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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Cameron: I'm sure when I present the circumstances of your illness, you'll do minimum time.

Scott: You were dating Luke. Now you switched over to lucky.

Luke: What's the problem?

Ric: I don't think that there's a man alive who could've resisted you last night.

Jason: You kidnapped Courtney on Faith Rosco's orders.

Courtney: Jason, stop! You're going to kill him!

Jason: Courtney, get out of here!

Courtney: Stop!

Taggert: Morgan, step back.

Jason: I've told Courtney that I can't be with her. I've turned my back on her. I've shut her out of my life. What more do you want from me?

Sonny: We will deal with this at another time.

Jason: We're never going to deal with this, are we?

Ric: Jason's free to go. You're released with no charges. Is something wrong?

Luke: What's going on?

Lucky: It's just a bad day, that's all.

Luke: So you thought you'd take it out on a trash can, huh?

Lucky: It's just not worth getting into.

Luke: Well, that's ok. I got some spare time.

Lucky: I'll pass, no offense.

Luke: None taken. You know where I am if you change your mind.

Lucky: Dad, wait. Maybe I should fill you in on what's going on.

Summer: You're right. I was dating both Luke and lucky.

Scott: Did you know they were father and son?

Summer: I had no idea. I mean, given my former line of work, I didn't think anything could shock or embarrass me. But I tell you what -- I about went through the floor when I heard it.

Scott: I believe you.

Summer: You do?

Scott: Yeah. Stringing them both along -- I don't think that's your nature.

Summer: How would you know? You've only met me a handful of times.

Scott: Because I've made a career out of reading people's faces, you know, separating the lies from the truth.

Summer: Well, you're right. It never would've crossed my mind to pull a stunt like this.

Scott: No. Like mistakes, coincidences -- they're all out there, already made, ready to happen.

Summer: Gosh, I wish Lucky believed this was a coincidence.

Scott: He doesn't believe you?

Summer: No. He thinks I'm playing a sick game.

Scott: Well, you know, the Spencer boys are tweaked.

Summer: I know that he's hurt. I just wish that he could understand -- or that I could make him understand something.

Scott: If you'd like, I could try and talk to him. Of course, Lucky's not -- he's not my biggest fan.

Summer: Mine, either. And if he doesn't believe me after everything I have said to him, there's nothing more that can be said.

Scott: Well, I'm sorry.

Summer: Me, too.

Scott: You know, I know this isn't really the time, but could I ask you a personal question?

Summer: How personal?

Scott: Nothing intimate. I just was wondering if you had to pick between Lucky, Luke, who'd you pick?

Ned: So why'd you page me?

Faith: We are overdue for a discussion.

Ned: What's so important that you had to drag me away from my daughter's bedside?

Faith: I'm not interested in your personal life. That should make you happy. We have an agreement. Why aren't we acting on it? Why haven't Corinthos and company been taken down?

Ned: Things are coming along just nicely. Be patient.

Faith: I think you should step up your pace.

Ned: I've had a few other things on my plate, like my daughter, whose mother is being charged with murder and could be on her way to prison or a hospital for the criminally insane.

Faith: Well, from what I can see, that's where she belongs.

Ned: I tell you what -- if my pace is too slow, why don't you take out Sonny on your own? Yeah, you could go for the time-honored tradition of hiring a hit man. Or better yet, why spend the money? You're tough enough to handle it on your own. You should take out Sonny all by yourself.

Courtney: I know what Sonny expects. I know that you eventually give in no matter how unreasonable he's being, but I don't have to. Carly, Sonny doesn't run my life, so it makes it that simple for me. I love Jason. I am not going to stop fighting for him. Sonny can be as mad as he wants. I don't give a damn.

Carly: Fine.

Courtney: "Fine"?

Carly: I agree with you. And I want you to stay here until Sonny gets home, and then you tell him exactly what you just told me.

Alexis: What, exactly, is the purpose of this?

Cameron: Well, I want to make your case on videotape and present it to our illustrious D.A., assuming you're willing, of course.

Alexis: And the end result would be what?

Cameron: Best-case scenario? We'd avoid a trial altogether.

Alexis: That would be good.

Cameron: Yeah. So let's get rolling.

Alexis: I -- I don't think it's a good idea to have a -- a recorded deposition without another lawyer present.

Cameron: I'm not looking for a deposition, Alexis. I'm just looking for compelling proof of your innocence.

Alexis: What compelling proof will you get from me in this hospital room?

Cameron: Hopefully, Kristina herself. If we can get Kristina live and in color on tape, it'll be all the proof we need. Even Scott Baldwin will have to concede that you're suffering from dissociative identity disorder.

Alexis: From attorney at law to lunatic spectacle. Can't hardly wait.

Ric: Look, I don't mean to interrupt --

Jason: Then don't.

Sonny: Hold on. How did you handle Faith's guy so fast?

Ric: Well, I informed Mr. Fowler that the police were aware he was making trouble for you on Faith Rosco's behalf. He knows the cops are breathing down his neck and that one more overt action's going to land him in jail.

Sonny: And he bought it?

Ric: He doesn't want to go to jail.

Sonny: Good job.

Ric: Any more issues you need resolved?

Sonny: Yeah, handle Jasonís release papers.

Ric: My pleasure.

Jason: Tell me you're not going to believe that line of bull.

Sonny: Ric's a lawyer. He's trained to know how to change people's minds.

Jason: No, I threatened Fowler. He did not fold. He's not going to be scared into silence with Ric's used-car-salesman routine.

Sonny: The bottom line is whatever he said worked.

Jason: What did he say? Let's find out --

Sonny: It doesn't matter. He got you released.

Jason: It doesn't bother you that this guy's lying to you?

Sonny: If -- if Ric is hiding something, it will come out sooner or later. I always find out what people don't want me to know.

Jason: You got something to say, just say it.

Sonny: No, no, no, no, no. You know what? You were arrested, now you're free. No charges. Problem solved. You want to stay here all night or do you want to go?

Jason: Then let's go.

Courtney: Whose side are you on, mine or Sonny's?

Carly: Both. You belong with Jason. And Sonny needs to stop interfering or he's going to end up hurting himself, he's going to alienate Jason, and he's going to push you away.

Courtney: Yeah. As if Sonny's ever going to see it that way.

Carly: Courtney, I played devil's advocate to see if you would fight for Jason.

Courtney: Carly, you could've been straight with me. I would've told you how I felt.

Carly: I know. You say exactly what you feel and what you mean, and that's what Jason does, too. It's another reason you two belong together.

Courtney: Well, I'm glad somebody else thinks Iím good for Jason.

Carly: Yeah, well, as long as you know you are in for the fight of your life.

Courtney: That's encouraging. Thanks.

Carly: Courtney, you will win, because you're right and Sonny's so wrong.

Faith: Maybe I should eliminate Sonny. I probably should've taken out the whole Corinthos clan a long time ago.

Ned: What held you back?

Faith: I thought about it in delicious detail. But I was forced to sit on my hands.

Ned: Didn't have the heart to do it without me?

Faith: It's a long story.

Ned: Give me the highlights.

Faith: My grandfather Marco went to prison for wiping out his enemy. The point -- don't get caught. But my grandmother took it to mean "thou shalt not kill." So when Sonny killed Rosco, she made me swear that as long as she was alive, I wouldn't try to eliminate Sonny.

Ned: You don't seem the type to let a promise to granny stand in your way.

Faith: Well, maybe I love my grandmother. Did you ever think of that?

Ned: Frankly, no.

Faith: I have a softer side, Ned. Would I be a fool to show it, people being what they are?

Ned: Then I guess Iím still your best shot at revenge, since you can't eliminate Sonny the old-fashioned way until your grandmother dies.

Faith: Nobody lives forever.

Lucky: I met a girl.

Luke: And she's got you kicking the trash cans?

Lucky: There are just complications.

Luke: Walk away, unless you're in too deep already.

Lucky: That's what's got me pummeling these cans. I want to walk away. I mean, it's clear that this girl is bad news. Or I want it to be clear. Maybe I made a mistake.

Luke: Well, your instincts are usually pretty good. What was your first impression?

Lucky: She was great. Something special.

Luke: Well, it's really none of my business, but Iíd trust my gut if I were you.

Summer: I met Luke first. He's the one who convinced me that I had the right to expect more from my life than just working as a call girl.

Scott: What about Lucky?

Summer: We were friends. It felt great just to be myself -- no act, no pretense. I guess you could say that Lucky fell for the woman that Luke helped free me to be.

Scott: So, all things equal, you would choose door number one, the old guy, Luke?

Summer: I don't think I could make that choice. But I don't have to because Lucky made that choice for me.

Cameron: Well, don't worry. Tape will be sealed as evidence.

Alexis: So the press and the public will never see this?

Cameron: Unless you want to go on a reality show.

Alexis: Highly unlikely.

Cameron: Seriously, this might be the only way to clear you, Alexis, unless we can get Kristina to show up in court.

Alexis: What if Kristina doesn't feel like being recorded?

Cameron: Well, taping her may not be easy, but it doesn't have to happen today or tomorrow or even next week. Just try to pretend the camera isn't there.

Alexis: Yeah.

Alexis: So, it's going to be on all the time? I'm not going to have any privacy at all?

Cameron: Oh, we'll just tape certain moments. How's that?

Alexis: Do I have a choice?

Cameron: No. But it'll all be over soon.

Alexis: I'm not sure what's worse -- being confined to this hospital or know that I probably belong in it.

Cameron: Alexis, you're going to get well. You're strong and determined, and you'll get through it.

Alexis: I just don't like having this kind of lack of control.

Cameron: Well, I hate to add to your worries, but there is something you should know.

Alexis: What?

Cameron: Ned's retained an attorney.

Alexis: Why?

Cameron: He intends to sue for custody of your baby.

Alexis: What?

Cameron: He's basing his argument on your mental state.

Alexis: My mental state?

Cameron: And he's claiming you're an unfit mother.

Alexis: He knows that I would do anything for my daughter.

Cameron: He's prepared to tell the court the baby is not safe with you.

[wind chimes play]

Alexis: [as Kristina] then we'll just have to put a stop to that, won't we?

Cameron: Kristina?

Alexis: Bingo, Dr. Brilliant.

Alexis: [as Kristina] Ned is creating some very bad karma for himself.

Cameron: How so?

Alexis: Bad things happen to people who do bad things -- cause and effect. Ask Alcazar.

Cameron: Hard to do -- he was murdered. And if someone wanted to do the same thing to Ned, they'd have to be free to come and go. That rules you out, Kristina.

Alexis: Who do you think you're talking to? Helpless Alexis?

Cameron: I thought you loved your sister.

Alexis: I do love my sister, but she has flaws. One of her flaws is that she lets people railroad her and then tries to stop them through the legal system, which is flawed in itself. Sometimes it just has to be an eye for an eye. My sister doesn't agree. She's too guilt-ridden to squash a bug.

Cameron: And that's why she needs you, because you're so brave and decisive?

Alexis: Exactly.

Cameron: Unfortunately, you're also confined.

Alexis: Nothing confines me. Let me ask you something. If I could walk into the Port Charles Hotel unnoticed not once but twice, talk my way into Alcazar's hotel suite, plunge a steak knife into his chest, and shove him over a balcony ledge, then get down to the alley just in time to be the first one at the scene of the crime, you don't think that I can find my way out of this hospital to deal with Ned? You have no faith, doctor.

Cameron: How does that affect your karma?

Alexis: My karma is brilliant because I am protecting my sister and her child.

Cameron: By committing murder? Isn't that a karmic sin?

Alexis: You're in no position to preach to me, you self-righteous --

Cameron: It's all right, Alexis. Nobody's going to hurt you or your baby.

Alexis: Ned's going to take her.

Cameron: No, he isn't. I made that up so that I could see Kristina. I've got what I need.

Alexis: I got to protect her.

Cameron: No, I'll do that. Don't worry about a thing. It's all right, Alexis. You can come back.

Alexis: [As herself] why are you holding on to me?

Cameron: We had a visit from Kristina.

Alexis: What did she say?

Cameron: She confessed on tape. I've got what I need. I'm going to head over to the PCPD and get things rolling.

Alexis: What if the tape doesn't work?

Cameron: Oh, it'll work. Trust me. I'll be back.

Luke: What do you think, Damien? A little over the top?

Damien: It's festive.

Luke: Yeah, but "festive" as in "surprise, it's your birthday," or "festive" as in "happy you're the goat, it's bingo night"?

Damien: I like it.

Luke: Well, ok, then. I don't, but I ain't the one being surprised.

[door opens]

Scott: I love balloons, Spencer, because I love to pop them.

Luke: We're closed.

Scott: Oh, yeah. I can see that. "Happy Birthday." Private party. For whom?

Luke: Nobody you know.

Scott: Are you sure?

Faith: Grandmother. I'm so glad you could come.

Catherine: Oh. Carly's done a wonderful job restoring this place.

Faith: Well, that's why I wanted you here before it opened, so you could see it without the crowds.

Catherine: Oh. It's so beautiful.

Faith: Well, because you made it that way. You designed this whole place, Grandmother. It was a labor of your love.

Catherine: So many years ago -- the band playing, the couples dancing. It's like going back into time.

Faith: Yeah, back to the night our family lost everything. It's all here again -- the club, the crowds, music, the money. But it doesn't belong to us. The Flynnís' Club is in the bloodstained hands of Sonny Corinthos.

Catherine: You didn't invite me here to share memories. What do you want?

Carly: Jason. You got released.

Sonny: Yeah, Ric got the charges dropped.

Carly: Good.

Jason: Courtney get home ok?

Courtney: I got home fine.

Sonny: Why are you here?

Courtney: To tell you that you don't run my life, and you never will.

Sonny: Ok, I got your message. You go ahead and leave. I'll have Max drive you home. I'll check on you tomorrow.

Courtney: I don't need to be driven home, Sonny, or checked on by you. My life is my own and you can't control it. You don't get to define my actions or my feelings or anything else about me. I choose the life that I want to live and the people I want to live it with. I am not just a piece of furniture that you can just rearrange whenever you feel like it. You can't tell me what to feel or cancel out my decisions.

Sonny: What set this off?

Courtney: I choose to love Jason, ok? I choose not to let go. And I choose to fight for him and keep on fighting until Jason and I win. You're a man who's used to getting his own way. People obey you. They do what you say, they follow your orders, you always win. But I will not put up with being controlled. Jason loves me just as much as I love him, and love is stronger than anything that you can throw at us. Now I'm leaving, by my own choice.

Faith: Sonny Corinthos murdered my husband, and he sits here every night partying in the club that you created from scratch.

Catherine: Let it go, Faith.

Faith: It's not right!

Catherine: You can't live in bitterness.

Faith: When Marcoís enemies hit him, he didn't turn the other cheek. He hit back twice as hard.

Catherine: Your grandfather's revenge destroyed our family. He was arrested, died in prison, and I was forced to give up my only child -- your father.

Faith: Well, I've already lost my husband, courtesy of Sonny Corinthos, and I don't have a kid to throw away the way you did my dad.

Catherine: You never will have any children. Not if you order Sonny's death. You'll either be killed or end up in prison.

Faith: I will take my chances.

Catherine: Oh, you sound just like Marco.

Faith: Thank you. I'll take that as a compliment.

Catherine: I loved your grandfather, but he made so many wrong decisions. He lived and died for you. And you'll be much happier if you don't inherit his fortune. It's cursed. Cursed.

Nikolas: Hey. What's up?

Lucky: You know what? Just remind me what a manipulator summer is.

Nikolas: Ok. You're the one who told me --

Lucky: No, just repeat back everything I said. That -- you know what -- that she used me to learn more about my father, went after his money, and has played us off against each other.

Nikolas: You sound like you're having second thoughts.

Lucky: What if I was wrong?

Luke: Don't forget the salsa and chips!

Scott: And the cheese balls.

Luke: Speaking of cheese balls, what are you still doing here?

Scott: Well, you know, I got that nose for curiosity. I bet I can guess who this party's for.

Luke: Well, if you're that bored with your miserable life, go ahead.

Scott: Well, I -- I don't think Lucky or Lulu. You know, it's got more of a mature theme and it's --

Luke: Oh, get out of here.

Scott: Oh, no, no, I'm just getting comfortable here. I would say Laura, but she's unavailable -- and there's nothing to celebrate there.

Luke: You get out of here or get ready to arrest me for assault.

Scott: I got it -- it's for the other Laura, alias Summer Halloway. Yeah. No hooker or ex-hooker slips past the D.A.'s office. Especially one that's a dead ringer for my first wife.

Cameron: Lieutenant? Where's Scott Baldwin?

Taggert: Out. I don't know when he'll be back.

Cameron: This can't wait. I have proof that Alexis Davis is innocent of the murder of Luis Alcazar.

Taggert: What's on the tape?

Cameron: You'll see. I want it screened immediately in my presence and in the presence of witnesses. Then I want the witnesses to write a summary and each summary to be notarized. Then I want it logged in as evidence, a copy made for my files, and then I want it locked up for safe keeping.

Taggert: Anything else?

Cameron: Things have disappeared from the PCPD before. I'm not taking any chances.

Taggert: Well, we can screen this right now, but as far as your other demands go, can't meet them.

Cameron: How hard can it be to pull in a couple of witnesses and a notary?

Taggert: I don't have the manpower or the time. I will watch it with you right now, take it or leave it.

Officer: Lieutenant? These are Alexis Davis' files from her apartment. We found them locked in a cabinet.

Taggert: Good work. We'll log those in in a minute. If you'll excuse me, I need to talk to you.

Alexis' voice: "Notes for an insanity defense. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania vs. Victoria Lord --"

Alexis' voice: "Viki carpenter found not guilty of the murder of her father, Victor Lord, by reason of temporary insanity. Dissociative identity disorder. Mandatory therapy, no jail time. State of New York vs. Pat Ferguson. Pat Ferguson found not guilty of murder by reason of temporary insanity. No jail time. New York vs. Terry Hayden. Temporary insanity, no jail time. New York vs. Alma Barra, D.I.D., No jail time."

Taggert: Whoa, hey. What about the tape?

Cameron: It's on your desk.

Taggert: You don't want to screen it together?

Cameron: Something came up.

Catherine: Don't make the same mistake as you grandfather, Faith. Revenge never solved anything.

Faith: Well, I guess I'll have to respect your wishes.

Catherine: I know this is hard for you. But in time, you'll come to understand that I was right.

Faith: I'm sure I will. You know, I'm going to have a martini.

Catherine: Oh.

Faith: Would you like a glass of wine or some sherry?

Catherine: I'd love a sherry.

Faith: Excuse me. My grandmother used to own this place. Do you think we could get a martini and a glass of sherry to toast its future?

Bartender: Mrs. Corinthos said Mrs. Flynn is always welcome.

Faith: Thank you.

Sonny: The shipment is scheduled to offload in two weeks. Is the warehouse ready?

Jason: Yeah, yeah, everything's on schedule --

Carly: So that's it? Courtney just bared her soul, and you two are going to talk about warehouse space?

Sonny: She's wrong. Why dwell on it?

Carly: So you're going to dismiss her argument just like that?

Sonny: It's irrelevant. You don't have to be in it.

Carly: No, it's not irrelevant, Sonny. Courtney has a right to her feelings.

Sonny: Will you stop it? I just heard a speech from her. I don't want to hear another one from you.

Jason: I'll see you later.

Carly: I want an explanation.

Jason: Carly, leave it alone.

Carly: Jason, Courtney just gave the most amazing, impassioned speech about loving you and fighting for you. Did any of it penetrate?

Jason: Courtney's better off away from me.

Carly: Since when do you get to decide what's right for Courtney? Jason, you used to believe that people had the right to make their own choice, and that's exactly how you lived your life. You opted out of the Quartermaine family and you chose a path that everyone hated. You didn't give a damn what anyone said. What happened? Hmm? What happened? Did you decide that you're the only one who has a right to make his own decisions and his own choices, or did you just give up one day and decide you'd become a hypocrite?

Sonny: Nice job.

Lucky: I just thought I could let it go and move on. Just turn away and not look back. It's not like I've known Laura -- I mean, Summer -- that long.

Nikolas: You're not thinking about giving her a second chance, are you?

Lucky: Maybe I was too quick to condemn her. Coincidences happen all the time, and -- you know, I know it sounds crazy, but I don't ever remember mentioning my last name.

Nikolas: Ok, so, what are you going to do?

Lucky: I wish I could forget about the whole thing. But I canít.

Scott: The first time I saw Summer, why, I froze right in my tracks, Spencer. And then when I found out her name was Laura, I thought this has got to be a joke.

Luke: How do you know her?

Scott: I told you -- I'm the D.A. I know all the hookers in town.

Luke: Well, she's not on the game anymore!

Scott: Well -- I'm sympathetic here. I like the girl. She's a lovely girl, and I understand why you ran around town chasing after her, insisting that she was real. But what Iím curious about is how you moved on so fast. Of course, life is short -- boom -- it's over. What do you think the real Laura would think about that, huh? Huh? You chasing after a phony look-alike?

Luke: I'm going to ram this right down your throat. I swear to God.

Scott: Hey, come on, come on! All right? She's a nice girl. I like her. I've helped her out of a couple of jams. She's been very grateful. She's got a nice little apartment, as well.

Luke: What is this, your last attempt at competing with me?

Scott: I wouldn't want to do that because, you know, she likes them young and dumb. Anybody come to mind? How about your own son, Lucky?

Luke: You -- you're a liar!

Scott: I'm not lying! You don't believe me, Spencer, why don't you just go to the source?

Luke: Get out of here. Get out!

Scott: Oh, you really should pick up the phone and give her a call. Or, you know what? Better yet, wait till you wheel out the birthday cake, and when she blows out the candles, ask her who she's thinking about -- you or your son, Lucky.

[door opens]

Alexis: Did you show Scott the tape?

Cameron: He was out.

Alexis: You left it there? He'll alter it.

Cameron: Taggert was there.

Alexis: Did he see it?

Cameron: He's going to put it under lock and key. We'll screen it later. But it wasn't a total loss. I did manage to do some research, dug up a couple of landmark insanity-defense cases.

Alexis: Really?

Cameron: Probably a wasted effort. I'm sure you've come across a few of the same cases yourself.

Alexis: Actually, I havenít. I've -- I've never defended a case involving D.I.D.

Cameron: But some of them were tried right here in New York. Then there was one really significant case in Pennsylvania.

Alexis: What were the verdicts?

Cameron: The defendants got off without jail time in every instance.

Alexis: Well, that's good, right?

Cameron: Yeah. So Iíll put together a list of precedents. Let me see, there was New York vs. Alma Barra. New York vs. Pat Ferguson -- you probably heard of that one. It was a very high-profile case.

Alexis: Actually, I haven't heard of them. I've never tried a case like that. I'm sorry, it's New York and Pat --

Cameron: Ferguson. And then there was the state of Pennsylvania vs. Victoria Lord Carpenter.

Alexis: I'm not familiar with any of those, Cameron, but I'm glad that you've done the research.

Summer: How did you know that it's my birthday?

Luke: I have secret sources of information.

Summer: Wow. Thank you. This is wonderful. You've truly surprised me.

Luke: Today's a day for surprises.

Catherine: I can't get over this place. I have such a feeling of Marco being here, his arms around me.

Faith: I have one more toast.

Catherine: Ah. This had better be my last.

Faith: It will be. To enduring peace.

Catherine: To enduring peace. I'm so glad that you've decided to give up the cycle of violence.

Faith: Well, you showed me that I had no choice. Oh, I have to go. Thank you for coming, Grandmother. I'll leave you to your memories.

Catherine: Oh.

["Someone to watch over me" plays]

Sonny: This was your idea, wasn't it? You arranged that whole scene?

Carly: Weren't you listening? Courtney makes her own decisions.

Sonny: You were backing her up!

Carly: Well, she's right. She does have a right to choose.

Sonny: So do I, so does Jason. He chose to save her life. Why can't you honor him instead of making it harder for him?

Carly: You know what, Sonny? You are your own worst enemy, and if you don't stop, you're going to lose not only your sister, but probably Jason, too. Is it what you want?

Sonny: What's wrong?

Carly: Nothing, Iím fine.

Sonny: No, you're not. Sit down.

Carly: I'm fine!

Sonny: Sit down. You're not -- I'm going to make -- you need to eat?

Carly: Don't, Sonny, I can't eat. I swear I will throw up right here.

Sonny: When did you eat breakfast?

Carly: This morning with you. I'm just -- I'll have some water to settle my stomach.

Sonny: You don't eat breakfast enough, that's the problem.

Carly: I'm not generally hungry in the morning, Sonny.

Sonny: Here. You dizzy?

Carly: I'm fine. Will you stop fussing over me?

Sonny: Well, you look a little pale.

Carly: Well, I'm -- stop it. I'm trying to be mad at you.

Sonny: Well, you can be mad at me later. You think you have the flu?

Carly: No. I don't have a fever. I took my temperature.

Sonny: Could you be pregnant?

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Faith: You don't think much of me, do you?

Ned: You murdered your own grandmother.

[Carly groans]

Sonny: What?

Carly: It's impossible. I can't be pregnant.

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