they came from.

Cameron: Oh, of course. Kristina must've left them.

Alexis: Maybe she did. You're the one that talks to her. You want to talk to her now? Go ahead, talk to her.

Cameron: It's done, Alexis.

[wind chimes play]

Alexis: Leave her alone.

Cameron: Oh, look --

Alexis: Leave her alone.

Cameron: It's Kristina right on time.

Alexis: My sister's telling the truth. She didn't do it. I did it. I wrote the notes because I -- I was trying to protect her. Stop it. Stop. Cameron, please.

Cameron: It's over, Alexis. I'm not going to be your patsy anymore.

Alexis: Please stop it.

Cameron: You're good. I'll admit it. I mean, I should've seen through you weeks ago, but, I was a surgeon a lot longer than I've been a shrink.

Alexis: Please stop it.

Cameron: Ok. Here's the bottom line, "Kristina." Right now I'm the only one who knows the truth. I'm the only one who saw those notes. But that's about to change because I'm going to go to Scott Baldwin and tell him everything.

Alexis: Please don't do that.

Cameron: Oh, but I will, unless you intend to stop me. So, we all know that Kristina would never let me go to Scott with information that would put Alexis behind bars, so come on, Kristina. Do what you do best -- protect your sister. Keep me from going to Scott and blowing the whistle and separating Alexis from her daughter forever.

Summer: What do I want? Well -- that's a question I've been asking myself most of my life. That used to be pretty easy to answer. I mean, it was a baby doll that cried real tears, a bike, a hot new pair of jeans. And then it became the ability to just grit my teeth and smile through all the meaningless johns and sex, the ability to keep my eye on the money and get the job done and not bring it home with me at the end of the day.

Luke: And now?

Summer: And now I'm not really sure. I'm still putting it together, but I think that it's got something to do with feeling secure and comfortable within myself. The feeling of the love of a good man -- like you.

Luke: Me?

Summer: You. I've always just been a body for hire for the night, but with you -- you looked at me. You saw something more, Luke.

Luke: I saw the ghost of my wife.

Summer: Even still, you put me up on her pedestal and you allowed me to live there. I was able to breathe Lauraís rarefied air for a while, and it changed my perspective. I was able to look down at all the little pieces of my life and realize that there was still enough to make something whole. Just kind of had to figure out how to put them together, but you did that. You told me that I could make something more. You made me believe that. You saved my life.

Luke: Well, and you returned the favor, but --

Summer: Yeah, I know. Just let me say this because I might not have the nerve to say it again.

Luke: Well, maybe you shouldn't say this.

Summer: Luke -- you made me feel again. Surprise, surprise -- I like it. You asked me what I want. I know what I want. It's this feeling that I get from being in love with you.

Mac: Ms. Rosco -- I'm sorry for your loss.

Faith: Thank you, Commissioner.

Mac: Could we speak privately, please? Excuse me. Here, have a seat. If you don't mind, Iíd like to ask you a few questions about your grandmother.

Faith: Well, I'll save you the trouble. She was old.

Mac: I didn't mean to imply that she died of anything other than natural causes, but I do have a report to file. Can you tell me what happened?

Faith: Well, we usually get together once every few weeks, and -- I guess that should be past tense now, shouldn't it?

Carly: What happened? What happened? Who is this?

Paramedic: It's an elderly lady, name of Catherine Flynn.

Carly: Catherine -- what -- what happened? What --

Sonny: Shh, shh. It's all right, it's all right. Can I get you something?

Carly: No, I -- Catherineís dead.

Sonny: You said she was 90 years old?

Carly: Yeah, but, Sonny, she was -- I -- I wanted you to meet her. I --

Sonny: I'm -- Iím going to go find out, ok? Ok?

Faith: Do you know my grandmother used to own this place?

Mac: No, I didn't.

Faith: I thought it would be nice for her to see it again all fixed up. We got caught up. We shared a toast. And I was halfway up the stairs when I heard the glass break. I turned around, came back, and saw her lying on the floor, dead.

Mac: Again, Iím sorry for your loss. I will contact you after the autopsy.
Faith: Well, well. Didn't take long for the vultures to land, now, did it? Should've known you wouldn't have the decency to respect my loss.

Sonny: Are you grieving?

Faith: What's that dig supposed to mean?

Sonny: Well, you know, I can't help but wonder why Carly, who only spent one evening with Catherine, is more shocked and upset than her loving granddaughter.

Alexis: He knows that I would do anything for my daughter.

Cameron: I think he loves her, too, Alexis.

[Wind chimes play]

Alexis: Then we'll just --

Scott: Did you see that? Right there, Taggert.

Taggert: Apparently not.

Scott: All right. Now, watch.

[Scott rewinds videotape]

[Scott stops tape]

Scott: Now, watch this, watch this, watch this.

[Scott plays tape]

Scott: See, she's acting like Alexis. She's talking, you know, going on, going on. Now, watch. Watch, watch, watch, watch.

Cameron: The baby is not safe with you.

Scott: Right there. Right -- she looked right in the camera, and then, all of a sudden, huh, now we're going to get loony tunes, we're going to get Kristina.

Taggert: What is your point?

Scott: My point? Taggert, she's faking. This multipersonality thing -- she made it up.

Cameron: No, come on, Kristina. Show me what you're made of. Show me how far you're willing to go to protect Alexis. Here, I'll make it easier for you. Pick up the knife. Now go ahead and stab me. At least wound me. Stop me from going out that door. Come on, Kristina, do something. Going once, going twice -- sold to the little lady about to go down the river.

Alexis: Don't go.

Cameron: To whom am I speaking?

Alexis: You know.

Cameron: I want to hear you say it.

Alexis: I'm Alexis. I killed Alcazar, and I was cognizant of it every second.

Faith: Just because Iím not weeping like a schoolgirl doesn't mean I don't feel. After you had my husband killed, I didn't cry then, either. Still havenít.

Sonny: Rosco's not worth anyone's tears, not even yours.

Faith: Did you make a public spectacle of yourself weeping when Lily blew up?

Carly: Ok. Faith, the club's closed for the night, so take your filthy, disrespectful mouth someplace else.

Faith: You and I both know only the weak ones cry. People like us work through our grief in other more meaningful ways. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a funeral to arrange. Looks like you bought yourself one unlucky place.

Ned: Monica. I'm glad you're here.

Monica: What's up?

Ned: I -- I need a favor from somebody I can trust.

Monica: What is it?

Ned: And you may have to bend a rule or two.

Monica: Well, that much I figured out.

Ned: There's a woman who was brought in here by the police. I'd like to see her autopsy report.

Monica: Dare I ask why?

Ned: Well, I'm -- Iím in the middle of a tense negotiation, and I just need to know who I'm in bed with, so to speak.

Monica: Autopsy reports marked for the police are sealed.

Ned: That's what I thought. Her name is Catherine Flynn.

Monica: I'll see what I can do.

Ned: Thank you.

Summer: Ok. I guess that didn't go over so well. Not that I expected a response. I didn't voice my opinion just to get a response.

Luke: What makes you think you're in love with me?

Summer: You saved my life.

Luke: Well, you said that, but, darling, that's gratitude. That's not love. And even if it were, it doesn't matter because I can't love you back. Getting on with things without Laura is one thing, but betraying her is completely different.

Summer: Ok, look, I know that when you and I first started out that everything was about Laura, but I thought that you and I had developed something of our own.

Luke: Well, we did -- companionship. We had some laughs. We became friends. But that's -- that's completely different. I can't take that other step. I don't want to.

Summer: I see. I see.

Luke: I'm sorry. I mean, the last thing I want to do is hurt you.

Summer: No.

Luke: I'm so flattered. But --

Summer: No, I get the message. It's --

Luke: Look, you -- you had a good connection with Lucky. Maybe you should pursue that, see where it goes.

Summer: So what you're saying is forget about you? You know, I used to be so jealous of Laura every time you talk about her, and I used to think how wonderful it would be just to own the kind of love that you can get from a man like you. If it's any comfort to you at all, Laura was very blessed for a very long time. Thank you for my surprise.

Scott: All right, Taggert, I know this is difficult for you to do, but try and keep an open mind instead of an open mouth.

Taggert: Well, you know what? I'm trying to keep an open mind, but there's this little voice in the back of my head that keeps telling me you're grabbing at everything you can to mount another trial.

Scott: All right, well, look, can we agree on one thing -- Alexis Davis, she's like a shark in the courtroom. I mean, she's the best. She does back flips to represent everybody that we arrest. Now, when did the Kristina personality come out? Right after Skye said she saw a woman that looked like Alexis leaving Alcazar's hotel suite.

Taggert: It's a nice theory, but you're never going to sell it, ok? When you try to turn a respected member of this community who's been through hell for the past couple of months and had a nervous breakdown into a murdering sociopath? Am I getting through to you at all?

Scott: Yeah, you are, Taggert. I got to be very careful how I do this.

Cameron: You want to tell me how it happened?

Alexis: I was watching her, day after day, struggling to catch every breath. And there was nothing I could do. There was nothing I could do but pray. And I couldn't control my mind. I tried to. I couldn't stop thinking about who put her there and who killed my sister and that he was -- he was just walking around. There was no justice, and I wanted justice. I wanted peace, and I didn't know what to do. I just felt like I was going crazy, and -- I -- I went to his suite.


Alcazar: Now what?

Alexis: My baby's fighting for her life because of you. If she dies, Iíll make you pay.

Alcazar: Would you get out of here? I don't have time for this.

Alexis: I'll make your life a living hell. I'm going to put you through --

Alcazar: Will you shut up? I have been threatened --

Alexis: You shut up! Let go of me! Oh!

Alcazar: You are going to be sorry you ever laid a hand on me.

Alexis: If you hit me again, I swear to God Iíll kill you.

Alcazar: Then I guess you're going to have to kill me.

Alexis: No --

Alcazar: You got two choices --

Alexis: No --

Alcazar: Me or the alley!

Alexis: No! No!

Alcazar: Take a look.

Alexis: No, no! Oh, God, no!

Alcazar: Long way down.

Alexis: No, no!

Alcazar: Ah!

Alexis: Oh!

[Alcazar screams]

Alexis: He lunged at me, and the knife went into him. I pulled it out, and he started to stumble, and then he fell over the balcony.

Cameron: Well, you've just outlined a clear case of self-defense. Why didn't you simply go to the police?

Alexis: Because I knew nobody would ever believe me. I had more motive than anyone else to kill Alcazar, and everybody knew that. All I had was my word, and I knew that my word was not good enough. I'm a criminal attorney. This looked like a clear case of attempted murder, and all I could think about was that I was going to lose my baby. And so I -- I took the knife, I dropped it, and I ran.

Cameron: And that's when Skye saw you?

Alexis: I don't know. I guess. I ran into the alley, I saw him, and then I started screaming.

Cameron: So when things looked bad for Jason and Brenda, you called Baldwin and told him about the wound in Alcazar's stomach because only the real killer would know that.

Alexis: Yes. Yes. Surely you can understand -- I didn't have any other choice. Cameron, please tell me that you understand. Please don't turn me in, because they'll lock me up and I'll never see my daughter again. Oh, God -- oh, God -- please, please, please, please. For God sake, Cameron, say something.

Cameron: You should've come to me from the beginning.

Alexis: I didn't know you. I barely knew you. I didn't think I could trust anyone. Please don't turn me in.

Cameron: You act as if I have a choice about going to the police.
Alexis: You do. You do. You could tell them that --

Cameron: Tell them what? That Alexis didn't know what she was doing, that it was all Kristina? What's the next part of the plan, Alexis? I navigate poor, shattered Alexis through a maze of psychological counseling and treatment so that she can come out the other end cleared, cured, and free?

Alexis: Oh, please, please. I need you.

Cameron: Am I not supposed to remember how much Iíve already obstructed justice by buying this crock?

Alexis: I'm sorry. I'm terribly sorry.

Cameron: You used me, Alexis.

Alexis: It wasn't my intention. You were there. You were there, and you seemed to care about me.

Cameron: And you repaid me with betrayal.

Alexis: No. I didn't mean to.

Cameron: You must know doctor/patient confidentiality doesn't apply in a murder case.

Alexis: I acted in self-defense.

Cameron: You made me an accessory after the fact.

Alexis: Cameron, you were trying to -- to make it so that an innocent baby will grow up with a mother who would do anything to protect her.

Cameron: Even commit murder. She'll find that reassuring later on.

Alexis: She's all that I have. I'm all that she has. You know what it's like to lose a baby. Please. If you can't do it for me, do it for my baby.

Cameron: I already know what I have to do.

Alexis: God, Cameron, please -- please. Please! Please! Please, I'm begging you! Please! Please!

Monica: Ned? Copy of the coroner's report. You didn't get it from me.

Ned: Thank you.

Monica: Mm-hmm.

Ned: Ahem. I just saw the results of your grandmother's autopsy report.

Faith: And?

Ned: Her -- her heart gave out. There's no evidence of foul play whatsoever. I owe you an apology.

Faith: Well, I'll trade that apology for an old-fashioned hug.

Carly: Faith Rosco is poisonous. I wouldn't be surprised if she --

Ric: Yeah, thanks. Thanks for your help.

Sonny: What are you doing here?

Ric: I heard about what happened at the club, so I took the liberty of looking into it.

Sonny: Why am I not surprised?

Ric: Would you like to know what I found out?

Carly: I would.

Ric: The autopsy report said that Catherine died of natural causes.

Sonny: Yeah, well, autopsy results can be switched, bought, lost. Faith Rosco's a whack job. I'm going to put a tail on her.

Ric: I'll look into it if you'd like.

Sonny: No -- actually, you know what? I wouldn't like.

Ric: Are you all right?

Carly: Why wouldn't I be?
Ric: You look pale.

Carly: Well, that's how I look when the dead body of a sweet old lady gets carried out of my club.

Ric: Yeah, I would imagine that'd be upsetting. Sorry if I was insensitive. Look, thanks for whatever good word you put in to convince Sonny to let me get Jason --

Carly: Don't you even give me any credit because that was all about you backing me into a corner again.

Ric: As long as Jason got off, right? Why you got to make it so hard for me to say thanks?

Luke: You're a hard man to track down.

Lucky: You taught me well.

Luke: I'm gratified. I talked to Summer. I understand the two of you have been seeing each other.

Lucky: Past tense. Summer and I are done.

Luke: Because of me.  That's what happened, isn't it? You thought Summer and I were together, so you hurt her enough that she would walk away and not look back.

Lucky: Of course not. Ok, maybe. Probably, but you know what? You were doing the best to destroy your life. Then things got better. You said it had a lot to do with the woman you were seeing, and I didn't realize that -

Luke: Well, Summer didn't realize it, either.

Lucky: And you buy that?

Luke: What has she got to gain -- my big, fat, bulging bank account?

Lucky: The point is Summer was good for you.

Luke: She was for a time. But she never had my heart. That is strictly reserved for your mother. Now, your heart -- that's pretty much open seating, if you want it to be.

Lucky: Yeah. I like Summer. She's terrific.

Luke: She is. So give it a shot.

Lucky: It just may be too late.

Luke: No, my -- my boy, it's only too late when you're pushing up daisies. Now, Iím nobody to give romantic tips, so do what you want. But don't do it for me. I'm out of the picture.

[Door opens]

Scott: What's the matter with you? You look like you lost your little schnauzer.

Cameron: I need to talk to you about Alexis.

Scott: What about her?

Cameron: Did you watch the tape I left?

Scott: Yes, I did. It's a very interesting piece of filmmaking.

Cameron: So you know she's mentally unbalanced?

Scott: So it would seem.

Cameron: So why don't you do the right thing -- take the tape to a judge, cut a deal, and get Alexis the help she needs.

Alexis: Hush, little baby don't say a word

Scott: You're barking up the wrong tree here. See, I want a trial. I want a big trial because my constituents would settle for nothing less.

Cameron: What's the point, Baldwin? She's clearly deeply disturbed. She's going to plead insanity and win.

Scott: Oh, we'll see about that.

Faith: This is your fault, Grandmother. You knew I could never openly defy you. You gave me no choice. If I hadn't stopped you, you would've changed your will, and grandfather's cursed, bloodstained money, as you liked to call it, would've gone to someone else. I need that money. So, it's sad that it had to end this way, but at least you are at peace and I am free to kill the man who murdered my husband.

Sonny: Here you go. Drink this.

Carly: I hate milk.

Sonny: Yeah, but you know what? You could be pregnant. It's good for the baby.

Carly: You know, I was thinking about Catherine. I want to do something in her name, some kind of a tribute of some kind.

Sonny: Ok, but can you think about that tomorrow? Because right now, you're going to rest.

Carly: Sonny, I might be pregnant. That doesn't mean I'm an invalid.

Sonny: No, but you're dead on your feet. Because I'm in charge now, no arguments. I'm going to have Leticia run you a bath, ok?

Carly: Ok.

Sonny: All right.

Michael: Mommy, are you awake?

Carly: I am. Why are you?

Michael: I had a dream.

Carly: Yeah? Did you have a nightmare?

Michael: No, a good one this time. I dreamed you and daddy brought home a little brother.

Carly: That's a wonderful dream, sweetheart, and Iím sure it'll come true one of these days.

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Ned: That's not your concern.

Cameron: I covered for you.

Alexis: Why are you doing this for me?

Carly: I might be pregnant.

Jax: Love isn't an option for me anymore. I'm done.

Sonny: Is this about Courtney?

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